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Life Glitches
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>search catalog
>no life glitch thread

>be me
>come home from work at 11:30
>make myself a nice snack of milk and cookies
>go upstairs, watch netflix while munching
>go down to get another snack
>notice on the counter the same milk and cookies

What the fuck
>be 18
>Told to turn on a movie
>Grab remote from usual spot
>Dosent work
>Look around
>Identical remote on couch
>It works
>Ask about it, we didn't have 2 remotes

im convinced I created it from my head.
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>be me
>be 8
>have an awesome finger trap bubble gum toy
>favorite toy, want to figure out how it works
>it falls from my grasp as I fiddle its diddle
>go look for it.
>vanished. Just gone

We were pretty poor growing up so my room consisted of a dresser, my bed, and the endtable the toy fell under. It was just gone. I cleaned my room spotless to make sure.

>10 years later
>find finger trap bubble gum toy under my washing machine

[spoiler] we moved into a new house 16 years ago. the house was built for us. how did my toy end up there? [/spoiler]
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be demon in the construction business, overhear some people talking in the porch about wanting to save up for their dream home. see kid playing with toy. for the lulz take woman's ring, dads jacket and kids toy and years later hide them in the new house. mfw only the kid notices.

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saucy boy.
You're probably the same punk bitch who jacked my K'nex set too.
You have all had similar experiences, and I believe that the objects could have fazed out of our reality, and into another.

>Me and my friend have both dropped pennies onto the floor, and watched them vanish. In my case I was cutting a penny with tin snips, it was cut into points while remaining connected. When I dropped it I saw it hit the carpet and roll a few inches, then vanish mid roll! I thought no way could this have disappeared.. So I took apart my room(which was fairly clean and in order) looking for the coin. I didn't find anything until a few years later, it was in between my beds metal frame, and my mattress. This made no sense because I had checked there originally when I saw it disappear originally, and there is no way it could have gotten there by itself.

>Also, there was a time I was walking down Casino road by Boeing, I had felt like picking up a stone I found, and had carried it with me. When I had gotten further down the road I found a large super ball(rubber bouncy ball), it was bright lime green, and when there were no cars I decided to throw it. It bounced once then arched towards the median, when it was about to hit the line that separated the median from the main road, it looked like a pool ball falling into a pocket on a pool table.

>It was a bright sunny day(sun at my back), the ball was lime green, and there was nowhere for the ball to go where it would be out of sight.

There is much More to this reality...
The concept of "life glitches" is very interesting. However none of the stories in the thread really live up to the premise for me.

Maybe a story about how someone slowly notices things being wrong increasingly over time and it puts them on the verge of insanity.
>be in 7th grade
>go over to friends to work on science project
>friend claims her house is haunted
>yeah sure friend you lying sack of shit
>working on project in room in basement
>1 hour into studying doors slam shut violently
>friend and I look at eachother like wtf
>no one else in the house
>decide to take a break
>go upstairs to main floor and grab snacks
>walk downstairs back to the basement
>friend and I both physically walk downstairs
>end up back on main floor instead of basement


I would say I was just not paying attention but we both walked downstairs from the main floor and somehow managed to end up on the main floor again. Friend moved out of the house a few months later but we occasionally reminisce about how fucked up this experience was.
My memory is getting bad, lately I'll spend long periods debating if things actually happened or they were in a dream (I have lots of mundane dreams)

Not going insane, but your post reminded me of this.
I have that too and I'm only 25. I think maybe part of it is lying around too much and not getting enough exercise and maybe being depressed. They say now that depression isn't a chemical imbalance but a type of neurodegenerative disorder that can be reversed.
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Yeah for me i think it's depression + meds + alcoholism

Sometimes I feel like I could crack but never have. I wonder what reality feels like for psychotic people. Dissociative disorders sound very spooky but don't get too weird it seems.
>be about 12
>get first cell phone
>was a cheap prepaid phone
>record myself singing and doing dumb things on that phone
>fast forward a year and I'm in middle school with an actual cell phone
>one day after school my phone rings but I didn't answer on time
>check the voicemail and it's one of my recordings from a year ago
>don't understand how this is possible because they were through completely different providers, I had a new number, and didn't transfer my data
>try to tell people but no one believes me

Other than that the stuff that happens is like, every now and then it seems like there's a "blink" that happens .It's not that I'm blinking but it's like for a split second the lights go out. It happens indoors and outdoors.
I've experienced tines where I would have been walking outside then I would find myself stopped several metres infront of where I originally walking. Like something out of The Sims. Or I would see something drop and then look and see nothing on the ground.

This happens to me too, I get the "blinks"
Has anyone else had spilled water disappear? Its become so frequent for me I can know its occurred before I even look. Basically it goes like

>get a glass of water, filled it almost to the top, maybe half an inch or 3\4 inch from the top
>I trip over nothing or stub my toe and soil just a bit of the water
>water hits the floor and audibly splashes
>water is fucking gone. The glass still seems to be as full as it was before I spilled
well the actual matrix isnt that stable like it is in the movies
magic for sure.
>be me
>some months ago
>come home from work
>power on my computer
>go take a piss while it boots
>go back to pc
>connect external hard drive and open steam
>go for something to eat and drink while steam opens
>go back to pc
>pc is off
>external hdd is not conected
>was 13ish newage fag
>keep tiny crystals on the ledge of the 1st floor window
>it's directly above the open terrace
>trying to charge them with sun & moon energies
>inb4 fairynigger beliefs
>some of the crystals disappeared
>look for them everywhere
>be somewhat disappointed
>stop putting crystals in the window like a lil fag
>forget the whole shit for 2 weeks
>be chilling on terrace
>suddenly i feel a tap on the top of my head
>must be fucking bird shit
>touch it
>no shit
>look up
>look down
>a couple meters from my feet there was a crystal that disappeared weeks ago
>mfw still don't know what
I was caught homeless in a city I was trying to catch a ferry out of and decided I would be sleeping in the bushes.

I found a spot next to a big locked gate with some cardboard laying around so i made a bed out of the cardboard and tried to fall asleep

I lay down and the second I started to feel my self nod off, as if something highjacked the inner voice in my mind started counting down from 3 2 1 BOOM

I snap out of this semi conciouss haze I was in and realize Im not where I laid down

the cardboard was gone and I the landscape is different. I look around and realize I'm on the otherside of the locked gate (with perimeter fence)

I was conciousness the whole time
>get in car
>open garage door
>notice that the door is open
>reverse car
>hit garage door as its now halfway down
>i confirmed the door was open
>driving with mom
>hear a noise akin to someone hitting a hammer on the roof
>stop car
>nothing there, no mark
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I don't know if this is a life glitch or what but I feel like this story kind of fits as a long-term déjà vu / paranormal type thing.

I've never told this story to anyone and I've kept this whole experience to myself up until now but ever since this happened I have this sense of feeling like I missed out on some sort of magical sign. Thinking about it now it almost feels like a dream but I know for certain this happened to me.

>When I was in grade 1 to grade 3 I went to the local elementary school in my home town. It ranged from grade 1 to grade 7 and was fairly big with 2 playgrounds and a large field with a running track going around it and a long jump pit on the farthest side from the actual school building.

>Being kids we did the usual kid thing and played around during recess and lunch break and one of the fun things to do was to dig in the sandy end of the long jump pit deep enough to collect clay. It was the cool thing to do and we all had ziploc bags with clay in them and the more clay you had the "cooler" you were.

>One day, in the spring of my 1st grade (school's in sept - june here), a few of my friends and I stayed afterschool a little bit while waiting for our parents to pick us up and were digging for clay. I was super stoked because it was a day where we had made a lot of progress and dug fairly deep so that the clay was still quite moist. I was digging in my section when I hit something solid.

