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Strange Phone Call Thread
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Does anybody have any experience with strange messages being left on their phones? Or even strange numbers to call?
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I have the number for the payphone at my local shitty mall.

Never know when I might need to use it...

The weirdest I ever experienced was just a random number calling me and hanging up when I'd pick the phone. Probably some creep or some very dedicated prankster.
I remember I once got a call from a number that was all 0's (area code and everything) that was completely silent when I picked up. Was probably just some telemarketer using some weird number spoofing method but who knows. I've also on rare occasions gotten weird voicemails with muffled voices and lots of static but I like to assume it was just accidental pocket dialing.
I had a guy call me a number of years ago who I mistook for a friend of mine. I realized he wasn't when he told me he was gay and then called me by the wrong name. It turned out it was a wrong number, and he was all messed up because he called a stranger and came out of the closet. He then stayed on the phone with me for 20 minutes talking about stuff and about the whole thing.. but he got creepy and I hung up.

A year later I get a call from a guy and the exact thing happened again, but I hung up before he could finish telling me he was gay.

I had moved, had a different number and have no idea who this guy was.

It's not paranormal, but it's definitely weird.
This is still something I can't make since of it happened about two years ago..

>Get home from work late and take a shower it's around 12:30 in the morning
>Get out of the shower and have 3 missed calls from a restricted number and 1 voicemail
>Listen to it and it's just a bunch of white noise
>Few days pass and forget all about it I'm out with my GF getting food and my phone starts going off restricted number again I answer it and it's white noise again followed by what sounds like someone turning radio stations and then stops on the song don't fear the reaper. Fucking weirded out now I hang up
>I try to reverse call the number but it won't work because it's restricted
>After that all hours of the night my phone ring for weeks with the same restricted number and leaving white noise voicemails
>it got so bad I finally changed my number and as soon as I changed the number within a day the phone calls started again now they were less frequent maybe 1 or 2 a day compared to the 10 or more I was receiving every day.
> I go to the phone company again and explain to them what is going on. They now wan't to charge me to change the number again I argue with them and they eventually waive the fee
>at this point it's becoming more of a pain in the ass then creepy. I have to keep giving my new number out to people

>I have the new number for about a month with no calls and then out of nowhere one day the calls start coming in once again now the person is calling every few hours. every time I answer it they hang up on me. If I don't answer it I get a voicemail of white noise or other times static like radio stations that you can barley make the music out on.
>I'm not changing the number again. this time I just try to ignore it.
>This went on for t another two or so months before I canceled my contract and went with a new provider.
>So I decided to shop around for different plans but Didn't want to be without a phone so I bought a pay as you go while I was looking around. I never received a single phone call on the pay as you go from the restricted number
>I finally settle on a new provider and almost immediately the calls start up again
>I lasted with that provider for about two months before i said fuck it and went back to the pay as you go. Haven't had another strange phone call since.
My mother's side of the family has several FreeMasons. Sometimes, I'd see my grandfather and uncles have meeting with other Mason's in their house (big house).

I was there one summer and while inside getting lemonade -everyone else was outside- I heard the house phone ring three times then stop. Thinking I had just missed a call, I left but as I was doing so, the phone rang again. I answered it and immediately, a voice said 'The sky looks dark today' and then hung up.

My uncle rushed in behind me and slammed the phone down and told me to go outside.

I was only 7 and while I thought it as weird, i figured it was big people things. My uncle closed the door to the living room. What happened after that I don't know. Shit is odd.

There was lots of weird things now that I think back,
tell us the weird things.
>making prank calls
>sister tells spoopy story
>whatvever, she's full of shit
>steal phone book
>prank call spoopy story kid for ultimate spoop
>some guy answers screaming "Help! Help me"
>who was phone?
One of your friends was fucking with you?
I'm not sure what went wrong here, but this was meant for >>15894834 and >>15894838
Working in a funeral home we always get calls from people who obviously think they're ready to start organising things or to get their dead grandma picked up from their house but then they break down. I answer so many calls where it's just people crying in the distance. Freaky awkward.

Weirdest one was around five/six years ago when I got a call to my cell at 3AM exactly. It sounded like someone had dropped their phone next to an old radio and there was just this sobbing in the background. I wasn't even working at the home at the time, I'd been living in NYC with my partner for a year while he finished med school. Went on for about ten minutes before I hung up. Didn't get a call back.

I have a theory that it was a guy who killed his terminally ill wife and himself that same week in my home town, but I'm not sure. Sometimes we get preemptive calls if someone's about to die at home (and sometimes some idiots think we're 911) He shouldn't have had my cell number, usually I only give it to families if there's some sort of... Hiccup so they can text me updates and vice versa. It was really strange.
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I have a short garbled audio file on my phone. What is weird about it is it has a filename starting with the phone number of a friend i quit talking to two years before i got this phone.

I have visual voicemail and that is not how this happened. I have received no calls from this person in over a year.
lol, I just watched that earlier, poor, stupid bison.
That would have to be a really dick friend. If someone caused me that much trouble and I found out, they would probably not be a friend anymore.
Someones fucking with you
Thinking back my friend would get these weird voicemails left on his answering machine that would be in a weird distorted voice they stopped after a year or 2
This is a true story, only just remembered it now.

>Teenager in about 2001-2
>Just got one of those Nokia phones
>Didn't really know what to do with it, none of my friends had phones but had a bti of money on it
>Mostly just my parents way of keeping track of me
>Stay at friends house one day
>We wake up in the morning bored
>We get the bright idea to start prank calling people
>Being stupid teenagers we start doing a bunch of random numbers
>None of them get through but one
>At first it's just a normal guy
>We start spouting some shit trying to be funny
>Guy on the other end stays calm doesn't say much aside from
>"You shouldn't call here." and then abruptly hangs up
>first response we got so we immediately call back
>Get an answer phone message that says the number doesn't exist (different from the one were the phone is switched of)
>can't get back in touch with them so we leave it and forget about it
>Couple of nights later I'm chilling with a few of the same people and I get a phone call
>It's the same fucking number I called a few days back
>Put them on speaker phone so we can have a laugh
>Could hear nothing but really loud bubbling, like the phone was under water
>Can hear audible crying over the top of that
>Then someone shouting something really loudly but no idea what it was
>Call ends
>Try calling back and all we hear is that same bubbling
>Call one last time
>"This number is not in service"

I wish I was lying but that did happen, I had fucking nightmares for weeks. It was probably someone just fucking with us, but even so it creeped me out pretty bad.
Shit, man. Either that was a murderer who liked to drown his victims or maybe the ghost of someone who drowned, like they were trapped in a car that went into a lake or something like that.
I don't know what it was if I'm honest, I went over it in my head for weeks trying to figure it out.
After a while I put it down to technology being a bit shit back then but even so, why would it have called back? And why would it just suddenly disconnect?

