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Voodoo/Vodou/Hoodoo thread
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When we left off ExuGuy was talking about the differences between Umbanda, Candomblé, and Quimbanda as well as the two ways to find out your Exu and Orixá. I'd like to continue that thread.
Hey OP! I didn't get to see Exuguy's last post - can you show a screen cap of where we left off?
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I think you should still be able to see the thread here: >>15416827

But here's a screen shot, too.
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In the interest of a proper opening... showing Papa some love.
Thank you!
Any opinions on the book, "Urban Voodoo" by S. Jason Black and Christopher Hyatt?

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Never read before, but perusing now. Probably down to finish later. Nice that they mentioned Gonzales-Whippler in the introduction. Her books tend to be fairly accurate as someone writing from the inside looking out.
Effective, in the sense that I haven't a doubt it puts you in contact with the eshus but I've only done two spells. One was a purification spell and didn't work because of my shitty willpower, the other was a love spell that after having done it, I changed my mind and cut off contact with the girl. Will experiment more with it but there is nothing I really want right now.

>Pic related, my altar I made after reading the book.
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Page 44 - top paragraph - that is almost exactly the same response I got from the closest ATR group to me that I contacted two years ago. They kept finding ways to put off doing my reading so I could find out my Lwa Met Tet. I eventually gave up on them and started practicing on my own.

So, so far book sounds pretty accurate at least from my own personal experience.
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.. The response was that I should pile the altar with yams and smoke more cigars.

Bwahahaha - love it!
Reporting in, thanks for making another thread!
Now, back on topic - what are the steps that one can follow in your tradition to determine on their own their Lwa/Orisha/etc. ?

What have you seen in your experience/tradition that is an effective method?
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On page 44 it says, "Her reply, roughly paraphrased, was: "Tell the white boy not to do it." I was rather surprised, not to say disappointed, but in years to come I was to find a few good reasons for her response. Despite the way it sounds these reasons were, for the most part, not based on race. She fully encouraged me to practice the magic on my own, but the Santeria community itself, even assuming I could have penetrated it at that state of my knowledge, was highly political and not altogether benign. They both felt I was too naive to get involved - and in time I came to agree."

This is in regard to him trying to get in with the community. So, this leads me to two questions:
1) Can you really self-initiate into any of these religions?
2) Is the social-cultural environment any more or less "white-friendly" these days?
HA, that's what I had been typing up on before dinner.
OP from the last thread here. So happy to see people actually taking interest and contributing! Thought /x/ was dying but I guess not!

Bump for this
1) If you "self-initiate" per se, you miss out on some of the things that are more closely guarded that a good Santero/era Palero/era Mambo/Houngan can teach you if you are under their wing. So, you miss out on a-lot of the support network and tutelage.

2) I think it's basically 50/50 - and I can understand the hesitation on the community's part. Believe me - if I could go back in a time machine and change the history that lead to all this distrust I would - unfortunately time travel is not a scientific reality right here, right now.
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I'm interested in my question too for personal reasons... I honor all the Powers - but I'm drawn to two in particular. BUT - those two have never come when I've called. The two that have shown up are two that I respect but I'm not particularly drawn to - that would be Chango and Yemaya. It would be a little awkward to find out I'm an Omo Chango when I'm not feeling called by him. It would be nice to have some kind of spiritual closure so I could go on with business.
>Thought /x/ was dying but I guess not!

Yeah, I don't know. Since I'm the one who posted these:
I think we have four people on this thread. Maybe it'll pick up.
Well, excluding what I mentioned earlier (as in, let's say the person doesn't have a way to contact a pai de santo or go to a terreiro) my guess would be
>considering what religion they like best, Umbanda or Candomblé (leaving Quimbanda out because... no, just no.)
>reading about their unique beliefs, systems and Orixás/Exus

Then, either proceed by
>picking your favs out of them all (hahah, good luck, they're all so cool) and making offerings, asking questions, etc, then waiting for dreams/clues
>making a general offering for Exus, and one for Orixás, and hoping that they show themselves to you

Regarding the different religions, I'm typing up 3 posts, one about each. Basically greentexting their main points.

