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autism conspiriacy thread
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autism conspiriacy thread
pic unrelated
It's vaccines.
Luke Skywalker is Kylo Ren
Maybe none of them have autism but you have ignorance
>epidemic caused by ignorance?
Is that actually a theory? Considering they supposedly revealed the Ren actor, that'd be quite ze tweest. Unprecedented, even.
Autism, adhd, both gifts somehow
They come in boxes on christmas. (Trust me when i turned 9 I got a giftwrapped box the size of my head, the wrapping paper was green with a bunch of christmas trees. When I opened it it was just the words "ADHD" and "AUTISM" and when I asked my parents how this was a Christmas present they just said "well sweety autism, adhd, both are gifts!"
Got quads so it must be true

People with autism are super smart

People with adhd have a big heart and very creative

Should respect these people they have a lot to offer us
Like the LBGT community, lot to offer us.
Besides Luke turning to the dark side being ridiculous that other guy is like 2 feet taller than Mark Hamill.
Pic is related op
Yea but all people at whatever stage in their life do stuff the best we can do is learn from any walk of life wherever we are as well who knows what anything this and how much of anything do we even know is real
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by the end of the century there will be no one who isn't autist
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>daily shill thread
You people are really getting worried, aren't you?
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tldr: they discovered in the 30s and 60s that the brain works on electricity.
Autism - 1
Assholes on the internet - 0
This is inaccurate. The reason there is an "increase" of autism is diagnostic changes and awareness. Before you go "oh but that surely can't account for ALL the new autism???" the diagnostic criteria changed from "fit 6 our of 6 of these very specific criteria" to "fit half of these 16"
Also, I think in Sweden there was a study into autism prevalence rates and the actual amount of autistic people wasn't rising, just the amount of people with an official diagnosis.
Autism isn't neurological damage.
They aren't gifts, they are signs thta you are gifted but struggling

Both are probably caused by toxins inducing inflammation in the brain. From fake/refined sweeteners (aspartame, high fructose corn syrup), formaldehyde (in GMO soy), fluoride in water and toothepaste, heavy metals found in our polluted air and root veg, medication additives/"inactive ingredients", vaccine adjuvants

All mental illnesses are a sign of a disconnect between Soul and Mind

Detox diet, get your body fit, then start meditative and yoga practices, and you will see improvement and move along the spectrum

Autism, adhd, bipolar are all signs of a strong and vibrant soul struggling to break free of a sick mind/body it is trapped in

Schizophrenia, psychopaths, etc are similar but instead of only having a sick mind and body, their soul is either totally out of touch or sick also
This. There's also the rise of "autism spectrum" as a designer diagnosis among upper-middle class people. People want their kids to be special, so they get them diagnosed as autistic for just being a little weird, or focused on certain things. I've worked with a bunch of different groups of kids and it's actually funny how what you see on their info sheets changes according to social class. Richer kids are always diagnosed with a bunch of things (autism, ADD, can't eat gluten, etc), and poorer kids don't have any of that shit, because their parents don't care and don't have the resources to put them through that unnecessary shit..
>Thinking these guys will listen to logic
But seriously, thank you being sane.
Schizophrenia and psychopaths are very, very different.
The soul isn't real.
Autism, ADHD, and schizophrenia are congenital (though signs are noticed later on, especially in the case of schizophrenia.)
>Eat healthy and you'll be happier.
No Shit
I think it's more that rich people have more access to resources than poor people for the most part, not some autism conspiracy. Its class inequality, and as an extension often racial inequality with health care.
When done right, diagnosis is somewhat extensive and requires usually several appointments, input from parents and teachers and the person with the disorder, and observation during the appointments. Autism and ADD can be pretty impairing, so i don't think rich people having more opportunities to help their kids with their struggles is representative of a Rise In Autism
>can't eat gluten
Last time I checked, allergies aren't some Special Snowflake Rich People bullshit.
I know schizos and psychopaths are different, why point that out?