There was definitely a guy on the other end the first time too.
Shit, I wish I hadn't remembered it now.
You mean someone who wishes they were fucking him.
Sorry, bruh. But at least this was over a decade ago, you're probably safe from the serial drowner.
How'd you get it?
I once had a 10 minute voice message that I had to listen to in its entirety or else it wouldn't let me delete it and I couldn't check any other messages. When I finally did listen to it, it was from a blocked number and was just a bunch of static and machinery sounds with little beeps. It would alternate every so often with high and low-pitched screeching going from loud to quiet. I had JUST turned on my new phone and set up the voicemail. Pretty sure it was just something wrong with my phone, though.
But when I was about ten, my family would get calls every night for a few weeks with just someone breathing on the other line.
Not phone related, but I was at a rest stop in North Carolina or Tennessee many years ago. It was almost dark and as I was walking to the bathroom a guy I passed said, "Excuse me, do you have the time?" I apologized as I didn't have a watch and walked on, until I saw that he was wearing a wristwatch.

A couple years ago I read someone in a thread here mention it as being a possible Masonic sign, or a secret meeting of some sort. I've always wondered.

There's been a lot of weird number and caller ID spoofing going on lately. Calls from 0000000000, restricted numbers, even calls from my own number. That was a little unnerving at first, but now it's just annoying. Usually there's no answer.
Thats what happens when people call your number from skype. If you waited for a while longer itd have connected. Or not, sometimes it fails
In my line of work I constantly talk to people over the phone in all different types of persona. All the cases presented in this thread are made up by people messing with other people on the other line. A real enthusiast would collect ip information, investigate entry level forms of identifications such as googling names, addresses, phone numbers, other user/email/aliases, contacting websites as a consultant/inbetween via phone call.
do explain, dearest anon
Once, I got a phone call that opened with "Hello? My name is something, and I'm your daughter."

At the time, I was 18, had never had sex in my life, and the person on the other end sounded my age,

I responded "Excuse me?" in an incredulous tone, and she immediately hung up.
Probably wrong number. When I was younger I would do that. I would be too nervous to say I dialed the wrong number.
She was calling from the future.
Wrong number. She was probably super nervous. You had to be a pretty big fuckup to track down your birth parents and then end up dialing the wrong number, though.
my friend used to have someone call her everyday on her birthday.

it's weird because it's her mom's phone number that's been deactivated for like 5 years. her mom died when she was little. whenever she answers it she she'll say hello? and it just hangs up
It was obviously a prank call dude....
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>Phone rings
>Pick up
>*Creepy raspy voice* Hello Nathaniel
>My name is Nathan, says so on the birth cirtificate, faggot.
>Oh, wrong number
What kind of hiccups occur in a funeral home?
No wonder she called the wrong number, she couldn't even remember her own name.
Once, my mom and I were in the car together, and our phones are right next to each other. A friend of mine calls my moms phone, which she answers and hands to me. I asked my friend why they called my mom, and they were like "dude why would I have your moms number lolol I called you". I guess her phone somehow received the call?

Phone calls, how do they work?
>Dad works at a car dealership
>His boss is a sleazy old man, Ray
>One day at his desk he gets a call
>"Tell Ray to leave my Russian women alone."
He never told him.
>be me
>about 4 years ago
>older brother gets new phone
>I get his old phone cause mine is shit
>I'm using the phone, trying to get used to it
>I get a text. Contact Name "Roger"
>Its blank. I text back but it doesn't send
>I think nothing of it. I never have signal and bro's old contacts are still on the phone
>There is no Roger in my contacts
>I have the same phone and I still get texts from Roger
>Every time I get a text my phone glitches out
>be me
>chilling with friends at my 16th birthday party
>cell phone rings
>caller number is exactly the same as my number except for the last digit
>guy on other line says "yo is Nuke there?"
>tell him there's nobody named Nuke here. you got the wrong number bro
>guy doesn't believe me. yelling, "where's Nuke!?"
>hang up. guy calls back, yelling the same shit.
>hand phone off to my friend who tells the dude off

Probably the weirdest phone call I've ever received. What the fuck kinda name is Nuke? Who the fuck is Nuke?
Does anyone else feel strange right now? I feel a HUGE energy. Somethings going on bro... fuck i need to know what it is. I"m psychic.
For about 15 minutes it felt like just something so big i can't measure how big it was. It was like an entire planet was above us for 15 minutes.
When I was 16 or so I was home alone for a while one night. This was back when landlines were still around-ish.
All the curtains are closed and too thick to see through. They are closed so there's no gaps since I was pretty fucking OCD then. So OCD that I also checked long ago to see it you could see through them or see shadows behind them at night....multiple times.

>Right as I sit down to watch tv the phone rings. Unknown number. When I pick it up there's just static on the other end for a minute then it hangs up.

>oookaaay....whatever. Back to tv.

>as soon as I sit down the phone rings again. Same thing. unknown number, static, *click* beeeeeeep

>At this point I'm pretty paranoid. I hide under a blanket on the chair and read a book instead.

>a half hour later, as soon as I raise the blanket, RINGGGG RINGGGG. Static. *click* beeeeeeeep

>Back under the blanket. I call my friend to keep the main line busy and distract myself.

>after talking for a bit I calm down and lift the blanket to find the remote. As soon as I do, the phone beeps from a call on the other line.

>My friend urges me to check. Static, but I just hang up before they do at this point.

>I'm legitimately worried and kinda frightened at this point and my friend has to get off the phone because they has a strict bedtime still.

>I work up the nerve to double check the curtains in the living room. They're the only place someone could see me leave the chair or blanket. No gaps.

>Of course the phone rings again while I'm doing this and I can't not pick the phone up out of scared curiosity.

>This time there's static for a few seconds then a mans voice.
>'Hi Anon!' (how do they know my name?)
>'who IS this?'
>'I'm Wayland. How old are you?'
>I hang up violently.

>I leave the phone off the hook until my family gets home.

>I ask if any of them know a Wayland. No dice.