>I dug out what I had hit and it was a piece of plastic about the size of a microscope slide and on one end there was a snowflake etched into it (similar to the picture). I thought it was really beautiful and after wiping it off it was actually incredibly clear for being in the dirt and sand and reminded me of an unmelting sheet of ice.

there's more to the story but I feel hella lame typing it out now and the whole thing is too long for 1 comment but I'll continue if people want to hear the rest.
this really doesn't sound like a glitch
hadn't gotten to the glitch part but whatever here it goes anyway

>I didn't show any of my friends because I felt like it had some sort of special significance and put it in my pocket and went home with my mom. I stared at it all night and before I went to bed I put it in my jewelry/music box where I kept all my important stuff as a kid. The next day I looked at it when I woke up and then again at night before I went to bed. This continued for a week until one morning I woke up and opened my jewelry box and it was gone.

>I had no idea where it could have gone cause like I said, I had looked at it the night before and I tore my room apart looking for it to no avail. I was bummed but then soon forgot about it.

>I didn't think about it again until the fall/winter of 2nd grade. It was starting to get cold out and be frosty and the ground was frozen so instead of digging for clay we would "iceskate" on the frozen puddles by the school entrance/playground outside. It was only like borderline cold so the top parts of the puddles were frozen but underneath the topsheet was water and if too many of us stood on the ice then it would break.

>I was "skating" when the ice broke. I decided to pick up the broken sheet and that's when I saw it again. The plastic piece with the snowflake etched into it. It was almost as if the plastic piece was a part of the ice sheet and had broken off. I couldn't even believe it. After finding it the first day in the sandpit I had brought it home and left it there and here it was again except this time it was like someone had broken off a long piece diagonally. The snowflake was the same and in the same place so apart from the broken edge it was identical to the piece I had found before.

>I put it in my pocket and brought it home. I did the same ritual as I did before and almost like clockwork after a week I looked in the box and it was gone. This was when I started to get kind of spooked and feel super déjà vu.
>I tried to push it out of my mind until summer of second grade. My friends and I were hanging out in the sand pit digging for clay when it happened again. I found the same piece except another piece had broken off so that only the snowflake end was present, but the jagged edge on one side matched where it had broken off before. I was really freaked out so I just stopped what I was doing and told my friends I had to go home.

>This time around I decided not to keep it in the jewelry box but on the top of my dresser right beside the box. I woke up a few times in the night that week to look over and see if it was still there and since it was the summer even during the day I would come in from watching tv or playing outside with the neighbourhood kids just to check and see if it was still sitting there. For a week it never moved from where I had put it but, just like clockwork, a week later it disappeared.

I moved to a different school for the 3rd grade and never went back there except to play on the playground sometimes. I feel like even if I went back there to look for the snowflake piece I wouldn't be able to find it cause each time I did it had broken into a smaller and smaller piece, like the chance of unlocking the weird secret it held was getting smaller and smaller until there was no chance left.
Alcohol will give you memory problems more than anything. False memories plus simply missing memories. I quit on New Years eve and haven't looked back (too much).

It sucks because everything you used to like doing while drinking seems boring. Video games, reading, movies, music all seemed like utter shit to me for the first month or so.

But the color is coming back in my life now and I don't feel like such a basketcase anymore. No more waking up paranoid about what kinds of things I did or said. No more waking up into a near perpetual state of dehydration. No more feeling like shit in general. I used to feel like shit so much that it felt like it was normal to me.

If you can do it, just stop, cold turkey unless you are physically dependent. Your life will feel about 80 percent less shitty. And if you are dependent then see about getting admitted to a psych ward for a couple of days so that you can dry out.

Bad decision making combined with paranoia will prevent you from ever being happy. Alcohol is a hell of a drug. Not even being addicted to percocet/ oxycodone years before now was as bad for me.
+1 to the blinks.
What the fuck are those, seriously. Someone call /sci/ and ask them, pls.
Jesus christ bro, how many snacks do you need ?!
Your idea for OC will just mess with their roleplay
Unless you now have an additional glass and plate, you simply made two servings while blanking out for a few seconds, duuuh
Is that it?I thought you area troll going forever with this story until you reach college and find out you should stop diggin clay.

No man but cmon...its bad if u end it liek this.
Yeah I wanna know what these are too I've even experienced them with other people inside and outside.

Also I had a reverse one once that my friend told me she saw the next day too. It was night out but it was nice so I was out with my dog and suddenly everything lit up like it was daylight for a second. It wasn't lightning because it didn't have a blue tint and it wasn't just in one spot it was my whole entire backyard and all of my neighbors' yards. It was like literally daylight for a second. Maybe it was heat lighting or something but I didn't see anymore flashes or anything in the sky. My friend said she saw the same thing about the same time she was watching tv in her room with the lights off and her whole room lit up like it was daylight and she lives on the other side of my town.
The overlapping of multiple universes could be a potential explanation for this. Objects might find a way to traverse whatever barrier there is between us and another universe for some reason. I'm sure that some of you have seen an object that wasn't there before, as if it was just fabricated right then and there.
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>be me
>3 weeks ago ago
>make coffee because 7:30
>Trip over fucking dog and spill my cup
>Coffee everywhere, dog scared,socks wet, and feet burned
>Too early for this shit.jpeg
>Rip off socks, go get a roll of paper towels from kitchen
>Return to the scene of the crime
>No mess, socks dry and where I left them, cup full
>My feet are still fucking burned

Can anyone even attempt to explain this shit?
It pissed me off more than anything
>Bird stole your crystal
>Figures out it isn't food
>Throws it back
Higher beings are just testing out their new teleportation machines.
Dude, Everett is a weird place. Spent a few years up there. A whole lot of energy and darkness there. Felt like a constant cloud was overhead(ignoring the fact it is always overcast and shitty) and toxic.
another one here for the blinks

used to experience them often back when i was a kid and as a teen too, but not so much anymore as a 20something

can also confirm outside blinks experienced with other people

as kids i remember we all talked about it quite openly, we were all curious when it would happen but none of us were ever worried about it, it was just something weird that happened

i havent thought about those in a while, i wonder if they still happen but i just filter them out
>some of you have seen an object that wasn't there before, as if it was just fabricated right then and there.
Never had that happen, I've just lost stuff that never turn up.
Be me and don't care to green text.
At home playing vidyas
Dad walks into kitchen and opens side room where fridge is.
Does not come back.
Go check
Dad not there
Check dads room where he was sleeping.
Not there
Comes home later.
One year later glitch thread this shit
Post freezes computer.
F5 n shit
30 second later
Time is now fifteen minutes past on all devices
All electronics start glitching
Turn everything off and chant protection spell from Egypt of old that some woo woo woman taught me
Go the fuck to sleep.
I've had that happen with a TV remote. Disappeared, tore the house apart looking for it, never found it. Had to get a new one from our cable provider.
Tore the house apart looking for TV Guide twenty years ago. Ya know the thing that tells you what was on TV before interwebs and streaming vidya. Wanted to fucking watch mah show. Fucker was in my hand when I decidedly gave up. Found myself slapping the guide into my other hand as if I was contemplating something else
some weeks ago i was chillin in my room watchin tv. it was late evening so it was all dark outside. then there was a flash coming from outside (window to my back) so i just saw the light shining in my room for some millieseconds.
just like someone took a photo from outside.
no one was on my backyard.
no neighbours who could be possible doin this.
from the angle of the light shining in my room the camera must have been a bit standing away or floating above the ground because i live in the 2nd floor.
no weather, clear sky.

mfw a drone or something took a pic of my backend of the house
Thought this would be relevant.

theyre on the island from LOST
Your dog licked it up shit head
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fucking faggots.jpg
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This shit happens to me all the time, seriously what the fuck is going on?

