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near death experience thread
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near death experience thread

>be earlier tonight
>just dropped off some ganj too a qt 3.14
>get on freeway and start gunning it to get home
>get in HOV lane (the fast lane)
>at about 75 mph my front passenger side tire blows out
> i over correct trying to avoid swerving into the other lane
> hit retainer wall and lose control
>slide across 3 lanes of medium heavy traffic
>dont hit anyone else
>slam directly (head on) into the end of one of those concert barrier about 55 mph
>poweredize about 15-20ft of 3ft tall concert barrier and com to stop
> imalive.mkv
>feel blood glushing from nose
>crawl out of car
>can walk but body hurts
>people have started to run over to car
>grab wallet phone and ciggerretts from car because damn theres so much smoke
>people are amazed im alive
>cops show up
>cops amazed im alive
>EMTs show up
>EMTs amazed im alive
>tell EMTs i wasnt wearing selt belt
>deal with police and chain smoke cigs
>get ride home and huge list of tickets

i remember everything slowing down as i bouced off the wall and swung across the highway, the barrier rushing up to me and thinking oh fuck im dead. No life flashing before me, no tunnel, no time to think about the people i love or really anything

im here now and pretty much okay.
pic related - shows how far the barrier got pushed
>tickets for getting a blowout
Fucking spooky
Maybe none of that happened because you weren't on the literal brink of death.
Near death experience? Sure was. But maybe somehow your subconscious knew you would come out okay, so it didn't do all that crazy near death experience stuff you hear about.
The few people I know who claim that stuff happens have actually flat lined and been resuscitated.

shouldn't have told the police you swerved

any human response is held against you in an accident, even if it wasn't intentional.

I can deliberately plow into thousands of people on a sidewalk and as long as I say "mechanic failure" it will be treated as a no-fault incident.
the tickets were for an assortment of other things with the car, not for the specific blow out
yea i know, was pretty shell shocked when dealing with everything
that makes sence
If you can prove that it really was mechanical.
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>about 30 years ago riding bike from classes
>long steep hill, coasting on afterburner
>truck pulls out from parking spot. enters my lane, changes mind and hits brakes
>another truck in the other lane high-balling uphill
>literally inches from back of truck, can already taste blood, close my eyes
>open my eyes a second later
>somehow I'm on the other side of the truck and continuing on my way at breakneck speed

>30 years later (now). stage 4 cancer, metastases to bones
>six to twelve months of increasing discomfort to look forward to
>wondering if on my last day - like "an incident at owl creek bridge" I'll end up hitting that truck instead of dying of cancer
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oops, make that "an occurrence at owl creek bridge"
There is always Oregon, I have been telling myself that in case I ever have nothing to hope for but physical pain
nigga, i thought you flipped that shit when you said you crawled out.
That crash doesn't look too bad, tho.
ive seen a guy do the same exact crash you did except he was hit by some chick who didn't see him in her blind spot.
Except this guy didn't crawl out and make a big deal out of nothing. He stepped out, checked the damage, and was ready to fight someone.
Good point, and good luck with your pain.
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Well it happened last year, never tought much about it untill a week or so, anyways, here.

>Be me, in a hurry to get home
>About to cross this big ass street, minding my own shit
>Then this old lady grabs me by my arm as I'm walking and stops me, then asks me if i could help her cross the street
>I'm kind of an asshole so I almost say no, but i accepted
>She holds tight to my arm and we go
>Suddenly this car goes 2fast2furious a couple of meters from us
>Runs a red light and shit
>mfw i could be dead if not for helpless old lady
That was almost some instant karma

But since when do old ladies actually ask people to cross streets with them?
that's what i tought
"wtf does this actually happen i tought this was a movie thing or something"
>But since when do old ladies actually ask people to cross streets with them?
I was in Kazakhstan one winter and the babushki were always asking me for help on these slick granite tiles along a square by apartment. Commies thought it looked good, but dangerous as hell when icy. Girlfriend said it was because I had a "naive American face" and they figured they could trust me.

Never had an American granny look at me with anything but distrust, btw.
Why'd you get tickets?

> be me on highway
> had to be at drill for the 630 am
> live fucking 3 hours from unit so I got up at 1
> be driving tiny ford tempo 75mph
> I'm tired and shit so I blast my radio
> I blink and suddenly I'm on a corner riding the rumble strip
> in my sleepy stupor I jerk the wheel hard
> end up spinning 3 times before stopping backwards in the far right lane.
I never drive tired anymore.
when i was a kid i got a concussion that made me immediately and repeatedly pass out plus everything that happened about an hour before it is just a weird blur. i had to stay in hospital for about a week.
anyway, i have this one memory where im being carried by my parents and their friends we were visiting at the time, except i remember seeing myself from a CCTV-like angle, and the people carrying me were walking through walls

Not really, I had the "life flashing before my eyes" when I was about to be hit by a car while crossing the street back when I was in my single digits. The car came to a full stop and never touched me.
Wouldn't insurance have to do that?
Interest piqued.

Posting to come back later
youre lucky those state tax dollars go to DOT.
them fuckers are not only a bitch to fix, but designed to minimize injuries, surprised you're walking tho.
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>be me
>16, dicking around in the woods with friends
>at this big ass hill, one side is basically a cliff with a drop off into jagged ass slate rocks about 40 feet down
>there is a steep slope before it just drops off altogether
>for whatever fucking reason, decide to slide down
>can't focus on a single thing while sliding except that I've never broken a bone before
>don't even realize that I've stopped sliding
>my friends are making pained expressions when I look up
>stopped accidentally straddling a root that I hadn't seen, crushing my dick
>don't even feel the pain until much later, by then only a dull throb at most
To this day I have no fucking idea what made me slide down there
>About 5 or so years old
>Visiting uncle's house with mother and sister
>Lives near lake, sister and I decide to go swimming.
>Swam around for a bit, nothing unusual
>I get the genius idea to take my life vest off while no one is looking.
>Swim around using some sort of foam mat as a paddle-board
>Try sitting on the mat like a dumbass
>It sinks, I go under
>Remember nothing but a brown, ugly murkiness that lasted for what felt like at least an hour. Sort of like what people describe when they go through a coma. Don't even remember struggling for air.
>End up waking to being swam to shore by my sister, gagging and spitting up water.
>I remember it like yesterday, yet family doesn't brushes it off like it was nothing or didn't even happen like they are either suppressing it or genuinely don't care.

I think my subconscious dislike to getting wet can be attributed to that. I mean, I absolutely hate the feeling of water(still gotta take showers, nobody likes a stinkbomb.)
Am I the only one who feels like they're immortal? Like on some quantum immortality shit. More times than I can count I've been a hairs width from death but I come out unscathed. I seriously feel like you cannot experience death in the first person. Like life is some sort of strange video game.
I was a teenager during the Ramstein air incident, I sat away from my family because I was some edgy emo faggot at the time. I start feeling hungry so I get up and go get a hot-dog, as I walk away and start eating it, the crash happens and a giant mass of twisted metal and flame smashes into the crowd where I had been previously sitting. Family that had been sitting further away drag me away because quite a bit of the place was covered in debris and on fire.
I can never forget the moment that fucking plane just hit the ground and exploded, the way the people got vaporized from being close.
Still think about it everyday.
Got two, though the first one probably wasn't as much near death.

>be me at 16
>pull out of work and speed up to 55mph
>watch car pull in front of me
>send car spinning off to the side of the road
>suddenly top half of seatbelt snaps and head slams into the windshield at 55mph
>get held back by bottom half while ribs smash against steering wheel
>accident is over and windshield is a web of cracks that can't be seen through
>EMT arrives and refuses to let me move, straps me on stretcher
>says I could have permanent spinal damage
>only end up with a small scar above forehead

Here's another one.

