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New NOPE thread
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share your SPOOPIEST experiences here, the real deal stuff please
my mum had a car accident when she was pregnant with me. She had no idea that she was pregnant and that day she went home to the poltergeist, he was a boy and he died in the chimney (mum researched deaths in the flat). She had just had bath to calm down as she almost died and found out she was pregnant with me.

She was about to get out when all the hairs on the back of her body went up but she felt like she was on fire. She knew exactly what was happening and sat on the floor and asked the boy to move she said a sad depressed emotion went through her body, which made her angry and she got to the point where she walked through this spirit. She felt terrible she started crying.

When I was born mum took me home and the spirit was very protective. There was one person in particular that the boy didn't like, the guys name was Jeff and he told my mum he heard a boy laughing in the night and he felt as though he was being kicked.

My mum got very protective over the way Jeff was around me and she got to the point she didn't want him to come over anymore. As she had terrible dreams about things he did to children and she saw the spirit in her dream. She said it was as though it was a sign.

Mum thinks that me and this spirit had a bond as mum found me wide awake staring at things, as though they were moving and I would always smile and it was as though I felt safe. At the age of four apparently I saw Jeff when I was with my mum and started screaming. My mum to this day doesn't know what happened but she said the boy kept me safe from him as she explained her dream.

The most interesting thing about it was I started walking at 6 months and was talking at the age of 1 year and my first word was Michael. I still have dreams about this person/spirit but because I was so young I can't remember.

My mum thinks her experience has something to do with what I see dream and why I can predict things that happen. That it opened my mind up to a different realm.
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Bamp, new to /x/, want to see what this place is made of
OP - Looks like were gunna have to wait a bit
Bump! Pretty lame life so far but I wanna hear some scary shit
>be little kid
>me and a friend were at home along with my brother
>parents at vacation at turkey
>we suddenly hear someone messing with things in the kitchen
>suddenly footsteps
>we get scared
>my friend get spooked too much and wants to leave
>suddenly phone rings
>i answer
>suddenly the loudest fucking beep sound to ever come out of my phone
>so loud everyone around me shut their ears
>i immediately drop my phone and my friend runs home
>we perform cleansing soon as our parents get back
>camping with a girl i like
>suddenly, fucking wolves howling like lunatics
>ah, the children of the night, what wonderful music they make
>she doesn't get it(besides the point, it just really irked me)
>i go outside the tent and follow the sound like a true alpha
>get to a mild valley
>the motherfuckers are making a giant circle around a huge lumberjack-type dude
>I'm behinf them, but the second i see him the dude whips around like he can see me which shouldn't be possible.
>i start sprinting back.
>run to the car and leave all my stuff
>the girl thinks i'm a loon
>never get laid
>story of my life
YES. I don't have anything to offer right now but bump for interest. these threads always get pretty good.
Bump for interest. Would post but threads usually die when I do and this one is too small to kill.
Never say Candlejack becau
OP - If its spoopy enough it will live forever trust me plus its worth it show me what you got bruh

Never say Candlejack FUC
if you're the one bumping OP, you don't get /x/. it's one of the slowest boards, and threads last for days. just because no one bumped it for half an hour doesn't mean the thread is dying, it's just the speed which you gotta get accustomed to.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge it is appretiated but before it wasnt me
Roleplayers, schizos and occasional fedoras. But, there are still some nice threads here and there ( 1 out 100000 times OP actually delivers)
I saw a spook. It was stealing a bicycle.
eh, no one will believe this but who cares

>exchange student in prague
>drunk as shit
>stumbling home
>see a tiny vampire/demon/whatever the fuck girl kill three people on the charles bridge
>she gets right up to my face
>i'm pissing my pants and stumbling i-i won't tell anyone...
>she smiles and says i can tell whoever i want
>fucks off
>i vomit stale alcohol and minced meat
>go to bed

apparently such is life in czech republic
Le ebbin candlejack meme.
Get this shit off of my /x/
>fucking newfa
God damn. Use some punctuation, you nigger.
Shit now I wish I had taken a pic of the place so you wouldn't think I was bullshitting. Maybe I'll walk by there again and do it. Anyway, there' s this place called "Dryad Cosmetics" or something like that. Maybe it was Dryad Hairstyles", I have no idea. I'm pasing by and see this girl, pretty cute, excpt she has elf ears. I mean Mr. Spock elf ears. She's standing outside the place smoking. I have a lighter but I pretend I don't and ask for a light. So we're standing there smoking, and I ask her why the fuck she would do something like that to herself and pointen her ears. he says it's because she's a real nymph. So I'm like, oh yeah, prove it? And she says "you're so crass and flicks her butt at me and goes back inside.

Not really paranormal, but at least weird as fuck.
OP - I regognise as dog-kin and find that offensive >>16911442
candlejack more like captchajack
all hitting post on people's computers after he kills them n shit
I'm not a great story teller, but I'll bite

>be 19
>driving out to visit my grandfather whom I haven't seen in years
>he lives out in the boonies (he's lives alone as my grandmother passed away a many years prior)
>the house sits on top of a small hill and there is a winding gravel road that leads up to the house
>he has only one neighbour that lives somewhat close to his place which I've known since childhood
>end up having a long visit over some coffee
>visiting goes late into the afternoon, so I decide to that I should hit the road, as I have a long drive ahead of me
>he heads to bed (being sleepy from his meds)
>stay around the house for a bit to call my parents on his landline while he sleeps in the other room
>go outside to my car, locking the front door of the house behind me
>start driving down the long driveway occasionally glancing through my rear-view mirror
>see what appears to be an old man with thick glasses standing at the front door, smiling and watching me as I drive away
>the man starts waving at me
>he looks very familiar, realize it's David, my grandpa's neighbour
>he enters through the front door, assume he's visiting my grandpa
>my grandpa must've waken up to let him in
>think nothing of it
>get back home to the city after hours of driving
>decide to call grandpa to tell him I made it home okay
>ask how David is doing
>he goes silent for a moment
>in a perplexed voice he tells me that David passed away five years ago to a heart attack in his home
>tell him I just saw David going through the front door as I was leaving
>he tells me he was fast asleep until I called and the front door was locked the entire time
Spooky story, Anon.

Also, which province are you in?
Was it a cutey pie despite all the fucked up things?
fraid not. her sclera was basically red and she had, like fangs ony instead of one pair there were three pairs on each side

and you don't believe a word i'm saying. it's really true, knowledge is it's own ignorance
Hey those features could be cute to some folk, who knows.
Though it isn't like I don't believe you. Did you examine the corpses to make sure they were human? I mean I guess you wouldn't because who would? Doesn't hurt to ask though.
i told you, it was on the charles bridge. I'm not swimming through the Vltava
I guess a bit of a spoopy experience I had with sleep paralysis
>Be 22
>Normally sleep with TV and fan on
>Too lazy to turn TV on tonight
>Knock out quick wake up a few hours later
>Try sitting up, can't move
>Close eyes again
>Start hearing voices around me
>Can't understand language
>Hear two things in English
>"Is it time?"
>"No he isn't ready."
>Try focusing all my strength to move
>Manage to move my leg
>Voices end and fully awake now
You're a loon, Harry
Hey guy, im not asking to be spoonfed, but what search words should i use in order to find cool and creepy greentext stories.
You didn't say that the bodies were dumped so I asked.
I have a feeling nopenopenope.jpg timetoleave.avi etc. but being serious um probably nope stories or 3spoopy true stories or something >>16911113
>>16912354 * OP - *
Not mine, but it happened to my brother-in-law last night:

>wake up
>right in his face, like inches away, is "something" that had red eyes, two holes where its nostrils should be (reminded him of a snout, but nothing was sticking out), reddish-orange skin and horns, its mouth open in a snarl showing jagged bright white teeth
>he screams his head off, waking up the wife, and by the time he's gotten his bearing again the monster/demon/what-the-hell-was-that has disappeared
>goes to the bathroom and discovers cuts under his nose, on his pinky knuckle, and three bruises on his right shoulder the size of fingers like he was squeezed

It was nearly pitch dark in their bedroom (only a dim hallway light beyond a cracked open door) so he has no idea how he could see its face so well, since he doesn't think it was glowing or anything. It looked perfectly "solid" like any physical organism.

This is not the first time shit like this has occurred in this home*; this place has been a hotbed for spoopy shit for almost 30 years. Thankfully I seem to be the most spared of the worst of it.

* We may have seen this specific one in the same bedroom decades ago: brother as a child saw something with red eyes and white teeth but it was deep in the closet so that's all the details he made out before it disappeared.
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70 KB, 625x637
>be 13 years old
>move into old house, it's 140 years old, nobody's lived there in a while
>found an old roll of shit paper but that's not relevant
>go to bathroom
>taking a shit that I've held all day
>toilet paper on top of the shelf behind me falls on my head
>nothing touched it
>kinetic energy don't real
>didn't back into toilet in pure ecstasy of shit taking
>didn't send vibration to shit paper to fall from shelf.
>didn't gravity
OP - At least he had a story bruh >>16912539
where can i find spooky greentext images besides 4chan. :D just need some good keywords and mabye a site
reddit.com :^)
Thanks, any good keywords for google for scary stories in general?
>Le ebin Dracula roleplay

Fuck off with this bullshit.
Eyy there's no need for that only POSITIVEly spoopy things please
Does anyone know what that demon-thing was? Is it just a demon, or something else? Can anything be done to be rid of it?
I just made a nigger >nope if anyone wants to hear a scary story from the monsters side
Such is life in moscow
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facedesk gif.gif
244 KB, 320x240
>where can I find greentext
>besides 4chan
>Czech Republic
Leave while you can.

