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Lets have a "Life Glitch" thread.
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Lets have a "Life Glitch" thread.

Have you ever had an experience where your life "glitches"? Either paranormal or just wrong feeling, or like something happened out of a malfunctioning virtual reality, I'll take any stories.

Pls don't just make shit up.
A few occasions of small time-skips, one vague memory of teleporting from a closet to the stairs after finding a red stain on the wall.
>be 6 or 7
>riding in car
>time slows down considerably for a few seconds
>resumes normal speed
I once had a very odd experience where the ground I was walking on seemed to have changed altitude rapidly
When I'm in a car and driving on a very long road, the ground at the edge of my vision seems somewhat reflective.
Were you in a stairwell?
Thats just a heat thing.

When people talk about "Desert mirages" its the same thing, everyone sees those.

uh, sorry to burst your bubble.
this, has something to do with the hot air rising from the ground.
>go on a trip to visit some family overseas
>board plane
>notice a woman and her daughter at the terminal
>think nothing of it
>two weeks later
>board plane to go home
>as I am about to board I see the same woman and her daughter in the exact same clothing as when I first saw them
>think that it's a strange coincidence
>connect to the second flight home
>see the woman and her daughter again on that flight as well
I don't know if it counts as a life glitch, but I don't know how the hell that woman and her daughter managed to board the same plane as me on the same day that I went to the same shithole country, and then two weeks later board the same plane as me on the same day; not once, but twice.
LOL. No. I was on a sidewalk near a street. My boyfriend at the time, who was next to me, felt it too. I'm thinking it was something more along the lines of an electro-magnetic disturbance. But it sure as hell felt like a reality glitch in the moment. Really threw me off, I mean I've seen some shit...
That's sort of scary. Very Matrix.
Closest thing to that was when I was sitting on the subway sleeping. Theres some light seeping through my eyelids but suddenly it just went pitch black for like half a second, quick enough to startle me and open my eyes. Everything was lit in the train tho...

Felt like shit reset or something, creeped me out.
I guess, maybe

>Be around 4 or 5 years old
>Used to "see" and "talk to" angels
>Used to "see" angels in clouds when driving
>Had foreknowledge a couple times
>Once apparently saw Jesus waving at me from the top of a mountain

I don't really remember any of this stuff, but my parents have told me about it
this is called stupidity
>be around 8 or 9
>there's a really shitty cot in my room
>I remember laying down in it and listening to my older brother and father cursing at each other
>I get sad and close my eyes
>I remember falling asleep
>Suddenly it's a new day and I'm doing something else

To this day I still can't remember waking up from that nap. I was sleeping and then I realized I was doing something else. It freaks me out.
well one time my butthole pooped but when i looked in the toilet there was no poop
When I was in third grade my teacher was teaching something about reading or writing, anyway she said "the s's" (pronounced 'the EH-sez'), but it skipped rapidly like a scratched CD, "eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-sez". Anyone ever get auditory skipping? I don't have bad hearing either, I have extremely acute hearing.
I "wake up" in the middle of my morning routine sometimes. Me and my girl will have full conversations and shit, I'll smoke a cigarette and get in the shower. Then, I'll come out of my dream having no idea when I ended up in the shower lol. Prolly happens once every few months.
>leave from and goto the same place
>happen to return at the same time
When I was young... I lived in a very religious household. It was the dead of night. I couldn't sleep, for once reason. The small figurine statue of the Virgin Mary, probably made of pewter or some type of porcelain, was moving. I'm as sure about it this very day as I was then. I told myself I would never forget it, I wouldn't let my mind reason that it must've been a dream. It happened. This is the first I've ever mentioned it, even wrote it down for that matter. I'm tearing up right now and I have no idea why. It wasn't malevolent, it seemed to just be moving its arms and staying within its general vicinity. I could not take my eyes off it. The shroud, it's size, it's movement, it's still all so vivid. Why? Honestly my first real long post on /x/.
I have a very vivid memory of dying at the age of 13, after which I remember just being in my friends living room watching tv like nothing happened. It wasn't a dream because I didn't wake up, I just sort of became aware that I was now in my friends living room
Story time?

Just a spirit fooling around with you.
Then my neighbors uncle died in their basement from a heart attack and it was an overcast night but the moon shone through as he died. I wish I didn't sound delusional
My aromatherapy will turn on by itself, same with the radio. Recently, I've been finding my computer plug completely disassembled some days of the week. I never unplug the cords.
nah nah, shit was real, sleeping on the train is a pretty stupid move though.
>Be in the woods
>With aforementioned friend
>We're bored as fuck so we go deeper in than we usually do
>I feel really shitty all of a sudden, not sick, just like, weak physically
>keep going anyway, because I didn't want to look like a pussy
>Hear some people talking
>Their voices make me start to feel, so, so much worse
>While we're walking, I collapse to my knees
>Startle friend, he lets out a startled curse something like "Oh, fuck! are you okay?"
>Voices go quiet
>Hear rustling moving towards us, they must have been closer than they seemed, because they got there in like a few seconds
>Huge ass redneck dude and his smaller redneck friend, the latter wielding a shotgun
>Friend books it when they come into vision
>I try to get up but can't
>oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
>Redneck points gun at friend but decides not to fire
>Aims at me
>I take a shell to the chest, most horrible pain I've ever felt in my life
>Aims barrel at my face
>to petrified to speak
>Don't see him pull trigger, don't hear the crack of the gun, but now I'm in my friends living room

Literally the weirdest shit I've ever had happen. I've never done drugs, no history of psychosis or hallucination.
Um, what?
Did you ask him about it or anything?

>H-hey anon, do you remember me dying innawoods or anything?

oh so you got shot in the chest did you? Is the hole still there? Does your friend remember?

why do people lie?
Obviously I hinted at it but I never outright asked him "Did I get shot by some hicks in the woods?"

I just sort of asked when we went into the living room and what else we had done that day, and even that he thought was fucking weird.
I don't know if it actually happened, but I remember it happening, memory can be a weird thing.

And no, I had no injury on my chest, which was I felt kind of obvious.
Relevant post
I told you in the other thread, the 47th victim went into the river
I also said, clever.
you fell asleep in front of the tv, anon. it might have only been for a couple minutes because dream time always seems much longer.
and that shit sounds exactly like dream nonsense logic.
something bad starts happening, then some other totally unrelated even worse bad stuff happens out of nowhere, and you "die" violently and immediately wake up.
its vivid because it was scary so you remembered it.
shit happens to every kid on the planet every fucking day and night.

call me a jerk if you want for poo-poo'ing the cool "i totally died" scenario. but i always prefer to be reserve being spooked for when there are no obvious logical explanations.
Once, me and my family were at the local athletic club, swimming in the pool. My dad was doing this thing where he'd put me on his shoulders, then jump out of the water, and I would go flying. It was really fun.

Then, just as I'm crashing down into the water, all of a sudden we're in the kitchen at home. My parents are looking at me very somberly. They're forcing me to eat yogurt and drink some water. I asked them what happened. They wouldn't say anything. They still won't talk about it.
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Cabin Memories.png
1 MB, 1840x6060
You're in for a treat :)
Maybe you almost drowned. Got swimming pool water in your gullet, and your parents didn't want to acknowledge it.
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Replies like this don't help anyone
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>Lets have a "Life Glitch" thread.
Translation: Let's have a "desperate roleplay" thread.
I had a dream where I poured myself some coffee, but the cup I poured it in was empty, and I intuitively realized it was because it didn't "sync right" so it "clipped" under the floor. This made perfect sense at the time
A friend and I were sitting on the edge of a ravine behind a church in our town. We were chatting and admiring the full moon there, aren't many quiet places in town away from traffic. We were sober.
After awhile, we looked at the moon and saw it drop in the sky (closer to the southern horizon) a very significant amount and at an easily noticeable speed. I believe we saw it happen 3 times.
Typical lunacy
Wear sunglasses next time if it bothers you
Maybe something in the atmostphere fucked with the way light came back down to you.
we couldn't think of what was causing it, just never heard of something like that happening before
>we couldn't think of what was causing it
>be 6 or 7
>mom works 'till 11 PM
>be alone in house
>watch 'Laverne and Shirley'
>turn TV to '70 'music' channel with time
>fixedsys ads running nonstop along colorful bands
>wake up at 10:20-ish, call mom @work.
>no answer
>oh well, mom home soon anyway
>fall back asleep
>wake up again
>TV time says 9:10-ish PM?
>room looks greenish (odd hue over everything).
>call grandma, no answer
>call 'time' on landline and confirm TV time is right
>fall back asleep
>wake up when mom gets home at 11:20-ish PM
>feels like I slept 8 hours
>tell story, no one believes
>grandma says never received call
>get told I'm just stalling to stay up past bedtime
>go upstairs to bed
>can't fall asleep 'till wee hours of morning
>happened before daylight saving time existed
>never mentioned again 'till tonight
thanks very clever anon
One time I was on 4chan and I kept seeing the same threads over and over and the same people talking about the same things. I was like ok whatever so then the next day im on again and it happens again like we're in a virtual reality thing but im not one to believe in all that hobus pobus so I took a year break. Now I know it's hard to believe but when I went back on here I saw the same stuff from a year ago! I think the imuninazi are regurgitating information so it becomes disinformation in some sort of disinformation organization.
You watched a movie you had seen before
You slept all day but dreamed that you were awake
>happened before daylight saving time existed

Possible. But I definitely feel like we went somewhere afterwards, somewhere not bad. The pool was a good memory. Whatever was in-between was not.