My fiancé was non-verbal, "profoundly autistic" until he was 4. Downgraded to Asperger's by 12 and he passed the Navy mental health screening (and they ban Autism)

I was diagnosed with ADHD at 14 and now show almost no signs of it. I've also had schizoid breaks (although if believing in the soul is considered a deulsion, I never recovered)

I see SOUL and GOD as the same thing: the Source of the four universal forces, which modern science still has not found/explained
The grouping made it seem that way. Either he was misdiagnosed or just recovered very well.
Congratulations with your coping with ADHD! And good luck with all of that.
How can you recover from a congenital lifetime disorder? The current mainstream autism literature says there is no recovery, only coping
I don't mean genuine 100% recovery, just really good coping and overcoming.

It's the vaccines but here's the catch. It's not just the vaccines by themselves. If it was then medical science could prove it's the vaccines. The vaccines have to be administered then something else has to work along side the vaccine as an outside force such as GMO's, air pollution, fast food, etc

An example of this is from Batman (1989). The joker puts his smile-x chemical in health and beauty products but it doesn't work with just 1 product. You have to use a combination of them for the effects to happen
Back this up with something beyond "Batman 1989 Joker Did It"
And again, autism is congenital and lifetime.
This is exactly like the show "Utopia". They administer a vaccine and it is triggered by gmo corn to make people infertile.
You have a higher chance of getting autism if you have certain genes, but it is an environmental trigger which causes the symptoms, which we don't fully understand. Multiple systems are infected including the gut and the nervous system.
>Also consider that there can be multiple causes
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Says who?
I know about GI issues and autism, but there's nothing (I've seen) to prove that GI issues 'cause autism' or anything along those lines, just that there's a correlation (not causation) between the two.
I do know that there are multiple causes, but it is congenital.
Autism is a disorder of the brain caused by swelling in early development.

Almost all autistic children have lifelong major GI disruptions, Do not forget that many neurochemicals are produced in the gut.

Around almost always the 18 month mark of early childhood the brain begins to swell, and large portions of the brains become inflamed and hydrocephalous.

This leads to almost irreperable damage of the brain. The parts of the brain pressing against the skull become the ones usually responsible for empathy and higher learning.

They will become irreperably harmed, and healing will be irregular.

Now, as for what causes this massive inflamation at 18 months? The only thing it could be would be a massive autoimmune response.

The only things I can think of that a child would get around 18 months that trigger autoimmune attacks are well.... Vaccinations - specifically a multitude being given at once.

When you give vaccines, you are forcing the immune systems hand and can trigger an attack or self-destruction in the neuro-system.

This includes vital areas for proper neuronal development like the Gut, the Brain, and the Spine.
Can you tell me where you got this information? To my knowledge, autism isn't brain damage- it is however a disorder that starts in utero and affects neurodevelopment throughout autistic peoples entire life- and signs of autism are often noticed before 18 months, and chances are most stories of "my child regressed into autism after vaccines" is just paranoid parents not noticing their child had abnormal development from the get-go.
>empathy and higher learning
Autistic people have both of these skills, admittedly in different ways than neurotypical people, but they still experience empathy (possibly moreso than neurotypical people.)
Also, I don't think it is almost all, certainly many but in no way All Of Them.
And another thing to note- autism was likely around before vaccines, it didn't suddenly start being a thing in the 1970s when it was first recognized.
Idk where you are getting your information, but the things you seem to be accepting as fact are contentious at best. No one knows the cause of autism, for starters. But last time I checked the leading hypothesis was exposure to excessive androgens during development, not swelling. Hydrocephalus is quite a different thing than autism; if it occurs in children, it can cause lasting deficits that are symptomatically similar to autism, but the two are still separate things. In fact, anything affecting the frontal lobes can cause symptoms that might be mistaken for autism. So I think you are conflating separate things here.

I've personally read a lot of studies, and so far, the evidence states pretty unequivocally that vaccinations are safe. That's not to say that people don't have adverse reactions to vaccinations, but so far, there's nothing solid connecting it to the development of autism. Autism is not an immune-mediated disease or else it would be quite obvious to pathologists by now.
Where did you hear about the excessive androgens hypothesis? I've never heard that before- I guess it could be possible, but autism is likely to have many causes, some of those being environmental (by environmental I mean involving the environment during utero, not vaccines or something later on in life.) and genetic.
I only know that a huge marker of autistic children is a often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed swelling of the outer brain during the 18th month mark.

