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Dream Stories!
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Your personal Lucid, OBE, REM or SP stories!
Scary, Cool or just plain weird post in this thread.

I will start!

> be couple months ago
> walking down the road
> an old lady across the road is shouting abuse at me
> take out my earphone to hear what she is saying
> "You're the devil! you will burn"
> the fuck?
> continue walking
> she gets louder and starts to throw things at me
> for some odd reason I get very angry
> I notice a car on the same side of the road as me, parked.
> shes walking in line with it
> with a completely straight face i stop and focus on the car
> it plummets across the street and slams into her
> the force sends her through the side of a building
> smoke emits from the hole in the wall
> I put my earphone back in and continue my stroll
> Fuck yeah.

Best Lucid dream so far.
>Be walking down street
>Talking to dude from school that I can't stand
>Start to wonder why I am talking to him
>Look at house on left and see burying a exercise machine
>Realize I am dreaming
>Decide to try out flying
>Wake up right when my feet lift off the ground

That was 4 years ago, never had another one since

> Appear in a field on the outside of a city
> I bring my hands up in front of me
To tell if I'm having a lucid dream
> my fingers are stuck together, they look like mittens
> slowly my hands begin to take shape
> I'mDreaming.png
> first lucid dream!
> instantly want to fly
> start running
> picking up speed
> start to do small jumps while running
> each jump gets bigger
> I start to lose contact with the floor
> I'm flying!?
> fly into the city
> touch the tops of skyscrapers
> corkscrewing in the air
> This is amazing
> get too excited
> start to lose lucidity
> start to descend
> hit the ground with force
> wake up
> sleep paralysis..
> fuck my life
OP here, I have only had four lucid experiences in my life.

I can remember them though but I always get to excited and wake up, they were always random too.
>Dreamt Satan or some demon was at my bedroom door and I was holding my finger against the lock, trying to keep him out. Voice modulated from man to woman to animal and other things. Kept trying to turn off the lights in the room to get him to go away, but each time a new lamp would appear on some other piece of furniture.

>Dreamt Satan was inside of an balloon shaped like a game controller and I was yelling about Christ's eternal love to it, causing it to deflate with each denunciation.

>Dreamt Satan was inside a giant spill of Listerine on my carpet, was pouring peroxide on it, trying to kill him. Heard a laughing in my head. I turned around to see the entire crew of Star Trek: Enterprise (and Don Cheadle) standing at my door in nightclothes as if woken by the din, I tell them I'm not crazy, they tell me I'm very crazy, I get sent to a renaissance themed mental hospital where I'm forced to dress like a peasant.

>Dreamt that a demon named Irva Greenwood lived in the wall behind my bed, made spiders and other insects materialize from a big conglomeration of alembics hanging from the ceiling that popped, bubbled, and fizzled. She threw a book at me called "Jay's Lake" by some Polish author, translated by Henry David Thoreau. Screamed "Jesus Christ, your lord and savior" again and again to get her to go away.

I wasn't raised by religious parents and I've never read more than a few lines of any major religious text. I guess demons are just an archetype or something, I dunno. Dreams can be entertaining but I've never been able to take methods of interpretation seriously. The rubber ducky is your inner child. Touch me.
So every dream has a demon in it? or was that just a list of all the times it has happened?
a list boddy
Satan is a literally the worst roommate.

He doesn't pay much rent, invites his frat hookups over to throw books at you, eats all the food, I can see why you'd want to kill him.
I can't fly in dreams, I can only moon jump and laugh at old couples as they wave their canes at me.
I have some pretty messed up dreams i normally don't remember, but this one i feel the need to share. i'm in a normal nonsensical spooky house i've never seen before with a layout that doesn't make any sense. but the scary part was when i walked out of a hallway into a living room area and there was a 10 foot tall brown and black colored "thing" hunched over someone that was sleeping on a couch. looking closer it looked like a blanket, but with blackness exuding like light from under it. it was draped over a humanoid figure and got wider towards the bottom like a dress. think of old school halloween ghost costumes. it's motionless. i walk back and forth to its side just wandering what the fuck it is. as i give up and look down the hallway to get away from it, i look back at it and it's base is in the same spot but is now turned and hunching towards me. i back up towards the wall and cant back up any further. it's like slow mo inching closer, and as the top tip of this thing gets close, i start to make out what looks like a skull without the lower jaw being held back by the blanket and through the blackness, like when you are under water and things can be a lot closer than you think because you can't see so far. but the blackness is propelling it outward. i do the typical trying to scream and nothing comes out. then i wake up and i'm staring at a my blanket and i see a skull pattern in it, still doing the trying to scream and nothing comes out. slowly i realize i'm awake, and think i was sleeping with my eyes open. i tend to do that once in a while and it freaks out every gf iv'e ever had. apparently i've had conversations cause they think i'm awake and after i explain it, they know to look for it and they freak out cause i blink then my eyes do a weird vibrating thing and my pupils "explode". this time i didn't "snap back" and it really felt like i pulled the dream into reality. like a reverse lucid dream. getting the tinglies thinking about it
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recent dream that is kinda messed up which i actually remember (might not be really interesting though)
>be me
>supposed to go to pilgrimage with dad to iraq
>wake by next a road
>typical open area in the middle east
>notice i am wearing shorts with my timbarland boots for some reason (i never wear shorts so kind of why i found it even more fucked up)
>see a bunch soldiers crouching, theyre tied on the road
>lots of people looking, my dad is next to me
>truck runs the soldiers over
>nobody gives a shit
>everyone just ahs a"meh" type of look on thier faces
>turns out we were in israel/palestine or some shit (no fucking clue why the fuck we were there)

dont remeber much after that but i remember one last part of the dream
>be out in the desert, landscape is pretty similar to grand canyon area but only way high up
>im wearing full black clothes
>i see a house by a hill
>if i remeber correctly i was running away from something
>break in through a window parkour style
>im in a room next to the living room
>theres a window type of door
>through the door i can see my friends dad chilling by his pool
>beginning to freak the fuck out and break through another window
>keep running uphill

and thats about everything i remember
>tfw everytime i lucid dream i just rape girls
can't help myself man
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Feels vol.III.jpg
47 KB, 680x684
its okay, bro. your secret is safe with us
OP here, another lucid dream my most recent one

> Be in a huge city
> I have a sword on my back
> its emitting a blue light from it the same goes for my hands
> I feel powerful
> like an anti hero I dont want to be good or bad
> notice a group of street thugs talking to each other shouting shit and people that walk by
> without thinking I slam into the group
> killing one of them on impact
> they are all stunned, one pulls a gun out on me
> hes arm gets cut off without me even moving, i'm that fast..
> after they have been dealt with I start going on a rampage killing anyone that I have seen on the news for committing rape, murder, robbery etc
> If the cops try and stop me they get taken out too
> a little while into the dream I notice that I feel like im waking up
> I start to lose lucidity
> out of no where a women appears, she has the same sword as me but is emitting pink instead of blue
> Sheisgonnadie.jpeg
> she stops my punch with a finger
> realize how fucked I am
> she sends me flying through a building

I cant really remember anything after that but it reminds me of a comic book plot, was a very good dream.
>he lies
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I had one of THOSE dreams guys. let me tell you first that I'm a guy

>have this dream last night
>I was a woman, had breasts
>this guy just sits in front of me on a table telling me to go anal on him
>I try to fit in, I'm too big for his ass
> eventually I manage to penetrate him
>I make him cum
>I wake up with a hard-on that lasted 5 minutes
I had a fantastic one last night actually

full on sex with natilie dormer, shit was fucking amazing my heart is still funny from the experience, it felt so real
This dream just felt like a normal dream at the time, given given the context and looking back, I think it was some form of projection/AP

Normally, my dreams are very 'action'-oriented. Conflicts are established, and the dream is about resolving them. I never have mellow dreams, usually.

>Randomly in a field, peaceful
>All alone
>Approached by man, early twenties
>"Want to see something cool?"
>He didn't seem to exude any negative intent, so I tell him sure
>He starts floating above the ground (odd things like this don't happen in my dreams, they always parallel with what is possible in reality)
>I ask him how he does that
>He explains to me that the Earth has a magnetic field, and so do our bodies. You can change the field of your body to 'repel' off the Earth's energies, and thus levitate
>He explains the rest of the mechanics, but I can't be bothered typing all that shit out
>I attempt to do it, fail
>Try again, works
>Nifty shit
>We're both in the air
>"Hey let me show you another thing, follow me?"
>I follow him
>We're flying over some sort of ocean, and just chatting
>Approaching chain of islands
>We land on a small island (About the size of a small bedroom) This small island has been engineered alter the Earth's waves so it's energies are slightly weaker, making landing/take-off easier
>He shows me a sea-side town, pretty shit
>We then go back
>Back in the field
>"By the way, my name is XXX (Can't remember) from YYY (Real country, but again, can't remember), it was nice to meet you."
>I say good bye, walk out of the field
>Wake up

One more because why not:

>In strange sort of forest
>Has a single road, but because of how it's designed, it still registered as a forest
>Keep walking, see a weird Shrine
>Enter shrine
>the walls whisper
>No one inside at all
>Decide it's cool, but I've seen enough and leave
>Walk out and down the road
>See person, talk to them about the shrine and it's walls
>He says "Oh, they do that on purpose; they do that to attract the right people and scare away the wrong people."
>Keep walking see a car parked along the road
>My fiance is speaking to a man, presumably the owner of the car
>Oh, I'm dreaming
>"Fiance-anon! I'm lucid-dreaming!!"
>He looks at me
>"Uhh. Good for you?"
>Tell the car owner I'm lucid dreaming, since I'm pretty ecstatic and just why not
>Man says "Oh? Just a second."
>he goes into his car
>Comes back
>"If you're lucid dreaming, take some of these pills"
>Pulls out box
>I originally think why not but say no because the box looked sketchy
>he rolls his eyes and gets into his car and drives off
>spend the rest of the dream checking out the forest
>Wake up
>First thing Fiance tells me in the morning is "Sorry for being an asshole about the whole lucid dreaming thing, I lucid dream regularly so it isn't too big a deal for me personally, and I forget it's a rarity for others."