>be me almost exactly a year later
>get out of work on sunday and eat frozen dinner
>proceed to throw up frozen dinner
>stay home sick all week
>wednesday mom asks "doctor on thursday or friday?"
>thursday I guess, sooner the better
>feeling much better on thursday but go anyway
>doctor checks xray, appendix could burst at any moment
>sit around on hospital bed playing gameboy while I wait to be rushed into surgery

When I went to get the stitches removed I found out that it was gangrenous appendicitis and that I wouldn't have survived till friday if I had waited. So basically I was asked if I wanted to live (go on thursday) or die (go on friday) without knowing it.
That is called being a young adult male and have fun realizing your own mortality soon, it's gonna be a doozy
I have this theory that, you never die. You change realitys when you do, and resume in the very moment you died, but this time you don't, and all the people that died, are alive in other reality
> be 3 years old
> mom and dad take me to visit one of my dad's friends at a condo across the state
> that night
>weather is terrifying
> begins to tear the condo down
>everyone escapes except me
> I get a piece of wood impaled through my thigh
> left ear is almost torn apart
> no one can find me
> go into shock, don't make any noise for 7 hours
> my dad finally finds me
>his face is covered in blood from a gash wound
> that snaps me back to reality
> the pain sounds like it was indescribable (I'm only retelling what I've heard, I don't remember any of this)
> the ambulance ride
> blaring sirens
> flashing lights and doctors
> traumatized even further, much worse than before

> I had a very young case of PTSD, although it faded after a year.
> whenever my school had a fire drill, I would have flashbacks to the ambulance and have a nervous breakdown
> I grew up with this, it damaged my ability to make friends and be normal in social situations from then on
> I have very vivid dreams and I can never explain what occurs in them.
> There is also a very high chance I have a anxiety and a depressive disorder, although the latter may be from my parents divorcing 2 years after this
> there are some days where I wish I died
Have fun realizing you're going to be the first immortal man in history. In your reality...
Are you Bulgarian anon?
I always felt like that every person is living in the timeline where he/she is immortal.
>walking the dog on county trail
>windy with occasions strong gusts
>half was through hear snapping
>cedar tree going down right behind me
>cue dog to run and am right behind her
>feel the very top branches scrape my back, ripped my coat
>dog freaking out, my heart hammering

This is the ninth time I've almost been crushed by a fucking tree in two years. Fuck trees
> Be 16
> Traveling around aimlessly with friends
> Driving on dirt roads in the outskirts of town
> 1991 Diahatsu Charade 2 door hatch
> Come around a slight left hander
> Fox runs out from side of the road
> Driver turns harder left with evasive maneuvers
> Front right tyre digs into ground
> 80km/h (50mp/h give or take) rolling commences
> Halfway through the first roll and I feel frozen, like everything stopped
> Turns out roof caved in on my head 5 times
> Once each roll
> I died for 3-6 minutes, friends more concerned about reviving me
> Now I have serious damage to upper and middle spine and completely smashed right shoulder

Don't go driving with inexperienced friends everyone, they can't drive.
Stop pissing off Mother Nature. It's clear you did something to make her hold a grudge.
You're supposed to go to the side, anon

why do you steal oxygen several times every minute
What is this new retardation where you bitch every single time you see someone posting in a manner that has been common across the website for -years-?

>Hurr hurr hurr ur wasting le text lol xP
>Post a sentence every time

Shut the fuck up

Lurk moar faggot

...I don't think that's what he was referring to, lol... I could be wrong but I had the impression he was talking more about the tunnel of light, or having an OBE and watching people try to resuscitate you while your family is crying, or seeing/speaking to deal relatives, or going to the "other place", etc... or at least, when I think of NDE that's what I think of, like, someone died for a moment and then "came back".

I've had the whole time slowing to a crawl and life flashing before my eyes from stuff like falling off my horse. Probably wasn't in a huuuuuge danger, it's just that adrenaline does weird things to the body/mind.
that was an angel
I hope she paid you for the weed
On mobile so no green text, about 14 years ago I was beaten severly with a tire iron, I remember very little of that night but I do remember when I was on the verge of death, the few minutes before I left my house kept replaying over and over, I woke up a week later, I thought I had just winked as I left my house and woke up in a hospital
>be me
>about 4 years old
>have bad asthma
>get flu
>parents take me to hospital
>high fever, don't remember actually going
>remember being in bed with oxygen tent in big kid's room, like five or six other beds in there
>that night, wake up to seeing very bright light streaming from door next to my bed
>couple of older people come in from it
>talk to me, smiling, feel like i know them but didn't know them
>they tell me i'm going to be okay. they just wanted to come see me.
>they leave back through door next to bed, super bright light from room on other side of door
>next morning, ask mom and dad who those people were
>ask why they moved my bed - there wasn't a door next to me now
>they tell me i've been there the whole time
>tell them no, people came out of a door right next to my bed last night
>only door is on other wall across the room
>rapidly got better throughout the day and next, was sent home the third day after
>Be 3.
>In kitchen playing with my friend.
>Mum has a concrete tiled floor.
>Friend pushes me backwards.
>Go from standing to laying in what feels like one second.
>Everything goes black.
>Open my eyes to see my dad doing the heart pumping CPR thing
>Mum frantically screaming on the phone.
>Get rushed to hospital even though i'm fine.
girls never pay for weed
I once tried and failed to jump a tennis net in a single bound, and I remember it the same way.

I remember running toward the net, and then I remember sitting up on the ground, feeling fine except a slightly sore head, with someone calling an ambulance.

Memory is weird.
in early september i was driving home from work (live in Saigon so on motorbike) and i guess a guy was going the wrong way down the road (common, traffic is crazy in Vietnam) and tried to cross my lane, colliding with my front wheel.

my teeth went into his skull, we were both knocked out, i woke up in the hospital getting stitched up

i guess i was on the ground bleeding from the head and not breathing for a few minutes, like bystanders had removed my prostrate body to the side of the road and I was presumed DOA and then I started breathing again, stood up and rode to the nearby hospital on the back of a kind stranger's motorbike

and that's the story of how i lost my 8th life, tryna make this 9th one last

btw, do your best not to knock out your teeth, it makes eating way more of a chore
I know the feeling, anon. I've read some theories about how our consciousness never dies, just switches realities when our bodies do.

Then again, that's just a nice theory. No real evidence behind it.
This thread is having a near death experience.
what is this, Prometheus?
>doesn't understand
Can't even be bother to put on your seat belt. Something like literally takes 5 seconds. Fuck morons like you.
>Iraq 2006
>Traveling North on IED Road to Takrit
>3rd Humvee in the patrol
>I'm in the gunners hatch, oxygen thief of an E-2 driver, 1LT is VC (vehicle commander)
>sandy windy and Wednesday and it's shitty
>VC plays ACDC "Highway to hell" to help motivate the vehicle
>been on this route since FOB Adder (IE a long fucking drive because that's southern Iraq and Takrit is just North of Baghdad)
>LT shouts half a joke as 2nd Humvee gets hit with an IED (barely a miss but shockwave throws both our vehicles)
>wake up to Doc slapping my face
>cough up a bit of blood and left arm peppered in small shrapnel wounds
>vision going from clear to blurry
>can barely walk at all
>Humvee is on it's side
>hear shouting and contact playing out
>I stumble to my Humvee
>Sit down next to gunners hatch and grab my M16
>swear I see a white figure shout and point in my direction
>pass out again
>wake up in medical tent
>See E-2 shaking in his cot crying, LT is in a coma and being processes for evac to Germany, my left arm is bandaged tight

