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Is anything I'm talking about remotely...
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Is anything I'm talking about remotely interesting to you? Do you have a favorite religion or being you'd like to post about? Please do! I need your mind. Mine is too small these days. I am a deeply depressed human and a sad, sad nihilist who lost touch with this side of myself long ago.


I want help from you guys. I'm writing a series of semi-pornographic (honestly just because I feel like leaving sex out of a novel is just as dishonest as leaving violence out of a novel if it needs to be there, not in particular to get people's rocks off) stories.

It starts off with the main character inheriting a half-burned book from her grandmother, which is a mostly translated French spellbook filled with her notes. She and her two friends basically begin their descent into the world of dreams, and begin learning not just how to drive their consciousness through into the planes of the collective human mind, but also how to manifest the malleability and changing nature of dreams in the real world.

Since it deals with the beliefs of the human race as a whole, my demons and eldritch beings can't just represent a teenage white boy's spirituality, because what would be the point?

I need help coming up with different-enough creatures, belief systems, and monsters, essentially. And also spells. I don't want DnD shit, I want ancient curses and luck magic primarily.

If you must know, the whole point of the series is that all perception and conscious life on earth is part of the mind of an ancient dead being, whose final will is to be reborn by contact with another being like itself in the physical world, which is basically the afterlife of my Lovecraft-style gods. Basically it wants humanity to expand out into the universe. That doesn't mean it's good, mind you. Or bad. It just wants to be reborn, or have its death changed, if that makes sense.
I just want to say it's great to see someone that is working on a story that actually knows how to spell and use proper punctuation. Best of luck on your endeavor.
Thank you, I appreciate that. That's a very nice picture of a nice flower.
Fuck off
no u
poor nihilist. is there anything that, when you read it, touches you on some deep emotional or philosophical level, either because it speaks some kind of truth in a particularly apt way or its something that you've never seen said before? i spent too much looking at everything with that kind of "everything is the same, nothing is more important than anything else" kind of gaze, but then i came across lines in poetry and novels and religious books that i couldn't stop thinking about, and that's where religion really gets its hold; some sweet little crystal of a concept that you want to hold in your mouth forever, but there's lots of them and they're all connected. look for more of those; check out medieval bestiaries (they describe bees with the same awed mysticism and unicorns and scorpions, its great), the oral histories of tribal cultures, and of course, the heavy hitters like the bhavad gita and the bible (the parts with jesus in them are the best, but the bit where the apocalypse happens is also good). best wishes ^_^
I would maybe read and/or buy this
Good concept of the 'ancient being' you mention for your story.

The concepts in this book might interest you. There's talk of a sort of 'universal all' in it.

audio book
OP here. This is exactly why I'm writing this. Nothing has touched me in the same way as the religious texts which I have read. Except maybe Dune by Frank Herbert. But, then again, Dune is basically a religious text...

I don't believe in it, but I love it anyways. Hence why my fictional world is a clusterfuck where what people believe comes true in
disturbing, disturbing ways.

Hey, thank you! I'll check this out, despite having no idea what it is. It's from my hometown too, which is neat.
i highly reccomend that you try poetry. not even the kind of rhyming heroic-couplet laden philosophizing about souls and the nature of luv that people think that "good poetry" is, but honest, unpretentious writing. i was in the camp of "lmao you can write anything down and call it poetry as long as it's spaced weirdly" until i read ginsberg, and then i was like "whoa how did he put those two words together so perfectly. why is this image so ideal. how"

i've heard a lot about dune but never actuallu read it. that line about fear is wicked good, tho.
relatedly; this was what helped me understand poetry a bit more at first, lol http://www.scribd.com/mobile/doc/77204319
also, a pdf of my favorite book of native american legends (the ones about the apocalypse are my favorites) http://caminosqueseenlazan.com/coppermine/albums/Documentos/029_American_Indian_Myths_Legends.pdf
OP here. Native American apocalypse legends are exactly the kind of shit I'm looking for. I love you.
thanks! i only know about you what you've posted, but i "love" the person my mind has created based off of that too!
Ahahahahaha thank you, I'm just bored and I keep getting told that some of the best catharsis comes through writing. Since finishing Demon's Souls and Dark Souls I can't find anything that entertains me. This leaves me with nothing but LibreOffice and coffee. And the internet.
if you like video games, you absolutely must try john clowder's work. it's visually delightful and the dialogue is a treat. i'm not sure how satisfying it is in terms of "gameplay", but the occassional grinding is worth seeing all the cool enemy designs and attacks. and yeah, constant boredom is one of those killer symptoms of depression, so keep your head busy and it'll pass.

Kick. Ass.
>genre fiction
>YA protag
The series pretty quickly gets taken over by adults, but it's pretty important to me that it focus on the end of humanity's childhood.