I just figured we were speaking in our sleep together so that's where it came from, but who knows, I guess.
Well you're obviously gay/bi/trans or something. Watch some gay and trap pron and see if you like it.

I have no reason to lie about my dreams.
I /did/ say that it could have very well been sleep-talking on both our ends.

Also, when you've been with someone for several years, you do sync like that.
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>Walking on the street
>I see a dog walking in two legs
>I'm lucid dreaming
>I see a woman
>I'm about to rape her
>Wake up
As someone who is trans and affluent in psychology, I can say with confidence that isn't how it works at all.
You think that's bad? I knew I was lucid went to have sex with this girl and she refused and walked off! rejected in my own dream.
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Here is a dream I had a couple years ago that made me feel really bad.

> be me 17 at the time
> go into a mall, anxiety, lots of people feeling very uncomfortable
> sitting on a bench just I guess waiting for someone
> a girl comes running out of a shop
> shes around the same age, shorter than me and very cute
> shes crying
> she runs up to me and buries her face in my chest, hugging me.
> I have no idea who she is but I feel bad and hug her
> shes looking up at me smiling a little
> god she is adorable
> I-I cant control my body?
> the fuck is happening
> my hands slowly make my way up so they are either side of her head
> I'm making eye contact with her
> *snap*
> I fucking snapped her neck..
> a once confused teary expression just fades into straight and emotionless
> I start to cry as she hits the floor
> wake up with actual tears in my eyes
I would never hurt anyone, by far the saddest dream I have ever had.
Iv been trying to OBE for several weeks now and have gotten no where

Can only certain people achieve it?

If I ever do it, will be all dark and foggy like that scene in Insidious?
>be a 13 year old me scarred after witnessing violent death
>constantly have dreams that occur whether they be important or violent so whenever waking up completely being terrified
>go to sleep late at night and dream of the area where said murder took place
>sees father who has had issues due to the murder confront a group of people there have been issues with
>watch father die the same terrible way that i witnessed
>have the dream continue of the after effects it has with my family and personally on me
>at the end of dream, find myself holding a rope
>slowly tie rope to ceiling fan
>get up onto stool
>as i hear something kick i'm woken up into my senses and completely utterly terrified
>constantly after that night has had dreams of my father dying in different terrible ways
anyone experienced this
>an event will occur on the news
>your dream self then reads an article on what happened
>read the whole article in the dream
>all of it is written in your head
You da devil.
you are not alone :|
>about 2 months ago
>laying in my bed in my dorm room
>suddenly two of my friends, sitting on the opposite side of the room
>also, three spiders on my wall
>brown recluse, tarantula, and crab spider
>brown recluse fucking EATS the other two
>jumps down onto my bed
>jumps up onto my face
>comes out as only a whisper

Anyway, so that was my first and last lucid dream so far.
>sleep in the middle of the day
>woke up
>sleep paralysis
>someone came into my room
>he began to strangle me
>snap out from sleep paralysis
>could hear my family talking outside my room
>went out to them because im spooped as fuck
>as soon as i opened the door
>the whole room went dark
>scared as fuck
>just collapsed on the floor
>woke up in my bed

Also I think I have OBEd several times, I always feel dizzy and just wander in my house.
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Oh I've got one I've been wanting to post for a while now. I have a lot of really vivid nightmares, fairly often, but I've never really had spiritual dreams, or any dreams quite as vivid before or since this one. I had this one after a night of heavy drinking and crashing on my friends couch
>be me, my life the way it is now, present day
>begin hearing a voice inside my head that claims it's the voice of God but it's creepy as fuck
>voice tells me that he's gonna flood the world again and that it's my job to build an ark for all the righteous people I can find
>dunno if I really wanna do this but I have no way of blocking the voice out and so I cave and do what it says
>somehow convince my girlfriend, immediate family, and about twenty other people to help me take control of a ship
>drive to California (live in Arizona) where they've got those old decommissioned aircraft carriers (I figure that'll work perfectly because it just has to float and survive being thrashed by waves and doesn't actually have to run)
(I typed out part two already, gimme a second)
>break into the carrier (nobody is there because there's a godawful storm/hurricane tearing through the coast)
>realize we're gonna drown with the boat if we can't disanchor it. The self-proclaimed voice of God is yelling at me that it's almost time. Ear-splittingly loud, but no one around me can hear him
>tie myself to handrail and shimmy down to anchor, begin smashing with hammer
>smash anchor and get pulled up just in time to avoid being drowned
>boat gets carried away by tidal wave just in time to watch city get flooded
>everyone is holding onto veg deck wherever they can while the boat gets thrashed around. This goes on for what feels like ever before the water finally settles.
>I'm the first to look up and realize the water has raised above cloud level. without the storm I can see a beautiful sunset and the edge of the sky
>all of a sudden everyone is screaming
>turn around and see what everyone else is screaming at.
>the god tied to the voice has revealed himself to us. He's a fleshy mass of entrails/tentacles with two lobster claws and what appears to be a bird or chicken head protruding, easily twice as big as the boat we're standing on and begins shrieking. Everyone can hear it this time.
>what's more unsettling, the thing moves around so unnaturally. Like a fucking stop motion monstrosity from a David lynch movie or some shit.
I felt dread like I've never felt and my friend had to wake me up because he was hungover as fuck and I'd woken him up with my screaming. I've done my best to forget about the dream but I think about it now and then and I can't shake the mental image of that fucking creature from my head.

(Also sorry for how clunky my greentexting is. I don't post whole stories very often)
You have been touched by God!
My dreams are boring as fuck.

> be sitting in back seat of car in McDonald's parking lot
> eating a double quarter pounder with cheese
> someone from the front seat calls my name in response to a question
> it isn't my name I'm confused
> wake up
>I dream of the future regularly
>Doesn't always happen literally as seen but the result was the same
>Don't know if I'm batshit insane or not trying to keep them from happening or to have them happen
File: 23452345256255.gif (942 KB, 177x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
942 KB, 177x150
What a dream
I have had a recurring dream for years.

The setting is always different, but the plot always the same. In my dream, there is a perilous situation and I save a girl. It's always the same girl, but I've never known who she is. I've never quite understood it, but I've always understood that there was some significance to it.

I coincidentally got in contact with a certain girl online, and had an instant psychic connection. As soon as the contact initiated, I started seeing the girl from the dreams every night in my dreams. Somehow, I knew it was her. We eventually traded pictures, and it truly was her.

The timing was terrible, so we tried to stay away, but couldn't; the pull was simply too powerful. So we had a brief, but incredibly intense LDR. The psychic connection was powerful, and I was stronger in every way by mere contact. The intensity messed with both of us, and we both started acting crazy, so she bailed, and she refuses absolutely ever to try again.

Unfortunately, the psychic connection is still there, and the pull is still strong; it's physically painful. I still see her in my dreams.

O well
>be me at school
>this guy I hate annoying me
>we start a fight
>trying to punch him but my punches are so fucking weak
>he laughs saying:"pffff, is that all?"
>wake up angry
I have had the same thing! it felt like I was punching underwater, like a very slow punch.
I've had almost the same.
I had to stab a hellhound to death with a screwdriver and it just wouldn't die. Just looked at me sadly, while i stabbed it repeatedly. Fucker wasn't even hostile. Felt like a piece of shit when I woke up. Poor doggie.
Same can't control myself, some kind of instinct lol
File: 1416923406606.jpg (107 KB, 638x636) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's the demons
No, that pic is.
I have weird dreams and nightmares all the time, though I don't tend to remember them for more than I few days if they had me thinking about them for that long.

The only ones I always remember are the 3 times I've experienced sleep paralysis (because I don't think I've ever been more scared in my life) and a reoccurring dream I had as a kid.
>be running in the forest for some reason
>suddenly fall into a pit full of those poisonous, colorful snakes
>they all bite me and it hurts like shit
>start screaming from pain
>wake up
Never again pls.
>have a dream where i am in my room and it's the morning
>cant move at all
>feel something bad coming from my window even though there is nothing there
>realize immediately i am dreaming
>get really angry
>'you don't fuck off right now i am going to get up and kick your ass you doublenigger'
>immediately after thinking this i start regaining control and wake up
did i make a terrible mistake
Sleep paralysis?
>be me
>dreaming some shit
>during dream, understand that im dreaming
>telling myself :"meh, its just a dream"
>continue dreaming the dream but with 0 fucks given to anything happens cuz i know im dreaming
Wild ride from start to end.
>dreaming random girls
>wake up
>fall in love
Every fucking time.
I just woke up from a circular inception type thing where i was living in multiple universes, some of the dreams were in the same universe but different points in time

>a sex hotel after the apacolypse
>a "camp 4chan" where i had to venture to see the oldfags and everyone was like "its dangerous there" it was tame as fuck, and me and my traveling buddy, were like, wow its exactly as you would imagine, but more girls, i never knew how many girls were oldfags
>a science boat where they were using integrated magic and science to communicate with spirits, then they used a "trident machine" to try and awake creatures of the deep, i warned them and seconds later fish-veloceraptors came and killed everyone but i hid in a giant waterproof safe
>a guy i was helping to make an alcohol-fetus cocktail so he could please some shadow group like iluminati and his wife died so we went to the woods to make moonshine and dinosaurs that were genetically remade came and he thought they were safe, but i ran and got away
>Israel hotel, i was investigating a murder during war time and fucking lots of women
>isreal hotel, i had decapited a woman and was i was hiding the body someone stole the head and even then no one found out about the murder for 3 days and even then no one suspected me, had to shoot in the war, got stuck in the middle of a battle
Can someone please let me know what this could mean?

