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Paranormal experiences thread
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First I'd like to make clear that what I'm about to say is 100% true. I'm not making this stuff up. I don't have any explantions and I don't believe in "God". I just wanna share my experiences and see if anyone has been through anything similar, and if so, I'd like to hear it. The curiousity burns me yet.. the Scientist in me has debunked all, even my own bizarre experiences. I put them down to imagination, but I'll let you decide. Anyway, here goes..

The first thing I experienced was when I was around 3 years old, and so, have no recollection of it. The story was only told to me when I was around 9 or 10, and was presented as fact.

The story goes.. We'd recently moved into a new house (Mum, 2 Bros and a Sis) and they had all gone off to school, leaving infant me and Mum alone. Anyway.. I'm upstairs doing whatever boys do at 3 and She's downstairs doing whatever Mums do. So, after an hour, the story goes, I come down and ask.. "Who's the lady laying on your bed, Mum?". I then go on to describe a lovely conversation that I had with some mystery woman, apparently laying on my Mothers bed, and then went on to give a vage description of this nice Woman. "Ginger hair, Walking stick". I even had a name.. "Jenny". So my mother goes and checks. Nothing. And rightly puts it down to the imagination of a Child and ignored it. A few weeks later, after we'd started meeting neighbours and getting settled in when she got into a conversation with a neighbour named Val. Val mentioned that her Mother had lived at our house for many years and had gone off to a nNursing home because off ill-health. She had died in the nursing home a few weeks before we moved in. She had Ginger hair and had a walking stick. Her nickname was.. "Ginny".

That was the start of "Ginny".
Bump for interest..
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I'll bump. I'm 85% sure this is all made up because it's written like a story but keep going, just because it's a good story.
Alright I got one of my own, which was also when I was young. Used to live with my grandmother when she was helping put my dad through college. Old plantation like 2 story house. But anyway when I was 7 I was upstairs, (where me and my brother's room is) and I was playing with a Buzz Lightyear toy, which was battery operated. I'm sure one of you had one just like it at some point when you were a kid. Well while I was playing the batteries died, so I took them out and went downstairs to replace them, while I was walking upstairs, I heard the familiar, "To Infinity and beyond!" I had set the toy up on my night table and when I got back it was lying about 2 feet away on the ground, as a kid that much didn't b the me too much, what really bothered me was that I had remember I had taken the batteries out and the toy went off.
I swear down this is true. I'm just trying my hardest to write this clearly and present it in a way that everyone will understand. Thankyou for the compliment though.

Ok, a few years later.. I remember the event but I'm not sure how old I was I'm guessing 5-6. It's evening time, around 8pm I'd guess, and I'm sitting/playing in the living room with my Mum who's watching TV. My bros and sis are upstairs, along with about 5 or 6 friends. I can hear them upstairs playing music and chatting when suddenly the music stops.. followed by the heavy footsteps of my brothers friends coming down the stairs and swiftly out of the front door. My Sister is crying in the background and my Mum is looking annoyed at the fuss. My brothers come in the living room and are quickly quizzed by mum, to which they both look at eachother puzzled. Apparently, infront of around 8 people, a catalogue had risen from the floor near my brothers' bedroom door.. flew across the room.. and hit my sister clean in the face. Everyone was in agreement to the events, even my crying sister, and from that point the house got a reputation.

op again..

The house usually creaked and groaned and as a kid I hated going for a piss at night but apart from that nothing much happened until i was aroun 8.

I was playing hide and seek with a friend, Steven, and my sister. We'd probably been playing for around 20 mins when it was Siss turn to find us. So I hide under the bed and he hides in an old wardrobe. The wardrobe had a keyhole lock and probably once had a key, but the key had been lost long ago so the wardrobe always remained ajar. I'm under the bed waiting and my sister shouts "found you" to Steven, obviously hearing him in the wardrobe. I can hear him rummaging around in the wardrobe and then begin to plea with my sister to let him out. I come out from under the bed and procede to the wardrobe. My sister is standing there clueless and the wardrobe is LOCKED. No mistake. My sister and i panicked for a moment because he started getting really worked up. pleadijng us to open the door. The door suddenly creaks open and he falls out of the wardrobe, blaming us both for lockinbg him in. My sister is now 37 and swears blind she never locked the wardrobe. I know i never. It could only be locked from the outside and there was no key.