Weird shit
Have you ever tried huffing gasoline?
Not a message but my favourite story involving phones pretty easily to find to verify but I'm too lazy. I'll make the names up because I don't remember them

>Late '80s/early '90s
>Woman named Karen starts work at some offices
>Bob is teaching her the ropes
>Has to leave early because he's taking his wife to the theatre
>Gives Karen his house number and tells her to ring if she has any problems
>Hasn't been home long and Karen rings
>"Bob, what's the code for the fax machine (might have been photocopier I can't remember)?"
>Bob tells her the code
>Hour or so later Bob and his wife head to the theatre
>Walking along the road because it isn't too far
>Phone box phone starts ringing that they're walking past
>Bob answers it
>"Hello Bob? It's me Karen, sorry what's the code again I've forgotten it"
>"How did you get this number Karen?"
>"You wrote it down for me before you left"
>Tells her to read it to him
>It's his house number
>Not even similar to the phone box number
>Karen adamant she dialed the number he had wrote down
>Never explained how she dialed a completely different number to the one written down and by sheer coincidence Bob still answered

Honestly, there's more than one source for it. I suppose i just like coincidences though.
This happened on and off for like a year or so

>brother has old shitty phone, uses it cause it's a hand me down lel
>tells me one day that he gets random texts asking about a girl named Megan's doctors appointments
>says he texts back but never gets a responses
> this happens a couple of times, don't think too much of it. Probably just someone who's confused or an idiot. Brother gets different phone eventually.
> year and a half later same old phone is deactivated and has been for , beat to shit, only used by my bro for music
>New Years Eve 2013
>old phone vibrates
>message that reads "happy New Years!!! I hope that all is well with you and the family!"
>look at each other speechless

I'm not sure what happened or why but it creeped me out. I just figured it's probably a phone fuck up but it's still a little unnerving. Phone hadn't been able to make or take calls or texts for over a year.
Another story.

20 this time. There's an ancient apartment building on campus. Legit haunted. Especially the basement where dumb college kids in their hipster bands (art college) play "shows" and drink PBR on the weekends.
>go exploring the basement after a show looking for lost teeth from the crazy mosh pit.
>just me and my friend. We find nothing good except a filthy baby doll hand. spoo000ooopy.
>I have a tracphone and its a hella loud one with an excellent signal.
>check the time on it as we leave....I have a voicemail? Weird. My phone didn't even make the voicemail noise even though the sound is on.
>check voicemail when I get back to my dorm
>a tired, forced voice: '......geh.......OOuut....'( ... are loud static-y wind noises.)
>whoooaa! I need to show this to my friend who lives in that building!
>show it to two other friends on the way there. >They are legit spooked and don't understand my /x/phile excitement.
>as soon as I'm on the steps of the building I feel my phone vibrate to signal it powering off...it was at a half charge just a minute ago.
>plug it in in the friends apartment and check the voicemail.....empty.
>"Activate it" or the like
>Listen for ensuing panic
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This happened when I was in Beirut during the 2006 Lebanon war
>Hear bombs dropping everywhere
>Everyone assembled in the basement scared as shit
>BOOOOOM every 20 minutes, windows shaking
>House phone rings
>I answer
> an automated robotic voice says "Hello Lebanese brother, we are your saviours the Israeli. As a gesture of goodwill, we are warning you that we are going to bomb (where I was). It is your choice to evacuate or not, but remember.... Israel always wins."
> My family did not escape, stayed in the basement for two more weeks, going out only for supplies and the occasional walk.
>Everyone was fine in the end

Fast forward three months

> Telephone rings
> I answer
> Same robotic voice.
> "If you have any information about (Hezbollah fighter) please call (a number). The reward is of one million dollars. You are safe with us."

Even now thinking about it, that robotic voice gives me more shivers than the sound of the bombs...
not spooky or strange, but kind of sad. i've been getting voicemails from an old man named steve in a local retirement home named winchester place for the past few months. this man is trying to get through to his brother, jim. every time i've tried to talk to steve through the retirement home, he hasn't been available. in said voicemails, he asks about his kids, and asks why nobody has shown up to see him. can vocaroo a few of the voicemails if requested.
Obey your jewish overlords.
I will probably regret asking but sure, do it
Don't fucking do it, this shit is heartbreaking.
I remember trying to call my aunt and singing happy birthday to a random woman with my parents.

Besides that, my friend would sometimes get weird calls because she said that some people were calling looking for mental health help.
During the 90s, the landline infrastructure here in Brazil was really shitty, so I'd sometimes pickup the phone and could listen to distant conversations of people chatting instead of getting a dial-tone, it was pretty intriguing but nothing spooky about it.
sorry it took awhile. had to find my phone.
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Also I'm now sad
A couple years back I got a couple voice mails exactly like this?? Idk if the names were the same or not but I was literally considering posting something pretty much like this.
Trips confirm for Satan.
fucking scary
this is really creepy
i wish i could unread it,
Thats how we know you are 13. Not because of the song, because of the completely moronic way you spout me me's and try to fit in.
I'm getting a feeling that there's something big in this thread....I sense the presence of.... a massive faggot maybe? Shut the fuck up you moron
Hiccups isn't really the right word, I guess. It's like if we get a bod that was killed in an accident or something and they're all messed up, but we haven't got enough of the cosmetic wax left and have to order in, I'll text the family updates so they know when they can properly set a date. Also if someone has a weird skin tone and I can't get the blend right so I gotta go out of state to search for something closer. Or someone didn't have hair when they died and they family wants a wig shaped just right but can't be there to watch me do it. Or clothing needs to be altered...

There's a ton of things.
get call of phone
"John is kill"
But who was phone?
legit creepy
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>Who the fuck is Nuke?
Why would you NOT evacuate after that? Did you have a deathwish?
Its fine lrn2read. The bombs were allready dropping dipshit.
>Nuke Dukem
>Be Me when I was still living with my parents
>Be home alone drinking and watching my hockey team lose.
>Phone rings with an unknown number
>Wait for voice mail, but they hangup before machine gets it
>Second time, call from the same number
>Hangs up before voicemail
>Third time the phone goes off, I answer
>Static followed by slight whispering barely audible
"Yeah, I think it's just him now"
>Listen for another few seconds, almost sounds like two men? (can't make out the rest of the conversation)
The line disconnects and I spent the rest of the night with a loaded revolver until my brother got home (freaked him out when I conveyed the story). Not sure what the fuck happened.
Would-be robbers casing the place.
I don't think so. My parents live in a nice middle class suburb of Philly. Nothing bad ever happens in places like that
>My parents live in a nice middle class suburb of Philly. Nothing bad ever happens in places like that

>can't tell if trolling or really this naive
Then my job is done.
Not really phone call related
>be 15
>out camping with bros
>show them something cool I could make
>brought all the supplies and shit to make a fox hole radio
>put that nigga together
>use earphones to listen in on radio stations
>pick up rté radio which is just the radio station here in ireland
>then we picked up eireann rád eireann's number station for railways and that
>shits getting pretty cool
>next thing here the fucking next station after the number station play shit in reverse and here shit like talking in the back ground.

fuck that
When I was 5 or 6 I would always talk to "grandpa" on the phone for hours. He'd always call me and when I was next to the phone. I thought nothing of it. He knew everything about me and my family and we chatted about this and that. both of my grandfathers died before I was born.
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>be me cleaning cattle shed and doing fuck
>ring ring
>ring ding
>run fast
>i got 2 go fast
>pick up phone
>"putin is rip"

I got a phone call from my own number about a month ago while I was driving. Was on mute so I didn't see it until later.