It's occasionally okay, but usually weird roleplayers and neckbeards. A lot of terrible storytellers making up stupid stories. Rarely entertaining.
>doesn't know such is life meme
Cringey Roleplayers and Dick Dorkin cock worshipping fedoras that shit up every thread that triggers them
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>be 8
>live across the street from best friend
>we talk to each other on walkie talkies every night around 10 while looking at each other with binoculars
>one night talking to him a little than usual like 11 i think
>his parents are out late so we could chat
>we are just bullshitting
>I drop my binoculars and have to find him again
>while I'm looking I see someone activate their porchlight on the side of their house and look around really weirdly
>I tell him I think someone is breaking into his house
>hear glass smash on his side of the walkie
>tell him to hide under his bed and keep his walkie on
>hear loud footsteps, and stuff being thrown around
>after like 10 minutes that felt like eternity the door slams and i see the guy run away from the house
>call the police cause i dont want him to make any noise
>police show up just as his parents show up
>ask my parents about it the next day cause they were friends of his parents
>some prowler had been following kids around the neighborhood and was probably gonna abduct my friend

I'm a hero
Pretty much every other *chan has greentext newfag. Although most use it completely differently than we do
Pretty cool anon. Post more experience If possible. Was Jeff a child molester /rapist/ murderer??
I always end up hearing voices right as I'm about to fall asleep. It's usually these weird discussions that make no sense either.
Shit brah. Why'd you tell him to keep his walkie on though? Wouldn't that have increased the risk of the guy finding him, if he heard any noise from it?
the ambiguity of the conversations are what creep me out with sleep paralysis
I didn't press any buttons or anything
If anything happened I wanted to help also, that why i called the police
Shoulda done it sooner but then again i was 8

Also a small thing to mention was the guy liked turned on my friends bedroom light and I saw him throwing shit around in his room, and also could hear it cause my friend had the button down and was watching with my binoculars
The guy must have thought that my friend went with his parents and wasn't home, but it was pretty close and fuckin story
Damn dude. Did the guy ever get caught? Either from your call, or later on?
No, but no kids went missing in our town either
So maybe he left, gave up idk
Spooked me for a few years, my friend still has home invasion phobias like if he hears a door rattle, or cat knock something up he'll over react
I don't blame him, i watched it second hand and it scared the shit out of me
Weird. Your story reminded me of my childhood demon experience. It's hard to believe but whatev, here it is
>be me, 8 or 9
>me, mom and little bro staying at grandparents house
>always liked to sneak about at night when I was suppose to be in bed, like a spying mission
>on a mission that night
>mom and grandparents on main level watching a movie, tombstone, I'll never forget that, when the movie was pretty new
>on the steps spying on them, being stealthy, no one knows
>cat, spook was his name oddly enough, knows
>spook is sitting on moms lap, looks up at me, mom follows spooks eyes and sees me
>"go to bed anon!"
>spy mission a failure, I walk back through the dark upstairs towards my room
>Go past grandpas study, window is open, see street light illuminating room
>something in there
>something big, leaning on the desk, hairy like a dog on two feet looking out the window
>grandparents don't have a dog
>it turns and looks at me, red eyes
>maybe a second after it locked eyes with me I nope out of there to my brothers room
>get in bed with little brother, I assume he is asleep
>I'm sobbing
>"you saw a demon didn't you anon?" My brother asks

My bro later told me he once woke up with the thing in his room. Fuck, it's been years and I try not to think about it. Probably gonna have nightmares tonight
post it nerd
You guys know that Hotel from the Shining movie? Turns out that it is actually a hotel in real life, look it up it's called the "Stanley Hotel."
>Be me, 8, living in Colorado at the time
>Visit the rocky mountains with my family and decide to stay the night at the "super spoopy hotel that's haunted, woooo!"
>Mum is a big fan of paranormal shit, so we rent a room
>The place itself is fucking huuuuuge
>Tall stairs that lead up to no where, long corridors, poor lighting, the whole shazoo
>Check the place out, ect, ect
>Hear myth that Stanley, (The owner of the hotel), had a wife who had a famous piano room
>Rumor was that she hated it when people fucked with her piano
>So me being the 8 year old that I am decides that it's best to start tapping away gibberish on the piano
>Only ones in the room are me and Dad
>He takes a picture and we eventually finish our trip
>Later he develops all the pictures he took at a Rite Aid
And I swear to fucking God
>Big white fucking figure standing right where I'm sitting, looming down at me
I have the picture somewhere around here, I moved back to Cali a year later and have moved two times ever since so it may be a pain in the ass to try and find it, but by God was that stay awesome.
Hope you waved back you rude fucker
shut the fuck up and go back to /b/. theres dicks there for you
>be reading /x/
>find thread talking about true paranormal experiences
>poster says one night a creepy hand came in through his door
>while he was sleeping and shut the light off.
>the next day, he asked everyone in the house if it was them
>everyone denied it. And he was left confused.
>So he makes a post on a paranormal board.
>And I read the post and replied:
>"Sure, very fucking likely. What do you think actually happened?
>Someone in your house is lying to you OR
>you were visited by a supernatural creature?"
>i go to bed immediately afterwards and fall into a dream
>its a person who's always telling me nicer to people
>and she tells me: that happened to me once.
>someone creeped into my house, she said.
>and I immediately think: it was an intruder in the poster's house!
>I go back to the paranormal thread to reply again
>(it was only a few hours)
>I can't find the thread.
>go to click the catalog to search
>and find a whole imageboard full of
fuck you /b/tards
When I was homeless and liveing in a tent the poice were watching me I would hear there radios at night
Are you sure it wasnt you being crazy and homeless?
OP - Well this was quite the turnout, so far anyway, and this thread hasn't been taken over by /b/'s yet thank's everyone
>be me
>be 17
>camping in woods with two friends
>wake up in middle of night
>hear dogs howling
>sounds like they're close by
>for some reason i get out of tent
>scope shit out
>rustling in bushes not far off
>something comes out
>it's some big creature with two legs
>run off and leave my friends
>never hear from them again
>the dogs don't
love this. you gotta take him with you. he wants to live a life he didnt get to live. you're his ticket.
>palm frawms
'Be me'
Incoming NG OC from a few years ago.

>Work for environmental company
>Doing a second at an old powerplant
>One of the first modern powerplants built in the US
>Working in the substation wing
>Only working outlets are in the first and last rooms, nothing in the rooms in between
>Concrete building, can hear tons of echos from everyone else working
>Wearing full face respirators and headlamps
>End of the second day, time to go
>Get to the stairs, forgot I left a bag of trash in the back room
>Put on my headlamp, go in
>Walk through the rooms, the doors are open
>Grab the trash, bring it back, go downstairs
>Toss it in the dumpster, foreman asks me why I took a while
>Told him I had to go back to the back room
>Powerplant guard asks me how I got back there
>Told him all the doors were open
>He goes white as a sheet
>Says he already locked all of the doors before we left the first time
Wtf has this to do with a nope thread?
>Goes white as a sheet

"Oh fuck, I'm going to be fired" kind of scared desu senpai
felt my violent drug addled kek of a dads presence in my house last night, I think he opened and closed my door, not the only thing hes actually done (as a ghost obviously) reminded me of the truth of the world, pissed me off because I seem to be living a parallel life to his unfortunately I didn't plan on this
>felt my violent drug addled kek of a dads presence in my house last night
i've been looking at this for a long time and i still laugh sorry your dad's dead and stuff or w/e
>checking out some onion cheese pizza
>Knock on door

Never been more scared in my life
Just recently I was in bed, I had previously dreamed of a friend, actually the man I bought my house from, who last year took his own life. I had a painting of him in storage in my garage, and it actually was a portrait done by our very close friend, so in bed I feel and see a darker spot outside my bedroom door. Focusing eyes it has a human shape, it is watching, I call to it mentally knowing it is my recently deceased friend in his old house, he moves from the door to the walk in closet, fixes his attention to me I focus on him, locked I know he wants the artist to have the portrait back, he moves to the window my girlfriend is frozen with fear. He repeats the patten and I hear his voice signal. I say I understand call him by name and he was gone. I delivered the painting to the artist and I am selling the house.
>work at a restaurant in Central Florida
>a few of my coworkers are Jamaican/of Jamaican descent
>Robert and Gracie are BOH staff
>Robert is older, loud as fuck, opinionated, and straight from Jamaica
>Gracie was born here, her voice was slightly accented, is so old and fragile I'm surprised she can still stand, and relatively quiet
>one night me and Gracie are out on break
>Gracie smokes and I don't, but I enjoy talking to her
>We're standing by a car in the back lot
>something catches my attention in the back seat
>there's something wrapped in a blanket
>Gracie asks what I see
>I pull out my phone and shine the flashlight on it
>It's a dead fucking goat
>"Oh that's Robert's car. He got a goat for making curry."

Not super spoopy but wtf Jamaica. Wouldn't that shit rot in his car? Also why a whole goat? Why not drop it at your house before work?
I have shared my spoopy non-rp experiences earlier but it was all ignored due to lack of black eyed kids, succubus, tulpa and ski walkers. All stories that are legimate get's ignored because rp is more interesting to this board.
that's not true!! we just react to the RPs because we hate them.

I have only one friend who believes this (since he experienced it with me).

I don't know how often people talk about this here on /x/, I'm usually just on /g/ and /v/, but here it goes...

