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Continuing from:

If anyone is unfamiliar with what is going on, please check out the previous threads.
I don't know if I will continue these threads beyond this possible final one...we will see.

Feel free to discuss or contribute, it's all spoopy up in here!

The LaCrosse, Wisconsin Man-Bat

This encounter happened on Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2006, on Briggs Road near LaCrosse, Wisconsin around 9:30 pm to a 53-year old resident who prefers to be known only by his Cherokee name, Wohali, and the man's 25-year old son. The creature they encountered was 6-7 feet tall with batlike, leathery wings with a span of 10-12 feet, long claws on it's feet and hands and a snarling expression on the face. It flew towards their windshield, stared at them and then swooped upwards into the night sky.

The creature "screamed" at them before sailing straight up into the air. Wohali stated that he did not know whether the creature had been on the road and then bounced up at them, or if it had been flying at the time it came at their car. He was sure the thing was a physical, actual creature, he said, but like nothing he had ever seen before. Their reaction? Immediate illness. In seconds, both became physically ill, and the son, who was driving, swerved and then pulled the truck over into the ditch so he could vomit. The son, who wishes his identity kept private, vomited six or seven times. Wohali retched, as well, and both remained sick for an entire week. The son was so frightened by the encounter that he refuses to discuss it. But Wohali told me he feels it's important for people to "know what is out there."
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Wohali also described seeing "distended ribs, long sort of human legs with claws, huge bat-like wings with 'arms' sort of attached, I remember the teeth and the scream we heard was terrifying."

Wohali’s account and his sincerity convinced Godfrey that he had a “credible sighting” of something she has not heard described before. “He certainly has nothing to gain by making it up” — or talking about it, she said. “He believes the more he talks about it, the more power it gives the creature.”

Godfrey said she feels it is important that somebody record these experiences. The Man Bat of Briggs Road ranks right up there as far as notable weird experiences.
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“I do think this sighting that Wohali had is an extremely interesting and exciting sighting,” Godfrey said. “I do think it should have some serious consideration given to it.”

There was another similar entity reported when a man and boy were searching for a lost dog. "They saw what they described as a 'lizard man' covered in brownish scales and very reptilian-looking. It did not have its mouth open or arms extended". Around the same time, a state DNR warden and separately, a group of highway workers saw what they described as a 'reptile man' on Hwy. 13 near Medford. It also possessed wings and was able to fly out of their view. The Medford spot was very near the Black River which winds up from LaCrosse!"

NOTE: since these sightings some people have suggested that this creature may have been a Mothman who appeared previous to several mysterious drownings in the LaCrosse area. You can find Linda Godfrey's website at The Beast of Bray Road and Hunting the American Werewolf Home Page.

Strange Wisconsin: More Badger State Weirdness - Linda S. Godfrey
Hidden Animals: A Field Guide to Batsquatch, Chupacabra, and Other Elusive Creatures - Michael Newton
The Skree Of Culloden

On the eve of a battle that changed Scotland’s history, a bizarre incident was a horrifying omen of the slaughter to follow. On 15 April 1746 at Culloden Moor in the Highlands, British troops prepared to engage the army of Charles Edward, the Stuart prince who sought to recover the British throne.

At the Scottish camp that night the air was suddenly filled with spine-chilling screams, and the troops saw a monstrous, harpy-like apparition hovering overhead. It resembled a great bird with leathery bat-like wings, burning red eyes – and the head of man. Later dubbed the skree, the creature seems to have been more than just a pre-battle hallucination. A reliable eyewitness was Lord George Murray, a general renowned for his level-headedness. The horrendous apparition eventually departed and was never seen again. The next day’s battle brought disaster for the Scots – with the skree had gone the hopes of the Young Pretender and the Stuart dynasty.

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The Beast of Gévaudan

The Beast of Gévaudan is a name given to man-eating wolf-like animals alleged to have terrorized the former province of Gévaudan, in the Margeride Mountains in south-central France from 1764 to 1767 over an area stretching 90 by 80 kilometres. The beasts were consistently described by eyewitnesses as having formidable teeth and immense tails. Their fur had a reddish tinge, and was said to have emitted an unbearable odor.

They killed their victims by tearing at their throats with their teeth. The number of victims differs according to source. De Beaufort (1987) estimated 210 attacks, resulting in 113 deaths and 49 injuries; 98 of the victims killed were partly eaten. An enormous amount of manpower and resources was used in the hunting of the animals, including the army, conscripted civilians, several nobles, and a number of royal huntsmen.

Many explanations, either mutant, prehistoric beast etc., were put forward at the time and during the two centuries since but none has ever been generally accepted. The important firm fact is that sufficient evidence remains to prove La Bête really did exist and was not just a myth. Locals believed it was a werewolf, or, more specifically, a sorcerer who shape-shifted into a monstrous predator in order to feed on human flesh. It was supposed to be bulletproof as well, until the day that someone tried a silver bullet.
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Descriptions of the Beast varied so much that most researchers believe there had to be at least two of the creatures, if indeed the panic wasn't causing the populace to incorporate almost any large animal into these sightings. The color of the Beast's fur was especially variable. Sometimes it was red, red with a large gray patch, or red with faint stripes along the back. Other times, it had black and white patches spotted over its body, with no trace of red. Rarely, it had colors or patterns that didn't incorporate red, black, or white. If you add up all the differing descriptions and then create a composite description out of those characteristics that are mentioned with consistency and by the most witnesses, then the Beast would look something like this:

"The Beast is a quadruped about the size of a horse. It reminds witnesses of a bear, hyena, wolf and panther all at once. It has a long wolf-like or pig-like snout, lined with large teeth. The ears are small and round, lying close to the head. The neck is long and strong. The tail somewhat resembles the long tail of a panther, but it is so thick and strong that the Beast uses it as a weapon, knocking men and animals down with it. Anyone struck by the tail reports that it hits with considerable force. The feet of the Beast are the hardest to describe. Some say that it has cloven hooves, or that each digit is tipped with a hoof. Others say that the claws are so heavy, thick and formidable that they merely resemble hooves."
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The first known attack that provided a description of one of the creatures took place on June 1 1764. A woman from Langogne saw a large, lupine animal emerge from the trees and charge directly toward her, but it was driven away by the farm's bulls.

On June 30th, the first official victim of the beast was Jeanne Boulet, 14, killed near the village of Les Hubacs, not far from Langogne. The beast seemed to target people over farm animals; many times it would attack someone while cattle were in the same field.

On January 12th 1765, Jacques Portefaix and seven friends, including two girls, were attacked by the Beast; they drove it away by staying grouped together. Their fight caught the attention of King Louis XV, who awarded 300 livres to Portefaix, and another 350 livres to be shared among the others. He also directed that Portefaix be educated at the state's expense. The King had taken a personal interest in the attacks, and sent professional wolf-hunters, Jean Charles Marc Antoine Vaumesle d'Enneval and his son Jean-François, to kill the beast. They arrived in Clermont-Ferrand on February 17th 1765, bringing with them eight bloodhounds which had been trained in wolf-hunting. They spent several months hunting wolves, believing them to be the beast. However the attacks continued, and by June 1765 they were replaced by François Antoine, the king's harquebus bearer and Lieutenant of the Hunt. He arrived in Le Malzieu on June 22nd.
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On September 21st 1765, Antoine killed a large grey wolf measuring 80 centimetres (31 in) high, 1.7 metres (5.6 ft) long, and weighing 60 kilograms (130 lb). The wolf was called Le Loup de Chazes, after the nearby Abbaye des Chazes. It was agreed locally that this was quite large for a wolf. Antoine officially stated: "We declare by the present report signed from our hand, we never saw a big wolf that could be compared to this one. Which is why we estimate this could be the fearsome beast that caused so much damage."

The animal was further identified as the culprit by attack survivors, who recognized the scars on the creature's body, inflicted by victims defending themselves. The wolf was stuffed and sent to Versailles where Antoine was received as a hero, receiving a large sum of money as well as titles and awards.
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Beast of Gevaudan2.jpg
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However, on December 2nd 1765, another beast emerged in la Besseyre Saint Mary, severely injuring two children. Dozens more deaths are reported to have followed.

The killing of the creature that eventually marked the end of the attacks is credited to a local hunter, Jean Chastel, at the Sogne d'Auvers on June 19th 1767. Later novelists introduced the idea that Chastel shot it with a blessed silver bullet of his own manufacture. Upon being opened, the animal's stomach was shown to contain human remains.

Clark, Jerome and Coleman, Loren - "Cryptozoology A-Z" - Simon & Schuster - 1999
Steiger, Brad - "Out of the Dark: The Complete Guide to Beings from Beyond" - Kensington Books - 2001
You don't have a throw-away e-mail? If not then that's fine, well if you ever see a thread titled "Aliens and their very Native Origins" (Will probably be a lengthy thread created by me, explaining my many theories based upon their behavior, visual anatomy, and their personalized style mirrored in their technology) then it's me and if you should see it, then come join when you can.
Well I have a primary and secondary e-mail, I would have to create a third one.
I will be over to your thread for sure, when I am done stirring this cauldron.

On the chilly evening of November 16, 1963, teenagers John Flaxton, Mervyn Hutchinson and two other friends were walking home from a party on Sandling Road in the county of Kent when they saw a silent, glowing, orb descending from the heavens.
The small, self illuminated object, hovered above a field and then settled into the shadow infested foliage of the woods at Sandling Park. While the teens were still reeling from this astonishing sight, something even more inconceivable would soon grab their attention.
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Moments after the extraordinary craft landed behind the trees, the teens noticed a shaking in the brush and what emerged was one of the most unique creatures ever to be chronicled in ufology. The four shocked eyewitnesses claimed that they saw a shambling, quasi-humanoid figure emerge from the woods and waddle towards them.

The beast apparently looked like a headless bat with large webbed feet and wings protruding from its back. In Hutchinson’s own words: “It didn’t seem to have any head. There were huge wings on its back… like bat wings.”

The group, understandably overwhelmed with fear, rushed away from the freakish bat-thing and made their way to the nearest police station, where they related their tale to — what one must assume were — highly skeptical officers.

Within weeks other eyewitnesses came forth to claim that they too had seen the UFO on that fateful eve. John McGoldrick even claimed that he and a companion had discovered no less than three, 2-foot long “footprints” in the area where the bat beast was seen. When reporters descended onto the scene they claimed that the thicket was bathed in an eerie — and inexplicable — glow, which continued for some days before subsiding.

I'm sure some of you have heard of this before, but if not, then here you go:

Black Knight Satellite

In 1899, Nikola Tesla picked up unusual signals from an unknown source on his high-voltage receiver in Colorado Springs which he speculated were “intelligently controlled signals” that originated “from another world.” Astronomers have reported picking up similar radio signals since the 1930s and Dr. Lincoln La Paz of the University of New Mexico sighted the possible source in Earth orbit in1953. The U.S. Department of Defense commissioned astronomer Clyde Tombaugh to look for it. A famous article about the Black Knight was published in both the St. Louis Dispatch and The San Francisco Examiner on May 14th 1954. At that time, there were no man-made objects in Earth orbit … that we know of.

That changed in 1957 when the USSR launched Sputnik 1. It was reported that an object believed to be the Black Knight Satellite was “shadowing” Sputnik 1. When Sputnik 2 was launched a month later, Dr. Luis Corralos of the Communications Ministry in Venezuela photographed it again shadowing the satellite. In 1960, a Grumman Aircraft Corporation tracking camera took a picture of it but the company kept its findings secret. In 1963, U.S. astronaut Gordon Cooper reported seeing a UFO like the Black Knight in front of his capsule. A photo taken during a space shuttle mission in 1998 (seen in the videos) shows an object many believe is the Black Knight and a 2014 video feed from the ISS shows a similar object.

Of course, there’s much more about the Black Knight that we know and don’t know, including the link to Philip K. Dick. The military and space programs of both the US and Russia have acknowledged at least the possibility of its existence.
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Black Mail: The Secret Spot Where People’s ‘Alien Letters’ Arrive

There is often talk of what humankind’s discussions with alien beings might be like in the event that an extraterrestrial civilization were successfully contacted. And yet, despite this, there are those among us who have been sending their own personal messages to aliens for years.

Whether extraterrestrials ever actually received them is a different matter altogether, though one thing is clear: we do know where some of the messages may have ended up.

welve miles away from the infamous Area 51 facility near Groom Lake, Nevada, amidst an otherwise empty and featureless stretch of highway stands a pair of white mailboxes. Mounted together on a single post, the battered containers are fitted with locks, and covered with stickers, scribblings, and graffiti of all kinds.
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Each of the boxes bears a name: the larger of the two has the words “Steve Medlin” written in bold black letters, and the one beneath it boasting an even simpler and recognizable term: “ALIEN.”

The mailbox, while existing in close proximity to Area 51, does in fact belong to a real-life person named Steve Medlin Thus, no mail delivered here is received by any of the four or five species of extraterrestrial visitors presumed by some to be living in an underground complex below the base.

According to Slate, Medlin, rather than being a go-between for the secret government, is a rancher who has lived nearby since the early 70s:

“He and his wife Glenda moved to a 900-square-mile cattle ranch in Tikaboo Valley in 1973. That was 16 years before Bob Lazar appeared on television claiming that the Air Force base near the ranch, known unofficially as Area 51, was hiding alien spacecraft that crashed in the desert.”
Interestingly, during a recent visit to the site in July of 2014, YouTube user Wayne Lindberg and his wife managed to speak with a postal service worker named Trish, an employee with the nearby Alamo, Nevada, Post Office, who provided some of the most up-to-date information about the famous, and at times unfortunate, mailbox:

“People have told me I should write a book,” Trish explained.

“The lower box is the alien box, if you wanna send aliens letters,” she says, noting that vandalism to the mailbox over the years had caused Mr. Medlin to have to build the white casing around his box–which was originally black–along with the addition of the smaller box for people’s “alien” mail.

Along with letters from alien admirers, the Medlins, who added the box in 1997 (the same year the roadway it stands next to was dubbed the “Extraterrestrial Highway”) say that some folks who visit drop money in the box. In truth, the occasional tokens are probably little consolation when compared with the damage inflicted on the box over the years, which at one time included the post it was mounted on being completely uprooted and tossed by the roadside (technically, this constitutes vandalism of federal property, which can warrant rather severe penalties).

Arguably, Mr. Medlin should be commended for being light-hearted enough to add a box just for alien letters, rather than a surveillance camera, booby-traps, or other contraptions aimed at dissuading visitors from destroying his mailbox.


>I thought that was pretty amusing.
Black Triangular Craft and Highways

Interstate 435 surrounds Kansas City, Missouri, and its suburbs across the Missouri/Kansas state line in 81-miles of asphalt. Other than a few housing developments, the northwest stretch of the interstate that Laura Katz traveled on around 10 p.m. February 19, is quiet and dark. “It was cold and clear,” Katz said. “You could see the stars. Visibility was excellent.”

Which is how she saw the thing in the sky.

Katz was on the last half-hour of the long journey from her hometown of Council Bluffs, Iowa, to her apartment in Overland Park, Kansas, when she took the onramp onto the interstate at Platte City, Missouri, and entered this sparsely-populated area northwest of Kansas City. “I’d only been on 435 a couple of minutes and I see these things with lights,” she said. “I think, hmm, that’s weird.”

An elongated black triangle about the size of a commercial jet airliner flew toward her. A smaller one just to the south mirrored the flight path; a second smaller craft flew to the north. “To the right is another one right above the trees,” she said. “I mean right above the trees. There were no propellers, no wings, and they were flat. An airplane isn’t just flat like that.”

These three aircraft with strange lights approached the interstate with a trajectory that would lead them over Katz’s car toward nearby Kansas City International Airport. But, as the craft grew closer, Katz began to doubt if these were conventional airplanes. “I usually don’t see three airplanes that close together,” she said. “But I am by the airport so maybe they’re farther apart than what I think.”
Then she slowed and the lead craft, the largest of the three, slowly sailed over the top of her car. “It was triangle shape, almost like a Stealth Bomber shape,” she said. But Katz has seen the B-2 Stealth Bomber, and this craft was not the B-2. “I slow down and look up at this thing,” she said. “This was not an airplane. I made sure it was not an airplane before I started freaking.”

Blue and red flickering lights lined the outside of the triangles; a big white light glowed from their middle. Katz got a good look; the craft were close. “We’re talking not very high off the interstate,” she said. “Just above the trees. Probably a couple hundred feet above the trees. I was moving faster than they were.”

One of the smaller ships wasn’t moving at all. It just hovered at the tree line.

Katz’s sighting isn’t uncommon for that area. An anonymous poster to the Mutual UFO Network website described seeing something similar at 10:05 p.m. on November 9, 2012, near Parkville, Missouri, about thirteen miles from the airport. “I saw a triangle-shaped object hovering low in the sky over Parkville, Missouri,” the witness wrote in the MUFON report. “The craft had a bright white light and smaller red and blue light all which flashed randomly.”
File: blacknessinthesky.jpg (23 KB, 570x305) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
This object hovered an estimated 200 feet above the ground. The witness saw a black triangular craft with a bright, white light shining underneath. ”I slowed down to about 15 mph because there were no other cars on the road at the time. The object … blended very well with the night sky,” the witness wrote. “I looked up into the sky very puzzled and astounded by what I had just seen. I can’t understand how something that big could just hover in place so low to the ground and not make a sound.”

Margie Kay, the assistant state director for the Missouri MUFON chapter, said Katz and the witness from Parkville aren’t alone. “There has been some UFO activity in that area, in particular along the river and along I-29 and I-435 at the Missouri/Kansas border,” Kay said. “There were eighty-three reported triangular craft in Missouri from January 2011 to February 19, 2013, with twenty-six of those being along this western corridor.”

Due to the proximity of Whiteman Air Force Base, home of the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber (93 miles away), Fort Riley (141 miles) and Offutt Air Force Base (161 miles away), Kay doesn’t rule out a terrestrial explanation. “I would not be surprised at all if they are some top secret military craft,” she said. “But that is just speculation.”
File: black-triangle-ufo.png (377 KB, 904x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
377 KB, 904x400
Kay’s colleague in Kansas, MUFON field investigator Stan Seba, agrees. “I’m not saying this is extraterrestrial,” he said. “Me and my colleagues believe it’s something of a terrestrial origin.” Over the past few years he’s tracked black triangle sightings across the greater Kansas City area, and many of the sightings are the same. In his research, Seba has noted similarities in the sightings of black triangular craft:

-They are seen at specific altitudes, or very close to the ground, usually less than 500 feet.

-They are much slower than conventional aircraft.

-They are seen over interstate highways.

-They are seen over areas of dense population or over areas of economic development.

-No identifiable identification.

-Unconventional lighting.

-Specific flight paths.

“They have been confused for stealth aircraft,” Seba said, and tries to rule out the B-2 from reports first. “With the B-2 bomber, the way it is designed is to look like anything except an airplane.” But in some sightings of black, triangular craft, the ships don’t behave like the B-2. “They demonstrate abilities that are not known by any other aircraft to have. Stopping in midair, hovering, moving very slowly then zooming out of sight very fast. When they disappear from their sight, it’s likes watching a Star Trek special effect of a starship going into warp.”
File: maxresdefault.jpg (57 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A common thread among these sightings is the interstate system. “In the greater Kansas City area, people are most likely to see triangles on Interstate 653, Interstate 35 and Interstate 435,” he said. “It’s kind of a long line. Some pilots call it IFR. I Follow Roads. And when you’re traveling along the interstate, except for billboards you have an excellent view of the sky.”

This link to terrestrial pilots is one of the reasons Seba said the ships may indeed be some of ours. He sited the words of former Skunk Works director Ben Rich from his book Skunk Works: A Personal Memoir of My Years of Lockheed: ‘We now have the technology to take ET home.’ “If he was being honest with that quote,” Seba said. “There’s no telling what we have.”

However, Seba is also not ruling out that these ships could be extraterrestrial.

Katz is sure they are. “I’m going between 50 and 65 m.p.h. and they’re just gliding through the air; something the military would cover in seconds,” she said. “They were going so slow I could see them in my rearview mirror.”

She saw more than the three slow-moving black triangles on her drive home. “I go a few miles and there’s another one, but not as big as the first,” she said. “I get to the race track (Kansas Speedway) and there’s one right above the Toyota dealership. It was a smaller one. It was stationary.”
File: ufo-_15.jpg (59 KB, 720x513) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Katz wasn’t the only one in the car to know something was wrong; she had three pets with her. “The most mellow cat, right before the Platte City exit (minutes before her first sighting) starts making this noise,” she said. “Not her normal meow. The other two were still, but one was making this noise, this odd, odd noise. She’s in her carrier so I can’t do anything about it.” The cat continued to make this noise for miles. “She didn’t stop until we passed the last one. Super weird,” Katz said.

Seba said there have been reports of similar pet reaction in relation to black triangle sightings.

“I think they’re UFOs, no doubt in my mind,” Katz said. “I’m open to them being military, but I know they weren’t airplanes.”
The legend of El Chupacabras has been part of border folklore since stories of the creature's existence in Puerto Rico emerged in the early '90s. The creature has rarely, if ever, been seen, but it leaves dead animals behind. Its name comes from the animal's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats.

But El Chupacabras is very real to Cesar Garcia, who came out of his house Saturday morning and found 20 dead chickens.