And currently in my call log is a 555 number. I thought those didn't work.

I sent a image to my wife and it took a long time for her to receive it, and when she finally did, it came from a completely different number than mine..

Quite disturbing, probably a glitch in the network but still.

Have you slipped your name on /b/? Sounds like something those fucks would do since providers registers the number to you and prepay does not.
For all you people getting random calls from 000-0000, apparently it's a thing collection agencies/scammers do. Apparently they're spoofing the number so that they don't get tracked down. There's a big huge thread about it if you simply Google "phone calls from 0000000." I'd link it, but 4chan thinks my post is spam.
>be me
>in old house (i've now moved two times)
>use telephone
>hang up
>after some hours, decide to use telephone again
>pick up the telephone: "... ... *low voices* ... *cars far away* ... ... *low voices* ..."
I was like what the fuck, I did remember hanging up the telephone and I was sure nobody used it because I was near all the time
>some days after that
>be me again, decide to call friend
>pick up the telephone, hear again the static noise, very low, unintelligible voices, and car running far away
>notice the cars weren't synchronized with the ones from my street, so the telephone probably didn't glitched or anything near my house
>hang up
>pick it up again
>call to friend
>after some minutes, the call automatically ends
>hang up and pick it up
>hear same weird stuff, try to talk but I could hear my voice over the sounds and nobody ever answered for my now yelling
>notice it was already 22:00 and the streets had already very few cars in them, but on the phone they sounded the same as days before
>telephone returned to normality
>call friend again, slowly freaking up
>"i didn't hanged up Anon". Talk a bit, finally hang up
>after that, I picked up the telephone for the last time. It sounded normal, no voices, cars, or static noise
>another day
>notice the telephone was glitched again and I really needed to use it for a high school proyect
>yell, hang and pick it up like eight or nine times, didn't worked, still the low voices and cars in the background, notice voices were from a man and at least two women
>don't call friends that day, use mother's cellphone explaining what happened
>never happened again
Fucking telephone, first it scared me, then it screwed with my high school proyect I REALLY needed to complete on time.
I know some masons
Apparently that's code for
"Something is SERIOUSLY fucked"
As many of their ideals are based around a bright future and such
so saying "the sky looks dark" is the mason wording of "defcon 1"
if you think its masonic
try this:
answer with "The pillar is built, the triumvirate formed"
Dude Im from Doylestown
I got a call like that about 2 years ago
When I was home alone
>be me
>staying home with my daughter and her friends
>phone disappears
>none of us can find it
>ringer off, don't find it that night
>next morning, look some more
>find it between the mattress and box spring
>3 missed calls
>1 of them from unknown number
>listen to voicemail they left
>static for a few seconds then "feeding... cat... remember.."
>more static
>"find the lord" voicemail ends immediatly after
>call back, number is disconnected
>call phone company
>tell us number hasn't been in service for a few months
>play them back the voicemail
>"good luck with that sir"
>she hangs up
Our house was haunted as fuck. got a few incidences and stories.
Have you ever been talking to someone on the phone and then your call just drops, but you keep talking for a bit because you don't realize your call has dropped yet? What if, get this, what if it's your call dropping through time and space to connect to another random number?
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>few months ago
>sitting on couch watching tv
>get a phone call
>its some weird, borderline Residents-y distorted samba music
>hang up
>following morning I walk outside
>there's a burnt CD along with a jewel case with a nail through it (like someone wanted to put it up on a wall, not nailed shut)
>the CD has a piece of tape and something written in spanish crossed out on it
>put disc into computer
>its the samba music

I'm still convinced this might have been a marketing attempt.
i still have the CD, mind you. i could upload it here, but its just the same 40 seconds or so looped for around 20 minutes
sounds like a dibuk box
It's a story about a haunted Jewish wine cabinet. Google it, it's the first result. Typical /x/-fare story, really.
I'd like to hear it, if it's not too much trouble.
Few miles down in Willow Grove. Completely unexpected, but fucking creepy nevertheless.
I used to receive calls from an elementary school about a boy who the school was convinced was my child. The calls would be automated reminders of notifications about things. I tried calling the number back but it would route me through a bunch of shit and I never got ahold of a person. One day his teacher actually called me about his grades slipping. Turns out he wrote down a random number and it happen to be mine. His parents missed a lot of neat events.
creepy as fuck
not just one story
its a general jewish idea
that you can capture demons in these boxes
this isn't that related but you reminded me of a story that happened to me.
>Be on omegle text chat
>someone keeps asking for help
>I ask what's wrong
>says husband is coming and going to hut and or rape her (this was a long time ago so my memory is a bit fuzzy)
>be talking for like 10 min call b.s.
>she says no really please you've got to help me
>say she should be calling the police instead of wasting time on omegle
>get freaked out and x out of chat
my common sense say it was a prank, but years later i can't help but wonder. I'm paranoid as fuck.
Once got a call from a man who claimed to be in "general investigations" asking for me. The message was cryptic and odd, although I don't remember exactly what it said.

A few days later I got a call from the same area code informing me that my phone may be monitored.

Still have no idea what it was about but it was some creepy shit
All the time dude.
it may sound to an outsider and looking at it now it was kind of retarded but it has to do with pride...
You fall with your home like a man or you evacuate like a coward...
Fuck pride
yes, there wa a weird number texting once
''testing from ballincorrig'' ws all it would say,
and when rang the number would make the sound of a fax line
not paranormal, but quite WTTF
Used to make exceedingly good prank calls, fone stalked someone ringing them on landlines wherever they'd be.

do you answer?
There was a paranormal witness episode about the dybbuk box. How everyone who came to own it got really sick or had their shit haunted. Might be able to find it on YouTube.
>when you pass by a public phone and it rings

I've had this happen so many times and every time I want to answer it so bad, but I'm always with some chicken shit who steers me away.

Been a few years now, with all the pay phones slowly disappearing. If it ever happens again, imma answer that bitch!

This happens to me like 50 times a day I hate it and it's always the same number
I have had this happen to me before. I copied the number down and it turned out to be a spanish telemarketing firm. I tried answering in Spanish last time they called in Spanish and the person on the other line went off on a sales pitch. Told them to stop calling my fucking house, and it happened very infrequently after that.
Nothing paranormal on this one, but I just moved and need a landline for the first time in decades. I have not had the time place myself on the do not call list for telemarketers. Many times people hang up when they get a machine (if it's not automated). Two nights ago, the phone rang and all that displayed on the caller ID was "Charity" I decided to let it go. The machine picked up
>Hello? Is somebody home?
>Answer the phone if you're there!

