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Can an object or device be possessed?
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>6 weeks ago
>my brother dies
>everybody super sad obviously
>people keep telling me to "look for signs" because that's him
>don't really believe in ghosts
>been to "haunted" places before and never saw anything paranormal
>seen strange and weird things but nothing ever concrete enough to believe in ghosts or goblins
>guess I'd call myself a skeptic but with a curious nature (sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction)
>it all started the night after his death
>next two days I had nightmares of him burning, not alive but his body melting and dripping into ash
>few rough days consoling friends and family
>parents are devastated
>try to do the right thing and take control
>go through his clothes and his room
>he lives with my parents
>parents say to take anything I want but out of respect I didn't take anything (except a money clip that my Grandfather got during WWII)
>his room has a funny smell but there was just work done about 6 months ago for mold in the walls
>search the entire room (my room growing up, so I know where the hiding spots are)
>nothing seems out of the ordinary except the smell and a draft
>take air conditioner out of the window which wasn't secured properly
>cold draft goes away
>then his alarm clock started going off at exactly 12:45am every night
>parents unplugged it and told me to take it
>damned if 12:45am doesn't come around and the thing starts beeping
>slowly getting louder and louder
>press the "alarm" button and it stops
>putting 2 and 2 together I find the backup AAA batteries and take them out
>next night
>I couldn't believe it, I thought I was dreaming
>I hear the steady beeping of the alarm clocking getting louder and louder
>it's 12:45am
>run into other room where I had it on a shelf and hit the alarm button
>check batteries, still sitting next to it on the shelf
>ok, this clock has some kinda internal battery too (science)
>look at the clock face but its blank
>it has a moon phase thing and weather reports on it so you can see the outlines but its not on
>ok now I seriously look at this frickin thing
>batteries back in, plug into the wall
>fires right up and never skipped a beat
>start fidling with the options it has and its pretty cool
>think about replacing my old ass GE brown wood atari looking alarm clock (only alarm loud enough to wake my old lady up)
>change the alarm to 6 am on the dot
>unplug it and take out the 2 AAA batteries
>now instead of the shelf I put it in my bedroom but put it in the drawer
>this thing went off at 12:45 am that night, in the drawer across from the bed
>old lady is pissed
>jump up and just thinking "There's no frickin way"
>glance at the GE alarm clock 12:45 in bright redish orange
>grab his alarm clock out of the drawer but its not on, no light or numbers
>in the darkness just silently pressed the button that said alarm and shook my head
>lay back down
>no way, there's just no way, I set that thing for 6am!
>jump back outta bed and grab it
>take it into the living room and stare at it for about 2 minutes
>wont turn on, no lights blicking , no noise
>plug it into the wall outlet and it flashes up 1:13am
>date and time correct but when I check the alarm it's still set for 6am
>well there must be multiple alarms and an internal battery
>mess around with every option
>test the alarm a few times by setting it 2 minutes ahead and waiting
>everything seems fine
>lil sloopy but nothing unexplainable
>leave it plugged in and go back to bed
>tell the old lady and she just laughs, thinks I just can't figure out an alarm clock that isnt from 1980
>next night, Again!
>12:45 am
>didnt hear it at first but then I thought it was the smoke alarm
>panic button
>notice the time 12:55am
>so now I fed up with this thing, if it wasn't my brothers I'd of smashed it already
>Again, I unplug it but this time I stuck it outside in a plastic storage locker with the lawnmower and tools
>next few nights are comfy
>don't even remember about his alarm clock
>until there is a knock on the door
>it's my neighbor
>he says he doesn't want to bother me but there is something in my trash that is spooking his dogs in the backyard
>ok sometimes rats and possum get back in there
>take a walk around back with him just shooting the shit
>walk over towards the fence with the garbage containers and sheds
>hear a muffled bass type noise
>yeah it's his alarm clock in the storage shed
>it has been beeping the last few days driving his dogs nuts
>kinda joke with neighbor about how this "Is the Alarm Clock From Hell"
>he makes some joke about having kids being alarm clocks from hell
>we bullshit alittle and leave
>but as we walk away I actually felt uneasy
>that, as crazy and stupid as it sounds, that this alarm clock was possessed or something.
>not messing around this time
>wrap it up in a heavy blanket, put it in one of those costco insulated freezer totes
>take it over to my parents house and put it down in their basement laundry room
>then I realized there were tons of flies in the basement
>search around
>play find the smell
>nothing and nobody opens the window down there
>see a tiny hole in the corner of the drop ceiling
>looks like its been broken off and there are flies all around it
>there are coming and going through the hole so I ran upstairs grabbed the swatter and went to town
>kill about 6 flies but now they are buzzing all over the place and can only hit them when they land
>take the ceiling tile out
>start taking out ceiling tiles around the one with the hole
>start thinking maybe a possum or raccoon had got in
>died in the walls
>happens in old houses like my parents
>search around, sniffing for smells and find nothing
>figure I'll run out and get some fly paper
>dad asks if I can get him some 9volt batteries and some iced tea
>go grab it all at walmart
>come back put up the flypaper, give dad his batteries and leave
>2 days later
>dad calls, says he needs more 9volt batteries
>wut? why?
>says the smoke detector is on the fritz and he isn't sure if it's the batteries or the detector
>next day, run over there with the batteries
>dads pissed, says we gotta go buy a new smoke detector today
>alright, could be an excuse to go to home depot but who cares
>buy new detector
>go back, take down the old one and put up the new one
>easy enough
>next morning I get a call from my dad saying the damn thing is going off again in the middle of the night
>head over
>no smoke
>no fire
>seems to be working fine when you hit the test button
>dad wants his money back
>head back to home depot and exchange it but got a different model
>take it down and replace with the new newer detector
>next morning
>dad calls
>"never gonna believe it but the dang thing is going off by itself again"
>dad is super pissed it keeps getting him outta bed
>says he didn't get to sleep until 4:30am
>it's then I realize
>i asked him calmly "what time did the smoke detector go off last night?" even though I already know the answer deep down
>"every night at 12:45 this whole week" he said
>head down to basement to retrieve the alarm clock
>unwrap it and plug it in
>seems fine and check the alarm setting
>take it back with me and plug it in the kitchen
>that night
>gradually louder beeping is right on schedule
>call my dad the next day
>says the smoke detector didn't make a peep last night
>lets try an experiment
>gonna wrap it up and put it outside for the night
>next day dad calls
>"DAMN Smoke detector is busted, piece of crap!!!"