>be me
>dad was a farmer, doing my thing living by the mountains
>hiking like always because that's what I do
>on a trail when I see something odd up ahead
>no one else around just me
>weird dark stuff on the edge of the trail
>take off my sandals
>get closer to see what the fuck it is
>hot as fuck outside but seemingly gets cooler as i get closer
>get a better look at the dark stuff
>it's something burning
>looks like a plant on fire
>watch it for a good while, but it just keeps burning
>no smoke whatsoever being produced
>no one around that could have lit it on fire
>doesn't even look like the bush is being consumed
>mfw suddenly i hear a voice telling me to lead all the israelites out of egypt

Man, things can be spooky without cranking it up to fucking 11. These benign little oddities are cozy, and a lot of these are plausibly not roleplay.
>be 16
>driving down a road out in rural Florida at midnight
>it's a long straight road
>see an abandoned trailer home and some dead animal on the side of the road next to it
>couldn't figure out what it was maybe like a possum or raccoon most likely. It was pretty badly mutilated
>drivin along everything seems fine and dandy
>until we see the same abandoned trailer and dead animal again
>"uhhh is it just me or did we pass the same two things?" I said to my dad
>"yeah I saw it too"
>okay I wasn't seeing things
>road keeps going straight for a while but there are no intersections
>see the same fucking things again
>okay seriously what the fuck
>me and my dad are freaking out
>see it a third time
>we eventually found a gravel road that led us out into another road with cars
>feels like a huge pressure was relieved off my body
>we manage to get to our relatives

This road is not on maps at all. Me and my dad tell tho story a lot but not many people believe us but that was fucking weird. We were driving for pretty much an hour going straight on that road. Any idea what it might've been /x/?
Also I forgot to mention me and my dad felt very ill while on that road. I didn't get a street name because it didn't even have one. We don't even know or remember how we even got on that road
I can only remember experiencing a life glitch once in my life. It was when I was young, in like year 1 or 2. I was at school having lunch with my friend and we were both sitting on opposite sides of those table bench things. I had my lunchbox in front of me with my drink bottle to the right of me. From memory there weren't too many people around us.

The bell rings to go back inside, so I pack up my lunchbox and reach for my drink bottle. But it's gone. In it's place is a drink bottle that's exactly the same colour and brand except it's bigger, like a larger version of the same bottle. I searched all around the area but I couldn't find my one. (It may or may not have had the same drink in it, my memory of it is pretty hazy). But I ended up putting the bottle into my bad and taking it home.

When my dad asked about where my bottle was and what this one was, I told him but he didn't believe me.

That's a pretty interesting story. I've got no idea what it was though, but hopefully someone can enlighten us. Shit like that has always fascinated me.
here's mine I guess
>Family just got a new dog
>the fucker isn't house trained
>family goes to store
>leaves me with the puppy
>watching him like a hawk because he hasn't shit in a while
>suddenly he pops a squat
>Grab dog and rush outside
>door has a doorknob but you don't have to turn it
>throw open door take dog to the flowerbed
>dog shits
>pick up dog head back inside
>door I just came from is locked with the deadbolt
>the only key is on the side inside the house
>mfw I remember no one else is home
>Banging on locked door yelling at whoever is inside my house
>suddenly feel deadbolt unlock with my weight against the door
> slams the door open
> house is still empty
>tell no one

After that I made a key copy so both side of the deadbolt can have one.
Maybe that road was in the form of a circle (I don't know why they would build something like that, but there are much more fucked up roads out there)
>We were driving for pretty much an hour going straight on that road
If it is indeed a circle but it takes an hour to go through it, it can very well seem like a straight road.
the loooooong con
>be me
>12 years old
>wake up from really long and weird dream
>continues on day, goes to school
>sees things I seen in my dream
>déjà vu, right?
> I kept seeing things I've seen in my dream
>that's when it hit me
>the entire fucking day consisted of the dream repeating itself
>nigga what
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167 KB, 1025x786
It was a perfect crime
File: 1425607802727.jpg (229 KB, 2001x1125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be someone else
>live in an eastern eu country
>dream about getting into the subway train that gets me to another neighboring
>get a greeting sms from that country local phone network while u sleep(not even close to the country and not been there)
And then ran your socks in the wash and made you a new cup of joe, fuck nut!
Possibly, but it sure as hell didn't feel like it was curving or anything. Like I said I couldn't find this road on any map after the incident. My dad thinks it was a haunted road but I think we entered some kind of portal.
>Life Glitches

Cognitive dissonance
MFW objective life glitches by multiple observers:
>>have mesh see-through backpack with book in it
>>leave it in car, diddle around in the house with friend and girlfriend
>>want to read and go look for book
>>backpack empy
>>no book in car
>>make gf and friend help search because fuck you I want to read
>>we all keep checking backpack and car several times as well as house incase I'm retarded and took it in
>>6th or 7th trip out to car, book is chilling in backpack
Not sure is this counts as glitch.

When I was younger I didn't dream at all. Everyone said we all dream but sometimes we forget it when we wake up so I didn't care.

One night I had a dream. First time I can recall one.

As I grow up I start dreaming once in a month or so.

One specific dream I can remember was about me drawing for a woman wearing a red shirt when suddenly a cute girl enters the room and smiles at me. I kept thinking about that dream because cute girl was seriously cute, too young to fap though.

You kow where this is going.

Turned 14 or so. I dream again but very surreal shit. Floating rocks, moon falling to the earth, buildings raising before me, talking animals, places I've never been and people I never met. Too much TV.

One day one of those dreams from when I was younger comes true.

Whatever deja vu or some nonsense. Keeps happening. Still not convinced.

When I was 19 I was working at my mom's convenience store. A woman wearing a red shirt comes in and asks for directions. She was dumb as fuck so I start drawing a map. Then sudden realization. Keeps drawing but nervous. Girlfriend enters the store. I almost shat bricks, same face, same clothes literally the girl of of my dreams.

It kept happening for three or more years. I'm not sure. Now I know I dreamed about some events of my life even before I understood what was happening in those dreams. I never told anyone.

Hasn't happened in five years or so. I wished it happens again someday
I have more of course
for example there is a road that goes through an indian rez and then through rural area and desert/forest
We drive this road to relax almost every day...
aside from all the paranormal shit we see on this road, the big kicker is the road seems to change length and parts of it change. Both me and gf notice this and comment on it but fuck it whatever it is still relaxing.
>Be alone in house
>Moved in less than a month ago
>Suddenly hear footsteps
>Tense up, ready to fight an intruder or sth
>Loud as fuck bang
>Open room's door
>Nothing out of the ordinary
>Scout the whole house
>Everything in place.
Maybe it's just me then. I look at say a table, look away and give my attention to something else for a couple of minutes and then suddenly when I look back something was there that wasn't before. Usually small. Like a pencil or coin or something.
>be me
>about 15
>on vacation in Florida with fam
>swimming around gulf
>sand dollars
>hours go by, noticed I lost a duct tape bracelet my cousin made.
>2 years later, cleaning room
>organizing closet
>something catches eye
>find a wrinkled, soggy duct tape bracelet
Nah, that shit happens all the time. It's like it falls into a fucking black hole. Then it turns up somewhere you've looked ten million times before. There's even folk superstitions about it. Like your shit's been borrowed by fairies and then they returned it.
>Using Internet explorer
I get the blinks too. It seems to happen right before you yourself actually blink. Like your head registered the blink too soon or some shit. Weird
go dig it up and take pics
Remember to post the subsequent news article about a grown man found digging up a local elementary school's playground.
>Be Me
>Working from home alone
>Finished my third cup of coffee
>Goes to bathroom
>Comes back, coffee cup is FULL with COLD coffee

I then proceeded to go around the house with a baseball bat looking for the helpful coffee impostor and later realized that THAT was more ridiculous than just a glitch in Space time. Hey, maybe I'm not in the same dimension as I was in before, and somewhere out there is a dimension where I'm missing, and my family is in great sorrow... Oh man.
It's okay. I'm sure your dimensional twin took your place in your home dimension.
Adam west?
>be 19 years old years back
>hanging with best bud at a convention
>we get in elevator to head up to room
>elevator starts heading up
>taking longer than normal
>Door opens after what feels like 5 minutes

Mfw we're on the first floor still

>bud and I look at each other in wtf
>we discuss and both noticed same shit
Everyone in this thread is schizophrenic.
I get that too. Haven't had any for years.