Aftermath: 9 WIA, 2 KIA, 3 Humvee's dead lined, and found a new respect for Army Chaplains because our battalion Chaplin made a personal flight to our platoon to personally pray and aid the med station for everyone there.
It was fucking tough out there.
I've heard too many horror stories about guys not making it, or are now messed up for life.
>almost killed
>should be dead
>miraculously still alive
>didnt hurt anyone else
>cops have raging boners to give as many tickets as possible
>your lucky to be alive, your car is totalled but you didnt hurt anyone else so here have some debt and legal bullshit to fuck you up as much as possible since you didnt die.
>thanks mr police man.
aw shit, trying to quote OP. >>15546539
>confirmed for breddy spoopy
we either learn from these experiences.
and avoid them in the future and live on.
or we dont learn form them, repeat them and die.
>coasting on afterburner

wow your sisters breddy cool anon. sounds like she saved you from drowining. you better take care of her.
that was one lucky hot dog anon. i hope you enjoyed relished it. hue hue
>So basically I was asked if I wanted to live (go on thursday) or die (go on friday) without knowing it.

that's freaky man
damn anon, that reads like a dramatic live action movie. i bet your dad was scared shitless trying to find you in the wreckage. and he found you. you have a good dad. dad an hero anon.
sounds like you had some spirit visitors anon. maybe some dead relatives or something?
Just so you know your life seems to "slow down" in intense moments like these because your brain writes memory more densely. It's so you can recall the moment and hopefully learn from it.
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>About 30 years ago riding bike from classes
>About 30 years ago
>30 years ago
File: 1413362263903.png (183 KB, 404x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You could've been in Gantz right now if you didn't help that old lady.
you should have at least broken both legs for being a faggot and not wearing a seatbelt
walked by some black people, coughed, the cough sounded like i said "fuck you niggers go pick me some cotton then get prepared to die like trayvon you fucking burnt skin spear chucking darkies" they look at me funny, walk up to me, "wut da fook you say white boi?" "I said im from the food stamps office you have been declined" and they ran off. I would have died if not for my quick thinking

It really sucks, you kinda sit there like, uhmm, i'm fine
>every kek
>be me
>around 15 years old
>5am, waking up for school
>proceed to the bathroom to take a bath
>finishing bath, think to myself
>"hmm do i have time left to fap?"
>"nah im good" and then walk away from the bathroom
>after going back to my room and put some clothes on i hear a loud noise
>think something happened to my mom
>"mom you're fine?" she answers "yes what was that noise"
>go back to the bathroom to check it out
>turns out a big chunk of the roof (concrete i'm not from the US) just fell on the bathroom, right on the shower spot
>"fuck what if i decided to jerk off and died holding my penis"
>say bye to my mom and go to the bus stop
All these experiences are life experiences. Not-dying experiences. Death doesn't even come into the equation. what-if/could is a curse. Don't curse yourselves anons.
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I almost got my head hacked off by a guy with anger issues, is that life?
I think that counts.
And again
Sounds good, nice 5's too m80
>Be at large public pool in the city
>Theres one pool called "The wave pool" that intermittently produces pretty big swells from one end of the pool for people to ride around on
>End up going to far into the pool
>Waves pull me under, I cant keep to the surface
>Next thing I know some asian guy is pulling me to the surface and I'm coughing up water
>Kinda looks like Jackie Chan
>Thanks Jackie Chan

In retrospect the pool itself was incredibly dangerous. The waves caused a pulling for on the rebound that pulled you in deeper, obviously it became worse the closer to the front you were, I definitely could have died. I hope its been shut down now.
I've had 3 instances where I should have had died, but didn't

>sixth grade
>end of class trip is to a wave pool
>friends are all at the far end where the waves can get really heavy
>notice that they are all gone one moment, and the next I'm having the waves push down on me really hard
>every time they would push me down, I would resurface to try and catch my breath, and they would come in again
>this kept happening, and I think thinking "this is it, I'm going to die", can't even scream out for help
>no one else was really around to see me.
>I black out for a few seconds, and find my self being lifted up by some one and pulled out to the side

>junior year of high school
>it's a snow day, huge snow fall, friend and I decide we want to go play laser tag
>no one is willing to give us a ride
>we decide to take the bus
>waiting for the bus for an hour, no show. See one coming the opposite direction, say fuck it we'll take that one, don't care where it takes us
>bolt across the street
>hit a ice patch, slip, fall, slide forward
>all of a sudden this massive 4x4 truck comes out of no where, and runs directly over my legs
>laying there I turn my head and notice I'm in the direct path of the bus, and it doesn't seem to be stopping
>some how pull my self up, get on the sidewalk just as I see the bus barreling by
>woman in the truck gets out, makes sure I'm ok, friend and I just walk back to my house. Nothing broken, no bruises or any thing.
I had a similar experience. I wander into a pool that for progressively deeper then the waves came. A guy on an intertube pulled me up and got me to the edge.

I also had a another half-drowning experience when I was 5. I'm not sure what I was thinking. I guess I thought I could breath underwater if left to my own willpower. Next thing I recollect I'm having an out of body experience watching the life guard resuscitate me, they ask how I feel and I tell them I'm hungry and ask my handler if I could have some oatmeal cookies she brought. People laughed nervously like "What's wrong with this kid he almost died?/Aww how cute. Kids are adorable. He's hungry." This was in texas.

>last year
>on a trip for work, staying at a hotel
>having trouble sleeping, figure I'll hang out by the pool for a bit to try and relax
>as I'm walking by the pool area I some how slip on water or condensation or something
>I remember falling, hitting my head, and feeling my self going into the water, but that's it
>next thing I know I'm sitting on a bench outside of the pool area holding my head (kind of bleeding, hurts really bad), and my clothes are all wet.
>go back to my room, it's been about 2 and a half hours since I went down to the pool.
>just crawl back in bed and sleep it off, no one mentions any thing to me, not even the hotel staff.
How's it feel to be 16?
>all of a sudden this massive 4x4 truck comes out of no where, and runs directly over my legs
>Nothing broken, no bruises or any thing.

Fucking lucky.

You could have had a concussion. Next time see a doctor. Well, hopefully there is no next time, but good advice for anyone else who blanks out.

>be me, about 11 or 12
>hiking with my older brother, he's 13
>get to Susquehanna river (PA)
>its pretty damn big, lots of big rocks and shit
>hop out to the center of river on the rocks because we're stupid little shits
>chilling out in the middle of the river on a rock
>it's nice out there man
>all of a sudden, we hear a loud siren.
>look behind us and see a channel/dam opening up
>water gushing down towards us
>its fairly far away, but the water was rising fast
>rocks we used to get out here were slowly getting submerged in water
>have to get our legs wet running back, fall into water a few times, getting soaked
>get back to shore line where a couple of friends were waiting
>soaking wet in january in the middle of the woods
>we both end up with a mild case of pneumonia but we were otherwise okay
>mfw We both could have drowned out there if we stayed just a little bit longer
>9 years old and a cocky little shit
>it is summer and where I live there is a day where everyone celebrates by soaking each other with water
>go out and some girl slaps a whole bucket on my head
>oh no you didnt bitch
>run over and have a hugewater battke with her until it gets colder
>we both go home shivering

>next day have a cold
>at 38 celsius, have seen worse
>shrug it off and go to sleep

>next morning I feel alright and temperature is optimal too
>go out and play with my new friend all day
>we sit on some swings all night and I notice that I am terribly shivering again
>stand up and nearly fall down
>it is suddenly colder than in a fridge and my knees are weak as hell
>get carried home by the girl and go to bed
>next morning my temperature is at 39
>spend whole day in agony and it does not get better
>live in a bumfuck village and granma has no medicine and there is no doctor to go to up close
>next day I go up to 40, granma has to work and I am in bed alone
>live through personal purgatory
>granma only comes back at evenings and gives me some old antibiotics and fever regulators
>does not help shit

>a whole week now passed
>I am completely fucked up and my body feel like it is desintegrating
>I am nearly hitting 42 celsius now, pretty much the deadly barrier
>feel my brain break down under the heat
>halucinate and have terrible nightmares for two days steaight
>already accept that I will die in this bed

>grandma is unshacken and takes one last measure
>we go to the sauna in her backyard
>sauna heated like hell itself
>get inside and have the cleaning of my life
>as I get outside get dressed in 3 different stacks of clothing
>go to the house like a shot penguin
>get into bed and get covered under 3 blankets
>spend a whole night sweating in the depths of hell

