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Scary stories thread.
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Scary stories thread.

Wiped my computer but i'll post what I got.
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every time I see that story I cringe at how blatantly fake it is, Jesus christ
ObvIously fake, but I think it's a good read. Like, I wouldn't mind a short story about it with more details and build up in it.
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Gonna dump some quality spooks
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x gave her the d.png
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Anybody have the one with the heroin junkies going camping?
No but i remember it. Hilarious
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A long time ago, in the early 90s, I once lived in this tiny house and I was playing in the back yard with my youngest sister (I was around 5 at the time).

The cedar trees in the pic wasn't there at the time; instead, it was the forest behind them and a large field between my house and my grandparents house with tall grass.

Anyway, I was at our swingset with my sister and I noticed something dark at the corner of my eye, when I saw, it was an animal larger than a dog and it couldn't have been a bear since the area was too populated for there to be bears, but it was coming after us pretty fast. It was far away enough from us for me to react and grab my sister so that we can run around and go inside from the front door.

It was summer at the time, so only the screen door was closed; when we went inside I looked back outside and the creature was standing on the porch, but because of the metal mesh on the door, I couldn't make out what it was, plus I was only 5.

My mom walking in the room and asked what was going on, I looked at her and looked back outside and the creature was gone.
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le ebik thread this was
Where's this porch you speak of?

Dross Shitzank pls go
i just saw a video of this one, why dont you ever translate the site from greek to english to know what was on it... well i did it and its a script
i translated the webpage,i think it´s something about a radio

and what kind of script? was it the reason the photo kept copying itself?
its a script, theyre talking about something of the radio then a funeral, its pretty wierd, but the whole thing its like screwed cuz even with translator it cant be read at all
script as in computer script or as in like a play script?
proof that its a script:

those are the first lines of the webpage

Something Plays "at the Theatre ...
The show is here! The text written by listeners of 9.58 fm air of Hertzian via sms rises from the Experimental Theatre of NTNG Thursday, the 27th of May 2010 and for three performances. A project that has for authors 160 unknown among people and it measures 2000 sms !!!
Tuesday, January 12, 2010
All SMS (1)
will publish all sms you send, just the form you send them! On Tuesday, October 6 gave the first line:
MARIA: I heard on the radio! ...

Responded with the following sms:
In three years comes the end of the world! The Mayan calendar, say, end on December 20, 2012! Christina Voumvourakis

KL: A Seriously; And you; Joan

Kelessidis CHRISTINA - KLEON: What you tell me; Radio e; SIGA the source!

What I heard my lord? That MONODROMITHIKE ALL Egnatia and you fell

Kotoula Life Cleon: 9.58 again among us! I hate them!



K: "WELL, I even heard RADIO; THODOROS



MARIA. WAS MY NAME, always wanted to hear. MARIA MILFEI Wins ...

M: But I can not believe it. Felt sad unimaginable! Dina

DANAI NTEMKA Cléon was occupied: AND I IS AMAZING! Spoke on the radio for the last MY MASTERPIECE! Ripped, tore!

The KL inhabits M.: - What I heard ME TO THE NEGATIVE city's first AS the most polluted and sight far from guessing MAYA

On Friday, October 9 added Narrator and restore start. Responded as follows:

First line:

and it goes like this but the last sms are like corrupted or some sorta lenguage the translator doesnt do
script like a play script
it is beacuse it haves a point between each word
Honestly how i feel about >>16029578
Its a fursuit sold on deviantart. Not a furry just love artisan crafts.
nah i relaize about that too but its only a few and in the names not in all the words, look at some sms from the bottom

Wednesday, the 21st 0ktovriou

Passed before AP'TON WHITE TOWER THEN turned and looked at me with a look ... THE TOWER OF BLOOD mumble ... CHR.V


Thursday, October 22

Vote for the next character: Mars or Manina hills. Voted Manina hills

Friday, October 23, 3rd Stage. Login Manina hills.






I think its based off a game, or vice-versa. A lot of the names and some parts of it are almost identical.
i didn´t get it
those are more lines of the script but in the bottom of the webpage, the last ones i supose but idk the damn script just cant be readed... maybe by some greek person
good spook/10

honestly just a good story. I could picture the scene and everything. loved it.
kinda makes it weirder, cause the OP of that thread was very intelligible and I assume english was his first language. or he at least grew up speaking it.
de hecho me gustaria que dross hubiese brindado un poco mas de informacion acerca del tema
sí, se.
did anyone ask questions about this one? I like it.

is there some sort of entity that copies your liking for some reason?
This happened to me just a few days ago and I've been meaning to post it here. Not that spooky but it actually happened.

>thunderstorming outside (I'm in the area affected by it atm)
>shut up in my room with a lamp on
>door's closed, got a couple of lamps on
>doing some work on the computer
>suddenly my dog runs up and jumps on my bed
>he had been in the other room
>my door had been closed
>it was still closed
>there was literally no way he could have gotten in

He's terrified of thunder and he walked up shaking to sit beside me, looking for comfort. My theory is that the fear of thunder triggered some sort of primal epiphany that let him phase through my door or something.
how big is your dog?