This was over the course of about two minutes. It didn't sound like anybody my fiance and I knew and only a few of our friends and family have our house number.
>be me 10 yrs old
>pick up house phone
>dial 666 weird little kid i was
>AND SOMEONE FUCKING PICK UP THE PHONE no fucking jokes will never forget that it was just a low hiss sound i could hear shit in the background thats about it.

also i had a weird imagine of a goatman coming out of the grassy ground
Shit dude i used to live in the hood anf while bombs arent gunshots, fuck not feeling safe in your own home
Just refrain from chillin out at the bball courts and you should be fine
False childhood memories?
I used to receive strange phone calls in my house phone

>be living with family
>used to come from uni at around 5 pm and be alone for two hours before family members arrive
>everyday, during this alone time, I would receive a phone call in the house phone
>sometimes twice, sometimes just once
>pick up phone, just this white noise, more guttural
>always said helo and asked who it was
>just the noise
>hang up

I later asked my folks if they ever received calls like that, and they never had. Just me, alone. It went on for some months before suddenly stopping
Never bothered me, never was scared, just annoyed to be honest
>Be me
>Our school was holding an over night stay
>Me and some friends decided to go and watch space jam and shit
>One of the teachers realized I didn't have my permission slip from a parent (I forgot about it completely)
>They say that I can go to their office with them and they'll get in contact with my mother
>they ask me my mothers number
>I don't have a phone so its not like I'm going to remember it
>He manages to supposedly find out the number anyway and rings her even though he doesn't even have her number
>"Hello ms.anon this is anon's teacher, I was wondering if you gave him permission to come on the overnight stay?"
>the reply he gives to what she says makes me think she was explaining why I didn't have the permission slip, typical motherly stuff. I couldn't hear what she was saying but from his response you could make out the general conversation
I go off with my friends after getting permission I was slightly suspicious that he talked to her without having her phone number and it couldn't have been her phone he called at all because she had recently gotten a new phone.
>shrug it off, return to space jam.
>After already having suspicions about it not being my mother on the phone I ask her
>To my surprise she's confused about it, has no idea anyone called, she was out with friends all day, never had a single conversation on the phone in the time I was there.
>Ask my sister since she could be called "ms.anon", she also has no idea what I'm talking about
My surname is pretty unique so its not like some other kids parent answered and was confused thinking their own child forgot the permission slip

Another woman out there went by my surname, completely understood what my teacher was talking about and somehow never questioned him when they were talking and mentioning me.
Either that or my teacher wasn't even on the phone and was pretending to talk to my mother right beside me. Either way it's sorta freaky.
Well, I was about 15 and was staying with a family friends house. I remember sleeping on the couch, and hearing the house phone ring then it went into voicemail which sounded like white noise. Later in the day I played back the message and what I heard freaked me the hell out. I heared in the white noise "mommy I love you" "I love you mom". The lady I was staying with hand two sons pass away. Jacob passed from leukemia before I met them and then Corey passed by lighting a piece of paper in the truck my dad sold to them. He got scared and went in the back and covered up with a jacket, he suffocated and was burnt. He was 6 and just finished kindergarten. So I believe it was one if not both of them sending their mom a message through the phone. Oh and the number was all 0s on the caller ID. Everyone heard it, when my mom came to pick me up we played it for her and her eyes watered.
No Anon it's not random pocket dialing. I've hand the same thing happen to my family.
I had the same thing happen and I don't think Skype was available 10years ago
Same here, but got a call from a number full of 1´s
Schools generally have to have your parents numbers on file for emergency contact situations so it's not that hard to believe he tracked down her old number, that's not the creepy part.

I think what happened is whomever had your mom's old number just played along so you could have fun.
For max spooks call areacodr-867-5309. IT WILL ALWAYS BE A SPOOKY GHOST NAMED JENNY

Probably not very suspicious. I would interpret that as meaning the meeting was cancelled.

Masons used to be more secretive. Today they would just tell you to tell your uncle to save his gas.

Could be something exciting, but as a Freemason I'll to tell you its most likely just a cancellation.
No my mam still had her old phone but she didn't use it, I asked her myself. There was no way someone answered using her old number and she didn't either. They did have her old one sure but nobody would be able to answer.
Your friend's birthday was everyday?
Someone's definitely fucking with you. Stop giving your number out faggot

>Skype was founded in 2003 by Janus Friis from Denmark and Niklas Zennström from Sweden
Skype wasn't widely used until Microsoft bought it out, though. Wasn't it?
sure, if I want to get a fucking ear infection
i don't think it was WIDELY used prior to microsoft buying it, but it was still used.
Billy Baxter was phone
>be playing the sims
>make shady commie guy named Ivan
>let pc control him because fuck him he's weird
>sleeps all day, parties all night to techno on the radio
>start getting phone calls at night
>always those random spy type messages with random weird spy shit
>he starts to get creeepier and unhappier, crying all the time, pissing himself
>still loves that 4 am techno party even with pissy pants
>eventually he dies in a fire
>gets resurrected as a zombie
>still loves techno

Fucking KGB, commies man.
can we setup a tinychat and someone call spook numbers pls
people used MSN. Then it was shut down and users had more or less no other choice, since it could link directly to old MSN contacts.
you guys wanna do a group skype call numbers
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You are gay magnet
Was waiting for that reference the entire thread...
not phone but i use my skype as a phone

> On skype about all the time but week ago ago
> Some Arabic guy wants to add me
> I'm paranoid so i trace his Ip
> Less paranoid now, goes to add him I'm blocked.

Oh well
Skip a day

> Another Arabic guy wants to add me
> Don't bother with ip trace just adds him
> Doesn't speak English, and google is translating some fucking creepy shit.

Me: Who are you?
Google translate his reply : You'll know soon enough.

> Ask my best friend to translate, everything is good.
> Translating the convo, he wants to be friends.
> Chat dies, finally he replies with " Your soul" or "I want your soul"
> My friends kinda tough, this bothers him and tells me not to bother with this, doesn't bring up why.
> Chat dies, the guy never logs on again

Skip another day

> New add
> Fuck this block.png

I bet you on Tuesday I'm going to get anouther add
was it this voice? I used t0 prank people with this Richard Simons soundboard all the time.
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well there was that one time...
I'm from Jenkintown. Never seen any /x/philes in the Philly area before today

And for >>15904186, don't discount being cased for a robbery, anything can happen in this area
ISIS recruits via Skype confirmed.
Guys, no lie. I have a voicemail on my phone of a girl killing herself. It starts off with her brother, screaming "OH GOD" and then he starts screaming for his mom, who enters the voicemail like a minute later and starts screaming some random gibberish. They all sounded either Jamaican or some type of African. /x/, this is NOT bullshit. Both me and all my friends in real life freaked out the day we found the voicemail. Not to mention the number that sent it to me randomly texted me and said they're the "police" which I highly doubt. The weird thing of it all, is when they texted me, they knew both MY name, and my father and grandfathers name as well. When my friends tried texting the number all they got back was weird messages.

