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NOPE Thread
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Let's continue the traditions and share our nopes,greentexts and screencaps that have something to do with the paranormal.
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who put the bump in the bump-bump bump bump-bump
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Would be funny if there was a creepypasta out there from Bill, telling his side of this story.
This happened to me. I can't tell if it was some kind of paranormal spoop or was it all just insane coincidence. Either way it was very real.

>spend a lot time home alone
>parents live at their new home
>old home is about to get sold
>parents want to sell it because all of us kids are getting grown up and moving out
>grandfather used to live there too. he died in that house quite recently
>house in nextdoor there someone died too

>dark night
>be at computer and listening to music
>suddenly static white noise replaced the song
>my reaction to this ear rape was to turn off the speakers
>turn speakers on, song is playing as it should
>rewind the song in case the mp3 file is corrupt
>nothing exceptional was found
>multiple years and PCs later still use the same speakers
>the same white noise ear rape was never heard again

>same dark night
>still hanging at computer
>get spooped again
>this time books fell down the stairs
>they fell from the second floor
>try to figure it out
>go investigate and find nobody, home alone but somehow the books fell down from the second floor
>can't come up with explanation how it would be possible

10/10 saved
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>pic unrelated
Bump? I enjoyed all of these
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>mfw i browse /k/ and /x/ so foten I┬┤ve read almost all of these greentexts,
Dude I think your dog wants fed man.
Never told anyone but gf about this.
I was about ten years old at home with mum and dad.
Nan and granpher come up to visit. Lovely evening.
They only stay a couple of hours and they get ready to leave.
My mum has always been really formal with seeing people out so all 5 of us are stood in the doorway saying goodbye to nan and granpher.
All of a sudden we here a huge crash coming from in the dining room.
Something huge had fallen down the chimney and knocked the fireplace across the other side of the room, ten feet or so.
Dad looks in, says shit and closes the door with all of us outside.
Here thumping noises shaking the house still, it was trying to climb out of the chimney. We've had birds fly down before, gulls etc but this noise was much much louder than this.
Mum is telling dad off for some reason, like she knew this would happen.
Mum has me in my coat and we're all leaving the house within a minute of the crash. Dad has secured the room with a metal pole through door handle.
Drive off with nan, granpher and mum.
Dad stays to I don't know.

Nothing spoken about his incident for years. Ask dad and he says yeah I know, crazy night. Don't mention it around mum at all. In fact don't mention again to him and that's it. Weird family secret.
The dining room has weird properties too since, money sticks to walls and ceiling. Notes, coins anything just not ordinary metals.
Theses threads are like groundhog day to anyone who browses /x/ daily
Thats my cat i call it Vohan.
Literaly I make them in hopes of finding new content...
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I liked your story but is English not your first language?

>Notes, coins anything just not ordinary metals.

It must be a jewish ghost.
That's some scurry shit
Would have been so much better if they could've disguised the shape of their hands.
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>ten minutes ago
>be cleaning out room because I'm moving tomorrow
>find a deo spray bottle cap in a corner
>Why are there ashes in that thing.jpg
>must have used it as an ashtray one day and forgot
>take a closer look
>that's no ash
>it's about 25 different species of fishmoth
>all huddled together in a pile in that tiny cap

Somehow I managed to keep my cool until I had thrown that thing off the balcony
Sorry neighbors
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get fucked commies
that's Mr Grin Grin. the head was actually up for sale a while back
You can always make new content yourself...
Go innawoods sometime for your very own adventure.
For anyone who is interested...
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Bamp for more stories.

Went on a spoopy thread on /b/ this morning and I think I've found home.

Also, anyone knowledgeable about shadow people?
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Nothing has ever happened to me, but my mom claims that this happened to her and her mom+sisters back when she was a teenager in the 70s.

>Grandmother worked as one of those ladies that travels to different houses and tries to sell shit, like jewelry and toys, what have you
>Sometimes my mom and her sisters go and help
>Traveling back home through the country one night after one of these sales
>Come upon a large clearing surrounded by trees to the side of the road, completely dark out
>They all notice at once what appears to be a large, multiple stories tall object sitting within the clearing
>However it is not sitting but from what they could tell hovering a few feet or so off the ground
>Mom describes this object as having a series of bizarre looking lights traveling in sequence around certain parts of it
>Describes its shape as similar to G9 in pic related, taller than it is wider, sort of like a looming monolith type structure
>Decide not to stop but continue driving, supposedly grandmother was frightened and tried to kind of downplay what they were seeing to not cause panic
>They get home, tell my grandfather
>Tells them to shut the hell up with their made up bullshit and go to sleep
>They all go to bed after discussing it a bit
>Fast forward 15 years. Apparently my mom suddenly one day starts having mental images of this object out of nowhere and can suddenly remember the event clearly after years of not thinking about it
>Mom kind of realizes that it seemed almost supernatural the way the event was never mentioned once among the family after that first night
>Tells sisters that she suddenly remembered that event , asks them if they remembered it
>Sisters both admit that they had forgotten about it for some reason as well and had both just recently began to think of it
That's a spook.
Stopped reading at ""I'm the only one in the room".
I hate fake ass stories that include correctly spelled satanic/wiccan/whatever chants because they're obviously fake and not even fun to read
>tells them to shut the hell up
That's where I stopped reading you bullshitting faggot.
I have a story to tell if there's interest. My mom's and almost the entirety of her side of her family are from rural Iowa (around Fairfield, Iowa). My great-grandfather has spoken (to my mother, he'd passed before I was born) a few times about odd things he's seen in the forest. Any curiosity?
Dude, just post.
I didn't want to tell a story nobody would hear.

Anyways, I'm going to ask my mom to repeat the story once before I post it so I don't fuck up; one second.
Any and all spooky stories are welcome. This board is relatively slow so people are guaranteed to read whatever you post. Just remember you don't have to ask in the future
What kind of logic is that?
actual OC here:
>be 13
>be going to zoo with mom, grandma, brother, and cousin
>grandma obsessed with antiques because grandma
>trip is 1 1/2 hours
>stop at shitty little antiques store
>only other person besides us who is in there is the owner, an old man with a blue shirt on
>looking around
>walls around store where things are hanging are made of 2x4s with slats in between them
>shit is weird.jpg
>while i'm looking at it a hand reaches through one of the slats on the 2x4 wall behind it
>wrinkly old man hand with a red flannel shirt on
>doesn't seem to be trying to grab me, just reaching out
>thought it was someone on the other side trying to get something off the wall
>go around wall to see person
>no fucking one there
>sit in the car until they're done

fuck that shit

i have more too, anyone interested?
I like this version
I've posted here before, it's just boring if I don't know anyone's reading.

Anyways, I talked to my mom (and helped her fix her fucking Roku). I'd greentext but I don't know how to make it work in this context.

My great-grandparents (and their children and most of their extended family) all live in or around Fairfield, Iowa. I have no idea how far back their roots there go, but a few family members own land there.

Most of these stories focus around one of those people, who we'll call B. B owned a plot of land that could be reached by turning off the main road and driving down a dirt path into a forested area. He'd cut down part of it and built a home there. His house was a mile or so outside of the city, and pretty deep into the forested area.

He (and the rest of the family they've had experiences like this) always heard them more than he saw them. My mom couldn't remember exactly how they described it, but it was something generic like a bellowing, ape-like shout that would make your hair stand up on end. None of that hitting trees shit, just primal shouting.

The story that sticks out the most in my mind is when B's wife was driving home from her job one night. On road leading to their home, there's a relatively small, abandoned house with windows on almost every room. It wasn't locked up or owned by any bank, as far as anyone knew. Back on topic; on her drive home, she passed this house. The road bends around it, so you approach from the side at first. At around 9 or 10, she was driving slowly up the path, and her headlights shined into the windows. There were 3 of them in there, just staring out the fucking window. She described them like a family; a large male looking one, a somewhat smaller female looking one, and one that had the size and stature of a child (relative to the other two).

Text limit. Cont.
Holy shit that is a diamond among gems in /x/ anyone got the original photos or a better quality screencap?
It was only two years ago don't know why it's so low qual
Sorry for all the grammatical errors, I should've proofread it but it'd already been almost an hour since I was supposed to post it. Going on...

This story is kind of funny imo, my mom never thought so and was always dead serious about it, but the concept is funny. One day, B was out grilling in his back yard. He walked across the yard to get something off of a table. While he was picking something up, he heard running and a crash, so he turned around. He saw the bottom half of it sprinting out into the forest. It knocked over the grill.

Going on; B hunted a lot, for food and for fun. He had deer/tree stands set up around his property that he would fire from. One afternoon, he's up there with his rifle, waiting for a deer to pass by. And a bigfoot just ran right through, right under his stand and off into the forest, with no warning. He didn't even have time to aim his gun.

I have a family member who's in his late 50s who still sits in those tree stands with a camera, waiting patiently. He says he's seen bigfoot before and he believes that he'll see him again, and it'll make him rich and famous. He also believes a lot of crazy shit about demons and whatnot. /x/ incarnate, basically.

Most of the stories I have follow that basic formula, so I'll leave it at this. I hope someone got a kick out of reading these.

The people who first told them were devout Christians who never touched alcohol on their lives. They had their problems (imagine your rural family, if you have any), but they weren't the type to say or do things for attention. I believe that they're telling the truth, but I don't believe in bigfoot myself.
>Can't sleep
>Stay up the next day on willpower alone
>Manage to sleep for an hour and a half that night.
>Vivid, surreal night terror wakes me up
>Feels like I'm even more tired than before I fell asleep
>Fuck that, shit's terrifying I'm not trying to sleep again tonight
>Stay up through the next day thanks to caffeine
>Fucking exhausted, go to bed about 9:30
>Can't fucking sleep, decide to fap while lying in bed
>Start hearing a creepy whispering I can't understand
>It progresses to a yell, screaming at me to get up
>Lose boner and finally get up to see what the fuck it wants
>Holy fucking shit, I'm seeing tracers, shadows are morphing, this voice won't shut the fuck up.
>Go outside to smoke a cigarette.
>My cat comes up to me, jumps in my lap
>Cat starts reacting to my fucking hallucinations, oh god what the fuck.