I'm just wondering cause this reminds me of one time I was living with my aunt. she had two cats, and my dad was out in the kitchen playing backgammon with my uncle. I'm pretty allergic to cats so its never really allowed in our room. anyway, watching TV trying to sleep cause I have school in the morning. dark in the room otherwise. room was kind of a mess. the closet was open with shit pouring out of it and this bag in the threshhold of the door starting LIFTING THE FUCK UP OUT OF NOWHERE. I was like 10 so I was paralyzed. I didn't mention that literally everyone in the house thinks the place is haunted, so that had an effect on me as well. anyway, the bag keeps lifting up and then SURPRISE, for some reason the cat is under it and trying to get out. that means it had been in there for about an hour without me noticing. scared the piss outta me.
>work at a movie theater
>my primary duty is to close the building about 3 times a week or more depending on when they want to schedule me and shit.
>Schedule is 6-2 am but I usually leave earlier since no ones at the later showings most nights
>be a Monday (usually our slowest day)
>show up at 6, just smoked a skinny j in the car and riding a mellow high
>feels good
>manager says we've only had 30 people all day and I should just do inventory right away
>ok, more nap time for me later with inventory being done.
>there's an upstairs and downstairs to theater
>start inventory upstairs where all the popcorns/soda cups are stored.
>chilling upstairs doing inventory really slow, still feeling good but tolerance is pretty high and that j is already wearing off.
>spacing out contemplating if I should ask for a break to "get some dinner" since my manager on duty is chill
>Sound of a breaker clicking snaps me back into reality
>the fuckin breaker for theater 4&5 is open and the overhead lights are flipped on.
>want to freak out, but more worried about customers getting pissed that lights got turned on during their movie and I'll get in trouble.
>jog over and flip off breakers.
>as I'm walking back to my inventory sheet to finish counting, I hear a small cough behind me.
>freeze and get really nervous
>thinks to myself, don't freeze up. Act quickly and maybe you'll look intimidating
>whip around and see what looks like someone duck behind one of the projectors.
>this is why I carry a stupid survival knife with me everywhere, grateful that I thought of that when I heard stories of people trying to sneak around the theater and shit.
>say "get out from behind there man, I gotta knife and I'm not good at making decisions when I'm scared"
>hating myself for saying something so fucking lame when the lightswitch flicks (hear it from the door behind me) and it goes black.
>say "hey who the fuck did that?!"
>cont... (Almost done)
That's funny. Our dog is a 10 year old papillion so he's tiny, like only a little over a foot tall. That being said there was nowhere in my room he could have been hiding, as it's pretty open. My room is upstairs and he's not allowed up there, so it would he would have had to go a long way.

Here's another one:

>last summer, I had been fired a few weeks before (for making a race joke) so I was the only one in the family out of work at the time
>decide to be productive by cleaning the kitchen while everyone was away
>after like an hour and a half of cleaning I sit down to take a break and pour myself some iced tea
>sitting there, alone in silence drinking tea
>suddenly I hear a crystal clear, moderately loud male voice, as if someone were standing in the middle of the room, say "Hello!"
>sit there spooked for a second
>say hello back

I remember the inflection too, as if they were surprised. Spooky shit but probably can be rationalized.
>My GM walks in
>"didn't know anyone was up here, sorry! Must've scared ya!"
>apologize for freaking out, try to explain what happened
>he's not interested, leaves.
>freaked out, but finish inventory while checking around nervously.
>next 6 hours fly by
>almost 1 am, last people just left
>shutting off projectors upstairs, only person in entire building, on edge so bad.
>every little creak and jingle makes me jump and grab for my knife.
>last 4 projectors, oldest ones and in the creepiest hallway
>last one is in a corner by an old bathroom stall that's there because we used to have a protectionist before we went all digital and he couldn't leave the projectors.
>stupid ghost story about him that only retatrded employees believe
>breaker room by "his" bathroom stall is the room he "lives in" cause no one ever has to go in there, so it's just kinda creepy.
>door is ajar, happens a lot with no explanation.
>that's the only thing that ever really creeped me out before this, how no one ever has to go in there but it's open a coupe nights here and there.
>walk up and audibly say "no, stop it please" as I close the door.
>hear from inside the door, "don't dorget the marquees" in an older mans voice
>say nothing, just sit there for a second in absolute terror before sprinting to the break room to punch out and run away.
>now I'm that retarded employee who's the only one to have had an experience.
>feels ok

I wrote this on an iPhone so apologies for any autocorrect shit
I have 2 papillons man, you should know they're sneaky little fucks, constantly they walk right up under my feet almost getting stepped on when I turn around so I don't doubt him possibly following you and hiding for a bit because he knows he's not allowed upstairs until the thunder became to much for him.

also someone else could have just cracked your door enough to let him in because they didn't want to deal with him atm
my pom mix is cuter bitch.
your pom mix ain't shit nigga
dude, they're the same dog but different colors, what the fuck
what I mean is, mine sleeps with his dumb ass tongue hanging out of his mouth and an eye open too.
yea, the other one doesn't do it, but the tongue slightly out just cranks up the adorable
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Thread images: 19
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