>have this childhood friend
>we're both addicted to horror movies
>always gather together on weekends to marathon some spooky ones
>this one time, we're at his house
>he had worked that day so he was sleepy
>falls asleep on the couch
>I just continue to watch the movie
>it's some boring shit we grabbed because it was a promo (good ol' blockbuster days)
>I fall asleep today
>wake up about 2 hours later
>TV is making weird noise
>look at it
>Jesus Christ there's a fucking horrifying distorted face there amidst all of the gray and black stripes
>noise gets louder and the face gets creepier and creepier
>think friend set up some part of the movie to scare me, but actually he's still sleeping and hasn't even moved
>wake him up
>he looks at it, screams, wtf is going on
>we remove the VHS tape
>the fucking face/noise is still going
>try to turn off the tv
>it won't turn off
>after 15 minutes TV just goes off by itself
>face still lingers on the screen for some more 5 minutes
>look up similar things on the internet right after the event
>find out it's called instrumental transcommunication (not to be confused with Electronic voice phenomenon)
what did the face look like
me and four friends were watching movies, all really hung over. three friends sitting in sofa, me and peter sitting in chairs with a view of the hallway. fifth friend is on his way over, so when we hear the outer door unlock one female in the sofa greets him by yelling his name, the rest of us joining in. without speaking, me and peter look towards the hall, expecting to see our friend. instead something like a child sized shadow just kinda hoovers by, into the kitchen. after a couple of seconds peter turns towards me. both of us have tears litterally streaming from our eyes and goosebumps. nothing was said except for the greetings and the whole episode lasted for maybe ten seconds. we later discovered that the apartment had been used as a brothel. also found the id-card from some african woman inside the kitchen wall. outer door was locked.
if this is true i would've shat my rib cage out
it is...

I actually had to remove the TV i had on my bedroom for the following month and basically slept like a baby, lights turned on and all of that shit....

I haven't really found anyone I could discuss the issue seriously with (besides that friend).
I would be really interested to see a catalogue of voices that people have heard in a hypnogogic state, but I can't find anything on the internet. it would be extra interesting if it were published by a psychoanalyst and had interpretations, but i bet its probably just grammatically correct brain noise.
did you do any investigation or follow-up that could shed light on why your grandpa's house was possessed? just what was he studying in that room O.o
if this, and you, are serious then i'd suggest getting more info on this subject and on what are the common causes for it. knowing what you're dealing with or why it's there is a good way to start.
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>be me as opposed to somebody else
>around 14
>me and my friend go on a shitty haunted ride at the fair
>all seems to be going well, not spoopy but a pretty good
>suddenly the cart stops, every single light goes off and we're stuck in darkness aside from the faint light coming through the small gaps between the panels of the ride (it's the middle of the day)
>see silhouette of someone move along the side of the ride
>few seconds hear a guy say "one second"
>the lights come back on and the cart moves again
>the ride just broke down and it was an engineer
Sadly the was the spoopiest thing that's ever happened to me
Fuck, man. Post pic.
post it. then throw away your garbage.

the dogs don't what? what do you mean you never heard from your friends again?
Try scary green text in Google or creepypastadotcom
File: I'm using memes.jpg (132 KB, 500x359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I'm using memes.jpg
132 KB, 500x359
Also, palm frawms, Moon Moon, and all those things.
File: Theater 1.jpg (127 KB, 2304x1728) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Theater 1.jpg
127 KB, 2304x1728
alright x, lets do this

>be in highschool
>be working at this old movie theater, a second run "dollar" theater
>old as fuck, 30 years or more. Before that was some manufacturing company or something
>absolutely loved working there, worked like 60 hours a week during the summer, minimum wage ($5.50 at the time)
>would stay late often, doing odd jobs and repairs
>spent all my free time there, it was a 2nd home
>One night, staying late to help the manager lock up, be sitting in an empty theater listening to walkman (theater 4, there were 7)
>get up to back into lobby, take headphones off
>walking towards the doors, i hear a hissing sound
>turn around and see a cloud, like a large puff of smoke hovering at the front of the theater
>It was very thick, and very defined
>Cloud hovers there for a moment, then rises up and disappears.
>First I'm like, wtf mate, decide to go check it out (white guy)
>looking to see if there is a vent in the floor or something. don't see shit
>confused, but whatever, got work to do.
>some other strange shit happens over the next year, never assumed paranormal shit though
>everyone heard stories previously of people dying in that building, usually rumors
>GM did walk up on this one old guy dead after a movie once, shit was wild
File: Theater 2.jpg (82 KB, 2304x1728) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Theater 2.jpg
82 KB, 2304x1728

>only one theater ever gave me the creeps though
>Theater 1, never actually saw anything but always weirded the hell out of me
>You know when you walk into a room, and you can tell that a tv is on, even though you don't hear or see it?
>Or you can feel that someone else is there?
>Well, everytime I was cleaning that theater, it felt like the entire thing was full of people, every seat
>and they were all just staring at me
>got to the point where I would always make sure someone cleaned it with me (never told anyone why though)
File: Theater 3.jpg (74 KB, 2304x1728) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Theater 3.jpg
74 KB, 2304x1728

>year or so goes by, same story
>one day, family member of one of the staff stops by
>she used to work there years ago
>always tells some bogus ass stories (attacked by ninjas, etc) batshit crazy
>starts talking about the theater being haunted, eyesroll.jpg
>blowing her off as usual, until something she said catches my attention
>she said that the two theaters that were haunted were theater 1 and theater 4
>the same two theaters that I had always experienced all the weird shit in.
>get fucking goosebumps
>she begins telling about all the weird shit that went on
>theater four is apparently haunted by a little boy, who plays tricks on the staff
>supposedly friendly, no ill-will
>then she said that theater one was haunted by an evil spirit, a demon
>I had said nothing of my experiences to her, so I got some chills
>tells me about an attempted seance where shit started getting weird, and everone freaked out
>I still didn't totally believe her, but she definitely caught my attention
>I've believed in ghosts for most of life
>had many encounters within family throughout the years
>we moved around often, yet each house we lived in had something weird going on
>seen aparations, with entire family in the same room to witness
>have home videos with orbs following us around
>move to new house, where this story is set
>used to be owned by a pastor, or priest or something.
>Crosses hidden all over the house, even in attic and crawl spaces
>finally, one that isn't fucking haunted. No incidents to date
File: Theater 4.jpg (96 KB, 2304x1728) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Theater 4.jpg
96 KB, 2304x1728

>over that next summer, the stories become legend among the staff
>the little boy ghost, eventually named Billy, becomes quite active
>stuff gets knocked off desks
>the cups for soda, that are in a despenser in the wall, would all shoot out randomly
>We'd always be like "Damnit Billy!" Cause now they were dirty
>the kid's combo boxes would always be stacked differently
>shit always being moved around, eventually managers put in security camera thinking it was the nighttime cleaners fucking with shit.
>Also we would hear running up in the projection room, even late at night
>Be managing one day, me and two other staff working. maybe 15 people in the theater total
>go upstairs in projection room to take a shit in peace
>small bathroom, with no door. But can't see out into the projection room
>hear footsteps coming up the stairs
>yell out there, what do they want
>no reply.
>footsteps continue towards bathroom
>"hey asshole, i'm taking a shit. what do you want?"
>only hear projectors flickering
>footsteps walk away and fade out
>finish poopin, go down and ask staff what they wanted
>they look confused, say none of them went up there
>didnt see anyone else go up there
>mfw ghost watched me shit
File: Theater 16.jpg (134 KB, 2304x1728) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Theater 16.jpg
134 KB, 2304x1728

>One day, get idea to have a seance, to convince the few staff who denied the ghosts
>start doing mad research on it
>start getting the best kinds of incense, and the right color candles, etc
>buy a ouija board, start getting a group of volunteers, and cameras
>even decide to study on how to be a medium
>how to interact with it, even what to do to let it enter your body
>email a couple psychics and mediums and ask for tips
>they reply back saying I'm stupid and I shouldnt be fucking with that shit
>tell me horror stories of sceances gone wrong, whatev
>I remember reading in my studies that black and white photos are good for documenting ghosts cause they pick up on subtle light sources better
>having a new camera phone (shortly after they came out) I begin going around the theater and taking pics in random places to see if I catch anything
>get all but theater one and one of the bathrooms
File: Theater 17.jpg (166 KB, 2304x1728) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Theater 17.jpg
166 KB, 2304x1728

>next day, I'm cleaning theater one, and I'm talking to myself
>It was how I coped with the creepiness, I would talk to myself, or talk to the theater
>joke around or tell stories to take my mind off of it
>I decide to mention the seance to the theater, and invited it to come out and join us
>as I was walking out, I stopped and turned around
>"oh yeah, I forgot to take your picture" pull out camera phone
>just then, the ceiling starts exploding, making these horribly loud cracking sounds, all over the room
>my butthole puckers so tight, and I run out of there in a dead fucking sweat
>guess he didnt want his picture taken
>later that day, I forced someone to go in there with me, and tried to take another picture, but there were no pops this time
File: Downstairs remodel.jpg (422 KB, 1024x682) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Downstairs remodel.jpg
422 KB, 1024x682

>weird shit starts happening at home now
>never had any issues with this house before
>be walking out of my room late at night, as im walking through my doorway i feel a sudden shock
>room flashes, and i hear a woman scream. sounds is right in my ears, loud as fuck
>day after the ceiling popping, i walk into my sisters room to talk to her
>she is sitting in bed. while I'm talking to her, she gets this weird look on her face
>eyes wide open, she points behind me
>apparently the drawer to her dresser started opening behind me
>I turned around and saw it moving
>dresser starts falling over on top of me
>turn around and catch it, the lamp flies across the room
>the tv on the dresser falls off an hits me in the knee
>I fall to the ground, dresser on top of me
>my sister laughing hysterically
>dad comes in opens the door, sees me on the floor, dresser on top of me, wincing in pain
>"Knock it off", leaves

this is the doorway where I heard the screams.
File: Theater 18.jpg (351 KB, 2304x1728) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Theater 18.jpg
351 KB, 2304x1728

>start beginning to rethink this seance. maybe all this shit is a warning
>convince myself that i definitely need to do it now, to find out what the fuck is really there
>later that week, my dad makes me have a sit down with our pastor
>he's concerned over all the seance shit I've been getting into
>pastor acknowledges the weird shit that's been going on
>explains to me there are spirits, but not of dead people
>when you die, straight to heaven, straight to hell, no dwell time
>pulls up a bunch of passages
>the only spirits that walk the earth are angels and demons
>he's got a point. and this thing definitely wasnt an angel
>eventually decide that the seance isn't the smartest thing
>ditch the project
>still have the usual occurances, but over the next year things definitely calmed down alot
>nothing happened at that house since
>still not sure whether I believe in ghosts or not
>First I'm like, wtf mate, decide to go check it out (white guy)

Fucking kek'd

Damn, how long ago was this?
I've had several stuff happen years back, thankfully not anymore.