Something involving food, though. Maybe a restaurant?
Yeah, wow. That feels eerily similar to a lot of shit in my life. I only meant to post about the pool thing because that was the most life-glitchy thing I could think of, but...yeah.

There's a lot of shit my parents haven't told me. I don't think they ever will.
An exact 1 hr discrepancy could be explained by turning the clock back 1 hr for 'Daylight Savings Time'. That was my rationalization as a I got older, but, it wasn't the day you turn teh clock back, I asked. How did time go from 10-ish PM to 9-ish pm otherwise?
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well this happened just the other day, I got an email that was for a new job that told me to be at a certain place and certain date, I arrived no one was there, it said the 18th in the email, I was sure, my computer said it was the 18th, everyone around me said it was the 18th. I woke up yesterday, and I received the same email again with the same date, only the date on my computer said it was the 17th, I know i went to this place, I know i was there ( i talked to some folks, spent a little money on cigs), I don't have the money back, but apparently they have the time back or some shit, cause i went today, which seems to have corrected into the 20th, but i still have the email that says the 18th. it feels like i just saw a tiny breakage.
Oooooh okay. I thought you meant DLS plain didn't exist. Which I thought was weird.
Today is the 16th anon
>be 6 or 7
>me and my two best friends outside
>playing at night
>we have slingshot 'superman' flying toys
>they last about 5 minutes
>then land on roof of apartment building
>see teenagers across parking lot
>one hot girl
>go over, but friends too scared
>friends go inside
>teens are torturing me cause Im young
>nothing serious, just making fun
>suddenly pretty girl points to sky above apartments
>fucking freezes!
>other teens FREEZE in place!
>no motion of anything anywhere
>I look where she points
>looks like a grey guitar pick in sky
>rounded corners, dark edge
>3 hemispheres on top, opaque light grey
>just hangs there
>I run to my door, run inside
>time seems to 'start up' again?
>explain in panicked hyperventilation
>mom, larry, guys, guesss what I just saw!
>they go outside, nothing
>teens still there, remember nothing
>we all go back in
>I get 30-min lecture on 'optical illusions'
>drew it a lot over the next month
>got in trouble for 'using too much school paper'
>drawing it constantly
>I'll never forget it
>feel like I was the only one who saw
Maybe this is why you still don't know anything
I've had spectral defecation before
Can you draw it for us now ?
holy shit anon, what you experienced is a very paranormal thing

called tunnel
It wasn't a ship
I don't know if this is a life glitch. But when I was about 8 I guess I was at a playground, I was standing at the top of the slide and bending and flipping over the waist high safety bar. Well some kid pushed me from the side and I fell over the edge of the slide. I don't know how much time passed but when I opened my eyes I was hanging off the edge by one arm gripping the safety bar, and most of the kids that were there had gone away with their adults. Talking like a full busy playground down to like 3 kids
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>most of the kids that were there had gone away with their adults
Sounds like a demon tried to kill you but another demon saved you

most children are very keen to this sort of thing and they could probably sense the tension
Gravity shift

Keep an eye out for this recurring theme in monster attacks
>That's a heat thing
>everyone sees those
>has something to do with hot air
Thanks for clearing up that mystery
Airborne djinni

not paranormal
Why would a demon save me?
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Our Lady.png
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>Just a spirit fooling around with you
Yeah, the spirit of god
Repent OP
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>grey guitar pick

did a quickie in paint, I can do a better one by hand later.
Don't worry. You'll find out.
>It wasn't a ship

It looked technical, but totally silent.

I still have the image of the pretty gurl in my mind with her stiff, unmoving arm pointing at it, and her eyes wide open and unblinking.

Can't admit to anybody that I have had this image inside my mind for so long, they'd think I was, well, crazy.
One time I was in my room when I was about 14 years old, and I was looking at the clouds outside at night. And somehow, when I focused hard enough, I could make the clouds appear to move relatively slower. And then when I would lose focus, the clouds would speed up to "catch up with themselves" if that makes sense
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Why would a demon kill you?

Those were in Metroid Prime
They were made of lightning and turned your vision into static when you got close
It was so close, man, it couldn't have been more than a hundred or two feet over the roofs of the apartments. No sound. I remember being scared it would rip the tiles off the roofs, for some reason. I guess I was expecting engine blasts that never came. It moved a little, like very barely. It was mostly rock solid in position.
>I could make the clouds appear
Wow you must be powerful
So I was in Panama City from 86-90. Ultimately I became I guess you'd call it a freelance logistic advisor for the military. I knew where things were and that had value.
So I was helping this new to the area colonel. We got along well. I provided him with "invaluable information that will help thousands" weather it did I don't really know. Anyway one night he and I are about a block from the coast line after a long day of information sharing. I'm starting to get an idea of how big the scope of things are from what he is telling me. It's about 2:30 am and this oval saucer shoots out of the water with lights along its equator and underside. I'm shocked by this and comment. You guys must be serious I've never seen any military craft like that. I look over to the colonel who is completely dumbfounded, he states that he's glad I saw it too and he was sure as shit the U.S. didn't have anything of the sort. UFOs weren't as popular then but I guess nothing was without the internet. About 10 years after the happened, he showed up on my doorstep and we laughed and speculated about what happened that night. He's convinced that it was a ufo. And he's the sort of man if he told me the world was flat I'd believe him. Anyway thanks for listening to an old mans story
>Those were in Metroid Prime

This happened in the '70s, in the Pac Man days.
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Yeah it hovers in place and drops balls of light which explode violently when they hit the ground
Demon just seems snyonmous with evil. So I could understand them wanting to kill something rather then saving. But I don't really know much about demons
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Lightning (2).jpg
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It's just a word,
apparently the wrong one

What a coincidence, then
The guitar pick part was flat and thin, and exactly like a guitar pick, which I didn;t translate very well. The opaque domes were shallow hemispheres flush to top, bottom was smooth, it seemed canted towards us by a shallow angle.
Did the significance of the Panama Canal have anything to do with the Amazon Rainforest, or someone in the Rainforest?
Thanks for the story. I actually do not find that hard to believe. at all.

I remember the '90s, we undergrads only had internal email, and NCSA Mosaic by '93. :-)
>What a coincidence, then

Yeah, this predated Metroid, for sure.

(I only ever played the 8-bit Nintendo version anyway, years later.)
You said that Panama was important
Bush senior sent troops there to fight drug trafficking and civil unrest. A lot of smuggling goes down in the canal.
So the US government wants to keep the Amazon out of America,
and has perpetuated chemical understanding of methamphetamine among the population to that effect
Sometimes I'll watch an old movie and you know how you've seen it so fucking many times for so long that the lines become like a song and you know what the characters say/how they say it before it happens? Lately random lines from movies have different editing or something cause certain words/jokes aren't there, it's just so weird. What sucks is it's small insignificant details and there's no way to prove anything or even talk about it without sounding like a dumbass. More of a memory glitch I guess- I'm too young for this shit, dammit.
It's called using your imagination
This happened last week multiple times but stopped.

I'd wake up and my phone charger would be unplugged from the wall laying on the ground.

I have no reason to unplug it and don't remember ever unplugging it.
You died in an electrical fire and your conciseness jumped to the closest reality where the charger couldn't burn out.
How does that work
Like a lightning bolt following the path of least resistance.

This happens all the time. If the poop drops heavily enough, it will sink right under the u-bend and up the other side, so it's floating on the other side of the u-bend.

So spoopy poop here.
More often than not, Demons associate themselves with humans and make more regular contact with us. Most of them aren't innately malevolent, we just see all these possession cases because some of them are niggers. Seriously, though.