"I saw the chickens were dead, but there was no blood around the sheet metal" in the coop, Garcia said. "All of them were just dead in one big pile. But, really, I don't know what it was because there was no blood.

"If it had been a dog, there would have been blood everywhere because a dog tears them apart."

Garcia was puzzled by the wounds on some of the chickens, which he described as "two pokes."
"We looked it up on the Internet -- the Chupacabras," he said.

On Sunday morning, Garcia's brother-in-law, Miranda, found 10 more dead chickens in a different coop. Sheriff's deputies responded both mornings to investigate, Miranda said. El Paso County sheriff's spokeswoman Chris Acosta confirmed that deputies went to the house in the 15600 block of Slippery Rock.

Miranda said he could not figure out why the family's three dogs did not bark either night. "Nobody heard anything. Nobody saw anything," he said.

Miranda said whatever got the chickens left tracks that included a paw and a heel, and looked like Chupacabras tracks they found on the Internet. "We followed them all the way past the trailer over there, then over the fence. We walked about four blocks and then the footprints vanished."

Henry Flores, director of the Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society, said his group in the past has searched for El Chupacabras in far Northeast El Paso and in Chaparral. The group may now expand the search to the Horizon City area.
"Chupacabras ranks right up there as one of the creatures that has supposedly been seen," Flores said. "It's something we want to try to hunt down when we get a chance."

On their past hunts, Flores said, the group has never glimpsed El Chupacabras, but has found fresh carcasses drained of blood.

"We do see some trails of remains that we think could be the Chupacabras, but we just don't know," he said.

Tony Zavaleta, a professor of anthropology at the University of Texas-Brownsville and an expert in border folklore, said the story of El Chupacabras is kept alive by Spanish-speaking media.

"The Chupacabra is a mythical creature," Zavaleta said. "I reserve the right to say that until someone produces one."

Zavaleta said belief in El Chupacabras has become something of a game to people. Belief is widespread in Latin America and the American Southwest because any mention of the creature quickly gets picked up in the Spanish-speaking media and feeds the craze.
File: 62012.jpg (32 KB, 360x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 360x400
"I don't like to use the word 'hysteria,' but I'll use it with a small 'h.' " Zavaleta said. "Usually, the stories start when a small mammal is killed by a possum, coyote, mountain lion or something. Suddenly, people create an association with the Chupacabras."

The Chupacabras craze was biggest in El Paso in 1995, when T-shirts with images of the goat-sucker, based on "witness accounts," were hot items.

Chupacabras stories made the rounds in El Paso-Juárez that year, but one story stood out. A woman in the Juárez area told reporters that she was bitten by the creature on her neck. Her claim was debunked later as a ploy to divert attention from a lover's hickey and her supposed marital infidelity.

El Chupacabras even stumped TV FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in a 1997 episode of the "X-Files" that starred Ruben Blades.

But Garcia was left to wonder whether his trouble is over and whether it could have been worse: Until three weeks ago, there was still a herd of goats -- allegedly El Chupacabras' favorite food -- on his property.

"Now I'm left with no chickens. Thirty chickens -- gone," Garcia said. "Imagine if we still had the goats."
The Dogon Nommos: Amphibious Gods from Sirius

The Dogon people are a reclusive tribe of cave and hillside-dwelling farming people inhabiting a sparse, rocky plateau in southeastern Mali, West Africa. They live in the Homburi Mountains near Timbuktu. Isolated topographically and culturally from the outside world for countless centuries, they may well appear on first sight to be exceedingly unlikely receptacles of highly advanced astronomical knowledge which only goes to show just how easily we can be deceived by outward appearances.

They are believed to be of Egyptian descent. After living in Libya for a time, they settled in Mali, West Africa, bringing with them astronomy legends dating from before 3200 BCE.

At the center of their religious teachings is knowledge about a star that is invisible to the eye and so difficult to observe (even through a telescope) that no photographs were taken of it until 1970. The Dogon say they received their knowledge by visitors to the earth from another star system.

The star they describe is Sirius B. Its existence was first suspected by Western astronomers in 1844, when irregularities were detected in the movement of Sirius. It was supposed that Sirius must be affected by a second star, and in 1862 a faint companion star was finally detected. Sirius B is a white dwarf that, although small and faint, is extremely dense and heavy enough to exert an influence on Sirius A.
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The Dogon name for Sirius B (Po Tolo) consists of the word for star (tolo) and "po," the name of the smallest seed known to them. By this name they describe the star's smallness...it is, they say, "the smallest thing there is." They also claim that it is "the heaviest star," and white. The Dogon thus attribute to Sirius B its three principle properties as a white dwarf: small, heavy, white.

They go on to say that it has an is elliptical orbit, with Sirius A at one foci of the ellipse (as it is), that the orbital period is 50 years (the actual figure is 50.04 +/- 0.09 years), and that the star rotates on its own axis (it does). The Dogon also describe a third star in the Sirius system, called "Emme Ya" ("Sorghum Female"). In orbit around this star, they say, is a single satellite. To date, Emme Ya has not been identified by astronomers.

In addition to their knowledge of Sirius B, the Dogon mythology includes Saturn's rings, and Jupiter's four major moons. They have four calendars, for the Sun, Moon, Sirius, and Venus, and have long known that planets orbit the sun.

The Dogon say their astronomical knowledge was given to them by the Nommos, amphibious beings sent to earth from Sirius for the benefit of mankind. The name comes from a Dogon word meaning "to make one drink," and the Nommos are also called Masters of the Water, the Monitors, and the Teachers.
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The Nommos were more fishlike than human, and had to live in water. They were saviors and spiritual guardians: "The Nommo divided his body among men to feed them; that is why it is also said that as the universe "had drunk of his body," the Nommo also made men drink. He gave all his life principles to human beings."

The Nommo was crucified and resurrected and in the future will again visit the earth, this time in human form. Later he will assume his amphibious form and will rule the world from the waters.

Dogon mythology is known only by a number of their priests, and is a complex system of knowledge. Such carefully guarded secrets would not be divulged to friendly strangers very easily. If the star Emme Ya is eventually discovered in the Sirius system, this would give considerably weight to the Dogon's story.

The first Western scientists to visit and study the Dogon people were French anthropologists Drs Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen, who initially made contact with them in 1931, and continued to research them for the next three decades, culminating in a detailed study conducted between 1946-1950. During their work, these anthropologists documented the traditional mythology and sacred beliefs of the Dogon.
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"Several specialists now claim they have found the long-sought "final evidence" of visits made to earth by ancient astronauts. The myths of the Dogon tribesmen of Mall, West Africa, contain astronomical knowledge which the native people could have neither learned by themselves nor guessed. Obviously, the researchers say, some more advanced civilization told them. These fascinating Dogon legends speak of Jupiter's four moons and Saturn's rings, which were not seen by human beings until the invention of the telescope. They speak of the star Sirius and of a pair of invisible companions. One of them circles Sirius every fifty years, the legends declare, and is made of a metal that is the heaviest thing in the universe. Astronomers have discovered that such an object (called "Sirius-B") does exist but only the most sophisticated and sensitive instruments...unavailable, of course, to the Dogons -- can detect it." from "The Sirius Mystery", by James Oberg


The Dogon tells the legend of the Nommos, awful-looking beings who arrived in a vessel along with fire and thunder.

After they arrived here, they put out a reservoir of water onto the Earth then dove into the water.

There are references in the oral traditions, drawings and cuneiform tablets of the Dogons, to human looking beings who have feet but who are portrayed as having a large fish skin running down their bodies.
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The Nommos were more fishlike than human, and had to live in water. They were saviors and spiritual guardians: "The Nommo divided his body among men to feed them; that is why it is also said that as the universe "had drunk of his body," the Nommo also made men drink. He gave all his life principles to human beings."

The Nommo was crucified and resurrected and in the future will again visit the Earth, this time in human form. Later he will assume his amphibious form and will rule the world from the waters.

Dogon mythology is known only by a number of their priests, and is a complex system of knowledge. Such carefully guarded secrets would not be divulged to friendly strangers very easily. If the star Emme Ya is eventually discovered in the Sirius system, this would give considerably weight to the Dogon's story.

The Nommos, who could live on land but dwelled mostly in the sea, were part fish, like merfolk (mermaids and mermen).

It was from the Nommos that the Dogon claimed their knowledge of the heavens.
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Carl Sagan concluded that the Dogon could not have acquired their knowledge without contact with an advanced technological civilization. He suggests, however, that that civilization was terrestrial rather than extraterrestrial. Western Africa has had many visitors from technological societies located on planet Earth. The Dogon have a traditional interest in the sky and astronomical phenomena. As Sagan noted, if a European had visited the Dogon in the 1920s and 1930s, conversation would likely have turned to astronomical matters, including Sirius, the brightest star in the sky and the centre of Dogon mythology.

In 1966, Robert Temple, a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and the author of several books, happened to read some of the Griaule material on Dogon Cosmology, and in 1968 he obtained an English translation of Le Renard Pale. He became interested in the question of how the isolated Dogon could have known for hundreds of years that Sirius, one of the brightest stars in the sky, has an invisible companion, Sirius B. Sirius B, a type of star called a white dwarf, is so small that it cannot be seen without a telescope. It was completely unknown to astronomers until 1862, when the American astronomer Alvan Clark managed to see it for the first time. Sirius B, like all white dwarf stars, is composed of densely packed matter that, if it is not the heaviest matter in the universe, is very close to it. It was not discovered until around 1926 that white dwarves are so heavy that a cubic meter of one may weigh as much as 20,000 tons. It was also discovered that Sirius B orbits Sirius A in an elliptical orbit that takes 50 years to complete. Sirius B was finally photographed in 1970.
How did the Dogon know about Sirius B, when they had no telescopes? How, for that matter, did they know that Saturn has rings, that the moon is dry and barren, and that Jupiter has four large moons? These four moons of Jupiter are called Galilean, because Galileo was the first to see them when he pointed his telescope at Jupiter. The moons of Jupiter and Saturn's rings are only visible through a telescope.

As Temple read Graiule's material on the Dogon, he found that their mythology traced their origins back to the Nommo, the human-fish creatures from their creation myths. Temple related these creatures to Oannes of Sumerian mythology who was also a half-fish, half-human creature who brought civilization to an ancient people. Further, Temple found links with Egyptian and Greek mythology. He wrote a book about his interpretation of the Dogon beliefs, called The Sirius Mystery, which was published in the 1970s. In the book, Temple contends that the Nommo were extraterrestrials who came to Earth from a planet in the Sirius system. They visited the Dogon, the Babylonians, and possibly the Egyptians, and the astronomical knowledge of the Dogon came from this contact.

NOTE: (Benest, Daniel and Duvent, J.L. "Is Sirius a Triple Star?" ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS. (Volume 299, 1995) pp. 621-628) - In 1995, these two French astronomers published the results of years of study, stating that a small, red-dwarf star seems to exist in the Sirius star system. They have detected a peturbation in the orbit that cannot be explained by any other means.

Benest, Daniel and Duvent, J.L. - "Is Sirius a Triple Star?" ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS. (Volume 299, 1995) pp. 621-628
Temple, Robert - "The Sirius Mystery: New Scientific Evidence of Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago"
Oberg, James - "The Sirius Mystery"
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The Jinmenken

Japanese folklore has long been inhabited by goblins, specters, boogiemen, and all manner of fantastical creatures from the edges of human imagination. While many of these bizarre beings are understood to be firmly planted in the realm of myth, occasionally there is one that stretches at the curtain between the real and the unreal. In such cases, the line between pure folklore and reality becomes blurred, making it difficult to completely ascertain where one ends and the other begins.

In some cases, we can have a creature which on the face of it may seem to be obviously a purely mythical construct, yet still remain persistently sighted and documented to the point that it seems worthy of investigating further. The human-faced dogs of Japan are one such case.

The, jinmenken, roughly translated as “the human faced dog,” is typically said to be about the size of a medium sized dog, often with matted or dirty looking hair. From a distance, an observer may mistake one for just an ordinary mangy stray dog, yet on closer inspection see that these dogs possess a human face. The eyes are often deep set and sad, and the tail is most commonly between the legs in an apparent gesture of passiveness or cowardice. An even more shocking revelation than the human face is their purported ability to speak. Typically, a jinkenmen will implore those who come across it to leave it alone, but on rare occasions will hold simple conversations.
File: 1094793781.jpg (63 KB, 550x370) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Jinkenmen are persistent in Japanese folkore, yet there seems to be more to them than that. Throughout the Edo Era, from 1603 to 1868, these human-faced dogs were often encountered and sighted by locals, to the point that they were occasionally featured in the news publications of the time.

In addition to the sightings, jinkenmen were at times allegedly exhibited at misemono, which were a type of Japanese carnival sideshow popular during the Edo Era. These sideshows were somewhat of a cabinet of curiosities, typically featuring menageries of exotic animals, mounted displays or mummified remains of bizarre creatures or monsters, gaffes, mystical artifacts, and all manner of the strange and bizarre.

Taxidermy specimens of jinkenmen were often seen on display at such shows and on occasion even live specimens were shown. In such shows, the jinkenmen would be paraded about for all to see and became quite popular attractions. It is not clear whether these were actual jinkenmen or regular dogs somehow altered to look like such through illusion and trickery, yet the fact remains that there are numerous accounts of these exhibitions and they were certainly observed by many people.
It was not only commoners that marveled at these creatures in such sideshows either. One publication of the time included the testimony of a visiting zoologist, who remarked upon laying his eyes upon one such specimen (translated from the Japanese):

“There cowering and whimpering in the corner of the display booth I saw the hunched over form of what I first took to be a typical shiba inu, although of a somewhat more pungent odor. Then the thing looked up with sad eyes and I could see clearly that it was the face of a human being, albeit with the empty, soulless gaze of an animal. I immediately assumed trickery upon seeing such an aberration, yet if one had forged such a horrific sight then they had done so with such ingenuity and craftsmanship that I was unable to ascertain it as such. If this was some sort of macabre taxidermy of a living thing, then it was done without any visible indication of such. I could see no apparent stitches or artificial connection between human face and dog. I was eager to be on my way from such a ghastly abomination and the thing’s gaze left me with a deep unease long after I had left.”

It is interesting to note the feeling of unease the zoologist experienced. Premonitions of dread or feelings of deep despair are common occurrences in those who see jinkenmen. Reports of jinkenmen hypnotizing onlookers or inducing urges to get away are also not uncommon in accounts.Additionally, jinkenmen are often considered to be portents of doom or disaster.
File: jinmenken_1.jpg (33 KB, 545x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sightings of jinkenmen are not merely confined to the rural Japan of the Edo Era. Eyewitness accounts of jinkenmen sightings persist right up to the modern day. There are many reports of eyewitnesses describing coming across what they first take to be dog, only to have it turn around to display its human face. Other reports showcase the jinkenmen’s apparent great speed as they are described as running playfully alongside cars on darkened roads, sometimes screaming or whooping as they do so. These sightings occur mostly at night in rural areas, yet this is not always the case.

During the 1980s, a human faced dog was often sighted rummaging through garbage in the back alleys of Tokyo’s Shibuya District, which is a well-developed, bustling urban shopping area. Other sightings have been reported from other urban areas behind crowded restaurants, in alleyways, or in the darkened parking lots of apartment buildings.

What do we make of these reports? As detached from reality as the notion of human-faced dogs may seem, theories abound as to what could be behind the sightings and stories. These theories range from the somewhat plausible to the downright absurd.

Among the more far out ideas are that the Jinmenken are the spirits of traffic accident victims or dogs possessed by evil spirits. Others say that they are the result of secret biological experiments performed in labs. It has even been suggested that these human-faced dogs are the Chupacabras in Japan.
Perhaps a more realistic candidate for the stories of human-faced dogs in Japan may be found in Japanese macaques. These primates are found all over Japan and in many ways they could resemble a dog under less than favorable sighting conditions, such as at night when most sightings occur. They have faces that could be seen as somewhat human-like, and make a wide range of vocalizations which could possibly be misconstrued as speech by a frightened onlooker.

Japanese macaques are also not confined to wilderness areas. In many locales, these monkeys are extremely bold in venturing into suburban or even urban areas where they roam about and raid garbage bins, one hallmark of many Jinmenken sightings. Could someone not familiar with seeing macaques mistake one for a human-faced dog under the right conditions?

Real or imagined, whatever the jinkemen are, they seem to be something that has crawled out from the confines of mere myth and folklore. Is there something to the stories? Perhaps somewhere out there is some explanation or at the very least something close to an answer for these enigmatic creatures. Until then, if you are ever in Japan, make sure you keep an eye to the dark alleys. You never know what may be peering back at you from the shadows.
Killer Clowns Are Coming

There is, in fact, a long history of reports of so-called “Phantom Clowns,” as they are often referenced in Fortean literature. Researcher Loren Coleman’s exhaustive survey of America’s oddities, Mysterious America, detailed one such flap of Phantom Clowns that occurred in New England in 1981:

“Investigative Counselor Daniel O’Donnell of the Boston Public School District even sent a memo to all the districts elementary and middle school principals saying, “It has been brought to the attention of the police dep. and the district office that adults dressed as clowns have been bothering children to and from school. Please advise all students that they must say away from strangers, especially ones dressed as clowns.”

The clowns spread from city to city East Boston, Charlestown, Cambridge, Canton, Randolph, and other cities near Boston. Police even tried stopping “birthday clowns” and other clown businesses to investigate but all were legitimate and no arrests were made.

A couple other frightening reports of a clown in a yellow van this time, ordering a girl to get inside the van while brandishing a knife. Another clown, or possibly a different one, welded a sword a couple days later in Kansas. The clown in the yellow van was wearing a black shirt with a devil picture on the front, and two candy canes on the sides of his black pants.”
File: 1361159543120100.jpg (27 KB, 338x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Similar reports of Phantom Clown Flaps would occur in Australia around that time, although this wouldn’t be the last we’d hear of the Phantom Clowns in the United States. Coleman recounted a similar report that occurred in Chicago in 2008, where much like the reports from Boston, an evil clown purportedly tried to lure children into a vehicle:

In the October 2008 incidents, a man wearing clown make-up and a wig is using balloons in an attempt to lure children into his vehicle on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. Police issued an alert about a week after a man with a similar description was spotted on the West Side.

The near abductions were reported in the 8300 block of South Mackinaw and the 10000 block of South Normal, according to a community alert by Calumet Area detectives.

The more dire implications here, of course, are that at various times there have been predators (or possibly groups of them) who have sought to use the appearance of a clown to lure children away from safety; an idea which, as a culture of fear has grown increasingly around it, removes the possibility that such tactics could be employed effectively in the future. This might not preclude the possibility, as we appear to be seeing in Bakersfield, California, that some might continue to employ the “evil clown” meme for other reasons, which appear to have everything to do with harassment and inciting fear among portions of the given locality.

t should be noted, following the above line of thought, that many of the more frightening fictional portrayals of evil clowns (namely that of Stephen King’s “Pennywise” character) wouldn’t appear until 1986, three years after the publication of Coleman’s Mysterious America, which first documented such appearances. The arrest and subsequent trial of serial killer John Wayne Gacy, however, had occurred in 1980, and had been publicized at the time.
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Argentine Villagers Fear UFOs Are The Lanterns of the Devil

Bright flashing lights are appearing out of nowhere on rural roads in the Ibicuy Islands of Argentina. Residents report that the lights are too intense to be oncoming vehicles. Besides, when they get to the spots where the lights were, there’s no car or truck to be seen. They wonder if the lights might be from UFOs, but what they fear the most is that they are Farol de Mandinga, the Lanterns of the Devil.

Also known as La Luz Mala or the evil or bad light, Farol de Mandinga (sometimes called Farol de Diablo) is the name natives of swampy areas in northern Argentina give to low-lying lights that seem to appear shortly after sunset. The lights are described as intensely bright with wisps emanating from them. The lights float and dance to entice people to follow them despite the sound of cries of pain that come from them. A lucky few will be led to the foot of a hill where treasure is buried. Most will instead find broken pottery containing decaying human remains – what’s left of the sinners whose souls have become the lights. The remains are said to be fatal to anyone who touches or even smells them, which is why they carry a blanket to put over their head.

No wonder the residents of the Ibicuy Islands fear them. The islands are swampy low-lying areas between the Paraná and Uruguay Rivers. There are few vehicles on the roads so people like this eyewitness are surprised by the sudden appearance of the lights.
… at the time, amid the solitude of the country, you do not know what to do, because it is very surprising, are like the headlights of an oncoming car head-on but when you look back nothing, no vehicle, only the lights, flashing and go.

Are these lights the feared Farol de Mandinga, UFOs or something else? The “something else” could be “ignis fatuus,” the Latin phrase meaning “foolish fire” used to describe the bright lights often called will-o’-the-wisp in the U.S. that are caused by the combustion of swamp gases.

Whatever these lights are, no one wants to see them on long, lonely, desolate stretches of highway unless their looking for buried treasure, a ghostly adventure or inspiration for a country-western song.

>brb in a little bit...
The Saga of the Narrabeen Elephant-Monster

On far more than a few occasions I have been asked the following question: what is the strangest unknown animal lurking in the woods, jungles, or mountain-ranges of our world? Well, first and foremost, there are plenty of them! And, second, each and every one of them is undeniably odd. After all, how else would you describe Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Chupacabras other than as downright weird?