1) Can you really self-initiate into any of these religions?
>Technically, yes, but you won't be able to get possessed (hopefully), and will miss out on 90% of the info. Most spells, rituals and songs aren't online (or even written down offline) since they're spread by actual speaking/listening/learning. Yes, pai de santos are supposed to know it all without checking anywhere. The initiation is pretty intense, too, and lengthy. I can elaborated on this later if you want.
2) Is the social-cultural environment any more or less "white-friendly" these days?
>In afro-brazilian religions, everyone is welcome. Brazil is insanely rich in terms of racial diversity, to the point that everyone is a little bit of everything. The rainbow is welcome too, Pomba Gira for example only possesses women and androgynous men (read: fabulous gays).
So what if Chango and Yemaya are calling you, but you're not feeling it - could you potentially be offending/disrespecting them by seeking out others instead and thus result in some bad stuff happening?
You do have a good point.
Do any of you use a "spirit pot" (or spirit bottles, spirit houses, etc) and if so how does one go about making and using one?
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I use a spirit house for Eleggua and the Warriors Ogun, Ochosi, and Osun.

I also have an unfinished Nganga that was given to me by a good friend early last month. It's basically the cauldren and some rail spikes and a pick axe head. I haven't gathered the other tools I need to finish it yet.

Will post on how to make a simple spirit bottle shortly.
ExuGuy's not-absolutely-accurate series of 3 posts begin here. Please take with a grain of salt, I'm not a pai de santo.

What is Candomblé, Umbanda and Quimbanda?
>they are 3 afro-brazilian religions, with distinct practices and beliefs but some similarities

>Only practices white magic (healing, path opening, curse removal, etc)
>belief in one powerful Creator/God, usually called Zambi, Olorum, Oxalá (or Tupã for natives)
>absolute dedication to doing good, as a manifestation of "spiritual giving", cannot accept any form of compensation/payment in return
>no animal sacrifice or bloodwork
>adopts practices from catholicism, spiritism and amerindism
>does social services for local communities (unrelated to magic)
>belief that Orixás are manifestations of the divine, extensions of God and nature itself
>possession as a mean of spiritual work only, for the benefit of others
>medium work as a mean to connect physical and spiritual worlds, again for doing good
>strict rules, doctrines and concepts of morality
>belief in eternal soul, reincarnation and karma
>work with Exus as protectors, guardians and helpers, specially from bad spirits (more about this on the post about Quimbanda)
>differ greatly from ancient african religions
>most common Orixás are Oxalá, Omolu, Iemanjá, Oxum, Nanã Buruquê, Oxóssi, Xangô, Ogum and Iansã


>Practices both white magic and black magic, but sees both as "okay" since you need darkness to have light, and vice-versa
>heavy influence from traditional african religions
>belief in one powerful Creator/God
>belief in ancient figures, mighty warriors and powerful kings that, through mythification, became entities/active gods
>Candomblé is somewhat considered the "middle ground" between Umbanda and Quimbanda, since it mixes many aspects of both
>morality is somewhat blurred, as well as karma, but you rarely find truly "evil" people involved with it
>belief in life after death
>animal sacrifice is seen as a "necessary evil", but it is employed in rare occasions and as quickly as possible, in order to avoid suffering
>Orixás and Exus are employed similarly to Umbanda, to act upon the living world as an aid


>practices almost strictly black magic
>generally speaking, little/deranged belief in karma and morality
>adopts practices from spiritism
>constant use of curses, forceful spells, animal sacrifice, bloodwork
>can be used for good, too, though they usually aim for self-development/spiritual evolution
>their entities inhabit the jungles, cemeteries and crossroads
>mainly contact Exus and Pomba Giras, to manipulate "evil" forces, as well as employing Kiumbas
>Kiumbas are "bad spirits" (like Coisa Ruim in my posts), also called "obsessive" or obsession
>most were humans once, and usually thieves, rapists, murderers, etc
>MUST READ - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obsession_(Spiritism)