Thats the truth. I have no explanation. There's lots more shit that's happened I'm just going chronilogically.

Bump for more or I'm going bed :)
Op again..

Last one then I'm going..

This was roughly the same year so I'm around 8-9, I'd been out playing watever with a friend called Lee and we were arriving at my house. We walk in and he heads up the stairs towards my room, I glance in the living room to see an empty house then follow him up the stairs. I'd just got to the top of the stairs when i hear him shout.. "ugh, what the fuck was that?". Not in a scared of monsters tone but more of a fear of omg spiders tone. I turn the corner and hear him again.. "Ughhh!", but it sounds more urgent this time. Suddenly, he bolts past me to the top of the staircase apparently scared shitless. He then misses the first step, slips, and goes down the full staircase on his arse. Hitting the bottom with a thump. I race down the stairs asking whats the matter just in time for him to get to his feet. He looks straight into the living room, screams, and then runs out of the front door staright into the road, narrowly avoiding being run over. His father hears this comotion from across the street and comes over asking him what had occured. He mumbled saomething to his dad then went in the house. I later knocked on Lees door and was told.. "I'm not allowed to play with you anymore". And he never did again. From that point on friends were wary of coming into my house.

I'd just like to add. "Ginny" never harmed me and I never felt threatened. I thought of her as a protector and my sister would joke.. "Yeah she likes you!". Apart from the book hitting my sister no body was harmed. People saw/ experienced many things in that house and I'm just glad to share some of it.

Now, it's Xmas. I gotta sleep!! :)
op again..

I'd just like to add.. I don't believe, Scientifically, that "Ginny" existed. I believe in Physics. I believe in Science. I hate religion and the popular perception of "ghosts". Yet what I've seen/heard/felt, to me, had no scientific explanation. Hence, the thread. I like to learn, and applaud any explanation offerered.

Thankyou, and have a merry Xmas.
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Op back.. Can't believe this thread didn't die.

May aswell carry on where I left off.

So, it's around the same year so I'm 8-9 years old. My sister (14-15 at the time) and I had been out babysitting for a neighbour and were returning home around 11pm. We were both tired but in a jovial mood. The house was empty, nothing unusual, so my sister makes us some supper and we settle down in front of the TV. After a slice of toast and cup of tea she says to me.. "Ok, bedtime". So, begrudgingly but tired, I agree, and get up and make my way to the bottom of the staircase. It was then that I look up the stairs and suddenly it just hits me.. I can't really describe what it was, other than just being a feeling of absolute pure dread. It was terrifying. I was frozen to the spot and have never been so scared in my life. There WAS something up there, that I'm certain of. I could "feel" it. And no matter what happened that night.. I was NOT going up those stairs. I remember being confused at the time by this feeling. It had suddenly just hit me like a wave and I was shaking, crying, acting like a lunatic screaming "there's something up there!". I remember it clearly. I was freaking out. My sister eventually subdued me and I just remember waking up on the sofa the next day with my sister.
This was totally out of character for me. I loved my sis and although we'd have our differences I'd never have put her through an ordeal like that on purpose. Nor was I easily scared. As I said before I'd always thought of this "Ghost" as being kind to me and had no fear of the house. It had never happened before and didn't ever happen again. Sis asked the next day what all that was about and all I could say was.. "There was something evil up those stairs".
op again :)..