I believe Plato wrote somewhere that he had a guardian demon...
>buy 4 pack of beer.
>down to last two cans.
>open fridge 3 cans. Wtf?
>Drink next can.
>Open fridge 2 cans.
>Drink. Open fridge 2 cans.
>Srsly wtf? Check bar-code, all the same.
>Drink. Open fridge 2 cans. No mistake now.
>Feeling tipsy but no mistake, beer tastes different, weaker.
>2 cans again. Freaking out - 4 extra cans. Have them all on the side.
>Leave fridge open so I can see. Fuck you. Drink can standing.
>No change, as I watch. Last can, tastes and looks like water.
>Pour it down sink.
This exact thing happend while I was sitting on my bed the other night, it happened for a second or two and felt like I was in some vortex filled with white dots zooming past me.
This one could be a coincidence, but it did leave me speechless at the time.
>be at a bar
>friend's birthday party
>friend asks for lighter; I give it to her
>another friend comes inside an hour later
>hands me my lighter
>says she found it on the floor
>I'm going to have a talk with friend Nr 1
>come outside, my friend hands me my lighter

As I've said, that was probably just a coincidence. They were those generic lighters, after all.
Here's another one of mine.

>sitting behind my desk
>doing homework
>suddenly hear a noise
>look down
>piece of brick lying between my feet
>no idea where it came from

I am still puzzled by this one. I keep the piece of brick by my computer. Looks like an ordinary piece of brick to me, except it somehow appeared inside my room, under my desk.
my family traveled a lot so we stayed in hotels most of the time. i was 7 and swimming in the indoor pool with my little sister. i have a vivid memory of this girl a few years older than me who had a bulbous blue and purple growth on her neck the size of a softball. she said it was because the cord got wrapped around her neck when she was a baby. i still remember what she looked like, chubby with limp brown hair and eyes the color of the pool water.

she had a little brother who was my sisters age, so they played in the shallow end together while me and the girl played around the ladder in the deep end, and she showed me how to go underwater, blow bubbles under the flat ladder rungs, then suck in the bubbles again and thats how she breathed under water. i tried to do it, and she held me down.

mom grabbed me by the arm and pulled me out, i was still concious, just crying and sniveling. i told her about how she held me under and mom started yelling at me for lying.

i asked her about it a year ago, and she remembers me wedging my head between the rungs of the ladder, and there was no girl, only a little boy and the mother. idk what the fuck that was about.
Yep. I have it all the time.

I'll go to sleep saving a single cigarette for in the morning. I smoke like a coal power plant, so I like to have something to take the edge off in the morning.

I'll wake up and I have two cigarettes.

Maybe I have some cigarette-based powers or a guardian cigarette angel or something.
The faces in ceiling tiles would smile or scream silently at me when i was 5-7 years old
I draw a lot, not a stranger to imagination but thanks?

I think about this shit all the time
I did an air dash once. That seemed like the glitchiest thing out of all my experiences. There were a few other instances where I apparently screwed physics over but didn't even know I did until friends asked me about them.
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>last year
>on bus
>driving home
check out the map now
>look outside the window on point C
>see a cop car driving with the lights on
>think nothing of it
>get to point A look out the window again
>look at my phone for a sec
>look outside again
>i'm on point B
>remember the cop car
>looking out the window
>it drives past us on the exact same spot it did before
>nope the fuck out
Well shit you could just google it yourself you lazy bastard, I didn't really pay enough attention in Thermodynamics 101 to completely give you an essay on it.
Yeah I was kind of hoping there would be more cool things and less just retarded easy to write off stories.

Even the one subreddit has some pretty good ones.
>You watched a movie you had seen before
>You slept all day but dreamed that you were awake

I was a kid, my mom would have taken me to the doctor frantically if I actually slept 23 hours, which is impossible for a kid.
>couple of months ago
>at subway, waiting for my train
>one weird old man pass next to me
>he was really short, about 1.4 m tall (dunno how much is that on feet)
>dirty ragged clothes he looked homeless and he was also carrying a large duffel bag
>think "that bag is bigger than him"
>train arrives and I'm sure I saw him staying at the station
>next station the same old guy was waiting for the train
>he saw me and smiled with a toothless smile

I wasn't lying about the 'frozen' girl, arm in air, when I saw that flying saucer or whatever it was. Like I said, they should have remembered me, they didn't at all when my mom asked them what happened after it was over, and she came out of the apartment and I told her.
It didn't exist in the US until 1918.
The girl died during childbirth but hangs around her little brother/survived in a parallel dimension with neck wound instead/shes lonely and wanted you to 'stay' with her hence holding you down/you popped into her dimension
That's some SCP shit right there
Somebody pushed you
ok maybe you were only asleep for the last two hours

It's happened to me before

can you remember what you were watching before Laverne and Shirley?
Is there a part 2 to this?
I tripped while running, tried to fix it by lunging forwards but my foot never made contact with the surface and found myself about 5 meters ahead of where I was.

I found it distinctly weird because not only was I sure my foot felt nothing, I was on a metal bridge and didn't hear the usual loud banging that normally accompanied one of my lunges.

Unfortunately, no one else was around to see it and I've never been able to replicate what I did so hence why I said it was the glitchiest thing I've been through.
>can you remember what you were watching before Laverne and Shirley?
I think it was 'Happy Days'.

Thing is, I wake up, it's after ten. I wake up again, it's after nine, weirdness ensues, and phone confirms time. I wake up the third time after 11.
try staring into your own eyes in a mirror for a few minutes in a dimly lit area

post results
When I was a little girl I had a shitty plastic ring that my Grandma bought me from a vending machine.
As my mom came to pick me up I put it in my Grandmas jewelry box as a keepsake because I thought that was a good idea for some reason.
About a week later I was lying on the floor in front of the TV at my several states away, and the space between the TV stand and the floor was the exact same ring.
seven years ago i came home from work.
it was a wrong house that was in same street that i lived in.it actually was my home, but from last seven years, everyone i knew dissapeared. someone else lived at my home, my wife , all my friends and people i knew from work, dissapeared. now i got a well paid job at one company, i have new home , new friends. i dont speak of my history cause apparently when they checked me i didnt even existed. so i really dont know but looks like these glitches can happen to any of us.the sad thing is for years none belives you. you just have to give up the fantastic and become regular joe in exactly same place where you lived but were never here.
>threw a rock
>pretty large rock
>It was a parking lot, so I wouldn't have lost track of it
>throw it
>the moment it leaves my hand, it curves and comes full circle to the point where it would hit me in the head
>rock is nowhere to be found
Why do write like you would in a story book or some shit like that?
>listening to song on ipod
>"damn this is a good song"
>later try to listen to it again
>literally cannot find it
>play through literally every track on my ipod
>can't find the fucking song
>can clearly hear it in my fucking head and it won't get out

I'm going to be driven mad by this. What the fuck.
Hmm that's pretty interesting thanks for elaborating. I'm glad this thread is still up. Now that I think about it I can remember at least 10 times where I should have died, and came out miraculously unscathed
Something like that happened to me last week
>be at the bus stop
>notice cars and shit are moving in slow motion
>not just driving slowly, like literal slow motion
>everything else moves like that
>lasts for a few seconds
There's this movie that's kinda like what you described, I think it's called Toy Story or something
Some small things just disappeared. Happend 3 or 4 times to me
>me, brother, and cousin sleeping at cousins house
>3 couches, we all pick one to sleep on
>we all wake up in the middle of the night for no reason
>realize that we all switched couches somehow
>all look at each other completely confused
>eventually go back to sleep, no one has brought it up since
>be sitting on floor watching tv
>enjoying a cup of water
>cup is made of that microwaveable plastic stuff and pretty lightweight
>finish water
>get up to go to the bathroom
>hand bumps empty cup
>cup wobbles for a second like its going to fall over on its side
>instead of just falling over and rolling
>cup goes flying across room and hits wall
Not everybody likes doing greentext, anon. Perhaps they feel they can elaborate better like that so they don't leave out anything important?
a similar thing sort of happened to me too.

i live in an apartment building. the building is side by side with another one attached by a wall and each building is 3 stories with 4 apartments on each floor.