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Spirit Bottle 101:

>> You will need:
1) a glass vial, bottle, or jar with a cork or lid
2) a candle (white, red, or black)
3) herbs associated with attracting spirits and summoning and manifesting the dead
A. Here are some traditional choices:
a. Jequirity Bean
b. Cedar shavings
c. Colorines
d. Ephedra
e. Guayusa
f. Hemp
g. Lotus
h. Maize
i. Mate
j. Poppy
k. Prickly Poppy
l. Tobacco
m. Juniper
n. Boxwood
o. Wormwood
(Please note - these are just a few of the many you can choose from.)
4) a funnel
5) a paintbrush
6) some thick white paint that will stick to glass

Continued in the next post...
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>>7) You will need dirt..
Here are all of the types of dirt you will need - use your common sense when gathering the dirt - don't get more than you will need for your bottle.
A. Earth from a graveyard
B. Earth from a Crossroads
C. Earth from a Marketplace
D. Earth from a Bank
E. White Kaolin clay from a river bank
8) A paper with the name of the spirit you want to attract written on it
9) Some rainwater

(Please note - if you feel inspired to add any other ingredients that are symbolic to YOU please do so..)

Continued in the next post....
This is interesting: http://www.inominandum.com/blog/spirit-pots-spirit-bottles-spirit-houses-etc/

He says that" The largest difference between making a spirit pot for a Muerto (or a lot of nature spirits for that matter) is that those spirits are localized. They literally occupy space. Not in the same way that we do, but still and all, when one of them is around and you can sense it, they are generally somewhere that you can point to.

Angels, Goetic Spirits, Gods, etc tend to be non-local beings. They may create localized manifestations of themselves (indeed this is what evocation pretty much is all about) but they themselves are not tied to a specific place.

What difference does this make with a spirit pot? Simple. If you are building a spirit pot for a non-localized being, you are making a place where it can manifest and work with you. It is a tool for the being to get a foothold into your world and a tool for you to interact with the being through. If however you are making a pot for a localized being, that is where the spirit lives. It is bound to that house by oath or by magic, and sometimes by physical chains.

Both operations are dangerous, and I will side with Balthazar a bit here and say that after reading RO’s post, even his follow up, he doesn’t quite get the danger aspect across well enough. That said, making a permanent home for a localized spirit is WAY more dangerous than making one for a non-local spirit."

So, does that sound right and true to the practitioners on here?
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Take your herbs and put them all together in a blender - so some other tool that you can use to grind them. If you want to break them up with your fingers, or chop them up with a knife, you can do that too. There is no wrong way. The goal is to either grind them into a powder, or break/cut them up as small as possible. Make sure they are combined and mixed together really well. Put them to the side (preferably in a bowl, or something that will not be easy to lose or knock over).

Take your dirt and your clay. (Your clay should be dry, it will make this step easier) Put all of your dirt into a second bowl and combine it together really well. All the dry dirt powder should combine into one dry mixture of particles. Put this second bowl to the side where it won't be easily lost or knocked over.

Put your funnel into the lid of the bottle, jar, etc.
Put your HERB mixture into the bottle first. You should now have a nice green, herby, natural mixture in your bottle.
Second, add your DIRT/CLAY mixture on top of the herbs in the bottle.
OPTIMALLY the herbs will take up approx. half of the bottle, and the dirt will take up approximately half of the bottle.

Continued in the next post...
I will answer in follow-up to this shortly as to how this relates to an Nganga.
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papa legba.jpg
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Thanks to everyone for contributing to the last and to this thread. Sharing your insights and experiences is appreciated!
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Take your paper with the name of the Spirit/Power/etc which you would like to speak through your Nganga/Spirit Bottle/etc. Take your candle in the color of your choosing. Wrap the paper with the spirit name around the candle and see if this combo will fit into the opening of your bottle like a stopper. You do not want it to be able to fall INTO the bottle or fall OUT of the bottle when it is burning. You want it to be juuust right...