The night before I went into hospital and I was seriously ill, I had a beautiful dream that I was minding my own business with a friend in my conservatory when out of nowhere a silver owl appears in the middle of the room swooping down to us slowly. I know it felt really bizzare but we were both drawn to it and this owl had light rays from behind it. Then I woke up.

I feel it could have been something letting me know I would be okay? Or to accept that possible death may have been coming?
It does sound angelic, taken the shape of an owl for some reason? do you have a fascination with owls or?
I'm not sure if this qualifies, but I'll post it anyway. I think this is a little too long for greentext. I woke up one morning still really groggy, and fell back asleep. I then woke up, and attempted to walk downstairs, except half way down the steps, I heard a really loud buzzing noise, and saw a weird blue light. It sent me back to my bed in my room. This kept happening, at least 5-6 times in a row. I remember being aware of my body, and being lucid. I felt like I was almost being shocked. This cycle of what I think were false awakenings continued for what felt like forever, and I remember desperately wanting it to end, and wanting to actually wake up and go downstairs. I'm still not entirely sure what happened.
Started to be able to fly after meditating for some time... I know how awesome it is to do it.
By far the scariest dream I ever had... The motifs occurred several times but this was the realest
>Be about 15, maybe early 16
>In some kind of open ceiling warehouse in the desert
>Winding road leads up a hill
>Looking for something in the warehouse, not sure what
>Running out of time
>Can't find it, time is up and I start feeling a sense of dread
>Gets dark fast
>Run up this hill and go into this saloon/bar
>Cut to a new part of the dream, it is pitch black
>Don't see anyone in the bar, but feel the presence of someone
>See a radio
>Go to the radio and remember a dream I had earlier. In this dream there was a symbol that if drawn on a wall will summon some kind of demonic creature
>Get the sense that if I turn the radio on it will play a name that will summon another creature
>Lose control of my hand, can't stop myself from turning it on
>Plays the name (I remember it but I still won't say it or type it)
>Turn around to see a black figure come out of the shadow and I scream so loud it hurts my ears
>Wake up to the see the same figure again, I scream and wake up again in real life
>Still wasn't sure what was real the rest of the day
File: 1404221980859.jpg (24 KB, 284x253) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Okay I've got one.

Well before I joined the Army (yeah Armyfag here) I had this reoccuring dream where I'm on patrol in some destroyed town ( I want to say Russia)

Anyways, I'm marching through this town and see myself get killed by a sniper. At the same time I feel the bullet pierce my skull.

I've told my dream to some friends and they start talking about reincarnation.

What do you think?
I had this but I can be more descriptive
>running around giant mall
>houses in the middle of it
>cute girl from school, following her around
>dad is apparently supposed to meet me at home (one of the houses) but I give no fucks
>eventually get lost
>walk into this giant white room
>at this point I understand it's a dream because I turn around and the door is gone
>just walking around exploring
>these weird ass really big guy is wandering around too
>eh fuck it
>get mad because I can't find my way back
>"Fuck you dream, you're a fucking faggot"
>see a door
>"Sea of Ice"
>has those thick plastic flaps but I can't see through it
>big guy walks into it
>stick foot in cautiously
>immediately freezes and I can move my foot
>God fucking dammit
>will myself into waking up
it was my only real lucid dream
>lucid dreaming
>walking through halls of old school
>I zone out during the dream
>things go to shit really fast
>every few feet there are huge ass wasps nests on the outside of buildings
>like basketball size
>wasps are my biggest fear irl
>I freak out in the dream and try to run
>fall because cliche shit
>wasps swarm and sting me
>wake up screaming still feeling needle pricks all over body
another dream to bump
>around same time as before
>at this giant fair like thing
>me and my best friend (JC) were walking in
>it looks like a giant blimp hanger but longer
>we start going on this huge line, stole this kids backpack, lel
>the line shuts down and we get pissed and start dicking around because they told us to leave
>run further into the building, avoiding this bitchy lady
>the lady has a drive through mechanical thing? We break it by yanking at all the chains and belts
>we run away, hear her yelling, lel
>we're in this giant obstacle course
>somehow aware that she's calling the police
>tons of people in the obstacle course but somehow she knows it was us
>we run through a little bunker (like the ones in fallout NV at the Boomers place)
>tons of old people, apparently it's a veteran convention
>we talk to them, act respectful
>the exit is on the other side of the room
>realize cops are coming
>we dip, running incredibly fast
>for some reason we're in Vegas but it's covered in hills which isn't like Vegas
>he gets hit by car, gets arrested
>I keep running, hide in the sewers
>wake up
I had limited control of what was happening, like mentally but not physically at all
>goin in without any fingering or lube
>obviously never done anal on anyone
shit anon
thats horrible
im sorry
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I'm still not quite sure if it was a dream or what, but I have a very strange memory of my childhood that I can't explain. I was probably about 5 at the time, it was Fall here in Texas so all our windows were open, only screen doors closed, to let the breeze in. I was awake in bed (I've never slept too well without medical aid, even as a child) maybe around midnight, my parents had already gone to bed. There was a light rain falling outside, and occasional flashes of lightning. Through the rain I start to hear this faint whistling coming through the trees. It was melodic and beautiful, but eerie and strangely dissonant. My room is on the second story with two open windows looking out onto the back porch, which was the direction the sound was approaching from. I listened to the noise get closer, and seem to curve around my house from East to North to West. At this point I got out of bed, and ventured into the hall. The sound was now on the South side of the house, beneath my parents' bedroom. I approached the stairs, and the sound suddenly became louder and clearer, as if its source had entered the house. I stood a few steps down the stairs and listened, the sound had definitely come in the door under my parents' room. A soft green glow cast itself on the wall and floor, and I slowly stepped further down the stairs. I don't remember being scared of the noise, more just interested. I felt calm as I descended into the first story and looked out into the kitchen. I caught a glance of something, maybe multiple somethings, that looked like pic related but wearing some kind of black clothing on much of its body. Everything after that is hazy. I felt like I couldn't move, the light went out, the music stopped. I have a brief flash of being outside, a bright green light right in my face, then being back in my kitchen, and then I just woke up in bed the next morning. I don't remember if I was above or below my sheets. I never mentioned it to my parents.
Sir you win one 4chan
5 year old me dreamed this up. To this day I still don't get it.
>be random group of blonde girls
>walking down dark cement warehouse thingy
>one girl stumbles upon something small and red
>get on the floor
>walk the dinosaur
>red thing is actually a crayon
>pick it up
>the crayon fucking says hello
>"holy cow you can talk"
>"that's not all I can do."
>where is this shit going
> the crayon turns gray for some god damn reason
>"sorry for this"
>not sure I like where this is headed
This part is how all my dreams end.
>fall into a pi of tar and drown to death while struggling to get out
I was a motherfucking kindergartener. Why was i this fucking dark?
Like half the time I dream I end up at one point thinking "this is a dream isn't it" but I never gain lucidity. I'll usually 'forget' it's a dream soon after that, or I know it's a dream the whole time but I just keep dreaming anyway with no control.
What do
Hey!!! I'm a guy that never post in 4c but this seems interesting so why not and I wanted to know if other people here had the same experience (btw don't know hoy to green text so posting normal besides I'm on my phone)
Dreams have always being a mystery to me. I would need to make a long post only for half of the experienced I've had. F.e. I can have lucid dreams the most common thing I do it's flying but it's not like I can fly by my own. I have wings like an angel and I love my fucking wings. I always start running and then I throw myself to the ground but start flapping my wings? (Don't know if right word also i'm a latino) and start flyng, one thing I've noticed it's that I can't fly as high as I would like to or as far because i always start descending and even I move my wings desperatly I end in the ground. Other lucid dreams I've had it's when I know it's a dream and I am horny as hell, I quickly grab the first handsome dude I see, take him to a corner, or get in a car or if close my room, and suck the cum out of him. Hehehe I think that's the bright side of being me XD.
On the other hand just like I can have lucid dreams I also have dream paralysis. I think it's become a regular thing 'cause sometimes when I wake up I'm like "meh, again?" I don't give much damn but there are other times when I've waken up straight to turn the lights up and been not able to sleep anymore. The bigest scared I've had was one where, as usual, I "woke up" lying on a side of my bed, everything "normal" but then I something like a shadow stands up next to my bed and just stays there watching me. I can't move, I can't scream, start breathing heavily, I knew it's a paralysis and as always I pray to God that please this could just finish soon. And then I woke up straight to turn the lights on and just stay there staring at the door. I wasn't able to sleep in like 3 days, I just lay on my bed with the lights on and finally tried to sleep when I saw the sun was coming up. Cont.
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At a very young age, I began having dreams of seeing a tall humanoid creature in overalls, with the head of a dog, staring at me from my parents bedroom. Does anyone have any idea what this could mean?
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Was it a Royale with Cheese?
Y'all want weird dreams? I've got weird dreams, and I want to ask questions. Few things to know first:
The same thing happens to me as to this dude >>15611494, I have good recollection of my dreams, and I'm unafraid of death in my dreams.
Ex: I dreamed of being unable to run away from being crushed by a truck (trapped between an oncoming wheel, a bush, and if I tried to run sideways away from the wheel the driver turns the truck at me and it begins to tip), even when I forcefully switched dreams into a city area (connected to below). At the end of the sleep cycle, I unwillingly go back to this situation; as the truck starts falling, I decided to leave, but when I was already conscious of my pillow my back jerked almost as if I, well, just got crushed.

