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Nightmares/Sleep Paralysis
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Any scary dreams or sleep experiences lately, /x/? I had a nightmare a few nights ago that I can't forget; post to follow
OP here! Here's my nightmare:
>being trained in some secret hi-tech military base
>the training is kind of like quick-time-events in videogames like Heavy Rain
>have to match up a circle and a target to strike
>Training complete. Time to hit the real world.
>The first adventure I go on is through these dense woods
>walking through woods for a while
>suddenly a shadowy tree ent pops out and lunges at me
>I miss my quick-time-event and he grabs me
>sits me down on his knee against my will
>starts filleting the skin/meat off my thigh
>I beg the tree ent shadow to stop
>I can feel it in real-life. It feels like a burning in my thigh
>suddenly wake up sweating
Nightmares with pain in suck, especially in sleep paralysis, lucid and astral ones.
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bsi's and number station. i find them creepy as shit. photo related, i soak up everything i can about that shit. it's so awesome to me. share links to shit related. am i the only one who finds this shit kind of spoopy?
op of that. fuckin phone man. that was supposed to be a new thread, not a comment. commence verbal chastising and what not. sorry i suck at life yall.
It was the first time it happened to me last night, I fell asleep on my back and I remember that something grabbed me by my balls and started spinning me around, I knew it was a dream and it still took a while of spinning to end.. I felt dizzy after it too. Also the thing that grabbed me was dark and I was feeling lost and afraid.
Well one time i was having a sleep paralysis episode and it felt like someone was raping me, like i was being entered from behind.. I'm sure that's the origin of the incubus myth.

Might sound crazy OP, but hear me out:

I was living in a rural area and had been doing bath salts every couple days for a few months... Regular effects but nothing crazy.

Then I quit and have been sticking with my regular vices.

Recently I moved to the city, and every night for the first few weeks I was hearing shit at night...like beeps and electronically produced sounds, not regular ringers these were really strange sounds and seemed As though they were being emitted from a tower or machine.

Every time I would hear those sounds it would put my mind at some strange frequency or something like that...hard to explain...but I wouldn't feel right. Like I didn't understand what I was doing or why.

And every night when I would go to sleep, if I had heard those sounds, I would also get really horrible sleep paralysis. I've had it before but not like this. It was like horrifying things rushing to my head and I couldn't move or speak.

The worst one was when I fell asleep to pink Floyd. My heart was beating so fast while I was paralyzed I thought I was going to die.

I literally think the government is testing bath salts as a way to control our minds.
Like machines emit those beeps and they somehow change your brains frequencies but you can only hear them if you had done salts.. And somehow that's linked to sleep paralysis.

My girlfriend also tried them after I noticed this... And I didn't tell her about any of my theory, but since then she has had the same things happen!

Seriously I think there's something to it
I had a dream a couple of days ago. I really don't know how to greentext it.

I was dreaming about being in a sort of secret society hidden inside an high school, eating a human thigh.
Later i wandered trough the corridoors and found a room with 2 doors and a fat nerdy guy dressed like a scientist telling me that these doors go trough other dimension but he didn't tested them properly and couldn't garantee me that i could get back.
I decide to enter the right door and i found myself in an empty bus, apparently without a driver.
I jump down the bus and watch around me: the place looks like our normal world except nobody's around. I turn around and see the bus stopping by the next bus stop and see some toy-stuffed-dinosaur-shaped things jump off the bus and start walking into random direction.
i remeber started running like hell and hide inside an inner court and start paying for my life.
Then my gf woke me up like "you gotta go work honey".

Sorry for my english i'm italian :p
Had a dream that scared me half to death ..
Had a dream of me in my parents room talking to them . I don't remember what I was saying to them. Cause when I talked it sounded like I was talking under water . I felt something grabbing my leg pulling me . had sharp long nails . I tried turning around to see who was grabbing me but I was frozen . I screamed telling my dad to help me but nothing came out my mouth .. And I heard my dad call the thing that had ahold of me by the things name . he called it 6 ... My dad then looked at me with a smile and waved goodbye . it drug me into the closet and felt scratching on my back and darkness and then I woke up .
Has anyone seen the documentary about them?
right like any one sleeping in sweat pants isnt asking for it. you know you wanted it
Thread replies: 12
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