>came home from work
>go througn front door
>go upstairs
>apartment is 2nd door on left on top floor
>lived here for years now so theres no mistaking it
>unlock door and open it
>apartment isnt mine. even the furniture is unfamiliar
>a confused younger couple and their toddler daughter are staring at me from couch
>apologize and quickly close door
>number on door is my apartment number
>figured i maybe went into building next door
>go back downstairs to look at building number
>building number is correct too
>go back upstairs and knock on door
>no one answers
>door is locked again
>key still works
>open door
>all my furniture and stuff is where it should be and apartment is empty
>never seen that family around and never see them again
>coming home late after a party in high school (I'm sober)
>still figuring out how to drive
>friend in shotgun, playing his gameboy, not paying attention at all
>I accidentally make a right-hand turn without checking for oncoming traffic
>see bright headlights, hear a horn, realize I just fucked up
>suddenly everything is okay and I'm at the next light
>friend hasn't even looked up from pokemon
>I break into a cold sweat
>I should be fucking dead right now
>Drop him off, get home, still a nervous wreck
>even now when I think about it I get uncomfortable
>somewhere in a parallel universe, we both ate it and it's completely my fault
somebody get this hothead out of here
There is. I was in both of these threads. Interesting enough true or not. Pretty sure it was archived.
Look into Quantum Immortality
Maybe I was just tired of whatever when it happened, but it happened more than once, anyway ;

>Be me, 13-14 yo
>thirsty in the middle of the night
>go to the kitchen to grab a drink
>look at the clock
>2 a.m, dark outside.
>grab some shitty boxed orange juice & drink it
>turn around to look at the clock again
>it's 9 a.m and sunny outside

Still no idea what happened to this day.
I have similar occurrences although I'm quite sure it's just my tired brain.
Wake up in middle of work night, still dark. Roll over n check time on alarm clock. 3 or 4 am whatever it may be "woo few more hours sleep so tired" Close eyes for a few minutes but keep active thought train. Roll over and open eyes. Light shining through. 6:30am. Fuck. Time for work. So tired
could you just post it or link it?
Alright /x/, I came here from /k/ because I asked a question, and they pointed me in this direction.

I hope this thread will help me.

I live in a northwestern state in the middle of the mountains.

I'm 20 now, but reading this thread, I started to think back on an old happening when I was maybe 8 or 9.

I was staying in a log cabin with my family, and I keep trying to remember some shit that happened while I was there.

All I can remember, is that I was outside with my brother, and he was running around the cabin a bit. Out back led into a heavily wooded area, whereas out front was a dirt road and the trees were pretty thin all thew way down, it was the cabin built to the edge of the thick woods that was different.

The problem is guys, I remember being afraid for my brother at one point, and then after that all I remember is us being inside crying.

I keep trying to think of it, even right now and all I get is a blank spot and chills keeping running down my spine. It's happened like ten times since I started typing this.

I keep getting goosebumps. Fuck.
you were 100% dreaming

i remember in college, my roomates alarm would go off and he wouldn't turn it off, causing me to wake up and get really angry

one time i sat up from my bed and yelled at him to shut it the fuck up, and to turn it off when it starts ringing cause it wakes me up every morning when im trying to sleep. he replied with something like "shut up man, just go back to sleep"

i went back to sleep and woke up, and told him im sorry about getting pissed and yelling

he had no idea what i was talking about.

i dreamed the entire thing.

my other roomate had no idea what i was talking about either.
>be me
>getting drunk on old british cemetary
>be drinking few times here
>decide to go back
>get up and turn
>there is big fucking gigantic tree
>there were no tree here
>there were no that big tree on this cemetery
>start talking to tree offer beer and ask for good luck charm
>look around and find broken branch
>take some needles
>go home
.when I come back to check there was a tree
>but I swear that before there was just some grass and place to sit
>still confused
Don't have it :/ Tried to find it but could not
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>be me
>8-9 years old
>in school Christmas show
>get up on stage with class to sing some shitty song
>we stand there for a few moments, musicians dont do anything
>everyone immediately gets back down
>whisper to friend
>"what happened there we just sat back down?"
>friend looks at me like I am crazy
>"what, we sang, I saw you singing"
>mfw I lost a couple minutes of my life singing a shitty song
when i was like 6 years old, i went to a friends house. when i went to ring the doorbell, there was a praying mantis looking bug on it. but it was the size of a soccer ball. i ran home half in tears. i almost touched it not noticing it was there, i knew right where everything was and i was in a hurry to hang out before dinner time.
thats y i asked, couln't find it on the archive either. do you remember anything noteworthy?
>be me on my PC at 1am
>think its time to sleep
>always leaves my AK bedsides me at night while on PC.
>turn off PC step up and proceed to grab the AK
>just when I'm going to walk away...
>something I can't see start running through my kitchen, room and hallway.
>The thing moves too fast and I can't see any silhouettes, just the stumbling on things and some things that feel to the floor.
>the fuck? not another home invasion god...
>see the water inside the jugs moving, plus things that have fallen on the floor so ok I'm not hallucinating or something.
>check whole house twice
>no rats, cats, dogs, person or footmark left behind

to this day on dont event know how to clasify that event
This is the only thing I have, probably not paranormal but it was weird and I never really forgot it.
>be 7 or 8
>sitting and talking with friend enjoying some gushers
>while talking I distinctly remember taking out the last gusher and eating it
>I consciously make note of that sad fact as I stare into the empty reflective wrapper
>we watch TV for awhile
>4-6 minutes later realize that I'm still holding wrapper
>squish it in hand but feel lump
>another gusher is in the wrapper
>I swear I remember that thing being empty
>not that I was complaining but I kind of freaked out
>it was nice having one more gusher though
yeah, probably didn't happen.
>be me
>10 yrs old
>on the beach with my friends
>im grumpy, refuses to play in the water with the others
>just laying in the sand, fully clothed with another friend
>other friends in the water playing with a ball
>suddenly everything went black
>felt like I blacked out, but I was aware of the situation, like some kind of sleep paralysis
>couldnt move or anything
>this went on for maybe 10 sec
>everything is back to normal, except Im in the water playing ball with my friends
>still fully clothed
>my friends tell me that I acted normal but refused taking my clothes off
>I still dont understand what happened
Quantum Tunneling my nig
one more
>be me
>couple of years ago
>celebrating something with friends and family
>chilling in the sofa, watching tv, waiting for one of my friends who's in the kitchen
>its pretty late, so its dark outside (if that matters)
>suddenly see friend standing in the door which is like 15 feet from me
>I say hi and such
>tell him to come here and watch tv with me
>he just stands there
>all of a sudden he jumps in the air and dives behind a big table next to the door
>I get really fucking surprised
>run to the table to check behind it
>no one there
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
>he's not there
>I get the creeps
>go to the kitchen
>he's sitting there, talking to the others
>I ask him what the fuck he was doing back there
>he says he doesnt know what im talking about
Don't know if this really fits this thread but whatever
Happened today
>driving to my grandmas place
>she lives200 miles away
>drive 100 miles and stop to take a piss
> stop at a restaurant/shop
>"would it be weird to see mr.n"
>mr.n is a friend of mine who lives in my hometown
>go into the shop and what do you know
>He is here.
>well that was weird
Strangest thing about all of this is that I almost never spend time with mr.n
>I'm going to be driven mad by this. What the fuck.

Too late.
>>see the water inside the jugs moving, plus things that have fallen on the floor so ok I'm not hallucinating or something.

Not at all unbelievable. Seen shit like this before. Could be 'floaters' in the eye that looks like heatwaves, 'specially if you've been into martial arts and took a few to to domepiece. But in one of these cases, I too, saw a glass cadle holder fly off a shelf and smash on a hardwood floor (during an argument). Can't hallucinate broken glass.
>be on acid
>can see my breath
>its 75 out

Jesus is alive, and angels are real. We all entertain them unawares from time to time.

Quantum Tunneling is real.

In fact time travel into the past is just Q. Tunneling into a classically inaccessible area of the time dimension, instead of space. It's easier for brainwaves to do this instead of the wavefunctions of observable matter, which is why it's easier to relive the past in dreams.

From the perspective of light, all of spacetime happens at once, so no one ever really dies.
>>everybody walk the dinosaur

Will you walk mine while you walk yours?