Apperently it's actually sort of common.
>Everyone on this board is schizophrenic

fixed it for you
>>Everyone in this world has some mental issue
I usually press #7, thanks though
What a fucking lazy response.

I never had any reality glitches, but knowing we're living in a holographic universe, I'm not at all surprised to see people experiencing glitches in this highly advanced video-game.
>be 13
>chilling in home,playing vidya
>I get up to get myself glass of water
>i feel like suddenly gravitation has changed
>I feel like suddenly i earths core is on my wall
>see some weird black spots everywhere,propably something on my eyes
>i hear voice in language i dont know nor recognise
>everything is normal again
>i ask dad have he felt something,he says no
>watching tv
>get up and pour a glass of juice in the kitchen
>sit down on couch and drink juice
>reach for juice again
>notice a glass of juice and an empty glass
>wut for 3 minutes looking at the glasses

It was a glass I got at a thrift store... I have two now. Glitches can be good?
a tip to you, m'messiah
troll quantum physics profits
>insert trollface.jpeg
Something similar happened to me.

>candle on top of bookshelf
>candle falls behind bookshelf
>peek behind bookshelf
>candle isn't there
>move bookshelf out from wall slightly
>still can't see candle
>convince myself it must've got wedged somewhere weird
>couple years later, I'm moving out
>well, I guess I'll finally get that candle
>move bookshelf away from wall
>remove all books
>no candle anywhere

It was like that episode of the Twilight Zone where the little girl fell under her bed and INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION.
My experiences are of 2 kinds. Unfortunately I have been psychically very low lately, so they are all from years back.

1) On 2 occasions I can remember getting out of my dad's car at night after mostly sleepless days of exams and as I looked up in the sky, for a split second on real time, everything made sense, I was lifted out of my material surroundings and everything was beautiful mas just in the Universe.

2) I have in numerous times seen images in my dreams that much later happened in real life. Our of any context, containing people I hadn't met yet. Like video frames but 3D and with feelings. I am quietly accepting this but I can't explain it. It's mostly meaningless things like a bar I spent the new years on with my girlfriend and another couple, I had foreseen our table, the decoration of the bar, the lighting and the mood, even the people some of whom I didn't know at the time. It's mostly like affirming myself in a safe way that everything's going according to plan. And it was.

Now I'm facing some troubles and all the psychic stuff is gone. I keep seeing 21 everywhere. Help me out please, any benevolent souls. What is any of this? Oh I also think I have helped heal someone close to me at the time by praying intensely for an hour or so, I really felt something happening there.
Sorry for irrelevant post, just not many active threads and I wouldn't call any of this 'magic'.
>in class
>buddy spazzing out
>everybody watching him for the lols
>throws a marker in the air
>8 people did not see or hear it land

We tore the place apart, never found it i hope one of my buddies comes clean about it cause it still freaks the spazz out ten years later
>keep seeing 21 everywhere
nows your chance, hit the casino and find a blackjack table
seeing 37, 17, 2 everywhere
you're not alone
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>me and friend named Jcub
>he lived in a place we called Big Rock
>one weekend out of the month we would camp in the hills and go rock climbing/cliff jumping
>find jawbone of something(still not sure) in his yard
>bring cliff jumping
>falls down cliff out of hoodie pocket
>go back to his house at the end of the weekend
>its in the exact same spot in his yard as it was before we left
Me and my sister were watching television and enjoying some cookies, I was holding one in my left palm, suddenly we both raise our hands up in an arch(my left, her right), they collided in an impromptu high five. When they collided we heard a strange sound, like an implosion. We both looked everywhere for the cookie and asked each other why we felt compelled to do what we did. We both didn't know why we did what we did, and the cookie to this day has not been found.

>It could not have gone anywhere, we where in a clean room and the cookies were crumbly, so we would have seen a mess at the very least.

>It collapsed into space, that is the conclusion we both eventually came to.
some interdimensional beast was hungry, forced you two to send the cookie into its domain
>LOL! Possibly, its strange the way I felt it compress like a brick into a slot...

I had a dream series where I'm in a future where there is no good food, only mushrooms and other tasteless things that are easy to grow. In one of those dreams I was telling some of the children what food used to be like when we had a larger variety, then I remember producing a cookie from nowhere for one of the kids that reminded me of myself in a way, I was shocked by this in the dream too, I was happy I could share something special with someone though and did not question it to much in the dream.

>I would like to think it went to another reality where it could be appreciated more, and that I got to see and know why and where it went years later... who knows for sure though, that part was a dream.
That bastard, Steve Jobs, he was Yaldabaoth incarnate in the flesh!
Fooling everyone into looking at the world through a small screen, when the real world was around them all the time.
We payed more attention to the artificial and not the actual.
Holy shit, I'm actually doing that right now by being online and posting in this thread!
at one point in my life i was convinced i had found some sort of exploit to life where everything went my way all the time

in that time i had won at least 70 different random chance contests, i didn't have to stop at a single red light while driving, they would always turn green right when i got there, some random person in a random lobby of an online game decided to message me to tell me i was shit at the game and that person later ended up becoming my long term girlfriend for years, and just crazy shit would happen to me where the odds of them happening were so slim, they should be statistically impossible.

probably the craziest thing that ever happened to me was when i desperately needed co-op hours filled out for a class in school, but i hadn't grabbed any sheets for it, the school was closed by this point, and the place where i co-op'ed was closed too, but as i walked down the street a little folded up piece of orange paper blew on to the sidewalk, and it turned out to be one of the co-op sheets from my school, and i decided to check the store i had co-op'ed at just in case (computer repair place) and my boss just happened to be getting back from a house call to grab some stuff he left in the store, over 3 hours after it had officially closed.

but then one day my good luck ran out, tons of bad shit started happening to me in droves, and since then i've seemed to have nothing but bad luck

i guess whoever runs the simulation we call real life patched my exploit
>some random person in a random lobby of an online game decided to message me to tell me i was shit at the game and that person later ended up becoming my long term girlfriend for years
that's kinda cute
I want to post a similar story too but my english are so bad.Bump me if you want it
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398 B, 42x24
ooooh recurring numbers, this happens to me
the number 66 follows me around everywhere, it seems to be an incredibly common number combination for some reason

>walking down the street, looks up, house I'm walking past is no. 66
>reading a book, open book to last page I stopped reading at, 66
>high score on vidya gaem, 66000 points
>reading in newspaper that someone died at the age of 66, not 65 or 67, but 66
>maximum headroom, 6.6 feet
>take money out of bank account, £66 left in account afterwards
>decide to look at what google's going on about today, 66th anniversary of something

I'm sure it's subconsciously done, but even still, it's been happening for years now
what is the significance, paranormal or psychological, of recurring numbers in our lives?
I'm pretty sure it's like a confirmation bias. You see numbers constantly, everyday, but you only take notice when it's 66. So it feels really common but that's only because you forget about all the times where it's /not/ 66.

Who knows why you got attached to that number in the first place. Maybe there was a day years ago where there were a few 66's in a row and so then it started being significant whenever you see it.

I wonder if you'l ever forget about this, or if you'll always think of it anytime you see the number. It sounds so established now.
Mine is 203.