Continued in next post...
File: Candle-In-A-Bottle.jpg (208 KB, 736x1104) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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See picture - this is the basic idea of what your candle in a bottle would look like. You want the paper and ash from the paper and some of the wax from the candle to fall into the Spirit Bottle as the candle burns down. It is A-Okay for the wax to get on the outside too - that just adds character. Now, that you have the paper with the spirit's name and the candle stuck down in the opening of the bottle, you light your candle. As the candle burns if you want to talk to the spirit and invite him or her to come live in your bottle that is a-okay. If that makes you feel goofy, you don't have to - you can just imagine that the burning candle is drawing the spirit like a moth to the flame.

As your candle is burning down, you will need to think of a symbol that you will use to symbolize the spirit in your bottle. This symbol is called the Firma. One example, could be this: what if you are trying to attract the spirit of a loved ancestor whose favorite hobby was fishing - the symbol could be a fish on a hook - or a fishing pole. It is up to you to decide the symbol - but this is a very important decision and you don't need to be changing the Firma afterwards and confusing the spirit.
Hey ExoGuy, sorry to bother but I dont know what the fuck happened and you seem to know about this stuff so I'd like to know if you could enlighten me a bit.
Long story short, about 1 year ago I broke with my gf, I was feeling depressed as fuck so after 3 months with no contact with her i searched for supernatural alternatives (I know, beta as fuck) the thing is I found a prayer to pomba gira, queen of the 7 sayas or something like that and I prayed it. Like 15 minutes after, i shit you not, she talks to me out of nowhere all cute and shit and seemingly wanting to get back together. The thing is that where I read the prayer it said that i needed to give a small offering at a crossroad as a thank you to pomba gira (it said it could be flowers or booze or something significand, no blood or weird shit). Me, being the stupid fuck i am, brushed it off as a coincidence and did nothing and 2 weeks after that she gets mad as fuck with me for no reason and we havent talked ever since. Like 3 months later i tried the prayer again and nothing happened so my questions are these:
What did i do?
Am I fucked?
Is the relationship fucked because of whatever I tried? ( i hope not)
Id lve if you could give me some answers :)
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>> When the candle and paper are burned out, your bottle opening will look somewhat like this picture - but probably more goopy. Put your funnel back in the bottle opening and pour in your rain water. This will serve as the Mirror which is a very important part of the Nganga/Spirit Bottle/etc. This mirror acts as the door-way between the world of the living and the world of the dead. As soon as you add the mirror (rain-water), close the bottle using the lid, stopper, etc.
File: Wax-Around-Opening.jpg (514 KB, 1200x795) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oops - wrong picture - this is the waxy bottle opening...
File: Example-Symbol.jpg (7 KB, 300x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Now that the bottle is sealed, take your white paint and your paintbrush and paint the Firma onto your bottle.

You can also decorate the bottle with other appropriate designs that will make the spirit feel at home.

Once you have sealed off the top of the bottle, it is essentially a new born baby Spirit Bottle. I would suggest feeding it. If you have called a spirit you know into the bottle, you can feed it with that person's favorite food. Or, if you made a spirit bottle to contain some of the essence of a Lwa/Orisha/etc you can use that Power's traditional offerings. You can refer to the previous thread for some information on those traditional offerings, and the best days of the week to offer them.