>slept with my door open as a kid because scared all the time
>can see the top of my staircase from out my bed
>have a wooden staircase, each step makes a different sound as you walk up/down
>one night, hear steps as if someone is walking up and down a couple of steps just in the middle of the staircase
>can't see someone as they were they would be standing in the middle is out of my sight
>muster up courage and walk to the stairs
>no one there

Got more if anyone is interested.
My friend you are blessed by a very special spirit.

I used to make fun of spoopy shit like all this and not really pay any mind to it until I had an encounter of the third kind.
Now there's an I Want To Believe poster hanging on my wall and I spend my nights stargazing on an old bridge.

Would tell the tale but it's pretty long and last time I wrote it all out no one read it
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Here's one.

>be 8
>living in a house with mom and dad sleeping in the room under mine
>it's late, early wee hours
>get a creepy as fuck dream:

In this dream I am standing in the deep woods except most of the trees are burnt or dying. In the distance I can hear a deep voice chanting (it has been way too long and I don't remember the chant itself really except the angry as fuck voice was seared into my memory). Anyway, I follow thw sound of this voice to a small creek. This black guy dressed in what I would later learn was a dashiki and other ceremonial garb. By now the chant had become much louder and I felt drawn to it. My dream self must have known shit was fucked because in thw dream I started blocking my ears and yelling to drown out his chant. It works, and I wake up.

>a few minutes later, and thia would jave beem something like 1 or 2 AM, the phone rings

apologies for the typos, mobilefag who is in a car and nervous about reliving this lol

File: 5826381.png (26 KB, 185x171) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Moving right along...

>phone rings, startled as fuck
>hear mom get up and plod over to the kitchen phone (all this happening on the main floor while i am in bed upstairs)
>she says hello and then slams the phone down hard and heads back to bed
>wait a few minutes, 2spooped to sleep
>phone rings again
>this time it's dad getting up to answer it
>slams it down after a few seconds and says something like "what the fuck?" before heading back to bed himself
>somehow get back to sleep eventually
>next morning, head down for breakfast
>parents bleary eyed and wired as fuck
>eventually tell them about the dream
>my mom is superstitious so her looking nervous I get, but dad was always a big skeptic. That moment was the only time I ever saw him afraid
>turns out they both had the exact same dream as me
>turns out the voice on the phone was screaming the chant from the dream for both phone calls

That was the only thing to happen at that house. That next morning we learned that the remains of a small fire were found right by the diseased maple in our front neighbor'a yard.
Cool stories, bro. Nothing happened after that?

>Got more if anyone is interested.

File: Oh Shit Ghost.jpg (14 KB, 170x195) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Oh Shit Ghost.jpg
14 KB, 170x195
Less of a nope video and more of an oh shit
No idea. My grandpa was a hunter and had like a big water buffalo head and zebra skin rug in there, as far as I know he never studied demonic things. My grandmas side of the family is really weird in to occult thou, not so much my grandma, but she had some creepy ass stories from her family. I tried to block it out for years and just not think about it. When we were teenagers I asked my little brother about it and he claimed to not know what I was talking about. He was only 5ish at the time so it's possible he forgot it, but I doubt it. Him not remembering it has caused me to think maybe I imagined it or was dreaming, bit I remember it all so well so I don't know

that was a creepy story anon
happy to share. twenty years later that shit still hits me sometimes.
>anon talks to a girl
>Not really paranormal, but at least weird as fuck.
Whilst he's driving? are you fucking stupid?
>10 year old me
>be used to have lots of nightmares
>no reason whatsoever
>one day go to bed, start dreaming the freakiest shit
>not scary, not tense, just "wtf"
>i'm in a suburban centre
>kind of like a building complex, painted blue
>be dressed in skater attire w/ helmet and kneepads
>four fat people circling me
>all dressed like me, blue shirt and brown trousers
>suddenly, at the same time, in the goofiest voice
>y-yeah, ahah, I can ride the skate!
>never skated in my whole life, actually
>get first foot on board
>gravity switches, only for me
>hit the ceiling with my head
>start crying
>get up on the ceiling
>pat head, something grabs me from behind
>skeleton head with remnants of flesh and eyes looking at me
>he whispers "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck me fuck fuck fuck me fuck fuck fuck"
>grabs my face and I FEEL ALL THE PAIN
>rips it off
>i scream
>woke up

i accidentally rolled onto my floor while sleeping.
all my dreams are like this.
Well here's my real experience that's not super exciting but it is spoopy and a bit nope:

>Work as overnight security for ritzy, haunted hotel
>Storage closets located all over property for quick amenities retrieval
>Requires access keycard only I have
>Be 3am
>Outter most rooms on property
>Reach third level
>Start to walk by cleaning supply closet
>Handle makes click noise as if someone pulls it down
>Makes slap noise as if they let it slip out of their fingers
>Glance at it
>Start to look forward
>Handle goes crazy like someone panicking and jiggling the fuck out of it
>Keep walking without breaking stride or looking back

Sorry ghost, you got yourself into that mess and it's your own fault. I just wasn't in the mood to deal with that shit.
omg is it in every pic you took that you posted here?

wtf is that thing, holy shit
do you remember what the chanting was saying, even phonetically?
File: 84466380.jpg (22 KB, 630x354) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 630x354
this happend years ago
>happend years ago
>was on holiday ay my grand parents, who live in a little village in the south of france
>everybody went to sleep after lunch, so i also went to sleep
>couldn't sleep because i was little and had a lot of energy
>suddenly turn around in the bed
>see this white dress wearing girl
>looking at me then slowly walking left towards the windows
>slowly dissapears
>terffied as fuck
>went to sleep

years later my mom told us that my grandma used to have nightmares of this woman, who told her to leave her home. this all stopped when she flushed henna or something down all the drains.
Every night I sleep with something sticking out of bed I wake up with scratch marks on it. Doesn't matter where I sleep either unless I'm laying directly on the ground
At my old house that eventually burned down, I would have paranormal experiences almost every night. In the living room I would always see a silhouette of a little girl at the beginning of the hallway. Then as you're walking down the hallway at the second door on the left I would see the silhouette of a strange tall man. It was really eerie and many of my friends saw it.

My sister also saw a ghot without a head on the hill above our house running towards her and she ran into the house crying and physically shaking.

Some of my friends have heard/seen Indian ghosts on the property late at night when we've had bonfires.

I'm p sure my property is haunted and it's in WV so native american thigs aren't ruled out.

m8 I'll send u to another dimension
>suddenly suddenly suddenly suddenly
>go on /x/
>expect spooks
>there are no spooks
>get up for banana bread
>car crash outside
>7 dead
wow spooky /x/ you did it
Did they died?
Tell us more
Was chilling in the spare bedroom one time (used to he my bedroom but I moved to the one across cause story), I think I was drawing something and I had a table in front of me. While I was drawing I hear the carpet being pulled out of the floor, the kind of sound where you hear someone tearing it. Looked over the table and nothing.
Immediately went into the kitchen and moved my stuff out. No one was home either and all windows were closed and only a bathroom and toilet are near me, but not close enough for me to hear anything loudly.
Probably was some sleep paralysis
>bought a fixer-upper with the spouse.
>within our price range, no major issues.
>notice the carpet is nasty, however.
>check under the carpet and everything’s fine, we’ll just replace it, no problem.
>the woman we bought it from is adamant about us not replacing this carpet.
>started out passive, then she became more forceful about it by the time she left.
>clean everything before moving in our things.
>notice the vacuum picking up a ridiculous amount of grey dust off the nasty carpet.
>I am asthmatic and find it strange that all that dust isn’t setting me off.
>weird, but not complaining.
>couple days later, tear out and burn the carpet at a friend’s place out in the boonies.
>couple more days later, find a cardboard box with really a smeared label.
>open it to find a tied plastic bag partially filled with grey dust.
>squint at the label.
>it’s fucking human cremains.
>recognize the name as the woman’s deceased son she had noted lived in the house beforehand.
>call her up and tell her to pick up her son.
>she comes to pick up the cremains, rants about us replacing the carpet, then almost forgets to take the box with her TWICE before she leaves.
>woman was really adamant about the carpet staying where it was…
>tons of weird grey dust in the carpet…
>half empty bag of cremains…
>this fucking woman tossed human cremains all over the goddamned house.
Lol wtf bro
You don't have to annouce every time you make a post you know
OP is such a fag.
>>get fucking goosebumps
>>I had said nothing of my experiences to her, so I got some chills

I had similar happen, lazyposting but basically thought i saw a all white girl in a dress in the trees of my neighbors yard (was all woods)
>looked once, saw her
>wait what and glanced again and she was gone
fastforward like 6 years and this girl in my science class just randomly says 'oh hey my grandma used to live in that house next to you!'
>she said the house was haunted!
>she said she'd see a ghost of a girl in a white dress in one of the rooms sometimes
At least it matches OPs pic.
>let's play the name game /x/
File: sproingy sprung.jpg (3 MB, 2592x1403) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sproingy sprung.jpg
3 MB, 2592x1403
This was about a month ago.

