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An introduction to Individual Philosophy,...
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An introduction to Individual Philosophy, by means of the spoken or written word, is an interpretation, a particular human being according to the particular experience of that being.

A speaker or writer makes a particular interpretation born of his particular experience, translating that experience into words as best he can.

The listener or reader makes a particular interpretation of the original interpretation according to his particular experience.

At the level of sensory perceived objects, those particular interpretations, for the purpose of communication in the sensorily perceived world, apparently coincide.
Hence, when the word "bread" is used, two persons speaking the same acquired language, visualize a similar object. At this level, with variable efficiency, the human being, as a sensorily perceived object, functions in relation to all other objects in the sensorily perceived world. But, at a level other than that of the sensorily perceived world, there can be no certainty that interpretations do coincide.

For example, when the word "Consciousness" is used it is not possible for one person to convey to another exactly what he (inwardly) experiences as consciousness. Each must realise for himself what such a word means in his own experience. One can give another bread; one cannot give another consciousness.

One person cannot tell another what consciousness is because of the limitations of spoken and written word. The impossibility arises from the fact that, in order to describe an abstract experience, abstract words have to be used (abstract here meaning that which is other than sebsirily perceived or described in terms of senoriliy perceived world). And how could it be possible to define the abstract words needed in order to define the abstract?
Consciousness cannot be defined nor described because it does not have the properties and limitations of a sensorily perceived object . It is not possible to describe what consciousness is. All confusion in philosophy and religion is due one adopting the interpretation of another, forgetting the interpretation of another, forgetting that every experience of the indefinable and indescribable cannot be conveyed by the spoken and written word.

The fact that the forms of religion and philosophy are only interpretations tends to be forgotten; the maintenance, propagation and destruction of interpretations becomes an end itself.

The purpose of religion and philosophy is not to persuade or manipulate one to believe in another's interpretation and assertion, but to guide each one to observe and interpret his own experience; to liberate him, in fact, from the interpretation of others. Their purpose is not to include belief but to liberate from false belief.

The failure of religion and philosophy is that they become a substitute, deflecting a man from his responsibility, responsibility here being the ability to respond, the ability to observe and answer to his own experience.

For example, it is possible for a man to say: I believe in God. But only he can know what he means by the statement, He certainly cannot tell another what it means to him as an experience.

If someone asks: Do you believe in God? the appropriate answer must be: First you tell me what you mean by God'' And if one asks another to believe in his interpretation or assertion of the indescribable. For one cannot truthfully believe,be free, in the interpretations or assertion of another, If he truststhat another's interpretation or assertion is reliable evidence of the indefinable, he is deluded.

He must convince himself through his own experience.
For, at the level of bread', there are other people; at the level of consciousness', there are no other people. There are many loaves of bread and many people; but how many consciousnesses are there ?

At a level other than that of the senorily perceived world one person cannot be said truthfully to comprehend the experience of another. Two person cannot be in the same place simultaneously.

Particular speaks to particular. a part to a part; the individual, that which cannot be divided, cannot speak to another because He is One and Alone, All-One.

Can one person do another's dying for him? It is not possible for me to convince you' that you do not die; but it is possible that He does not die.

There is limitations in any philosophical interpretation/ The interpreter is limited in that he must use words in an attempt to define and describe and the receiver then has to make an interpretation of that interpretation, attempting to understand what the originator means.

There is therefore need for cation. The speaker or author and the listener or reader must be constantly mindful of his insuperable limitation. Each must exercise discipline, that of always being a disciple, one who needs to learn.

The speaker or written must use words with care, realizing that he cannot describe the Truth, only attempt to guide by demonstrating the un-true or false; and the listener or reader must neither accept nor reject any proposal until he has put it honestly to the test of his own experience, experience being that which reveals itself in any given moment
For it is not until a man begins to observe his own experience, free from indiscriminately acquired assumptions, that he can realize what is undeniable.