This is a VERY BASIC recipe for a Spirit Bottle for beginners.
From the sounds of it you should make some offerings and apologize for using pomba gira without proper etiquette
I have a question (you guys seem to know your shit and have cool set-ups), how can one stop practicing Voodoo? I wanna do more with it but it just doesn't feel right and I might quit. I got into it with minimal info (about Voodoo or the occult) only to perform a spell and really don't think it is right for me. I'm not too sure the spirits I've contacted are benevolent either. So how can I stop practicing it and have a peaceful goodbye with the spirits so they don't fuck my shit up (and I know for a fact that they can REALLY fuck my shit up)?
I know, but how am i supposed to do this? I mean, it was months ago, its mot like I'm doing a fresh offering or something. It worries me because i still love her and i wouldn't like to lose her for being a stupid beta who played with fire

In answer to your question - see this interesting article from the Palo Mayombe viewpoint:


The spirit does not live in the Nganga/Spirit Bottle/Spirit House. The object only contains a miniscule amount of the spirit's true power. This article uses the example of breaking a twig off of a bush. If you break a twig off a bush --- is that the same thing as possessing the whole bush? No, you are only holding a small part of it in your hand. You are holding a small piece of the essential elements of the thing. The Nganga/Spirit Bottle/Spirit House is not a permanent home. It is only a tool through which the Spirit can manifest/speak to you when you call them.
File: dsc_0084.jpg (325 KB, 1600x1071) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
325 KB, 1600x1071

If I were in your situation, I would find out what is a good offering for the Powers you contacted originally. Speak to them one last time, and respectfully tell them your position. That you feel like you need to take a break. Let them know that because you do respect them, and acknowledge their power, you have brought them a peace offering. Let them know that you would like this break to be as amicable as possible. Leave the offering for them, and give them a moment to process the information and sniff around the offering. When you feel like the time is right, you may let them know that you would like to leave the offering outside for them. You can put it somewhere you feel is a comfortable distance from your door outside the home. When you put the offering outside, say once again that you respect them but that you need some time alone. Say goodbye, and leave quietly. When you get back outside, you can do something that feels cleansing to you - take a shower, or a bath in a tub, drink some water to flush out your internal system, light a candle... anything that helps you feel calm and at peace. The hardest part will be to not think about the spirits, or the situation. Now that you have respectfully "broken up" with them for a while, it wouldn't be pleasant to accidentally run into them again.

See my last post... it may be best to give one last peace offering and explain that you did not mean to be disrespectful or take them for granted. You were simply under-informed and naive. You can follow the same steps with leaving the offering outside of the home a comfortable distance away and then be sure to do something that feels appropriately cleansing when you get back inside.
P.S. If you really love the girl, just tell her you were a fuck up, but that you do care for her and ask her how you can make it up to her. Women appreciate honesty.
Thanks, I'll try to do this :)
Home-made Florida Water:

>> Florida Water is used for lots of cleansing rituals in Vodou/Santeria/Palo etc. Here is a recipe you can use to make Florida Water at home.....

24-32 oz. of Spring Water or Filtered Water
3 cups rose petals
3 cups Jasmine flower petals
3 cups aromatic greens - some examples are mint, lemon balm, lemon verbena, basil, Mexican mint marigold, or thyme
3 cinnamon sticks if you want to make it spicy

Combine all ingredients together on the new moon and allow to sit for a full lunar cycle.

Strain out plant material.

You can add this to your bath water, or pour it over your head in the shower. Some people like to add it to their mop water if they feel their house needs a spiritual cleaning.
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Thank you, what should I do with its (or their) representative (kinda like pic)?
You need to either respectfully return it to the person who gifted it to you, or find it a loving home with someone who will take good card of it. DO NOT attempt to destroy it... DO NOT throw it in the garbage. As long as you have not taken steps to seat the Orisha/Lwa/etc I think you will be okay. This does make the situation more complicated though.
>to seat the Orisha/Lwa/etc
What does this mean? Also I think these particular spirits I've called are kinda on the dark side, they look demonic in my dreams, sometimes randomly "breath" on my neck in the middle of the night, and can cause great harm (I've angered them in the past and saw this happen). This, coupled with the fact that I'm so alien to the tradition, make me want to peacefully end it.
Do a lesser banishment ritual of the pentagram.
File: quimbanda.jpg (17 KB, 350x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pretty good summaries imo. Damn good wikipedia article!
File: dsc_0085.jpg (366 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Are there any church of Umbanda or Candomblé anywhere in Europe?
I know there are many in France, at least around Paris.