Read a book, only one number shown in type form in the whole book, apt 203. Clocks, books, games, court case #, and I shit you not, my inmate number was 1000203.
Oh, and tons of movies, told friends about it years ago, they confirmed it, but only happens around me. Spoopy.
It got to the point where if say in a movie the character is in a hotal or has an apt, I literally say to friends, it's going to be 203, and more often than not it is.
Nice roleplaying faggots. This thread is literally for roleplayers and retards with terrible memories
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>déjà vu
Speaking of reliving events,I started to log my experiences.Anyone else is doing this?
I got one.
>Live on 6th floor
>enter elevator press 0
>feel the elevator moving
>im on the fucking 6th floor again.
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>be me, 15
>coming back from school to a free house
>unlock the door to my house and enter
>wank and play vidya for 2 hours
>knocking on the door
>its my sister, back from work
>"why did you lock the door"
>have no recollection of locking the door after i went in
>only one home until she knocked on the door
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>watching teacher
>her hand passes over the chalk board
>chalk writing appears OVER her hand
>as if it's floating in front of her hand and not behind it
>like some kind of video game glitch

The moment I realized the Matrix is real.
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>Turn everything off and chant protection spell from Egypt of old that some woo woo woman taught me
>Go the fuck to sleep.
ive got one of these
>be me with pregnant gf
>live in sketchy part of town
>wake up during the night because lout banging on the door
>pump the fuck up because pregnant gf is weeping and im generally feeling protective
>grab knife from kitchen and walk silently to the front door
>motherfucker is not even locked
>hear loud banging again
>kick the door open as fast as i could even lift my leg
>lights turn on, on the stairs (sensor thing)
>nobody is there
>stand there for a few minutes before closing now busted door
>gf is pissed because door is fucked and we are also out of pickles
>go buy pickles and go to sleep

still have no idea what was going on, any movement on the stairs would trigger the lights
hmm that's interesting about mundane dreams seeming like real memories. Around this time last year I was abusing painkillers a fewtimes a week over the course of a few months. My dreams always felt like distant memories but nothing big ever happened.
Now I'm over all that and exercise daily my dreams are back to normal and I don't have a hard time telling the difference between the two.
these are incredibly lame. you're a fucking moron.
so somehow broken toys came to be scattered around a playground? shocking.
>It's more likely that the world doesn't make sense than the possibility of me just being retarded
These threads are always hilarious
>be at music festival
>go inside camper because it is raining
>look out window
>don't see rain falling but see droplets on window
>take a step outside to make sure i'm not just trippin
>don't get wet at all

>be me in room four floors from ground
>keep open two vertical windows all the way for a month
>sits with half body outside and smokes and whatnot
>meet up with a friend one day
>say to her wow it's been so nice and sunny all month
>she tells me it has been rainy as hell
>nothing in my room has gotten wet though
>roommates would have told me to close my windows
>don't care to green text.
From how close that post actually is to greentext, it looks more like you're just not willing to let on that you don't know how.
>Be me, last summer
>Driving through town
>Come up to an intersection with traffic lights
>Lights are green, drive on through
>Look out my window
>Giant fucking truck coming up perpendicular to me
>90kph minimum
>Flinch and blink on instinct
>Suddenly back at stop line w/ my foot slammed down on my brake pedal
>Truck driver barrels through intersection, missing all vehicles and pedestrians by sheer luck

Did I died?
is this a joke? don't most people have the instinct of locking doors? i accidentally lock people out all the time, and have been locked out many times, because when people close a door they just have the muscle memory of locking it
Maybe if you live in some sort of super safe neighborhood you won't get in a habit of locking your door.
Where I live, we only lock the doors at night or when no one's home.
even if you don't lock the door everytime it's hard for me to imagine somebody getting so surprised that the door was locked that it seems more logical to them that it was a glitch in reality than them just simply forgetting they locked it.

it's such a small action, like turning on a light. people don't usually conciously think about it. why would somebody even remember this years later
this sort of reminds me of an experience i had as a very small child.
>3 or 4 years old, just a wee bab
>small spare room in house is designated "play room" with all my toys and a babygate in the doorway
>playing toys, minding my business
>wall next to me... distorts
>it's shimmering and sort of pulsing or rippling, there are so many colors
>deep voice speaks to me from the wall
>can't remember anything it said, just that it was so deep and seemed masculine

i wish to god i could remember better how it looked and sounded, or what it said. it was like the voice spoke to me in my chest.
Oh yeah, I was looking for a story like this. Thanks, anon. I remember a thread years ago when some people were telling about close encounters with death. Some of them remembered closing their eyes on the final moment only to open them again, finding themselves safe and sound.

Anyone got anything like it, or knows if this phenomenon has a name?
don't have a ton of glitches. i've lost a handful of things that never turned up, through tearing apart my belongings and packing/unpacking them through moves.

the thing that comes to mind most is a couple of minor strange events from a few years ago on walks through the city.
>walking to safeway
>in a great mood
>get in the store, walking with purpose to desired aisle
>on the way, time slows down
>mentally time has not slowed, i'm properly flipping out
>walking in slow motion. my arms and legs cannot move through space any fucking faster, why can't i move
>after an awful eternal moment of this, time speeds back up to normal
>nobody around me seems phased
>has never happened (that i recall) before or since

another, less horrifying:
>taking a walk with my partner
>reach a crosswalk
>there's a man stopped at the light
>something is terribly wrong with his face
>his nose is missing and there's just a gnarly crater where it should be
>try to show my partner, he looks at me like i'm nuts
>"that was just some old lady, anon."
>will insist to this day that i was mistaken
Thought about it, even kept a lucid dream journal for a while. Anyone reading it would think I am nuts.
ITT short term memory loss
i have personally never once locked my door

but i live in an area where nobody would ever break in to my house to steal anything
This story will sound RIDICULOUS but I swear this happened to me

>be 10
>wake up randomly during the night, see a strange ambient light outside everywhere
>somehow it is both day and night at the same time, i know that doesn't make sense but when you see it yourself it does
>wander outside and into the woods
>fall into a hole / really big ditch
>Yoda is there. keep reading I'm not joking.
>Yoda tells me I am the chosen one and shows me a gold crown, he says he will leave the gold crown down on the wood stove downstairs in my house
>i wake up the next morning and rush down stairs, and the golden crown IS ACTUALLY THERE
>17 years later and Yoda still hasn't contacted me with orders, but pic related it's the golden crown of the chosen one
>17 years later
did that crown time travel?

They had those same crowns over 20 years ago btw
Yes. I've had that exact experience before.
I don't have any cool stories, but the whole "leave one floor, walk down the stairs, arrive at same floor/in a floor other than the one you were walking to" thing has happened to me a lot
post number 15929987
Rotated 66
you put in your pocket or it fell somewhere in your old clothes.
when they were washed (i don't know why you would wash 10 year old clothes) it fell out under the washing machine.
either that or that toy is a completely different one considering those are mass produced
File: ching chong.jpg (10 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ching chong.jpg
10 KB, 225x225
>try to take a sip of some soda
>pour whole can out all over my shirt
>I was sure the hole was on my mouth
>interact with each other
Quantum immortality would like a word...
>no weather
That's the most fucked up thing I've ever heard, how does that even happen
Moses didn't have a dad. He had a pseudo dad, but he was a Pharaoh, not a farmer. So yeah, good job on that
>driving interstate 70 in missouri, on phone with friend.
>pass an exit, take note, it is exit 101, Boonville, with a couple truck stops. Only 100 miles to go.
>talk about random shit for another hour.
>suddenly have to take a shit, immediately.
>luckily exit 101 is coming up in 2 miles, with a couple of truck stops
>wait WAT.
>sitting on couch, rubbing kitty ears and watching tv
>get up to piss, cat jumps up and wanders in to kitchen, hear cat food crunching as i walk down hall
>turn corner, glance into bedroom as i go to bathroom
>cat sleeping on bed
>stare for like 2 minutes. Can't hear cat eating any more.
>close bedroom door.
>search house until bladder near exploding, closing doors as i clear rooms.
>no cat.
>take piss.
>hear scratching at bedroom door.
>open door.
>cat dashes out.
Sometimes I'm convinced this cat has a secret twin, and they're fucking with me.
Maybe now there's a you who poured himself a coffee, went to do something and forgot it was there, and when he came back it was empty. I wonder if he even noticed
>7th grade
>walking with friend to our next class
>look away from her while we're walking because we're getting close to a staircase
>see some guy jump off from the 3rd to last step
>he's just floating in the air
>blink after 2 or 3 seconds of him just floating there
>he lands and I just continue talking with my friend as though nothing happened