He has to pee...
No his parents are probably trying to get him to believe in fairytales
This is what it looks like when a brain suddenly has to vomit.
I was alone in my house, mom was at work, and I was doing nothing out of the ordinary, just scrolling through Facebook. Then these loud, industrial and rhythmic bangs started up. They were distant, but echoed throughout my neighborhood. Sorta like war drums, I guess. Once they stopped, everything else did too. No birds chirping, dogs barking, no wind. Completely silent to the point that it actually hurt my ears. I got a video of it too.
Weird sounds happen a lot in my neighborhood. Glitched sound effects, mayne.
Finally uploaded it, sorry for the fan.
yeah this sound reaaally scary. i never would want to live trough this nightmare
I work primarily weekdays and the occasional Saturday and on my way to work every morning I walk past the same homeless guy without fail. He sits in the exact same spot, only very occasionally changing clothes. He has a very significant shitty tattoo on his neck, probably done with a sewing needle or some shit. It's a circle with three sort of tear or rain drops next to each other in the middle of the circle. Anyway, the guy says hello and as per usual will ask for a bit of change or whatever and occasionally ill give him what I have. Roughly around this time last year, I travelled to Budapest for 4 nights with my fiancée and whilst on our way to the train station to the airport, we walked past the bloke. He asked for change as per usual and me being particularly jolly that morning, I gave him a bit more change than I usually would and off we went. We flew and everything went according to plan, we arrived, left the airport and got to the hotel we were staying at. On the second night of our stay, me and my fiancée had a row and I went for a drink at a bar just down the road to 'clear' my head. As I entered the bar, the homeless guy was literally just sat right fucking there, in the middle of this bar. I'm 100 percent certain it was him, same tat, same eyes, same straggly ponytail. It was fucking him, the only difference being the clothes he was wearing, he looked clean and just looked like an average local. I stared him out as I walked to the bar and broke eye contact to speak to the waitress who spoke incredibly broken English. Managed to wrestle some sort of lager out of her in a conversation that must have lasted no longer than a minute and turned to look for the bloke who wasn't there anymore. Like literally just fucking vanished into thin air. Completely weirded out by this I went back to the hotel, forgot why me and my fiancee had argued and continued the holiday like normal. Travelled back home, unpacked and prepared for work the next day like normal.
Most of these are déjà vu's
But what I am capable of is slowing down time, I am learning how to do it but I can slow down five seconds into what feels like 15 seconds already
On my way to work and the guy was sat exactly where he usually was but instead of the usual routine, we exchanged a stare for a little while before he continued his usual routine. Singlehandedly the weirdest thing that has ever happened in my entire life, so weird I've kept it a secret in fear that people would think I was just completely batshit crazy...
>I was 4 or 5
>Take the plane for the first time in my life
>The sterwardess shown me my place
>I take my seat
>The airplaine takes off
>It's night, surely 10 or 11PM
>We fly through the sky
>For no fucking reason, it's daytime
>be 12
>checking phone, used to have standard background
>out of the sudden has weird background green color with weird images on it
>real low quality but seeing gun and cut off head
>going to show my dad
>background back to normal
>Me being 9
>Playing Habbo Hotel
>Checking my room
>Suddenly a rare item appears in my room
>Can't pick it up, can't move or anything
>Ask my sister if she can see it

I know you..youre the DragonBorn!
Son you found a weak spot in the fabric of spacetime, and you live in it
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I have one glitch story that happened to me this last Fall Semester.

>Work at an On-campus Qdoba Mexican grill while living just off campus
>Wake up one morning at 9:30
>Sit around, eat cereal, go to molec.Chem class at 1, take notes, yadda yadda
>Stayed up late-ish night before so still super tired.
>I have work at 4 so I set my alarm and go to sleep
>Wake up, roll over and look at clock
>6:00, FUCK
>Check phone, 6:00
>Look out window, semi-dark, definitely late afternoon.
>Why didnt my alarm go off?
>Why ddnt work call me when I didnt show up?
>Why didnt my roommate who works with me wake me up when he left?
>Call rommmates, no answer.
>Throwing on uniform yelling obscenities.
>Roommate walks up to me from around the corner of apt.
>"What the actual fucking shit are you doing? why did you call me"
"Its fucking 6:00 AM dicknose why are you in your uniform"
>Freaked out, go back to sleep for nap before waking up again and going through my entire day a second time

How the fuck did I dream that I woke up, experienced a day, and then napped so vividly?
sounds like >>15597132
Bearenstein bears
Dont you mean Bearenstain?
This happened when I was 10
>parents divorced, only child
>was in my room
>dad was the only one home
>he was taking a shower
>a ball rolled under my bed
>this ball was a yellow one with a face on it
>crawl under bed to get the ball
>as I reach for it the ball's face distorts like it was talking and I hear this loud BOO noise
>freak the fuck out, run into bathroom where my dad was
>he's still in there showering
Thread's dying.
Here's my life glitch that literally saved my life.

>Must have been 14 or 15, I think I was in junior high, can't remember
>School selects students that are talented in sport to represent the region in a state wide competition
>This time the event was long distance running
>Piece of cake, day off school, why not
>Be in Greece, bus is driving along one of our many winding roads to where the race will take place
Now here's a side note, anyone who has ever been to Eastern Europe would have noted that we are quite a mountainous area.
When we drive outside of the cities, the roads are narrow and usually driving along a cliffside.
Especially in Greece, if you ever drive rural/semi-rural, there are mini churches on the side of the road.
These symbolize where someone has been killed, it's our little memorial site for the deceased.
>Bus is driving up a big but not very steep slope
>The seats aren't all taken, but there's kids lounging around taking up 2 seats and just chilling out
>It was a good day, sun was out, nice breeze
>I'm leaning against the back door flirting with a qt 3.16
>We're chatting away, everyone else is talking as well, not a worry in the world
>Bus starts turning left up the slope, we're quite a fair way up, so there's a very generous drop if anything was to go wrong
>Suddenly, the back doors where I was leaning against fly open
>I remember this part crystal clear
>Doors open, I start falling out of the now open space
>I remember the girls face change from cheeky smiling to a mouth open shock
>I'm falling, I can grab on still, but instead I turn my head and look at the drop.
>Now the drop is fucking huge, as in I would be killed within the first 5 meters
>There are rocks all over the side of the road, but the drop just keeps going
>Easily over 100 feet
>Now I remember time slowed down just about here
>I turned back and threw my left arm in an attempt to grab the door handle to try and hoist myself back up

>I'm out of reach, I remember between trying to reach for the door the girls face was completely horror struck
>She looked like she had seen a ghost, she was just standing there shrinking away 'cause she was in shock
>I turned again and looked at my fate, but by this point my legs weren't on the bus no more
>I can't explain this part well, but I was horizontal with the bus, but my legs were still in the door cavity
>Though they weren't on the bus if that even makes sense
>Either way, I was falling and I was too far out to grab a hold of anything
>Then the most bizarre thing happens, as if someone hit a rewind button
>All of the sudden my body is pushed back up, I felt the pressure on my back, I felt something push me back up
>I grab the handle and hoist myself up
>First thing I did was grab the doors and pull them shut
>I look at the girl and she is ashen white
>Only thing she can say was something along the lines of "What just... Did you, how, what just happened??!@#?!@ogjeoij"
>Then she faints after she said the last words
>I remember she was talking really really softly, as if she had no energy
>The thing I find most interesting is that I was pumped from the adrenalin and the fact that no-one else in the bus saw what happened
>Not a single person, though I must admit that I didn't shout, it was a very quiet event
>But the interesting thing is that no-one reacted to the sudden rush of wind or the noise of the door opening
>I know it happened 'cause the girl came to me after it happened and we spoke about it

I think that's a glitch, y'all say paranormal?
I have more stories, a lot more, but that's the glitchiest thing that I can remember.
Maybe she has powers and she saved you
I deem it as a miracle, shit like that don't happen too often.

Magick is bullshit anyway, it's all your mentality.
I remember he had made some progress with his psychologist. He had confronted his family about they day and they told him the truth about it but were just as confused/frightened. Didnt really clear up what the creatures were though..

Was kinda thinking bout posting a new thread to try find him; see if there's any updates.
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one time i was sitting on the swing outside my apartments. lazy summer day, i closed my eyes and started to listen to the sounds around me. there were sounds of birds and critters but also this steady electrical hum, like in serial experiments lain sort of - but a bit more indistinguishable, like a refrigerator. i live on a big hill with a small sort of jungle separating me from a golf course, and i was listening really closely so try and figure out what the hum was because there's nothing really industrial near me to attribute the sound to

after a very long time of this, i had just about grown accustomed to the sounds and was going to go do something else when there was a split second of absolute silence. the hum stopped. the birds stopped. the rustle and bustle of living things in the trees stopped. and then i shit you not, it sounded to my ears like the loop started over again. the trees were still, but there were still sounds of life coming from them. i was spooked.

and slightly less dramatic - i threw away a receipt left in my grocery buggy, i remember it distinctly because it was crumpled a bit like a rose. when i looked back in the buggy it was still there and not in the trash. tired mistake maybe but it startled me at the time.
My parents have told me I looked up and said I could see angels a few times.
My parents adopted a new black cat that was feral, and is scared of everyone except my mom. I was home alone a few months ago, and I let the black cat outside, and let our other cat inside at the same time. About five seconds after the black cat ran out, I closed the door, turned around, and it was sitting right behind me, next to our other cat. Weird shit.
Always had a grid in my head when I was younger, of numbers. I'd see it every single time I shut my eyes. Thought it was normal, never said anything about it. Remember it now, as i'm older, and I remember it used to keep me up all night long and give me headaches. Fuck, this thread just got me thinking about it again. Look out for another thread to pop up about it, it's me.
> This is the first I've ever mentioned it, even wrote it down for that matter. I'm tearing up right now and I have no idea why.
> Honestly my first real long post on /x/.
Sure. Because a tripfaggot shit never wants attention, right?
>in a subway
>there's this couple and their kid
>the woman says good bye to her boyfriend and leaves the train with the kid
>few stations later they get back in

I asked my friend if she realized this and she was also creeped out
I wanted to buy something once, and since i was underage i told my mommy that i needed a raise in my allowance, without telling her exactly why.