About this time last year I started to have odd dreams. It began right after I realised that all of my dreams - ones I get to explore enough to recognise - happen in one dream "world." It's an odd world, obviously a dream, but it is often a centrepoint for my dreams. Let's just say this area is like the "hallway" between my dreams. Does this happen to others?

Secondly, last year, at approximately this time, I had a waking dream. As in, I dreamt I was asleep in the position I was actually sleeping, and my dad came up to me. However, it was not my dad. When I told it so, I realised it was a backpacking/hitchhiking man. It looked poised to walk through my bookshelf, and we were having a conversation along the lines of if I felt ok- I felt sick- and when I said it was not my dad, it said, in translation, to "kill the new year's newcomer of 2015."

Thirdly, after this event, I had several dreams where I get into arguments in which I am wrong, and all of them have happened over the past month- except I avoided being wrong without noticing, so the argument itself failed to happen.

All of this-lucidity, focusing, seeing alternate situations (?) happened after the man. wtf? Can this be stress-related?
I tend to die a lot in my dreams and often feel pain during them. Here's the most recent:

>Be gf and bf is like a spy or something
>Out and about when suddenly get chased down by group if guys
>Recognize one of them as the dude my bf is going after
>They're after me to get to him
>Insane action move like escape through a sewer system
>Go to meet bf who has caught on and wants to move me somewhere for protection
>Just as I'm about to run up to him a shot rings out
>Feel sharp pain in my back and start to collapse
>Bf catches me and I bleed out in his arms before emergency services arrive

I remembered the intense pain when I was shot and feeling me life slip away. Just everything going cold and dark before drifting into nothingness until I woke up the next morning. Strangely I've had discomfort in my back since then and this was the other night.
try "swimming" that's what I do when i want to fly, I just jump and try to swim "like a frog"
It's not that my dreams are overtly weird. They usually actually make sense, besides the basic teleporting/time illusions kinda thing. The strange part is, I pretty much always have the same few types of dreams: in a labyrinth of floors and holes and doors and walls going all sorts of directions, zombies or a horde of monsters or a monster chasing me/us, and my ex girlfriend's large house. Or a combination of them. What does it mean to always cover the same material in your dreams, but always in a new way/storyline?
This usually is a meaning of lack of self-confidence. get those dreams too sometimes
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>inb4 shitty shitty english.
everytime someone dies i dream of him
grandma passed away 7 years ago:
>sitting in the living room
>grandmother sitting infront of me discussing some shit
>someone knocks on the door
>door opens slowly
>grandma's doppleganger (Evil twin) shows up in front of me
>shove her long nails in my chest
>woke up before she could reach my heart

5 years ago, the neighbors' grandma passed away
>same place as the last dream but outside
>this bitch's a ghost
>start playing football (soccer for the amerilards) with her
>pretty nice lady
>wake up

grandfather passed away 2 months ago
>same place as the last dream
>nothing special about this one
>just some guy following him with a stick
>and grandpa doing cartwheel
>wake up like wtf
What if you messed up a lucid dream and also wenn into a coma for whatever reason and you were married to a deformed arianna for eight months
Ok guys, this is my experience. From 3 to 7 years of age I was plagued by some terrible nightmares pretty much every night. I was also easily spooked, afraid of the dark and afraid of being left alne, especially at unfamiliar places. I've always had a lively imagination.
>for example
>if I get on a boat
>my mind auto starts thinking out every way out, every possible event etc.
>this also made me alot more freightened day to day
>I'd get scared from random things because I started figuring out how to die from them.
>literally no way to control this.
>I always get scared when alone bcause start expecting monsters etc to jump out at any moment.
>freaks me the fuck out to no end
>still have these "abilities" nowadays, but I've gotten way more used to them.
this will all become useful info soon
>lots of bad dreams, as I mentioned
>my fathers a genius
>no really, I know people say stuff like that, but he was seriously creepy clever.
>says he's experienced the same.
>"nothing to be afraid of anon, just remember that in dreams, whatever you are thinking of/about will happen"
>"gee thx patreanon"
>now I've always been fucking insane.
>should probably have mentioned that earlier
>I am literally insane, my mind just acts strange and I'm 2lazy to do anything about it so I just leave it on autopilot most of he time
>so anyway
>I get control of my bad dreams
>start realising more dreams are dreams wheb they happen
>but when I don't,they get really fcking weird and creepy.
>easily scared, as I mentioned last post.
cont next post
typing by phone, can take a while, sorry.

>I really get freaked out
>I have some of the worst dreams ever
>can't stop them because I'm the one creating them
>I remenber one dream clearly
>walking in boat
>every room i pass by are people who are hung, but their stare follows me.
>the info desk lady is cleaning her nails as I approach
>"excuse me m-miss?"
>she ignores me
>fuck you too, lady
>move on
>get in the store next to the info desk
>hear the code sentence "mr.skylight to 1 and 2"
>my father once told me it's basically codeword on ship for:
>"shit's gone down, abandon ship"
>the ship takes on a heavy list
>I hear a hissing sound that grows louder
>thousands of eyeless people run me over in a stampede
>the hissing sound is now a scream
>da fuq
>I get up and deckside
>now on roof of boat
>all alone
>person in arctic clothing infront of me
>body parts scattered all around
>he looks at me
>wake up
will cont
>back to the real world
I've realised my dreams are creepy and weird as fuck without me knowng they are a dream. More so when I do know for a few seconds before I wake up.
So my question is to you, anons, I can't imagine a full on full length lucid dream
>would probably get a heartattack.
>why do you strive after lucid dreams, anon? I know I sure as hell don't.
the end
>(can post more creepy/weird dreams if interest, will just take me a while.)
The pain probably existed before the dream and the dream could of been your subconscious relating to you to get your back checked
my dreams are telling me to...
yes telling me to.....
so no
you just failed so hard even i felt it
>sent to a renaissance themed mental hospital where I'm forced to dress like a peasant.

aren't they all tho
All right, I came upon this by accident. Got drunk, right? Came back home, couldn't sleep so I watched Charmed reruns that night. That's when I realised.

1)you need to drink before you go to sleep-just any liquid like water even, but you musn't piss before falling asleep. The mildly discomforting sensation of needing to piss during REM translates as sensation in a dream
2)Need to sleep on your stomach, so your cock is pressed against the matress
3)need to watch idiotic shows where the girl you wanna fuck has many, many close-ups so the face is stuck in your brain and appears in a dream.

wet dream done-works two thirds of the time for me
>be last night
>dream of standing infront of house
>woman appears beside me
>stay away from there, something dark is in that house
>go into house, no one tells me what to do
>in house, it looks like a school
>this is weird.jpg
>girls and boys in school unifroms walking around
>bell rings, hall empties
>another teacher walks up to me
>notice her face is a blur
>"oh shit I'm dreaming"
>her face suddenly becomes very clear and distinct.
>"this is very real Anon."
>heart freeze in chest, she points down hall, now much longer
>building starts falling apart.
>go for a tour
>go up spiral staircase at end of hall
>meet someone and explain some details of 'house'
>go up to attic
>all burned up, black beams across the floor, standing on stone path
>feel something on shoulder
>same lady voice ad before. Turn and see just a gloating mouth.
>"hello anon. Like what you see?"
>mouth curls into a smile, long tongue slides out and trails under my chin, feels like a finger, like being caressed
>the black void between the bebeams becomes garden, blue sky with an ecclipsed sun over head
>mouth slides closer "I can give you more."
>bad feelings suddenly, world growing darker
>"I've been here all along. Let me out."
>stammer a "not yet"
>tongue slides across my face and slurps back in
>weird sounding languages, familar but can't make it out
> chills as I rememeber where from
> mouth eats itself
dream repeated itself but every time I tried to go back upstairs something would stop me
> be in class
> peter capaldi (new doctor) is my teacher
> he's talking about pizza
> he asks everyone individually what their favourite clan from khans of tarkir (card game) is
> can't choose between temur and mardu, also quite like abzan
> bell rings before he gets to me
> omw to other class
> wondering why I'm doing highschool classes, cause I've been in uni for 2 years
> release I'm dreaming
> time to tale advantage of this dream
> super jump to second floor
> see some wizard bitch with a light emitting staff in the cafeteria
> battle her in single combat
> take her staff after winning
> its fucking sarumans staff
> go to some black spiky door
> hold the end of the staff in a crevice in the door
> door opens and i enter
> its sarumans tower
> disappointed cause his magic orb is missing
> jump over to the next area
> fucking witch king gear
> putting on the gloves
> some bitch enters
> quickly kill her with a sword I had, cant let her cause a fuss before I've put on the witch king stuff
> put dick in mouth
> wake up
This was yesterdays dream
I've got a few strange/spoopy dreams I'd like to share
>About 15 years old, in ninth grade
>sitting in class with some of my buddies
>discussion starts in class about some murders in our town
>town's pretty small, so lot of people are really nervous.
>suddenly, an announcement comes from the speakers
>entire school has to head into gym for some reason
>we all get into the gym, but none of the students are very nervous
>friends and I find a phone on the floor, which was my phone irl
>we decide to look through it, and can only find a video
>it's of this middle school age kid recording himself playing Final Fantasy 12 in his room
>it was my room, with all of the details exactly the same as my room in my waking life
>suddenly this golden mist starts seeping in through the window
>a sort of golden being phases through the window, looks terrifying as fuck.
>recording ends, friends and I are confused and scared
>some cops suddenly come bursting through the gym doors, yelling and saying that we need to evacuate.
>everyone starts running out of the building
>I turn over to one of my friends; he stopped running for some reason
>he's got a call from someone
>he looked terrified, which is weird, since he's known for showing no emotion
>turns out it's the same being from the recording, and it says it's coming for him
>for whatever stupid reason I can't remember, I end up running back to the gym
>golden being shows up and tells me that I was his true target all along
>I bend over and start coughing up blood
>blood starts pouring from the pores in my skin in the heart area
>it suddenly just disappears, it seemed like it was forced to leave by some other force
>I wake up, to find my heart beating extremely fast. It was super painful, and I thought I was going to have a heart attack.
I didn't go back to sleep after that.
Give us another
This next one is bit more humorous
>Vladimir Putin becomes supreme dictator
>Is murdered by his evil twin brother, he takes over without anyone noticing
>Only two people know: me and some girl named Martha.
>Evil Vladimir Putin randomly selects a bunch of teenagers across the world for a sort of non-violent hunger games
>Martha and I get selected, as well as my gf
>everyone gets partnered up
>I was partnered up with Martha, and it turned out she was a solid 10/10
>somehow we eventually figure out it was all setup so that evil Putin could kill us off
>we escape into the basement section of this huge facility we were all put in
>Putin sends in robots, demons, zombies, illuminati agents, etc. to kill us.
>we fight them all off with ease
>Putin changes his strategy and starts killing off some of the other people
>he tells us that the only way that it would stop is if we died
>Martha and I end up kissing, since we were both pretty sure we were gonna die
>But instead of submitting, we instead raised up an army of janitors to fight Putin's evil illuminati demon zombie army.
>we win the battle
>among the celebration, I spot my gf
>I tell martha about her, after which she just smiles sadly and leaves
>I tell gf about the adventures martha and I had, as well as the kiss
>she's not angry at all
>instead, she pushes me down on the ground and tells me that she needs to "punish me"
>dream ends
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Last night I had one of those dreams that seemed really important but I can't quite make sense of it. If any of you has some skill interpreting dreams or has a hunch from this one please share your thoughts.