Don't be mistaken, I know this is going to be terrible. This is for me.
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oh, and do you have any idea where i could find your work when you've got some of it down? i'm interested

the pic attached is one of the aforementioned clowder games. you should probably play gingiva first due to middens... interesting choice of save mechanics (why would you give an exploration gave save checkpoints, that's ridiculous)
I'd like to about my religion.. it may help you to get new idea with what you're doing.
sorry for my poor english, it's my third language
Its has many name but the modern name for it is Druze, you'll see in Wikipedia "evolved out of Ismailism" which is totally not true trust me.
it's a really really old religion that got back again in egypt by " Al Hakim" that they say he was descended from god.

one of our biggest Prophet (man of god) is called Jethro who is a very known powerful man to the islams and hebrews
he is a man who's been wandering and exploring all the religions and been studying them all untill he found the one true god
(that's whats written in the hebrews holy book)

now one of the most interesting things about my religion is it's relatively secret
only our "sheiks" are the ones who are allowed to read our holy books and it's been like this for years to keep the religion safe and only for the qualified and mentally ready for what's in there.
he who reads the holy book not prepared might get into maddness because it has information for abnormal men and requires to level up consciousness to really understand
like discovering a whole new world around you
I've posted this cause it's real..
it really is! the fan forum is great too, even if it's painfully inactive. john clowder himself is a real sweetheart. i drew him a dragon for his birthday.
I'll probably post some of it on here, just for the hell of it. And on /lit/, too, just to get ripped to shreds. I don't really know how to distribute anything, and this is more of a personal project, and I wouldn't want to start a blog or anything because I don't see the point.

Also, I really, really like that art. I don't really care what the gameplay type is, but it looks sort of like a puzzle game. Is it an interactive art project sort of thing?
I am deeply interested. I'm going to be honest with you, the whole secret text thing sounds a bit batshit to me, but I would love to learn about it.
Your English is very understandable, by the way. Don't be worried.
great! i lurk /lit/ already, (and /fa/ too, if you ever... want to write a scene taking place at a rick owens fashion show, i guess.) but you'll probably get three people calling you an idiot for writing genre fiction and one guy who reads gene wolfe calling you out for not being gene wolfe. still, looking forward to it.

mr. clowder himself balks at the idea of "art" (anart and dadaism are fine with him, tho) so i suppose it's only as much of an interactive art project as any video game is. it's technically an rpg, but heavy on exploration. yume nikki with more murder and less weird and boring fans.
Yeah, I understand the hatred of genre fiction in many ways. For me I always get disappointed when people don't take things far enough. Plot devices never get out of control. Only the "bad" characters will get mutated and changed, mentally or otherwise, by corrupting effects. Nobody ever seems to go certifiably insane enough.

Feel free to hate me for being a pretentious dork about this, but cosmic horror never goes abstract enough for me. Lovecraft grew great big leathery, racist mental wings and soared the skies, but not enough people flap higher and join the cosmos. I'm rambling a bit now, but have you ever read that Stephen King short story about the guy with OCD counting all the rocks at some stonehenge shit in Maine? If you haven't, I won't spoil it, and I'm going to try and find it, but it's one of my favorite stories.

Also, I really need to read Book of the New Sun. I keep hearing about Gene Wolfe but I've never checked him out.

Mr. Clowder sounds neat as heck. I'm going to check his stuff out.
i feel ya. too many genre fiction writers are more in love with the concept than the characters, and forget that they are writing a book for human beings that like to read about things happening to other human-like beings instead of telling their buddy "ok, but wouldn't it be cool if-". sure, maybe it'd be cool if there were a space colony shaped like a ring or eldritch demons were not dead by eternally sleeping lying, but the beauty of a concept can only get you so far if the characters aren't connecting to it in a meaningful way. i feel that authors like murakami (sorry i am pleb :v) know how to make their characters's psyche a part of the surreality of the story, so that they're still behaving in comprehensible human ways but not "i'm just an average guy with normal human thoughts reacting in normal human ways to weird scenarios ^o^"
I know a part of me feels that way too.
I'm sure if I try to google a pdf of book I will find it hidden somewhere in the interwebs.

But anyway it's not like the islams and christians that you can enter it, it was possible to do that a really long time ago but today just who was born gets to be considered druze.

It's kind of upsetting cause there's not alot of pretty faces here, only butthole faces.
it takes around 6 years to be a religious man.
personality I will not even think about trying it cause it forbids alot of habits from your personal life

the religion itself is derives its elements from several religions such as Buddhism
and have greek phylosophy

we believe in the transmigration or the reincarnation of the souls. It is not unusual to hear about stories of reincarnation in Druze villages. Hence we do not believe in "heaven" or in "hell". we believe that good souls will transmigrate to a better status in the "next life".
hell and heaven is where we live, it's your who decide which path to take

I saw it in my own eyes, people will call it bullshit but I don't really care cause I believe it for myself and not for the sake of anyone else.

Code of Conduct: The Druze Code of conduct consists of seven principles:

love of truth
loyalty to other Druze
renunciation of all other religions
Avoidance of evil and evil doers
Accept divine unity in humanity
Acceptance of the acts of al-Hakim
Obedience to the will of al-Hakim

you can find more about the religion philosiphy here
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