>next morning I wake up and feel like born anew
>jump up and feel like million bucks
>36 degrees
>I am perfectly healthy again

Thanks granny.
>> 9 or 10 years old
>> Grandma is visiting whit her greyhounds
>> Play with dog on the couch.
>> Dog bites me in the head
>> Everything gets foggy
>> Wake up
>> No blood
>> No bitemarks
>> No dog
>> Talk to siblings and parents years later
>> No, she never visited with her dogs when we lived in that house.
>> Nope.jpg
>driving home after dropping off prom date
>she was supposed to come to my place but had family emergency
>speeding home
>coming up to turn
>press brakes
>press harder
>push as hard as I can
>brakes kick in and lock up
>car swerves sideways and dashboard lights go out
>close eyes
>hear metal grinding
>wake up warm
>upside down in car
>praying to god my legs still work
>crawl out window and am able to walk
>car is about 20 yards off road upside down
>3 am on road in pretty remote town
>car pulls up
>everything is blurry and can't make out guys face
>asks if I want to go to the hospital or home
>home I tell him
>he drives to my drive way, I don't remember giving him directions
>next day after hospital check up and what not cop comes and tells me my wallet was turned in
>all money still in it and I ask if they person left contact information
>call number given to me
>this number has been disconnected

I never tell this story to friends because it makes me sound insane
This is my stupidity at the time I know but i was you and naive at the time.

>freshman year of highschool
>playing with air duster
>freezing shit because it's cool
>decide to spray (rightside up) in my mouth for air fun
>get dizzy
>kinda like it but stop for a bit to text my girlfriend at the time
>talking about the book she's reading
>ask the title of the book
>no response
>think nothing of it
>couple hours later (about 2 A.M.) playing with the duster again
>inhale alot
>high as a kite but had never done drugs or anything to this point so i was confused but didn't care
>one more inhale
>world starts visually collapsing
>TV melts and drips of the stand
>freaking out
>say the words "fuck I'm dying" outloud
>like a poorly written horror script
>continue to speak outloud because i'm high as fuck
>"if I'm dying, what happens when you die"
>instantly after i said this
>phone vibrates
>happiest i've ever been for a text
>it was my girlfriend responding to what book she was reading
>"The Spirit Catches You"
>the world almost instantly shifts back to normal

That day changed my life forever and there isn't a day i don't think about that story.
>2 years ago, type 1 diabetic living with parents
>before bed, i have high blood sugar, so i pump myself with about 30 units of insulin
>i always wake up when i feel low, so i go to get juice to bring it up
>except this night i didn't wake up
>wake up feeling hazy, feels like i just woke up after a century
>notice red flashing lights on my ceiling and the sound of people talking over a radio
>dont understand whats happening, still think im dreaming
>look over to see paramedics injecting me with iv's and what not
>they start snapping their fingers at me and try to get my attention
>parents in doorway
>realize i must have not woken up, almost went into a coma and died because i took too much insulin
>realize that i looked like i was trying to fucking kill myself
if my mom hadnt woken up to check on me, i'd be dead right now. i felt incredibly stupid when they asked how much insulin i injected myself with, i said 10 instead of 30
Man, car accidents are crazy shit. There's something about that moment when your brain tries to catch up with what just happened... you can feel your mind fumbling everything your senses are screaming at you.

Gives me the strangest boner.
so you went to the Prometheus school of running away from things
Damn, man, is it really that bad? Do you still need people to check on you so you don't die in your sleep?
I cant play mkv files... plz reformat
nigga get media player classic or vlc

media player classic comes packaged with the k-lite codec pack with ffdshow and lav audio splitter and all kinds of cool shit

just make sure you uncheck the advertisements for the adware
About 5 years ago one of my hobbys was gliding/sailplaning/soaring

>returned from long-distance flight 271 km
>great weather, thermic lift was of the charts that day
>already lowered flight height for landing, 250 m
>cloud breaks right above airfield, cuts me off completly, lost radio contact
>try turning back looking for new thermic lift, nothing
>rain and strong winds stretch a few kilometers no way too fly around, cant outland terain is rocky,slightly mountainous and wooded
>take my chances, accalerate and plow right into the rain
>sight lost and intruments go haywire. 10m descend per second, SHIT
>entered the shit at 250 meters altitude and got about 120-180 meters to go to airfield
>only thing I hear is the rain slapping on the plane and the altometers low pitched whine, only thing I see is gray, only thing I feel is the steep descend of the plane and the cold rain leaking through airhole
>feels like an eternity, mind is racing with thoughts about mortality, religion and philosophy
>for strange reason dont feel the urge to pray but to forsake religion, think about my dad standing on the airfield probably theorizing what my cause of action would be
>radio contact re-established, light flooding cockpit
>"entire strip cleared for emergency landing"
>situation still shit, extremely low and a good way to go, venting entire water tank
>clear treeline and "almost cut off a few treetops"
>slam down on top off a few cranes and fuck up the drive
>get out of plane and immediately pass out

Quit soon thereafter but recently started reminescing about the good times. After this I've never been able to get into religion and just feel stupid when praying. Sorry for the bad englisch
Shut up you two.
so r00d

pls no bully
This is the response I was hoping to see. Cinema sins. DING.
its not even that, apparently both of my parents were hearing popping sounds all over the house at night (when you open strips for the blood testing meter, it makes a pop sound) and that woke my mom up.
>parents talking about popping sounds
>never heard these sounds in the house before
>mom and dad getting freaked out
>mom wakes up to popping sounds
>checks on me
>unresponsive, apparently i was having a seizure
>popping sounds stop after the incident
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> be 20 and stoned
> tv stops working
> fiddling with wires
> figured out the extension cord is broken
> cord stuck in Tv cabinet
> grab scissors
> forgot to unplug cord first
> cut it
> shocked
> got knocked out and pushed back
> came to 5 hours later
> Permanently lost feeling in pointer finger
> Lost all hair on my right arm
> Scissors blade has a burned hole in blade
Idk if my life was really in danger, but jeez it could have been worse.
You ruined a perfectly okay pair of scissors how could you?
maybe you didn't actually fall into the water, but your rattled brain just fooled you into thinking you did.
So, you had a dream on your couch when you were 9 or 10?
I had one just today

>Be me
>Getting sections pulled at a time
>As soon as they put the anesthetic in I start blacking out
>Get told that what causes it is a sudden drop in blood pressure
>Have had panic attacks, and head rushes, and nearly blacked out before and this felt more like my heart stopped.
I hope you're not alone, my friend.
Have 2 stories that can be considered near death or reality glitches.
> live in countrybumpkin texas usa
> like most kids drive pick up trucks pretty early
> be driving backroads like I have a hundred times to school
> its a late day so drive up to school around 8
> there are a lot of 4 way intersections but they only have crossing stop signs because tree line is too thick to just cross
> the area is known for grass farms and have super deep ditches to help control flooding
> drive as usual past first cross section no biggie
> approach 2nd intersection
> a wild bus appears and runs stop sign at full speed
> swings out so far its front driver's side tire dips into my lanes ditch
> hear is engine right in my face
> all I can see is yellow and the little stop sign thats on the side of the bus not the road
> close my eyes tight and grip my wheel
> feel the truck tilt and know im about to crash into the ditch
> hold my breath
> open eyes and im pulling into the school gates crying and literally melt out of my truck
I have these feels to except… Things always seem to go good for me like even when I should be eating a shit storm things worked out beautifully I don't know how it works but it just does
> be driving on infamously horrible stretch of road known as I 45 North in houston
> traffics going pretty good
> going around 65-70 on the farthest left hand lane
> all on a sudden I see the commercial van infront of me tap his breaks and last I remember was tasting blood and something punch the wind out of my chest
> hit van so hard his back wheels start to climb up my hood ( whats left of it) and rolls back off
> wait a second to understand what the fuck just happened
> Guy gets out shaking his head saying hes sorry
> apparently some fucks in sports cars were fucking playing ass grab with each other and had swerve from hitting each other when traffic came to a complete halt
> he had just gotten the van and its breaks were extremely sensitive he only had time to stop enough to avoid them not to slow down
> my car had hit so hard the little corner triangle windows on the car doors had shattered and you could poke your finger out of them
> my hood peeled back half way
> cops come and say they see this way too often
> not even at fault no tickets
> no scrapes only brusies on my chest from airbag
> few days later see auto place and front counter girl says its so weird but 3 cars the sameday, same year, same make model and color all had the same accident and totaled cars.
> 2 other car owners went to the hospital though
> wonder if something was targeting or looking for me
Thats comforting. I get like that too but it has to do with my parents and spouse. Ive always been sure things will work out even if its just incomprehensible
not exactly a near death experience, but here it is