The Main Dream in Question
I found myself in a hooded order (I thought we were red hoods battling
green, but I was later tasked with killing two young red hoods so I suppose
we were blue). We killed each other based on garment color for the
exclusive right to sell something (drugs?) or proselytize in what was a
pretty big compound.

At one point my superiors sent me out back with two berry young red
hoods (~14) to dispose of specifically by drowning (there was a rather
deep but somewhat placid river with boats out back). I believe I grilled
them and stripped them down before sabotaging their boats. Although I
was told to hold them underwater until death I could not bring myself to do
this, so from the first I stole a life vest and cast him into the river. He
screamed as he went down a ~4ft waterfall into some rapids so I assume
he died.

The other, a larger, long-haired blonde kid touched my heart. After two or
three unsuccessful attempts to cast him into the river (he climbed out) I
began talking to him. He was so spunky and resilient that I finally realized
how much of a mistake it would be to extinguish his life. I told him I could
take him away from the hooded compound and he said he wanted to come
with me. His name was "Bob, Fat Bob." He had long golden/strawberry
blonde hair in a sortof mullet fashion. Resilient to beating/drowning and
funny/interesting enough that I questioned the good in killing him. At the
very end, when I looked back to the river, it was entirely dried up.

Please, if you can, tell me what it means.
I used to do something similar when I lucid dreamed as a kid. Once I would realize I was dreaming I just said fuck whatever I'm doing, I'm audio5000 and would flap my arms in a sort of weird swimming motion straight up and fly away.

Unfortunately I've lost the ability to lucid dream. In fact, I haven't had a dream in over 6 years. :(
First time I ever experienced sleep paralysis.

>be 19
>attending community college
>be wednesday
>no class on wednesdays
>family would all go to school/work so I would have house to myself all day
>gf would come over right after family left for school/work for sexy time before she had to go to class
>wake up wednesday morning to my dad
>tells me he's leaving for work (he's always the last one to leave the house in the morning, so he always woke me up to let me know when he left)
>he leaves, i fall back asleep
>typically, if gf arrived and i was still asleep, she would let herself in the house and join me in bed
>wake up to sound of the front door opening, but dont open eyes. Laying in bed with back facing the door.
>"gf must be here. cool"
>hear walking up the stairs, down the hall
>eyes still closed cus tired
>hear bedroom door open
>hear her putting her stuff down (purse/keys/etc)
>feel her get into bed behind me.
>feel covers move and everything
>eyes closed the whole time
>fall back asleep
>wake up later
>roll over
>no one in bed
>none of her stuff is in my room
>"Maybe she's in the bathroom"
>check outside window.
>no car
>"Maybe I slept through her entire visit"
>Check time
>It's only been 10 minutes since my dad left
>a few minutes later she pulls into the driveway
Similar childhood "abilities".
>Would always assume any new person was trying to kill me
>Never turned a street corner first, was too afraid I'd get stabbed
I didn't even live in a bad neighborhood.
>Whenever alone had overwhelming sense of fear about everything
>Every noise that I couldn't identify right away was some animal that was going to eat me
Thankfully I can't remember the nightmares I used to have. I remember waking up though. I was always cold as fuck, no matter how many blankets/time of year. I'd wake up without opening my eyes or changing my breathing because I KNEW something woke me up. There had to be a reason I woke up this afraid. So I'd do my best to play asleep until I actually fell asleep.
Fourth time I've ever experienced sleep paralysis
(second and third time I realized instantly I was experiencing SP, so I just kept my eyes closed and fell back to sleep. Nothing creepy.)

>be 22
>attending university in Chicago
>have a room mate, we bunk beds
>bottom bunk
>sleeping one night
>room mate snores particularly loud
>wakes me up
>open eyes
>cant see shit. too dark
>close eyes, try to sleep again
>hear a crash
>open eyes
>can see a bit better now
>see shadow of person standing by door
>assume room mate is up doing shit (he woke me up a LOT. Shitty room mate)
>figure isnt moving
>feel room mate on top bunk roll over
>If room mate is sleeping.. then whos....
>oh shit
>try to move
>cant move
>freak out
>figure disappears
>realize it's SP
>close eyes, try to go back to sleep
>eventually fall back asleep
>next day
>tell room mate about it
>he gets all wide-eyed
>tells me he's seen a shadowy person standing in the same spot before

Pretty sure my room mate was either fucking with me, or is retarded.
are you me?
and another bump
man , wtf ... seriously you played too much GTA and a modo kicked you kek
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lel you're a faggot anon.
>Wake up
>Weighed down
>A creepy-ass skeleton thing is on my bed staring at me
>Turn my head
>A small skeleton holding a knife is sat about a foot away

>I decide I'll try and blow it over
>Big bad wolf and the third house

I get these dreams so often, I find them humorous rather than frightening. They're rather interesting too.
>be exploring terrors of post apocalyptic world with friends
>stuff happens, hunted down by people with guns, hiding in abandoned houses
>suddenly i become the narrator of a film
>watching my friends walking down a road getting upset
>everyone is building new houses recovering from the apocalypse
>friends dont like this
>they start yelling at everyone telling them they liked it how it was

like in other dreams, the scene changes almost instantly without any explanation

>a semi-tall building made of steel sheeting and plates
>empty, rusty, wet and mouldy room
>3 men in the room
>on one side of the room theres an open doorway, looks the same way an elevator would if there was no elevator or door
>2 guys are standing behind another guy laying over the edge of the doorway on his hands and knees, looking down into the abyss
>its John Locke from Lost
>one of the other guys is holding a machete, looks upset
>slowly walks up to John Locke giving him his final words etc.
>starts beating and slicing away at John's back with the machete
>literally hacking out the flesh and skin from his back
>slowly beats him down until he cant stay on his hands and knees anymore, more and more of his back being cut out
>suddenly can see John Locke's face up close like in a movie
>blood dripping down his face, he's crying
>keeps saying "back.... empty"
>view changes again to a birds eye view of the scene
>can see the two guys standing behind John's corpse, one of them holding the machete covered in blood and looking exhausted
>John Locke's entire back is empty, can see his spine and the back of his skull submersed in hacked up flesh and blood
>can start hearing a voice as the two men start cleaning up the mess, brooming al of the blood down the elevator shaft
>its like a commentary
>starts saying something really important about how everyone is a victim one way or another
>wake up with goosebumps
So I still think /x/ is just a bunch of circlejerking RP'rs who like to pretend demons exist and think aliums are coming to get them.

That being said, I had the weirdest dream/not a dream/hallucination I've ever had.

>be the other day, been up for 30ish hours
>staying at my grandmas house b/c she has alzheimers, my grandpa (her husband) had died in the house last year, and she's been really lonely
>decide to just lay down on the bed for 5min before mom gets there
Heres where it becomes weird
>start hearing voices and movement right outside my room
>I know for a fact nobody could possibly be there. I would have heard the garage door open (its very, very loud) or the door to the house open
>I can't make out the words, but its definitely both feminine and masculine voices. But they don't sound like normal human voices. Someone or many someones are definitely talking
>all of a sudden, be pulled by my ankle upwards and slightly back
>see my body on the bed (I was sleeping face down, on my stomach)
>begin to be spun in a circle by my ankle
>faster and faster
>stop spinning and begin to fly towards my body
>but I keep flying, through my body, everything does dark
>except now there is a bright white light, kinda like it is coming from inside my body
>so now I'm flying towards this white light inside my body, deeper and deeper
>become real giddy and excited, nothing like this has ever happened before. What could this mean? Whats happening?
>phone starts ringing
>I try to hold on, but eventually get ripped out of the pull of the white circle, back out into my body
>wake up, be very very sad that this experience was ruined

So what was this /x/, the begining of a lucid dream or astral projection?