Later that year we had a fire in the house, a bedside lamp had fell over and had set a duvet alight. Firemen were called at godknows what time AM, and I stood outside in my pants with my Mum and siblings watching the small blaze being tackled. The cause was never explaned, though it was obvious the cause was that a lamp had set a duvet alight. Anyway, fires happen, so we'll ignore that. Anyway, a few weeks later we go on a caravan holiday for 2 weeks. We had no idea what we were about to come home to..

We arrive home and it was immedietly obvious that the front main window had been smashed. We enter the home to find it a shambles.. food packets strewn around the floor, beer cans etc Talc powder/Flour all over the floor. We'd been burgled. By kids by the looks of it, and it looked like theyd had a pretty good time making a mess before they left. Anyway, nothing was stolen because Mum had cleverly left any valuables with neighbours and friends, but the house was a mess. Actually, my BMX was stolen, I'd only had it around 2 weeks so I usually forget I ever had it.

A neighbour confirmed, a few nights ago they had heard the sound of breaking glass, then hours later, it seems they returned to have an impromptu party at my house. Neighbours had heard the noise but didn't know the source until the next day.

Anyway, the neighbour asks, "Did you have somebody looking after the house for a few days?". Apparently, the day after we left for the caravan holiday, neighbours had noticed a figure standing, looking out of the windows during the day. At night they reported seeing a silhouette through the curtains, again apparently keeping watch. We never found an explanation, and soon after we moved house.

I loved that house. It will always be my true home and I'd move back there tomorrow. But I swear on my life, my kids lives and my families lives.. and they'd agree.. that that house was haunted.

Things didn't stop there though.. lol
I'm hooked. Tell morrreee
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Meh, I'll bite; not like I'm doing anything.
We moved to London. And after a year or 2 moving around from home to home we settled in a house in Raynes Park, near Wimbledon. It was a lovely area, full of trees and open grassland. We'd bought a dog (Bonnie the staff) and (Sis and I) used to take her for long walks on Wimbledon Common. So everything was good, things were looking up and the old house was forgotten about.

Anyway, one night I'm laying in bed and I can hear the dog walking around my bed. I can hear and feel it's footsteps as it's walking around the bed and it's nails clicking on the carpet. Then, it's dived under the bed and is making a commotion, I can feel it pushing the matress up from under me. So I say.. "Oi, Bonnie! What you doing! c'mon get up on the bed!". To which there's no response. So again I call out.. "C'mon, on the bed!". Still no response. So, annoyed, I throw the blanket off and get up and switch the light on. I get on my knees and look under the bed.. "Bonnie!".. shes not there. I call out.. "Bonnie".. and look around the room. Nothing. So I scratch my head for a second then go downstairs to see where this damn dog is. Sure enough, she's curled up on the floor snoring like a baby. "How long's Bonnie been there?" I ask my Mum. "She's been here all night" was the response.

That was the start of the haunting pt2
... A few weeks later..

I'm probably 11 or 12 at this point. I'm in my room doing whatever and decides to go for a piss, so I'm in the bathroom having a piss when I hear my brother behind me whisper through the door.. "Beware of the dark!".. I jump out of my skin, then shout at him.. "stop messing around, I'm not scared!". He'd often mess around. So I finish my piss and go looking for him, nothing. I checked that whole fkn house from top to bottom expecting him to have found some new awesome hiding place that I hadn't noticed but No, the only people at home were Me, Alan (Mums BF) and Bonnie the dog. Alan confirmed my bro had left the house hours ago.

The voice was unmistakable. It WAS my brothers voice. I'm certain. I now put it down to imagination, as I have with all of my experiences, but it was so real to me that I simply cannot be sure. Again, I have no satisfactory explanation and refuse to believe in "Ghosts".

Sorry if the stories are boring. In all cases I'm just giving a true account of what happened and refuse to emblemish any details for peoples entertainment. That's not why I'm writing this.