But, here’s the important thing to take note of: some of the strange critters that populate our world are far, far weirder than others. And a select few are what can only be termed really bizarre. All of this brings me to a very strange and fascinating saga that occurred close to half a century ago.

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, the city of Sydney, Australia can claim fame to having played host to one of the most mystifying and bizarre of all creatures ever encountered. And I do not use those two words – mystifying and bizarre – lightly. After all, how else would you go about describing a diminutive beast that looked like an elephant, but that walked on its hind-legs, and which surfaced from the depths of nothing less than the heart of a dark lagoon? That was exactly what a woman named Mabel Walsh encountered in Narrabeen – a beach-side suburb of Sydney – back in the latter days of the 1960s.

While driving home late one April 1968 evening with her nephew, John, Mabel Walsh was shocked to fleetingly see the approximately four-foot-tall animal emerge from the watery depths and shuffle its way into the heart of nearby scrub-land. It was a creature that Walsh would never forget, even though it was in view for only mere seconds. When you read Walsh’s description, you’ll instantly see why the image of the creature never left her.
Gray (like an elephant) in color, and with what looked like a tough, leathery skin, it had a snout resembling that of an anteater, a slim trunk, long back legs, and a pair of very short forelimbs that dangled limply as it waddled along – sideways, no less – by the edge of the road before vanishing into the scrub.

The local newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, recognizing the publicity that the story would surely create, splashed the details across its pages. In an article titled: And now it’s the Monster of Narrabeen! – and with the subtitle of: Loch Ness was never like this – the details of Mabel Walsh’s amazing story tumbled out, something which provoked yet more reports of the fantastic creature to surface.

Some of the subsequent accounts sounded decidedly sensationalized, since they suggested the monster of the deep had taken to dragging sheep, cows and even horses to their horrific deaths in the heart of the lagoon; a most unlikely action for a creature that was barely four-feet-tall! Others spoke in near-hysterical tones of seeing a bright red-colored, clawed hand come out of a hole in the ground at the lake and try and grab a terrified youngster.
The final word on the matter went to Mabel Walsh, who started the controversy, and who told newspaper staff that people might call her crazy, but she was absolutely sure there was a bizarre creature in Narrabeen Lakes. As it transpired, not many did call her crazy, after all. The Daily Telegraph’s audience excitedly lapped it all up, and, sales-wise, its staff was very happy indeed.

As is so very often the case when it comes to sightings of truly unusual and near-unique beasts, the account of Mabel Walsh remains as unresolved today as it was way back in April 1968. Unless, that is, you know better.
The Mystery of the Alaska Triangle

There are certain areas of this planet that seem to be magnets for missing persons and mysterious disappearances. For whatever reasons, people come to such places and simply vanish, never to return. Many know of the more famous of these places, such as the Bermuda Triangle, but there are more such anomalous zones to be found around the world. Perhaps one of the more little known of these regions that are seemingly hungry for more souls is a vast expanse of wilderness in the northernmost U.S. state of Alaska; a cold, barren place that has the habit of holding on to people and refusing to let go.

“Alaska’s Bermuda Triangle” is said to encompass a large, sprawling section of the state, all the way from the south eastern region near Juneau and Yakutat, and all the way up north to the Barrow mountain range, and to Anchorage in the middle of the state. Within this zone are vast areas of largely unexplored wilderness, including sprawling forests, craggy mountain peaks, and desolate, barren tundra. The region sports an unusually high number of people, both tourists and locals, who go missing every year without a trace as if they have vanished off the face of the earth, and additionally many planes have also disappeared or inexplicably crashed here. It is said that since 1988, a staggering 16,000 thousand people have vanished in the so-called “Alaska Triangle,” to never be heard from again.
One of the most high profile mysterious disappearances within the Alaska Triangle occurred in October, 1972, when an airplane carrying none other than two prominent politicians, House Majority Leader Hale Boggs and Representative Nick Begich, along with an aide, Russell Brown, and their bush pilot Don Jonz, mysteriously vanished in the region while on their way from Anchorage to Juneau aboard a Cessna 310 aircraft. The disappearance of such prestigious public figures sparked an intense search that lasted for 39 days and involved over 400 aircraft including an advanced Air Force SR-71, and dozens of boats, including 12 from the Coast Guard, yet no evidence of what happened to the three men or the plane was ever found and the men were declared dead. The disappearance actually sparked some conspiracy theories at the time, with some people claiming that the crash had been orchestrated, or at least was covered up by the head of the FBI at the time, J. Edgar Hoover, in response to intense power struggles he had had with Boggs. To this day, no trace of the men or the plane, not so much as a bolt or scrap of metal, has ever been found.

What is going on in this remote, unexplored wilderness that causes so many people to disappear without a trace? That largely depends on who you ask, and ideas run the gamut from the plausible to the fringe. The area has long been associated with evil spirits in the lore of the native Tlingit people of the region, with one notorious entity being Kushtaka, a shape shifting demon that is said to look like a cross between man and otter, and is said to lure hapless people to their doom, in particular those who are lost.
Another theory is that the Alaska Triangle comprises one of the so-called “vile vortices,” or geographical areas around the planet postulated by American researcher and cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson that are claimed to exhibit extreme electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic anomalies, as well as energy vortexes, also called ley lines, which are theorized subterranean electromagnetic currents. Naturally the most famous of these vile vortices is the notorious Bermuda Triangle, but they are also said to exist in places as far-flung as the Algerian Megaliths to the south of Timbuktu, the Indus Valley in Pakistan, Hamakulia Volcano in Hawaii, the “Devil’s Sea” near Japan, the South Atlantic, and both the north and south poles. Various famous places such as Stonehenge, Easter Island, and the Pyramids in Egypt are also all said to lie on vortexes, and indeed it is claimed by some to be the reason these monuments were erected there in the first place.

These energy vortexes are said to create all sorts of strange phenomena. They are thought to affect humans in various physical, mental, and emotional ways, such as causing visions, demonstrating miraculous powers of healing, and generating spurts of creativity or profound epiphanies. Many people believe that they can tap into their higher selves when at these vortexes. These places can also allegedly induce disorientation, confusion, and both visual and audio hallucinations, as well as cause delicate electrical instrumentation to go haywire or to malfunction. More far out theories on energy vortexes are that they are actually doorways into spiritual dimensions, or are gateways to other realms. All of these things could explain why people and vehicles such as ships or airplanes go missing in these regions at such an astonishing rate.
There are some interesting things that seem to support the idea that the Alaska Triangle could be one of these vortexes. Alaska is covered with a large concentration of magnetic anomalies, some of which can disrupt compasses to the point that they are as much as 30 degrees off. In addition, some search and rescue workers in the area have reported having audio hallucinations there, most commonly described as sounding like an angry swarm of bees, and of feeling unusually disoriented or lightheaded. Some readings of areas in the supposed Alaska Triangle have indeed produced various unusual anomalies and spikes of electromagnetic activity. Could this have anything to do with the disappearances? Unfortunately, it is unclear whether such vile vortices even truly exist, and the theory has been open to a good amount of skepticism, so it is hard to say for sure.

According to authorities, the disappearances are due to a completely different reason altogether. Statistically, Alaska has more annual missing person reports than anywhere else in the country; twice the national average. It also has the highest number of missing people who are never found. In 2007, for instance, 2,833 people were reported missing, and when compared to the state’s comparatively low population of around 670,000 at the time, that equates to about 4 in every 1,000 people; a staggering amount.
The reasons for this are many. Alaska has vast swaths of remote wilderness; over half of the entire nation’s federally designated wilderness recognized when the Wilderness Act was passed in 1964, around 57 million acres of it, with even more that is not specifically designated as protected land, and much of this is nearly completely untouched by humans. This harsh landscape is full of all manner of perils, including unforgiving weather, hazardous terrain, dangerous wild animals, and harrowing geological dangers, with Alaska being the home of around 100 active volcanoes. Considering this massive amount of rugged wilderness, which riddled with countless potential hazards, and the fact that many tourists who come here to camp and hike are under prepared, it is perhaps no surprise that a good amount of people may become lost in the middle of nowhere, encounter some danger that incapacitates them and prevents them from getting back to civilization, or are just simply are killed by wild animals or the elements. Why are the disappearances seemingly more concentrated in the Alaska Triangle than elsewhere in the state? Who knows, but it does cover large areas of some of the most wild and untamed such land in the state.
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This uncharted wilderness could also explain the number of people who are never found. With the sheer mind bogglingly expansive areas of wild, inaccessible mountainous land to cover, search and rescue teams can have a daunting time trying to locate someone. The unpredictable weather and extremely cold winters here also limit the times when searches can be conducted, all of which leads finding one person in all of that a logistical nightmare. Taking this all into account, it is amazing that the authorities ever find anyone here at all.

How can this majestic land of pristine views and natural beauty so greedily swallow up so many people without a trace? Whether the mysterious disappearances of the Alaska Triangle are the result of natural perils, strange energy vortexes, or ancient evil spirits, they are certainly alarming. It is likely we will never come to a complete understanding of the mystery here, and that the only people who will ever know for sure are the ones who never came back to tell the tale.
The Mysterious and Creepy Island of Dolls

There are some places in this world that are steeped in a thick, intangible fog of foreboding. These are places that have the capacity to truly upset us on some primal level. They grip us with tendrils of dread when we are there, and haunt our dreams long after we leave. One such place is Mexico’s genuinely disturbing island of horrors, La Isla de las Munecas, the immensely creepy and allegedly haunted “Island of Dolls.”

La Isla de las Munecas is located in the area of Xochimilco, a borough within the Mexican Federal District which was historically positioned on what was once Lake Xochimilco. Xochimilco is a locale well-known for its extensive system of canals, which are a relic of the times when the settlements of the Valley of Mexico were interconnected by networks of canals and lakes.
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The island itself is what is known as a chinampas, which are artificial islands which were built in shallow areas of the lake during the pre-Hispanic period as a means of increasing agricultural production. The chinampas were mounds of earth and mud heaped upon a frame of intertwined juniper branches and tied to the shore. As the islands sank, new ones would be built on top, stacking one over the other until a rectangular island was eventually formed and permanently affixed to the bottom of the lake. Upon these islands were grown a variety of crops, and they were of great economic value during the time of The Aztec Empire. The artificial islands were so lush that they were also known as “floating gardens,” and the large number of chinampas constructed subsequently contributed to the gradual shrinking of Lake Xochimilco into the canal system seen today.

In modern times, most of the chinampas have deteriorated and fallen into disrepair, yet around 5,000 remain and they are popular with tourists, who ride along the canals in special gondolas called trajineras. Indeed, due to its important historical connection to pre-Hispanic Mexico, Xochimilco with its ancient man-made islands and canals is deemed a World Heritage Site. However, one of the chinampas that all but the most fearless visitors may want to steer clear of is the menacing Island of Dolls.

La Isla de las Munecas is perhaps the most infamous of Xochimilco’s chinampas due to its bizarre history and status as one of the spookiest, most haunted places in Mexico. The story begins in the 1950s with a reclusive loner known as Julian Santana Barrera, who took up residence on an abandoned chinampa where he lived in a hut by himself. He then used the artificial island for growing not fruits and vegetables, but nightmare fuel.
After witnessing a young girl drown in a nearby canal, Barrera became convinced that the spirit of the girl was haunting him. He reportedly claimed he could hear the dead girl singing, giggling, and calling to him from over the water, as well as dragging and scratching noises outside of his hut or rapping on the windows when no one else was there. Sometimes he could see her ghostly form through the trees or over the water, hovering about the island at night. Disturbed by these visitations, Barrera’s behavior became increasingly erratic.

One day, Barerra saw a doll drift by in the water of the canal and took it as a sign. He fished the doll from the water and hung it up on his island believing that it would protect him from the wrath of the girl’s ghost. It soon became apparent to him that one doll was simply not enough, as he believed the restless spirit was still tormenting him. Barrera became obsessed with collecting more dolls, sometimes even trading vegetables he had grown for more of them in his desperation to appease the angry spirit of the girl. He hung the dolls all over the island, amassing more and more until eventually there were hundreds of the things strewn all over the place, covering the chiampas. Barrera put the dolls everywhere; on the ground, propped against trees, tied to tree trunks and fences, and even hanging from the branches like twisted Christmas tree ornaments. It is said that he would often rearrange the dolls and frequently move them into different locations and positions about the island as he saw fit.
Word of mouth spread about the odd hermit on this island surrounded by his creepy collection of disheveled dolls, and local legends began to form. It was said that the dolls would come to life at night and roam the island brutally killing animals, and that if one listened carefully the gibbering whispers and giggling of the dolls could be heard as they went about their grim work. It was rumored that Barerra would talk and sing to the dolls, caring for them as if they were real children. It was also said that the dolls became infused with evil as soon as they were put up on the island, and that they were all connected by some insidious supernatural force.

This went on for years until one day Barreras was found dead, floating face down in one of the canals. Chillingly, it was the very same canal the little girl had died in all those years ago, the same girl whose ghost had slowly driven Barrera insane. Local legend has it that Barrera’s ghost continued to inhabit the island, haunting it along with the dolls.
Today the island’s dolls are still there. They are scattered haphazardly all over the island, strung up everywhere, with their dull, wide eyes gazing lifelessly over their domain. Over the years they have deteriorated to the point that most are in various states of disrepair, and many are filthy and decrepit, all of which makes them that much scarier and further fuels the menacing ambiance of the island.

The dark superstition and folklore associated with the island showed no signs of abating with Barrera’s death. People say that when visiting the island, it is a good idea to bring a doll with you to appease the dark spirits there. As soon as the new doll arrives, it is believed to connect with the others through whatever black magic it is that courses through them. In addition, Barrera himself is still said to survey the place, watching all who visit from the shadows.
The stories of the paranormal pervading La Isla de las Munecas have also captured the attention of those looking for evidence of such goings on, with the TV show Destination Truth launching an expedition to the island. Barrera’s nephew explained to the crew that indeed the dolls seemed to be charged with some eerie supernatural energy and that the island was haunted, cursed, or both. The crew were not disappointed as they managed to experience quite a few strange happenings during their stay. Strange dragging sounds were heard on the roof of the island’s shack as well as other creepy noises and bumps in the dark. Sensors for ghostly energy also were going wild with readings and the highlight of the show came when one of the dolls appeared to open its eyes of its own accord when asked to do so. The entire incident was caught on camera. Say what you will about its authenticity or whether it constitutes evidence of the paranormal, but there is no denying that the footage is exceptionally creepy and disturbing.
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Such spooky stories have apparently done nothing to stymy the flow of curious visitors looking for a peak at the macabre. Over the years, La Isla de las Munecas has truly become one of the most famous chinampas of Xochimilco based purely on its grim reputation and bizarre history. The island’s current tenant, Barrera’s own nephew Anastasio Valasquez, says hundreds of people flock to see the island and its dolls every year. For the truly brave, nowadays it is relatively easy to book a tour to see the island and it is easily accessible by ferry or gondola.

The visitors may come and go but the dolls remain, twisted bodies strung up upon the trees and beady eyes staring at, perhaps even watching their lair as they have for so long and will likely continue to do until they’ve turned to dust. Perhaps Barrera is there too among his slowly decomposing dolls, forever to care for them like his own children.
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Edison Worked on a Spirit Phone to Record Voices of the Dead

A long-lost chapter of the memoir of Thomas Edison has been found and published in France and it contains details of the great inventor’s plans to build a device to record the voices of the newly departed.

Edison’s original memoir is called “Diary And Sundry Observations” and was published in 1948, 16 years after his death. The first edition of the book contained a last chapter called “Spiritualism,” a collection of essays in which Edison talks about his beliefs in an afterlife and a way to communicate with the dead.

"I believe, rightly or wrongly, that life is undestructable … I am inclined to believe that our personality hereafter will be able to affect matter. If this reasoning be correct, then, if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected, or moved, or manipulated – whichever term you want to use – by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, when made available, ought to record something … I have been at work for sometime building an apparatus to see if it is possible for personalities which have left this earth to communicate with us."
File: 111280.jpg (222 KB, 659x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Edison worked on what has come to be called the “Telephone to the Dead” during the last ten years of his life. Part of the work involved amplifying the sounds from his phonograph in hopes the background noise would contain spirit voices. As an insurance policy, he made a deal with He also made a deal with engineer William Walter Dinwiddie that whoever died first would attempt to leave a message on the machine. The device has never been found and his family had the chapter removed from all subsequent editions of the book.

Until now. In cooperation with Philippe Baudouin, a French radio presenter and philosopher, a French publisher is releasing the entire text with the missing chapter included in a book titled “Le Royaume de l’Au-dela” (The Kingdom of the Afterlife). Baudouin summarized Edison’s quest in this way:

(Edison) imagined being able to record the voice of another being, to be able to make audible that which isn’t — the voice of the dead.

Was Edison on the brink of what would truly have been his greatest invention? Crank up your phonograph and see if he’s left you a message.
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'Witch Woman', El Chupacabras, Alien Being...or What?

La Tunda or 'Witch Woman', when seen as herself and not in one of her shapeshifting forms, is a very ugly woman. Some people say that one of her feet is shaped like a Molinillo (the wooden stick used to stir chocolate in Colombia). Others say that the foot is made of the root of the tingui-tingui tree. The other leg looks like that of a child. Either way, it is not very appealing.

She hunts along the coast for children who have not been baptized (los moritos), disobedient children, and unfaithful men. To each of them, she appears as their mother or another loved one and lures them into the jungle. Once in the jungle, she feeds them shrimp and crab that she farts on. Something about that fart hypnotizes her prey and makes them stupid. When a person has succumbed to her fragrant food, they are said to be entundados. A person entundado then follows and loves the Tunda and rejects humanity.

The encounter with the Tunda is always tragic, unless a combination of the godfather, godmother, priest and parents come to the rescue. - Excerpt from 'Raising Colombian Children'

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Here's another description:

...from the union of the devil and the sexy negrita came a host of infernal creatures, including the legendary la Tunda, a black woman with huge lips and a clubfoot.

As a child of the devil, la Tunda couldn’t bear children of her own, and so robbed those of black folk in Esmeraldas. To persuade youngsters to follow her, la Tunda could make herself look like a child’s mother, beloved aunt or older sister, but once la Tunda beckoned her victims into the forest, she farted in their faces! Soon thereafter, the stink would render the victims so docile that she could easily lead them to her lair. Wise parents never let their children run around without dogs, who were known to frighten la Tunda. Excerpt from 'Wild River Review'

NOTE: Well, I'm not going to make a call on this one...'witch woman', Chupacabras, alien, whatever. What do you think?

Latin American Folktales: Stories from Hispanic and Indian Traditions (Pantheon Fairy Tale & Folklore Library)

The Weiser Field Guide to Cryptozoology: Werewolves, Dragons, Skyfish, Lizard Men, and Other Fascinating Creatures Real and Mysterious

Chupacabras and Other Mysteries
>Kinda funny, eh?
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Okay, maybe a few more things and then I am out for tonight...

Tripedal Creature and Mantis Entity Encounter

A Philidelphia resident has reported an encounter with a 3 foot tall, 3 legged, single eyed creature, in what must be one of the most bizarre reports ever filed with MUFON.

Preceding the encounter on the 15th of August 2009, the witness reported seeing a luminescent orb buzzing above their building, and then shortly after the somewhat amusing interaction with the Tripod creature, a man sized Preying Mantis was seen staring at the witness though a window.

Read on for the full MUFON report…. oh and there’s a Thunderbird too, just for good measure.
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MUFON witness statement: “On 8-15-2009 at 2:45am I was buzzed for about 5 seconds by a 4 foot round luminescent orb on the roof of the building that I work in, in Philadelphia . It materialized about a foot away from me, blocking my way and making a buzzing sound, it then took off and dematerialized in approximately a 6 feet distance. At this time I decided to turn around and leave the roof.

About an hour later at 3:45am I was walking through a machine room on the roof, near the same location of the orb, when I encountered a 3 foot tall triped creature. It was standing by an electrical transformer looking up at the conduits. I observed it for about 30 seconds from a distance of four feet before it turned around and noticed me. I was looking down at it! It had a beautiful baby blue eye which was moving rapidly, just one, a long eye lid and rubbery looking legs with bulbous feet. I could see it was starting to panic because it started stomping his feet like a mad skunk or jumping up and down and making a high pitch squeaking sound almost like a cats toy. I was blocking it’s way to the open roll up door leading to the roof behind me. I put up an open hand in a gesture to let it know that I wouldn’t hurt it and backed up towards a different part of the machine room, away from it’s path to the door, but kept my eye on the creature. I watched it walking down the isle slowly when it started to move. It stopped where I had turned to get out of its way, it then turned and looked me over for a couple of seconds. I couldn’t help myself and started to laugh at it. I felt like a child who saw a monkey for the first time or something! I got the impression that it was thanking me but I think I also offended it because it started to leer at me and it’s eye changed to a lighter color. I could be wrong, it may have took a bow!
File: PhillyTripod.jpg (17 KB, 352x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The triped then took off running in the direction of the door disappearing behind machinery in the area. I didn’t feel threatened in any way by this creature but I was quite sure that cornering it was a bad idea! In hindsight of this encounter I’m left with a feeling a of wonder. The buildings electrical generator was permanently shut down about a year ago.