>be me, age 5
>no details, but
>being made to do something not dangerous
>but really don't want to do it
>fight and fight
>but easily overpowered
>can't scream loud enough
>can't cry hard enough
>start wondering if I can just make it all disappear
>start willing myself to die
>body begins to go numb
>starting at my legs
>going deeper until i'm pulled upward
>straight through a tunnel of light
>end up in a darkened place surrounded by family
>they tell me i have to go back
>i tell them i can't, it's too horrible
>they convince me otherwise
>wake up a few weeks later (yes, i said weeks)
>body was on autopilot since "NDE"
>remember the last few weeks like a dream

that's all i got.
I got in a rek going about 120 in my jaguar without wearing a seatbelt. not a scratch on me
what did you hit?
>>grab wallet phone and ciggerretts from car because damn theres so much smoke
Good call. When I was in a car accident couple years ago, the "good samaratan helpers" trying to save me out took the cash from my wallet and my iPhone.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention - yeah shit slowed down for me too. I think your brain realises this is probably one of the most important things that will happen to you so your brain takes in all the info faster. Makes me think now that when "things go faster" it's coz the brain doesnt think it's important. I dunno, just thinking.

Yeah, no life flashing before me either, but I wasn't even hurt badly. The sound of the crash was amazing, nothing like what it is on the outside.
A few times off the top of my head. I won't green text, for the sake of brevity, unless some one wants to know more for some reason.
>Almost drowned helping to save a friend (I couldn't pull him out myself due to current, so I just kept him afloat to buy time)
>Almost choked to death on a piece of hard candy when I was like 3
>Held a gun point by a KKK member
I never had any of that life flashing before my eyes or any of the other stuff people talk about. Everything kinda slowed down a bit, but I could tell it was all in my head and that the situation was actually moving very fast, the only thing in my head was my mind playing out step by step in slow-mo, how I was going to survive and what to do to get out of it. No panic or rushed thoughts just a dull focus where everything fades away except for a detached sensation of feeling and situational awareness. Really hard to describe.
whats in the pink buckets?
Green text the whole stories I mean.
Depends on the area I suppose, I know people where I live will ask for help from strangers with trust.

I dunno, I swear it might be luck too tho
I get scared going down the highway to Brisbane coz I knew someone who crashed there for no reason. The driver was a more responsible driver than me too. And the road is safer than the one I drive on near daily.
That's one hell of a dream

>driving down highway to get to McJob
>highway is 2 way, with a 2meter wide island all through the length of it with cars going the opposite way on the other side of it
>kinda running late, anxiety makes me push the pedal a little harder
>few seconds later realise I'm 10-15km over speed limit, high police presence on this part of the highway
>shit, let go of the pedal
>all of a sudden, 4WD comes hurtling at me from the opposite lane across the island, driver could not get any control because the island was at a dip with bushes all filled out
>4WD shoots off just behind me about 5-10 meters

If I didn't accidentally speed that day, I probably would of died driving in my sedan.

Would of got fired too, I already had 3 late days in 3 months kek

>inb4 you should of checked the 4WD out
Couldn't U-turn for another 5 km anyway
Mate, stop thinking about what disorders you think you have, just start working on steps to get better.

I know too many tumblr-bitches at work who go "I think I may have this and that and this event in my life totally would have given me this and that too" and blah blah, so ever since then they just go by their disorder for their problems, and never actually get over themselves. All it did for them was give them an excuse for how they feel, never ever inspired them to get out of it. They always have a mild glow when they mention it - I think that's why they don't bother trying to heal themselves.
Have a paranormal experience and a near-death experience at the same time. Writing greentext story out now.
I hope I dont look like an old fuck when I die

That sucks man

what didnt kill you made you stronger
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Sup people OP here

Just jumped on and saw this thread at the top so thought i'd drop an update

No concussion on anything, got a gnar cut on my head. My shoulders decently fucked up but getting better and dont really feel anything else

Pic related : while they were moving the car, still havent gone to the impound lot to see it :/
>be me

>be in second grade

>just had surgery to get tonsils and adenoids removed

>have to eat certain things and sleep a certain way

>sleep sitting up in chair

>I'm asleep

>don't normally experience things while sleeping at this age, but I suddenly start seeing smoky images, most prevalently a hand, a woman who looked like my grandmother, and two smoky figures hugging

>feel calm, and peaceful, just watching all these images float by, slowly starting to fade to black

>suddenly I feel something cold on my face and I'm snapped back into consciousness

>mother is washing spit off my face

>tells me that I was barely breathing, she called it a death rattle

>I almost died

>a few years later ask her how she knew to come check on me

>it's worth mentioning that she'd recently married a guy and moved us into his house

>his mother had died in that house the previous year

>his mother owned a cat that was really old and really vicious, but loved me a lot, specifically me

>cat is attracted to area where his mother had died, and we'd seen her appear in pictures we took where she liked to be on the property

>mother says that cat had woken her up and led her to the living room where I was sleeping

>I believe my grandmother (in law, technically) provoked the cat into waking up my mother to save my life

Has anyone else had any experiences like this?
Poor Op also post gnar cut.
Your insurance will sky rocket
Memory's a fickle bitch. You'll remember really stupid useless things from years ago, but if you crash on a quad or something you'll sit there with minor bruises wondering what happened.
Ive had this feeling many times.
Used to work in a kitchen frying shit mostly donuts.
You literally stand over 360 degree frying grease using drum sticks to flip shit fast.
Work overnight sometimes hung over.
Many times have felt hands pull mine away from the bubbling hot grease when I get too close.
MAny times have I slipped and gone straight toward the open fryer and somehow avoid the whole thing.
Same with knives, they've completely flown out of my hand but have never gotten cut.
Sometimes feels like something wants to hurt me but someone is there stopping them.
>the cough sounded like i said "fuck you niggers go pick me some cotton then get prepared to die like trayvon you fucking burnt skin spear chucking darkies"
Now I'm picturing a scene like in a film where the camera follows you as you cough, then the camera moves to the pack of negros as the sound changes from cough to about 2 sentences' worth of speech.
ive tried taking alot of pics of it the last few days, but it difficult with long hair, best i got is a blurry shot with a big dark spot under the hair
That looks bought as bad as how I completely totalled mine. Do you reckon it's gonna be redeemable?
How big is the cut? Did you need stitches?
doctorfag here. don't do the chemo or radiation if they're offering it. stage 4 with mets to bones is a death sentence. treatment might give you a few more months but your life is going to be so miserable it won't be worth it. refuse treatment except for pain meds and enjoy what's left of your time on earth.
How do doctorfags feel about death? Do you wake up in the middle of the night scared every once in a blue moon or do you kinda "meh" at it?
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i have one and its actually spoopy

>be walking on the street with my head down like a fucking autist
>was coming back from the corner store
>i know these streets well, i could go back home blindfold
>as im walking i cross a small intersection
>there is rarely any cars going through there
>im at the middle of the intersection
>suddenly someone pushes me form the back
>i landed on the edge of the sidewalk
>as i turn back to see who the fuck it was...
>there was no one there, no one around at all
>then BAM! half a second after a goddamn car passes the street like at 70mph
>if that "someone" didn't pushed me i would be get ran over by the car

what do you guys think it was?

i was a like in 6th grade when this happened
front end is done for, if i had the time i could prob salvage the block and tranny and part out the rest but thats not really in the cards right now.
na no stiches it feels like one long one with like a smaller one branching off
I'm on mobile so please forgive lack of greentext.
When I was around 6-7 years old, my two cousins(~12 and 8), my sister (~11) and I went swimming in my uncles pool when no one was home to watch us.