10 years later and I still don't know what to make of that.
I've had dreams where I've been doing something perfectly normal and had some kind of horrific accident, only to wake just as the worst is about to happen. It's always the same way. I have a deep sense of wrongness, and a will to deny what's happening...and I wake up.
After reading about quantum immortality, this gives me some serious heeby jeebies.
Especially because I've felt the same intense feeling of rejection of reality, only when things were less than fatal (mangled arm requiring extensive surgery), and NOT woken up.
Quantum immortality way mean we all end up with no mouths, and must scream.
>inmate number
Confirmed nignog
quantum immortality bro

I had the same thing, except instead of a car accident I was pulled out to (and drowned in) sea. The next iteration my mom took us to the beach, instead of my dad, and we had a much less eventful time
My number is variations of 01391.
013, 39, and 391 are the most common.
bank account#, car vin#, driver license#, later found out the car was the 39th year of production, tax return amount, telephone number, address of employer, occasional work order #s, fucking everything.
I was probably around 10 at the time

>be night time
>fall asleep at my aunt's
>it feels like I've had my eyes closed for 5 minutes
>open my eyes
>it's fucking morning
>in absolute shock
>so surprised I go wake everyone up saying
>"Look look look! It's already day time!!"

I remember it so fucking vividly too. I had toast afterwards.
>Be walking up some stairs with friends
>See black cat walk by
>Look at cute friend's ass (shit was tight yo)
>See same black cat walk by
I've only ever experienced one so called reality glitch, the funny thing is that it happened just yesterday and it still has me weirded out.

>share apartment with my roommate/friends with benefits/personal teddy bear
>wake up in the morning
>he's not in bed next to me
>go out into living room
>he's not there either
>very confused, look all over apartment
>he's nowhere to be found
>his keys are still here though, and i know he wouldn't leave without his keys
>really starting to freak out
>go back into bedroom
>he's laying there in bed, asleep
do you have a sauce on that image?
no that was me...
>be 5 or 6
>family lives in a small trailer on my grandparents 8 acre property
>there's a large field between my dads house and grandparents house and a smaller field behind our house which is full of foot-tall grass and a forest next to it
>I'm playing with my younger sister near the swing set behind the house on a clear sunny day
> I noticed that a dark creature is running towards us
>it's larger than a dog but smaller than a bear
>I grabbed my sister's arm and started running to the front door
>I could feel the creature at my heels but it never caught us when we went in the house
>I looked behind me and the creature was standing in front of the screen door
>my mother walked in the room and asked casually what was going on
>I took my eyes away from the door for a split second, about to tell her about the creature but when I looked back at the door, it was gone
I do not, just a twin turboed subaru, probably early 2000's for the year
Google you inadequate nigger.
does anon not know how to greentext?

>being this much of a newfag
you were on THE ROAD anon. if you had continued you and your father would have had your greatest desires granted.
These blinks are pretty normal and everybody gets them. Its blood pressure that changes too fast.
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post number 15932877
-11 is 66
this is a p cool story, id love to see u try to find it again!
That happened to me all the time when I was younger. Like literally all the time. It's not a life glitch. You just don't perceive the passage of time when you sleep & don't dream.
Yeah did that.It didnt helped so I erased the fucker.
>be 6
>playing with two of my cousins and my sister in aunt's house
>scary ass shit house btw. full of inexplicable stuff
>wide hallway upstairs with a chandelier hanging
>be sitting in a circle, rolling a ball to each other for recreational purposes
>all of us hear a loud rumble from the ceiling
>all look up and see chandelier fall down
>roll over to avoid impact
>blink moment, no impact
>we all look up
>chandelier is happily hanging as if nothing happened
>run to mom and aunt crying
>they check the chandelier, even they check the wires in the attic
>carry on with our ballthrowing bullshit, peeking at the lamp every five seconds
>doesn't move anymore
Cats are a direct link to the spirit world. Both that and they can be a bad thing. My girl's cat teleports and does same shit. Watch him walk out of the room three times from the same direction. Shut him im the bathroom while I shower and he is gone when I get out. Hear him outside the bedroom at night by the bell he wears but he is there sleeping also. That nigga is a fucking quantum ninja.
Shit, I am going to write some books based on mine. Some weird ass ideas no one has ever done in fiction
This one's just bizzare.100% true.

>Loved the mighty boosh (shit comedy tv show) when I was 14
>Reading this book about the show with my mate who also loved it.
>The book contains one of the character's phone numbers (it was part of some joke, the number was about 9 digits long)
>I save the number to my phone because banter
>never call it or really do anything with it.

>About one year later
>Playing Mariokart alone.
>Phone rings next to me, screen says "Old Gregg (character's name) is calling".
>Don't answer, finish the race.
>Call the number back
>It goes to the answering machine of a local girls' Catholic school which I have never called and who have never called me.
>What the fuck, man.
>Check Old Gregg's number in my contacts.
>It's still the same 9 digit joke number, definitely not the contact number for a school
>Call it again
>Number not recognised, can't connect call, as I'd expect.
>Try a few more times and never get the school again.

I wish I'd picked up when it first called, but that probably would have broken the matrix.
illumanti confirm

capcha: fixtu
>Be calculating Pi
>Find the final number
I've never liked the Illuminati meme. People who use it are blind fools.
you don't even know how gay this theory is.
that happens for many people?
you are truly a scientism believer
>can't greentext
>uses windows instead of Linux
>can't into reading a clock
>his dad is a disappearing nigger
glitches are reality fixing itself preparing for the next checkpoint that must occur. the checkpoint is near so expect more glitches than ever.
Treasure goblin stole my motorcycle key's .
>Be me, like 9 or 10
>Only have one car so have to drive mom to work in case we need car
>Get back, it's real windy and stormy out
>See that front door is open
>Cats could have gone outside
>Hop out of car and go inside, close door
>Find one cat in my room
>Come downstairs to front door
>Panicking because cat is fucking gone
>Oh thank God
>Turn around, she's on the stairs looking at me
>Starts walking upstairs because bedtime now
>Turn around, hear meowing and scratching from outside door
>Open door
>Cat is now outside, scared shitless
>Turn around, she's no longer on stairs
>Cat comes in from outside like nothing happened
>But then who was cat
>doesn't understand neuroscience

File: 34oofrq3n4.jpg (124 KB, 1351x1016) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124 KB, 1351x1016
>go to toilet
>take a massive dump
>look in to the bowl
>the toilet is empty
>no skidmarks whatsoever
>ass is clean too
I remember one day where I could only see in monochrome, I never told my parents because I was scared that they would take me to the doctor to have my eyes taken out (I was 5 or 6)

After that my eyes were fine...
Man i had something just like that happen to me one time, i went to go to sleep facing my window then i blinked and it was fucking morning. Felt like no time at all had passed.
Neuroscientists don't even understand neuroscience. They just dick around with patients getting MRIs and think it is cutting edge research.
>common but that's only because you forget about all the times where it's /not/ 66.
Stop doing that
Shit that would be scary
>fall asleep with clothes on
>wake up with clothes off
I live in a lower suite so my windows are barely above ground level. One night I had a huge flash like you said a photo being taken. Where my window faces is a garage with no working lights, and the property backs onto a huge park so no streetlights anywhere. I ran outside and there was no one around, it's still bothers me to this day.
File: 1423119005544.png (743 KB, 614x704) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
743 KB, 614x704
This totally freaked me out the other day.