>first night in new apartment
>has those little springy doorstops in pic related, they're typically in cheap hotels and make a very specific, loud noise
>they're behind every door in new place

>sitting on bed folding clothes to put away
>roommate is sitting in hallway talking to me
>cat is still at old place
>other roommates are gone

suddenly loud, unmistakable springy sproinging noise of the doorstop being pushed to one side and let go

>we both stare in confusion at my door; i can see the spring still moving and she can see i'm nowhere near it and there's no way for me to have done it
>don't mention it to other roommates
>don't talk about it

it's happened a couple more times but i just keep telling myself it's the cat
>Sorry ghost, you got yourself into that mess and it's your own fault.

I lol'd
occasionally I'll have a dream that involves a meaningless bit of a conversation or an event or walking to a place that happens a few weeks later, but pretty sure everyone does at some point.

>sister has a toy horse
>toy horse makes neighing sounds when you pull back the back legs
>one night the toy horse begin neighing
>sister freaks out

This happened about 12-14 years ago, the toys are stored up in a crawl space in attic
>this year
>want to look at some of my dads vinyl records that also are placed on the crawl space
>really low ceiling, have to crawl on all fours
>suddenly the fucking toy begins making sounds even though I'm not even touching the bags filled with toys
>have to back up backwards frightened as fuck
I still don't know how after all these years the toy still had enough battery life to work
Another one

>other sister has a drawing doll like pic related
>one day she has the idea that the doll has the arms and legs in a different position
>she puts the arms and legs down and places the doll in a closet
>few days later she looks at the doll and the arms and legs are in a different position
So what is in the top left?
OP-I can't stop sucking dicks
I only hear knocks and stuff. Except one time I woke up, walked around and the whole time I heard a conversation and music. No one else was awake, I checked. The voices came from nowhere and at the same time from everywhere.
Hey OP if you want really good scary stories try googling "coast to coast halloween" every Halloween they ask people call in to give stories that have to be first person accounts only. It has to of happened to them, no "happened to my friend's third cousin" stories. One Halloween special almost made me cry.

It's a really cool radio show that posts episodes online. The guy who runs it has multiple different paranormal experts, psychichs, and other types he interviews that are varying levels of believability. As long as you know how to sift through what they say you can find real information. Don't be a brick and reject everything, but don't be a sponge and believe everything. The best paranormal investigators mostly prove ghosts are rattling pipes. One such man once said he was so good because "when he hears hoof beats he doesn't automatically think of zebras"

One story from it a few years ago: A man went jogging down a trail when he saw a man walking with a dog up ahead. When he got to the man they started chatting. The man told him in a grave voice during their conversation he should not go on the property of a group of buildings that was up ahead.

The man thought it was a odd comment and jogged on. He then eventually saw the cluster of buildings to the left of the path.
The buildings were gray and squat like school buildings.

He saw another path on the other side and walked across. The place felt oppressive and he felt like he was being watched as he walked past the buildings.

When he got to the other side the man he had seen earlier was walking back the way he had seen him go down and was on the same path he was on now. The man approached and looked at him shocked. "I told you not to go that way! Keep walking, and what ever you do don't look back." The man was startled and walked on. He did turn around to glance back. He saw a massive crowd. A huge crowd of people in clothes like patients were standing quietly in the courtyard. All watching him walk away.
Heh, I remember palm frawms
>be little kid
>me and a friend were at home along with my brother
>parents at vacation at turkey
>we impulsively hear someone messing with things in the kitchen
>impulsively footsteps
>we get scared
>my friend get spooked too much and wants to leave
>impulsively phone rings
>i answer
>impulsively the loudest fucking beep sound to ever come out of my phone
>so loud everyone around me shut their ears
>i immediately drop my phone and my friend runs home
>we perform cleansing soon as our parents get back
Talk me into/out of fucking with my friends by pretending to see NOPE things at random while acting incredulous that they could have missed them.
You don't say.
Then when you finally witness something for real, you'll suffer from Boy Who Cried Werewolf syndrome and no one will believe your dumb ass.
>shut thier ears
Only if I tell them I'm faking it.

I'm not the kind of person who would be expected start bullshitting to fuck with people, but I have become bored.
Sooner or later, they will find out.
>be me way earlier this morning
>between 2 and 3 am
>walking home talking on the phone with someone
>they hang up to take care of something, promise to call back in a few seconds
>no streetlights for at least another few hundred feet
>hear what sounds like whispering in the forests next to me (while I live in a neighborhood, not in the middle of nowhere but there's tons of deer around and tall trees, bushes and the like
>it escalates and turns into full fledged voices and laughter
>quicken my pace, light a smoke and call friend back up
>hear a few twigs snap in the forests next to me and a feeling of being watched the way home
Potential creature x? I live near Houston closer to the ocean
Also want to add I saw the same cat zoom across the street a few times and the door to my car was open
Sounds like moon crickets.
Not if anon only does it once or twice.
>this happened like a half year ago
>be me middle of night
>wake up
>sleep paralysis
>can not move
>15 minutes in i hear a whisper
>it is some gibberish i can not understand and spoken really quick
>after a minute it gets progressivly louder really quick until it screams while i panic
>stops suddenly and sleep paralysis ends
>look around the room in fear because i think someone s in the room
>noone there
>hide under blanket and press myself against the wall while going in fötus position
>relax after 3 minutes and tell me that this was a trick of my mind because of the sleep paralysis and relax
>similar happened before after all

This changed my view on the paranormal forever.
Friends said that it is insane what i say and it is to be honest.

>suddenly be little kid
>me and a friend were spontaneously at home along with my brother
>parents at spontaneous vacation at turkey
>we suddenly hear someone messing with things in the kitchen
>suddenly footsteps
>we decidedly get scared
>my friend get suddenly spooked too much and wants to leave immediately
>suddenly phone rings
>i spontaneously answer
>suddenly the loudest fucking beep sound to ever come out of my phone
>so loud everyone around me immediately shut their ears
>i immediately drop my phone and my friend runs home
>we conclusively perform cleansing soon as our parents get back
other time it happened was like this

>read spooky skinwalker creepy pasta
>go to sleep
>sleep paralysis
>fear of skinwalker behind me
>intense fear for like an hour and beginn to sweat like crazy (i am not fat btw ) till no sleep paralysis
>look behind me
>nothing there
sounds pretty cute to me...

a mouthful of big, sharp teeth...
you do know that cheese pizza is often cp? You need a new image...
I remember the first thread that happened in :D
How hard is it to hold the wheel in your right hand and roll down the window with the other and then wave out the side?
>Hovering your mouse over the following link


File: dadtext.png (25 KB, 342x169) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone else's dad send them randomly creepy messages?
bump for more nope
Holy fuck, she must have been a god damn loon.
The Real OP (dont really have proof but whtever) - More and more /b/'s showing up, still happy with the turnout tho
I saw something with bright yellow eyes and it looked like it had gray skin. It had horns
That sound terrifying, it's crazy how Sometimes the scariest things aren't even paranormal, it's our fellow human beings.
No holy balls and dick anon please email me rugerfmf@gmail.com
I just read the creepy wiki pages that are on the sticky for the most part.
You just need to learn how to unlock your stand bro.
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hey now
kek, what?
>be me a younger lad with a nightlight
>it's not a clapper but I insist I can tell it to turn on and off or signal it to with claps
>tell my parents, they don't believe it at first
>okay I'll prove it dot gif
>do it in front of my parents and convince them
>tell them "the grandma helps me to do it"
>eventually it stops working and we get rid of the light
File: image.jpg (566 KB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
566 KB, 3264x2448
I have one of those too. Never been spooky once.
Same here, I just hate that I'm in bed and look over to see it after reading that spoopy story
I had some sleep paralysis once, it was a "witch" that I would encounter in a recurring nightmare I had, in the nightmare id fall down a well and escape the witch. That being said one time I was caught by the witch in a dream and woke up slightly, feel intense fear developing look around and realize I can't move
>the witch from my nightmare is in he doorway to my room slowly moving towards me
>try to scream for help but can only make a hoarse whispered yell
>finally snap out of it after like 5-10 minutes
I am not OP. OP is kill.
Did it look like a shadow with eyes and teeth?
File: 9gag_is_cancer.jpg (11 KB, 200x179) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Same guy here, my sisters room is now vacant since she left with her boyfriend to live on her own, and we have used it like a storage room and some of her stuff is still in there, including the doll.
I remember seeing it a few weeks back with the arms and legs in a weird position and I hope that they have been that way since she left without anyone touching it. Still creeps me out, along with the horse toy.

Another thing that happened to me was not really greentext worthy, but you know that tic that some people have, with them ticking their nails on a desk or something, rhythmically?
I fucking heard that in my bedroom, on my nightstand, while the lights were out in my bed. I heard someone's nails tick for about a minute or two.
Sounds like some god damn spooky Shining-ass Kubrick shit be going down.
i know it happens often but it frekas me out every time.
Get some new friends then faggot.
ill do a short one, my friend's dad is in the freemasons, he thinks there are hybrids, aliens & shapeshifters living amongst us, so to check the burden of proof I'm asking if there is such hybrid/alien or shapeshifter and is fit, lets continue the gene pool with some awesomeness.
*freaks. ffs. im on mobile.
I'm not good at stylising a spoopy bedtime story, but this shit was enough to spoop me, still does.

