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mirror gazing
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About a week ago a tripfag posted instructions for a ritual that helped people tap into the subconcious. It has been a helluva week for me, and after coming to some rather enlightening albeit unsettling realizations about myself I've decided to embark on an adventure in mirror gazing. If anyone here is familiar with candle gazing the ritual seemed to be combination of the two.

I've got yohimbe, half a bottle of sake, a very perplexed psyche, Miles Davis, and a vape at my disposal.

Feel free to ama between now and when the ritual begins. Also taking question suggestions to ask my reflection.
Was this jack?
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Here's my setup /x/philes

Three candles cause that's my lucky number. I'm a gnostic practitioner of voudon. The ritual called for a knife or stone so I chose to go with the machete my father gave me. Miles Davis because the ritual called for music with no vocals cause what else stimulates like jazz (other than heavy metal)

Just took 900 mg of yohimbe root extract and following it up with caffeine and a nice mug of distilled water w/ premium sake

I'm not necessarily afraid but def apprehensive

It was jack thx man

Giving credit where credit is due - jack if you stumble into this thread thx for the inspiration
You know Jack's ritual only helps your subconscious come forward, and isn't an actual pparanormal ritual right? It just seems like you're putting a lot into this spiritually.
Do you have his Google doc?
I'm well aware of that but I've been dealing with a few issues that meditation hasn't bubbled up to the surface. Despite this not be a "paranormal ritual" I'm absolutely certain it will be a spooky experience.

I'm searching for answers to questions my dreams and dormant emotions (chiefly love, which I have difficulty expressing or understanding) have brought to light I cant readily answer
Gotcha friend, good luck with everything, I'll be monitoring this thread.
Reminder, the first question is always the same, "When did you feel least in control?"
Much appreciated (: I'm giving the yohimbe another twenty minutes or so to take effect before I dive in. Also, between the sake and coffee I'm pretty sure I may want to piss one more time before starting.

I'll respond to your post with the answer to that first question.
Time to rock and roll.

Album of choice?
Kind of Blue

(Almost went with Bitches Brew but figured his more traditional work would ease me into the appropriate state of mind easier)
I spooked myself pretty bad one time during candle-mirror meditation. I set myself up in front of the mirror and lit my candle. I was focusing really hard on the candle in the mirror and in my peripheral vision,without me actually moving, I saw my reflection lift it's head and smile. It genuinely scared the living shit out of me. I know it was just a hallucination, but it still scared me so much, I haven't tried it again. That was a few years ago, but I am still hesitant to try it again.
When you gave in to desire.

I had to ask it aloud to get a response that wasn't befuddled by intruding thoughts.


This awesome. Fear is the mindkiller.

Give it another go.
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The fuck are you gonna do with yohimbine, loosen stubborn fat deposits and get real horny?

For whatever reason yohimbe provides me with unparalleled clarity. Doubled with caffeine it gives me ridiculous levels of focus.

Tbh fam I'm in the zone atm. My mind is racing. I see two stars out the window and they're absolutely amazing.
>Do you regret giving in?


>Would you take it back?


>Do you accept yourself?

You accept your flaws; not your virtues

I had saved pictures to.update the thrwad with but I.lost myself within the trance. I bailed out as soon as the.album.finished.

This was without a doubt one.of.the.singlemost exhausting things Ive ever done. If i.wanted answers I.had to speak them aloud for them.to make themselves.known.

If you havent tried it. Give it a go for yourself. Im going to shower and go to.sleep.

Interestingly enough despite turning.my gaze to my.neck or shoulders it appeared out.of my peripherals that my reflections gaze.never stopped.peering at me.

Good luck to.those who.give.this a.shot. it is worth it but it is.exhausting,
how do you do this? please could you share instructions I want to try it and perhaps share it with friends.
Im not sure if I did it exactly to jacks standards but I def got results. Set up a candle in a mirror so it illuminates your face, get some smoke or drank if you can, turn on non vocal music, and keep a knife or stone with you. Then sit in a dark room and gaze at your face, never looking away. It requires a lot of focus and strange things will happen.

The first question is always the same, as a previous poster mentioned.

I saw my entire head disappear a few times last night that spooked me into looking at my neck or shoulders. That's when I noticed it seemed as if my reflection never stopped peering at me.

It worked for me and I got my answers in the end, but after an hour and ten or twenty minutes that much focus really drained the life outta me.
Thread replies: 17
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