Being the little pussy I was, I had never been for a swim in the deep end. My sister and cousins convinced me to try, and said they would watch me from the outdoor couch/bench that was facing the pool.

I started from one length and attempted to swim to the other (4m or so, bearing in mind the pool was about the 10x4).

As i reached half way I began to choke and drown. I couldnt bring myself above the surface so I waved my hands signaling for help from my family, who did nothing.

Eventually I blacked out under water, there wasnt a crazy dmt trip, or flashback of my past, just absolutely nothing, I remember the feeling of swallowing water and shutting down. By pure chance, my uncles assistant had come by the house to drop something off and I guess he found me in the water just in time.

I woke up on a couch inside, knowing I had drowned I went outside to ask my sister what the fuck she was doing just watching me die as I signaled for help.
She said something along these lines to me "we just thought you waving at us, so we just watched" with a smirk and laugh as if it was funny.

Had my uncle remembered to bring home some papers, I wouldve died with my cousins and sister laughing at me.
doctorfag again. obviously i can't explain the visitors, but otherwise healthy kids with asthma exacerbations bounce back really quickly. your disease course is not surprising at all.
It wasn't your time.
You should've beaten them. You should beat them now. Just go into the next room or drive over to your sister's place or whatever you need to do and slap her across the face then come back to your computer. No explanation, no apology, no words.
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Well I had something similar, but more focused on the cat.

>had a really vicious case of chickenpox when I was 11
>fever skyrocketed, spent the whole day burning and in pain from the whole bumps on the skin
>still have some scars left from back then

>have a little cat named Alice
>I picked her up back then as a stray cat in a moment of sympathy
>had a fight with my mom, but she still alowed me to keep her
>washed out her lice, fed her up to a reasonable weight, did not sleep nights when she became sick
>generally one of the things I loved most in my life

>one day where it got much worse I am basically dying in bed and there is not much anyone can do
>I can not even stand up without passing out anymore
>cat comes to the bed and cuddles up on my chest
>I am crying tears of agony and at some point fall into sleep

>next morning I feel already better and can eat again
>day after that I can already sit in bed
>day after I am pretty much stable and atleast can move around myself
>during the whole time cat does not leave my side and sleeps on my chest

>after I get better cat seems to feel worse
>it is my time again to help her
>always try to keep her fed and warm
>she pretty much only sleeps now
>one day I fall into sleep while sitting on the side of her little bed
>when I wake up she is gone
>no matter how hard I searched I have never found her or her dead body

>to this day I think Alice saved my life back then
>never got over it and just could not handle getting another cat
This. Make her need the therapy she avoided having due to drowning you.
Animals feel pain and sorrow. I think sometimes they can give life energy the way a parent can give to their child. I have a little dog like that. She was born normal but shortly after lost the use of her legs, one day I came home and swore I saw the life fading from her eyes and I cried and prayed and bargained for her to live. She eventually got stronger and grew to love me so much we practically are attached at the hip now. Her legs are stronger and although she can't walk she had survived and out lived her mom and sister.
I hardly speak to her any more these days and as much as my mother loves me she resents me for it, since I havent spoken to my sister in almost a year. I havent heard from my cousins in about 10 years.
Yeah there is really something mysterious about domestic animals, there are many cases of them doing unusuall things.
Maybe being this close to humans made them to something more than mere animals.

It is not surprising that they can the pain of others though, our instincts might have numbed hard, but theirs are still sharp.

It is a shame really that we do not have these abillities anymore.
Mothers will always hold out for hope that their kids will love each other but I have an older brother that I absolutely despise as a person for his spouse choice and vices. I thinkits better to stay away from people and be able to keep up the facade that you care rather then confront and out right hate each other.
Its nice to know there are people who share similar views to myself, sad to hear about your brother and poor choice in women/men however, I hope you two resolve your issues one day.
I could see that being true. I think were we dulled out senses they adapted theirs with ours and gained new insight.
Thanks Anon I hope one day he acts like hes the oldest brother and stops following his wife like a scared child.
I can only wish you the best of luck, anon
There's definitely truth to what you're saying. I currently have two beautiful German shepards; one that 11 and another that's turning four next month. I remember that when I was around 9-10 I went on vacation. My aunt agreed to watch the dog while we were away. My cousin had to be around 3-4 just learning how to really get around by himself. He somehow got outside and my dog stopped him from leaving the property and most likley getting hit by a car. ( urban neighborhood, not much property to begin with). It's nothing special, I always found it comforting that the dog gave that much of a shit to protect him like that. Another story coming up too about the younger one.
You too Anon
He was always a big dog. Even as a puppy he had giant paws and a #cut physique. I raised him almost single handedly from in think 6 weeks old. I'd protect him when my mom was feeling like a cunt and decided she needed to take her anger out on him. He was defenses and I just connected with him from day one. It was more than a regular bond, I mean I got sick to my stomach at the idea if him being scared and confused by what was happening to him. Like any Shepard he grew up quick, realized how things worked, and decided that it was his turn to protect me no matter what. At around 16-17 I began to fuck around with Molly. It didn't take long before I was banging it. I was really starting to mess my life up and I could see the disappointment in his eyes. I decided I'd get clean for him. Throughout the entire withdrawal process he never left my side, never bothered me to take him for walks, he convinced he wouldn't have eaten had I not felt compelled to feed him. Again it's nothing special, but I knew that without him God knows how I would have ended up. The fact that he cared so much and only wanted to see me healthy really struck a nerve.
That feels.
Im this person.
I had her mom for 5 years she was my first dog a shih tzu, I was there when she gave birth and cried when she was in pain. She died on thanksgiving and her daughter ( the one who cant walk) basically stepped up and knew I needed someone and helped heal me while I was grieving. Same when I was pregnant and lost my baby she would cuddle on my chest and wouldnt leave me. Knowing something depends you makes you push the bad away to focus on something that matters at that moment.
Forgive me, no green texts because I'm on my phone.

A minute ago I was calmly walking back home, since I walked a friend home. I was reading this thread and thinking about life and shit.
I was about tou cross the street when I heard someone shout "wait! Stop!" (In spanish because I'm mexican)
I stop.
Douche drives by at 80 kmph.
Realize I shouldn't be alive.
Turn around to thank whoever warned me.
Flipping balls.
Run home.
Post story

What do you guys think happened back there, I'm scared as f*ck.
Spoopy Anon glad you're home safe.