Because France had colonized a large part of Africa and had a huge influence pretty much throughout the entire continent, not to mention a huge presence in the Caribbean, there are as a result some pretty large populations that originate from there that came to France, and maintained those beliefs. And then some more joined following the "New Age" bullshit.

I've heard a lot about those from friends, but the only one I really know is one right next to Paris which is in fact part of a huge organization hosted in São Paulo, with others Strasbourg and Geneva. Here are the addresses:

Temple Guaracy des Collines
47 rue de la ferme
93100 Montreuil

Temple Guaracy de Strasbourg
23 rue du Lazaret
67100 Strasbourg-Neudorf

Temple Guaracy de Genève
Salle Guaracy
51, route du Nant-d'Avril
1214 Vernier

So yes, there are some, you only need to search.
File: Haiti-Vodou3.jpg (72 KB, 480x318) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You are a saint and a scholar! Many thanks!
Dude, I can't even begin to explain how much of a lucky motherfucker you are. You picked one of the best Pomba Giras for the work, and yes, you can make peace with her, but I ask you... How much do you want it?

Pomba Gira Sete Saias ("Seven Skirts") is generally considered one of the best to contact on love and sentimental matters. She's half Pomba Gira half Gypsy. She's a gorgeous woman who lived a very hard life, but in the end found love and riches.
>tl;dr She's a Goddess of Love and it's said that her love spells are some of the strongest out there

Imho, you should gift her an offering so beautiful and pure that she forgives you.
>should be placed on a road (country road preferred) around 6pm, on a Friday with a full moon
>she drinks champagne
>smokes cigarettes (fancy female ones) or cigarillos
>her colors (for candles, fabrics and gifts) are black, red, white, pink, but you can also add lilac, purple and green
>LOTS OF FLOWERS. She's gorgeous, woo her a lot. She likes gardenias, but offer roses too.
>her icons are the gypsy dagger, viola, pandeiro and spanish castanets (in case you're offering her drawings or paintings of these things. she likes art)
>make pretty bouquets yourself (if you know how to, or buy expensive ones), pop a champagne and fill a glass, light many candles in her colors, leave her a pack of fancy cigarettes/cigarillos and light one
>sit, cry, admit your mistake, be sincere. ask for forgiveness
>she is absolutely known to help in impossible love affairs, so make it clear how much you love your girl and need her in your life

Again, this should work, she has a soft heart for people who are desperately in love with someone. She'll understand, but you NEED to dedicate yourself to doing this. Offer yourself entirely, both physically and mentally, and she'll hear you.
Looks don't really matter in african-originated religions. Many Exus/Orixás are terrifying but true bros. That's also a test of faith, since you're supposed to not hold any prejudice when walking into a terreiro/contacting them.
>mfw Exu Caveiras are skeletons
>they look exactly like Death (black robes, big scythe)
>they're absolute bros and protect you no matter what, also great to talk to when you feel shitty
>they claim they look like skeletons because we need to get over the fact that we die (and that everyone is a skeleton, deep inside)
Bump muddafuckas
Bumping in case anyone else has questions. Gonna be around /x/ for a while.
Sure, what are some must reads for Voodoo, no matter what form of it your practice?
Forgot to specify, I don't know much about voodoo, only afro-brazilian religions (Candomblé, Umbanda and Quimbanda, aka Macumba).

Please wait until the other trips show up! They can help you better than I can :)
To what extent would you say the afro-brazilian religions differ from voodoo, vodou and hoodoo?
If you are looking for Hoodoo try anything by Anna Riva. Her books are small and cheap looking but are PACKED FULL of useful information. She is a good resource for Santeria and Vodou too. Lots of her books are just straight reference material and are great if you are trying to look up and herb, saint, holiday, etc.