On this same morning I’m doing my paper work in the control booth, and a larger than man sized Praying Mantis comes up to the window and just stairs at me for about a minute. I did not feel comfortable with this encounter considering the nature of this kind of insect. I sat there and didn’t move a muscle until it left. I have also heard screeching sounds in the roof machine room, in the direction of the roll up door which made my hair stand up on the back of my neck around the same time for 2 nights.

The next night 8-16-09 I’m mopping the floor in the machine room, on the roof and I come back to the sink to fill my bucket and there was a little springs and clip neatly arranged next to each other on the floor in front of the sink. I think the triped came back. There was no one else in the machine room. Was it trying to tell me something, were they gifts or was it trying to help me? I don’t know. Its a mystery! The triped may have been back the next night too, but I didn’t see it! It had moved stuff around like a toddler would have. It was into everything exploring I guess.
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On 8-18-09 at around 3:00am I was witness to a giant bird above Eakins Oval with a 40 foot wing span or better, it had rectangle shaped wings and no tail feathers, I didn’t see any feet or head either. All I could make out was the huge wings with all of the feathers moving in the breeze and there were hundreds of them, there were no primary feathers that I could see. It looked like a enormous kite. I’m a bird watcher and never seen a bird like this before. I was really quite fed up with all the paranormal stuff happening to me at this time so I watched it for about 4 minuets and decided to just ignored it and go on about my business before it did something really weird and unexplainable. “Wow ” A Sumerian god come to earth! An angle maybe? I can take see an alien off my bucket list! Nothing else has happened since.”

A true report on non-human encounters? Glimpses of other dimensions? A fictional tale of tomfoolery? Or simply too much (or too little) medication?
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Beware of the Hat Man

A couple of nights ago I finished reading the new book from Heidi Hollis, The Hat Man: The True Story of Evil Encounters. This is a fascinating book that deserves to be read by students of various areas of research, including UFOs, hauntings, alien abductions, demonology, other realms of existence, the afterlife, and much more, too, including the Men in Black – the latter being an issue I’ll return to later.

I have known Heidi since 2005 when we took part in a week-long filming for a never-aired television show on the Roswell affair of 1947. I also know Heidi to be a skilled writer and researcher, and someone who knows how to grab the attention of her readers and write in a fashion that is both informative and entertaining. And, with that said, onto Heidi’s latest release.

The Hat Man is a book that is as illuminating as it is disturbing. Across its 240 pages it tells of the rise, development, and spreading phenomenon of the creepy character of the book’s title. And Heidi – as a result of her research, writings, radio shows, and willingness to help people – has become the undeniable focal point for reports of the Hat Man.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (29 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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All of this brings us to the most important question of all: who, or what, is the Hat Man? Well, that’s a very good question. Put simply, an untold number of people, dating back to an untold period of time, have reported encounters with what is clearly a malevolent entity with intentions that are not good – not in the slightest.

On some occasions the Hat Man appears in shadowy form (not unlike the infamous Shadow People – to whom the Hat Man is almost certainly related, even if we’re not sure why). On many occasions, however, the Hat Man appears in regular, human form, sporting a black beard and a black suit, and wearing a long overcoat or a cloak – almost always black, too.

Most noticeable about this creepy figure is, of course, his hat. Sometimes, it’s a fedora, other times it’s an old style top hat. Occasionally, it’s more like a cowboy hat. But, regardless of the kind of hat, it’s always present.
Many of the encounters occur while the victim is in a distinct altered state – that of sleeping. Nightmarish accounts of terrifying visitations, in the early hours of the morning, from the Hat Man abound in the pages of Heidi’s book. None of them are positive. All of them are negative. The Hat Man appears to be attracted to or provokes (maybe, even, both) bad luck, misfortune, ill-health, and even death. Soul-stealing may be one of the calling cards of the horror in the hat.

What makes the Hat Man so difficult to pin down – in terms of what he is and what he represents – is that he appears in numerous situations. Those who have dabbled with Ouija boards have received ominous visits. As have alien abductees who have reported seeing the man in connection to the so-called “Grays” and “Mantis”-type aliens. People whose lives have taken bad turns find themselves plagued by the Hat Man.

Even more ominous, the Hat Man appears to be attracted to certain families – several generations will report sightings of this grim and devious thing. And if that was not enough, Heidi tells of how the Hat Man intruded upon her very own life: friends and family reported strange Hat Man-style experiences. As Heidi’s research progressed, so did what appeared to be an uncanny awareness on the part of the Hat Man that Heidi was tracking him down.
This is something I have personally experienced on a number of occasions: when we look for these entities something appears to alert them to what we’re doing. Heidi also notes how more than a few witnesses to the Hat Man have had prophetic dreams, and nightmares of a dark and apocalyptic future involving nuclear war.

Now to the Men in Black, which I mentioned at the beginning of this article. In the same way that Heidi gets a massive amount of Hat Man reports, so I get a great deal of Men in Black reports – having written a couple of books on the subject and numerous articles. Heidi touches upon the MIB mystery in her book – which is not surprising, given that the MIB and the Hat Man look very alike.

But there’s something else: I have a number of cases on record where people received MIB visitations after using Ouija boards – just like Heidi with the Hat Man. I have reports of people who have linked outbreaks of ill health with the MIB – which is also an aspect of the Hat Man controversy.

And let’s not forget, when – near-singlehandedly – in the early 1950s Albert Bender ushered in the phenomenon of the Men in Black, his MIB were nothing like government agents. They manifested in his bedroom, late at night, amid an overpowering stench of brimstone. They had bright shining eyes and oozed menace. On top of that, Bender’s health was dramatically affected (in a bad way, I should stress) by his hat-wearing visitors of the night.
File: 7679976_f520.jpg (17 KB, 520x390) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Do I think the Hat Man and the Men in Black are both part of something bigger and inter-connected? Yes, I most certainly do.

Heidi pulls no punches when it comes to her theories on what’s afoot: she is firmly of the opinion that the Hat Man is a devilish entity – as in literally. As a Christian, Heidi believes the Hat Man to be a minion of the Devil, a thing that is playing a major role in the battle between good and evil, and for the souls of the Human Race.

Others may have differing opinions. The important fact, however, is that the Hat Man is being seen. And it’s being seen more and more. Something is going on. Something strange is out there. Something that wants us. Something that taunts and even manipulates us. Its name is the Hat Man. And you should most definitely read Heidi’s book on this ominous thing.
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Alright, I am out for now.
As usual, I will return when the stars are right, then I will awake from my sleep and...yeah, you get the idea.
I hope this thread has been amusing, funny, interesting, creepy and spoopy all at the same time!
Oh, and just so you know, I tried to find your thread several times, and came up with nothing.
So either I missed it or you never got around to creating it?
See you around, if you drop by again.
why do i wanna fuck almost every creature in this threads?
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I suppose one more thing won't hurt...

By Greg May - Monsters are real. They exist and share our world. But where do they come from and what is their purpose as they simultaneously fascinate and frighten us? To find these answers we go to the Bible. Patrick Heron (The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse) and other Creationist authors point to Scriptures in the Bible (Genesis 6:7; Jude 1:7) and the Book of Enoch (VII:14) that suggest the Nephilim were involved in genetic interference – mixing bird, reptile and bovine DNA to create lizard men, fish men, goat men and dinosaurs – all of which were destroyed in the Flood. 1

The Nephilim – a race of half-human, half-demonic giants – were created when fallen angels bred with the women of earth. (Genesis 6:4) According to the Book of Enoch these fallen angels were 200 in number and gathered on Mount Hermon to set their plan in motion.2 Mount Hermon lies on the border of Syria and Lebanon in the Middle East – on the same 33.33 degree latitude line as does the site of the alleged 1947 UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico - halfway around the globe. Remember when Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden? God told Satan: “Her seed shall bruise your head and you shall bruise His heel”. (Genesis 3:15) This was the first mention – or prophecy – of the Messiah. Satan knew the promised Messiah would come from the line of Abraham so he created a race of giants to prevent the Israelites from occupying the Promised Land – but his plans were thwarted by the Flood. According to the Bible, God found favor with Noah and his family; these eight individuals were spared in order to repopulate the earth since their blood wasn’t contaminated by the DNA of the Nephilim.
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Ha, no idea anon, I suppose you have strange tastes?

After the Flood, Satan had another band of fallen angels breed with the women of earth resulting in another race of giants (the Anakim); these were killed off by the Israelites under the leadership of Joshua. (Joshua 11:21) Satan – who mocks and mimics God – created another menagerie of monsters by mixing DNA from God’s living creatures – humans and animals. Because God promised to never again destroy the earth by water, these creatures are still with us today. They include the hairy bipeds we call ‘Bigfoot’ and bipedal reptoids such as ‘Lizard Man’. Sightings of these entities almost always yield the same description: ‘red glowing eyes’ and the ‘smell of sulphur’. This is a sign of demonic presence – explaining how these elusive creatures can disappear and why they haven’t left a fossil record. Dr. Melba Ketchum - a Texas veterinarian - has researched Bigfoot DNA and concludes Bigfoot contains mitochondrial DNA from a human female and nuclear DNA from a male angelic entity.
File: original.jpg (112 KB, 620x386) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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(Remember, there are good AND bad angels). Dr. Ketchum is describing modern-day Nephilim. In “Bigfoot: Exploring The Myth & Discovering The Truth” co-author Tom Burnette describes how Bigfoot imitate his dogs by making barking sounds to make their presence known in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. In Psalm 59:6 in the Bible David describes how the Nephilim outside the walls of the city ‘growl like a dog’. Now, before you run to your Bibles the word ‘Nephilim’ is not in the Scripture; but according to Elizabeth Clare Prophet – in her “Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil” - the term ‘workers of iniquity’ refers to the Nephilim. The late John Keel suggested man has frequently crossbred with these hairy beings throughout history, pointing to Genesis 25: 19-34 in the Bible which describes Esau as being ‘red, all over like a hairy garment’ and also from Pacific Northwest Native American lore.3

Christopher Davis’ 1988 encounter with ‘Lizard Man’ at Scape Ore Swamp in Lee County, South Carolina is one of the classics of modern-day monster lore. Although this wasn’t the first recorded encounter with a bipedal reptoid it is significant because of the longstanding tradition of the ‘fish men’ of Inzignanin near Chicora, an area located between North and South Carolina. These entities were covered with scales and had webbed feet. They supposedly died off when the fish supply on which they existed was exhausted. Did Satan create fish men post-Flood as he did in the days of Noah?
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John Keel once mused, “Are we ufologists or demonologists?” He might have considered ‘cryptozoologists’. Nessie, Morag, Champ and other lake monsters have spawned a wake of theories ranging from surviving plesiosaurs to ‘ghosts’ of prehistoric creatures haunting their former habitats. Merfolk have cavorted throughout mythology and fairy tales for centuries and – believe it or not – there have been almost as many modern-day sightings of mermaids and mermen as Nessie herself, the most recent coming from a beach at Kiryat Yam, Israel in 2009. 4 These elusive aquatic cryptids could have been created either pre- or post-Flood by Satan as he played at ‘Jurassic Park’. As for merfolk, what better way to mock God than to join the torso of a human with the tail of a fish?

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, in her “Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil” champions Enoch as a true prophet and explains how the Book of Enoch – long-suppressed by the Church – claims that fallen angels corrupted the people of earth and continue to embody on earth today. Prophet cites one of the early Church Fathers, the apologist Tatian (110-172) who believed fallen angels have bodies of ‘fire and air’ – not material flesh ‘as the bodies of men.’ 5 A ‘fiery man’ that appeared in Germany in 1125 was described in the old book ‘Deutsche Sagen’ as he ‘dashed hither and thither in all directions’ as he ‘belched fire through his nose and mouth’.6 This description brings to mind ‘Springheeled Jack’ who terrorized 19th century London. A LONDON TIMES article from that era reported he ‘vomited forth flames from his mouth’ and his eyes resembled ‘red balls of fire’. 7
File: jdkahdlkja.jpg (223 KB, 750x742) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Could Springheeled Jack have been a fallen angel? This entity is always described wearing a helmet – curiously, Enoch wore a helmet for 64 years. 8 One of the theories regarding Springheeled Jack suggests he was a displaced time traveller; Enoch was the first space traveller – having been shown the heavens by God. 9 Could this be another example of Satan’s mockery?

Augustine of Hippo wrote in the 5th century AD: “They are called monsters, because they demonstrate or signify something . . . these things which happen contrary to nature . . . ought to demonstrate, portend, predict that God will bring to pass what He has fortold regarding the bodies of men . . . .” This passage from ‘City of God’ suggests St. Augustine held the same theory – although centuries apart – as did John Keel when he wrote “The Mothman Prophecies”.10 John Keel believed that many monster sightings were ‘senseless manifestations’ designed to frighten and confuse people – this is Satan’s agenda. Ironically, St. Augustine was instrumental in suppressing the Book of Enoch – arguing that it was impossible for angels to have intercourse with women. 11
Jesus made a most profound – and prophetic- statement when He said, “And as it was in the days of Noah so shall it also be in the days of the Son of Man”. (Luke 17:26) Was Jesus referring to genetic interference? What do alien abductions, cattle mutilations and the nefarious underground activities at Dulce, New Mexico have in common? Genetic experiments. While investigating a cattle mutilation outside Santa Fe in the 1980’s retired New Mexico State Police officer Gabe Valdez discovered the victim to be pregnant. When the veterinarian opened the womb, the stillborn foetus had the body of a cow and the head of a human! This startling discovery prompted U.S. Senators Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Charles Grassley to introduce a bill in the U.S. Senate making it illegal to interbreed humans and animals. 12 It is interesting to note that the materials taken in cattle mutilations (blood, internal organs, genitals) have long been considered taboo by religious traditions. 13 In the Old Testament, these materials were considered ‘unclean’. (Leviticus 17:14)
The New Age Movement – one of the false doctrine that Jesus warned against in the Last Days – teaches of the ‘Intergalactic Belief’: that extraterrestrials will save mankind from the Apocalypse. Christian evangelicals believe Satan launched his ‘Great Deception’ in 1947 with pilot Kenneth Arnold observing flying saucers near Mt. Rainier and with the alleged crash of a UFO near Roswell, New Mexico. The following year – in 1948 – Israel became a nation. This is the single, most significant prophecy to be fulfilled pertaining to the return of Christ (Scriptures teach Jesus couldn’t return until Israel was reborn). Just as Satan had created the Nephilim in an attempt to thwart the birth of Jesus, he launched his ‘Big Lie’ the year before this prophecy was fulfilled since humanity is more apt to believe in something tangible – like a shiny, metallic flying saucer – than something spiritual.

In the Last Days, “the paranormal becomes the new normal” – to quote the late Colin Wilson.

NOTE: I do not endorse or impugn any of the narrative posted by the author. It is presented solely as the opinion of the author and has been published, as received, without any edits. Lon

The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings

Unexplained!: Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences, and Puzzling Physical Phenomena

Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil: Why Church Fathers Suppressed The Book Of Enoch And Its Startling Revelations

Encounters with Flying Humanoids: Mothman, Manbirds, Gargoyles & Other Winged Beasts
Notes and Sources:

1 www.godlikeproductions.com/forum 1/message 2426145/p.1
2 Book of Enoch Chapter VII
3 John Keel. “Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings”. Tor Books. 1970. (In this book Keel cites a letter from Native American woman named ‘Mary Joe’ who quoted her grandmother: “Sasquatch big nice man is catch little Indian woman to make love all they want”.)
4 Jerome Clark. “Unexplained!” Visible Ink Press. 2013. P.297
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13 Michael Craft. “Alien Impact”. St. Martin’s Press. 1996
Got any more stories about the Dijin? I might be possessed by one, their description matches what I saw in my dream as a child (Which went inside of me).
Oh, I didn't make one sorry, I will eventually just haven't set any date for it yet, but yeah might be soon. I will eventually as I frequent /x quite a bit. Your threads however have been quality and very much needed.
Well that sounds mighty odd.
I will see what I can come up with:


"According to legend, the Djinn were the first inhabitants of this world, where they lived for thousands of years before humanity arrived. In order to make room for humans, angels took the Djinn out of this world and placed them in a dimension that parallels our own. There they stay hidden from our view. They have the ability to see and interact with us, but we have difficulty seeing them. They are cloaked in mystery, and it suits their covert purpose.

The goal of most Djinn is to retake this world, which they feel rightfully belongs to them. In order to succeed, they must make humanity give up stewardship of this reality. They are accomplishing this by stealth and disguise. They have great powers and plenty of time, for they live for centuries.

Shape-shifting Djinn may be responsible for many forms of paranormal phenomena and experience, such as UFOs, shadow people, ghosts, poltergeists, and demonic possession. In such ways, they gain access to us that enables them to steal our life force and information about us, and to manipulate and use us without revealing their true form and purpose. These negative experiences are on the rise" - The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies.
File: Djinn_by_konako.jpg (453 KB, 653x922) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
453 KB, 653x922
Thank you so much!

Are the negative forces of the Djinn on the rise? There are many references to the Djinn in everyday life in the Islamic world but particularly in Saudi Arabia and nearby Arab nations. These Djinn or Genies are supernatural beings in Arab folklore and Islamic teachings that occupy a parallel world to that of mankind. In combination, Djinn, Humans and Angels make up the three sentient creations of Allah. The Qur'an mentions that Jinn are made of smokeless flame or "scorching fire". Like human beings, the Jinn can also be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent. This belief make it easier for Islamic societies to 'explain away' the unexplainable as well as combine it with conventional living. Here are a few recently published reports:

Djinns blamed for 'fires' erupting at Saudi house - Two Saudi brothers who were scared out of their home and moved to another house because of repeated mystery fires were shocked to find that fires had not stopped at the old house. A week after they settled down in the new house, a big blaze erupted and damaged a large part of it.

The two were then convinced that Jinn (ghosts) were behind the blazes and their theory was supported by the police and a Moslem scholar who said he himself witnessed the fire at the house in the southern town of Bisha.
File: djinn_by_naznamy-d7onsmp.jpg (112 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
But that was not the opinion of the Saudi civil defence, who believe all the fires were an act of arson.

Quoted by the Saudi Arabic language daily Okaz, the two brothers, Fahd and Bandar Al Gamdi, said they were forced to move to another house nearly three km away from the old house because of persistent fires.

“But fires did not stop at the old house and they then spread to the new house, forcing my brother to move to another house,” Fahd said.

Sheikh Mohammed Al Omari, a well known scholar in that town, said he was called by the two brothers to read Koran and “evict the jinn out of the house.”

“As I started to read in one room, a fire erupted but was put out by the civil defence units who were there at that time,” he said.

“I then moved to another room and started reading Koran when a fire flared…fire erupted in every room I moved to and then I felt the Jinn movements…I was not scared and kept reading Koran.”
The paper quoted police spokesman Major Abdullah Al Shaathan as saying investigation showed there was no act of arson as no one could sneak into that house, adding that forensic experts found no electric or building faults.

“These fires are abnormal or in other words are supernatural…we are still working on the final report which includes statements by neighbours.”

But supernatural causes were dismissed by civil defence spokesman Colonel Mohammed Al Asimi, who said initial evidence points to criminal act.

“We are still investigating these fires and preliminary examination and evidence show criminal activity could be involved in these incidents,” he said.
>tfw this is about your hometown.
Checked my local newspaper archives. Can confirm this happened in 2010.
More, you say?

Search for young man abducted by Djinns - Omani young man disappears under mysterious circumstances when he was driving his motorbike near Mudar Mountain.

Dhiab Al Amiri, a resident of the village of the young man pointed out, "The young man went last Wednesday to a mountain near the village by his motorbike but he didn't back yet. The absence of the young man prompted his family to ask neighbors about him and during the search found his motorbike next to the mountain without any other traces for him."

Police was informed immediately and they rushed to the location with search dogs and helicopters but did not find the man.

Local residents believe the mountain is inhabited by the Djinns, reported the Saudi based Arabic newspaper Al Marsad.

They disclosed that many mysterious incidents occur and stories are narrated about the Djinns who live in the mountain.

Residents also confirmed that the young man was kidnapped by a group of Djinns.

They say after such incidents religious scholars need to interfere and release the young man from the clutches of the Djinn.

It is reported that one of the sheikhs had a vision and spoke to the Djinn who kept the young man in grotto in the mountain.

Large number of citizens visited the mountain, where some of them brought sacrifices for the Djinn to release the young man.

Omani army members still surrounded the mountain in preparation to enter.
Girl snatched by genies comes at night: residents - Saudi police have intensified a campaign to search a Yemeni girl who vanished more than 40 days ago from her village, where her relatives believe she was snatched by genies.

After failing to locate the 23-year-old girl, her family started to distribute leaflets and stick posters on mosques in the hope they will get any information on her whereabouts.

“We are living in tragic conditions because of my sister’s disappearance,” her brother Ahmed Ali said, quoted by the Saudi online Arabic language daily Sabq on Sunday.

“She has been under the spell of jinn (genies) and this may have to do with her disappearance… it’s nearly 41 days now and there is no trace of her despite intensifying police search for her.”
That's great.
Didn't think i would get an actual confirmation from someone on this board, that's very cool anon.
Newspapers last week said the girl left her house in her mountainous village near the western town of Taif and never returned.

“Some people told police they saw her walking on a hill not far from her house then vanished again,” one paper said.