You can jump two feet?
i was thinking that as well
>be some 6-7 years old
> going with my mom and dad to swiming pools ( it was a facility driven by natural geotermal water)
> there is indoor area and outdoor but since its summer everybody is outdoors
> we and a few other people are in, its pretty big so they arenot close to me
> parents are not in the water but are talking witb somebody some 5m away
> am in shallow water but there is a slope (transition between depths at high angle) to deep water, some 1.8m deep
> as i go closer to slope it gets slipier and sudently am over my head
> sherlock mode engaged, decide to jump so that my head is slighty above water and gasp for air
> do this some 6-7 times, breathing in so i could not call for help
> not even panicking
> parents see me and jump to get me out
> if i panicked i might have choked
it doesn't bother me much now. i mean, the first time you lose a patient it's pretty frightening. it's not as though you become numb to it, but you certainly learn to accept it.

this isn't an opinion that's unusual in the medical field today, but i'm more bothered by some of the "life-prolonging" care we give like i was warning the other poster about. we spend so much on patients at the ends of their lives at a point which it really doesn't benefit them--even if they live longer, they live much worse.
>umbilical wraps around my neck before even born
>come out blue and half-strangulated

>4 years old, in the car with my father during heavy rain, car slides over the roadand almost goes over a cliff

>7 years old, book shelf falls down on my head and almost kills me

>12 years old, slip on the big rocks near the sea, bang my head and almost drown

>15 years old, drunk the first time and almost kill myself falling down the stairs

>21 years old, concussion from a bar fight

I tell you, someone up there either loves or hates me
It's like this thread has a deathwish
Sorry about your boneitis anon. Remember to come back here and post if ghosts are real.
Thank your guardian angel/alien/ghost/tulpa for saving your life.
Live, damn you, live!
>Be me
>around 2 or 3 years old
>lived in apartment complex with my mom
>she's busy talking to BF, and left front door open.
>leave apartment, she don't notice
>make my way to middle of apartment complex
>big ass pool in the center of the complex
>in my mind
>don't know how to swim.
>don't give a fuck
>jump in, and immdiatly sink to the bottom.
>small ass kid, with no body fat, so I sink fast.
>basically drowning
>remember immense pain in my chest
>like I got shot
>luckily mom noticed me jump in from her apartment
>gets down to the pool
>jumps in and saves my useless ass

It took me 'till I was aroud 12, or 13 when my friend finally forced me to learn how to swim. He was on a swim team and he taught me. Now I'm fucking fearless of water.
So many near drownings. People really need to be more mindful of their kids around water and teach them basic swimming lessons.
That's pretty cool
it absolutely blew my mind when it happened, I seriously live differently ever since the experience.
That's not a near death experience, are you trolling? i hope u r plz say u r
it was definitely a near death experience, I am about 90% sure if i inhaled a little more I would no longer be alive
No you were just high on duster. Never done it myself because it's widely known to be pretty retarded but you didn't even black out.
It's hard to say, but look up experiences on erowid.com regarding huffing the shit. I say shit because it is very harmful to you.
if i was just high on duster why would that text come through IMMEDIATELY as I asked myself what happens when I die. Part of me entertains the idea that i might have died that night
Oh i know I haven't touched it since, at the time i really had no idea what i was doing
Never let simple coincidences fool you. I've been high on duster once or twice before and it was very intense. >>15572054 is me by the way, it's VERY intense and turns your world upside down. Like I said just do some research on other's experience with it.
Wow dude if that blew your mind I can't imagine how you would handle coincidences while doing actual drugs
Oh i have done a lot of reading about it, it will always make me think because off its impeccable timing. A lot of people have stories where they think they were about to die on duster but they didn't seem to have that weird element that I experienced, I know it's a bit of a stretch for the thread, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to share.
It would blow your mind if you went through as young as i was.
I don't doubt it anon. Have you tried doing anything else or are you completely clean?
I've tried:
weed, opiates, adderall, coke, dxm, dmt, shrooms, and an assortment of other pharms.

I'm clean now, except weed from time to time, but i never had any experiences quite like that.
DXM is pretty fun if you're very moderate with it and you increase your dosage from time to time. I can get pretty intense at the peak.
LSD and K are the really weird ones IMO. Mushrooms you have to take a bunch and they don't have the looooonnnnggggg peak followed by four more solid hours of tripping. DXM also but as you probably know you're usually
too fucked to assign significance to much
i only dabbled with it a few times, I never had the stomach for it. DMT was the absolute tits but finding it was comparable walking the ring through mordor.
never messed with lsd or k, I don't think I would want to trip for 4 hours
what's a gnar cut?
gnar is snow,/fresh pow pow
maybe he meant gnarly, but gnar is snow.
Yeah it's hard to stomach a high dose of it. I found DXM in a gel cap form though at CVS if you ever have the itch to do it again. Versus downing 1-2 bottles of Robitussin. I'm looking for DMT but no luck here, might end up just risking buying the bark and making it myself.
>DXM also but as you probably know you're usually
>too fucked to assign significance to much
Not much difference between DXM and ketamine for me. DXM makes things more significant if anything. It's more headspace-inducing. It doesn't really fuck me up. Like I just can't move well on it but I also can't move well on a lot of ketamine.
I made it myself with a kid who had made it a few times before, it was a fantastic trip. And I've only done the gel caps, robo has to much acetaminophen and other nonsense I didn't care to put in my body
True that.
This hurts so much to remember. I feel like it actually did happen but I hadn't accepted it so I'm basically living a lie right now. It's the biggest mistake I (almost?) made in my life

>Be around 12
>mom gets married to this hick
>mom and hick are out shopping I think, they're not in the house
>found shot guns in hick's room
>was playing around with it, thought it was fake/not loaded for whatever reason
>i remember it being a little heavy and voices and my conscious screaming at me that I should put it back
>sister is in other room and I point it at her
>whatever the voices/conscious was it started screaming and shouting
>"haha i got u" or something of that autistic 12 year old manner
>sister freaks out and I put gun down and away
>day goes on normally but still remembering the voices and my finger on the trigger

I know it sounds kinda lame, but I still get shutters to this day
I've told this story before but I'll post so you're not alone. No jade pointers because I'm on a phone. When I was like 15 my grandpa came home from target practice, and I assumed he had taken the bullets out of his revolver already as we never kept loaded guns in the house. I was playing with it and put it against my head and was going to make it click, but I hear him coming upstairs and thought if he saw me he would be mad. So I popped open the cylinder and six shells hit the floor.
I think I know where your problem is

>be in the national guard
>freshman year of hs
>get home after school
>decide to take a nap
>have open gas line in wall since heater on other side
>no cap on it
>my huge ass lab apparently opens the gas line
> my room in hallway away from main parts of house
> sound asleep while my room fills with gas fumes
> parents finally come in and realize what happens
> they just wanted to see if i wanted food
>they said they almost left without asking me anyways
>freshman year of college
>attending huge uni and living on campus
>decide to trip 25-i for the first time in my dorm room about 8 pm
>roommate is chill with it, says he'll watch me
>smoking with a few friends as i have the tabs still in my mouth
>go back to dorm room and start tripping absolute balls
> other friends want to smoke
>bad idea
>now i'm by my dorm blazing and tripping
>start losing control
>according to school report go to market closeby
>they said i began yelling "im tripping acid i dont give a fuck im dead"
>tripping so hard i actually thought I died
>campus police called
>reports said i threw a trashcan at them
>only remember being slammed into ground and handcuffed
>they put me in an ambulance and I go to hospital
>still tripping insanely with ridiculous visuals in ambulance and at hospital
>there until about 6 am,
>cop asks if i have a ride back to dorm and i say no so he gives me one
>go back and sleep all day
>nothing happens to me at all
>have to take one drug class for uni
> it was still traumatic as shit trip
>the only bad trip i've ever had
So what about a scenario where you are trapped in a steel box down in some oceanic trench and you drown due to a small hole letting water in ?