Found a decent book on Hoodoo by Ray Malbrough called Charms, Spells, & Formulas. It's straight bayou Hoodoo for anyone interested in that.

For Santeria I can not speak any more highly of Mignene Gonzales-Whippler. I would never have found my bearings without her books. She is very informative without being boring.

Another useful book I keep on hand is the Curious Lore of Precious Stones by George Frederick Kunz (C) 1971. It's a good resource on the meaning of stones and precious metals for almost every tradition on Earth. If you can find a copy of this to add to your library it will be worth it.

Prowling my shelves to see if I have anything else of interest...
Some of the better books I keep on hand:

Santeria: The Religion by Mignene Gonzales-Whipplier

The Book of the Mysteries of the Heavens and the Earth by Bakayla Miael Zosimas translated by EA Wallace Budge - it's an interesting take on African Christianity and it's a neat little find for anyone interested in African take on religion.

My Folks Don't Want Me to Talk About Slavery by Belinda Hurmence was a book written during the Great Depression that is solely interviews with former slaves. It gives an interesting peak into the mind of the original demographic for Vodou/Hoodoo/Voodoo. It is the memories of elderly living survivors of slavery in North America.

Charms, Spells & Formulas by Ray Malbrough

Magic With incense & Powders by Anna Riva

Devotions to the Saints by Anna Riva

Will advise if I find anymore in my collection...
Oh yes... almost forgot.

The Serpent & The Rainbow by Wade Davis!
Serious question:

To anyone that might have good info - what are the contraindications for spirit possession of someone with epilepsy. Can this bring on a epileptic episode?
Thanks a bunch, looks like an interesting collection.
any info on the golden dawn system of magic?
The differences, in my personal knowledge, are the subjects that suffered adaptations/apropriations and differ from the original african religions. Spell recipes, songs, names, prayers, vests, and personal concepts like morality and definitions of evil and good. It goes deeper than that, those are some examples.
However, in essence, they're still pretty similar.

I'm not entirely sure. In UCQ you have all sorts of stimuli during a ritual/ceremony, from loud singing and drumming to many flickering lights coming from candles and perhaps stressful situations. Spiritual possession is pretty intense, you can see in videos how the body does a multitude of movements during the initial stage and there's generally a lot of yelling involved.
>as a warning for people with epilepsy that consider going to a terreiro or ritual: due to modern influences, some offerings can include objects with LED lights, like those flashing party items
>while I'm not sure they trigger photosensitive epilepsy, I felt like I should at least point it out

As for possession outside a terreiro/ritual, it REALLY depends on the person. Some claim being possessed feels like falling asleep for a moment, others that they can physically feel someone touching them all over, at the same time. It might not be good for people triggered by stress.
Thank you - had a good response typed out and I accidentally hit the back-space button and lost the page on my browser.
Id spread my hoodoo all over dem tittys.
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How to make home-made Cascarilla Chalk:

>> Cascarilla powder is made out of eggshells. It
>> is used in Santeria as a cleansing agent to
>> repel negative forces. It can be used as a
>> chalk for drawing symbols, it can dusted on
>> the body like baby body to create a barrier
>> between yourself and negative energies, or
>> the powder can be added to a purifying bath
>> with the Florida Water recipe from last night.


6 eggs
An oven with a working Bake cycle
A coffee grinder, spoon, or mortar and pestle
White flour
Hot Water
Paper Towels

Continued in next post...
File: Shells1.jpg (97 KB, 1176x679) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Whenever you use eggs from the grocery store or farm, save the shells. I save my egg shells in a baking pan in my stove. The most important step is to wash the egg shells as soon as you have used the egg whites and yolk in your cooking. You want to make sure the egg shells are as clean as possible. Once you have the shells of 6 eggs, you are ready to make your Cascarilla powder.


Once you have the shells of 6 eggs, bake the shells in your oven at 350 degrees FAHRENHEIT (176.6 degress CELSIUS) for ten minutes. This will remove the remainder of the natural oils that are present in the shells. You will find that the shells are now very brittle when they are cool enough to touch.