I'm intrigued in sleep paralysis and the trick it plays on the mind, so I forced myself into it one night (wasn't so smart). See the usual, happens to everyone, kind of still demon thing that just stares at you. Was an experience. Few weeks later my mate gets his hands on some DMT - fuck yeah tripping - but this trip doesn't go to plan. End up nauseous and extremely sick, look up out of my boff-bucket to see the sleep-paralysis demon fucking thing, just staring at me. Unusual. Some time passes and I have a dream that's just me, lying in bed, watching myself. Sleep-paralysis demon thing is next to me, watching me watching me. Says "This is why you don't try to find me." then I wake up.
Can't explain what happened, hasn't happened again. Maybe I'm still tripping. Maybe I'm just spooped. But it hasn't left my mind.
My curiosity may kill me in this, but I have an uncontrollable urge to understand why I saw what I saw. I may have to dive deeper into this phenomenon.
Why is it that this demon/figure is so common? I need to know more.
The part that I can't cope with is the outer-body experience.
Should I dive back into the 'spirit world' or is it all a part of my imagination, and yet having an experience with the worst part of my mind has driven me insane?
I came here to spoop, but now I'm here for help.
Maybe, just for a moment, while you were "dreaming", you were dead, and looking at your own dead body, in spirit form?
Sometimes shit like that happens, sleep can give way to death in rare cases. And you doing shit with DMT and all might have caused it to happen, briefly.

And whatever (or whoever) that sleep-paralysis demon thing was, they exist in that sort of spirit/immaterial state - they're probably not human. Them telling you "This is why you don't try to find me." might be him warning you, meaning "You might die trying to get to me. Don't do it."

Research this shit if you want, but be careful.
And like I said, the out of body experience might be your spirit temporarily out of your body. I say temporarily, because in the end, you're still alive and NOT ultimately dead.
>worst part of my mind
That might be getting into "mind-soul" discussions, and which is which, what is what. those are complicated enough as it is.
Best advice: Stop taking DMT. Sleep normally. Seeing as nothing bad happened to you thanks to the entity, you might as well ignore him if you do happen to have similar shit happen, and he pops up again.

Just my two cents. I've never had any spoopy shit like this happen to me, so I have no experience in the matter, but I like reading about what happens to other people. It's why I come to /x/ sometimes. It's just conjecture.
Thanks anon. I guess I'll just have to research more. That will definitely help my anxiety.
Oh trust me, the DMT has stopped.
I can't pass this off as a once off thing that just happened, I need to know more. I guess that's the journey we are all on in /x/

Stopped reading there.
You mean the trash bags? LOL
Man I used to love that show. Havnt seen it in ages. Candlejack was always my fav
Anyone experience something similar to this?

be 5.
would wake up in the middle of the night and walk around my house
when i heard noises because i was a young dumb naive fuck and fearless.
Anyway you know when you lose a T.V channel and you get those black and white
crackling dots on the screen? thats what these beings were made out of
with a black outline. one time i remember waking up and poking my head
out of my room and looking down the hall and one of these beings or things were poking
their head out of the bathroom looking back at me. another time i walked down
the hall to the top of my stairs looking down onto the living room and seen one
sitting on my sofa and its actions looked like it was
laughing at whatever it was watchin on the tv but
it wasn't making sounds, like a silent laughter.
Not knowing what to say i asked if it was one of my sisters
friends or something, maybe they were sleeping over? i dont know but as soon
as i asked it just stopped moving and sat still looking up at me.
i seen them a couple more times in the basement but i dont remember
those encounters as vividly.

When we moved out of that house when i was 6-7 years old i never seen them again.
>this half-greentext bullshit
File: IMG_1187.jpg (450 KB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's a recent one that happened to me. It's a two-parter since I have two related pics to drop.

>be me 1 month ago
>walking around my university at campus taking photos at night
>its a long walk back to my dorm since buses stop running late at night
>I'm meandering because I don't want to have to go back inside after being in lectures all day
>finally I reach this bridge and think it looks cool, so I take a picture
>pic related
>it looks nice, but decide to take another shot just in case
File: IMG_1188.png (2 MB, 2448x3100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2448x3100
Fuck, it looked oriented in my folder before posting

>this is the second photo I took
>one of the lights went out just as the picture was taken
>i gun it across the bridge
>look behind me
>a figure was standing right where I was just a few seconds ago
>i ignore them and run all the way back to the dorm
>haven't set foot on the bridge since
sounds like they were questioning whether or not it was time for you to die
a scary story that is actually real and could happen to anyone
defo sleep paralysis
File: 1364855633519.jpg (27 KB, 607x567) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 12
>live in an apartment complex with single mother
>7 older kids, about 16-19 always hung out at the bottom of the staircase nearby
>one day, i'm outside playing with my digimon action figures and they come and ask if i want to see something cool
>I go with them to the backlot of the apartments where there's a lot of storage units
>they put a bag over my head and say it's part of the show
>I sit down in a chair, can't see shit
>they say they're about to perform a ritual on me so I can see ghosts
>don't remember anything else from this point
>wake up on the floor of a storage unit, sticky shit all over me- smells really gross
>jaw is tired, lips sore, legs really sore
>go home, mom sees me and starts to freak out and cry
>makes me bathe and calls the police
>never see those kids again
and that was the day ghosts stole my memory
Noone gives a fuck about your whining you stupid faggot. People dont reply to every single thing they read. And crying isnt good advertisement for your uninteresting stories
One of my biggest fears is someone taking advantage of a situation like that to actually commit murder. People would just think its all part of the show until it was too late
Any Alien stuff ?
>leaves friends
You fucking coward
I saw a jigaboo getting shot. No scare here, just a good story
File: Slimer1.jpg (36 KB, 750x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 750x405
Sounds like you got slimed
That could be cute.
YOU FUCKING LIAR LOL, It has been days and let me guess, you forgot the thread,
Go to /lit/ for spooks, m8 :^)
It was just a Homestuck cosplayer, friend.
>tfw the abductor saw you both and picked him
i know the feel, anon.
Is his name Leland?
Just happened today. Took a nap, woke up an hour later, but was still extremely tired. I was thinking about going back to sleep, but it started to fall over me.

Right when I was starting to dose off, I heard a bunch of footsteps on the carpet of something walking into my room and pacing around. I tried to wake up this whole time, but I was in sleep paralysis. Fully alert and struggling to open my eyelids and move my body and I couldn't. This lasted all of about 15 seconds, however it seemed like 15 minutes.

Creepy, I woke up and checked the house. No one there.
This happened last night to me.
>in bed with laptop playing town of Salem
>oh shit it's 2am, got to drive tomorrow
>go to sleep
>fall asleep quick
>hear a phone call
>who the fuck is calling me at such an hour
>can't make out number, it's all rippled up and twitching
>think my phone is shitting itself again
>all I hear is static and something mumbling
>accidentally switch to loudspeaker
>screeching scream followed by "its time to switch, Anon"
>shake it off, go to sleep again
>just before I fall asleep, front door gets unlocked
>pick up my tazer in case of burglar
>go to door, it's locked, no one is here
>I must be hearing things
>back to bed, start getting sleepy again
>this time my phone rings, radio starts blasting static
>scared shitless at this point
>try to get up, something pins me down
>"I told we are switching, Anon"
>feel stabbing in my lower abdomen
>wake up screaming my lungs out
>roommate trying to calm me down
>he says I was walking around the whole time, speaking gibberish
>check phone, no calls, nothing
>spend other half of night online, can't sleep.

Still have no clue what the fuck was going on.
Was it just some crazy dream or something.
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your too nice bro, too nice

probably the board where I rage the most while browsing tru it. nonetheless sometimes I get surprised, much like tonight
nigga that's just normal sleep paralysis
Bullshit. I've been there many times and there's always lots of peoe passing by. It's impossible they haven't been around to see it.
I'm scared of cheese pizza threads.
Had a similar experience when I was 16

>be in bed, entirely naked (guy), hear a knock on the bedroom door
>get up to check it out
>get spooky for no reason.
> open the door
> nothing there but the darkness of my living room
>hear a voice directly behind me say "don't step outside the light, anon"
>turn around, no one is there
>get back into bed, extremely scared
>left the door open a crack, can't see anything through it
>hear a loud, guttural growl right behind the door
>body is forced out of bed and towards the door
"Don't step outside"
>the door opens itself
>get shoved outside
>feel a cold hand touch my feet
>feel a bunch of cold hands all over my body
>can't see anything, but I can feel legitimate hands all over my naked body
>wake up crying in a half full bath tub, mom opens the shower curtain and comforts me
>tells me I was just writhing around and she couldn't wake me up, so she put some water on and put me in the bath, hoping it would do the trick
>haven't slept in the nude since
If this is not a bate, if this is real: dude, they raped you. They drugged you and raped you.
This would fuck with me.
It's a chemical that's given off by your brain, which may cause you to hallucinate. It's normal, anon.
I cannot stare at this picture for a duration of 10 seconds without being creeped the fuck out, and I'm into much scarier shit than this. I don't know what to think of this. I love your story, though, anon. I hope you have more in the near future.
we should make a sleep paralysis thread on /x/ seeing as so many of us suffer from it. I suggest we go by the Sleeppalz
That's a copypasta, dude.
my great grandma had Alzheimer's. When she was alive, she lived with my family, though she was pretty much a vegetable and I never talked to her. One day, she wakes up screaming saying the devil is in her room. My dad had to calm her down but it spooped my 7 year old ass.
lmao. Indians do this shit too. Sister's ex's family use to slaughter shit in their backyard.
Sounds like my girl mileena
>its time to switch, Anon
The idea of a demonic sales person or something trying to get you to swap your internet provider is amusing the fuck out of me right now.
I need this in art form now.
i have a few from when i was a child

>be 5/6
>be riding bike with dad
>Weekend drive around the villige, we were near A villige called black forest (czarny Las)
>start feeling unease when riding through meadow
>like really bad, felt sort of as if i was breathing but my lungs didnt get the air
>feel extreme sharp pain in my abdomen and head, two "shots"
>collapse off bike, irl be barely responsive, i didnt know my name i didnt know who anyone was. this i know from my father
>at the same time, i saw myself in midst of soldiers digging a grave, hear screams all telling me what happened.
>a person beside me tells me they showed me how they felt when dieing
>tfw the sharp pains were shots

turned out that the meadow was where they killed and burried a shitton of teachers. Czarny Las masacre.
After that thing i was taken to a hospital where they diagnosed me with lowered sugar and let me out without explanation of the sudden memory loss. I regained all memory shortly after the "vision" ended.