I wasn't even trying, it just happened
>Body vibrates
>feel myself get tugged out
>do astral stuff

Would go into more detail but will be accused of lying or role playing so. yeah, fun stuff.
Look up dmt and its relation to dreams, birth, and death. I have no idea whether its true or not, as it is anecdotal, but it does fit a materialistic explanation of the spiritual. Or not idk. Take nothing at face value and misconstrue it to whatever you want it to be. That is what dmt does, and what the human mind does. Take that one at face value
DMT the drug?
no, the car
I had a dream about fucking this hot new chic at work. Woke up wrote it off. Tell no one. Turns out she had a dream about me. Me in a ship waving goodbye to her and my son she gave birth to. WTF
I can't do anything in my lucid dreams, the dreams are too stable.

Lucid dream 1:
>Know I'm dreaming and the dream starts to destabilize.
>Grab hold of the wall.
>A pregnant woman is walking towards me.
>As a dream test, I thrust my hand into her chest.
>Blood gushes out of her and a dead fetus falls out of her vag. She falls and bleeds to death.
>No cops.
>I want to travel to distant lands, and do the 180 turn to change the scenery.
>Nothing. I stand there until I am to wake up.

Dream 2:
>Sitting on the toilet and I realize I am in the dream.
>The mirror shows me wearing a black mask and black/grey robes.
>I ask for a spirit guide.
>I ask to be shown the meaning of life.
>I watch myself in the mirror for a while until I wake up.

Lucid Dream 3:
>Punch out some lady on the street.
>Know I'm dreaming.
>Punch her further as reality test.
>Guy says "you shouldn't do these things"

And I have many other examples... and I cannot change the scene, jump for the sky, or anything. What is wrong with my dreams?!
just think about it and it will happen.
>in my dream
>sumthing happenox
>I think:
>police are gonna come around hat coner NOW
>Can't fall asleep, the nightmares are back

If you have PTSD, you know what the nightmares are like
>Sometimes, it's watching a man get his throat cut open, sometimes it's watching someone get shot in the belly
>All the different things I saw and yet didn't see
>The bottle was not big enough that night
>I eventually fall asleep but I keep waking up, thinking someone is there
>I'm in the dream world now, the sky is fucked up, my feet aren't there etc etc
>I go outside into the street and no one is there, no cars or anything
>"You probably have some questions"
>I turn, and it's a man of indescribably age or skin color but he looked to be about late 30s early 40s hispanic or caucasian
>I ask him if he can see me and that I'm not just freaking out
>"Yes you can see me, not many can. In fact, only a few dozen have seen me. You have a question that bugs you even now, what is it?"
>He was expecting maybe What is the meaning of life or maybe What is tomorrow's lottery ticket, he had that kind of patient air that a mental doctor would have with his patients
>I instead ask him "So how's your day been? Mine has just sucked"
>He laughed, oh did he laugh, "I like you", he said, "come"
>And suddenly we were in the air
>Look around he said, what do you see?
>I see a town of people trying to make ends meet and darkness slowly creeping into their hearts
>Goo he siad, I was afraid we'd have to return back
>I didn't ask him where that might be, because it was a real time dream

A real time dream is one where the things happening in them, are also happening at the same time in real life. It happens sometimes with me, I had a bad head injury when I was younger. I don't care if you believe me, just read

>He showed me many people that I knew, he showed me what they did when I went to bed
>A great many things were revealed to me about everything and what my destiny would be
>He showed me every big event in my life from that night to the day I died
>he showed me god times, he showed me the bad
>but best of all, he showed me the true plan or as much as I could comprehend
>Everything I had done in my life was to prepare me for my future trials
>And he showed me what would happen if I tried to defy the plan yet again, because I had done it before
>More times than anyone else had tried in 1000 years, he laughed as he told me
>You really started to piss us off until we figured out what you were doing he chuckled, but I told them to keep you around
>You keep things interesting for us and will continue to do so until the day you die my son
>that is your destiny, now, before I have to go do you want something, anything?
>I told him but he grew sad, and said "Not even I can do that my son, she is waiting for you though. She will wait for you until you see her again, no matter what you do
>Even if I kill myself? I asked
>It's all int he plan he said, but if you kill yourself now, you'll miss out on this
>And he showed me what would happen between 2015 and 2022 and I went back to my house

It was a very odd experience and yet everything he showed me has come true.

Would anyone care for my rambling attempt at trying to explain what I saw?
Hey guys, this is my 1st post on /x/ and I'm sorry if I'm starting on a bad note because this isn't really a lucid dream, it was just weird as hell.

Anyway, few nights ago I had a shortest dream I ever had (or atleast the shortest one I remembered). It lasted like less then 1 minute of dreamtime (dunno how much did it actually last IRL).

Anyway, I dreamt I was on the street looking up at the sky and I noticed Sun was getting bigger. It just came to me that Earth is getting closer to the Sun and that we're doomed (but it wasn't a bad feeling, it felt just like a normal fact). I knew I'd die but I wasn't scared or anything, I just tried to say goodbye to my family even tho they weren't near me. Anyway, I started feeling heat that got more and more intense but not hurtful in any way.
Suddenly, everything became dark and I realized I died (that was 2nd time I ever died in a dream, atleast as far as I remember). After I died, there was a brief moment where I was looking at space and saw Earth going away from the Sun back to it's usual place in Solar System and I just thought "oh ok, life on earth will restart, all is good".

Anyway, I found that dream weird as hell and I dunno if anyone here dreamt something similar or maybe knows if there's a deeper meaning to it.
Oh and I'd just like to add, I had shitloads of other weird dreams in last couple of months since I stopped smoking weed. I guess it could be related. This one stands out tho because it was the shortest one and I actually died in it.
Never really had a full-blown lucid dream just dreams where i'm aware something isn't possible because it's a dream. I have sleep paralysis often though it's horrible.
"Meditation" and flying in dreams
>Guru and his floating seat impressed a few people so I thought 'Hey I can do that for real' sat down meditation style and started floating then started to make a 'rollin ball' with vertical rotation rolling around in the air

>Walk through the street of a nearby town and move into a place foreign to this city... see a fence and start floating over it... over houses, roofs and gardens, floating towards a majestic church where children and a priest trim the trees and bushes, which apparently were blooming giving the place a beautiful atmosphere. While fly around I accidently touch a boy on a ladder and he loses his balance, but I was quick enough to react and grab his shirt descending with him softly touching the ground. I apologize saying I was flying around and got curious about this beautiful work and accidentally ~. The priest accepted me flying around immediately. and after making sure the boy was ok, I felt the need to ask if they needed help. But the priest declined and took me on a tour of the church gardens telling certain things like 'this tree gives white sausage an excellent taste...'
> this tree gives white sausage an excellent taste...

This reminds me of some of my dreams, like one in which I dreamt of a race: the winner was a monkey that looked like Mojo Jojo, he was purple and, after winning, gave a speech about morality and peanuts. Wat.
it wasn't a dream
>welcome to earth version 0.9
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Fukkin saved
Sorry anon I don't really understand what you mean by that.

Umm I guess I'm flattered, cheers anon.

My question still stands, does that dream hold any meaning? I have few more weird ones like that, as I said, I started having weird ass dreams when I stopped smoking weed.
All these people have crazy cool dreams, I've never had anything like that.
My dreams are too weird and creepy for me to comfortably talk about, I've had chronic nightmares for the past 10+ years. Just thinking about it is making me feel bad.
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if you scroll really fast OP's picture looks like Kramer from Seinfeld.

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how do i know if im lucidly dreaming /x/?
in most of my dreams i have a general feeling of awareness, almost similar to before i fall asleep when im creating random scenarios in my head to help me fall asleep
my last dream terrified me though
>friends want me to go with them to their church activity
>end up at church
>turns into a building
>go up the various floors
>top floor, feel a sudden sense of claustrophobia, like im being closed in on
>having a conversation with some older men about life
>one of them says "nothing is even real, in fact, you are imagining your life as we know it right now!"
>feel an immense amount of confusion and tightness
>hard to breathe
>wake up in sweat and spend the next 10 mins trying to figure out if anything IS ACTUALLY REAL
>cry till i fall asleep again
Nightmares and Dreams are interesting
My inner demon is a wolf; has been with me ever since youth

Maybe you are subconsciously limiting yourself (that violence you have inside might be a reason), have you tried meditating/concentrating inside your lucid dream (also do you meditate?)? Like activating yourself/summoning Ki in your dream... {for me this often gave the problem of waking up}

Also I feel like a lot of people say 'lucid dream' when they had a norm dream
I can say that until now I might never have had a lucid dream... only dreams with higher awareness as I never truly felt the freedom to do what I would want
(The line between the will following destiny and vice versa is a blurry one at times)

Are they personal prophecies for you or are there some national or even global prophecies mixed in? if there are any good ones can you share them?

One tip to easily remember dreams is when you wake up in the morning to just stay in bed and fall back asleep.

have you tried using aromatic scents?
It's lucid.
Why rape..?
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(I just accidentally pasted this on /vg/ instead holy shit kill me)

I'll tell you, I had a fuckin weird dream last night. Not necesarily spooky, just very vivid at parts and very bizzare. I think a lot of stuff took place that I don't remember in detail or at all, wish I'd have written it down sooner.

