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My paranormal experiences
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Figured I'd share all the paranormal things that have happened to me.
I've only told very few people about these events. I will post drawings along with in depth detailed descriptions.

My father suffers from sleep paralysis, so I know for a fact they were not that. I did tests every single time to mak sure I was not dreaming.
I was frozen with fear and did not want to move, but I would wiggle a finger, clench and unclench muscles. I breathed normally and could even roll over.

This is a drawing of what I saw in my bedroom at night for two weeks, when I was 12.

Two creatures with black shiny exoskeletons. They looked like they were charred all over and rough.

They resembled emaciated humans with large rib cages and thin stomachs and skinny nobby arms and legs. Sharp pointy protrusions jutted with symmetrical placement at all joints, on top of the head as a mass, and down their backs.

I am not a weeboo faggot, the eyes are not overly large because of a art style and are proportionate to their skulls. They were very large and bug like.

The mouth area had something their, maybe crab like mouths but it was in shadow and I do not want to place something there in place of the truth. All my drawings are the same. If I did not remember a specific detail, it was left blank.

They were four feet tall from head to feet. One always clung to my cealing and the other would sit on my lap, or crawl closer and sit ony stomach.

They knew they scared me and they would make raspy chuckling sounds some times.

Once the one that was always on my stomach even started humping my crotch area. I guess they were trying to be extra disturbing. But they didn't have genitalia so it just came off as kinda funny, really. I think they didn't understand sex but just knew the idea of forced sex scared humans.

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This part will sound silly, but I started praying to god every night after that. For four days straight I would pray every night for help and to make them go away. On the fourth night they were clinging to my cealing and sitting on my bed. Then I heard a sound. It was the loud clear sound of a metal sword's clang. It was the loudest, clearest sound I've ever heard inside my head, and it echoed.

Then, I swear to you, I saw two beings that looked like the most fucking, cliche angles you could think of with brown hair, white robes, and even wings. They quickly flew at the creatures from the left. They attacked them ferociously with the swords. The two creatures raised their arms in defense and screeched. They jumped off my bed and ran to the right out of view on all fours with the angles on their heels. I don't give a shit what your religious views are. But I slept peacefully without seeing those things ever again while we lived in that house.

The next thing happened didnt happen until we moved to a new apartment when I was 16. We ended up living there for two years. In this place a Jew Rabbi died in the apartment before we moved in. Right outside my fucking bedroom door.
I'm pretty sure he was pissed we were christian and tormented us for that reason. Hell he was a Jew, he probably was angry because he wasn't corporeal enough to steal our gold.

Anyway, this second thing I witnessed was a massive black mass of smoke. It had waving smoky rippleing tentacles that waved to the rhythm of the waving flames of a fire. It was pitch black at its center but was smokey and see through around it's edges. It also, was always in the same exact corner of my bedroom. I could only see it in the dark when the lights were out.

I don't know why my phone is acting retarded. It keeps flipping the pictures back to how I took them instead of posting them the modified, upright position. Fuck it. I'm sharing the pictures anyway.

Here's the thing though, I am very weak with psychich abilities when it comes to seeing the paranormal. I can usually only see things through my minds eye. Like when you imagine something in front of you. Except it never fucking went away. Never wavered, or went fuzzy if I didn't focus on it like imagined things always do. It was just always there. It was massive too. It took up a good 7 to 8 feet of space and almost touched my cealing.

I could tell the difference between it and imagined things. When I would start to fall asleep... I would suddenly see images of monsters around my room. They were very obviously not real and just imagined. I grew up with a fear of the dark and the things compared to the black mass were as real as a bad cardboard cutout next to a livehuman.

The black smoke would force me to see things that scared me and the more I tried to ignore it or talk myself out of being scared, the more I was forced to see terrifying images.

I strongly feel the thing fed on the emotion of fear and was making me see scary things so I would feel fear and feed it.

I also heard voices in that room. I've never hears voices before in my life and I have never heard them again after that apartment. They weren't evil or anything, just the mumbling sound you hear when a large party is in a room next door and human words turn into just noise. Except the sound was coming from the direction of my wall that led to the rest of my apartment, in the dead of night. not a neighbor's.

I suffered horribly from depression. I never turned into a emo faggot and never contemplated suicide. But I had had no energy and the motivation of a potato sack. After we left that house I know have a phobia of darkness that is so dark it is black.
My dad got into the paranormal and would use dried sage to wave the smoke around every room of the apartment. It worked... for four days after each time he used it then it would be back.

A pretty damn convincing psychic who was a customer of his gave some free advice. She said it wouldn't stat away after being driven out because we were in a apartment. It would just go to a neighbors and would wait for the sage smoke to wear off and come back.