“Her brothers and some residents in the village said she sometimes appears at night and then suddenly disappears… they told police that they believe she has been haunted and taken by jinn.”

Ali said his unmarried sister was carrying a bag and a dress when she left the house six weeks ago.

He said she had run away from home a year ago but was found at another house on the same day.

“On that day, she was with my other sisters washing in the second floor of the house… she then went down to the ground floor… my sisters waited for her but she never came back,” he said.

“Before she vanished, we used to take her to some Koran reciters and scholars… she used to walk into their places but we had to carry her on our way out as she appeared to be in a trance… a red fluid sometimes oozed out of her ears and noses… it was not blood and it had a strange smell… some scholars told us that she is haunted and others said she is under jinn guardianship.”
File: genie-lamp.jpg (19 KB, 500x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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'Ghosts' set Kuwaiti house on fire - Like in horror movies, strange fires keep erupting at a home in Kuwait dead on time and its owner was told by Muslim scholars the house is haunted.

Mansour Al Ajami and his family still live in the house in Ahmadi area in Kuwait City although it has suffered from over 40 fire incidents since they moved into it six years ago. But he appears to have had enough as he thinks of leaving.

Ajami, interviewed by Alanba Arabic language daily, said fires erupt exactly at five in the evening and the morning every few weeks and although civil defence units have managed to put them out, they have no idea what caused them.

What adds to these macabre scenes is that the fires began in May, the fifth month in the year, Ajami said.
“After I moved into the house, a fire erupted in May which is number five…eversince, all the fires have occurred at either five in the morning or five in the evening…I had to seek religious help so I invited a well-known Saudi sheikh (Moslem scholar), who told me the house is haunted,” Ajami said.

“The sheikh said the house is haunted by good and harmless jinn (spirits) but that they seem to have been disturbed by the human presence.”

Ajami said he did not know the reasons for the mysterious fires, which target furniture, cooling systems and other household items. “The other day, I bought school bags for my children and the next day they were on fire.”

Ajami joked about the fact that he had become well known to the fire fighters, adding that he only had to mention his name when reporting a fire. “They have memorized my address because they have been here many times.”

He said that two weeks after his family moved into the house, they started to hear children crying and woman groaning at night.

“Some fires did not need our intervention as they just suddenly died down….fires have occurred in most parts of the house except one room, which is located on the ground floor…we now sleep in that room for safety,” he said.

“After all these mysterious incidents, I am now seriously considering moving out….I appeal for the authorities to find me a house that will shelter my family.”
File: vengeful.jpg (17 KB, 231x346) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Jumeirah jinns giving residents a spookfest - Tenants, gardeners and maids report mysterious apparitions, doors slamming and things moving on their own....

Man blames jinn for repeated fires at home - Talismans in the form of bruises and blisters left on his arm...

Genies blamed for girl’s disappearance - After a visit to Koran reciters, she had to be carried out as she appeared to be in a trance...

In many instances, when the public declares that a Djinn is the reason for a fire or other incident officials issue statements criticizing the “abusers” and “rumormongers” for spreading the word about the Djinn. The belief of the Djinn is so ingrained in these societies that the media will denounce the police for issuing these statements. The following article - Djinn Hysteria Strikes the Gaza Strip - details the traditional acceptance of the Djinn.

Are the Djinn simply an excuse for tragedy and fate? Negative energies are identified by many names and descriptions...but basically, all malevolent activity is evil. The effect of negativity in each situation depends on the victim's nature and circumstances...and eventually how they intend to fight it.
File: 01224864.jpg (441 KB, 950x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not sure if that was the sort of stuff you were looking for anon, but that were the only djinn stories I could find right away.
Ha, I meant to say *those.
I'm getting tired, it's been a long day.
Still, I have so much fun posting stuff here for everyone.
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Four family members smothered pregnant wife to death because they thought she was 'possessed by an evil spirit'

Four members of a family have been found guilty of murdering a 21-year-old pregnant woman they thought was possessed by evil spirits.

Following a 12-week trial at Birmingham Crown Court, Naila Mumtaz’s husband, Mohammed Tauseef Mumtaz, 25, his parents, Zia Ul-Haq and Salma Aslam, both aged 51, and his brother-in-law, Hammad Hussan, 24, were all found guilty of killing her.

Jurors heard that Mumtaz, who was accused of smothering his six-months pregnant wife, told police she tried to strangle herself and may have been 'possessed' by an evil spirit.
The court was told that he claimed his wife’s death was 'like a suicide' and that he had been 'similarly possessed' at the city’s coroner’s court after her death.

All four defendants denied murdering Ms Mumtaz at her home in Craythorne Avenue, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham, in the early hours of July 8, 2009.

Wendy Bounds, a lawyer from the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service complex casework unit, said: 'Naila Mumtaz, a kind-hearted and beautiful young woman living in Pakistan with her parents, agreed to enter into an arranged marriage with the defendant, Mohammed Tauseef Mumtaz.

'She was aware that he suffered from a physical disability, but she was not put off by his appearance, taking the kind-hearted view that all living things had the same value.
Absolutely! here's an article link. and thanks! http://www.elpasotimes.com/ci_14172713
File: possessed.jpg (9 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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'However, the jury today found that her husband and his family did not share her values.

'Naila was six months pregnant and living with the defendants in Birmingham when on 8 July 2009 the family made a 999 call for an ambulance to attend.

'All efforts to revive her by the paramedics and at the hospital failed, and she and her unborn baby died.

'She was subsequently found to have suffered injuries and the jury had to decide whether she had been assaulted, smothered and suffocated by her husband, his parents and her brother-in-law or whether, as they maintained, she was possessed by an evil spirit which took her life.'

During his opening speech to the jury, prosecutor Christopher Hotten QC quoted details of Mumtaz’s account to police after Ms Mumtaz’s death, saying: 'He said she started to grab her own face and was screaming in anger.
'She tried to bite her mother’s hand. The whole family were trying to hold her down.
'It was like she couldn’t remember who we were. She suffocated herself by putting her hand in her mouth and she tried to strangle herself.

'It was, he said, more like a suicide. He said it was possible that Naila had been possessed by a djinn spirit and said he himself about a month before Naila died had been similarly possessed, and again possessed at the coroner’s court after her death.'

In his account to police, Mumtaz maintained that injuries to his wife’s body were self-inflicted and claimed that a person was present at the house praying “to get the spirit out of her”.
File: jinn.jpg (77 KB, 575x397) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ms Bounds added: 'This was not an easy case to bring before the court as it involved evidence from both the UK and Pakistan, and ensuring that the jury understood that although there were complex cultural beliefs which underpinned the defence case, there was evidence that the defendants had all given untruthful accounts as to what had taken place and their roles in the death of Naila.

'Sadly, Naila died before the help that is available from the police and the prosecution team was accessed.

'This case demonstrates that it is possible to achieve justice for girls in Naila’s situation who are far away from their family, unable to speak English and with no one to turn to for help.

'Our thoughts are with Naila’s family at this time and we hope that today’s conviction brings some comfort to them.' - dailymail

The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies

Legends of the Fire Spirits: Jinn and Genies from Arabia to Zanzibar

Well, that's really sad and screwed up at the same time.
Okay, I really am out for now, any other requests will have to be dealt with later, unless someone else wants to dive in.
Thanks for keeping the scene alive everyone!
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Sweet, thanks anon!
I will check that out.
I went to a comic con panel hosted by the Cryptozoology Museum in Maine. The director of the museum said he studied the Mothman and had been down there and had met with witnesses around the same time as the guy who wrote that book. He said he suspected it to be a giant unknown owl species given various earlier witnesses who saw it before the myth really took off.
File: curiousencounters.jpg (13 KB, 315x475) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 315x475
Yes, you are speaking of Loren Coleman, correct?
I lived in Maine for seven years after I left NH, then made my way to Florida...but anyway, yeah he makes some very good points and is skeptical of anything paranormal about the Mothman, he was among the first people on the scene.
Although, he wasn't around when everything went nutty with the ufos and mib, etc.
Which was not much longer after the initial sightings.
I myself am in the middle about it, because I don't think John Keel, author of Mothman Prophecies was someone out to make a big dramatic story, but then again, Loren Coleman seems respectable as well.
Of course I don't really know either one of them personally, so I could be wrong, and John Keel has passed away.
The museum is cool because it's for free, although they accept donations.
I suggest the book in the pic, if you haven't read it already.
It is worth a read to have a balanced perspective on the whole thing, but I won't lie, I am kind of hoping it is something paranormal, but if it isn't, then oh well...I can live with that too.
Thanks this insight into the Djinn will prove useful.
Years ago I remember someone on /x/, and maybe crossposted on /tv/, posted about serving in the US military in Iraq. He and a friend had found some ancient artifacts on a patrol. Then on watch at night, they saw some strange inhuman heat signatures dancing like demons or wisps in the desert. Think they discarded the artifacts they found.
Hmmm, can't say I have ever heard of that.
Must have missed it I guess.
Anything more to that story?
I keep meaning to head by the museum when I visit a friend up there. I know he has been.
Got anything more on werewolves?
Dontcha just ove evidence and confirmation on this stuff? Makes the world seem more interesting
Indeed, I will post more Werewolf related stuff, as soon as I am done with what I have next.

According to legend, doppelgangers (German for “double-walker”) are paranormal duplicates of a real person. They can manifest in a number of ways: You can see them out of the corner of your eye, meet them on a lonely road somewhere, or, chillingly, see them standing behind you when looking in a mirror. Sometimes a doppelganger can’t be seen by the person at all, but instead manifests to other people in a completely different location. It may even cooperate with the person, help them with tasks, or act as a surrogate body of sorts.

There are many explanations for the doppelganger phenomenon. Mystics throughout the ages have believed they are supernatural creatures: either spiritual copies of the person or downright demonic twins. Meanwhile, scientists say they’re just electrical glitches of the brain, or mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Only two things are certain about these eerie apparitions: They are often bad news, and a surprising number of significant historical figures have claimed to be haunted by them.
File: 67443.jpg (229 KB, 539x730) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229 KB, 539x730
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) was a famous German writer, poet, and politician. A celebrated author who played a large part in shaping the field of literature, his words were widely read and respected.

One day, a depressed Goethe was riding on a footpath after leaving a girl named Frederika. Suddenly, he faced a mysterious person riding toward him. The person, who Goethe said he saw with a “mind’s eye” instead of his actual eyes, was clearly Goethe himself, although he was wearing different clothes. The figure soon disappeared, and Goethe (who found its appearance strangely soothing) soon forgot all about it.

Eight years later, he found himself riding down the same footpath in the opposite direction (to see Frederika again). That’s when he realized he was wearing the exact same clothes his doppelganger wore years ago.

This was not the only doppelganger Goethe saw. Another time, he saw his friend Friedrich walking on the street, wearing Goethe’s own dressing gown. Puzzled, Goethe went home . . . only to find Friedrich there, wearing the same gown Goethe had seen on the apparition. His friend had been surprised by the rain and borrowed the gown as his clothes dried.
File: 1835902_orig.jpg (37 KB, 302x402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 302x402
Catherine The Great

Catherine the Great, the powerful 18th-century Empress of Russia, was a powerful and dangerous figure. She was not fazed by small matters, such as seeing her own ghostly doppelganger take over her throne.

It is said that one night, Catherine was lying in her bed when worried servants told her they’d just seen her enter the throne room. When Catherine set out to investigate, she found her doppelganger sitting calmly on the throne. Catherine immediately ordered her sentries to shoot at her ghostly counterpart.

The stories don’t tell whether the bullet had any effect on the spectral Empress. However, Catherine herself died soon afterwards . . .
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Percy Bysshe Shelley was a brilliant poet in his own right, although he is mainly remembered as the husband of Mary Shelley (the author of Frankenstein). Although one would assume that Mary, the horror writer, would have been the one to see ghosts and monsters, it was in fact Percy who witnessed doppelgangers.

Shortly before Percy drowned in a sailing accident in 1812, he confessed to Mary that he had met his doppelganger many times. These confrontations included one particularly haunting experience where he walked onto a terrace, only to be greeted by his doppelganger who asked him, “How long do you mean to be content?”

Strangely, Percy’s doppelganger was also witnessed by her close friend Jane Williams, who saw it passing her window (on a route frequently walked by the real Percy) to a dead end, but never returning. The real Percy was nowhere near.
File: 222548451280720.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 1280x720
Sir Frederick Carne Rasch

In 1906, British Parliament member Sir Gilbert Parker was attending a debate when he spotted Sir Frederick Carne Rasch, a fellow Parliament member, sitting nearby. This greatly surprised Sir Gilbert, as Sir Frederick was severely ill with influenza at the time. Still, he politely greeted Sir Frederick and told him, “I hope you are feeling better.” Carne Rasch didn’t react in any way. He just sat there with a stony, grim expression on his face.

When Sir Gilbert soon glanced at his friend again, the seat was completely empty. Bewildered, he searched for Carne Rasch in the lobby, only to find that no one had seen him pass by. When he discussed the event with fellow parliamentarians, it turned out others had seen Carne Rasch too.

When the real Carne Rasch (who had been sick in bed all along) found out about the incident, he was quite unsurprised. He had really wanted to take part in the debate so, to him, it made sense that his spirit had sneaked a peek. His family, however, was terrified and feared the doppelganger was a bad sign.

In a small way, they were right: For quite some time, Carne Rasch was annoyed by fellow Parliament members, who kept poking him with their fingers to make sure he was flesh and blood. In the end, he had to write a massively sarcastic letter to a local newspaper, apologizing that he didn’t have the good sense to die at the time of the doppelganger sighting and promising to behave better next time.
Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I of England (who reigned from 1558-1603) was the last Tudor to rule the country. Widely recognized as a charismatic, level-headed, and savvy monarch, she was the kind of person one wouldn’t expect to dabble with the paranormal.

Which makes it all the more scary when she claimed she had witnessed her doppelganger. According to the Queen, the spectral Elizabeth was lying motionless on her bed, almost like a corpse laid out for presentation. The experience was particularly haunting, because such appearances are said to be a certain sign of death. Still, it would be easy to put this down as a temporary glitch in the mind of an elderly, stressed-out ruler . . . if it wasn’t for the fact that Elizabeth died soon after seeing the doppelganger.
Maria de Jesus de Agreda

Although doppelgangers are generally perceived as sinister, it is said that sometimes a person is not only able to control them, but use them as a sort of second body that can “bilocate” to other places in an instant.

In the 17th century, explorers and missionaries to the New World were astonished to find that many of the tribes in New Mexico were already merrily practicing Catholicism. When questioned, the tribesmen said they had been converted by a mysterious lady in blue, who had taught them and even given them a number of crucifixes and other items of worship.

With careful detective work, a few priests finally traced the phenomenon to Maria de Agreda, a young, blue-robed Spanish nun. She claimed to have taught Christianity to the Indians by “bilocating” across the ocean. Mary had never left her convent and only knew the place she had been as “a savage land,” but her story was enough to convince the priests.

Initially, the Inquisition was extremely suspicious of Maria, but they decided to acquit her of witchcraft charges (possibly because her story was just too good to waste). Her power was declared to be of divine origin. She became an international celebrity, the leader of her convent, and an author of rambling books on how she acquired her powers. However, later in life she changed her story multiple times. Sometimes she claimed she was pressured to say she could habitually cast her spiritual copy to another continent; sometimes she said it was true after all.
File: 46.jpg (45 KB, 632x484) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 632x484
Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was known as “Honest Abe,” and as such was very open about his interest in the paranormal . . . at least in private discussions. According to the man himself, he also experienced some paranormal activity. On the night of his first election, he took a moment to rest on his couch one evening. While lying there, he happened to glance in a mirror and saw his own visage—except that he had two faces.

A second Lincoln, pale and ghostly, was looking at him from the mirror, right next to his own face. Startled, he rose from the couch . . . and the doppelganger disappeared. He sat back down, only to see it again.

Lincoln was startled, but his wife Mary was downright terrified. She was convinced that the doppelganger was bad news—a certain sign that Lincoln would be re-elected on a second term (possibly because two Lincolns equals two terms), but wouldn’t survive it (because the second Lincoln looked deathly).

Lincoln went on to repeat the couch experiment every once in a while. He did manage to glimpse the doppelganger one more time, but after that it stopped appearing. Maybe it had delivered its message, as Lincoln indeed didn’t make it through his second term.

Or, you know, maybe someone just fixed the mirror.
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George Tryon

June 22, 1893 was not a good day for Vice Admiral George Tryon. He was commanding two columns of ships off the coast of Syria, when he gave a command for the columns to turn toward each other. This attempt at a majestic naval drill maneuver turned out to be an amateur mistake, as the first ships promptly rammed into each other, and one of them—the one Tryon happened to be in—sank like a stone. Tryon died knowing that he had just doomed 357 men to drown. His last words were, fittingly and heartbreakingly, “It is entirely my fault.”

At the exact same time, Tryon’s wife was holding a lavish party for their friends in their London home. Suddenly, to the guests’ surprise, Tryon appeared at the party. Silently, he walked down a staircase, solemnly proceeded through the drawing room, and opened the door as if to leave . . . before he suddenly disappeared.

He was dressed in full uniform, as if he was commanding a drill.

There are some holes in the story. For instance, some say Lady Tryon was busy with the guests and never saw this doppelganger, while others claim she was one of the onlookers. Still, the tale bears eerie resemblance to old sea tales of a sailor’s “fetch” (another name for a spirit doppelganger) alerting his family upon his death.
Guy de Maupassant

French writer Guy de Maupassant is known for what is perhaps the most intimate doppelganger experience on record. Toward the end of his life, he is said to have regularly interacted with his doppelganger. This eerie twin not only talked to him, but actually sat down and started dictating a short story to him. Yes, de Maupassant claimed that one of his last stories was literally ghostwritten—by his own ghost, no less.

If that’s not chilling enough, don’t worry, it gets even better. The story the spirit allegedly dictated to de Maupassant was “The Horla,” an unnerving tale of a man whose sanity is slowly consumed by an evil spirit that uses him as a host. As if echoing the story, de Maupassant’s mental health started deteriorating soon after finishing it.

In another version of the events, the doppelganger did not dictate the book, as it disappeared when the terrified de Maupassant called his servant. However, the apparition returned a few months later. It entered the writer’s room, looking at him with a sad expression. Then it sat down and buried its face in its hands, as if in despair. Convinced that the doppelganger brought news of disaster, the horrified de Maupassant’s life was downhill from there. He died in an insane asylum a year later.
Emilie Sagee

Emilie Sagee never saw her doppelganger. Everyone else did, though.

Sagee worked in an exclusive girls’ school. She was a very good teacher, but for some reason she kept moving from one job to another. In 16 years, she had changed positions an impressive 19 times

In 1845, the school found out why.

Sagee was allegedly the center of some very strange doppelganger activity. Her spectral twin was first seen during a class, as 13 students witnessed the doppelganger standing by Sagee’s side and mirroring her movements. Next, it stood behind her as she ate, pantomiming her movements. Sagee herself was completely oblivious to the apparition, despite the fact that everyone else could see it clearly. However, she did become strangely groggy and powerless during the times the doppelganger manifested, and the wraith was often seen doing things Sagee later said she had been thinking about at the moment, suggesting that she may have had some subliminal control over it.

Soon, the doppelganger ventured beyond Sagee’s immediate vicinity. At first, it appeared to a classroom full of students, sitting calmly in the teacher’s chair while Sagee herself was outside, working in the garden. The few people who dared to approach the doppelganger found they could pass through it, yet it had a texture that reminded them of thick fabric.

Time went by and the apparition became a permanent fixture of the school’s life, freaking people out on a regular basis. The girls’ concerned parents started removing their children from the school. Although Sagee was a model employee on all non-paranormal accounts, the headmistress had no option but to fire her and her ghostly double.
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Farmer Claims Skull Found in Chained Box is From a Werewolf

A farmer in a small village in Macedonia is digging up a new part of his field when the plow hits an object. It’s a box that’s chained shut. Being brave and curious (and probably hoping it contained gold or something that might get him his own reality show), he opened the box and found a strange skull that looks to him to be from a werewolf or ‘Varkolak’ in the local language. Is it?

That the story a farmer named Trayche from Novo Selo Stipsko in Macedonia told Filip Ganov, a Bulgarian student who was in the village doing research on the Balkan Wars. The inside lid of the box contains lettering in Cryllic script which is common in Bulgarian and Macedonian languages. No translation was given of the lettering, which would have been helpful.

Trayche wouldn’t part with his werewolf skull but he did let Ganov take pictures, which were presented to a wildlife expert in Bulgaria who speculated that it was indeed from a wolf but not necessarily a werewolf. Instead, he surmised the wolf was suffering from Paget’s disease, a genetic disorder (also common in humans) that can cause misshapen bones and enlarged skulls. Paget’s disease can be caused by canine distemper virus, a common virus in wolves and dogs.
The skull definitely looks both canine and human and a little baboonish, which would probably cause some consternation among Bulgarians and Macedonians raised on Eastern European folklore. The chain around the box is a good indication whoever buried it believed it was a creature they didn’t want roaming around again.