Words lead the mind into ignorance; they also have the power to demonstrate that ignorance. The mins led out of ingnorance dis-covers Truth.
In beggining was the Word. The Truth is before the beginning that which speaks the word in the first place.

Ultimately, a person can only discover what is undeniable through observation of his own experience, each person's experience telling him precisely what he needs to know. And this is not possible whilst the mind is occupied with beliefs adopted, assumptions made and opinions formed indiscriminately which is to say, adopted, made and formed unquestioningly without the exercise of reason.

Philosophy might be described as the examination of belief, for what a man believes in his philosophy. Every man is a philosopher in that every sane (healthy) man cines ti believe in something and what a man believes is the truth for him.To believe in something is to have faith in it or to trust it as seeming constant or reliable.
A philosopher is essentially the beliefs under which a man conducts himself since his beliefs usually rule and regulate his actions.
There are those who learn the interpretations of others, compare and contrast the interpretations of others and postulate their own interpretations without reference to their own experience. They thereby confine philosophy to a heretical study which has no practical significance.

And there are those who develop haphazard personal philosophies born of their varied experiences in the sensorily perceived world. These personal philosophies, crude and limited though they may be, serve the conduct of their day to day activities.
They are practical but, since they change circumstances, and since they are therefore partial and inconsistent, and, as such, nor lastingly reliable, they are of little value to others, nor, ultimately, of any deep value to themselves.

The former might be likened to those who have many theories as to how to make bread but have no experience of actually making it and latter to those who attempt to make bread without proper instruction and therfore produce an unsatisfactory and unsatisfying result.

There are many philosophies and religions and hence confusion, conflict and little common understanding. The evolution of the human being depends on his admitting that his acquired beliefs are unreasonable, inconstant and fundamentally unreliable.

If he admits to the incompleteness and unreliability of his particular philosophy, he will seek to discover one that is complete and reliable. It is proposed that there is, always has been and always will be one individual philosophy, from which has stemmed all teachings and religions, all teachings and religions being particular interpretations of that one inexpressible , innate, Individual philosophy.

A philosophy based on acquired beliefs; The one Individual philosophy is innate in each human being. It is discovered through LOVE OF KNOWLEDGE and leads KNOWLEDGE OF LOVE.

The one individual philosophy has been interpreted through the spoken and written word in a different languages at different points in the cycle of time, on each occasion in a manner appropriate to the state of humanity. It reveals the answers to the important questions innate in each human being.

Among the most important questions pondered by the human mind are:
What is man?
What is the Universe?
How are the two related?

The realization of the answers to these questions is knowledge.

Considering these fundamental questions is another aspect of philosophy, and the ability of the human mind consider them is its most important responsibility. All the rest is dream.
Upon this responsibility all other responsibilities depend, for until it is known what Man is, what Universe is and how the two are related, the mind cannot know fully what responsibility means.

Responsibility means the ability to respond. To what is the human mind responsible? To what does it respond? If the mind is permitted to consider such questions, it is understood that without such knowledge living is irresponsible and apparently meaningless.
It is frequently said in so many words, No one has ever found the answers. This is because, through education, we have become accustomed to finding answers "Out there" in the world and no one has ever found the answers there. THE ANSWERS ARE WITHIN. and can only be revealed by looking within to dis-cover what has really been known always, especially as a child.

The law us however that it is impossible to tell others party because the relating of experience can never transfer the experience to another but mainly because the experience reveals that there ARE NO OTHERS TO TELL.

Accepting responsibility then is answering to the knowledge "Within" As surely as the important questions arise from within so are they answered within. The going out and the returning are a lifetimes work.
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/x/ in charge of leading a quality board
A pity your thread is treated this way

Thank you for your efforts.
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/x/ is slow but glad we have anons who are waking.
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With awakening in Mind
To find eternal Light
To fight internal Fight

Ask, who is your intern?
Unconditional Love
For we are all one.

Those who hear the angels cry
Are those who with the demons fly.

Yin - Yang
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