So then I went inside and posted this story on /x/, praying it's coherent because I'm in the midst of sleep deprivation psychosis that my cat can see and hear.

I'm more than a little freaked out right now guys, what should I fucking do?
Picture very related.
Jesus. Well, sleeping would be a good option.
3of them? 3 of what?
Also what is a roku
Not happening, I am wide awake right now because of panic.
I also don't have any benzos or anything that might help the situation.
I had a strange experience just over a year ago in Kentucky. I was staying at my parents' house, reading a book by the window, bundled up under layers of blankets because my parents would never turn up the damned thermostat even though it was snowing like a son of a bitch and the cold was seeping through the insulation. I looked up from my book and saw something moving through the forest just beyond their fence line.

It was a black dog of impossible size. It was enormous, bigger than a black bear, moving quickly and stealthily. I watched it until it vanished over a hill, then I ran downstairs and told my father. We went outside to look for it. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to find anything, and I know my dad was skeptical. But we found tracks. The prints in the snow were enormous, like lions' paws, and the space between each print was likewise impressive. It was too dark and snowy to take good pictures of the tracks and they were filled in by morning.

I don't really know what to make of that experience. My dad won't talk about it. Maybe I just was excited and I exaggerated the size of the thing in my mind. Nothing bad came of the event. But I still get the feeling I saw something supernatural.
Bigfoots, didn't want to keep saying it because it would be unpleasant to read.

A roku is a little device that plugs into your TV. You can use it to get on Netflix, Amazon video, Hulu, etc.

Play with your kitty. Take it inside. Masturbate. Maybe just talk to people on 4chan.

You aren't going to feel any better until you fall asleep, but you need to calm down and try and take your mind off things before that happens.
Didn't know what you were referencing till now but really big foot?
And as for "rural", I have family in nebraska and kansas, some farmers, some descendants of farmers, and I can say with confidence and without malice that your family just sound like some bible banging hicks.
I've heard some shit, and have experienced shit wheree the only explanation would be animals moving around in brush in the night but I've never met anyone lazy enough to tell a bigfoot story.
Not saying you're lazy or a hick, but the friends of your family and some of your family sound like some fucking hick trash.
I'm expecting an angry ass reply so know that this is all I'm gonna say about their hick asses

My grandpa is a conservative minded guy from a different era. He doesn't believe in aliums faggot. Obviously I don't know that that is the exact thing he said.
You didn't even try with any of that.

>Didn't know what you were referencing till now but really big foot?
I'm sorry, what? Is English not your first language? How can you exist in this country this long and still have not heard of bigfoot? You don't need to be a conspiracy nut, that story is literally everywhere. It's like not knowing about Santa.

Also, you sound really angry about the fact that people live in rural areas. Not sure what's wrong with you but maybe you should see a therapist. I'm sorry you have this problem.
post, fam!

Enjoy the ride, fam. That's all you can do till you calm down. Also write down the shit that happens so you can share some epic greentext later. Good luck, man.
>what should I do

sleep, ya Dingus.

protip: ignore any voices, shadow people or hallucinogenic insects that decide to pester you. lay down and try to sleep, but keep a flashlight or laser pointer with you. if you can determine if something is real or not, shining light on it can help break the hallucination.
OP is annoying as fuck in this one
>be me
>reading the slender creepypasta
>penis grow stiff and hard
do any of you know what this is?! I think I am possessed.
I don't know if I'd call myself a believer, but I wouldn't call myself a skeptic because of my experiences a few years ago with two friends and a ouji board.

>be awkward 15 year old
>experimenting with witchcraft, tarot cards, occult stuff etc
>get a ouji board, have my friends come over to play with it
>ignore general rules of ouji
>talk to a few friendly "spirits" and things that just spell out short words and phrases then stop responding
>don't care if real or not, it's fun
>me and friends become mildly obsessed with the board using it very often
>one night come into contact with something that moves the planchete fast and with purpose
>calls itself EQAO (unrelated? a form of standardized testing where I'm from)
>we get excited because the planchete has never moved this well before, we have to keep up with it with our hands
>EQAO starts talking with us normally, then becomes very violent and perverse, stuff like "FUCK FUCK FUCK YOU RAPE KILL DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH" and moving in a figure 8 motion on the board
>planchete starts to move through the alphabet, read online once that a spirit could 'escape' if it got through the alphabet
>freak out and throw the planchete off the board
>me and friends call it a night, they decide to go home even though we were supposed to have a sleepover
>I usually spent most of my time in my room
>starting to get the feeling of being watched
>telling myself I'm just making myself paranoid
>feeling gets MUCH worse every night
>start getting changed in another room because of how uncomfortable it was to do in my room
>would hear footsteps throughout the house when rest of family is usually asleep
>"whatever someones awake wondering around" I'd tell myself
>start sleeping with light on
>come home from shcool one day mom says "anon! the weirdest things have been happening lately! Your door slammed shut three times today and your window was closed!"
>odd stuff starts happening around the house when only my moms home (she didn't work)
>blinds opening and closing on their own, doors slamming or closing
>start not being able to sleep and just crying because of how awful it felt being in my room, refused to leave my room because I was just being a paranoid faggot
>one day mom asks "anon, did you stop by while you were supposed to be at school earlier today?"
>"oh well... nevermind" and changes subject
>had enough of this shit
>call friends, tell them about what's been happening to me and that we're finishing this, one friend flat out refuses to come over
>me and friend who didn't bitch out get into the basement and grab the oujiboard I haven't touching since
>fucking got candles lit, silver crosses, blessed crosses, salt, everything we could think of from TV shows and what not
>get planchete on board, it intermediately starts doing quick circles then figure 8s
>ask if its EQAO
>tell it they need to leave
>more swearing and threats
>try to force the planchete to goodbye
>hit hard enough to chip the paint
>tell my friend to start praying, I grab the planchete
>get it back onto the board
>we're pressing hard as fuck on the planchete, it's doing figure 8s and going through the alphabet like it's on sale
>keeps swearing at us
>I scream "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE AND BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM" friend still chanting/praying
>force the planchete to goodbye with all our power
>it goes still
>flip the board
>all the tension built up in me and the atmosphere starts to go away, me and my friend look at each other like fuck this
>stuff goes back to normal around the house
>never mess with ouija board again

Sorry about spelling.
No story but I remember one time I was around 8, and I was just lying in bed, thinking about spooky monsters scared out of my little mind. My blanket wrinkled a bit on it's own, and I assumed it was a doll climbing up to kill me (dolls were my fear at the time). I started crying and screaming, and my dad ran in. I was hysterical and babbling and within 10 seconds of him walking in, he started bellowing "WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF RIGHT NOW. NOTHING. YOU ARE AFRAID OF YOUR OWN THOUGHTS. ARE YOU GOING TO LET THE WORLD OWN YOU OR ARE YOU GOING TO OWN THE WORLD." He shouted that kinda angrily and then left quickly. After I got over myself I kinda realized he was right and got over my irrational fears. Ever since then any spooks I get are temporary.
Middle-School tier story
You should ask him now you're a grown up
Well it did happen around that age.
Nice story but

>7/10 credible
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boo hoo faggot
>"it's latin for 'look above you'"

Only it's not. Spectare could only be either the infinitive or, if it was supposed to be an imperative, it would be in the passive voice, which makes no sense. It should have been " specta ".
love this shit
2much dopamine from nosleep caffeine fap causing hallucination
Is this the same person? Must you always tell us where you stopped reading? Have you ever finished a book?
Do you love your mama, anon?
Yeah it's shitposting
>I decided not to mention it
Every time I see this line, I wonder, fucking why not?
It really didn't cross your mind to say "Hey did anyone else see a guy outside their fucking window?"
Maybe that's something worth getting police involved over?
Maybe the cousin has a simple explanation?
Maybe that's just the local town rapist and you're being the asshole?
> Be cocky asshole 18 year old
> Refuse to keep living at home with parents even though I'm a full time student and can only work part time
> Move into shit tier apartment in city where my university is.
> After a month, I realize there's this fat chick who lives in the building across from me.
> Her building is shorter then mine, so I'm a story or so above the roof of her building and have an fairly good view of her prancing about nude on the roof.
> Mom is a huge Friends fan, so I figure this is my version of the fat naked guy
> About two months later and fat wiccan(?) chick is prancing on roof under the full moon.
> Moon is bright enough that I can see pretty clearly and I notice something move from the next roof top.
> Looks like a skinny dude creeping on fat wiccan chick, but I don't have much room to judge
> Start looking out for roof dude, and he always shows up, seems to know fat wiccan chick's schedule better then I do.
> Come home exhausted one night and don't turn off the light like I normally do to not be noticed.
> Fat wiccan chick doesn't notice me but I see that Roof dude does. I know this because he walked away from his normal watching perch to the edge of the roof he's on closest to me and his face caught the light from the street lights.
> I give a nervous wave, hoping it's not her boyfriend and I'm going to have to find new entertainment.
> Roof dude hops onto the ledge and then fucking leaps across the distance between us to land on my window sill.
> It's January and cold as fuck, so thankfully the window is closed but I got a good look at him.
> Lanky and pale, the only thing that really stood out to me were the eyes
> Sort of like pick related in the fact that they stand out, but the whites were riddled with veins.
> I fucking sprinted out of my apartment, down numerous flights of stairs, and hid in the communal laundry room, that had enough traffic through it from the other renters that I felt safe
> Suck it up and return to apartment next morning with friends just in case, don't even care that they're calling me a pussy
> Nothing is out of place, window is in tact
> Look at window seal and find foot prints in snow.
> Buddies are slightly uneasy, stop calling me a pussy and lets me stay with them
> Move back in with parents, don't even care that I have to drive a half hour to get to school

and before someone comments on it, yeah, the fat wiccan chick was nude, on a roof top, in the snow. Part of the reason it was entertaining to watch her is because of how crazy it was. Don't know if she was wiccan, that's just what I called her
File: house_2dfloor.png (102 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This happened me last week