I also wasnt able to visit graveyards, especially military ones which my parents wanted to visit in warsaw. And for some reasons, id have similar attacks of memoryloss, feeling of dizziness and sometimes general visions in churches. I never experienced such a feeling like the feeling of the shots though.

I lost those kind of abbilities when i went to a bioenergotherapist to which my mom took me out of helplessness from modern scientific medicine. She told me i have natural abilities to see the past and contact spirits of deceased but i cant controll it so she literally closed them. I sort of want them back though, i wonder if they are reopanable.
Sounds like you're diabetic or hypoglycemic or something.
pretty much what they told me at the hospital. It didnt explain why those attacks happened solely around cementaries, churches or places of death. apart from the strong visions id also see people from different historical era walking around Warsaw, or the countryside. It was rare to see one in the countryside. overall it kind of sucked because i wasnt able to be in warsaw for too long because the uneasy feeling would become overwhelming, which is one of the reasons my parents didnt move to the city until i had to go to highschool.
I remember seeing a greentext once where a guy, half jokingly, performed a ritual to summon a demon, and among other spooky happenings, all their devices were registering a new wifi hotspot called 'Satan' (or some such) with five bars of connection no matter where they were in their house. After a while the anon's brother did some sort of cleansing ritual and the demonic wifi vanished.

Does anyone have that screencapped? I really want that story now.
So your mom touched your weiner? They're looking for you over on /b/
jeff platinum
I didnt see a single fucking brick of that bridge for the THOUSANDS of cunts standing on it. Prague is an amazing, gorgeous city, but christ walking to that bridge was pointless.
Makes me think that someone was living in the plant and had access to the doors. Fuck that.
It was probably his brother or a friend.
>deep in the closet
How could your brother even tell the demon was gay?
It was flaming.
FUCK I remember being in that thread
I was in 10th grade and I was a massive stoner
We made a meme that night
Good times
why didn't you call the police right away ya dick
Got a story. Nothing paranormal, but startled me a bit when it happened. I was working at a supermarket for beverages at that time (something like this exists in germany) where you can also rent thigs like benches and desks and so on.

Me and my boss where driving to a nearby kindergarten to retrieve some things they rented for a party at a saturday evening with his van. When we arrived at the kindergarten, I saw an old, thin women (maybe 50 years old) walking down the street very slowly.... I mean really slow! Imagine how a zombie would stroll by, that zombie would look like "the flash" compared to her. Her arms weren't moving an inch, just like the rest of her body. Only her legs where moving very slowly. Anyway, i think nothing of it and start working. The van faces the street the old women was walking on with its rear facing the kindergarten, so we could load the van comfortably.

When i started loading shit into the van, i noticed the old lady standing at the street, looking at us. I just continued with my work. Everytime i returned to the van, she seemed to be a bit closer. I tried to ignore her after a couple of times. I returned to the van once more, loading some portable desks into it. When I turned around, she suddenly stood right behind me. Not moving an inch and just looking at me with her dead eyes. Her hands still in the same position as always. I was startled quite a bit, then asked: "c... Can i help you?". Without fully closing her mouth she replied: " dooo... Youuu knoow... Where the @#*#@##*strreeet iss... Located?" i just told her i have no idea and got back in to get some more stuff. I told some of the kindergarten staff about her and if they might help her, but by that time, she was already strutting back to the street.

There is a big institution that takes care of retarded people in the city i live in, so i don't bother thinking about it...

Pic related, tried to draw that old witch. This is my first post on /x/, sorry for inconviniences.
Feel kinda sorry for her. Imagine yourself when you get to be that age. Will you, too, be a "zombie"?
we lad
>can't reply properly
dude, r u stupid or what?
Not really paranormal, but quite traumatising.

>7 or 8 years old
>living in new zealand
>house is on a big steep hill paved over with concrete, like a driveway
>have an elderly woman neighbour in the house next to us
>her name is Judy
>she also lives on the hill, respectively, maybe 5 or 10 metres further down
>there is also a third house with a porch way at the bottom of the hill

>wake up one morning
>sitting on the balcony with my father
>he suddenly stands up and starts looking at something down the hill
>he calls my mother
>there is a person laying down with his head propped up against the wall on the porch of the house at the bottom of the hill
>my father says it's most likely a tradie/worker taking a rest
>but the person is completely still
>my dad realises it's not a worker
>he goes down to investigate
>it's Judy
>she's unconscious
>there is blood gushing out the back of the head
>on further inspection there is even noticeable blood down the driveway
>her car boot is open, has been open all night probably
>her keys and wallet are in some bushes on the other side of the driveway
>at this point i'm completely traumatised, between the elderly woman's bleeding head and all the blood
>my parents call an ambulance
>it turns out she must have slipped somehow when she was coming home late the previous night and rolled ALL the way down the hill, splitting her head open
>she must have dragged herself over to the porch and laid there all night, zoning in and out of consciousness
>she gets taken away in the ambulance and comes back a week later

>me after the accident
>unable to sleep by myself
>in constant fear of seeing Judy
>don't want to think about her or the accident but it constantly haunts me
>go to the toilet one night
>a bit scared in general
>there is a small window just above the toilet itself
>see a figure in all white slowly walk past the window
>absolutely shit myself

I think that incident changed me, definitely made me thanatophobic at a young age.
>Sir, we know you're in there. Just come to the van quietly.
Probs a bag for a broken chair or whatever.
Am I the only one which called parents/adults when he saw shit that wasn't supposed to be there?
why running away in your room
holy shit your dad's awesome
File: 20151023_212622.jpg (758 KB, 2560x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A year ago me and my pop went out driving in theae old toads of my town. We were going to this other town but yhe road we were on was this long and curvy road but it just led to that town so there was no other way of getting lost. Anyways, we started to see a bunch pf barn owls and my pop was like, hey its like that encoubter of the fourthkind movie. I laughed and was like oh shit ur right. Then outta no where we went on this one curve of the road and ended up in this city thats like not even near the one we werre going to. 3 hours had also passed and me and my pop had no idea what happened. The weird thing is there is no way we could have ended up any where else that road leads to the other town and thats it. Also we had no idea how we lost three hours. My dad is still scared to talk about. Then this year like a month ago i started having a pill addiction. I couldnt sleep and this one werk i stayed up for five days. The first day my buddy took shrooms and told me he tried to message me but his phone kept giving him weird symbols. He thought he was high but he showed me the next day and i was like oh shit. Anyways, the second day i had started having sleep paralysis and would have these dreams of me looking at a section of my hallway and it would just zoom in. I would wake up and i just wouldnt sleep. The visions kept going down to my hall and out to my shed door. My alarm system at the time was also freaking out. My pop tried to fix it but it would randomly go off saying check shed door. The third day came and i was already feeling like i was dying. My friend called me to see if i was ok (the same one that did shrooms, he lives down the street). I was talking to him about stuff then our call was interupted by this like noise. It sounded as if some one was throwing up on a phone. I called my friend back and he was like yeah idk what that was i also had that happen to me. Fourthday the dreams finally showed my whole house and would just be the shed door.
>expecting people to read that block of text
Part 2 of the pill kid. Anyways the dreams now were just of my shed with the door open and all black inside. I still couldnt sleep. It was me starting to sleep paralysis then i would stay up all night and morning till next paralysis. Fifth day my friend invited me over to smoke. I went over and we both saw this hella bright light moving around. We went out side and there were all these cockroaches all over the street moving in patterns. We couldnt believe what happened. Then after that week i was finally able to sleep and my body would throw up when i took the pills. I was like rejecting them. After this i tried to ubderstand what happened until i remebered the story of my pop and the road we were on and the spooky shit. I think i might have met sokme visitors and brought them to my friend. Like it makes some sense but idk what you guys think?
It wasn't that hard, but it wasn't really worth it either.
i was a kid, also probably to scared if i'm being honest i was kinda frozen
Idk I recall my friend telling me about a childhood event of his. He was uncontollaby self destructive for some time and couldn't really find any help.

He talked to his local small town priest about it tho and like priests do he prayed for him. That night (or maybe that week, i dont remember) he had a dream where someone was being tormented by a similar creature. Red eyes, horns, my friend said bright brown skin.
After that he met an angel claiming to be Azrael and told him something. After that dream he didnt have those ocd, self destructive thoughts.
Idk how long ago this was bc ive been getting stoned a lot since then. Might have been like a year ago.

I still live with my parents but im only 19 so, dont make fun of me pls. Im cool irl i swear.
Anyways, in my garden there's this little playhouse
I remember not enjoying playing in it as a kid because it felt weird and it reeked of smoked ham or something like that. I am well aware today what rotten meat smell might indicate.

Well, about a year ago, probably, I had 2 spoopy dreams. One that was incredibly detailed and lifelike where i saw a shadow in my hallway. And one less detailed where i saw the playhouse door shut itself from the window in my room.