Fun fact: Smokers experience fewer paranormal events than non smokers. Something about any kind of smoke seems to drive things away.

I look back on it now, and I feel like the thing did something that made me except the fact that it was there. I had a massive black thing in my room but I never thought too much about it or thought of any thoughts that went along the lines to try and get rid of it.

Something that convinces me it was real: everyone was on edge in that place. My dad sensed it enough to start using sage for the first time. And the voices... I once heard a paranormal investigator crews recording of a ghost that I swear sounded exactly the fucking same as what I used to hear in that room.

Last story:

OK this thing I saw will sound super goofy but try to take me seriously. I saw a gnome.

A honest to god fucking little gnome with a big tall hat on his stupid little, logic defying, head.

It was in the apartment with the black mass. I was sleeping on my side facing the window. I woke up and was in that stage where you are half awake and half asleep. I felt something against my upper stomach. Like a animal curled up agsinst my side.

The moment it clicked in my brain and I thought "What the fuck?" a little stubby human figure turned around from facing my side, and sprinted away super fast and leaped out the window. It had a fucking bright red tall pointy hat almost as tall as it's body. It also had a very pale yellow shirt. It moved so fast it was a blur so all I saw was the color of its clothes, the general shape of its body, and the hat.

Now I wouldn't even bring this up if it wasn't for the fact I haven't been able to find anything online about faeires that isn't written by creepy people or whimsical idiots that believe everything. Does anyone here have any idea about it? I want to know what its intentions were. Did it want to do something to help me? Or was it just feeding on my energy like the black mass was and saw a free energy meal?

I'm moving into my first apartment ony own soon and I plan on doing everything possible to guarantee my house is spoop free. Sage, salt, water, fire, maybe even fucking silver. I was thinking of lining my place with a line of black salt. I also plan to plant all plants and herbs known for paranormal protection. I want to burn the next fucker I see with salt.
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Blur of a image I saw as it headed for my window.

OP, I've some unpleasant experience with the paranormal too. Nothing extreme like yours, like recurrent nightmares caused by what was probably an entity of sorts and other small time stuff.

Try to learn the LBRP. From my experience it works.
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Size comparison for real life size.
It had very stocky limbs, or very frumpy, baggy, clothes.

Unfortunately I didn't get a good look at its face to see if it had a beard to go with the big stupid red hat.

Again I'm not joking. I would appreciate any real information on life forms like this guy. If they are good or evil. But they are fey, so I guess the answer is usually connected to what mood they are in at the moment.
I looked up the LRBP after you mentioned it. It sounds interesting
Something irks me about it though. Hebrews didn't have earth air fire and water as their four elements. They believed the four elements that made up the world were
Cold <-> Hot
Things are made of the different combinations and can be cold and wet, hot and dry, cold and dry, or wet and hot.

So if a person were to do the ritual with herbrew chants and origins, I'd think it would make more sense to call on the powers of their cultures elements. If you think about it dry ice would make a really cool physical representation for the elements cold and dry.

Now that I look back at what I wrote. I wasn't detailed enough about the exoskeleton demons. I was laying in bed with clothes on and with my covers over me when it did the humping motions. Its humping motions didn't even touch me. Think guy humping in direction of girl with space between them on a dance floor, close.

Also, I believe the black mass was a shadow man forming. I have seen the show Dead Files and believed it after a lot of things she said matched up with my experiences. The psychic visited one house that had black tornados that were in a persons bedroom. She said they were preshadow men and were drawing in different specific emotional energies from humans to gather enough energy to turn into shadow men.

One house the psychic said, had exoskeleton looking bug creatures that clung on the outside the house's walls by the children's bedroom window, and wanted in...

I'm blind to ghosts. I mostly have experieced emotional feelings, like when I felt a person glaring at me from one side of a room once. It was when I was talking about ghosts with someone. We both slowly stopped talking, they stared at the spot and said "Maybe you should stop talking (my name)..."

Its more terrifying being in the center on the scale of psychic powers. I sense them but just faintly enough to not know for sure.

The thing about the LBRP is that there's different explanations as to why it would work. Some people suspect because the ritual has been performed by so many people through out the years, simply performing it lets you tap into the energy/current that's built up by the people before you. Like you're traveling down a path formed by people who walked before you.

Even though I'm not christian or jewish, it still worked perfectly fine, and continued practice of it seem to have a further maintenance effect in my life, where it kind of keeps negative vibes away from my life. Food for thought I guess, if you're really interested in it.
I actually could have helped you with this stuff because I went through it myself, the stuff that happens when you're a kid, then stops and starts to re-manifest later. But after reading the racist shit in your second post, you can die in a grease fire, faggot.
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