>late at night
>was going to go down the stairs
>light the lamp at the stairs (two light bulbs)
>both start to flash like crazy out of sync
>both explodes
>at the same time they explode I can see with the dim light from my room that the door to the bathroom flies open
>run down the stairs
>took a drive to cool off
>pic related bad drawing of the second floor

the house is built in the late 1800s early 1900. I know for a fact the first floor was completed in 1898
This was the most recent one I have experienced with the previous thing in 2008
forgot to mention that I was alone in the house at the time, no pets or anything.
I actually do,a lot.I'm a historian (student but am on my way) living in Serbia and since a lot is not understood or undiscovered about Ancient Slavs I oftenly do some groundwork.I've been in a lot of places in Serbia,Montenegro,Bosnia,Macedonia,Bulgaria and Romania.These places include
forests,mountains,caves,catacombs and ruins of ancient cities,shrines or forts. I've had my share of spoops and firmly believe in the paranormal,extraterestrial and spiritual. It's just that I don't like sharing my experiences since I feel that people on /X/ don't believe Europeans as much as they do Americans.
Do you realize that the narrator doens't know a Shit about lat├нn and he is writing it how he thinks it sounded right?
Share please. Eurofags lurk here too. And I'm sure Amerifags don't care where you're from as long as they get spoops.
I'll check through my journal and try to convert some into greentext.
>this is how I greentext?
This, Amerifag here and I don't really give a shit. Spoopy shit happens all over the globe.
Greentext is not necessary if you don't feel comfortable with it. It is good if you want to shorten the story for some reason.
Ok guys I'll start off with some research I've done about folklores around the earth and how they intervine.This is one of the main reasons I started reading and making nope threads...I feel comfortable of sharing this with you.It's about the two creatures that seam to show up most often in this stories.Skinwalkers and the Goatman...Is it ok?
File: 1442406874491.jpg (30 KB, 540x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Skinwalkers and the Goatman
Twenty years ago living near Dallas, TX, just married, I was working 3rd shift at the time,wife is home alone.
I get home at 4:30am, TV is on in the living room, no sound. I go to turn it off, wont turn off, unplug TV b/c I know it's a short that acts up once in a while, it's an old TV.
Go to bedroom, wife has blanket pulled up to just below her eyes, looks terrified.
She turned the TV off and it turned back on by itself and wouldn't turn back off (LOL).
It always defaulted to the same channel when it did this regardless of what channel it had been on.
There was a monster movie marathon on that channel at the time, I checked the TV listing, it was Nosferatu.
What she had descibed was Count Orlock on the screen and the TV turned on by it self and wouldn't turn off again and she didn't know about the short.

I told her about the short тАж but not before I had some fun at her expense.
She was PISSED!
I understand such case can be bit spooky if you don't understand much about electronics, but top kek.
Hey I need some help. I have an open skype call going and there are loud scratching noises and doors opening and closing. Have verified that no one is home and there are two trained dogs in the house not barking as if there was an intruder. We have already noticed other paranormal things happening but this is the first chance i have gotten to record them. Anyone willing to listen and give me a solid conclusion?

will post link to stream in a moment
just kidding it thinks my post is spam. I'll just say its twitch.tv and the profile is mikcha212
Ok tell me what you think?

This Skinwalker,as we refere to it on this board,is a shapeshifting creature that haunts the woods,deserts and preries across Northern America.
It is believed that the Skinwalker draws it's origins from Native American legends of people,most notably,hunters who give away their soul to their gods in order to become ultimate hunters.Able to shapeshift from animal to human form,possessing unnatural strenght,agility and awareness.
They are often depicted as coyotes with 'dead' eyes or humans wearing animal skins,most notably coyote skins. These and other similarities made me draw the connection with the legends of Ancient Slavs.
About a human who gets posessed by a deamon and turns into a werewolf. In the Slavic legends werewolves are bloodthirsty deamons who hunt in the wilderness for human souls/lives in order to fulfill there desire to have a soul again.Anyway to cut things short the stories that I read on this board about skinwalkers are in concept the same in my country but the monster is called werewolf.
I believe that the two creatures are the same...(1/2)
And now the goatman.I'll cut it real short.The creature that has the face of a goat,body of a human,is acompanied by a foul blood like smell and can mimic other peoples looks and sound but somehow distorted and allways off looking.In the Slavic legends there is an entity called Czernbog (The black god).This particular god is tied to the forest,the night and oh yeah,did I forgot to mention,has the head of a goat?
It is portrayed as a powerful and somewhat sinister god.I'm putting it bluntly.In the legends and folklore he is always acompanied by the smell of blood and appears only at night in forest,he feeds (I presume) off the fear of humans since despite being portrayed as evil he never kills his victims only scares them.Also he can appear in multiple places at the same time and is said to bend reality...But in which way I cannot say there are not a lot of trustable sources from which tol learn of him.
Thats kinda it...The reason why I don't dismiss these stories is beacause what my grandpa told me when I was a mear kid and was asking him and my grandma to tell me ghost stories.I'll greentext it
twitch . tv

How is Mombutu doing nowadays? Still have to pay his parole?
Am I the only one that couldn't follow this convoluted shit?
Yeah, the wife knows jack about electronics.

File: scream3.gif (387 KB, 269x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
387 KB, 269x270
heavenly 7's are proof enough for me
This story takes place in the 1950's.My grandpa was a teenager back then.He lived in a small village (500 houses) near a small town (Prokuplje) in the south of Serbia.
A couple of years before this story the communists collectivised all of the goats in these parts (Meaning the bastards stole them) and for some reason put a ban on owning them.So the area was empthy of goats...
>Be my grandpa
>Walking from school with friend
>Class ended in 19:45,it's night outside
>Talking about girls and stuff,the same as today but no phones
>As soon as we enter the 5km long road through the woods...
>We feel nothing,all is as usuall
>We shoot the breez
>Half way through,the friend starts behaving strange
>Looking around the forest,sniffing the air
>My grandpa asks him "whats up,did you see something?"
>"Nah,It's just that I thing something died around here recently."
>"Don't you smell it?"
>Grandpa smells nothing thinks that his friend is immagining it.
>The frend starts kinda freaking out
>"How cant you smell it!?Dont play around!There might be wolves..."
>My grandpa looks at him like he's crazy
>And then it hits him,he can smell it...Blood.
>He also starts looking around the woods,but after 20 minutes the smell dissapears.
>They think that they must have passed the carcass
>Start joking and soon they forget about the whole thing
>After half an hour,my grandpa casualy turns around
At this point when he was telling me his story,he got really pale,and stopped for a moment.It was like he was reconsidering of telling me the story anymore.But I pushed him to finish it.
>He saw a goat in a tree right behind them
>He turns around and tells his friend to keep walking
>A feeling of dread comes over them
>He feels like if he turns arround again something bad might happen
>His friend feels it too,he must,since he does not turn around
>They walk like that,in silence, shitting brix for and hour and a half
He finishes his story there.They got home never looked in the woods when they exited and it never happened again.
The thing is I don't believe he just saw a "Goat"
I think skinwalkers and goatmen are pretty clearly bullshit. Even wikipedia has only couple of citations on it. Nobody knew anything about skinwalkers before it became meme. After that over 9000 made up sightings and stories have been available, before that it's been just some folklore among indans or something.
File: Unbenannt.png (28 KB, 1249x621) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OC here
>be about 7 years old
>live in austria
>i would sometimes go wandering into the woods with my dad
>sometimes we'd collect mushrooms, sometimes Cornelian cherry, sometimes we'd just look at wild boar, that kind of stuff
>Be on one of those trips
>we're about a mile into the woods
> hear rustling in the bushes
> get exited because i really hope to see some kind of animal
> just a mouse appearently, little buddy bolts across the way
> suddenly, about 50 meters in front of us a heard of wild boar bolts out of the bushes with incredible speed
> i am stunned by how fast they can run in the thick bush
> i head a few meters ahead of my dad
> "Stay back, there might be more to come anon"
> i turn around
> right behind my dad is a huge black/dark brown thing just slowly moving across the path
>"dad look!"
>just as i say that the thing plow right into the bushes
never really saw that thing again, but sometimes i get a strange feeling when strolling through the woods
Pic related: what it looked like
Additional NOPE for 4chan going offline the exact moment im trying to post this...
dont ask about shadow people or even think about shadow people. you dont want to go down that road man trust me.
That fear-eating bullshit creepypasta? I forgot the name that guy gave them.
those furries are in my basement again
that is one of the dumbest things i have ever read.
Don't give a shit, he didn't harm me or even interact with me; genuinely curious.

What do ya mean?

File: image.jpg (42 KB, 820x984) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ikr athiests are scary
I thought this was interesting, thanks for the share
>Nobody knew anything about skinwalkers before it became meme
You sound dumb as shit right now. YOU knew nothing of skinwalkers before they became a meme, most others interested in paranormal related mythology have known about them for generations.
>After that over 9000 made up sightings and stories have been available
The point is that meme skinwalkers you read about in crappypastas are not linked to any authentic folklore relating to the term "skinwalker," roleplayers basically hijacked the term from Native American lore and changed it's meaning to suit their shitty nope stories.
>before that it's been just some folklore among indans or something
So you think the retarded sp00py story meme that evolved from folklore is more important than the folklore itself, gotcha.
There were a creepypasta about some guy who really liked creepypastas, and someday started seeing some critters who were probably attracted to fear. The more you payed atetntion to them, the more you feared, the more dangerous they would become, something like that
I've spent my whole life innawoods. Where is my skinwalkers?
You are one
Just because you want to believe in ski walkers doesn't make them real. Get a grip.
I've seen some copypasta about this, or another thread where someone mentioned something similar.