I still have the voicemail. I'm trying to find a computer to vocaroo it on, but its already a pretty low quality voicemail. I'm going to find a way to post it on here in the next hour or so, so sit tight guys. This all literally happened 2 weeks ago and I really do think something happened. The voicemail sounds to real to me to be fake.
>tfw you're chrom
Ayy loma we are waiting- stay safe.
i think someone tried to send a fax to my cellphone at like 4 or 5 in the morning yesterday. i answered and it was just consecutive beeps, at the same interval, for maybe a minute, then it hung up.
spooky stuff

Were going off
The raiils
On this crazy train

Duhduhduh duhduhduh duhduh duhduhduh

Well they probably missus led and the person went along. Who cares it was gr8

So vocaroo any time soon?

I'll just leave this here:

two one two 330 9092
i will periodically buttdial 912 and it's really nervewracking
Bump for the hell of it, some of these are good.

sure what's your skype
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This still freaks me out sometimes. Just some background:
I found this number on a flash website called tramlaw.com. I now know that the website is just a marketing thing for an author's books about cyber gangs, but this only changes context, not what truly happened.

>be on tramlaw, totally unsure what it is
>wade through all the random pages, clicking on hyperlinks, the website is a mess and I haven't been able to find the same pages I once saw on there
>Eventually get to a page with a phone number that just says "Call me."
>Intrigued, show a friend the website, want him to call the number instead of me
>He calls
>As soon as the person answers he says, "Why did you call here?"
>Friends asks "What is this?"
>"This is the Atlanta Branch of Homeland Security. Why did you call here?"
>Hang up immediately
>I call
>Same dude, but says "Hello?"
>random sounds start play from his end: electricity, bats screeching
>this goes on for about 30 seconds before the AOL "Goodbye" is played and he hangs up
>royally freaked the fuck out

>Eventually look up the Atlanta branch of HLS number
>It's nearly identical, except for the very last number
>Still got random phone calls from that number until I broke it
The phone number for the courtesy phones at some of the hospitals here in San Antonio show up as all 0 for the call's recipient
Strange numbers call my phone on the daily. Got calls coming in from all over the fucking USA. I'm pretty confident that the phone number I've got got fed into some sort of automated telemarketing system at some point.

Whenever I pick up the phone I get an immediate hangup.
In 2007, the T-Mobile coverage sucked. The towers must have been built improperly or something, because lines would get crossed all the time.

Every few days I would get hella long texts from random numbers, usually from people trying to make up with their exes. When I'd text back to let them know that they weren't texting who they expected they would say that they didn't send me anything, and when I'd forward their message back to them they'd usually tell me to fuck off.

I never really made phone calls outside of emergencies because I had limited minutes, but when I did, my lines would get crossed and I'd hear other people talking. They couldn't always hear me. Other times, I would get calls from local numbers with nothing but white noise on the other end.

Calling T-Mobile to ask about the line crossing never got anywhere. I'd either be put on hold for hours or I'd be redirected in circles. Eventually the problem cleared up on its own.
fuck phish, anon
That was probably just some guy at the front desk wondering why the fuck you called homeland security.

Should've told him you found the number online.
The number for Wal-Mart is nearly the same as the Atlanta Homeland Security number? I'm sure this is just a coincidence.
Oh oh.

Looks like somebody just got caught.

but it didn't match the atlanta branch number I found on their website.

tramlaw, not walmart. go to tramlaw.com
Read it backwards, doofus.
they have nothing to do with one another other than it spells walmart backwards
The only one I have experience with is picking up the phone, saying "Hello?" and hearing an automated voice say "Goodbye." and hang up on me.
Or, perhaps, stick with me brother, a planet was below us for 15 minutes :O
Are you afraid of the dark had an episode about "phone police" back in the day and Billy Baxter was a character in it.
Damn, I always watched that show, but I don't remember it very well.
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same here D:

pic related. that 2345678 called me all damn day for a whole weekend. i have a bunch of 1 second voicemails of nothingness as well

also a few years back dialing #1 on the phone to connect to a sprint operator or something and it connected to verizon instead?
Where's the vocaroo faggot? You know what just kill yourself
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>phone rings while reading this thread

Alright, I got one
Around 2009 - 2010 I was using a Samsung Tocca, or whatever, and I was getting calls on a regular basis from a restricted or unknown number that played me what sounded like a live-recording of a near-by field somewhere. There was a slight whooshing of the breeze running through the grass and the sounds of crickets and birds chirping, sometimes accompanied by footsteps through the bush. Around this time I was usually pretty stoned so I'd just listen to it 'til I got bored, they never hung up on me.

It sounded like a lovely place.
We're fixing your phone line. Don't pick up the phone the next time it rings.
Eh, as someone who has had to track down lost family members, that happens frequently. She should have started off with confirming who he was first though, but maybe she was young.
I was in high school and on the west coast when 9/11 happened. I had stayed home from school that day (sick), and I got woken up super early (for me) by a what sounded like a very young boy on the phone, maybe 4-6 years old or so?

Anyway, I picked up the phone and he said "they're bombing New York." I didn't quite know what to say as it was obviously a wrong number (I hope), I think I was going to say something like "that's a really weird joke" or something like that but then he just said "okay, bye bye" and hung up.
What's the number?

There ya go. Take yer pick, sonny.
I know it's off topic but this is interesting. How'd you fall into this job? Do you ever get creeper out/grossed out?
Fucking retard probably just confused phones
/x/ in a nutshell, all mentally ill
Same fagging this hard, get a life and take your meds
Wow, fucking shut up. People say similar things, oh no! Must be samefag!!!1 Get a life.
I used lived in Center City, Langhorne, Washington Crossing, and NE Philly.

I don't miss any of those places.
Years ago I got a Cricket phone. For anyone that doesn't know, Cricket was one of the first pay-as-you-go carriers in the US, and those types of carries have high number turnaround.

I'd get all kinds of weird calls. A woman who was obviously trashed thinking I was her bf and she needed a ride home, and when I explained that she had a wrong/old number she asked if I could come get her anyway.

Another time this guy called and asked for someone. I said he had a wrong/old number and he wouldn't believe me when I told him I wasn't the guy he was looking for. He insisted that I sounded like him and told me I should stop fucking with him. I eventually had to hang up on him. He called a few times right after but I didn't answer.