>eating sandwich in front of tv
>phone rings and I set my plate down on the tabke to go answer it
>pick up the phone and nothing! Dead silence.
>go back to sit down and my plate is empty
>no one home except for me and my dog
What happened to it? I was super spooked after that. I think a skinwalker might have grabbed it. Can skinwalkers take the shape of sandwiches? Oh man, I'm too scared to even go in my kitchen now.
your dog ate the sandwich

>sound of joke going over head
>sammich gone
>just me and dog

well that's where you sammich went, dogs are sneaky bastards
File: na8om992iP1s24b7s.gif (959 KB, 448x352) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
959 KB, 448x352
>walk into room
>set wallet down in normal spot
>play vidya for a few
>time to go outside
>go to grab wallet
>search frantically knowing I put my wallet down
>tear room apart
>walk into bathroom
>search, come back out
>wallet is where I originally placed it
>literally stared at it worried to pick it up

This confused the absolute fuck out of me because I swept over my wallet spot more than a few times. Got pretty nopey after that

Two words:

>Drving home from work one night
>Shift over at 2330, but don't start heading home until 0138
>35 minute drive home
>Start singing along with the stereo and two songs pass
>Suddenly entrences to my town, almost home
>Check the time
>I wasn't speeding and the songs were the 7 minutes in total
>Wonder what the fuck happened
>be me

Stop with this
>riding in the car with my friend yesterday
>in passenger seat
>always wear this small ring that belonged to my grandmother, who passed away before I was born
>ring falls off my finger and into a crevice between the seat
>Freak out
>Stop the car and look all through that side
>even took out the seat, pulled up some of the carpet
>can't find it
>no way it could've fallen out the car either
It's really been bothering me...
When you guys say you say a number everywhere what do you mean exactly? Where do you see this number? Is it a every day thing or just occasionally?
Stop being new

>be you
>getting mad on the internet
>be me
>laughing hard at you
>be me post this to you
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>be me
>junior in college
>visiting my parents/old childhood house for winter break last december
>my sleep schedule has been thrown out of whack from the break and I'm going to sleep around 6:00AMish
>decide to have a smoke on the second story porch
>Noticed the door wasn't locked when I went out and since I've always been a paranoid person I make a point to lock it on the way back in
>go to take a shower in the bathroom, the room right next to the door to access the porch
>even though it's my own home I'm feeling extra spooked tonight so I explicitly remember myself getting out of the shower immediately after I stepped in and locking the bathroom door
>now that no skeletons can get me I get back in the shower
>scrub a dub dub
>get out of the shower and dry off
>reach to unlock the door to leave
>freeze in disbelief as I notice that the door is already unlocked
>the bathroom is super small so it's obvious I'm the only one in there
>get the fuck out of there and start heading back down the long hallway to my room
>pass by the second story porch door
>it's also fucking unlocked
>I just want to do is hide in my room but decide to check in on my parents to make sure they're not fucking killed or something
>they're fine and the dog is in their room, all asleep
>check the rest of the house quickly
>lock myself in my room for the rest of the night, afraid to sleep until I hear my dad get up for work four hours later

I still don't know what to make of any of it so I just don't think about it. The porch stretches across the entire front side of the house, passing in front of my bedroom window, the porch door, and the bathroom window in that order. The only "logical" explanation is that someone removed the screen on the window of the bathroom while I was in the shower, came in, placed it back, left through the bathroom door and then out through the porch, unlocking each one. But obviously this couldn't have happened without me noticing.
Not really a glitch but i think i went insane.
>sister got herself her first car today
>was taking a nap because i was tired as fuck
>get up and go downstairs. feel really bad
>suddenly bees start attacking me
>panic but cant move fast
>go into bathroom feeling super hot
>sitting down while i think
>wait a second... how the fuck did i think that was real?
>okay afterwards, still not sure what happened.
>oh yeah and my left eye was MASSIVELY irrated when i was in the bathroom
666 is my recurring number but it hasn't happened recently... It was a sudden influx in part of my life but then if ceased
I don't want to stop being me
>7th grade
>have empty container of tic tacs
>friends sees it, ask if he can have one
>tell him I'm out, doesn't believe me so he examines the container
>gives it back and start shaking it violently out of boredom
>single tic tac appears
>friend and I both agree the shit was 100% empty
I am convinced that everything goes my way without even trying too. Times when I thought I would and should have failed turned into my favor. I fear the day when this luck will run out.
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idk if this is really a glitch but something happened and it was fucking hell

>be me maybe 7 or 8 or something idk
>at my dad's coworkers house or something playing guitar hero while they are talking and stuff
>hours go by and I fall asleep on the couch
>wake up in the car, its night time and we're driving home
>the inside of the car seems normal but outside the car it looks like we're going hundreds of miles per hour and all the other car's lights are just those little lines cause they go by so fast
>can barely breath and ask parents whats going on but they dont know what im talking about
>car literally speeds up to like hyperspeed or whatever from starwars and tears come out of my eyes and i can barely breath
>wake up at home the next morning and my parents didnt know what i was talking about

it felt so real i dont think it was a dream
They stick to the lid, this isn't paranormal.
>about 7 years ago
>be 14 year old chav paper boy
>delivering papers on me bike
>bombing down a hill really fast
>busy road at the bottom
>old bike, has shitty breaks
>break to late cant slow down fast enough
>try and use feet to slow down
>still no good
>zoom of the curb onto the busy road
>slowed down to a stop
>shit im in the middle of the road
>see a car coming at me at about 60mph
>car trys to break but its too late
>im fucking stunned with fear, all i can mange to do is close my eyes
>suddenly feel really warm, feels like im floating
>open my eyes im on the other side of the road, totally fine
>looks back and see the car has finally stopped and the guy is looking from me on the road
>ride away scared as shit
>finish delivering papers
>never tell anyone
Please, die.
I love these, it's been too long. Does anyone remember the one where a guy was stuck in a building of some sort for like a week or so?

My dad when he was a child used to get the blinks, he later discovered it is a condition called 'pette mal' or something like that, I'm not sure how to spell it but it is french and translates to 'little disease' or something like that. Basically it just entitles losing consciousness for less than a second. My dad used to get it upwards of 200 times per day, and he did poorly in school cause of it. But he eventually grew out of it. There are other explantions to. Like low blood pressure in the brain causing thinks to dim and you temporarily lose vision, I get that too. But it isn't like blinking. More like slowly closing eyes. Google "petie mal" sorry I can't spell it.
>He went to the bathroom.

Mystery solved.

Got a similar one...

>be about 10, living in a tropical place, hot as fuck and hate it
>go to sleep and immediately start dreaming
>in the dream I'm a much older person driving a car down a snowy road. Very specifically remember passing a huge electrical sub station in the shadow of a giant hydro electric dam.
>sitting next to a red head girl who won't shut up in the passenger seat, feel immense feelings for this girl but couldn't understand them at the time.
>still dreaming that I'm driving but car has crazy lcd screens and looks super futuristic. Glance at speedo and look up into rear view mirror to see a purple van driving behind me that is driving dangerously fast for an icy road.
>Van speeds past me but slides as it pulling in front
>I try to swerve but slam into the under side of it as it's rolled over
>look over to see female passenger, blood everywhere, she's dead :(
>Wake up bawling my eyes out, horrible dream, can't get back to sleep.

>22 years pass, I'm all grown up and have gotten a job working as a line worker in a different country for a power company.
>out in new Subaru forester (need awd for the snow) with co worker, I really like her, definitely have feelings for her... she's a red head from Ireland.
>she's raving on about Putin and the US/NATO forces
>holy shit I love this girl
>we pass under power lines from our plants hydro dam... I start feeling weird and begin shivering
>road is getting slippery, glance at speedo
>look up in rear view mirror to see the van from my dreams
>heart is beating like crazy I put the hazard lights on and slow down pulling to the side to let the idiots pass me
>they scream past us and slide on the ice, whole van slides sideways into the snow and flips on its side.
>occupants ok but some fairly serious injuries.