I too have seen Megatherium still alive, or at least moving around, in the fucking backwoods. Scary unsettling shit.
I think it might of been zozo, he does the figure 8 thing and sometimes pretends to go by a different name.
The gristers
File: 1440113854419.jpg (103 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 1280x720
this one is very spoopy
>be me
>a really long ass time back there
>be 12
>playing in a countryside house of my cousins
>im playing with theirs kids in the kitchen
>the house is very small and has windows all over it
>night,around 11:00PM
>the kids goes to sleep
>i keep playing with the toys
>i bring the toys to the garden
>its a dark horizon out there,only dark,some mountains in the distance,the dirt where i am sitting,the little house,me and the toys
>i start felling lonely,so i take out all the toys box
>my aunt call me to home,because its really dangerous out there
>"just some minutes,please!"
>"ok,but dont go walking there
>enters the house
>place the toys box in the kids bedroom
>goes outside with my gameboy,and start playing pokemon
>its brazil,here we have a lot of cool legends
>i remember one that if you stay in a desert at night,but dont have anyone close to you,you are gonna die.
>i start looking on that dark horizon,looking for anything
>im just there,house closed,dark and only a light post out in the house
>i feel im being watched
>mfw i literally sometimes feel things and they become true
>im feeling something is running at my direction
>hear running
>goes running to the house door
>the footsteps are really fucking loud
>enters house and immediatly
>locks the fucking door
>the door is made of that kind of glass,but you cant see it through
>i can only see a tiny figure,tinyer than me
>but it was shiny red
>i let my gameboy outside
>im the first to woke up
>its not there anymore
you're experiencing sleep deprivation psychosis you fucking ninnyhammer
I'm interested in any insight because it actually happened to me.
I have a recent random X-related experience.

It's a week ago, it's the fucking blood moon, everyone is talking about it.
It was on 4:00,and because I'm a jobless neet, I said fuck it and went to the roof to watch it.
There were some clouds but the moon was visible ok.
Anyway as I was watching the shadow very slowly cover the moon, I saw something

I fucking froze like a duck.

I kept starting.

After a minute THERE IT IS AGAIN

A white ball, passing like it's beneath the clouds at a very fast speed.

I felt fear, I felt, that I am too small.

It's one thing watching 100's of youtube videos and reading all about ancient civilizations, multiple alien races active etc and it's another thing seing this shit for yourself.

Well, then I realized that it was just a light projector from a bullshit night club that was pointing its giant ass light to the sky.

I saw the light hitting the clouds.

And there it is. my stupid story. thanks, I'm slightly drunk.
Eurofag in Spain here please share, I've not had any spoops and I frequently innawoods
dont mean to ruin your story anon but you think it could've been a comet? Shits fly through the sky all the time and if you got a sky that isnt overly polluted with human lights you can see em.
I don't actually know much but Google can tell you. He's pretty much the most evil spirit you can get from ouija boards. Extreme danger which would explain the violence you experienced.
File: pighead.jpg (251 KB, 1090x897) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
251 KB, 1090x897
always liked this one
Yup, that are those!
From wich part of Brazil is that legend? 'Cause I never heard of it! I'm guessing Northwest stuff
Also, in most deserts, you have a really high possibility of diyng, especially being alone!
>has the reality that meme walkers don't real explained to him
>proceeds to ask where all the memewalkers at
duh, manbearpig.
half man, half pig, half bear
I blame al gore.
WTF is wrong with demons? They can't bother to learn the local language ?
File: 6ksorAs.jpg (157 KB, 1200x1156) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157 KB, 1200x1156

awesome, these will probably last until i go to sleep, thanks anons or anon
File: 105 - a2MHCB8.jpg (32 KB, 480x454) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 - a2MHCB8.jpg
32 KB, 480x454
holy spoopd 10/10
File: example-2.jpg (49 KB, 1000x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 1000x800
never really believed in paranormal stuff before this although its nothing amazing by /x/ standards i imagine, spoopd me to the bone and ive never forgotten it

>be me 13 maybe
>at bestfriends house
>always sleep over at his supposedly haunted house
>bout to go to sleep one night, have to grab blankets
>everyone is downstairs go all the way upstairs to linen closet

pic related sort of how their stairs, followed be a straight hallway with the bedrooms along it

>get to second landing stop dead in my tracks
>just sort of feel weird and stand there staring into dark room at end of hall

>thud..sort of standing there in disbelief not sure if i had imagined the sound
>thud..Thud...THUD THUD THUD these huge loud footsteps sound like they are walking down the hall towards me
>literally jump down to bottom landing of stairs
>everyone staring at me like wtf anon?
>tell them i finally heard ghost shit
>everyone just kinda laughs since i have been such non believer until then
>went home to sleep that night
>be a nurse in a small hospice ward in an older hospital
>work nightshift and love it
>around 2am
>there are only three people who work at night
>we're all at the desk charting and shooting the shit
>phone rings
>id says "staff lounge" which is at the end of the hallway by the elevators
>look at the other two nurses and pick up
>"hello this is anon"
>dead silence
>look at the other two nurses
>hang up
>the only way to get into the staff lounge is with a code on the keypad
>we would have heard the beeps

spooky shit happens up there all the time on nights like call lights going off in empty rooms and televisions muting themselves or shit getting really cold for no reason but that one actually bothered me. the other two nurses i was working with said the phone thing used to happen on the regular and only just started cropping up again.
dayum sum1 beat them titties up good god-dang
that pic looks shooped as fuck.
I believe that some of these animals survived in the south american jungle, but i live in central europe, it makes absolutley no sense for them to exist here.
Thanks man.
use a different OP picture next time you fucking idiot.
Viennafag here
Which Bundesland m8?
It's a creepypasta, what do you expect.
Yeah seriously, what the fuck is your problem?
I think you're the one who can't understand english
I'm so happy none of this stuff is real.
That's a fucking guy wearing one of those horse head masks.
Nieder├╢stereich, near Deutschwagram
Nice quints
check em m8
I know /r/ would be a better place for this, but I think people here would be more likely to have it: does anybody have a screen cap of just instructions to do that no sane person would do? Example: Wait until it's dark out, open the windows just enough for somebody to peek inside, and then do normal stuff. Also wait until it's night, and then sit in your living room, in the dark. spooky shit like that, because people usually like, run up the stairs fast when they turn off the light in the living room because the ghosts come out, and stuff. it was a large screencap full of stuff like this, I think. thanks
also interested
File: comfy train pepe.gif (3 MB, 600x396) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
comfy train pepe.gif
3 MB, 600x396
I love how no one addresses the fact that the cat is reacting to them, which is the entire point. Damn /x/, you dumb.
Cats are retarded anyway. When you're tired and delusional you might think the cat is reacting to spoops while it is being just as retarded as usual.
I have a similar story but could you explain some other spoopy shit that happened at the hospital? Sounds interesting.

My experience:
>be me
>be night administrator for old hotel
>it's only me in whole hotel since it is closed for repairs
>whole place is dark and looks like a construction site and also like where they film snuff or hardcore bdsm videos
>my place is just by the general manager's office which was spoopy as fuck and always left open
>so I am sitting around all night as usual
>reading Dune
>then the phone on my desk rings
>I am about to answer it but...
>phone call is coming from "General Manager's Office"
>mfw I was the only one in the hotel
>mfw the GM's office was right behind me
I think you responded to the wrong post there lol
You dingus, Ouija boards don't hold or contain spirits, let alone demons. There's a whole blog dedicated to debunking bullshit like this

You can't contact a demon through a chunk of cardboard. Ouija boards are just like chatroulette for spirits. If any spirit is claiming to be "zozo", they're just trolling you.
>There's a whole blog dedicated to debunking bullshit like this
Does it happen to be your blog?
Nope, its the ouijiagirl on tumblr. She has a lot of stuff that elaborates on what does happen or can happen when you use a Ouija board. Its literally just a board game.
Are you trying to give me cancer?
What, like it would matter more or be more legit if it was on wordpress or something?
Anyway. I think you're mentally challenged. You do realize anyone can start a blog and write anything they want, right? Saying this [insert subject here] is bullshit because out there are a blog that says so.
Christ, where is this hostility coming from? Don't want to believe that, then go look it up else where. Its just a board game, anon.
I don't give a shit about ouijaboards. I just noticed your retarded argument and felt like pointing it out.
So what, the credibility of a medium is diminished or totally just worthless because of someone's personal bias? I wasn't even arguing here, oujia boards can't summon demons. If you come across someone on chatroulette claiming to be Richard Nixon, and they're just some dude in a Nixon mask, you're not going to believe them, right?
Give me some reliable sauce, then we can discuss this further.

Protip: there are no scientific evidence of ouijaboard working at all. Until that it is matter of opinions if it works or not and if it does work, how does it work.
I was mostly just saying that even if they /do/ work in the first place, then they probably don't summon demons, and that's going according to popular lore among people who have played.
And this lore can't be real because tumblr feminist and some other unnameable persons online says so? Meanwhile you believe in demons which are based on lores too, from my point of view.
Didn't mean to make it out to seem that way. Its just kinda silly how people assume that if they did work in the first place that they could summon demons, while they're at it. and I don't think the blog I mentioned ever talks about feminism.
They believe they can summon demons with the board. You believe they can't. You can't proof those guys wrong. You can only say 'I don't believe'.

Like I don't believe in your demon fairy tales at all. Their existence is undeniable only when they've been scientifically proofed. Until then it is only matter of opinions and believing.

Speaking of witch, could you tell me how to summon demon so I could start believing in your fantasy world?
You don't have a cat
That was confirmed fake m9s.
Picture is from a fitness blog or something. Maybe it was actually from /fit/? I can't remember anymore, but it's from somewhere.
Everything on this board is fake.

I'm sorry.
B-but magick is real right?

This. Fuck off to r/spookytales or whatever the fuck that fake gay shit is called
Gonna spam some real shit from my life. None of this is falsehood, though that also means none of it is particularly interesting.