My mom said she would talk to my dad later, and when she did, she told him exactly what i needed the money for, without me ever telling her, and there was no possible way she could have known.
Shortly after meeting a new boy in my 9th grade English class, I found a little silver heart ring on our dining room table. It fit perfectly on my ring finger but I knew it wasn't mine and put it back on the table. I later saw my little sister wearing it. The next day I had a sleepover at my friend's house and she knew I thought the boy in our class was cute and he only lived a few blocks away from her, so we invited him over. Needless to say I decided I liked him that day. As soon as he left, my friend and I noticed her dog was chewing on something small and metal. That dog eats everything including razor blades, so I quickly reached down and took it away only to find that it was that same ring from the table. I cleaned it off and put it on my finger so that I wouldn't lose it. A few days later the boy and I went on a date to the mall and he saw the heart ring. He said I was wearing it backwards that the point on the bottom.of the heart should be facing me because it meant I was in love. He said the way I had it meant I was seaking love but that I found it with him. A few months later I asked him about what he said to me and he had no idea what I was talking about. I even asked my sister if she knew who's ring it was and she said she has never seen it before.

whippits are a hell of a drug
> happened before daylight saving time existed
So, you lived before Thomas Jefferson was born. How old are you?
yall are dumb as shit. Not even 1/4th of these are life glitches-although they are entertaining as shit ><!
Here's my life glitch, I actually seem to have a lot of these weird seemingly harmless glitches, I call it a timeskip or back when the matrix movie came out I used to call them 'seeing the matric' for a while:

One the last few I really remember:
I was at a bar with bf, we ordered first round.
I take a sip of my cocktail, he takes a sip of beer. We cheers, comment about the shitty jukebox and we both gaze at it.
As we're gazing I take another sip and as I am finishing the sip, I suddenly realize how plastic the straw is and that's when I realize the jukebox is playing in slow motion. I look at bf and he seems somewhat frozen in time, gazing and in the "process of grinning" at the jukebox. This whole ordeal lasts what feels like about 3-4 seconds, enough for me to realize and sort of look around and notice how it seems the whole world slowed down entirely.
Suddenly I watch as bf drinks from his beer REALLY QUICKLY, twice in a row-picks it up, drinks, puts it down, picks it up, drinks puts it down and see him go through a couple different expressions throughout the entire ordeal. I then notice the jukebox sounded like high pitched or scrambled music but by the time he puts down the beer it's back to normal and the room seems even louder.
me: o.O... "uhhh.. did you just drink your beer really quickly twice?"
him: "uhhh.. no? why would I ...?... ._. ?"
me: "uhhh... I think I just saw the world pause and then fast-forward... Did you see or feel anything weird?"
him: o.O.... no.... *stare*
me: "really? you didn't see that? the jukebox... you just drank twice like really fast?"
him: "no...?.."
me: o_o... "oh ok kewl nevermind..."

The one thing I did notice every time these timeskips happen it kinda seems like linear fate seems to change. I can only notice it because the people around me are affected, or myself.
>>15603157 continued:

If I begin to scrutinize the world I suppose it's possible that these time skips affect the world but it's rather difficult to tell since I don't pay attention. That last time skip kinda ended up rewriting what was known if that makes sense... Again, I noticed it with people around me and myself. Also strange seemingly pointless things like a poster on a wall that wasn't there before but everyone says it was etc, silly things like that. Or things twisting the wrong way or packaging or etc things like that >>>inb4berenstein
life is glitched every day all day all night your dreams your reality and your reading thinking doing see hearing and being
i had something like that once
>be me
>lil boy
>in appartment somewhere in canada
>be l8 at night
>suddenly hear rumbling sound
>rapidly floods
> water rises above my head
>cant swim
> hold at my throat (memory is blurry, cant remember why, probably impluse
>remember the horrid feeling of it being impossible to do what i please, as in i started floating slowley upwords
>drown and die
thats all i can recall ATm
> be me
> just now watching Game of Thrones
> definitely never seen this episode
> haven't seen any GoT commercials for a couple years at least
> menial conversation comes up in the show, something that wouldn't be on a commercial anyway
> somehow remember the conversation these two guys are having
> know what they're going to say before they actually say it
> pretty weird
Holy shit your entire post is cancer
I was thinking more aquarius

Used to walk to and from work occasionally in the summer to save gas money. I only lived about a 30 minute walk from it.

One day, I clocked out at my usual time (3:30)

Walked home. Kind of spaced out along the way. One of those times where you don't really remember walking/driving even though you know you did it, y'know?

Got home, noticed the clock only said 3:32. Checked cell phone as well. I walked about a mile or so in apparently 2 minutes.
Your dad fucked up the throw and you probably cracked your shit on the side of the pool and passed out. They brought you home and were feeding you.
>be me
>watching tv in living room with dad
>go to kitchen to grab some food
>pass in front of dad's room
>see dad trimming her balls
>u wot m8
>go to bed
>god is dead
I only have boring ones. Mostly, when I speed up towards the top of a hill, there's a void on the other side for a split second, like it has to render the newly visible areas.
Your dad snuck up behind you with a brick to bash you're fucking head in, chickened out, dropped the brick, and ran.
I also get these really weird spasms from time to time while falling asleep.

It basically feels like my entire body, and all of my senses, are smacked in the face with static for just a millisecond.

All of my muscles twitch just a tiny bit. All of my limbs feel like they're asleep. My vision actually flashes bright white. And I actually hear what sounds like a quick, loud electrical sound. Usually a quick "BZZT" or "TEW" kind of sound.

All of those sensations at the same time for a fraction of a second. After that, no matter how tired I was, I'm usually wide awake. No idea what it is.
This happened to me about a year ago.

>woke up for class at around 8:30am
>I overslept and had to be on campus at 8:45 for a 9am class
>call my professor to tell him I'm going to be about 15-20 minutes late
>It goes to voicemail so I leave him a message
>quickly get ready and leave
>the drive is usually about 30 minutes and the first 10 minutes is just getting out of the woods to the parkway
>the road is one way with no other turns aside from my neighbors driveways
>it was raining heavily this day so I was taking my time trying to avoid any fallen branches
>I drove for about 20 minutes and realized that I should probably speed up if I wanted to make it to class on time
>10 more minutes pass and I'm still not out onto the parkway yet
>visibility is very low but nothing really seemed out of the ordinary until I passed the driveway to my house
>this is impossible due to the fact that the road doesn't connect with anything
>I'm late for class and I'm freaking out due to the situation
>decide to keep going, think I'm seeing things until it happens again
>however, this time my driveway and house isn't even there
>I'm really freaking out and I call my parents
>no service
>call again about 20 times until I finally get through
>start to drive again
>its about 9:45
>there's a point on the road where you can see the parkway when they both run parallel
>for the first time that day I see it and go straight off the road to it
>its pretty rough and my bumpers got damaged due to some things on the ground but I made it out fine
>finally on the parkway heading to class
>check my phone and its 10:15am
>get to my uni and head straight to my professors office to apologize for the absence (class is only a 50 minutes)
>every clock in the office reads 4:30pm and he says he got my message right before the class started
>blamed it on the weather and he let the absence go

still don't know what the fuck happened and nothing like this has ever happened to me since
shut the fuck up, i had the same shit happen to me, it happened twice last month i think. i felt that quick sound and my first thought was that i had shut down or some shit like that.
>5 or 6 on birthday
>at restaurant
>goes home and sleeps
>wakes up next morning
>next birthday already
>no memory of last year
>disregard the whole thing since I am 5-7
probably my first clear memory
>3 years old
>going down the stairs with my mom
>see a flying white figure hovering on top of the couch
>somewhat feel calm so i don't get scared and feel no need to talk.

what/who ever it was it was not physical,no idea how i got to see it.