>lots of shit has probably happened at this point but somehow end up at home again in bed, you know how dreams don't have a logical progression
>get up and go out of my room
>mom is sitting on my couch crying
>your dad is dead Anon
>my dad is apparently in a band in dream world, he got crushed by a wooden roof support beam that broke and fell on him during a show at this hotel and someone texted my mom about it with a picture
>be sad about it for like 15 minutes, then my dad comes home
>he's like ay lmao they were mistaken I was just unconscious, I'm actually alive and just slightly injured from that
>those bastards probably weren't respecting building codes, we should sue. I'm gonna go the fuck over there and investigate
>the place is old-fashioned as hell and owned by some sketchy nuns
>you fuckers better make up for this, you nearly killed someone!
>of course child, come with us to the back and we'll make up for it
*random flashforward in time
>wake up locked in a bathroom I've never seen before, looks like the same style of building
>god fucking damn it, I've been kidnapped
>try to get out, door is locked from the outside, no windows, just a glass shower and a toilet and sink and such but slowly getting over the shock
>wait, wait wait wait, what the fuck, something is wrong, I feel different
>look in mirror
>well fuck me sideways, I've been transformed into a girl
>nigette from infamous has book
>book has the power to end the world
>gohan and elemental hero blade edge tryna stop her
>nigette on a tall built up train track
>gohan is gone
>blade edge is too far away to get her
>blade edge takes off helmet
>he yells "JUMP!"
>I jump up so high, almost flying
>wake up

>holy shit holy shit this is fucking great, is this what they meant by make up for it?
transfag here by the way, no treatment so I look like a normal man usually, in the dream I was clearly female
>but then why am I locked here?
>hear someone unlocking the door
a lot of the details went missing here, the next part is much more dramatic so I remember it vividly and this kind of faded.
>anyway, it's some faggoty looking teenage boy
>just kinda stare, still not sure if they were trying to help or hurt me
>puts a tray of food on the floor and relocks it
>da fuck, also damn I guess I was kidnapped after all, those bitches
>this continues for a few days, I mostly just stay shut inside the shower because kinda scared about the whole situation
>apparently this is one of the nuns' kid who convinced them to let him keep me instead of whatever they were planning, no one told me this, I just knew because dreams
>one day kid comes in without food and grabs me and drags me out of the bathroom which is apparently connected to a bedroom, also locked with a key.
>try to fight back but shit I now have the strength of a small, thin girl so it's no use.
>bends me over the bed and pulls my pants off
>should've seen this coming/10, also considering that this is a dream I'm actually about to rape myself
this is the part that really rattled me because it was so vivid and I could actually feel it a lot of detail. I mean, it was uncanny, I could feel the hymen tearing and I could feel his dick inside me going in and out and slight pressure on the inside of my belly pressing out every time he thrust in and everything, just very very bizzare all around and undescribable in words and I'm still very confused about how it was even possible. At first it was really off-putting and uncomfortable because I hate the dick but then it actually started to feel good eventually. Literally too dazed to even think about how freaked out I should be.
>anyway, after it starts to be kinda enjoyable, guy finishes and tosses me back in the room
>jizz dripping out down my legs
>even in the dream I'm fucking confused about what the hell just happened
seems like since that the entire dream has been in a state of semi-lucidity where I can think about it on a meta level but not control my actions.
>go in the shower and try to spay myself out with the detachable showerhead and get all the semen out
>remember something I saw some girl write about what it feels like to get penetrated
>yep, it was pretty much like that. Good description random femanon, I salute you.
>start to come to my senses and be disgusted but also curious about the entire thing
>kinda want to try it again to see if it would work a second time
>fucking guy comes back several hours later, looks pretty upset
>apologizes for what he did and says he was just upset
>n-no don't worry I actually kinda enjoyed it
>it just came out of my mouth without any input from me
timeskips all over the place, I probably forgot this part by not writing it down like a fool. Guy eventually lets me walk around the bedroom as well, top-tier stockholm syndrome, trying to convince guy to let me go outside so I can run, etc
>one day overhear through the door kid talking to someone
this is highly fappable
>you have to do something about that girl already before the police show up. They've been snooping around since the boy went missing. You better hurry up and kill her so we can dispose of the body.
>fucking lock myself in the bathroom with the inside lock
>shitshitshit he is coming
>rattles the door handle
>then hear a click
>fuck he has a key
>opens door holding a bigass skinning knife
>sorry, they said I have to kill you but... if I let you go, you won't tell anyone right? We can't put you back to normal, I'm really sorry. Maybe you can forgive me.
>nigger, hell yeah you better let me go. I don't give a fuck that you turned me into a girl, I'm overjoyed about that part.
>come on, I won't say anything. Just let me go. Hug guy, expecting to get stabbed in the back with the knife in his hand, but he just holds me.
>okay, follow me
>unlocks door and sneaks me out through the back door
>thank you, m8. I really appreciate what you did for me.
>run like fucking Usain Bolt down the sunny street
>actually genuinely happy about the whole thing

Then I woke up absolutely drenched in sweat 14 hours after I went to sleep, so it must've been a long fucking dream. That's probably the single most vivid and strange dreams I can remember, and the fucking physical sensations were something I don't think I could ever forget. I had to tell someone, but I can't tell it to anyone I know obviously because of the content. I mean, it was really something else and something I couldn't possibly know how to percieve in so much detail. Still not sure whether it was a good or bad experience overall. What the fuck does this mean, and is this normal?

Oh and I just remembered before the part where my dad died I was actually fighting a dragon in this warehouse which then transformed without meaning into hiding from a monster in a warehous, then I was back home randomly. I feel like there's still a hell of a lot I forgot though. So yeah, weird fuckin dream
Go ahead, I guess, if you really want to.
allready did, cheers anon
Posting from a dead thread:
> have oversalivating problems (as in having to swallow every half a minute/minute), can I still WILD or is that out of the window? Also how dangerous is it for me to instead of lucid dreamimg end up doing OBE? Last question, can this also be done sleeping from the side? For I am afraid of what my mind may throw at me while going through the paralysis phase since my mind is exceptional at fucking with me.
Also on-topic somehow had a lucid dream 2 or 3 years ago, was fighting pink ghosts with a sword when suddenly holy shit I am dreaming and then I went full Matrix, didn't last long though. Also had SP/OBE (unsure, maybe a mix?) shortly after grand-pa passed, weird shit.

I'm only violent in my dreams... But I can try meditating in my dreams.

When I'm lucid in my dreams, my mind has extreme clarity, and the scene is clear. I can move my body and do minor things to the surroundings (like make people disappear) but I can't do any major things.

Sometimes the dream people get angry when I gain clarity.

I've jumped up and all I get is a blank space and I am trapped in my dream, drifting. And I do have the problem of waking up when I'm lucid too. Like I'll be stuck in my dream. I'll keep waking up into dreams sometimes but I will know I'm dreaming, to the point where I'll see my own sleeping body on my bed. A few times I thought I may be dead because I can't get in my body.
Every single dream that i become aware in the exact same things happen. I realize im dreaming. My arms and legs feel like they have tremendous pressure surrounding them, they become immobilized and i start to float away tumbling end over end but unable to break the rigidity. That has taken over. Everythings normal when i wake up.
If that story is made up I will hunt you down from my grave.
Today I tried astral projection meditation and I experienced something I never did before so I guess it was a minor success. I did it in the morning after a good night of sleep. Basically I was meditating on the feeling of falling and after a while (don't know how long it took) changes in consciousness occured.

First I went into a deep trance, totally losing contact with the outside world. Pretty much all I was experiencing was a vivid darkness of sorts, but not the kind you see when closing eyes. This type of darkness felt almost alive. There were no thoughts, just a subtle feeling of falling in the back of my mind. That was pretty cool.

Then I started feeling a pressure around my body, as if space around me was shrinking. It started with my head but soon my whole body was experiencing it, not so cool anymore. The pressure was strongest on my head definietly.

After that came the vibrations starting with my legs and going up. Weak at first but kept getting stronger. Now this was downright unpleasant. Well, not really unpleasant, I don't think you can experience literal suffering in this state of consciousness - it was more like a need to stop doing what I was doing because the vibrations where getting stronger and I didn't know what was coming next. I guess some part of me got scared.

I decided to stop the trance and here's what really surprised me in restrospect and is the reason why I'm writing this post: coming out of a trance wasn't instant. Unlike when waking from lucid dreaming (it's almost instant) this defienietly took a while. I don't know how long it took to regain full conscioussnes but it was a gradual process for sure. The vibrations were getting weaker, the pressure was slowly dissapearing and only then could I open my eyes.

I dunno, this surprised me because I always thought it would be instant. Anyone experienced something similar?
last night i had a dream i had sex with a donkey

whats wrong with me
So are there like levels of being gay, like with wizards?
I swear by all the gods that it's true, every last word. I actually asked a reader about it here:

I realized at some point that she's my twin flame. I had never believed in the concept before but, looking into it, it's undeniable.

We're still in contact because she wanted to remain friends. We've tried to stay away, but we still seem drawn to each other, albeit more gently. We've always had this weird trust for each other and an openness that borders on retardation.

I proposed the concept to her, and she agrees that it's the case, but she really doesn't want to have a LDR, so I'm planning on moving over there so we can give it a shot. I wrecked my life pursuing her, and I have nothing to lose, so I'm going for it.

I've never taken a major risk in my life, but I think this is the time. I've never been more certain of something in my life, and I would spend the rest of my life regretting it if I didn't go for it.
"affluent in psychology"
I will never believe anything you say about yourself.
>year ago
>had a feeling like i woken up
>feel the bed and everything, but complete silence
>see something through my eyelids
>get a really bad feeling, don't wanna open up my eyes
>they open but not to my power
>in front of me is this clown like thing, with 2 small black horns, black eyes, and like black makeup around the eyes, completely white face, like freaking flour white,he was bald and had no ears
>he raised his hand and said "Since you wanted this."
>suddenly the whole room started spinning, like a whole new level of vertigo, almost like my eyes were trying to come out of my head
>my eyes closed without me closing them
>i wake up for real this time, almost start screaming, because it was as silent in the dream and i was laying on my side, looking at the same place where he was standing

> teal scott shit

wake dream.nice looking brunette. See her in my dreams every once in a while. Still no idea what it means.
Ya, it's silly shit like that that caused me not to believe in it before. There are some more level-headed resources out there.