So now I'm stuck with my brothers alarm clock that goes off at 12:45 at night, EVERY Night! or my parents smoke detector goes off.
I never had anything like this happen to me before and I'm just confused.
Also ever since I took the alarm clock out of their house, the flies in the basement have vanished.
But they aren't on the flypaper.
Not looking for a miracle worker, just thought I'd share since I need to tell someone and it just sounds crazy.
Say it was for whatever (bizarre) reason something to do with your brother, why does it bother you?
It doesn't seem violent, or is that it serves as some kind of reminder?
go on...
Get rid of it dumbass it's a fucking clock
just kinda freaky

i do kinda laugh about it now since it just is so weird
Anything special happened with your brother at 12.45?
he did die between 10:30pm and 6:30am

won't know near to exact time until the final reports come out, should be anyday
Maybe he's trying to warm you about something?

10 years ago, when my grandfather died, people would she a shadow walking inside a room, so my grandma decided to check the room out and found a bundle of cash hidden in the room, nobody saw the shadow after that.
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hidden cash you say?

gotta look harder I guess
My Granny used to hide cash all the time in weird places because of her dementia. In pants pockets in the trunk of her car and all sorts of strange spots.
>his body melting and dripping into ash
reminds me of God telling there is not afterlife and you will just be ashes
like the first philosophers said "dead is dead"

be careful not to die yourself
Or it could be hell fire?
Sorry for your loss, OP. Thank you for sharing this story. Please let us know when you find out what time he died at, although I think we all know the answer.
Check for gas leakage in your parents house, that may cause a fire. Your dream about your bro burning and melting and smoke detector/alarm clock going off. Sounds like a link.
Sad story, OP. Spooky but sad story. Hope you find some resolution.
OP, I hate to ask but...how did he die?
Yeah, as much as it pains me to ask, it may be important.
Yep, watch out op, sounds like a warning sign
who were the first philosophers you're talking about? I though the "dead is dead" theory was a more modern one.
he was murdered

last text was 10:20pm and was found at 6am

and with all honesty I've been focusing on other things like helping my family and didn;t really think about the times matching up.
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Your brother obviously has some unfinished business. If 12:45 was the time he was murdered, it might imply a thirst for justice or something like that. Or it might be something more material, but that's something you could know better than any of us.

I can't really give a clear example, but "ghosts" do haunt because of unfinished business - this is a very common scenario with temporary hauntings of deceased relatives. Just dig into your memory and try to think what could have been of the utmost importance for him - and fix it to stop getting woken up at 12:45 every night.
Bumping. OP let us know of any developments.
How old was your brother, OP?
Might also be possible he's trying to warn you. If the killer is someone with a vengeance against your family, the fact he's still contacting you and your parents could be a sign. If I were you, I'd be on your toes at 12:45 AM.
He was killed at 12:45AM.
It was by a serial killer that kills every night at that time.
He targets every member of a family.
The beeping wakes you alert you of his arrival.
Lock and load OP. time to be the spirit of vengeance
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