Also, if anyone has any ideas on these matters or has shared similar experiences I'd love to hear them.
op again and I'll finish with this one.. there's probably 10 or more unexplained events I can recall but I'll just say this then call it a night.. besides.. I'm not sure if anyones even reading this lol

Skip forward a few years.. it's 1996 and I'm 15, my siblings and mum all had jobs and we'd moved into a bigger house in West Norwood, London. Sis was a qualified hairdresser working long hours and Mum was running a chain of Charity shops, also working long hours. Anyway, it was either a weekend or school holiday because I'd woke up at 10-11am and had nothing to do, mum had gone to work but Sis had called in sick. She "didn't feel right" was her explanation at the time. Anyway, the day passes as normal for me but I can see my sis isn't well, she never looked ill really, more anxious. She was doing alot of nail biting and saying stuff like "I've got a bad feeling", "Somethings wrong" etc but couldn't put her finger on what it was. It was mystifying to me at the time but I later found out why.

Around 9pm came, and Mum had failed to return home yet. Not unusual. Usually my Sis was just returning home from work at this time but due to this illness had spent the day pacing around looking worried. My sister was getting more anxious by the second, and was at this point almost crying, so I ask ffs whats wrong. "Somethings happened to Mum, I can feel it!". I brush it off as her being stupid. But shes adamant. "I'm gonna go and look for her!" So she goes out in the car looking for Mum. About an hour passes when sis returns home. Nothing. She'd tried all the friends addresses and a local Pub that my mum would visit but nobody had seen her. Sis was looking even more worried now. "Somethings happened I can feel it!" she kept repeating. Her BF turned up and they went out again in the car, looking for Mum.

About 1am comes. I hear the door close so come out of my room to investigate. My sis is walking up the stairs. I can see her hair is a mess and theirs makeup down her face...
I'm here OP
Great stories.
.. I ask.. "Did you find her?". She starts crying and tells me what had happened. At around 8am that morning shortly after arriving at work my mum had slipped and banged her head, leaving her unconscious. She'd spent the entire day on the floor of the closed shop, unconscious and slipping into a shock induced coma. Another hour or 2 and she would have died. She spent a few days in hospital going through scans etc before gladly making a full recovery.

My sis can't explain what happened that day or how she knew that "something bad was going to happen". Was it luck? Intuition? Her explanation was "I just woke up with a feeling". I have no idea. But she was right.

Thanks for reading. It felt good getting this out without being ridiculed/labled a crazy person. Hope you all have a great Xmas! :)
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These are better because they're real. I've been here the whole time OP
I'm deff lurkin'. Bump and for sure continue

My female friend, who has a very spiritual family has told me of similar experiences. Her mother has a twin sister who she says is very close to her mother. Her mother once woke up in the middle of the night having this bad feeling that OP describes, and calls her twin sister on the phone, knowing that something is wrong. I didn't remember what it was but it was pretty serious and she went to the hospital.

Also, she has two cats which once hissed aggressively at some man who was trying to get money from her father. It seems that the cat recognized his intent before her father did.

My friend often wakes up at night seeing white auras.
lol.. op again lol

One more that sticks in my mind, well 2 actually... Ones kind of a nice story, the other one isn't.

It's around 2000 and I'm 19. I'd moved in with my girlfriend to Battersea, and had had a beautiful baby daughter. Mum had been diagnosed with Cancer a few years before and had died approx 2 months beforehand. I wasn't taking it well. I was crying all the time and seeking comfort in my GF and baby to take my mind off it.

Anyway, they'd gone off to bed and I'm alone with my thoughts. I drop my head into my lap and start quietly sobbing, I really missed Mum. I'm crying for a minute or 2, trying not to make a noise, when I hear my GF walk along the passage way into the front room. She comes into the room and stands right over me, making the floor move. I could feel the heat from her legs and the sound of her clothes. I assumed that she didn't know what to say/do so she just stood there. I continue crying into my lap for a moment trying to compose myself then I dry my eyes and look up.. Nothing. There's nobody there. I look around the door expecting to see her walking away.. nope. I go into the bedroom, she's asleep. Whoever it was it certainly weren't the gf. I'd like to think it was Mum coming to see me, but the Scientist in me won't allow it.