So, is Trayche’s skull-in-a-box from a werewolf? It’s definitely a creature that’s out of the norm. Only a DNA test will tell. Until then, Trayche probably keeps digging and hoping for a reality show.
File: Werewolf_by_chipset.jpg (175 KB, 829x655) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The state of Wisconsin is (oddly) no stranger to werewolf sightings and encounters. Although it seems impossible that a mythical creature like a werewolf could stalk the nation’s Heartland, a number of bizarre encounters in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s leaves us pondering this very idea. There had already been encounters with what some believed were werewolves in Wisconsin in 1936, 1964 and 1972 respectively, but there had been nothing like the reports that came out of the area near Delavan, starting in 1989.

The first werewolf sighting to go public occurred (perhaps fittingly) on October 31, 1999. A young woman named Doristine Gipson, from nearby Elkhorn, was driving along Bray Road near Delavan. As she neared the intersection of Hospital Road, she leaned over to change the station on her radio when she felt her right front tire jump off the ground as if she had hit something.

Concerned, she stopped the car and got out to see what it was. Finding nothing on the roadway behind her car, she began to look around. As she peered into the darkness, she suddenly saw a dark, hairy form racing toward her. She did not see what the figure looked like from the distance at which she was standing (about 50 feet) but she did see the figure was quite bulky and she would later compare the form to someone who works out continually with weights.

Startled by the oncoming form, and by the sounds of its “heavy feet”, she quickly retreated to her car. She jumped in and was attempting to drive away when the beast jumped onto her trunk. Luckily, it was too wet for the creature to hang on and it fell off onto the pavement. Doristine returned to the site later on that evening with a young girl that she was taking out trick-or-treating and saw a large form on the side of the road. When she saw the creature moving, she ordered the child to lock her door and drove quickly away from the scene.
She had no idea what she had seen but wondered if perhaps it might be a bear, angry because she had struck it with her car. Regardless, she told a neighbor about the encounter the next day and showed her the scratched car. As word spread, more local people began to step forward with their own encounters with the beast, dating back to 1989.

One night in the fall of that year, 24 year old bar manager Lorianne Endrizzi was rounding a curve on Bray Road (just a half mile from the site of the later incident) and saw what she thought was a person kneeling and hunched over on the side of the road. When she slowed down, she took a closer look at the figure on the passenger side of the car. She was no more than six feet away from it at the time. The sighting lasted for about 45 seconds and she stated that she clearly saw a beast with grayish, brown hair, fangs and pointed ears. "His face was … long and snouty, like a wolf".

She also noted that even though the car’s headlights were pointed ahead down the roadway, the creature’s eyes glowed with a yellowish color, just like an animal’s will do when reflected car lights. Like Doris Gipson, she also saw how wide and powerful the creature’s chest and build were. She went on to add that the arms of the beast were rather strange. They were jointed as a man’s would be and it seemed to be holding food with its palms upward, completely like any animal that she had ever heard of. The arms were muscular (“like a man who had worked out a little bit”) and the creature seemed to have human-like fingers with claws on the ends. She did not notice any sort of tail but did say that its back legs were behind it, like a person would be if kneeling.
Endrizzi was completely unnerved by the sighting. She later stated in an interview that the creature “appeared to be so human-like that it was scary.” He own answer to what she had seen was that it had been a “freak of nature”. She had no idea what it could have been until she saw a book at the library that had an illustration of a werewolf in it. It so closely resembled what she had seen on Bray Road that her “eyes popped out” of her head.

After hearing Doris Gipson’s account by way of rumor, Endrizzi contacted the Lakeland Animal Shelter and her mother contacted a local newspaper writer named Linda Godfrey, hoping that publicity might encourage other people who had encountered the creature to come forward. The story that followed was published on December 29, 1991 and while it contained basic information about the Gipson and Endrizzi sightings (using pseudonyms for the two women), it also included some scanty information on other sightings. It also mentioned that chickens had been stolen and than another family who lived near Bray Road had experienced their own close encounter with the beast. Karen Bowey, who actually lived along Bowers Road, stated that her daughter Heather (age 11) had seen the creature back in 1989. They had been playing outside and though they had spotted a large dog - until it stood up.

She mentioned the odd shape of its back legs and the speed at which it could move. The county humane officer, John Frederickson, told the reporter that he believed the creature was a “coyote” but he did concede that there were a lot of people who believed that they had seen something out of the ordinary. He admitted that he was not sure what to make of it.
Predictably, large media outlets picked up the story and the witnesses began to suffer from practical jokes and laughter. Werewolf signs were planted in front yards and werewolf parties became common, even at the bar where Endrizzi worked. Monster t-shirts were sold and tourists cruised up and down Bray Road, hoping for a glimpse of the creature. As time went by though, the excitement decreased and the temper of the community began to wear thin. Despite all of the jokes and humor, there was still an undercurrent of fear in Delavan and Elkhorn. Something was going on out in the vicinity of Bray Road and soon people began to whisper about other things as well.

Just the summer before the wolf creature had been reported, a dozen or so animals had been dumped in a ditch along nearby Willow Road. John Frederickson, the human officer from Delavan, stated that he believed several of the animals had been used in cult rituals. While Linn police chief James Jensen dismissed this idea in June 1991, Frederickson insisted that officials were missing the point. According to the officer, some of the animals had ropes tied around their back legs and their throats were slit, some were decapitated and others were dismembered in various ways. The most recently killed animals was a dog that had its chest cavity split open and its heart removed. Several of the animals matched descriptions of recently missing pets and they certainly had not been killed by passing cars.
The mutilated carcasses were almost immediately covered up - literally. The site was quickly bulldozed, ending Frederickson’s investigation but it did not end the whispers and rumors that followed.

Other reports began to reach Frederickson that summer as well. Rumors were passed on about humane officer imposters who pursued stray dogs. One incident also involved an unidentified man in a black uniform (driving a large black car) who attempted to intimidate a child who was home alone into giving up his black Labrador Retriever. Around this same time, there were also reports of occult graffiti being found in an abandoned house and at the local cemetery, where graves markers were also found to be covered with candle wax. The abandoned house was located just a quarter-mile off Bray Road. This led many to ponder whether the satanic activity and the Bray Road Beast were in some way connected. The strange stories and animal carcasses had been whispered about and discovered just a few months before the first sightings of the monster had been publicized - but the beast was apparently in the vicinity long before that.

An earlier sighting of “something” was made by a dairy farmer from Elkhorn named Scott Bray, who reported seeing a "strange looking dog" in his pasture near Bray Road in September or October of 1989. He said that the beast was larger and taller than a German Shepherd and had pointed ears, a hair tail and long gray and black hair. He added that it was built very heavy in the front, as if it had a strong chest. He followed the "dog" to a large pile of rocks but the creature had vanished. He did find that it had left behind huge footprints though, which disappeared into the grass of the pasture.
Russell Gest of Elkhorn also reported seeing the creature about the same time as the Scott Bray sighting. He was about a block or so away from an overgrown area and when he heard weeds being rustled, he looked up to see a creature emerge from the thi9cket. It was standing on its hind feet and then took two “wobbly” steps forward before Gest began to run away. He looked back to see that the creature was now on all fours, but it never gave chase. After a short distance, it wandered off in the direction of Bray Road. Gest said that the creature was much larger than a German Shepherd and was covered with black and grayish hair. While standing upright, it appeared to be about five feet tall. It had an oversized dog or wolf-like head with a big neck and wide shoulders. The animals form was mostly dog-like, leading Gest to surmise that it was some sort of dog-wolf hybrid.

Around Christmas 1990, Heather Bowey had her previously mentioned encounter. She had no idea that she had seen the same thing as Doris Gipson until she heard the young woman talking about on the school bus. The driver, Pat Lester, (who happened to be Lori Endrizzi’s mother - coincidence?), listened to the girl’s story and passed it on to Linda Godfrey. The reporter then contacted Karen Bowey, also a school bus driver, and then mentioned the sighting in the newspaper. Heather elaborated on the encounter to Scarlett Sankey.
The sighting occurred around 4:30 pm as Heather and several friends were returning home from sledding near Loveland Road (about a mile and a half southeast of the intersection of Bray and Hospital Roads). They happened to look up and see what appeared to be a large dog walking along a creek in snow-covered cornfield. Heather estimated that it was about a block away from them. Thinking that it was a dog, they children began calling to it. The creature looked at them and then it stood up on its hind legs. She described it as being covered with long “silverfish-like- brownish” hair. The beast took four awkward steps in their direction and then dropped down on all fours and began to run at the children in what Heather later described as being “a bigger leap than dogs run.” It followed the group about halfway to the Bowey home (about 250 yards away) before it ran off in another direction.

In March 1990, an Elkhorn dairy farmer named Mike Etten spotted something unusual along Bray Road one early morning around 2:00 am. In the moonlight, Etten (who admitted that he had been drinking at the time) saw a dark-haired creature that was bigger than a dog, just a short distance from the Hospital Road intersection. Whatever the creature was, it was sitting “like a raccoon sits”, using its front paws to hold onto something that it was eating. As he passed by the creature, it lifted its head and looked at him. He described the head as being thick and wide, with snout that was not as long as a dog’s. The body was covered with dark, thick hair and its legs were big and thick. Not being able to identify the animal, Etten assumed that it was a bear. However, when the other sightings of the Bray Road Beast were made public in 1991, he had to reconsider this assumption.
From the 915 as well and i remember this story popping up . Thanks for the link
One of the last reported encounters with the creature occurred in early February 1992. It happened around 10:30 pm on Highway H, about six miles southwest of the Bray and Hospital Roads intersection. A young woman named Tammy Bray, who worked for a retirement home, was driving along when a large, dog-like animal crossed the road in front of her. She quickly punched the brakes and slide to a stop, just about the same time that the creature turned and looked at her. She described the creature as have a board chest and pointed ears and being covered with matted brown and black fur. The narrow nose, thick neck and shining yellow eyes of the beast quickly convinced her that she was not looking at any sort of dog. Finally, it continued on, unafraid, across the road and she noted that it walked “strong in front, more slouchy, sloppy-like in the rear.” Tammy drove home and hurried into the house to tell her husband, Scott Bray, that she had seen the same animal that he had earlier seen in their pasture.

The sightings eventually died out but the strangeness that seemed to envelope the region took a little longer to fade. In January 1992, just as furor over the Bray Road Beast sightings was starting to quiet down, a local “reputable businessman” told reporter Linda Godfrey that he had seen two bright lights emitting sparks and moving erratically across the sky above Delavan. Later that spring, four or five horses that were pastured near Elkhorn were found with their throats slashed. John Frederickson, who investigated, was quoted as saying that “They were almost surgical-type wounds”. And then after than, things became eerily quiet.
So, what was the Bray Road Beast? Neither a coyote or the native red wolf can really match the descriptions that were given of the creature, despite humane officer John Frederickson’s comments that a coyote might rear up on its hind legs before running, explaining several witnesses claims that it walked on two legs. A gray wolf would be much larger than a red wolf but are not generally found in the area. In addition, gray wolves are much narrower in the chest than the Bray Road creature was reported to be and wolves are shy of humans and despite the matching yellow eyes, would not attack a car as the creature from the Doris Gipson encounter did. The creature simply resembled no known animals, but alternately was compared to dogs, bears and wolves. According to Jerome Clark, Dan Groebner of the International Wolf Research Center in Ely, Minnesota stated that the creature could not be a wild wolf.

Witnesses also insisted that it was not a dog, although some suggested that it could have been a wolf-dog hybrid of some sort, But how does this explain the creature’s habit of kneeling, walking on two legs and holding onto food with the flat of its paws turned upward? Also, Lori Endrizzi claimed that the animal had human-like fingers! The idea that the monster may have been a bear is also called into question. While bears do occasionally walk for short distances on two legs, they do not hold food with their palms up, do not jump onto moving cars and very rarely do they pursue or try to attack humans.
So, what could it have been? To find possible answers to that, we have to look outside of the normal confines of zoology. Researcher Richard Hendricks points to a creature that was suggested by Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark called the “shunka warak’in”. The creature was said to have lived in the wilds of the Upper Midwest and was a wolf-like animal that was known to the Native American population and to the early settlers in the region. The creature was named by the Ioway Indians and its name meant “carrying-off dogs”. Little is known for sure about the creature but apparently it was quite fierce and for awhile, a mounted specimen of one was exhibited at various times in the west Yellowstone area and in a small museum near Henry Lake in Idaho. Interestingly, the dog-hyena type creature fits many of the descriptions of witnesses in southeastern Wisconsin, including its strange look (which would have made many compare it to a wolf or a god mix), its dark shaggy fur and a sloping weakness to its back legs, which was noted in almost every report.
File: brayrd3.jpg (21 KB, 286x202) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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But even if we accept the possibility that this creature could have been one of the rare, and possibly extinct “shunka warak’in”, then how do we still explain the fact that it picked up its food with its paws (hands?) and walked about on two legs. If the Bray Road Beast was real - it had to have been some sort of creature that has never been classified before.

Or more incredible to believe, a genuine werewolf! Investigator Todd Roll was quick to point out the hints that there may have been an occult connection to the Bray Road Beast. The discovery of the mutilated animal carcasses and the occult activity at the cemetery and the abandoned house coincided with the sightings of the monster in the region. Do we dare consider the idea that the beast was a shape shifter of some sort, blending between man and wolf?

When investigator Todd Roll examined the occult connections to the werewolf sightings, he interviewed John Frederickson, who told him of this house deep in the woods where mutilated animals had been discovered. The owner of the property insisted that the slain animals were "part of his religion". This photo was given to Todd by an anonymous source.
(Courtesy Todd Roll / Wausau Paranormal Research Society)
There is also one more theory that we have to consider - that the entire thing could have been an elaborate hoax. Notwithstanding the fact that Doris Gipson’s encounter took place on Halloween, there were other problems as well. The most obvious issue to cause suspicion was the relationships between all of those involved in the case. Endrizzi’s mother, Pat Lester, is a central figure in the case. In addition to being one witness’ mother, she was also Gipson’s neighbor and drove the school bus that Gipson, Heather Bowey and Russell Gest rode. Heather’s mother was also a school bus driver. Tammy Bray was also a friend of Pat Lester’s daughter and the wife of Scott Bray. It was also Lester who took the initiative to contact the newspaper about the sightings. However, it should be strongly pointed out that Lester never tried to influence the reports of the witnesses. It seems more likely that she was simply in a position to hear about the encounters and her interest and compassion towards those involved helped to encourage them to go public.
So, could they have been making the whole thing up? Sure, they could have been, but it doesn’t seem likely, especially based on the fact that no one had anything to gain by making the sightings public - other than ridicule and embarrassment, which is hardly an incentive to make your story known.

As time has passed, the investigation into the case has grown cold and with no further sightings of the Bray Road Beast to continue the news story, the papers have fallen silent. One has to wonder if we will ever know the truth of what happened in southeastern Wisconsin between 1989 and 1992 for the mystery, at this point, remains unsolved.

Sources & Recommended Reading:
Godfrey, Linda - The Beast of Bray Road (2003)
This book was not yet available when I put together the article above but it is definitely the definitive text on the case and highly recommended.
Sankey, Scarlet - Bray Road Beast (Strange Magazine - 10) (1992)
Weird Wisconsin created by Richard Hendricks
Clark, Jerome - Unexplained! (1999)
Coleman, Loren & Jerome Clark - Cryptozoology A to Z (1999)
Pohlen, Jerome - Oddball Wisconsin (2002)
Personal Interviews Writings & Correspondence
The San Pedro Poltergeist

One of the more infamous haunting investigations was the San Pedro Haunting or the Jackie Hernandez case. Dr. Barry Taff got involved in the case, along with cameraman Barry Conrad, in 1989 when he was asked to look into a house in San Pedro, California that was allegedly being haunted. The owner of the house was Jackie Hernandez, a young woman who also had some emotional problems in the past.

The investigators were told of strange smells, unexplained sounds, moving objects, apparitions, a glowing cloud that tried to suffocate her (and which had appeared in front of other witnesses) and actually witnessed a peculiar, dripping substance dripping from the kitchen cabinets.

The events in the house grew stronger and even followed Jackie from place to place. Taff began to believe that she was creating the phenomena unconsciously because of her emotional problems and what became a strong romantic attachment to Barry Conrad. It seemed that anyone who might be perceived as threat to Jackie’s relationship with Barry ended up on the end of a violent attack by the poltergeist.
However, there are problems with the theory that this was strictly a haunting brought on by living subject. The unexplained lights are certainly odd and so would be the reports of male apparitions from witnesses. Also, as Taff found out later, Jackie’s house continued to be reported as haunted long after she moved out. According to the owners, no subsequent tenants stayed there for longer than 6 months. Could this be merely some residual from Jackie’s presence there or was there really a bonifide malevolent spirit?

Here is another brief version of the investigation:

On the night of August 8, 1989, Barry Conrad along with friend and photographer Jeff Wheatcraft, and Dr. Barry Taff, formerly with UCLA’s parapsychology lab and principal investigator of the now famous “Entity” case, would be witness to some of the most compelling and disturbing paranormal activity. Hernandez had told them stories of flying lamps, oozing blood-like gelatin from the walls, an apparition of a decaying old man, an invisible force that would hold her down as though trying to smother her, as well as a floating disembodied head in her attic. So before they left that evening Conrad suggested that Wheatcraft check out the attic. Not long after crawling through the small hole in the ceiling, Jeff’s camera was ripped from his hands into the darkness of the attic.

Expectedly, quite shaken he bolted from the attic. Later he would venture back up into the attic in hopes of retrieving the camera. As he searched the empty attic he found an old dusty grape box, which when opened contained his camera, but strangely no lens. Continuing his search he found the surprisingly undamaged lens behind the trap door to the attic. Jeff decided to see if he could get a couple more shots before leaving. But as he began shooting a foul stench began to permeate the attic and without warning he was shoved by an invisible hand into the rafters. And this wasn’t the worst of the activity.
File: Poltergeist.jpg (247 KB, 1397x777) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
247 KB, 1397x777
A month later on September 4th, they would be called back by a frantic Jackie Hernandez. The activity was escalating and getting more violent. Arriving around 1am, Jeff and friend Gary decided they should investigate the attic again. Jeff would pay for it, as he was attacked more brutally than the first encounter. Conrad down below with Hernandez heard a loud moan, it was Jeff. Something had grabbed Jeff by the neck and pulled him into the rafters. Somehow able to pull himself free, Jeff and Gary exited the attic. It was then that they all noticed an old cord wrapped around Jeffs neck. It was then that Gary explained that he actually had to pull Jeff off a nail in the rafter and if he hadn’t been there Jeff might have been strangled to death. But there was a plus to the attack, Gary snapped off a photo at the precise moment of the entity yanking Jeff into the rafters.

Jackie Hernandez would eventually move out of the house after the activity became so dangerous that she felt her children were in danger.
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The Odon 'Fire Poltergeist'

Odon, Indiana, is a peaceful smallish town and not one that you would suspect of having a history of paranormal mysteries. Yet in June 1940, an Odon farmhouse would be the setting of one of the strangest supernatural puzzles of modern times.

William Hackler finished breakfast and left the house to begin his many chores for the day. As he was walking across the yard, he noticed smoke pouring out of one of the upper-story windows. Alarmed, he ran back into the house and raced up the stairs. Once inside the room, he saw that a medium-sized fire was consuming the wall underneath the window. The fire seemed to be coming from inside the wall itself. This would make one suspect faulty wiring, but the Hackler homestead was not wired for electricity. And there was no fire burning in the house’s stove. There was no apparent cause for the fire.

The volunteer fire department was sent for and put out the mysterious fire soon after their arrival and then left.
File: 433808283_640.jpg (32 KB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 640x360
No sooner had the firefighters put off the flames and returned to the station, that another call came from the Hackler house. This time, Mrs. Hackler had found another fire ablaze on her feather bed. Now the fire seemed to be originating from the mattress. The fire spread wildly and covered the entire room. The firefighters acted steadily and doused the flames.

If the firemen thought they would be leaving the Hackler house any time soon, they were to be disappointed. Throughout the day fires burst out and consumed objects and parts of the house’s structure. In one case a firefighter went to a bookshelf and picked up a book which seemed to be emitting smoke. As he opened it, he found it burning from within. In fact, the cover was intact while the pages were on fire. In the kitchen, a firefighter found a pair of coveralls burst into flames, while a damp dishwasher caught fire. A bedspread caught flames right before the eyes of a dozen witnesses.

As a flame on the roof was completely extinguished, another fire broke out charring the window blinds. A medicine cabinet was found burning from the inside, while another book inside a desk drawer was mysteriously flaming from within, while its covers were unspoiled.
Scared, the Hacklers removed all their goods, took out the windows, and patiently waited for the house to be engulfed by flames. However, with another little fire at 11:00 p.m., the fires ceased. Several goods were burnt, but the house itself wasn't seriously harmed. About a hundred firefighters had gathered to put off 28 fires in a single day! No cause could be determined. There was no electricity, nor was any stove left burning. On July 4th, the unsettled Hacklers found it wise to have their house demolished. On April 19, 1941, the Collier's Magazine published an advertisement from the Traveler's Insurance Company, detailing the petrifying tale of the Odon Fire Poltergeist.
File: 9-carol.jpg (212 KB, 632x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
212 KB, 632x420
Officials were baffled and put forward odd solutions such as rogue magnetic fields, gasses seeping from an unused well, and pranks by Hackler’s children.
Thoroughly spooked, Hackler demolished the house and built a new one. As far as history records, he and his family were never bothered by phantom fires again.

Was this a case of spontaneous combustion...or was there a supernatural cause?