Add the shells to your Coffee Grinder, mortar and pestle, or get your spoon ready. This step is to grind the shells into a fine powder. Make sure there are no sharp, gritty pieces. You want to grind the shells until they are the consistency of Baby Powder.
File: Cascarilla_Chalk.jpg (64 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mix together 1 teaspoon of your flour and 1 teaspoon of very hot water. Add 1 tablespoon of the ground egg shell powder and mix it together until it is a thick paste.


Take your Cascarilla paste, and start to shape it into the shape of a stick of chalk. You can roll it between your palms, or roll it under your hand on a counter top. When you are happy with the shape and size of your Cascarilla chalk sticks, roll them up in a paper towel. You want to wrap them as tightly as possible to help them retain their shape as they dry. You will need to let the Cascarilla chalk sticks dry for 3 entire days (72 hours). You can then unroll your Cascarilla chalk sticks and they will be ready for use.
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A Beginner's guide to Buying Graveyard Dirt:

Graveyard dirt has uses in many traditions. In Palo, for example, Graveyard Dirt is an essential ingredient in an Nganga or Spirit Bottle. In Hoodoo, Graveyard Dirt is used to make Goofer Dust. Graveyard Dirt is an interesting addition to any practitioner's arsenal. Here are some simple instructions for how to "BUY" gen-u-ine Graveyard Dirt, the old fashioned way...

>> What you will need:

1 pair of latex gloves
1 zip-top sandwich baggy
1 spoon - preferably a strong metal spoon that will not bend easily.
2 CLEAN silver coins - in the USA we would use a 10 cent piece called a Dime.
1 Small (Hotel Size) bottle of Rum
1 Wristwatch
1 Candle
1 Cigarette lighter

Continued in the next post...

Plan ahead:
Check out the cemetery a few days ahead of time. Take a stroll through the cemetery. Try to feel out the graves. See if any of the graves have a vibe that feels comfortable to you. Stand by the grave and tell the person buried there what you would like to do - that you would like to BUY some of the dirt from their grave. Tell them what you are going to use the dirt for. Tell them that you would like to pay them for their Graveyard Dirt. Then, be still and see if the grave site still have a comfortable vibe. If you feel that the atmosphere has changed, then move on to the next grave that feels comfortable to you. You want to make sure that the owner of the grave is giving you permission and is open to the payment. Otherwise, any use of the dirt to call them is approximately equal to slavery. You want to be sure that this is a willing exchange of fundage for employment for both sides.


Once you have picked the grave, and know the time you will Buy your dirt gather your supplies and go to the cemetery. Before you enter the cemetery, light your candle. You will not want to use un-natural light sources when you are performing this task.


Once you are at the grave, make sure to put your lit candle in a sturdy location. You do not want it to topple over or blow out. Open your bottle of Rum. Take a drink of the Rum. Swallow the rum. Put the two dimes in your mouth. Put on your gloves. Take your spoon and dig a reasonable amount of Graveyard Dirt from the HEAD area of the grave. As you are digging the dirt, put it into your zip-top baggy. When you are done, close your baggy so you don't lose your dirt.

>> STEP FOUR: Get close down to the hole you dug with your spoon. SPIT OUT THE DIMES DIRECTLY INTO THE HOLE YOU DUG. Using your hands, or your spoon cover the dimes over with dirt as neatly as is possible. Take one more swallow of Rum. Pour the rest of the bottle of Rum onto the grave. Make sure to say thank you to the owner of the grave for the goods you have purchased from them. Now, take your candle and walk calmly and slowly to the exit of the cemetery. When you get to the gate, blow out your candle.


BEFORE you get in your vehicle, turn around in a circle three times. BEFORE you open your door to walk into your house, turn around in a circle three times again. Store your graveyard dirt in a cool dry container that is moisture resistant.

You have now purchased Gen-U-Ine Graveyard Dirt the old fashioned way.
You need your own network channel.
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