Would you magically get rescued by some navy ?
you got what you were asking for

please don't ever trip again, you don't deserve to

if you disagree with me, then earn my respect
asking for respect on 4chan, fuck off pleb
>Be me 17, 2 years ago
>driving from Heber-Overgaard, AZ to Phoenix, AZ
>it's a 3 hour drive and i'm about an hour into it
>1am so there are hardly any other cars out
>thick forest on both sides of the road, no streetlights, high beams aren't really helping much
>going 80
>suddenly deer comes sprinting out of the woods on the right about 50 meters ahead
>deer stops dead in its tracks and stares at me, I swerve into the oncoming lane to avoid it, but it picks back up and runs into the other lane, and then stops in my path.
>fucking nail the deer, seat belt keeps me safe for the most part despite cutting into my skin a little bit.
>airbags didn't deploy
>car is still coasting at 10 mph
>use momentum to drive off to the side of the road
>massive amount of smoke coming from under hood
>kill the engine
>hit the fucker on the right side of the hood, so the headlight is destroyed, the hood is partially pushed back, and the fender is pushed up against the front right tire, passenger door won't open.
>check phone to call for help
>no service, 4% battery life (was in a rush to get back home, didn't have time to charge phone before)
>try to start car because I dunno, of course it won't start. the battery won't even turn on, which happens too often in this piece of shit car
>everything is pitch black, can barely see my hands in front of my face
>thick woods on both sides of the road
>walk around and feel for the deer's body, can't find it
>feel like i'm being watched
>hear rustling from the treeline and see what I think were coyotes
>hide in car and eventually fall asleep
>police car comes to my rescue in the morning
well if this is mister 25-i retard then I have nothing further to say
"don't remember struggling for air"
I almost drowned when I was 8 at the beach, 20 now and still remember the horrible feeling you get. Barely lost consciousness though.
btw, I got a story too.
>be me around 10-12
>at home just chilling
>no one home except me and my father who's off in the garden or upstairs fixing shit
>decide to take a candy
>big candy that you have to suck for a long time
>as I step outside I trip and accidently swallow the candy
>instinctively inhale air, just blocks completely my fucking larynx (good thing to remember)
>Cannot breathe AT ALL
>I realize I'm fucked and decide to search for help
>I don't know where my father is but head to the living room
>right at this moment, my father comes down the stairs
>holyshit it's my lucky day
>he just minds his own business and doesn't see I'm chocking
>I make gestures around my throat
>He says : "Do you want a candy ?"
>start to panic hard, become purple and shit
>my dad starts to realize what's happening
>crushes my lungs to get the candy out
I meant about your own mortality
>going home from school
>shit happend, i was su upset all i could feel was sorrow
>feeling really suicidal
> start walking across high traffic street, 50 ish people looking at what the fuck i'm doing
>stop in the middle
>2 cars going 100km/h go past me from both sides 0.5 cm from impact
>start walking other car hits the brakes
>gets out starts swearing at me
>casually continue walking across the street and go to the tram station
>wasn't really traumatic later
got a story about the "time slowing" thing
>be me two weeks ago
>early in the afternoon
>driving to school
>there's a weird crossing where cars on the opposing lane have a red light and the other lane has a green one.
>I'm alone in my lane, the light is green, I'm going at around 40 mph
>there are cars on the other lane, stopped after the crossing at the red light
>about to drive by them
>suddenly the second car in the line after the crossing tries goes into my lane (probably to run the red light)
>No lights no nothing
>Doesn't even see me and keeps coming into my lane
>when I see him, he's about halfway into the lane and still accelerating
>then everything slows down, like I'm in bullet time or something
>don't think of anything though
>check on my right at reflex speed to see if I have enough room for evasive maneuvers
>nothing goes through my mind, not even "better check the side of the road" everything is just automatic and I chain actions easily and with fluidity
>best feeling in the world
>Pull the wheel sharply to the side
>I succeed in preventing collision by a few inches
>Go back on the road with another sharp turn, without thinking
>Get out of bullet time
>no adrenaline rush, heartrate is normal and my heart's not even beating loudly
>As I start to realise what just happened I fucking smile and think it was kinda cool.
>Be me, senior in high school on spring break last year
>Start feeling a dull pain in the abdomen area
>disregard it as gas due to the mexican food I had eaten
>fast forward 3 days to Friday night
>had invited some friends over for LAN-party
>one of them is an EMT in training
>playing video games late into the night
>suddenly the lower right side of my abdomen starts hurting bad
>EMT friend checks me out and says it's nothing to worry about
>pain is severe so i lay down in bed for awhile hoping it will pass
>about 2 hours go by and the pain is still there
>EMT friend insists I go to the hospital
>end up waiting 2 hours before seeing a doctor
>they do some tests on me thinking its my appendix
>turns out they were right
>had to perform emergency surgery on me
It was literally hours away from bursting on me
Funny thing is I wouldn't have gone to the hospital if my EMT friend wasn't there
Probably owe him my life, I'm thankful he was there
It's strange how many people have been moments away from having their appendix burst. What makes this happen? Why doesn't the body have a safeguard against this?

You're very lucky to have that EMT friend.
Blockage in the appendix usually by a calcified stone or whatever(can be a few other things) and this causes the appendix to become swollen and eventually burst. And I guess we haven't evolved far enough for a safegaurd
>And I guess we haven't evolved far enough for a safegaurd

Seriously, these things explode or nearly explode at the slightest provocation. Happened to a few people I know, same thing, had to have emergency surgery before the damn thing blew like a two-dollar hooker in Bangkok.
Yeah you think by now we would have developed larger passageways in the appendix or more elasticity at the least. But yeah i know a handful of people that actually had it burst, I am sure the feeling of that fucking sucks
Won't it kill you if it bursts? I guess maybe not right away, but the stuff can get infected and there's risk of Peritonitis, right?
Yeah there is a very high risk of infection, luckily if it bursts the pain is excruciating so most people go to the hospital immediately and they clean you out. But the stay at the hospital is a bit longer if it does burst.
>Get blackout drunk one night
>Somewhere in my inebriated state i think that i can't feel anything anymore and it would be a great idea to put myself in risk so i can feel alive
>So i get out of my apartment hang on to the rails with about 40 floors below me
>Feel nothing so i let go of one hand and then on 3 fingers
>finally decide to hop on to the next floor in that state
>I don't still feel anything
>Oh well i tried lets go back to sleep
Wake up next day and realize what i did and panic.I don't drink that much anymore.
Sometimes I'm amazed that the human race has managed to survive as long as we have with as easy as we are to kill and mangle. I guess that whole breeding in large numbers helped, though it isn't doing us any favors now.
I have had the same experience thanks to my scumbag cousins who thought it would be funny.
>Wake up next day and realize what i did and panic.I don't drink that much anymore.

Probably for the best, seeing as you nearly Darwin'd yourself there.
I doubt this was as prevalent when we were developing as humans, part of me believes it has a lot to due with the modern diet or we died to other causes sooner.
>homeless man that lives in his car rescued anon and even returned his wallet that was full of dosh
sounds like a cool guy
another, I guess I haven't been THAT close to death, but still...
>be completely drunk on cheap vodka
>find an apartment building whose front door is open
>climb up onto the roof, don't ask how or why
>start dancing on the edge of the building
>start losing balance
>crouch and somehow recover my balance
>wake up in front of a door in the same building
>get out and take a cab home
>wake up the next morning and remember what happened
>swear to never get so drunk again
>next week end up in some woods close to Heathrow airport
Why is everyone on here a fucking drug dealer or a junkie? Every story starts with some scumbag nearly getting their comeuppance.
It was January of this year. I was doing some work for my boss in his barns loft/attic area. Was putting insulation up. I was walking on the edges of 2x8s. Didn't think it was a problem because I've had fairly decent balance in my life. I was carrying a bundle of insulation. I slipped and fell through some poorly attached plywood. Start falling in slowmo and do the Hollywood reach and miss the 2x8 by like 3 inches. I was falling so slow I thought to myself 'why is this taking so long?' Almost immediately after I thought that I hit the ground. Couldn't breathe and was seeing red so I crawled a few feet and blacked out. Woke up like 30 minutes later. Didn't get an ambulance called because I'm hard headed. Go to the e.r. after the insistence of a bunch of family members. Turns out I had a crushed t11 vertibra. The first doc that talked to me was kind enough to tell me the lethal fall height was 15 feet. Thank God I'm still breathing and am able to walk.
Sorry for no green text. I'm on my phone and this way seemed faster.
Apart from the second these aren't near death experiences and the second is debatable. You don't tend to die from falling down stairs unless you're 80, if a bookshelf fell on you and didn't kill you then it wasn't going to kill you, the umbilicus is often wrapped around the neck and babies are often blue but they haven't yet started breathing air anyway, someone punching you is unlikely to kill you though it's not surprising it gave you a concussion.
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