Listverse.com's Epic Book of Mind-Boggling Lists: Unbelievable Facts and Astounding Trivia on Movies, Music, Crime, Celebrities, History, and More

Strange Indiana Monsters

Haunted Indiana: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Hoosier State (Haunted Series)
Here is something kinda funny:

Widow Ghosts

Nightmare Death Syndrome is a phenomenon reported among certain men of Thailand, who are apparently being killed in their sleep by spirits known as “widow ghosts.” These are said to be the ghosts of particularly sexual women who met a violent death. Now, they’re out to kill men and take their souls as husbands.

A widespread panic over the widow ghosts broke out in northeastern Thailand in 1990. Since the ghosts only attacked men, some young Thai fellows took to wearing lipstick and nail polish in bed in order to trick the spirits into thinking they were actually women. Yet the main strategy for warding off the ghosts was penises hung around the neck or in close proximity to the sleeping man.

Most were carved from wood, some more crude than others. Some artistic types added testicles made of coconuts, and pubic hair made from fishing nets. The residents of Ban Thung Nang Oak were very proud of their giant communal phallus, which was almost a meter (3 ft) long and had a red tip.
One couple crafted an entire scarecrow with the relevant appendage, and hung a sign around its neck that read “widow ghost hunter.” In one village, there were rumors that the ghosts had finally acquired enough husbands, and the spirits were going to start seeking out female companions as well.

There’s actually a proper explanation for these ghost attacks, which have caused hundreds of deaths over the years. Autopsies revealed that the men had died due to poor nutrition. Many lived on a diet of nothing but sweet rice, which led to overproduction of insulin and a bunch of nutrient deficiencies. Combined with stress, the awful diets were enough to kill men in their sleep.

Well, funny and not funny at the same time.
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The Great Amherst Mystery

On September 4, 1878, Esther Cox woke up screaming in her bedroom in Amherst, Nova Scotia. The 19-year-old shared a room with her sister Jennie, and when she calmed down she complained that she’d felt a mouse under her mattress. The two girls lived in the house of their elder sister and her husband, Daniel Teed. Daniel’s brother John Teed was also living there.

The sisters searched, but the room appeared to be suspiciously rodent free. Then, the same thing happened the next night. Again they searched, and again they found nothing. Then, on September 6, Esther awoke in pain, her entire body swelling and turning bright red. A series of loud bangs echoed through the room, after which Esther returned to normal and fell asleep.

The same thing happened again a few days later, but this time other family members heard the commotion and rushed into the room. Esther’s bedding had been torn from her bed by an unseen force and thrown around the room. John Teed was among the first there, and he tried to help put the bedding back on, but ended up in a battle of wills with whatever invisible force wanted to keep the beds unmade. The poltergeist also attacked John with a pillow. After everyone heard a few more sudden explosions, everything went back to normal.
The family called their physician, Dr. Carritte. The doctor stayed in the room when Esther went to bed. When the young woman’s pillow began sliding around under her head, Carritte tried to hold onto it, but his invisible opponent was stronger. During the pillow-tugging contest, Carritte heard scratching and saw a message slowly appear in the wall, carved by an invisible instrument: “Esther Cox, you are mine to kill!”

In the following weeks, the poltergeist began setting small fires. He threatened to burn the house down unless Esther left, so she went to stay at a local inn with a friend of the family. The poltergeist followed, and Esther was seriously injured when a pocket knife flew from the hand of the innkeeper’s son straight into Esther’s back. When the boy tried to pull it out, it was again yanked from his hand and plunged into the same opening. The wound became infected, and Esther barely survived the following weeks.

When she was well again, Esther met a man named Walter Hubbell, and he had the worst idea in history. He took Esther to New Brunswick and put on a show, charging people to come and witness the spooky phenomena. The poltergeist never made a peep in front of the audience. The world’s most boring theater piece was chased out of town, and the two were forced to abandon the project.
File: NB0986.jpg (85 KB, 200x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Esther then got a job as a domestic helper for a local court clerk, Arthur Davison. Esther had only been there a few months when their barn burned down. The young woman was blamed for starting the blaze, but she insisted that it was actually her poltergeist stalker. The judge wasn’t impressed, and Esther was convicted of arson.

The poltergeist became gradually less active, and went away as mysteriously as it had turned up. Esther married twice, and died in 1912.
File: 3-south-shields.jpg (109 KB, 632x422) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The South Shields Poltergeist

A short distance north of Pontefract is the town of South Shields. It was here, in the summer of 2006, that a young couple and their three-year-old son were terrorized by a nasty spirit. Their real names haven’t been revealed, but they’re typically known as Marc and Marianne.

The haunting began in December 2005 with the otherworldly feng shui typical of poltergeist infestations. The spirit stacked chairs, moved chests of drawers, and slammed doors. But this wasn’t any old ghost—it was malicious and it meant business. And it had access to something the family hadn’t counted on: small, cuddly toys.

One night in bed, Marianne felt her son’s toy dog hit her on the back of the head. She sat up and turned on the lights just in time to see a second stuffed dog flying in her direction. The couple cowered under the duvet, but felt something trying to pull it away. All of a sudden, Marc yelled in pain, and 13 scratches appeared on his back. The scratches were gone the next morning.
File: 20140118_113858-1.jpg (146 KB, 572x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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While the poltergeist had shown that it could cause direct physical harm to humans, it seemed determined that toys were the way to go. It hung a rocking horse from the ceiling by its reins, then it placed a large, cuddly rabbit in a chair at the top of the stairs—with a sharp box cutter in its adorable paws. The ghost left messages on the young boy’s whiteboard, and even sent text messages (that couldn’t be traced to any phone or computer in this world). They were typically threatening messages, like, “You’re Dead.”

Even the couple’s three-year-old son sometimes went missing. He would be found hiding in random parts of the house, cuddled up with his blanket. They found him in a closet once, and hiding under a plastic table another time. That’s a thing that all children of that age manage by themselves, but the couple blamed their infernal houseguest.

The family called in paranormal researchers Mike Hallowell and Darren Ritson. The experts determined that even though Marc was the sort of person who seemed like he liked to play pranks, the ghost was real. Then they wrote a book about it. Among the things you can see on the book’s website are a picture of a plastic bottle poised in an “impossible” way, and a message on a magnetic drawing toy that says, “Just go Now.”

Well, I don't know if any lurkers are left out there, but I hope you have enjoyed this and my other threads.
I am going to stop for now, but I will be checking in off and on as usual.
I would like to continue these types of threads, though I think if they become routine, people will lose interest.
This could be my final one for a while, I am not sure yet.
Stay spoopy my friends!
Well, here is an amusing and weird myth:

Stories of fat vampires are not new. These creatures were called pishtacos and are a classic Peruvian legend. They are known to stalk the night on deserted roads and use their magic to rob travelers of their fat. Recently, the legend has resurfaced due to actual arrests of gang members in Peru who are purported to have been bonking unruly travelers on the head, then taking them to a safe house and rendering them into fat to sell on the black market. Some estimates say that as many as 60 people fell prey to these gangsters before they were caught.

Of course, some question the official story, partly because most of the attributed murders have not been proven, but mostly because they have trouble believing that there’s any kind of market for human fat. It was also considered strange that these men had no interest in selling any of the other, more valuable body parts. Perhaps the answer lies in the legend itself. The pishtacos would not have any interest in other organs, and selling the rendered human fat would be a good cover for their true operation—feeding on the fat of the living so they can sustain their undead immortal existence.

The world is such a strange place.
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Here, some more wierdness:

A man known only as Larry claims that one night he was drifting off to sleep when he was contacted by a strange presence who communicated with him telepathically. This weird presence explained that he was not from Earth, but beyond that he gave no reason for contacting Larry. Somewhat skeptical, Larry asked the presence to provide some proof of its existence beyond simply sending thoughts into his head—he wanted a face-to-face meeting. The presence agreed to provide him with further proof—he would show up during the day when Larry was with his best friend.

Larry wasn’t sure what to make of the entire thing the next day, and while he continued on with life as usual, he obsessed about the dream for months afterward. Eventually, he caught up with his buddy at an Independence Day celebration at a nearby park. As Larry was talking with his friend, a black van pulled up nearby and two black-clad men got out. Two more similarly dressed men exited the van after them, but they did not appear to be entirely human in shape. The strange men sat down at a nearby picnic table, looked over at Larry, and then reentered their van and left just as mysteriously as they had arrived. Larry never found out why they had contacted him.

Poor Larry...
Funny how every time I say I am done for the night, here I am posting again already.

An anonymous postal worker from Washington, DC was out delivering mail one day when he decided to stop and eat an apple. When he was finished, he looked around for a trash can and, finding none, decided to just toss it onto the ground. Before he could leave the area, a security guard approached and lectured him for his negligence, explaining that the entire building and surrounding grounds were under constant surveillance. The postal worker thought about this, along with the fact that he already had to be buzzed in to deliver the mail, and began thinking that there was more to this place than met the eye.

Awhile later, he was out on his usual delivery run when he came by the foreboding building again. This time, he saw three men walking toward the building, except they didn’t appear to be like men. They waddled when they walked instead of putting one foot in front of the other, and they were abnormally thin—it was this thinness more than anything that frightened him.

Though shaken, he decided to soldier on and march his way up to the door to deliver the mail. When he entered, he found a group of men who began questioning him about what he had seen moments earlier. He was flabbergasted and unable to respond until one of the strange beings who he had seen earlier sidled up near him, at which point he felt even more terrified. After more grilling by the men in the room, and after repeating that he had seen nothing at all, he was allowed to leave. His mail route was changed shortly afterward.

Give a hoot, don't pollute!
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Back in the 1960s, Jim Templeton took a photo of his daughter near Burgh Marsh, and before long it made big news. You might have heard of this photo as the Solway Firth Spaceman, which captures what looks like an unexplained figure in an astronaut outfit in the background. Stranger then the photo is the experience that Templeton had shortly after taking it. He was at work when a car arrived with two men who claimed to be working for the government. When asked, they refused to identify themselves beyond the codes #9 and #10. Even though their badges pointed to no specific government agency, Templeton agreed to get in the car with them and drive back to the Marsh to answer their questions.

The questions were pretty strange. Apart from the expected ones, like where it had happened and whether there were any other witnesses, they also wanted to know about the weather conditions and the behavior of the animals in the area. Templeton told the men that the domestic animals in the area had seemed scared on the day in question and had huddled together for protection.

It was after stating this that the men became much more hostile toward Templeton and started questioning the validity of his story. Of course, Templeton would not go to all this trouble simply to admit defeat, even if his story wasn’t entirely honest, and claimed that he was indeed telling the truth as far as he knew it. The men seemed to be unconvinced and headed back to their car. They drove off and simply left the baffled photographer in the dust to find his own way home.

Haha, okay, goodnight folks!
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Nope, nope and nope, one more short thing:

Normally, the sneaky men who appear after UFO sightings are dressed all in black, but in one tale from Essex, England, they chose gray suits. William Shearer claimed to have seen a UFO, and a few days later two men showed up at his house. One of the men stayed by the car and maintained an intimidating presence while the other grilled Shearer about his experience. On this first visit, however, the man seemed more concerned with gaining permission to enter Shearer’s home than the answers Shearer was giving him.

The men spoke in a strange voice that seemed flat and expressionless and had extremely pale skin. This, along with the oddly intimidating behavior, was enough to scare Shearer and he chose not to let them into his house. Unfortunately for him, his experience was not yet at an end. The men ominously proclaimed that they would visit him again and, not long after, they turned up at his work. They made it clear that they wanted to talk about UFOs and once again asked permission to enter. When Shearer turned them down again, the men vanished and never returned—although Shearer believes that since then his phone has been tapped.

Things like this are my fetish.
Ha, oh really?
Here ya go:

Also this:
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Another one for the road, I guess:

An object, supposedly orbiting Earth in near-polar orbit, has had ufologists and fringe authors in a tizzy since the mid-1950's. Some believe it is approximately 13,000 years old and of extraterrestrial origin...and it has been transmitting radio signals for over 50 years now.

This object was photographed in 1998 during the STS-88 mission and has been widely claimed to be the Black Knight and an 'alien artifact'. NASA contends that it is a thermal blanket that had been lost during an EVA during the mission.

The story of the Black Knight started in the 1940′s when the St. Louis Dispatch and The San Francisco Examiner wrote about the 'satellite' on May 14th 1954. The Time Magazine wrote about it in the March 7, 1960 issue:

Three weeks ago, headlines announced that the U.S. had detected a mysterious “dark” satellite wheeling overhead on a regular orbit. There was nervous speculation that it might be a surveillance satellite launched by the Russians, and it brought the uneasy sensation that the U.S. did not know what was going on over its own head. But last week the Department of Defense proudly announced that the satellite had been identified. It was a space derelict, the remains of an Air Force Discoverer satellite that had gone astray.
File: blackknight3.jpg (131 KB, 527x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>1940′s when the St. Louis Dispatch and The San Francisco Examiner wrote about the 'satellite' on May 14th 1954.

I assume they meant 1950s?


On August 23, 1954 the Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine released a story that riled the Pentagon...who were attempting to keep the information under wraps:

Pentagon scare over the observance of two previously unobserved satellites orbiting the earth has dissipated with the identification of the objects as natural, not artificial satellites. Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, expert on extraterrestrial bodies from the University of New Mexico, headed the identification project. One satellite is orbiting about 400 miles out, while the other track is 600 miles from the earth. Pentagon thought momentarily the Russians had beaten the U.S. to space explorations.

Over the years there has been plenty of speculation as to the origin and/or existence of the Black Knight. From astronomy novices to astronauts, the claims of an unknown object orbiting the Earth has persisted. What do you think it is?

Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA, Enlarged and Revised Edition

Spies and Shuttles: NASA's Secret Relationships with the DoD and CIA

The NASA Conspiracies: The Truth Behind the Moon Landings, Censored Photos , and The Face on Mars

>Not sure about that last one, as I believe we did inf act land on the moon, but call me crazy.
Much too big to be posted here:

13000 Year Old Satellite. The Full Story Behind the Black Knight.


Most recent:

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While the Soviets hit the ground running in the space race, we later found out that their actual space program was a bit of a shit show. However, they did have one advantage on their side; their ability to cover up every single failure and destroy all evidence of incompetence, which is why no one can actually prove what we're about to tell you.

In 1959 a German scientist claimed at least four Soviet cosmonauts had already died between the years 1957 and 1959. According to Hermann Oberth, the Soviets were converting rockets to manned spaceships, and he would know, because he was working with NASA and had seen the intelligence to prove it. Plus, a high ranking Czech official further corroborated the story when he also leaked information that unofficial launches killed a few cosmonauts.

But it wasn't until two Italian brothers with a knack for radio got in the act that the story really gained some ground. After cobbling together an improvised listening system comprised of scavenged equipment and sheer audacity, Achilles and Giovanni Battista Judica-Cordiglia started picking up some creepy shit. Specifically, an SOS signal in Morse Code. And the dying gasps and fading heartbeat of a cosmonaut whose signal was getting farther and farther away from Earth. And a Russian woman who said:

Transmission begins now. Forty-one. Yes, I feel hot. I feel hot, it's all... it's all hot. I can see a flame! I can see a flame! I can see a flame! Thirty-two... thirty-two. Am I going to crash? Yes, yes I feel hot... I am listening, I feel hot, I will re-enter. I'm hot!

Just as signs of screaming began, the transmission was cut off. And then there was the couple who desperately pleaded for help:

Conditions growing worse. Why don't you answer? . . . we are going slower . . . the world will never know about us...
I've been reading your threads at night after work, it's been something I've been looking forward to. Thank you for all the time and energy you have put into these.
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None of the transmissions were acknowledged by the Soviets, but the KGB began taking a hearty interest in the brothers, nevertheless. And then, as if it wasn't creepy enough that two Italian guys were recording the tortured last cries of phantom space travelers, there was the whole matter of the cosmonauts who mysteriously disappeared from official pictures.

Later we learned that one of the airbrushed cosmonauts was cut from official pictures and all records after suffering a horrific death by fire on the launchpad. Another was expunged because he was a drunk brawler who eventually committed suicide. As for the rest, we'll never know.


>I know that is really paranormal, but still damn creepy I think.
Man I love MU! Are you my soulmate?
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Wow, that's great, I'm glad you like these that much.
Makes the time taken seem less pointless to me.
Thanks anon!
I dumped plenty of info tonight, so enjoy.
Ha, could be, who knows?
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Hey folks, I came for a quick look around, and wanna post some stuff before I hit the hay:

There have been various paranormal and supernatural events reported throughout the history of Chile. But in 1996-97 there were several particularly odd incidents that involved sighting testimony of humanoids, strange unworldly beings and alien abductions. The following reports are some of the KNOWN incidents within that two-year period:

It was the winter of 1997. Mr. EJFP, 43, a security guard at a major industrial concern in Malleco (Chile) was monitoring Section 22, occupied by a water treatment plant some 20 meters distant from the main plant. The watchman was alone and pulling the 15:00 to 23:00 shift. He stood near a light post in a corner, as the guard post afforded poor visibility. It was a dark night, overcast but with no rain. Toward the northern reaches of the compound there was a wire fence, 10 meters away from the position he occupied. At 21:15 hours, his attention was drawn by something immediately beyond the barbed wire fence.

A person stood there facing him, average height and completely dressed in white. He could not tell if the garment was a tunic, but it was clearly visible in the darkness. The watchman, as was his duty, challenged the arrival, as no one was supposed to come close to the facility. But the figure did not move, nor did it issue any sound or word whatsoever.
File: 920131500.jpg (76 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Precisely at that moment, a vehicle conveying the watchman's immediate supervisor approached the area. The watchman turned to look at the arriving vehicle, but when the turned to look at the figure in white, it was no longer there. No shrubs or trees could have offered concealment - the figure simply vanished. The dim light kept the watchman from making out any features on the figure. He asked his superior if he had perhaps seen something beyond the perimeter with his vehicle's headlights, but the reply was negative. Other security guards patrolling the area had already remarked that "strange things" were sometimes seen in the area.

Two months later, while pulling a duty shift from 23:00 to 07:00, Mr. EJFP was assigned to watch the La Laguna sector, a forested area some 200 meters from the main plant. He only had a medium-sized flashlight with him, and it was turned off. At around 04:00, while walking along a trail that crossed the woods, EJFP noticed the silhouette of a very tall person approaching him along the path. This figure was somewhat hunched over and walked noiselessly.

When the figure came within a distance of four meters, the watchman turned on his flashlight and pointed it at the intruder's face. He couldn't see any features beyond the fact that he had two glowing eyes "that were not those of a human being". The figure was dressed completely in black and was clearly looking at the sentry. EJFP felt fear, turned around and made a run back to the public roadway some 200 meters away, remaining there until dawn, when his shift ended.
He claimed to have seen the outline of a head and shoulders, but the overwhelming fear caused him to run for safety. EJFP added that another watchman fainted when he found himself in the presence of this tall, glowing-eyed presence. At least six similar encounters have occured in the vicinity of this plant, and it is even common to see UFOs; on one occasion, large fleet of unknown vehicles, looking like arrowheads, flew over the area no more that 100 meters over the ground.

Near Maria Elena, Chile - 1996 - late night

Gonzalo Fernandez Gamboa and several friends were camping out in the desert and were having a cookout around a large fire. Suddenly as they sat around talking a tall stranger appeared out of nowhere, the man was about 1.90m in height, with very wide shoulders impeccably dressed, in a white shirt, no hat. He approached the group and speaking in perfect Spanish asked the group for some fire. One of the men grabbed a small stick about 40cm in length lit it up and gave it to the stranger. The stranger thank the group and then added, "be careful with fire it could be dangerous". The group was extremely surprised since the stranger was completely clean without an ounce of dust on him, while the group was totally covered head to toe by the desert sand. The stranger disappeared into the darkness. Several of those present attempted to locate him but could not find any footprints or traces.

Source: Ramon Navia, "La Verdad Oculta" / Albert Rosales
Comments: Encounter with tall Nordic type humanoid, which became rare in the late 1990's.
Near Tocopila, Chile - Summer 1996 - afternoon

A family of four was driving on their way to Tocopila but halfway there, the father, (driver) changed his mind and decided to return, explaining that by the time they arrived to Tocopila everything would be closed. On their way he took a secondary road that past by an empty airfield, located in an isolated plain. As they drove near the airfield they all noticed a strange triangular-shaped mark on the ground, however they did not stop to investigate. Soon they began hearing bizarre screams resembling those of a woman being attacked or "raped". Immediately after that they all saw a brilliant humanoid figure at least 3 meters in height, it shone like brilliant metal. Its face was oval-shaped and its eyes almond in shape emitting a brilliant light.

Astounded the witnesses watched as the shiny giant creature stepped in front of their car and signaled them to stop. The mother began screaming as the creature turned its head towards them and emitted a brilliant beam of bluish light from each eye. The whole time the driver slowed the vehicle down until it was going a minimal speed. They were able to notice that the creature had extremely long arms; it was of thin build, and was wearing a one-piece shiny silvery outfit. It was totally hairless. As the mother screamed hysterically the creature disappeared in plain sight and everything returned to normal. The witnesses quickly drove away from the area.

