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hello /x/.
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hello /x/.
i believe that i have traveled among parallel universes with major and slight changes within my mind. i don't know how to explain but all i know is that i did something.
>8am today
>be on computer
>all of a sudden, get really tired
>pass out in chair
>eyes open
>i appear to be sitting in the same chair, looking down at my desk.
>touch keyboard and projected trackpad
>browsing security cameras around our house
>turn off monitor
>go downstairs
>look outside
>most of the buildings around me are condos or high quality houses, not usual in a town where most to all of the houses were built in 1997
>use phone
>try to text friend
>greek style letters such as α and ε appear.
>do research
>find that the midwest was reincorporated as a high class area and the main language is greek itself but with english sounding accent
>find out that dad is dead in this timeline, my dad isn't dead in my normal one.
>look back at clock
>everything stops
>i wake up
>9am on clock
>just think it was a dream and browse some forum or whatever
>>reading something
>>mid sentence i drop out again
>>living with dad and mother in apartment this time
>>talk to him, ask where i am
>>"what anon? i thought you knew where you were!"
>>tell him i don't really know
>>"well anon, you know.."
>>he tells me ever since earth deprecated, the entire human race had to be moved onto a temporary platform that was launched into orbit in 2013
>>come up with a conclusion and i think that im in a universe were technology was ahead by at least 70 years. go back upstairs and work on some shit on computer.
>>end up dropping back into my normal timeline
>i wake up on my bedroom floor to figure out that i am infact in my real timeline
>so much time has passed, its now 1-2pm
>get up
>post this thread
Didn't even bring back vidya that is 70 years more advanced than our current PS4? Fail.
couldn't. time flew too fast to where i couldn't find something remotely able to take video
A false awakening is a vivid and convincing dream about awakening from sleep, while the dreamer in reality continues to sleep.

Famous author Whitley Streiber has a good account of waking up in a house that wasn't his, with a wife that wasn't his, and a dog sleeping on the bed with him who he had never seen before.

He gets up and walks through the house and there are things like plants and trees indoors, and futuristic things.

He goes back to "his" bedroom and sees a mechanical UFO type creature floating outside the window. He suddenly feels calm, lays down, and wakes up later.

This wasn't the only time he "woke up" or drifted into an alternate reality, he also told of a time he was driving a friend of his son's home and when he took what was a normal routine turn on the road he found all these other bends and turns he had never seen before.

Suddenly he's driving with a white knuckle grip on the steering wheel realizing he is lost, but this should be impossible because he has driven this route a thousand times. He doesn't want to spook the kid next to him but the kid clearly knows something strange is going on as well.

After driving around for what seems like forever in a tense situation he finally sees a landmark and looks behind him and everything is "normal" again.

I had a gf once who claims to have woken up and walked around an alternate version of her house as well. It happens. Most would rather call it a lucid dream (or astral projection instance) though, except the people who experience it swear it was a real waking event.
everything was too clear for it to be a dream.
nothing was out of the ordinary and nothing changed quickly as it would do in a dream itself
i know it was an alternate universe because i had left old phones on my desk the night before, and when i was in the alternate timeline they were still in the same /spot/
Were there any changes like aging you have noticed about your dad or mom?
my mother looked atleast ~20 years older
Im really interested, where are you from if I can ask?
So your computer was the only thing that remained old?
>slight change
>find out my dad is dead in this timeline, my dad isn't dead in the normal one.
I love how you just throw it in there like it's nothing. All in all, this was terribly written and obviously fake.
no, that was changed too
kek fuck off
">with major and slight changes"

I have had similar experiences OP. I will recount one.

>Be sitting at my computer, it's about noon and sunny, so very bright in the room despite blinds
>Feel a bout of... idk, aphasia? Feel dizzy and eyes unfocus for a moment and experience a very brief feeling of nausea
>light has changed, room is now a deep orange
>roll up blinds
>look outside my window, sun is about to set
>the tree normally right outside my window is gone
>further away, I see a highrise building, at least 50 stories high, surrounded by other lower yet fairly high buildings
>there is not a single building higher than 10 stories in my town, since it is very small
>her low humming sound
>a hovercraft of some kind passes by down where the river is (usually) located
>feel dizzy again
>"wake up" sitting in my chair, blinds are drawn once again, and it appears to yet again be earlier in the day

I've had similar experiences but this was the strangest, other times it has been shorter and the "differences" has been more sublte, such as a street sign being there one minute and gone the next, my phone being in a language I don't recognize and the like only to "change back" moments later, always this is preceeded and ends with the same feeling of aphasia and brief nausea
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