>child, around 7 years old, early 90s
>ridiculously hot summer, best friend and I playing all day
>neighbours have a barbecue til really late and our parents are there so we just screw around smashing rocks with hammers and looking inside
>bored, we try to go out of my bedroom window and get up on the roof
>we get on top and look around us from this great new vantage point
>in the distance in a derelict overgrown field we see a classic UFO just hovering there, illuminating everything around it
>we just stare at it whispering in awe for what feels like half an hour
>the light goes out and it just vanishes, nothing but blackness in that direction
>parents tell us to get off the roof and go to bed, ignore our UFO story
>next morning, early as possible, we go to the field together
>grass is up to our shoulders
>we smell bonfire smell
>near the end of the field the grass is all burnt away
>there's a blackish lump in the "corner" of the field, near a cheap wooden fence that now looks like charcoal on one side
>poke it with my toe
>its soft, black comes off
>get a stick, poke it more
>its white underneath and slimy
>freaky as all hell, we get super spooked by how weird it is and run home
>parents don't give a single fuck just tell us not to go down that end again as the woods aren't safe to be screwing around near
>within the week the area was cleaned up, tarmac'd and converted into a childrens play area

Made me feel really uneasy 6 or 7 years later when the sci-fi I was naturally drawn to from this point showed the exact same thing. An X-Files episode and something else both showed this.
File: welp.png (370 KB, 1313x4181) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
370 KB, 1313x4181
This one always freaks me the fuck out

I too would like to see this.
This one's from Halloween night, 2007
>15 years old at the time
>with my younger brother (13 years old)
>decide to be the cool, rebellious older brother and instead of trick or treating, take him to pull some pranks
>spend the week before coming up with a solid idea for an original prank just for the occasion, then it hit me
>bro and I pick out the most unsettling masks we could find
We settled on two matching masks that looked like realistic looking pigs' heads, beady eyes, dirty skin and all, they were perfect
>we put on the masks and go around to different houses peeking in through the windows and then wait...
>inevitably after a few minutes someone in the house would turn, catch a glimpse of us, let out a scream, then we'd piss ourselves laughing and book it onto the next house
>after doing this about 20 times, we reach this small, rusty looking shack of a house
>decide to scare whoever lives there than call it a night
Keep going
>we peek into the side window and see an older white lady, wearing a long flowing night gown (it was like 12 pm after all) facing the corner away from us
>start giggling out of anticipation
>then she just SNAPS her view right to us
I swear to Christ, she must've turned her head at least 135┬░
>brother and I jump, but we're not convinced she actually saw us so we stood our ground
>lady starts hovering toward us
I know that sounds like shit, but if someone's walking, you should be able to see their knees move through their clothes, right? But no, this lady's lower half didn't move a goddamn centimeter, yet she kept heading toward us.

>after walking about 10 ft, she opens her mouth and this thick, fucking crayon red vomit, gushes out of her mouth
>no reaction, no turning her head or bending over, nothing, just open mouth, vomit, close mouth, keep waking
>realize that this was a bad idea, but by the time that she had her hand on the door knob
>being a dumbass 15 year, take my brother and hide under the deck in the front side of the house
The house was raised a good 3ft off the ground and there was a nice hiding spot under the deck
>brother and I sit there quietly, while the lady walks on the deck above us
>eventually she sits down into a rocking chair on the porch and waits
>every few minutes, look through the tiny cracks in the wood to see if she was still there
>sure enough, she was
>3 fucking hours of crouching under the deck later hear her stand up and shuffle back inside
>right before she closes the door, hear her say "Goodnight, Jon, goodnight Devon"
>hearing her say our actually names whenever we live half an hour away and knew nobody there made us lose it
>bro and I haul ass for about 3 miles straight back to my car
We eventually checked out the house in the day time about a week later, and it didn't look dirty, or unorganized, it looked like it's been abandoned for fucking decades. Paint peeling off, overgrown lawn, grass and weeds up to my hip, broken windows galore, entire sections of shingles fallen off, gutter broken off and dangling off the side of the house, walls coated in dirt and dust, fucking awful.
Didn't check if the lady was in there though, because fuck that, and fuck her.

Anon isnt wrong, tho. Spectare is 'to look' while specta (specto) is 'look'. Likewise, its an english transliteration of latin, which is to say, its badly constructed latin. The little girl should have said; "specta te (tibi) supra."

So, ghost girl gets a C+.
I don't want to make a new thread for this, but has anyone have extensive experience with shadow people or know a lot about it?

Getting back into the paranormal after taking a break from it because of life but I used to see two shadow people very frequently in my childhood and preteens and was wondering of anyone had any stories.
Be quiet and let the ouija board anon get spooped!
>Looking for a new appt near school
>>Find a friend of a friend kind of deal where a dude is looking to get out of his lease
>Supposedly in the military or some such shit and hes will to give me the security deposit
>Appt is sweet hell yeah
>Have trouble sleeping after the first week
>Wake up in the middle of the night to terrible sound of grinding coming from the far wall
>Would assume its the neighbor, but that wall is on the corner of the building
>It starts getting worse and worse
>Literally cannot even sleep in the appt
>Go to landlord and confront them about it
>Admit that several people have complained about it in the past, but nothing bad has happened in the building (its fairly new construction)
>Bro of mine hooks me up with a Catholic priest to come bless my appt cause I'm all freaked out and need to sleep
>When the priest enters the house he just kind of looks around
>Looks me dead in the eye
>"My son how much do you pay a month for this home>"
>"Uhhhh like $700 why?"
>"You should move out today, forgo the cost"
>Walks out and doesn't even bless the place
And that is the story oh how I ended up sleeping on my friends couch for 5 months
Check the catalogue I saw a shadow people thread a couple days ago.
So I don't remember this happening but my mom got drunk on her 50th birthday recently and told me this happened when I was like 4
>At the time I was her oldest and I had a younger brother (well call him david) who was like maybe 8 months or so
>We lived in an old ass house on the outskirt of Baltimore
>So since I was young I would sometimes come in to sleep with them, especially because the door to the attic was inside my bedroom closet
>I vaguely do remember being scared of this closet but then again we moved when I was 5 so I don't remember much
>One night my mom wakes up to me crying at her bedside
>She looks and I am actually crying over my brothers crib looking down at him
>My mom asks me whats wrong
>"He's gonna eat david"
>"What anon?"
>Supposedly I shushed my mom at this point and whispered
>"We can't stop him so we need to be quiet mommy"
>Then she heard a loud ass thumping coming from the ceiling
>Supposedly sounded like someone trying to hammer a fucking nail through the ceiling fast as shit
>My mom scooped us both us and we slept at my grandmother's house about ten minutes away
>My dad came back from work the next day and went to check out the attic but my mom told me she refused to go up there for anything and I slept in another room until we moved
there's a jew in there
the only shadow people ive encountered have been pretty tame. they didn't really do anything. they just stand there and gently sway from side to side. they don't make me feel uneasy and honestly i dont think they were even aware of me or the fact that i could see them.
they look like dark humanoid shaped voids that take in the light around them even in places that are already dark, and can be anywhere from an average human height to 7ft+ tall
some people report them to be hostile presences, but like i said i've never seen them or felt them to be that way
I know this really isn't the board for this, but goddamn those quints, like I'm getting fucking hard looking at those quints, I'm going to go jack off to those quints
good dad
you're obvious skin walkers trying to trick people
more like he went on google translate to make up some sentence in latin for his spoopy story knowing x would have gobbled it up wthout a second tought.
>be me
>has a history of hallucinations but its no big deal because im used to them so they don't really spook me or anything
>talking to friend online
>talking about mental health ironically
>suddenly hear vivid garbly fucked up laugh to my immediate left
>sounded like someone trying to laugh underwater almost but also glitchy
>immediately spooped
>tells friend about what happened and start looking for anything that could've made the noise without immediately jumping to the conclusion that it was a hallucination
>shrug and start making jokes about it with friend to calm myself down
>computer suddenly blacks out for no reason
>start freaking out more and call friend to bare witness in case any more spooks happen while i try restarting the computer
>computer starts up normally, doesn't even show "windows shut down unexpectedly" message

really fucked me up pretty good for a half hour or so, but nothing weird happened the rest of the night thankfully
>12 PM
That's noon, anon.
>tfw when I never saw ufo ;__;

My dad saw one though
algum caipira tentou te roubar e conseguiu
Just realized that, thanks, apparently I'm retarded.
Its a bunyip cunt mate.
Too bad those are from Australia and the poster was in Austria

Meanwhile the priest gains a dank ass apartment thanks to his midnight angle grinder mischief.
>or whatever the fuck that fake gay shit is called
You realise youre on /x/ right now right?

Reminds me of this:

>have daughter
>unusually intelligent for her age (3)
>very happy child in spite of this (I was freakishly smart but depressed)
>poor as shit, she sleeps in my bed
>invested in a huge bed as it also functions as our sofa and storage area (underneath)
>anywho, one night I wake up to the sound of a jet engine in the room
>open my eyes
>pitch white, like the VR room in the Matrix
>jet engine is deafening, my heart is pounding like hell and I want to scream, I thought I was
>cannot move, but can feel myself tensing my body somewhat
>light is getting brighter, jet engine frequency seems to be too
>close my eye as I can feel some shit about to go down
>sound dissipates and eyelids fade from pinkish red to brown
>open eyes
>pitch black
>ears ringing
>heart pounding
>not even trying to move, just letting my eyes and ears and heart recover while I think about what the fuck just happened
>5 minutes or so later, I've recovered and am just lying there listening to my daughters breathing
>we live far from the roads so its always perfectly silent at night
>night vision got good at some point, glance at my daughters cute sweaty sleeping face, stare blankly around the room thinking about shit
>suddenly, she sits bolt upright like they do on TV when they have a nightmare

Bear with me here, thinking about what I'm about to type sounds like some retarded shit but this really happened. I've always found "scary children" shit retarded, if I found a kid in a derelict factory at 3AM running at me I'd have no fear because I'm 6'6" and I've been through enough shit to deal with a toddler on the loose.

Its getting long so I'll put it in another post.