I stopped answering calls from numbers I didn't recognize after awhile because I would get A LOT of them. After a year and a half I finally switched to a different carrier when I got a voicemail from a guy saying he heard I just got out of prison and that I should call him back if I wanted to party.
I've had my cell phone for over a decade now, which I'm sure is ancient by today's standards, but I like it, so I've never felt the need to change it. In spite of this, I must have a number that's one off from some party guy's number or something like that. I've gotten countless random text messages over the years from girls who sometimes say pretty embarrassingly detailed things, and it's always kind of awkward when I had to tell them they had the wrong number. You think after a while, they'd take a hint, but no, it continued for a really long time. Haven't had any in the last couple years, though.
same fag
You are an idiot, take your meds and stop looking at your moms ass
Nowadays, I'd chalk it up to some party dude giving people the wrong number on purpose or because he can't remember it properly. I have no idea what kind of backwards person under the age of 70 would bother manually dialing numbers, especially for texts.

In my case, I always assumed it was people trying to call the guy who owned that number before I did. Those pay-as-you-go carriers are ruthless and will totally re-issue your number before the legally mandated 30 days or whatever it is.
>I'd chalk it up to some party dude giving people the wrong number on purpose or because he can't remember it properly

LOL, could be from what I gathered about this dude, he seemed like the type to be too wasted to remember his own number.

>In my case, I always assumed it was people trying to call the guy who owned that number before I did.

Almost certain that's what it was. And if I hadn't owned my phone as long as I have, I'd think that was what was happening with me, but nope, never once changed the number or phone itself.
You sound like a retard
Pretty sure people would know the difference between their phone and someone else's. Just because your dumb ass would mix them up doesn't mean everyone else is as retarded as you
>a few months ago
>on the phone with my mom
>everything was normal at first
>then i kinda noticed a 3rd voice in our conversation
>I just assumed someone was listening to the call through one of the other phones
>but then the call got super fuzzy
>the voice got louder
>sounded like the fucking devil man
>the voice said something but i couldn't understand it
>i got spooked and hung up
>call my mom back
>we both heard it and thought it was hella spooky
>I'm psychic

This board, man.
How can I "sound" retarded in a message board? Do you read everything out loud?
I used to get a bunch of calls from guys asking for "Carly" (maybe "Kelsey"?) and I always had to let them know she gave them the wrong number. Some bitch was handing out my number as her go-to fake digits, and sometimes the guys thought I WAS Carly and that I was being a weird count and brushing them off by pretending it was the wrong number… those guys were fucking harsh lol
Shut the fuck up retard, you know what he meant
this used to happen to me on my old land line we had. Usually you can hear them and they cant here you.
At the store I work in we can receive outside phone calls on only a few of the phones but all the phones can phone each other internally.

Every now and again when it's getting late sometimes a phone will ring another and the caller display will tell you what room someone's ringing from, noone will be in the room the call is being made from and if you answer the phone there's just silence on the other end, not even normal background noise.

Pretty freaky but we get other spooky stuff happen at work.
How can I "shut the hell up" if I'm typing this in a message board? Do you mean stop responding? Jeeze, same guy trying to be a different poster, you seem upset...
I am overly paranoid. Spent the first 13 years of my life in North Philly. That's why this call freaked me out so much. Never came to fruition, but still scary as fuck.
Different poster, and I said shut the fuck up. You know exactly what I meant. Your story sucked, and so do your comebacks. Take a writing class so you can contribute something useful, and while you're at it, take a reading comprehension class, because I'm starting to doubt you have any
Wasn't scary but this is the only story I've got

>sleeping in like the neet I am
>get a call
>don't recognize number, answer anyway
>"hello, this is the Orange County Judicial System (or something like that), calling to inform you that you are about to be arrested. See you in court. please call back with questions!"
>kek myself back to sleep

No I wasn't arrested
probably a prank.
my brother and i used to do something similar, on msn. we would IM people and say that someone broke into our house and we were hiding in our bedroom. looking back, that was a dumb thing to do. like what if someone really did call 911.

Why don't you both shut the fuck up?
I used to have this issue with one phone I had where, often at nights at my apartment, I would get a text from my own number that said "are you there?" Never happened when I stayed anywhere else for a night, and the problem was fixed after I got a new phone even though I had the same number.
I had an uncle who was a drug addict and he had pretty much gone off his rocker . He would tell me about voices he heard and what not. I shrugged it off every one knew the drugs fried his brain and no one paid any attention to him. One day he told me satan called him and told him that he would be seeing him soon. 2 weeks later while drunk and high on meth he was crossing the street and a car hit him and than a bus ran over his head. They had a closed casket ceremony. I always wonder if it was the drugs talking or maybe he did receive a phone call it scares the shit out of me till this day.
Ouch, that hurt. You're obviously a master wordsmith with such an eloquent critique. Tell you what, why don't you try to write something close to better than my perfect story, friend.
No, because I'm not a role-playing autist.
What do you mean?
Sometimes when my boyfriend calls me when he's leaving his work I'll answer and just get weird static then some garbled computer sounds and then a bunch of high pitched beeping sounds with static in the background but I always hang up when the beeping comes on because it's so loud it hurts even when I pull the phone away. My boyfriend always hears me fine on his end when I answer but I can't hear him at all, just the those noises. It's happened twice in the past week now usually it only happens maybe like once every three months for the past two years. It's always when he's leaving work so it has to be something with that area but I have no idea what it could be, I never tried researching it either though.
>14 years old
>first cell phone
>get a voicemail once a month
>"Is (name) from Germany. Please call back, be my friend"
>Very heavy accent. Sounds like an old man, very shaky voice

I think he was just looking to hit on some young American, but it still spooked me.
i told my friend to call boothworld to see what it was like because I saw someone from /x/ mention it

about a week later he messages me online saying they called him back, I thought he was just making shit up like usual, but he confirmed it on skype. it was just static, static noise that would get louder every time he asked a question

It's literally the first goddamn link.
You should go visit him.
Are you like... a small gorilla, or high on ketamine?

Seek medical help.
Tell us your secrets. Brother.
>inb4 he's an octogenarian serial killer
> be 6th grade me
> just got first cell phone
> bring it to school, set it on mute
> phone rings in class, don't pick it up
> new voicemail
> listen to the voicemail after school
> "Where are you? You told me you were coming today."