Source: Ramon Navia, "La Verdad Oculta", Chile / Albert Rosales
Comments: These bizarre "screams" have been reportedly frequently in connection with a different array of phenomena that includes UFOs, Bigfoot type creatures, banshee's, La Llorona etc. Similar screams were even heard at the time of the Kecksburg UFO crash.
Casablanca, Valparaiso, Chile - November 16 1996 - various

Several local students at the basic Manuel Baquedano school reported encountering several little gnome like men about 30 cm in height. The little men wore different color clothing and usually hid in the trees and bushes. Their leader appeared to be an aged looking one, dressed in black who threw stones at the curious children and emitted strange shrieking sounds, at the same time making signs with his hands to stay back. 12-year-old Felipe Guerrero Silva reported seeing other friendlier gnomes wearing red, green, and white clothing. The entity wearing the white clothing seemed to be the friendliest at times calling the children.

Source: Paranigma Chile / Albert Rosales
Near Hualqui, Chile - December 1996 - night

A man riding a horse in an isolated area encountered a short robotic figure, apparently humanoid, that approached the horse and apparently frightened the animal. The rider quickly left the area, thinking that the apparition had been a demon. No other information.

Source: UFOPR / Albert Rosales
File: ALIEN-TWO-NIGHT.jpg (58 KB, 610x365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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An electrician claims having been abducted by a UFO while traveling by car between two towns in southern Chile. Gabriel Encina, 47, states that the strange experience occured six years ago, but that the anguish he experienced kept him from disclosing it until now. "No one can keep me from thinking that I was abducted by something or someone. What I saw wasn't an airplane or a flying saucer--it was simply a very bright light that landed on top of my car," said Gabriel Encina in an interview published by "El Diario Austral de Temuco".

Encina notes that he never discussed the subject and that only his wife and close friends knew about it. "I know that others will call me a madman." "In spite of the time that's elapsed, I'm still a bit affected by it. Ever since that abduction, I have headaches, migraines and bone trouble," he explained. "I have difficulty sleeping, I'm afraid of dreaming, and when I close my eyes I see that light following me, moving slowly toward me."
File: aliums.jpg (49 KB, 640x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Chile , a nation of 15.5 million inhabitants, ranks fifth among the countries having the greatest number of UFO sightings, after the USA, Peru, Brazil and Russia. Encina recalled that the incident occured on June 27, 1996 at 20:00 hrs. (24:00 GMT) while traveling between Los Sauces and Angol in the La Araucania region, 608 km to the south of Santiago, under clear skies and the damp weather characteristic of that winter season. "I suddenly saw a very bright white light some 3 meters in diameter which appeared and descended and followed me. I accelerated, but curiously, the car lost speed," he added. He says that when the light landed on his vehicle, the radiance was so intense that he could make out dust particles floating in the air. "That's when I felt anguished and passed out."

According to Encina, when he awoke, both he and his car were some 12 km. from where the encounter with the alleged UFO took place. "My legs trembled and my head hurt. I was surprised that my wristwatch had stopped at 20:05 hours, althought almost an hour had elapsed since the encounter," Encina explained.

In mid-April of 2001, Erasmo Mena, an expert with the Centro Informativo para el Fenomeno OVNI en America Latina (CIFOAL) disclosed the "massive" presence of UFOs between the cities of Angol and Victoria which could be seen by the unaided eye. Until 1990, Chile experienced over 400 sightings and the country's northern region was the scenario of a number of cases, such as so-called close encounters of the third kind and the abduction of a Chilean army corporal by the crewmembers of alleged flying saucers. - EFE News Agency May 14, 2002
Santiago, Chile - February 1, 1997 - 0100A

While Claudia Fuentes sister felt a warm rush of air enter her room, Claudia left the house and suddenly found herself waking down a long hallway in which she was met by several humanoids, described as having long arms, wrinkled mouths and four fingered hands. The humanoids led her to a place resembling a hospital, removed her lower part of her garments, and placed her on a stretcher. Although Claudia was not aware that she was pregnant, as six-foot tall creature extracted a fetus through her vagina, placed it inside a square jar filled with a bubbling fluid, and walked away with it. Claudia also reported seeing other creatures with similar features but measuring only 3-feet in height. She has not doubt that she spent well over three days in that place, although only 3 hours elapsed in normal time. When she regained consciousness, she found herself lying in the middle of the town square, where some witnesses claimed seeing a sudden burst of light. There she was found in a semi-conscious state, frightened, weeping and with wet hair.

Source: Scott Corrales, UFO Files # 1 / Albert Rosales
Llano section, Santiago, Chile - February 13, 1997 - 23:30

Marta Aguilar Montoya and her two small children were asleep in the bedroom when suddenly she heard a crackling noise. Turning to look towards the TV set in the room she noticed a small figure, about 4-feet 8 inches tall, wearing a tight fitting suit and a helmet. The helmet had a visor and the being also wore a backpack connected to the helmet by two hoses, one over each shoulder. Afraid she took her two children to her bed and just watched. The being stared at the trio but never made a move towards them. After several minutes the being turned to face the bedroom wall, again there was a loud crackling sound and then the beings disappeared through the wall, leaving only his silhouette on the wall, which disappeared after 2 minutes.

Source: Luis Sanchez / Albert Rosales
Lago de Rapel, Chile - February 16, 1997 - 0430A

Two youths, aged 16 and 14, were returning home when they suddenly found themselves being followed by a brilliant object. Upon arriving home they ran inside and could still see the object quietly hovering outside. They then woke up their father who thought they were joking. All three looked out the window and noticed that the object was now on the ground and next to it stood a being 4-feet 8 inches tall with a large bald head and wearing a bluish suit. All three witnesses became scared and hid until the object and its apparent occupant left the area.

Source: Luis Sanchez / Albert Rosales

The Bible, Physics, and the Abilities of Fallen Angels: The Alien Abduction Phenomenon

The UFO Phenomenon: Fact, Fantasy and Disinformation

Encounters with Flying Humanoids: Mothman, Manbirds, Gargoyles & Other Winged Beasts

Chupacabras and Other Mysteries

Have a good one fellow /x/philes...watch the skies!
Good night, and I'm the Anon talking about that the Grey's are probably a species evolved from Ants, and are Ant like. I'll be making a thread eventually, and just make a word document and name it "Aliens and their very Native Origins", I will make a thread about it in the future. I would be very happy should you lurk or contribute to it.
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Loving the threads, OP. I'll contribute to this Paranormal potluck of spoopiness with a personal favorite Poltergeist story.

The Philip Experiment

In the 1970's, a group of Canadian parapsychologists wanted to attempt an experiment to create a ghost, proving their theory that the human mind can produce spirits through expectation, imagination and visualization. The actual experiment took place in Toronto, Canada, in 1972, under the direction of the world-renown expert on poltergeists, Dr A. R. G. Owen.

The members of the experiment proposed an idea... by using extreme and prolonged concentration, they could create their ghost through a collective thought form: Non-physical entities which exist in either the mental or astral plane. In order to create this ghost and make it as 'real' as possible, it needed a life story; a background in which the ghost could 'relate' to.

They named the ghost they were attempting to bring into focus "Philip Aylesford" and created a tragic story, explaining to the fullest and in great detail, his life, and the few actions that lead to his tragic death.

The group first fabricated the fictitious identity, physical appearance, and personal history of their "Philip Aylesford" who was born in England in 1624 and followed an early military career. At the age of sixteen he was knighted. He had an illustrious role in the Civil War. He became a personal friend of Prince Charles (later Charles II) and worked for him as a secret agent. But Philip brought about his own undoing by having an affair with a Gypsy girl. When his wife found out she accused the girl of witchcraft, and the girl was burned at the stake. In despair Philip committed suicide in 1654 at the age of thirty.
File: 474489317_640.jpg (47 KB, 640x436) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 640x436

Step two was contacting Philip. In September 1972, the group began their "sittings" and after some initial problems the group attempted to duplicate the atmosphere of a classic spiritualist séance. They dimmed the room's lights, sat around a table and surrounded themselves with pictures of the type of castle they imagined Philip would have lived in, as well as objects from that time period.

Within a few weeks, Philip made contact. Although he did not manifest in spiritual form, appearing as an apparition or ghost, he did make contact through a brief rap on the group's table. "Philip" answered questions that were consistent with his fictitious history, but was unable to provide any information beyond that which the group had conceived. However, "Philip" did give other historically accurate information about real events and people. The Owen group theorized that this latter information came from their own collective unconsciousness.

The sessions took off from there, producing a range of phenomena that could not be explained scientifically. His "spirit" was able to move the table, sliding it from side to side. On more than one occasion, the table chased someone across the room. All hands were clear of the table when this occurred.

In conclusion the experimenters were never able to prove the 'how' and the 'why' behind Philip's manifestation. Was Philip a direct result of the group's collective subconscious or perhaps did they conjure an actual entity that simply latched onto the story?

While some would conclude that they prove that ghosts don't exist, that such things are in our minds only, others say that our unconscious could be responsible for this kind of the phenomena some of the time.
File: Tricks of Mediums.jpg (556 KB, 756x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Tricks of Mediums.jpg
556 KB, 756x1024

Another point of view is that even though Philip was completely fictional, the Owen group really did contact the spirit world. A playful (or perhaps demonic, some would argue) spirit took the opportunity of these séances to 'act' as Philip and produce the extraordinary psychokinetic phenomena recorded.

Whatever caused the manifestation it seems that it adapted itself to the expectation of the audience, playing the role of the spirit they intended to contact. Since all was based on fiction it could not be the spirit of Philip so what else could it be?



Here is another neat article that connects the Philip Experiment with possible time travel. http://www.time-loops.net/Experiment_Philip3.htm

It's a neat twisted tale of a possible Egregore that's up any /x/phile's ally. The movies The Apparition, and The Quiet Ones drawn heavily from this Experiment.

OP, if you'd like, I can possible help contribute some other spooky stories I have up my sleeves. Namely some stuff from the Warren Occult museum.
I would love to be part of that thread when it gets put up.
Excellent, thanks so much, please continue if you wish.
File: blackeyedwoman.jpg (51 KB, 450x311) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Harrisburg, PA - 8/15/2014: I was a waiting customer in line at Pep Boys Auto shop, just looking around. A small, woman entered and she appeared oddly dressed; she looked to be in her 70s-early 80s, at first because of her rather messy gray hair, which fell about to the chin line. She was about 4-5 ft. tall and wore very short, baggy unironed shorts and a baggy unironed blouse. She had very thin legs and arms, greyish, pinkish skin. She did not have the characteristics of progeria disease. Her face seemed normal.

My name was called and I turned by attention to business at hand and went to sit in the adjacent waiting room. I had been seated there about 15 minutes, when this same woman came to the all glass door and tried to pull it open; she could not pull it open with one hand since her other hand was holding a small book and drink. I started to get up (walk across the room) to help open the door, but someone sitting beside the door opened it for her. She then sat down at a right degree angle to me (she at the 90 degrees and me sitting at 180 degrees), about 4 feet away from me.
I was curious about her since she seemed so strangely dressed. I looked directly at her eyes, and her eyes met mine, and it was then that I noticed she had NO white eyeballs; her eyes were completely black! I was startled and I must have looked so, because she got up instantly and walked out of the waiting room. I followed behind her about 20 seconds later, but saw her no more after looking around a bit. She may have been wearing a wig, she may have had a different kind of contact lens in her eyes, but something about her just seemed strange. I have been wondering whether she was a hybrid. I also wonder whether anyone else has had an experience similar to this.

I reported this incident to my State Director of Investigations in MUFON and he suggested I enter this report. I do so with hesitation because it sounds so bizarre, but I am a MUFON Field Investigator. (Some of my answers on this report really don't apply to this incident, so I answered because I could not submit this report unless I answered the questions - somehow.) - MUFON CMS

The Black Eyed Children

DARKNESS WALKS: The Shadow People Among Us

Phantoms & Monsters: Bizarre Encounters

Phantoms & Monsters: Strange Encounters
File: Bunyip-431x300.jpg (37 KB, 431x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The Bunyip: Australia's Cryptid King

The mythological creatures that fill today's horror literature and movies hail from faraway lands. Zombie tales originated in the Caribbean, while European folk tales gave us vampires and werewolves. But a vastly more terrifying creature lurks much closer to home: one that has haunted the dreams of Australian children and the imaginations of adults: the bunyip.

Bunyips are not at all funny, although recent children's books, plays and TV have made them seem that way. Rather, the bunyip is a fascinating emblem of cross-cultural contact in colonial Australia: an indigenous bogeyman that came to terrify European settlers.

The bunyip is that breath of cold air on the back of your neck in a closed room. It's that person staring at you in a crowded party, whose face you can't place. It's an anxious mystery that makes us doubt ourselves...which is why Australians have tried to laugh it off.
File: bunyip02.jpg (78 KB, 960x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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White settlers first learned of bunyips from indigenous Australians in the early 19th century. The word itself comes from the Wergaia people of north-western Victoria, although similar creatures exist in indigenous folklore across Australia. William Buckley, the escaped convict who lived with the Wathaurong near the Barwon River, claimed to have spotted one several times.

Another escaped convict turned bushranger, George Clarke, had lived with the Gamilaraay on the Namoi River in northern New South Wales. Trying to capture Clarke's gang in 1832, policeman Captain John Forbes met "Liverpool", a Gamilaraay leader who sketched a creature he called a "Wawee". It had fin-like feet, teeth and a tusk. "All the Blacks express fear of it, and say that it will devour them if it can catch them in the water," wrote Forbes in his diary. A town in the Wawee's splashing ground is now known as Wee Waa. Similarly, in 1878 indigenous man Kurruk sketched a fearsome, emu-like bunyip called Toor-roo-dun said to terrorise swamps around Western Port — where Tooradin stands.

While the bunyip was always large, amphibious and emitted a terrifying moan, no two accounts seem to agree about its physical appearance. In some descriptions it had a seal's flippers and sleek body; in others, scales or shaggy dark fur. It usually had tusks or horns, but its head could resemble a pig's, dog's, cow's or duck's.
File: 1140591.jpg (102 KB, 750x469) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This uncertainty frustrated white settlers. Robert Brough Smyth's 1878 book Aborigines of Vic-toria concluded that the locals "appear to have been in such dread of it as to have been unable to take note of its characteristics."

Other colonialists were more sceptical. In an 1891 ghost story, Rosa Campbell Praed wrote, "The blacks have an impish drollery and love of mischief, and they delight in imposing on the credulity of their white auditors." Captain Forbes worried: "I am not very sure, after all, that these people are not laughing at us."

White Australians have long debated whether the bunyip is, or was, a real creature. After all, to European eyes Australian wildlife already seemed like a bizarre zoological prank: deer that stood like humans but hopped like frogs; egg-laying otters with ducks' bills and beavers' tails.
File: Bunyip_1890.jpg (132 KB, 543x776) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The word "bunyip" first appeared in print in July 1845, under a Geelong Advertiser headline: "Wonderful Discovery of a New Animal". But an edition of the Warrnambool Examiner, dated May 12, 1857, dismissed "stupid and idle stories" about bunyips, concluding: "It's obvious that the bunyip is a mere tradition of the crocodile, with which the northern rivers abound."

Australian Museum naturalist George Bennett was first to suggest formally (in 1871) that the bunyip might be an indigenous cultural memory of extinct Australian megafauna, passed down through oral tradition. By 1991, the authors of Vertebrate Palaeontology of Australasia were postulating that, "When confronted with the remains of some of the now extinct Australian marsupials, Aborigines would often identify them as the bunyip."

And in 1998, geologist Greg McNamara told Australian Geo-graphic magazine his theory that the remembered bunyip was actually a prehistoric turtle, Meiolania prisca, "a most impressive beast" up to two metres long with a metre-long, bony club tail and curved 25-centimetre horns.
File: bfb15.jpg (97 KB, 700x393) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Aborigines' and Europeans' shared uncertainty colours the bunyip's meaning even today. By the 1850s, the word came to denote imposture and pretension: in 1853, radical lawyer and political activist Daniel Deniehy lampooned William Wentworth's bid for a hereditary peerage in Australia by branding it a "bunyip aristocracy". Prime Minister Paul Keating used the same phrase to ridicule his Liberal opponents in Parliament.

The 1970 comedy/documentary The Naked Bunyip dealt frankly with Australian sexuality. Director John Murray had read a story in which a bunyip didn't know what sort of creature it was. "We, as Australians, did not have a strong sense of identity, either," Murray recalled in 2005. "Were we a myth, too? Why not strip this creature bare and find out what it is made of?"

Australian parents used the indigenous stories to warn their children away from the bush. In colonial times, kids regularly drowned in waterholes or died of exposure, so these scary tales were practical. But as children's entertainment strove to build a self-consciously Australian vocabulary in the early 20th century, bunyips began to appear as literary monsters.
File: bunyip01.jpg (38 KB, 371x370) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The children's pantomime The Bunyip was the Wiggles of its day, playing from 1916 to 1924. A stunningly elaborate production, it featured indigenous actors throwing boomerangs out over the crowd!

But by the 1957 children's musical The Bunyip and the Satellite, the bunyip had become wise and whimsical, advising children how to defeat the wicked Bush Fire Spirit. Barry Humphries, who played the bunyip, described it as a "prancing bird-like clown with a falsetto that inevitably got huskier after 12 performances a week".

Humphries also presided over a giant bunyip float in the 1958 Moomba parade and starred in a Channel Seven TV series. He fled from bunyip typecasting by moving to London in 1959. But by then, kindly bunyips were the go — especially Michael Salmon's pink Alexander Bunyip, who ate Canberra in 1972 and will soon get his own statue outside the Gungahlin library.

Nonetheless, the bunyip retained an undercurrent of fear. As a child I remember finding the Ron Brooks illustrations in The Bunyip of Ber-keley's Creek (1973) deeply disturbing. And Patricia Wrightson's The Ice Is Coming (1977) featured the chilling description: "Its red eyes were like death and its bellow was like fear... You could not tell what it was except that it was dreadful..."

>Hmmmm, seems like I may end up creating another thread after all, so long as other people are willing to contribute.
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The bunyip is a mythical creature that is native to Australia. It is also known as kianpraty. The Aborigine word “bunyip” translates into demon spirit. The Australian Aborigines believed in the Bunyip so thoroughly that it has been integrated as a part of their traditional ceremonies and stories.

There are numerous descriptions of this beast from a giant starfish to being identical to the North American Bigfoot. One of the most common descriptions is that it has a canine face and head, tusks like a walrus, flippers and a horse-like tail. Because of this description, some believe that the bunyip is, in fact, an endangered, or even extinct, species of seal or sea-lion. Other descriptions included anything from feathers and legs like a dinosaur, to scales like a crocodile.

Though the creature seemed to prefer the unexplored territories of Australia, there have been sightings in Tasmania. The bunyip lives in a rivers, swamps, bogs, or water-holes, across Australia. It is believed that if a camp is set too near a bunyip hole, the entire camp will be destroyed, including the campers, during the night, by an enraged bunyip. The main source of food for a bunyip is thought to be cattle and people. Many people claim that several drownings throughout Australia are due to the bunyip, rather than bad choices or inability to swim.
Probably the most prolific period for bunyip sightings was in the 1850s. Hundreds of settlers and natives claimed to have seen the creature.

>image limit reached...oh, what a world!

There are several explanations for the possibility of the bunyip. The first, an endangered or extinct seal or similar marsupial, is a good possibility. Another explanation is that it is a species of creature thought to be extinct over 10,000 years. The species is known as the diprotodon. The diprotodon was a plant eating marsupial that was large and to a point meets some of the criteria in the descriptions. Some researchers claim that if this creature did survive, but is yet undiscovered, it would have evolved into a hippo-like marsupial.
First Written Use of 'Bunyip'

Fossils found near Geelong were revealed by The Geelong Advertiser in July 1845, under the headline Wonderful Discovery of a new Animal. It continued "On the bone being shown to an intelligent black (sic), he at once recognised it as belonging to the bunyip, which he declared he had seen. On being requested to make a drawing of it, he did so without hesitation." The account noted a story of an Aboriginal woman being killed by a bunyip, and the "most direct evidence of all," which was that of a man named Mumbowran, "who showed several deep wounds on his breast made by the claws of the animal." The account provided this description of the creature:

“The Bunyip, then, is represented as uniting the characteristics of a bird and of an alligator. It has a head resembling an emu, with a long bill, at the extremity of which is a transverse projection on each side, with serrated edges like the bone of the stingray. Its body and legs partake of the nature of the alligator. The hind legs are remarkably thick and strong, and the fore legs are much longer, but still of great strength. The extremities are furnished with long claws, but the blacks say its usual method of killing its prey is by hugging it to death. When in the water it swims like a frog, and when on shore it walks on its hind legs with its head erect, in which position it measures twelve or thirteen feet in height.”
Shortly after this account appeared, it was repeated in other Australian newspapers. However it appears to be the first use of the word bunyip in a written publication.

Mastin, Colleayn O. Illus. by Sovak, Jan “The Magic of Mythical Creatures”
The Geelong Advertiser 2 July 1845 in Peter Ravenscroft's "The Bunyip and Inland Seal Archive"

I may start a new thread soon, or if someone else wants to continue what I began, feel free, but provide a link here please, after it's been created.
OP here, and I wanted to share this vid, I thought it was pretty funny:


Figured I would end the thread on a humorous note.
OP here, and I have started the sixth thread in this chain of weirdness, enjoy!

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