>she is sat bolt upright, the lovely smell of her nightly head sweat penetrates my nose
>she just sits there like this, I'm staring at the silhouette of her short, unkempt, sweaty bush against the dim moonlight on the window
>I lift my head slightly, straining my neck and croak out a whisper to her: "p├╝f.." (nickname)
>she immediately turns around and grabs my face like an eagle snatching prey with her eyes right next to mine
>she whispers back "outer space" and flops back on the bed, asleep
>I stay awake til dawn and then cook some breakfast
>daughter wakes up, I her her brushing her teeth and using the toilet
>says her good mornings and stuff, don't recall what, just normal shit
>sits down and I hand her a bowl of scrambled egg
>talk to her about last night, she has no recollection and thinks I'm being silly
>that was the end of it

That was 9 years ago.
File: NOPE.png (275 KB, 1366x3325) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
275 KB, 1366x3325
>I literally sometimes feel things and they become true
That's because you feel real things dumbass
File: 000000000000.jpg (19 KB, 246x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 246x205
>be 12
>kicked out of school
>grounded till death, so home alone quite often
>really dumb meth and dxm addiction
>just overdosed, spend 3 days awake
>drank 10 oz a lil over 3 hours ago
>nobody is up
>fuck it ill just hide till I forget inevitably
>shadow people mix with auditory hallucinations and dxm delirium on top of
sleep deprivation
>oh fuck this
>lay down
>inevitably forgot.feelsnahman
>ceiling starts melting and is yellow?
>im stuck in my bed.droolingretard
>spiders pour from ceiling and walls lining
>used to have hallucination of giant spiders as kid
>this is not good
>crawling all over me
>millions now, walls are black
>crawling in me now
>in my butt, ears, mouth, nose, etc
>fucking choking on spiders
>cant see coz spiders in my eyes
>fucking traumatized for years, flashbacks, feel em on me all the time, always look for spiders when im in a room now, don't walk under trees, the whole shebang.
fucking spiders man.
don't do drugs, the spiders want you to
Fucking thai berrypickers. My family owns some forest and the cunts come and steal all of our berries. I know its a part of the finnish everyman's rights to pick berries wherever they want but I'm still pissed.
That's what they want you to think.
This story was way too long for it to be that terrible
Sounds like ayy lmao abduction.
Not to be ayyy lmao but maybe anon is right. Maybe your daughter has been abducted ? Maybe both of you have been abducted ? But ayyy lmaos could be related
File: 1444327086752.webm (265 KB, 486x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Here's the fucking NOPE of the day, this kid gets fucking kidnapped by a creature with long fingers and nails.

Never seen this on /x/ so here it is
File: 1428369680075.jpg (89 KB, 500x417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 500x417
>drug addict

That is scary
File: 1426021576953.jpg (78 KB, 490x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 490x276
I'm not trying to be edgy but I found this funny.
Shadow people huh...
I experienced them almost daily from age 4-18.
I could walk in the park and start seeing shadows all over the damn place. No idea why it stopped, but due to it not happening anymore, I start to wonder if it was all in my mind.

Some of them could fill me up with a feeling of rage, while others could just be seen lurking.
I remember being online for one of the first times of my life, finding a website about ghosts, then seeing the exact same shadow being that I used to see. Spooked the crap out of me...
Anyways, if anyone has any good info on what they are and why I saw them, lemme know!
No more shrooms for this guy
>10 seconds in
>my fuck, nugget, nagant, klippazines, strippers
what the fuck is this
>nugget / nagant
mosin nagant, naturally
>klippazines / strippers
klippazines is just a dank meme, I guess, making fun of how many people call magazines 'clips' mistakenly
and strippers are just the stripper clips you load the Mosin with
greetings from /k/
File: weirdo.jpg (71 KB, 723x257) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 723x257
I'll start off by saying that I love bump-in-the-night type stuff without buying into it at all, you don't have to believe any of it, you just need an imagination strong enough to scare yourself. People tend to go overboard with their bullshitting too much, and it's always obvious when they do, because it's structured like a cheap horror story, with clich├й money shots teenagers go to when they think of something scary. It's the subtle things that are the creepiest, things you can't even begin to wrap your mind around, that's why they're the most fun.

I've had very few genuinely unexplainable things happen to me throughout my life so far, and by unexplainable I mean from what I saw from my perspective I could never have enough context to reason them away, and I like it like that. I'll tell this one story as accurately as possible, it's completely mundane, but that's how a lot of my favorite "real" spooky stories are.

I was probably about eight or nine, spending the night over my (at the time) best friend's condo that bordered a thick patch of woods. It was some weekend in the fall, and after asking our dads and all that kid drama over being allowed to spend the night, I was dropped off during the day and, like usual, we spent most of that day playing in the polluted ditch out back and running around in the woods. Some of this is me filling in gaps as best as I can, because it was almost twenty years ago, but I remember something happening earlier in the day that probably set off the whole thing, some nonsense in the late evening that gets that creepy feeling rolling for the night.

Like other imaginative, caffeinated kids, we manufactured a kid mythology explaining all the most mundane things in a fun way using bits and pieces of the stupid crap we watched and played. The creek and woods behind my friend's condo was the biggest target for this. As far as we knew we were the only people we ever saw back there, so it was up to us to decide what it really was, explorers' rights and all that. There was a marshy section with large thorned bushes we called the Thorn Plantation, where the ground was practically quicksand (it was probably just muddy) and deep inside it some thorns were as big as your hand (they definitely weren't), or another corner of the woods absolutely packed with thick brambles we called Hell House. Obviously, we didn't see these woods as some sort of fairytale land. After all, to suburban kids woods might be fun, but they were definitely creepy, which as long as you kept it under control, made it even more fun.

Any group of woods in the middle of the suburbs is going to have teenagers screwing around in it, and while we never caught them in the act, we definitely came across the aftermath. Wet, moldy mattresses and sofas covered in condoms, blank paper thrown all over a field in the morning, a mounted deer head hanging from a rope in a tree. This was all very, very weird stuff to a kid. I can't remember for sure if we suspected older kids of doing it, because BS kind of takes on a life of its own if you talk about enough, but we came to the conclusion that Weirdos must be doing it, whoever they were. They went from being a goofy explanation to basically bogeyman when the situation demanded. All of the things we invented about them became the gospel truth when we were scared enough. They lived somewhere deep in the woods, came out at night and did all sorts of weird shit for whatever reason, or no reason, because somehow that was even scarier.
File: clearsnubnose.jpg (18 KB, 229x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 229x249

Getting back to that particular day, I remember us being out towards the back part of the woods, where my friend was showing me some god-awful treehouse he was putting together with crooked nails and scrap wood. Being the hardcore son of a bitch I was, I remember bringing with me my new orange-and-transparent-plastic snub nose cap gun to show it off, and of course to protect us from anything stupid enough to show its face.

Our imagination got riled up somehow, as it usually did. I think we heard something in the trees, a thicker part of the woods where we really couldn't go, and all of the leaves had already fallen, so this became much more unsettling than it normally would have been. Talk quickly turned to Weirdos, and my friend convinced me to try to scare them away with the cap gun. I fired off a few shots as threateningly as possible, but the quiet afterwards just highlighted every little twig snapping for a mile around. It was still plenty bright outside, so all of this, while creepy, was in mostly good fun, and we made our way back sometime later.

The period from then until maybe one in the morning is pretty much lost to me now, I can't remember if that uneasiness escalated gradually throughout the evening or just started showing up again later on when we were sleep deprived and everything was quiet in the house. I have very vague memories of thinking we were chased from the woods by something earlier in the day, but I can't say for sure if it really happened or it was bullshit we made up to tell people later on. Either way, we're sitting at a computer in the living room playing ancient game demos, up way later than we were supposed to be. What happened next is a little fuzzy.

We heard his dad came down the stairs and set something in the kitchen. From the way the condo was laid out, the little alcove the PC was in blocked the view of both the stairs and kitchen by way of a thin island stacked with shit, so we were trying hard to focus on Might and Magic or whatever to look like we were ignorant of the time in case he looked around the corner caught us. It was a minute of us not saying a thing, barely breathing and hoping he would just walk back upstairs without noticing the PC area light on and us sitting there. Everything was dead silent, and we almost started laughing, imagining him sitting there trying to hear us while we did the same. But it went on and on, if he really thought we were there, wouldn't he just look around the corner? That's when my friend got up and peeked around the corner.

Nobody. There was a clothes basket sitting on the floor of the kitchen, but nothing else. Something like that immediately sets kids into a defensive mode, something so scary that they just play denial. He went back up the stairs, we just didn't hear him, right? The clothes basket was probably there before, etc. You don't remember if it was there before, it might have been, you're too scared to remember. This was the catalyst for a whole night of freaking the hell out. All the lights were turned on, we searched every inch of the small first-floor. Nothing, of course. We carefully went upstairs and cracked the door to his dad's room, and saw him sleeping, just adding fuel to the fire.

Fast-forward about an hour or two, we are absolutely convinced that A) there's a Weirdo in the house, or B) it's haunted. We tried waking up his dad, but he slept on, and instead we turned on every light outside his dad's room and retreated to a recliner at the foot of his bed that faced the open door into the lit hallway. We were covered up to our necks by a blanket and wielding rollerblades, unable to find my cap gun. Our eyes are on the hallway, or more like the hallway wall lit up by the stained hallway light. We whisper things every now and then about what we should do if somebody's actually in the house, about if my friend had ever noticed anything weird about his house before, about if we should just go for broke and jump on his dad's bed or something to wake him up, just trying to wait out the night.

I'm staring into that yellow hallway, and everything is starting to catch up to me. Sugar, paranoia, sleep deprivation, that color is burned into my mind. Anybody who's ever stared at a static thing for long periods of time under those conditions understands that you start hallucinating small movements and changes, and then was no different, I even understood it at that age. At one point, staring hard into that wall I saw one of those changes, the most imperceptible difference in lighting moving from left to right across the wall. In that hyper alert state it was enough to make me jump a little, but was nothing more than reaction and I realized I was just seeing things.

"Did you see that?"

I went cold, my eyes started tearing up, I quickly asked him what he saw, hoping he would describe something else. Nope, he described it to a T, exactly what I had seen. We dropped the rollerblades and pulled up the covers further, I was terrified. From down the hallway we heard two or three clicks that sounded enough like my cap gun dry firing to put the finishing touches on us, and we immediately ran over to his dad and woke him up without even trying to be casual about it now.