I was suuuper spooped out by this and even told it to one of my friends who does tarot and shit like that. Bro was middle shelf spooped and told me to investigate and shit.

At first I was like okay and one time when i was just fucking around late in the night, like 3 am, having a smoke. I decided to shine my phones light at the playhouse. Just as i did the fucking playhouse door swung open at maximum velocity, smashing against a wooden pylon thing that was connected to the playhouse roof. Too spoopd to investigate further I stood back and finished my cigarette.

Part 2?
I suck at writing and since this is actually true it's probably not very spooky to the reader.
Part 2 of spooky playhouse.
This is where it gets interesting

Needless to say i didnt investigate the playhouse anymore.
Everytime I was out having a ciggy though the playhouse door was fucking about but it was autumn and windy so I just assumed it was bc of that.

Skipping ahead a few months. It was pretty early this spring.
Wake up in middle of the night. Look at clock.
>3 am
I had recently learned that 3-4am is death hour and had also read a spooky picture that said something like "If you wake up at 3 am there's an 80% chance youre being watched."
Little to no spook because I always got morningwood and a lot of hormones being thrown about when I wake up. A lot of anger aswell.
Then I hear someone(or something (^; ) trying to pull open my window. I instantly run for the light switch and be like "OYY!".
>No response
I hear that whatever is outside lets go of the window.
I open blind folds and just as I do I see and, obviously, hear the playhouse door being shut by itself with the force of a thousand suns.

Pretty spooked I mumble "Mother fucker" under my breath and close the blindfolds.
I go back to bed, browse some imgur and fall asleep.

Nothing spooky has happened since then other than hearing the door open and close at night. Guessing bc of wind.

Been thinking about trying to communicate with whatever is there, if anything is there.
I was having a dream that I walked into my guest bedroom, stuck my hand out to a candle of the virgin Mary, and a green hand covered in thorn vines grabbed my arm. I woke up with scratch marks in the same place the next morning.
That's spoopy as fuck anon
They are. Say hello to an ancestor or loved one. Radiate love to one you've lost. Be patient. There are only minor differences between being able to listen and speak with the "dead", rocks, with plants, or animals.
I've turned off my trip since Autumn has finally arrived, but we've spoken before.
I've had to avoid the California missions for the same reason. The nausea is what gets me.
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Ok, so I've got a few spoopy stories surrounding my frequent bouts of sleep paralysis and night terrors.

Ill share one. If anyone is interested I have a couple others.

In this dream, I was pulling off of a dark and desolate interstate to rest for the night. Instead of shacking up at an inn, I head for a YMCA building. I go inside and there is a handful of people talking, hanging out in one of the rec rooms like normal.

I decide I want something from the vending machines, so I look for some.

I'm going down a hallway now. It is white linoleum and white walls. Piled high along the walls in bins are broken and shattered pieces of large, porcelain mannequins. They don't have faced though, and I begin to feel sick.

The cafeteria is straight ahead and I can hear the sound of little girls eating and laughing.

I begin to open the door and glimpse a room full of faceless mannequins seated at the lunch tables. All is silent for the split second that I have the door open, and they appear to be turned directly towards me.

A man grabs me from behind, jerking me into the hallway. The door closes.

"Don't go in there. The girls are dead. They're all dead."

I wake up thoroughly spooped.
So, there are black shadow figures in my dads house. They are usually just chilling and not active; or just keepin away from me, but I have a few stories of the times things have gotten really weird.
Small lil' note before i start greentexting, I have never experienced anything like these figures in any other house or place, I am not overly spiritual or into the paranormal and even after all this I have my doubts about my experiences.
Let's start with my first interaction with these shadows.
>Be me, 17 years old at the time.
>Chilling in the living room, playing video games by myself all night.
>Dad works nights so I am used to being alone at night without it bothering me.
>At 02:00 in the night I decide to go up to my room and sleep so I open the door and take a step in to the hallway.
This hallway is about 10m long and at the end of it there is this little square entrance area that is off to the side.
>Get this very weird but interesting feeling that something is "off" so I stop and stare in to the hallway.
>See this very dark shadow of an upper body leaning out the squared area and stare back at me through the hallway.
>Several seconds go by.
>The body leans back away from the hallway and dissapears.
>Close door and play video games until the sun comes up, kind of scared and uneasy.
finish posting, fgt
Hey bro, not to kill the mood or nothing, but those electronic toy often start making their sounds as the batteries go dead, very very common t. Electrician
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Why so butt-blasted, bro?
I'm not at all man, I just see too many liars, I've seen shit, but I'm not gonna post it and embellish the fuck out of it.the liars make the internet miserable to find people of anything. All the fake ghost sightings and raked ufos. For fucks sake if we were visited by ayyy lmaos nobody would know if it was real cause all of the attention whore faggots.
To find proof*
>unaware that people have lives
So now I'll start with the weird shit. This house is fairly old, 150 years to be precise. But while my dad was rebuilding the attic he found a sword under the floorboards. I did some research on it and it was made in my city and is somewhere around 200 years old and is a ceremonial sword for an army corporal or some similiar rank.
After this finding things got weirder.
>Be me, 18 at this time.
>Sleepin in bed on the second floor
>Sleep paralysis and all that boring shit we get to hear on /x/ all the time.
>See a shadow man crawling on the ceiling but this time the shadow seemed angry as hell.
>Feeling creeped out as hell, I slightly paniced as it started crawling towards the door.
>I passed out the second his hand touched the door.
>Woke up feeling spooked so I just bolted out of the room, but the door felt weird for some reason.
I didn't investigate further until a week later.
> Started inspecting the door, looking carefully all over.
In the upper right corner there was an upside down black handprint.
I tried to scrubb it off but it didn't go away. I showed it to my dad and he just dismissed it, he could see that it was a hand but he thought i probably did it myself to fuck with him.
After a month it dissapeared by itself.
sorry, had to attend a meeting. super busy today but will soon have the time to type it all.
This thread will be dead by then, we just hit 300. Try posting here >>16920181 or here maybe. >>16941385
That's something very important, at least it was for me. Pretty much I kind of feel like energies you encounter there that get close to you, most of the time just want something from you and it can get pretty bad. I was very naive and just went through all the fluffy stories on the net. But they usually don't warn about the dangers. Just be sure if something is claiming to be your guide, please ask it everything before you decide to follow it or let it stick with you. Usually the ones that are no good will back off or get sort of defensive or feel deceitful. Other energies that do have good intentions won't mind your questioning, usually. But it's not entirely dangerous if you never give up your control. Always feel in control and strong. Pretty much the only advice I would give.
Use the filter function.
At first I was all... But then I was like...
>be 7 or 8
>spending the night with grandparents
>they were old-fashioned and didn't sleep in same bed or the same room
>in grandma's room, it's about 10pm, grandma is sleeping and I'm wide awake
>staring at the ceiling tiles trying to drift off
>hear voices arguing, angry, cursing
>man and woman
>"you motherfucker...goddamn you!" "Goddamn your soul, woman!" "Bastard!"
>grandparents lived in the country, acres of land
>closest neighbors over a mile away
>voices became louder and the words were clearer
>seems to be coming from the corner of her bedroom
>"God DAMN you! God DAMN YOU!" "You gon' pay for this with your soul, woman!" "Motherfucker! Mother FUCKER!!!"
>voices overlapping like people arguing in blind rage
>I cover my ears with the pillows, afraid to hear
>grandma sawing logs, totally sleeping
>I had never been so afraid and confused by anything in my life up to that point, I was shaking in fear not knowing if I should run, stay, scream, be quiet
>the voices drift off, still cursing
>every couple minutes they get louder and quickly fade again
>after maybe 15 more minutes the voices completely stop
>I only mentioned it years later when I was maybe 15-16. I told my mom and I told my grandma. They both brushed it off without discussing it.

There was a LOT of weird shit that happened at my grandparents' house. Shadow people, voices, faces in the window, things moved from where they should be. I have lots of stories. I also learned in my mid-teens that my grandma, and later my mom, practiced some kind of southern country hoodoo that they used once to kill a man named Mr. Bensko who'd been threatening the family and saying that he'd burn down the house. He was found on his front porch one morning, dogs had been eating the skin off his face. He died of a heart attack.
>be me around 8 or so
>late at night
>dont remember what i was doing
>think i was laying down or sleeping
>i just remember seeing this girl
>dont know her age but because her face looked weird
>wore an all white dress, now i think about it maybe a fancy dress or even wedding dress
>starts screaming and literally melting into my fucking carpet
>NOPE the fuck out of my room, jump over the spot where she melted in
>showed my mom where it happened at, even was a dark stain in the carpet
>said i must've been dreaming and must've been an old stain
>stain was there up until we switched carpets

never could explain what that was. probably the most spooky paranormal experience i've ever had. and the stain on the carpet proved that i was not sleeping and it actually happened

forgot to add my bed was in the center of my room with my closet facing right of me, and the girl was in between the bed and closet
Having evidence like that is very affirming. I have a CD with dried "ectoplasm" or some shit on it from an experience I had in a townhouse I lived in about 10 years ago. It's the only thing I have that proves that it happened. I've always wanted to have it tested somehow but I don't want it fucked up and lose it forever.

mind sharing your experience?

i have a small lot of woods by my house and we(friends and family) will always hear weird shit in the woods. literally sounds like someone is hauling ass through there. we know its not an animal because it doesn't sound like one. the sound of someone running isn't really hard to confuse in my opinion
Nigga I'm reading this shit at 3:22 you asshole
There was an abandoned shed in a field across from my house that gave me an overwhelming sense of dread if i went into it.m like something terrible had happened there. Later we found out that a little girl went missing and they found her blood on the shoes of her baby sitter and he admitted he brought her to the shed and murdered her then dismembered the body.
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