Didn't sound familiar. Probably just a wrong number but that always weirded me out for some reason?
You got someone's old number.
I got two stories

>In high school
>Christmas break
>staying at grandparents
>stayed up all night and most of the day and decide to go to sleep at 1 in the afternoon
>grandpa walks into room and wakes me up
>Hands me phone and says someone wants to talk to me
>I think its my mom or sister
>I'm like half asleep so when I put the phone up to my ear I asked who it was and heard a voice I wasn't familiar with asking if I was Anon
>Say "Yes this is anon, who are you and how do you know my name"
>I get scared and give phone back and say I don't know this guy
>Grandpa hangs up for me cause I was scared
>Says that the person that lived here before was named Anon because some of his mail was sent here and the guy calling was probably looking for him
>Go back to sleep

Second story
This happened recently
>I'm getting ready to drive my sister somewhere
>Get a call on my cell phone
>Number from Oregon
>Answer and say "Hello?"
>Just white noise
>Later that day get a call again from the same number
>I didn't bother to say hello because I knew it was just going to be white noise and of course it was
>Get another call later
>Just white noise
>Hang up
>Never get called by it again
>be me
>be about 15 years ago
>grandma's phone number is some how the same as ours in two different locations
>someone calls, real deep voice
>asking for grandma
>"she isn't here, who is this?"
>voice getts SUPER deep, almost unhuman
>"the devil"
>wtf drop phone and tell dad
>"omg dad the devil is on the phone!!!"
>he picks up phone but they already hung up
It was really spoopy
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>Bumping a dying thread to badly respond to some lame fight from 3 days ago

Shiggy diggy
File: sospoopwow.gif (1 MB, 360x202) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 360x202
has it been 3 days already? fuck im late for work.
I read halfway through this thread when I remembered some weird calls which I received some time ago. Not spoopy or anything, just weird.

> be me
> 10 years old or so
> playing gta san andreas with my cousin
> my phone rings, I don't recognize the number
> pick it up anyway
> it's some lady who asks to speak to a guy called 'Marian'
> i think he was her son or something
> tell her she's got the wrong number, hang up
> she keeps calling every hour or so
> insists that this is the right number
> cousins gets fed up with it, answers phone and tells her we're burying Marian
> dumbkids.gif
> 'how can you say things like that?'
> hangs up
> doesn't call anymore

2 years later she starts calling me again (I hadn't changed my number) for a day or so, stops and I haven't heard from her ever again. Only now it hits me that it could've been some poor old woman with dementia or other issues...
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I own a sandwich shop in San Francisco. I keep getting weird phone calls from someone who claims to be an angry customer, but I've never seen this person. He's been bothering me for the past two years. It usually goes something like this.

>washing my sandwiches
>phone rings
>answer it
>guy starts ranting about how he bought a bad sandwich that mad him sick
>yeah right bro
>he calls me racial and homophobic slurs, makes legal and violent threats all over an alleged bad sandwich
>tell him to fuck off and hang up
>get a call from the local health department
>the guy filed a claim, telling them that I sell bad sandwiches and they're always green
>also claimed that I call and harass him and his family
>he still calls all the time, demanding his money back for a sandwich he never bought

Whoever this guy is, he's worse than a faggot. Fuck him and all his family.

CTRL+F : Vocaroo

You are so fucking stupid.
That vocaroo's for a whole different post and days older than the post the vocaroo requests were aimed at.
Yeah, just noticed that.
My bad. Sorry.
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Lern 2 4chan fgt
>Washing my sandwiches
>he's worse than a faggot
What the fuck?
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I was prank-calling some phone numbers with a friend's phone last summer. We were just dialing random numbers and after a while someone answer us, I think it was a male voice but it sounded very static. I tried to say spooky things using a voice modulator until he answer me "We'll be in touch". We were scared and hung up the phone, and after five minute we received a message from this number which said "Hey, I hope you have fun talking with me from (my friend's house address), I'll call you later".
I should say that we were calling using an untraceable code before every number we phoned and it could not be possible that he knew our number. We were scared as fuck and stopped our "prank-calling session".
Next week that number phoned us at 3AM, we heard a glitchy sound like an untuned old TV and an artificial male voice which repeat number and random words.
I don't believe it was paranormal, but I don't know how could he traced our number.
I remember way back in the day of old flip phones it would say I got messages from numbers from 2025 and shit. I'm sure it must have been a glitch in the phone or something, but still, they were pretty spooky
>get regular calls from obvious scam recordings
>try to call back because I usually don't answer the first time and they don't leave voicemails
>either hear static or get "this number is not in service"
Not too creepy, but still somewhat relevant.

There used to be a guy with an unlisted number who'd call so he could masturbate to my voice. I caught on pretty quickly, but being the curious type I continued to talk to him. He wasn't interested in conversation, but he did answer a few questions for me. For instance, I asked him where he got my number (it was randomly picked). Sounded exactly as you'd expect from a pervert caller - deep voice with heavy breathing, and a southern drawl to boot - but wasn't invasive or threatening. He just wanted to jerk off to my voice. I never knew what to say, so I'd narrate what I was doing (he really got off on me describing making a sandwich), and once I read from Dante's Inferno. Once he was, erm, "finished", he was quick to say goodbye. It was all pretty strange, but I never felt in danger.
Obviously the don't want anyone tracking them down. Not paranormal.
Not my story, but it's my mom's.
>14 years ago she gave my uncle a code or a card he could use on payphones to make calls without having to pay money.
>few months later he's caught up in a drive by and dies
>she receives calls from payphone numbers randomly for 2 weeks after his death
I can't remember if she said that they were nothing but static or if they were just silent, she told me about it a long time ago.
>Back in my early teens.
>Was expecting a phone call from mom.
>Phone rings.
>Its not mom...
>"Who are you" It was the frail voice of an old man.
>I reply with "uh..."
>"Help me... Help me..."
>I freeze in terror.

>No fucking clue who that was.
Freaks me out to this day.
I had a guy call me about 3 or 4 times years ago to say he was going to kill me or fuck me up or something. The area was not even in my state. I wasn't even scared because I was sort of numb at that time. As soon as I told him he's calling a different fuckin state he just hung up and never called again.
>caller number is exactly the same as my number except for the last digit
That's how they chose the number, it was a prank
Once a week I receive a call asking me if I am a doctor
Just call the cops and say this guy is harassing you and defaming your shop. Or block his number or something.
'Check my mixtake' taken to the next level
So become a doctor.
Can confirm, I used that method to prank call a few people in middle school.
Boring story: Once a while back I started getting txt messages from a number I didn't recognize, and I started answering them pretending it wasn't a wrong number. I think a highschool girl made up a phone number to give to some guy in one of her classes and it happened to be my number. The conversation would go something like:
>yo watchu up to
I'm at work right now
>u have a job? cool. wat u do
I wait tables. It's a slow night
>O so ur a cute waitress ;)
I guess.
>u get the math homework?
I didn't get it, sorry

Etc. Nothing happened and after a while the texts stopped so I suppose he figured it out.
>way back in the day of old flip phones
>tfw still have a flip phone
I had my phone ring every 19 seconds for 8 hours, i even unplugged it and it would imediately start again as soon as i plugged it in. i answered it more than a dozen times and all there was on the other end was dead noise then every 10 seconds a click would happen. had to get the phone company to block the numbers it was using.
Same here. Person who kept getting texts for the party guy.
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