>alien/demon/angel/extrademinsional being/spirt gives you free beer
>throw the gift back in their face

that's a lot of lost time, you should have checked how much gas was left in your car compared to how much you started with, and how many extra miles you had.
Yeah man. I only get them a few times a year. I just had one earlier this week while falling asleep next to my girlfriend.
I get sleep paralysis a lot and even though I know there is a scientific explanation it's still weird as fuck
Sometimes I get intense deja vu, like I know for sure things have happened before.
My most vivid childhood memory.

>Looking into mirror in mom's bathroom because I was putting away some cleaning supplies.
>Feel like something is super wrong.
>Feel breath on my neck, see nothing in mirror.
>Suddenly able to move, notice I'm in my bathroom.
>Things I had to put away were gone.
>Go to mother's bathroom
>Things were in place
>Lipstick heart drawn on mirror

The breathing happens once a month or so, but that's it. My only supernaturally thing that's happened
guessing english isn't your first language
"her" is used when talking about females, "his" is used when talking about males
Sometimes It seems like everything around me goes dim for a split second, but I'm not blinking. Like it seems like the lights go out, and it's a lot dimmer, but not pitch black like my eye lids are closed.

It happens pretty frequently, and I always look around to see if anyone else noticed it but no one ever does. i just assume I'm going blind or something.
This happens to me, too. I thought it happened to everyone.
she was trimming his balls
>not getting an old /x/ copypasta about life glitches
I swear, I remember being in kindergarten and thinking of being home, and then finding myself at home with no memory of the events that transpired between that thought and that moment.
Now I don't know the exact anatomical science of what is happening here, but I think it is just your pupils readjusting. I have incredibly good vision, and I notice fuck ups all of the time when my brain is processing the information. I can actually observe my brain filling in my blind spots and can track and notice light trails the entire way through my visual field.

It's not a special power, some people just have better vision and the ability to process and notice these things better. And for people who have bad vision and experience things like this, it's just as self explanatory.

It may be a bright sunny day with light coming in the window and your pupils are well adjusted, and then you look across the room to the otherside, but as your head was turning, your eye chooses to focus on the slightly darker hallway(where there is no natural light) and quickly(and incorrectly) readjusts to that before your head turns completely and your vision has stopped and focused on what you originally intended. Your vision has dimmed the picture with the intention of allowing you to see better, and the has to "re-calibrate" and brighten your vision back up.

You know your original intention was to focus on the thing behind you, but the part of your vision that is processing this shit doesn't, and is just automatically reacting to the input it is given, and giving what it believes to be the correct output.

Our brains are incredible things, but they don't process everything 100% all of the time, if ever.
>be me
>be me in 6th grade
>go to school and stuff
>doing work and shit
>talking to a few friends in the hallway
>they are all congratulating be for winning some fight i had the night before
>dont remember any fight the night before, just being home doing shit
>im like "wtf is this shit"
>go along with it
>go back to doing school and stuff

I'm not sure if this counts as a life glitch or not, but meh. I've got another thing that I usually experience, I'll reply to this post with it later.
>be me
>be in grade 10
>bedroom upstairs with everyone else
>go to sleep at regular time
>wake up in basement with all lights on
>nope the fuck out
>go back upstairs and go back to sleep

Ive never slept walked in my life and there were 4 closed doors I would have had to go through to get to the basement. Told my mom but just got told it was a dream when it clearly was not.
>earlier today
>walking home from the bus stop
>look at car lot across the street, every single car has it's hazards on
>nobody in car lot, just lights blinking

it was trippy. there had to be twenty cars there, couldn't think of a logical reason to explain it
I've told this before a couple of times before on /x/ and as banal as it may be, I guess I'll tell it again
>be 16
>be cleaning out cabinets and packing up kitchen for a move
>cleaning out cabinet over fridge, rarely used
>pull out porcelain cookie jar, dust settled heavily upon on it
>hear and feel something light shifting around inside
>open and discover four homemade peanut butter cookies inside
>still soft and not smelling/tasting/digesting of rot in the least bit
>they must've been up there for at least 2 years (got a new cookie jar on a specific b-day)
you know the only paranormal thing is that you decided it was a good idea to eat 2 year old cookies, right?
>finding cookies
>life glitch
are you ethiopian?
File: 1417064558958.gif (854 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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When I was in first grade, I once stayed outside after recess by like 30 minutes.
Was inside a slide, don't remember going in there, just coming out and everyone had gone back inside.
Teacher was angry at me, I don't even know how I could miss the sudden lack of kids screaming and playing.

I just rember being in that red slide and thinking, "oh shit"

I lived in the middle of nowhere at the time and a couple of years prior, I believe I was abducted by aliens.
A lot of weird shit went on there.
I distinctly remember a dream I had as a child wherein I saw guadalupe in the sky atop a spiral staircase of clouds accompanied by puti in glass fish bowls that tried to whisper things to me that I couldn't hear. I have no intention of hijacking your post, but reading it made me think of that.
When I was a younger child, I'm talking like seven or eight years old, I used to be very religious. That wore off after time, I'm not very religious anymore, but that's aside the point. We used to live in this trailer park in Colorado. My parents used to fight fairly often, back when mom was still alive. During one of these fights, apparently I began speaking in tongues to them, which they have both described as a, "very surreal experience" to them.

Not very related to this thread. Just something interesting and vaguely related to this post.
haha. no just a regular poor fag. Should have prefaced that at the time we where living on food stamps and I had a job at the movie theater so the only nourishment I got aside from government cheese was popcorn (actually brought home popcorn regularly as a source of cheap, filling food). We never had sugar to make treats so naturally I never told my younger siblings and hoarded them for my older brother and I. Never realized the surrealism of finding fresh tasting cookies in a house where food was so coveted until later on in life. Maybe this is just funny to me. oops.
Me and some friends all experienced a moment where we were walking alongside a river, but making no progress. Looking at the view, we seemed to be moving, but checking our position, we'd be as far away from landmarks as when setting out. This weird kind of treading in place lasted for a while, then we resumed normal walking.
It was Socrates
It was also a daemon which is completely different from a Judeo-Christian demon.
Scotopic sensitivity syndrome. I suffer and have these exact symptoms from time to time, get it checked out...
I have some.

>be 7 or 8
>its like 10 pm, time to sleep
>get in bed
>I blink, not close my eyes to sleep just blinking
>suddenly its 9 am and the room is filled with daylight
>have to get up and go to school
>wtf I didnt even sleep

Another one.

>be 8
>wake up in the middle of the night, can't get back to sleep
>decide to turn light on so I can spend my time drawing or something
>can't find the switch that uses to be in the wall beside my bed
>touch entire wall and theres no switch anywhere
>this is scary, room is in complete darkness
>I decide to get up to reach the switch that should be by the door, but as I sit by the side of my bed I can't feel any floor under my feet
>my feet hanging in the air, I strecht out to try to reach the floor but there's nothing
>it's like my bed is floating in an abyss
>wtf to the max
>I cuddle up in a corner of my bed and try to ignore everything
>fall asleep and next day everything is normal

I'm p sure I was not dreaming but can't explain it either.
Socrates didn't write anything

No faggot
>be Saturday night at about 3AM
>go on late night walk as usual
>see fucking no one
>not even a cop
>walked around the whole town
>only saw one truck the whole time in the span of an hour

the last time I saw the truck I was almost to my house and they drove by really slowly. It was just weird to me because it was 3 AM on a Saturday night. I usually see quite a few people out.
File: 1418448706874.png (131 KB, 300x302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131 KB, 300x302
>Asleep and dreaming
>In my dream, I "wake up" in my bed and sit up
>A single thread, as thick as a rope, connects my garbage can in one corner to the diagonal opposite corner of my room, completely bisecting the room and preventing me from standing up without going under/over it
>Annoyed, I reach into my drawer, take out a knife and slash the thread
>A head-sized spider immediately crawls out of the garbage can
>I jump out of bed, still entirely naked, and chase the spider around the room, slashing and stabbing at it but missing
>Finally, the spider stops moving while situated between the two side-by-side windows of my bedroom
>I wind back and ram the knife right into it
>Instead of being full of guts, it deflates like a balloon, and I leave it hanging on the wall by the knife as I "go back to sleep"
>When I actually wake up, there's a horizontal crack between my two windows that I'd never noticed before
>be about 11, older bro about 16
> In living room watching toonami reruns
> we dont talk but used to watch TV together
> Mom's out shopping, sunny day
> Old coffee table between us, empty except for a metal pen.
> Pen suddenly shoots off the coffee table,
> Like someone with a long string yanked it across the room
> Neither of us move, i try not to spaz out cuz cool bro, lock eyes for a second, say nothing.
> Mom gets home soon after, we help unload groceries, I leave pen on ground until after everything is put away.
> Put it back on table at same angle, nothing happens. Never spoke of it again.
Maximum kek
Le ebin kek maymay xD
>In the street, walking
>I see someone walking
>suddenly he stops, like a video being paused
>not a single move
>Should I poke him? Nooooo
>I continue walking, a few meters later I turn the head to see him
>Still paused, like if he was buffering
>I decide to go to poke him
>He wakes up and continue walking like nothing happened
>be 6-7
>walking past a toy shop
>bug duck painted on the window
>its mouth opens
>hear loud quack
>but its just a painting
>be like wtf
big* duck, not bug duck
File: images.png (3 KB, 92x92) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 92x92
Is this the tat anon?
bug dick
public prank
>be 10
>tell mom i can turn the sun purple by looking at it for a long enough time
>she tells me im retarded and shouldnt stare at the sun