I don't remember much after that, but I think we told them that we thought there was somebody in the house, because we knew we couldn't tell him that we thought we saw a ghost or something stupid like that. It was starting to get light at that point, and after he had gone around checking everything we had settled down a lot, probably feeling more like idiots than anything. He yelled at us a little for being up late and having all the lights on, but nothing worse. I never remember us asking him if he had come down the stairs earlier in the night, we probably just forgot about it. I ended up finding the cap gun in my friend's room, where I had left it as far as I knew, in the "direction" the whatever had moved.

That was the only time anything strange happened there that I personally was witness to, despite staying over there quite a bit for a few years.
IS that from the mother fucking deep web man that video reeks of snuff films and i have seen some
Your writing skills. I love them. I cannot stand shitty story telling. But this, kind sir, made my head rush.
10/10 would let out of basement.
Great imagery, and more importantly, believability. Thanks for the story I enjoyed it.
Yeah man i believe you, something similar happened to me only it happened inside my apartment, this freakishly tall pitch black figure left via the window and when i woke up next morning my ps3 was missing and the room smelled like fried chicken, totes a demon
DMX as in the rapper?


Nigga at that age my only addictions were videogames and masturbation.

Samesies. Anybody got the sauce?

Good shit, m8.
Anyone go the original pics?
To lazy to look up source but I saw this in a rekt thread on /b/. A few people confirmed it was a jaguar that took and killed some toddler is south america. Nothing /x/ about it
File: 789.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 1280x720
> mfw see the jacket and gloves
> the image is forever significantly less spooky
The mask is still nice though.
Any advice on materials to learn Latin outside of school?
It looks like fingers peek out first. It's probably for some shitty movie/video but I dunno. It seems way too perfect too. An animal would have way more trouble sinking its claws into a toddler and pulling it out in one quick motion, without it jerking to the side or anything. Maybe it's just sped up enough to cover up any folly in the animal's motion. Could be real though.
That's pretty freaking intense. Elkridge here, by the way.

this has to be the most gullible board
"unkempt, sweaty bush"
By a fucking long shot.

I refuse to believe anyone here is over the age of 14 and still believes this shit.
They are out there, sucking cock somewhere out there.
why do you visit a board for babies then?
You really should hide the end of hands under the part of the stairs we can't see, because we can easily see simple fingers into gloves instead of imagine claws
ouija boards are the real deal. i've read a lot of serious stories about them. i'm not sure if it's just psychosomatic or psychological or what (that would be the most reasonable explanation) but they definitely seem to able to fuck people's shit up. there are a lot, a lot of accounts of people having really bad incidents that started with ouija boards.

wish i saw more stories of experiences with those on here.
I puked
No theyre not.
I used to feel that way until I found stories that were sourced with articles and even news clips
I like to think they're real, but I don't need to prove it. Definitely makes me wanna go hunting for some sp00ps though.
That makes all the more creepy, that means he actually didn't know how it was spelt. Thats pretty fucked up. Good storytelling on his part.
Fuck, I remember that thread
based dad
No it means he used an English to Latin dictionary when making up his story and fucking bungled it m8
Well I don't think its a real story, but he may have done it on purpose to increase the creepiness factor.
But Anon, you don't have a cat..
TL;DR ghosts are like girls, be assertive if you want to get your point across
File: Lioncub.jpg (274 KB, 1024x819) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
274 KB, 1024x819
>An animal would have way more trouble sinking its claws into a toddler and pulling it out in one quick motion

i think you underestimate animals
pic related and thats just a fucking lion cubs claws imagen 3-4 times the length and size and on the business end of 150kg of muscle (if its a jaguar)

heres a crappy video but it shows just how fast a big cat can swipe
lol thats like 3-4 swipes before he even hits the ground
I bet this guy didn't have a gun
If he had a gun he'd blow those fucker's head off
Liberal gun grabber btfo
File: 1443411777890.jpg (10 KB, 199x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Go back to /b
File: pic1.jpg (118 KB, 1026x1008) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118 KB, 1026x1008

The cat isn't reacting to what he's seeing. More likely, he sees the cat staring into empty space and then imagines something there.
Next time it happens:
>Keep flashlight under pillow
>Hop up out of bed and say, "NO YOU GET THE FUCK UP"
>Wave flashlight around while it's on
>kil da shadowbois 4 skeleman army
File: Tarq.jpg (4 KB, 120x120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Catch it and train it
Quints confirms that >>16804540 is in fact the one that can't understand english
>but keep a flashlight or laser pointer with you. if you can determine if something is real or not, shining light on it can help break the hallucination
Okay Alan Wake
Anyone got sauce on this?
this tbh with you fam
I want more details on you at 12, you were hard as fuck
Who's dumber, the stupid kids or the guy who hangs out with them just to make remarks? (hint, the answer is you)
Nope Dream.

> Be me 26
> Live in tenth story apartment by myself.
>Be asleep one night
> have weird dream
> Fel like in 100% awake
> laying in bed.
> flash light into corner... nothing
> continue scanning serroundings
> see little green alien duck behind hoke chest
> dive after it.
>continue scrambling for it
>dream felt real
> caught the little basterd
> gives look of fear an astonishment
> sudden pain in back of head and neck
>Wake up next morning feeling like I had a hang over.
>I fucking froze like a duck.

holy shit lol
A short collection of the few unexplainable experiences that freaked me the fuck out:

>about 3 or 4 years ago
>sleeping in my bed, suddenly wake up
>glance over at the digital clock, it's 3am or sometime around then
>as I'm still looking at the clock the minutes start to go by like seconds
>this is very startling, so I reach over to turn on my bedside light while keeping my eye on the clock
>as soon as I flip the switch on the light, there's a loud bump in my closet and the clock stops ticking off time so fast
>feel a bit braver now with light in the room, so I go check out what's up in the closet
>the hatch that leads to my attic located in the closet has been forced askew
>nope the fuck out of the closet
>keep my lights on all night
>don't sleep till daylight
>when I check my phone for time in the morning, it matches up with what the digital clock says
I still don't know what the fuck was going on that night.

>a few weeks after the last incident
>sleeping in my bed again, pretty much forgot about prior occurrences
>suddenly woken up by my name whispered in my ear
>open my eyes
>a cloud of dense black smoke about 3 feet in diameter is swirling around a foot away from my face
>my heart drops, pure adrenalin shoots through my body
>reach for the light switch again
>the second I turn it on, the smoke-shit is gone
>maybe 4 or 5 seconds elapsed from the point of hearing my name whispered and seeing it disappear
>look at the clock
>it's 3:33 a.m.
>same drill as before, lights on all night, no sleep until daylight
Don't know why, but this shit always happens at 3:33 or close to then.
Next story is one my friend also experienced, so I know I'm not schizophrenic or some shit
>be hanging out at my friend's house all night, playing video games, shit like that
>we notice how late it is, so he decides to drive me home
>turn the corner to my street, my house is maybe half a mile down and at the end of the road
>I'm looking out the side window from the passenger seat while we're approaching my house
>I suddenly see weird light refractions and bends in the headlights coming from in front of the car, but only glimpse it out the corner of my eye
>even seeing as little as I did, I get that familiar pit of despair feeling in my gut
>my friend stops the car and says, "anon, did you fucking see that?" in a shaky voice
>I'm like, "fuck, I saw something, don't know what, but it made me feel like complete shit."
>He tells me he saw a black figure appear in front of the car's headlights, and it made the headlight beams bounce off of it in weird ways making it appear pure black.
>well shit, that must have been what I was seeing. Kind of glad I didn't see the black figure
>It just so happens to be 3:33 a.m. again
>he pulls an immediate U-turn and I spend the night at his house
>the upstairs AC unit has crapped out
>it's the middle of the summer in the desert, so me, my brother, and my sister all sleep in the downstairs living room that has working AC
>I'm on the couch, they're on sleeping bags on the floor
>wake up in the middle of the night again
>there is only ambient lighting from a streetlight outside coming through the blinds. Everything's barely visible
>look over and see the silhouette of my little brother standing up on top of his sleeping bag
>I say, "James, go back to sleep. It's late"
>As soon as I say it, he jerks toward me and just stands there seemingly staring at me
>I keep saying "James, lay down"
>still staring
>the remote for the TV is next to me on the floor
>grab it and turn it on so I can see what's up with my brother
>as soon as the TV light flickers on, my brother's silhouette disappears
>look down, he was fast asleep in his sleeping bag the whole time
>check my phone, of course it's 3 fucking 33
Kek, that was some vampire or some shit probably checking in on his ghoul. Guy was probably trying to protect the Masquerade.

Anon, that's just a wizard robe.
Not very Nope, but unsettling nonetheless.