>mfw I still haven't told the red head girl how I feel about her.
thats like a movie or someshit dipfuck dont you know that real crazy shit is lowkey i swear im gonna cuntslap your mother until my balls are sore then assfuck her bagina
Your locks are fucking shit m8
Same for me anon, except it's little things like I'll lean over to someone and be like "Hey" then it ends. Month later it happens.
This happened maybe 12 years ago. It was the middle of the afternoon when I went to one of my favorite fast food places. Afternoon = slow time for business, and the parking lot was almost empty. I parked and had stepped out of the car when I realized I forgot to grab the book I'd brought with on the passenger seat. I leaned in, grabbed the book, stood up, and promptly dropped it. It slid out of my fingers and hit the ground with a hefty splat as it was a big, heavy trade paperback.
I go to pick it up, and it's not on the ground. I look around, under my car, -in- my car along the door frame... no book. It was just gone. There were no other cars nearby it could have bounced under. Finally, I gave up, went inside, and ate. Came out, looked again, still no book. I pulled out and looked at the space my car had been - still no book on the ground. I went home bookless and thoroughly mystified. When I got home I found that damn book sitting perfectly flawlessly squarely center on the recliner that faced the front door. Not only that, even though I'd heard it hit the asphalt, there was no fall damage on it.
There is no possible way it was just a duplicate of the missing book because the book was one in a foreign language I had ordered directly from Europe. If there was another copy in the entire state, I would have been surprised.
I joke that I am kind of let down by the experience because aren't these kinds of things supposed to have some kind of important mystical meaning? and this just didn't.
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Don't worry about it. I'm sure it was nothing. Nothing weird going on there
Wildest story in this whole thread
>be 9 or 10
>have sick ass dream about cool off-road racing car with sort of orange checkered pattern
>wake up
>check out toy car collection
>there is the car
>mfw not a toy car I own
>mfw told parents they didn't get it for me
>mfw they thought I stole it and threw it away and grounded me
>mfw I have no face
I actually found the car years later in my college dorm but now have no Idea where it is
This sounds more like a serotonin problem, called brain zaps. They can be so little as a blink that never actually happened to as much as an electrical impulse that surges through tour body.

I had these and never knew how to explain it to anyone. I took Zoloft for about 6 months and they disappeared. But when I came off of Zoloft they came back for about two months. They were so bad this time that I would get at least 50 a day.

It's almost like your brain just doesn't... Well... Brain, but only for a split second
>be me
>so young I don't remember myage
>bored at home, have two very long socks
>ball up sock a, place inside of sock b
>spinning sock b as fast as I can, holding the entrance point to make a flail like weapon
>slap cousin in the face with the deadly flail of fury
>sock a no longer inside of sock b
>cousin and I are weirded out and search for sock a

Needles to say we never found that fucking sock, and neither of the socks had holes, so we weren't exactly sure how the sock got out in the first place
aliems. gotta be aliems.
I take a shit
I look in toilet and notice... THERES SHIT IN THERE!!! I freak out and shit on the ground and slip In my shit and than I piss all over the ground!!
>he thinks holographic universe means the matrix/holodeck.
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Not really a life glitch but i wanted to say it anyways.
>Sitting in my bed at night thinking about things
>Was doing this for about an hour or so
>Suddenly the FNAF crew came outta fucking nowhere, i toss my pillow at them and they disappear.
>dont even really care and i go to sleep
>i wake up and my pillow is across the room, i wtf and then remember
>not even scared of fnaf
>wasnt even thinking of fnaf
well shit.
>he thinks it doesn't
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>be 8 or 9
>me and friend would play with polly dolls
>decided we were too old for them and biffed a bunch of them over the fence
>would have landed 2-3 houses away
>couple weeks later out in garden
>find guy doll partially buried
>throw over fence again

>move house about a year later
>landscaping back yard
>find guy doll partially buried again
>freak out, pull doll apart and throw pieces over different fences
>couple weeks later find intact doll back in garden

I threw it over the fence again and never saw it since
not gonna greentext but still interesting, ive had 2
Once on christmas eve when i mustve been about 5 i was standing in front of my bunkbed talking to my brother who was 9 and i remember explicitly that he said, "hurry and go to sleep so we can open our presents" while i was lookin at him, i blinked once and there was instantly more light coming out the windows and he had shifted to a different spot in the room, his hair changed and he said "Come on! lets go open our presents!!" and i tripped for a second then went to open the best presents i had ever opened
Another time, i had just opened a toy truck in my back bedroom by myself, then my mom called me down the hall and when i returned, the toy truck was suspended in the air about a foot off the ground and it was literally in exploded view, meaning every piece was visible
once i entered the room though it dropped and my mom had yelled at me for breaking my new toy
how do i know it's not just an illusion?
Anon could be a woman
>be a kid
>school has book fair
>subscribe to the berenstain bears book mailing list, a new book would come out and a copy of it was sent to your house.
>one day,I was taking a nap, my mom woke up me up tell me I got a new book in the mail. I opened the package up, looked at the book and set it on my dresser and went back to sleep.
>When I woke up the book wasnt there, and there was no mail.
>I remember asking my mom where the book went and she had no idea what I was talking about.
>still today I have no idea what the fuck happened. It couldn't have been a dream, It couldnt have been sleep paralysis. I distinctly remember my mom waking me up and opening that package it was in, looked at it and set it down. I don't remember the name of the book either, all I remember about it was that the cover was a deepish purple color with the "berenstain bears" in light blue.

I don't believe in the "berenstain bears" vs. "berenstein bears" bullshit either..it's always been "berenstain bears
>be me and like hot snacks
>buy hot fries andy caps snack
>reach in bag
>Eating flamming hot Cheetos
>hot fries bag transformed into hot Cheetos
same thing happened to me as a kid
>very young
>playing with a shark toy of some sort
>drop it under my bed, watched it drop under th bed
>go to pick it up
>ransack room looking for it
>a year later it shows up in my hanging closet shelf thing
if you want stories like that visit an asylum. Stories like in this thread are plausible, and might not be as exciting as you'd like, but that's what you should expect of real life.
>typing greentext style without greentexting
you are an asshole
that's pretty crazy actually
no way that someone could unlock your deadbolt and be gone that quickly
Pretty crazy.
I've had dreams come true but never like that.
Lately though I've been dreaming a lot that same way, but usually my dreams guide me in life, like there's an important message I get from them that's more vague.
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this thread brings this story to mind
1 of 3
File: anomalies3.jpg (2 MB, 1113x6998) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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2 of 3
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3 of 4, oops
I haven't had luck that intense, but throughout all of my life I've noticed that things always work out. Bad things sometimes happen, but almost always it's for a greater good.
I bet you will die at age 66
that will be the worst irony
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4 of 4
i have 3 cats...haven't noticed any of that stuff...yet.
might have been a lucid dream...

do you even english?
Everyone probably experiences this sometimes, so fairly un-paranormal but still weird.
>Fall asleep on the couch while watching shitty made-for-TV movie
>Wake up in bed
>No memory of moving, slept like a log and didn't get up at all in the night
i dont remember where this came from, but here.

When I was a boy of ten I was convinced that I had been killed repeatedly in my own lifetime. I reckoned that most people had been killed pretty often, but each time death approached their consciousness would slip into an alternate timeline where whatever killed them was either nonlethal or nonexistant, leaving observers a dead body, unwise to the escape. How many times, I wondered, had an airplane fallen on my house or crocodiles invaded my room, only to have my mind flee to a safer plane of existence? Where this true, and one also assumed that there are an infinite number of universes to choose from, then every person on Earth would eventually exist in a world where they were the oldest living thing, their apparent immortality unexplained by conventional science. Knowing this, I decided to test my hypothesis: if I were to die, then I was wrong. But if I didn't, my theory was true.

So far, so good.
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