This happened to me, as well. When I was young. Used to think I had just dreamed the other version I remembered. I'm 30 now, so, young means "in the early 90's."
Same happened to me this year, a month or so ago. It just kinda felt like I was high for like 10 or 20 seconds then things went back to normal.
fucking kek
>time skips
>vague memory
>implying you didn't just forget what was in between
Made me remember some shit
>be me
>3 or 4
>believed in God
>believed he controlled everything
>would see specks of light or dust or something floating around and would wonder if that was God
wtf was I seeing
I know exactly what you're talking about. It's just like lensflare on your cornea or something
>making a right turn into oncoming traffic
either you don't live in America or you're a fucking retard
Because lighters are rare and there's no way someone could have dropped one similar to yours.
They are. Your point?
>be me
>be on 4chan
>check out an /x/ thread hoping for some good spooks
>almost every thread is about childhood occurrences
>people ate actually stupid enough to take flawed childhood memories as fact
This is why I don't come here often. God damn the majority of /x/ is fucking retarded.
>implying anywhere is is different
File: image.jpg (35 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 500x333
>be me
>be 6
>have neighbor friend that's supposed to come over for dinner
>decide to pull prank
>put giant fake praying mantis on door
>this is gonna be so hilarious
>mfw he runs home crying like a bitch
>had some good mac'n'cheese
You were seeing specks of dust -_-
File: Sticker-Lodo_01.png (211 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
211 KB, 700x700
>Look into Quantum Immortality
>"I name-drop arcane topics to seem smart, even if I don't understand them and even if they don't pertain to the subject at hand"
>tfw I was outside and saw bright specks floating around
that was just the best word I had to describe it faget
It happens when your brain works are ultra-high speed, nothing paranormal to it.
>saw it in a movie once
>be couple days ago, dead tired
>open fridge door, let it swing open
>it stops, i grab what i need
>as i move out of the way the door swings shut, like someone had held it open and closed it for me
>way too fucking tired for this shit
>say "thanks ghosts" and continue about my day
Discovery Science documentary, try again. It was something like "The human body: ultimate machine".
I have not
Ok does this ever happen to anyone, cause its happened to me plenty of times over the course of my life. Sometimes I'll notice that songs are a lot faster when I listen to them, then other times that same song will sound like its a lot slower, than other times medium. What is the reason for this?
File: 64387240009.jpg (36 KB, 480x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
this is that i see
Google "Man from Taured."
Depends what you're doing really, if I'm cycling or something songs seem to go by a lot faster, it's not really a glitch, it's just a way that we percieve time depending on if we're stimulated or not.
>be le me
>throw le rock
>le undertaker appears
>le undertaker le kills the le rock
>le hulk hogan appears
>he le snaps into le slim jim
>All of those fucking text faces
Fuck. Off. Holy shit, you're fucking awful.
This isn't fucking Crunchyroll or YouTube you dumb cunt. Learn to fucking post correctly or fuck off.
> ><

Go fucking DIE.
You bastards!
I have a lot of deja vu in real life following dreams I've had up to as long ago as months ago.
Anybody ever get the feeling that sometimes you're already dead but you're just watching things unfold as they go along?
My mom told me this story

>I'm 2
>Can only say a few words
>I look my mom in the eyes
>"Mom why do we come back as different people when we die? It makes me so angry. "

That's interesting, but why in the fuck would you be angry about that?
I don't know. My mom said it scared her a lot and that's not the only time I said things like that
Saw a story bout a kid that could remember a past life. Even went to the house he had lived in. He was young; but angry about the loved ones he had lost. Maybe the same
Your mom is fucking with you
Holy shit I still get these pretty much every other night. I seriously can't fucking sleep because of it until I pass out.
This is the first time I've ever seen anything real on /x/
It's called a hypnic fucking jerk you Goddamn wannabe special snowflake retard spastic dipshit motherfucking assholes.

Holy shit, enough with the fucking pretending to have something wrong with you or pretending that you're the center of some almighty powers at work.

Jesus, this place is like fucking Tumblr now.

You assholes just either make up the most stupid fucking shit on here or you take an ordinary problem that every-fucking-body experiences and you try to turn it into an issue of "well it's special because it's MY hypnic jerk." You're all a bunch of Goddamn no-good motherfucking piss-ant shit-eating cock-smoking dumbasses.

Fucking go back to Tumblr.
ive noticed that weird stuff happens drastically more when youre drunk or high, literally weird events crawl out of the woodwork to present themselves when youre stoned/drunk/having a good time
I mean, it's not like she could've been dreaming or anything
>weird events happen when you're drunk or high
you're a fucking retard, either it seems weird because you're high or you're just making shit up in your head because you're high.
I can't, I just simply can not understand, how the fuck someone can be as retarded as you just proved yourself to be
She's kept a dream journal since she was young, it wasn't a dream.
Well shit man, thanks.
I never bothered to search around for it but I'm glad I know what its called now.
Sorry I pissed you off
Goddamn pissing shit from my a**hole.
Holy fuck, take away the centre circle and the redness and you have it. Do you know something about it or something?
...You are without a doubt a fucking retard who watches too much Naruto.
The funny thing is I've never even watched Naruto...
You are without a doubt a fucking retard who watches too much retardation.
I only really watch films and even that is rare, bar my obsession with horrorcore rap I'm just a relatively average married man, sorry to burst your bubble...
>bar my obsession with horrorcore rap
Hipster as fuck.
>Flying to The Netherlands
>Practicing Dutch w/ myself until I doze off
>Wake up to see considerably less people on the plane than were on it before I went to sleep
>Look outside to see Dutch countryside
>See houses perfectly spaced apart, all facing North, and all the exact same color
>Forget how to speak English while I'm there
>Considerably less people on the streets than what I had expected
>Go back two weeks later, everything goes back to normal
Ik schijt je niet
what were the numbers?
>saw it on tv once
I agree with this guy, just a tad less aggressively. Exploding Head Syndrome and Sleep Paralysis and Glossolalia aren't special. It's understandable to believe your own horseshit a couple centuries ago when there wasn't anything to debunk/verify your claims, but it seems everyone these days just stays purposely oblivious, because it makes life more interesting.
Here's the paranormal part.
Y, H, B, T.
Fuck you, if you're going to motherfucking agree with me you do it just as aggressively and if not, more than, fucking bitch.
Did the needles ever bring luck?
Fucking contrarian gimp. Fuck Naruto, read the story properly, and you'll realise he mentioned a tattoo that someone noticed was similar to that Naruto logo thing (dont watch it either, but being Japanese it's probably based in Eastern mysticism, like, every single other fucking anime ever). The double-life hobo story is super interesting, and if you think that someone equating a tattoo mentioned in that story to an anime means that LOLDEBUNKEDFUCKINTARD

You're not gonna enjoy a day in your life, you'll just be that cocky striding fuckface that nobody bothers to speak to. Self satisfaction =/= happiness, I hope you figure that one out before you're on your way out.
You must have a lot of repressed anger. Maybe vent on someone in your life that deserves it instead of making everyone hear more disappointed in humanity. We're already low enough to be here on christmas. Merry Saturnalia, all.
Lel. Shut up, faggot.
Maybe they were running away from him and wanted to bide some time to get away with a ruse.
You win! Feel warm and gooey inside now? Or just over your knuckles?
Oh, how edgy, a masturbation joke. You're so fucking cool and adult, anon.
Meh, I tend to have planned outfits for plane rides that I'll wear to and from. I just pick something comfortable to travel in.
Fucking shit I never thought about that
>be me
>sit on the couch for five minutes
>suddenly one hour later and I am sitting on a chair
The fuck was that?
>>ate actually stupid enough
Gee, sounds delicious
No, dude, it's your turn. I walked him last.
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