It's not a fluffy, nice, fun connection; it forces you to be honest, and it causes you to freak out because you lose your mask. You can't bullshit each other, and you can't bullshit yourself, which is what's really scary.

It's not about happy feelings, it's about violent personal growth. It's about destroying yourself completely, sacrificing your individuality, and experiencing ego death.

It's been the most terrifying experience of my life.

After twelve years of studying occultism in a scholarly and non-magical context, I can confirm that everything you just said is validation-seeking bullshit.

There's no supernatural aspect to love and there's no better world just beyond this one. If you can't deal with the reality of that fact, then you aren't even ready for love. She doesn't want an LDR because she knows that you'll end up getting jealous and insecure because you're using ideas like this to cushion yourself from the harshness of reality.

That being said, she may not even know she's doing that. The only bit of friendly advice I can give you is to stop taking yourself so seriously. You're a dot of meat. That's you. You're not cosmically linked to this woman because you yourself are not cosmically significant.

And again, Teal Scott shit. People like her and those types of beliefs are the reason that occultism has degraded from the ancient practice of internal growth to the fantastical magical fairy world fantasy that it is today.

Go smoke some DMT and then tell me how important you and this girl are.
> in a room
> a wild Ariana Grande appears
> starts slapping her shoulder with a slice if cheese
> mfw i wake up
I'll take your advice to heart, save for the DMT thing. I think I'll still go for it anyway, as I don't really have a good reason to stay here, and she's offering me a brilliant business opportunity. If it doesn't work out, I'll at least make a lot of money and escape my glacial career that is going nowhere.

In the same spirit of adventure and curiosity that drove me into the occult in the first place, I'll chase the rabbit to see how far down the hole goes.
>trying to lucid dream
>still can't control it right
>everything is falling apart
>shouting "I'M IN A DREAM" and "DREAM STABILIZE" at the top of my lungs
>mom wakes me up and tells me i was yelling in my sleep
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Sleep paralysis:
This one still bugs me to remember
>be 12 on a vacation with Mom and Dad to the Mediterranean starting with a hotel in Madrid
>jetlag as fuck drop like a pile of bricks as soon as we check into our rooms
>"wake up" and look at hotel's clock: it's 12:30 midnight
>hear violent screaming in room next door and arguing and I can understand their spanish (it's my first language) but I can't move past a little clench or eyeball swivel
>sounds tell me that I'm hearing a man killing his girlfriend with very personal details and names, dates, accusations, so she is being beaten brutally because she cheated on him
>she is being beaten for trying to leave him, trying to tell her friends that she beats him and trying to kill herself
>she is screaming at the top of her lungs hurting her vocal cords and becoming hoarser and more retard sounding after each crunching smack that is being heard on her cracking what I assume to be skull on tile until she becomes entirely unintelligible
>I start to mumble and moan some muffled distress wanting to scream and feeling so lucid in my head but as if my body has shut down
>I see my Dad is doing the same
>start to hear the sound of dragging and footsteps
>manage to move enough to shift my weight in little increments and change position
>loudly whisper a scream to my dad to wake up and over the next hour try to inch my way towards him
>I shake him and ask him if he heard all of that
>he says yes and says to go back to sleep
>negates everything about it in the morning
>opens up about it last year about how he knew we didn't do anything to a murder that happened a few feet from us
God I hate my dad
>had a dream that highways were connected to the roof of skyscrapers
>it was like a post-apocolypitic city where there were no cars, dark skies and scarce people
>the high way I was standing on had a missing segment
>I looked over the edge and saw the continuation below me
>my friends were on said part
>I jumped but I didn't get enough speed
>below was a black liquid like ocean and it looked like a star field
>I thought to myself I'm dreaming
>if I die I'll wake up
>so before I hit the black liquid I imagined standing
>I was then standing around a barrel on fire with friends and family standing around since that was the first thing I could thought of
This was my 2nd lucid dream where I had control
I always have cool dreams, shit like zombie outbreaks, wars, alien invations or just roaming the earth with absolutely no people except for me, there was this weird dream i once had though, and i remember it very well:

>dreaming, im in some sort of school that looks like a church
>im in class with all the kids from highschool
>im 26 years old but in my dream im how i was at 15
>everything is ok, somehow im pretty sociable with everyone even though i was very shy back then
>talking in group with a few girls, my few close friends and almost every popular guy from class about random shit i don't remember
>suddenly teacher yells the name of a kid, i'll call him johnny
>we're all like, i don't know where he is
>at that moment i realize that we haven't seen him since class started
>we go looking for him everywhere
>for some reason there's an old building almost entirely ruins just beside where the basketball court was
>i find a few coins there, i open a door and see a shadow in the corner
>doesn't freak me out, suddenly a kid comes running at me and tells me to follow him
>i can't run in my dreams for some reason so the kid is telling me to hurry up while i try my best to run
>everyone is gathered where the sewer was, right there was the mutilated corpse of said student, the torso was all bloody, i could see a leg floating in the water and the head was hanging from a tree from what i think was an intestine
>also hanging from the tree was a noose
>no one is saying anything, they're just looking at the head and mumbling something
>suddenly they all stare at me and 10 seconds later at the sewer
>dream ends

Fucked me up real bad, couldn't sleep for 30+ hours because i would have bad dreams again, this shit was jarring because of how it clashed with my other dreams, the dream i had before this one was about me being holed up in my house while a sandstorm raged outside and monsters swam in that shit, to this day i don't know what that shit meant, anyone knows?
I had a series of vivid and fucked up dreams last night,each giving me sleep paralysis, this one being the most prominent.

>segued from a previous dream that was getting too traumatic/violent
>I want to transport back to my room, trying to envision the four walls
>I am met with a single pearlescent wall
>I attempt to force my will through it, but it bends and repels me. multiple times.
>think to myself, this is not what my wall should look like.
>will it to change to the color of a typical room wall
>only a small portion is changed and I stick my hands into it and force an opening
>now past the wall, I am shockingly found back in my bed
>I am shaking and convulsing so violently my right leg lifts into the air
>during this fit comes a vision that only lasts mere seconds

>I envision large paragraphs in red against a portrait of the night sky
>I only have the time to comprehend a single line of each slide due to the speed of the vision
>'in the end'
>'the clues are in red'
>'the birth of civilizations'

This part was so visual it is hard to describe, but I'll try my best.

>from a black background rises a statue and building reminiscent of ancient Rome or Greece
>the only colors are the black background and red objects
>the ancient building are consumed by modern day skyscrapers
>the skyscrapers expand and connect to form a single building/city
>my vision pans out and the city is transforming into what looks like those future architects predict a utopia to resemble
>still growing the structure is unimaginable in size and complexity
>it looks like an impossible gear bigger than our Earth, always growing.
>it becomes too much for me

>the vision only lasted for seconds
>I am back in bed my heart pounding furiously, still I shake. composing myself
>my dad knocks on the door
>'can I come in?'
>he walks in and says 'you look like you were on cocaine'
>he walks closer, right in front of me
>'I just came in for this pencil" holding it up for me to see
>he looks down, grabs the cup filled with blue juice next to my bed
>then splashes it onto my wall, the liquid turning my wall blue leaks onto the floor and gather at between wall and floor
>'w-why' I ask in confusion
>'there was something dirty on the wall' he replies
>'why?' I ask again confused at the bigger mess he made
>'because i'm fucking mad' he storms out of my room, saying 'there's stuff in the other room to clean that shit up'
>I hear my mother ask him something, his reply 'Because i'm fucking mad!'
>the blue liquid still drips down the wall

I wake up for certain now, my heart is not pounding, but I am confused at such an odd dream. I believe it signifies the esoteric shit I divulge in (the vision, color red) and actual reality (the anger of my father, color blue). Anyone else have thoughts on this?
I forgot to mention, the wall at the beginning of my dream is a recurring thing. It's something that I want to move through, but it's like rubber that repels me. I always pass through at great mental extent that leaves me exhausted. Sound familiar?

As a side note, the toothbrush in my bathroom was not the same one I remember buying the week before. They are both the same color (green) but the one I purchased and used the day before had plastic bristles at the top and the one I saw today did not. This could be a memory mistake or someone messing with my stuff, however I am sure the one I bought had plastic/rubber bristles at the top colored green.
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Don't know if this dream fits this thread, but i just woke up from it and wanna tell someone

>Be jobsearching and living with my brother (This was reality about three years ago btw)
>sent an alication to a company that seemed like any other, don't remember what they were called or what they did
>I get invited to the interview and i get a map for a suburban area
>All the houses in the area are townhouses (pic related, the sort of building i'm talking about), not far away there's a soccerfield and a forest
>My brother had also apparently applied and were to show up at the same time
>Some woman is just standing next to one of the townhousebuildings telling us it's that way
>Brother starts running to get there before me, i don't bother
>Go through a regular door into the townhouse
>It's not a townhouse at all
>It was a lot bigger on the inside, stair of glass leading upward several stores, giant chandolier in the top
>Right up the first flight of stairs there's a woman, naked except for a black seethrough gown
>She welcomes me without moving from her spot
>Brother comes walking down
>"You already had the interview" "Nope, good luck"
>He leaves
>I keep walking up, more people go past me towards the door as i ascend
>Even more naked women in lingere, they don't say much
>At the top several people walking back and forth, none seem to be finding the place for the interview
>Stairs going in every direction downward from here on
>Even a group of three cops trying to make sense of where to go
>Try to study a map put up there, makes no sense
>until someone else realizes these tiny marks on the map are actually set in the area outside of the building not inside
>He tells the rest of us and runs off.
>Many people walking towards this few-meters tall rockwall where one of the marks should be
>There's nothing of interest here, only hanging moss, icicles stone and birdshit
>I try "Open sesame" as a joke before giving up, and then i woke up
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