>be me last night
>go downstairs to piss
>everything dark but hallway and kitchen
>as i leave bathroom, i look down hallway into kitchen
>my dog is standing in he dim light looking at me
>think nothing of it at first
>as i reach the top of the stairs, i turn to close the door
>dog is at the bottom of the stairs looking at me in the dim light
>didnt even hear him follow me (he's pretty large and the floor is hardwood)
>back shivers and i get cold for a second
>go to bed
U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!
*pew* *pew* *pew*
File: EMF-K2-3.jpg (57 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 500x500
>be me, couple months ago
>decide to try ghost hunting, buy a bunch of equipment
>k2 meter, modified video camera, infrared light, laser grid pens, etc
>lets do this
>arrive at spooky asylum, im going to be there from 9pm to 4am
>start on 3rd floor, its pitch black
>no lights or electricity in the building anywhere except for the main lobbies
>camp out at the end of the male geriatrics hallway, only door in or out is directly beside me
>complete silence
>k2 meter starts going off like something is approaching very tentatively and backing off repeatedly
>start asking questions
>"do you want to talk?"
>k2 flickers up to yellow, then goes back down
>"are you alone?"
>no reaction, assuming thats a no
>"will you talk to me? can you come closer?"
>no reaction, silence
>a few seconds later, hear something rumbling at the other end of the hall
>assume its people above us walking around, wooden floors and shit
>holy fuck its getting louder
>WAY louder
>petrified at this point
>sounds like wheels rolling over tile
>im thinking that im gonna see something pop out of the shadows at any second
>very audible clicking sounds, and then...
>it goes back in the other direction and fades out
>got that shit on video

only one thing is needed to debunk this stupid fake ass story

type in "look above you" into google translate, translate into latin
"spectare supra te"

and everyone who has any sense and knowledge when it comes to foreign languages is that google translate doesnt know how to translate a sentence correctly

story debunked, its a lie, and tryhard RPer used google translate to make his story sound more spoopy
File: 1415723078062.jpg (90 KB, 800x599) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90 KB, 800x599
ouija boards sparked my real and genuine understanding that the paranormal is indeed a thing

they are easy to access and easy to use, which i think contributes to the universal lore surrounding them.

i also feel that ouija boards produce such averse happenings because we aren't taught much about the spirit world, other than from horror movies. [see charles cosimano for a different perspective on the use of a ouija board; as a teen he used it to find out which girls liked him, but one must note he grew up with a science-oriented background - so i think he was inclined to have more coherent experiences as opposed to the typical stories of somewhat outcast tweens shooting off loosh in the dark to any type of energy which would produce a response]

i grew up with a strong christian background and it was impressed upon me from a young age that everything not of god is naturally of the devil. i am still figuring these things out for myself and i don't feel it's so black and white, so to speak. but as a child these viewpoints had a huge impression upon me; thus most of my paranormal experiences were fear-oriented. i have learned that the spirit world and such doesn't have to be like that and i have had many more positive and rather neutral experiences since.

sorry for the long winded-ness. i have thought about this a lot, as my ouija board related dalliances had a large impact on the course of my life and my best friend's life even though it all took place over ten years ago. i hesitate to share because i still struggle with some of the issues which arose.

i guess i don't think that ouija is bad - merely that the general circumstances, lack of spiritual education, and the mental/emotional state of the operators are probably more to blame for inviting spookiness in than the ouija board on its own.

i will consider typing up my ouija experiences but without particular relish >_<
>3 days ago
>drawing on tablet
>sun is about to rise
>everything is a gentle, light purple
>finally get up and stretch, go into the hallway to the bathroom
>before i go i put my tablet screen up on my desk and the stylus on top
>come out like 10 minutes later
>tablet is on bed, stylus is nowhere to be found
>my dog, whom was sleeping quietly, is a light sleeper and awakes and the slightest movement
>he definitely would have woken up if someone put the tablet on my bed, as he sleeps right beside it
>I turn the house upside down looking for it
>never find it
>buy a new one
>i push the thought off and think of it as hallucinations due to staying up all night and i actually placed it on my bed
>wait 2 days, now yesterday
>wake up in the middle of the night to a train passing, as I live by a railroad
>I notice the hall light is on outside my door, strangely, as I turn everything off before sleep b/c i can only sleep in utter darkness
>even something as little as light glowing through the crack of the door can keep me awake
>go into the hallway, find stylus laying in the middle of the floor
>pick it up, rather spooked as I get scared easily
>try to dismiss it but my anxiety ravages me
>I cant sleep the rest of the night
>leave all the lights on because im a fucking scaredy cat
>later at roughly 6am this morning
>sun rises
>i go into the hallway to turn all the lights off
>only the hall light is on, my bathroom light and everything else is off
kinda spooked rn
i've been living off coffee

Ouija boards are bullshit.
>they're breaking the rules
this is such complete horseshit and it takes me out of this story every time it gets posted. I mean, I know the whole story is horseshit, but that fucking line is so out of nowhere and demolishes my suspension of disbelief

it's like it goes from a spooky campfire story to some stupid conspiracy shit in a single line, absolutely fucking ruins it
wow nerd no pics?
Ive actually got a personal story
>be me
>be in highschool
>be like 6:40 in te morning
>walk outside
>eeetsra dark with one streetlight across the street
>step out onto front porch
>hear strange noise
>brush it off
>walk around the side of my house to get to bus stop cuz i had to
> walkin to drive way to get to da stop
(also forgot theres a lot of cats runnin around for some reason)
>see cat laying in yard near driveway looking down at ground
>usually jump at cat to scare it away cuz its funny
>do it
>cat doesnt move
>get closer
>not cat
>mfw i jumped at it and it slowly looked up at me
>Empty black holes for eyes and mouth
>mfw i decided to calmly walk extremely fast around parents car attempting not to drop the mounds a fecal matter inside my pants
>mfw i get to the bottom of my driveway and whatever that thing was' head was in a full 180 starring directly at me
>inb4 I had a garbage 3rd gen ipod with no cam to take pictures
>inb4 i wouldve took pictures videos and errything
>when i got home from school that day the spot that thing was in was just a dark brown patch of grass
This sounds like sleep paralysis. I've had a similar experience, but I know it was sleep paralysis. As for why your daughter acted sketchy afterwards, she was probably half asleep and still dreaming after being woken up by your heavy breathing from the dream. You may not recollect it but you were definitely breathing heavily at least while the dream was taking place.
>last year in 12th grade
>me and my friend are taking a photography course
>we have a project to take pictures of nature in whatever perspective (can't remember)
>being a friday, I go to my friend's house which is in a shitty neighborhood
>supposedly there are meth heads and shit around here according to him
>i believe it, as the place is broken down and creepy as shit for being in a small town
>anyway, there is a forest by his house along a twisting, turning, long road
>we decide to go there for the project
>friend is trying to find trail that goes deep into the woods that he and others found another time
>along the road we stumble upon a giant cement block partially covered in dirt and having trees growing on it
>there are empty vodka bottles laying around, broken glass, syringes with brown chunky liquid, and so on
>me and my friend, being teenage shits, decide to investigate further
>we go deeper into the woods, finding more drugs laying along the way
>suddenly we stumble upon a house within a clearing, with a truck despite having no roads or paths which a car can get through easily
>we decide to look for a bit, even if we were dumb, we knew snooping around someones house was bad
>the house was relatively clean and well polished, though some windows were dusty and a bit grimy
>the red truck outside has its hood open and a majority of the parts were missing
>my friend finds a little hole within a small unseen garage on the other side of the house, leading within the walls
>i reluctantly enter, though creeped out as I am a pussy
>find burn marks stretched up the inside of the walls, opposing the well-cleaned seemingness of the outside
>we use the light from our cameras along the way to guide us in the dark walls
>friend trips over wooden beam on the ground and crashes through the wall
>we enter into a large, stone room with one wood wall, which seems impossible to fit within the medium-sized house on the outside
>on the opposing side is a stone staircase leading up
>my friend practically drags me along, as I am incredibly spooked and creeped out at this point
>we go up and up, still diagonally with no turns nor breaks in the stairs
>I decide to take a break (i was chubby at the time) upon find a single step larger and with more space than the rest (it was a large stair case)
>my friend waves me off and continues upwards, telling me i can catch up
>i sit down for a few seconds, my anxiety growing larger
>after a minute i decide to run after him
>just out of view from the large step, I find a relatively small wooden room with a single window in the center of the opposing wall
>i enter the room and look out the window, which was a foot away from me
>I see the clearing far below us, I seem to be at the top of the house
>I turn around and see a door just beside the staircase, outside my point of view when climbing the stairs
>it is ajar
>I enter
>the room is dark and the floor is rough like dirt
>groping through the dark, I accidentally trip over something laying in the dirt
>i collapse onto the ground, falling in muddy water
>my hand, which went into the mud, is stuck and I can't get it out
>i struggle for a few seconds before calling for help
>suddenly the door closes and I am trapped in darkness
>hear the sound of footsteps slowly walking among the muddy ground
>tell my friend to stop this shit right now
>the walking stops for a second then resumes
>I panic and am the verge of tears
>the door opens and a light clicks on
>my friend is standing at the doorway, holding his camera and shining it in the room
>the muddy ground covers everything, even splattering up the walls
>he tells me he went back for my after a few minutes
>he didn't find me on the staircase so he went upward looking for me when he heard me yell
>i tell him what happened
>he shines the camera light around the room for a few seconds, examining the rather small room
fuckin cont
>there is nothing but the mud
>literally nothing
>he then says to cut the shit and stop trying to creep him, as he did not find me on his descent upwards
>really spooped and crying internally but don't let it show
>pretend i was fooling with him
>we get up and leave the way we came
since then i've attempted to find the house again but i simply can't, and there are no clearings in that forest, i have searched over and over
So a lot of weird shit happens in my house (specifically downstairs where my grandparents live, and my old room) but this is a story I haven't told my family about, since they'll either make fun of me for it, or they'll just overreact and call like 50 exorcist dudes to cleanse our house or some shit

>don't visit old room a lot, but for some reason felt compelled to, maybe to grab computer paper or something
>get what I need and take a quick glance around
>get some nice nostalgiafeelz. Look around and see old pictures, posters, and baby toys
>Kid's books stacked on a shelf with my first toy ever, a rainbow octopus plush with jingles in the feet, sitting atop them
>turn around and start walking away
*jingle* *thump*
>pause, don't really wanna look back, do it anyway
>octopus toy is on the other side of the room, as if someone threw that shit
>speedwalk the fuck out like some middle aged mom gettin some workout done before her next weight watchers meeting

I have other weird stories if anyone wants to hear them. Nothing horrifying, but it's all a little unsettling
Will tell you my unsettling but not exactly spoopy stories if you share yours, anon.
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This is OC, I'm just too lazy to retype

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>Be me, 13/14
>Be sitting on couch drinking water and eating some shit
>Finish eating, go for water
>Knock water over like a true autist
>Go to catch glass
>Miss glass
>The glass stops in midair, and seems to travel backwards in time
>shit just returns to it's spot on the coffe table
>I'm confused, so I pretend it never happened
>Never tell anyone but /x/
Also, I drank it.

>Be me, again 13/14
>In Pittsburgh
>Mom calls to me from other room
>Up on second floor, on mountain
>She points out a strange bird innawoods
>Looks like a 3 foot tall puffin or penguin hanging upside down from branch of a tree
>Tall ass tree
>At least 18ft oak
>Puffguin drops off of branch and rights itself while it falls
>flies away quickly

Why nature

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