The 2nd story isn't so cheerful...
lurking, wish I could share some but I don't have much other than "black figures" moving in some of the houses I used to live in. It's sad because the area here is so old too compared to the rest of america
Op again lol.. The 2nd story was only a fleeting glimpse but was definitely real and definitely scared me.

It's probably a year or 2 later and my daughter was probably 3, old enough to use the toilet but still wetting the bed probably once a month or so. It's about 1am and everyones in bed. I'm sitting on the Playstation when I hear a noise from behind me. I assume it's either the GF or my daughter going to the toilet so I turn around to look. If it's my daughter i'd usually offer my assistance with her being so young, and also being prone to the odd bed-wetting, and also being half-asleep. So anyway, I look round to see the silhouette of a little girl in a black and white dress scurry into the bathroom. I assume it's my daughter, although I thought the clothing was a little out of place. So I offer my assistance. She doesn't reply so I wait for a minute, expecting to hear the toilet flush. Nothing. So, curious, I get up and go to the bathroom. The light is on in there so I knock lightly.. "Hey, U ok darling? Need a hand?". No response. I ask again, a little louder. Still nothing. So I open the door slightly and take a peek inside. Nothing. Nobody there. I look in my daughters room. She's sound asleep wearing nothing but a vest and underwear. Also, she never had a dress that was even remotely similar.

I saw a girl go into that bathroom, I'm positive. The door moved when she went in and the Black and White dress was vivid. It was like a party dress, wide at the bottom with horizontal bands of black and white frills on the skirt. It moved and brushed against the door as she ran into the bathroom. I also remember seeing the shape of her hair, although the face was in shadow.

I never told this to my then GF because she'd probably have freaked out and/or thought I was crazy. I think myself as a rational person, but It scared the shit out me at the time and still does.
Any more, op? Definitely interested
... Thanks for reading and giving me bumps. It's nice to know that people are interested in some of the stuff me and my family experienced. Some of you will probably think i'm making shit up and I understand that, that's usually what I think when I watch Psychics on TV talking to ghosts and all that shit.

Anyway, stay safe pple. And Happy Xmas! :)
.. Lots more, mostly in the old house I grew up in. Little things happened so often that we'd just say.. "Ah, it's Ginny again" and forget about it. We'd gotten used to it.

One morning Mum came down to find tins of food stacked on the kitchen table. There'd always be the sound of footsteps in the house at night. I used to sleep in my sisters bed with her basically because we were scared to sleep alone due to doors opening/closing. Doors would open/close by themselves, or in the case of the wardrobe.. lock themselves. Our pet dogs at the time would behave weird sometimes, growling at shadows or come running downstairs apparently in a rush to get away from something. Some things above were only fully explained to me at a later date due to me being the youngest. I'll try and remember more for tomorrow.

Cheers guys ;)
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Lurkin' like a muthafukka

OP here, thanks for posting your stories guys. I wasn't being rude, I was just so wrapped up in my own head I'd forgotten to respond.

I'd love to hear more, and also any possible explanations you may have regarding your experiences. The more scientific the better, though I know that's not always possible.

Goodnight folks ;) Thanks for the company.
You refuse to believe in a supernatural or God but you've experienced all of these glitches and yet the "scientist" inside of you denies such things?

Please do yourself a favour m8 and research these things because we're living in a supranatural dimension which science can confirm.

Beware of "science" which pushed a worldly view or agenda because there is propoganda and views being pushed, look rather toward the proper sciences involved and those who are getting their academic licenses revoked for going against what the media has told you to be fact.

Beware that whatever it is, may be attached to you and not geographically aligned. Do not let man adjust your frame of mind and test all spirits but I warn you because it seems you've made up your mind that none of this is real... Just don't take the wrong rabbit hole.

Godspeed OP.
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