Sometimes this manifests as changes in behavior and lethargy/flu-like symptoms.

Usually a total withdrawal from daily life by the child.

The swelling damages the brains in subtle ways and causing changes in behavior and functioning that can be picked up on by parents and friends of the child.

Later in life this damage becomes apparent in GI disruptions and odd autistic-spectrum behavior.

So long as there have been autoimmune disorders and allergies, there has been autism. Autism IME is merely a triggered autoimmune response that attacks the nervous system.
I haven't heard of that, but as >>16918368 said, hydrocephalus is different than autism. There are a lot of things that cause "autistic spectrum behavior" but aren't autism. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder, and iirc some semi-recent brain studies revealed that certain areas of the brain were often larger in autistic people- not 'swollen' just wired and developed differently than your average person.
I read it in a journal or a textbook a while ago. I don't claim to be an expert, but I think it should be pretty obvious that autism isn't inflammatory in origin and I kind of dislike the whole vaccine paranoia. Parents are trying to prevent their kids from being vaccinated because they give credence to this myth, and it's kind of sad.

Autism probably is environmental disease in the way you suggest. There's evidence of a lack of development in some regions in the brain, not lesions or scarring or anything like that. But yeah there's some really interesting research going on with functional neuro-imaging and autism which is showing that it's basically a matter of their brains being wired differently and underdeveloped in some areas.
Yeah it is pretty fascinating! It's really concerning though that parents would rather their kids be vulnerable to deadly diseases than have autism, as if autism is worse than death.
I wish more research was focused on neurological things instead of genetics, and more centered around understanding as opposed to "prevention and curing", prevention possibly meaning abortion and curing meaning abusive therapies.
Interestingly, a lot of autistic people say the most disabling aspect of autism is the stigma, not the actual disorder. As in, peoples refusal to understand/accommodate leads to it being disabling.
Also I think I found the article you were talking about (or at least an article about the same thing) and I didn't read much of it, but I think its about why autism is more common in men than women. not saying that its CAUSED by androgens, just that the way androgens interact with "autism genes" may explain why 3/4 autistic people are male.
Shaken baby syndrome isn't a disease
new study shows that vaccines cause the same effect as grabbing your baby and shaking them back and forth until they die
it was the skellingtons
If that's what hapens to your looks when you have autism then sign me up for the slow orange choo-choo
Anti-mindless groupthink
Rejecting culture protocols
Relies on STEM concepts rather than self-serving delusional instinct, intuition, culture

Rejects servitude
Has demands and expectations that reject double standards for freedoms
Rejects brainwashing standards
Demands own time

Clearly devious insanity.

Drug these bastards.
And after we've sedated and stimulated them properly... and stigmatize them... we can begin to analyze their lack of progress.

And if most of those tested have brown eyes, then there's a genetic link.
>>Mercury contains mercury
whod'a thought?
You started out alright
>>"They aren't gifts, they are signs thta you are gifted but struggling

Both are probably caused by toxins inducing inflammation in the brain."

Then you shifted into maximum over-tard
>>"From fake/refined sweeteners (aspartame, high fructose corn syrup), formaldehyde (in GMO soy), fluoride in water and toothepaste, heavy metals found in our polluted air and root veg, medication additives/"inactive ingredients", vaccine adjuvants"
There's more mercury in a single serving of canned tune.

Autism is caused by pharmaceuticals contaminating groundwater, and then drinking water.
They find drugs in water all the time that pass through the filtration system.

Formula that uses tap water is partially to blame.
Mix this is magical-thinking parents that don't give a baby/toddler a proper social environment and the brain goes apeshit.

1/2 of all people diagnosed are really just logical people that reject social intuition and stick to science and are forced into being belittled by the big dumb population though.
>canned tune
I love to eat my classic canned tunes, such as Bach and Mozart "Tune In A Can! Slurp Up the Music! From Jay-Z to Beethoven, we have it all!"
In all seriousness though, you are a tool.
correlation doesn't equal causation.
File: huxley.jpg (55 KB, 480x403) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It actually is, when we're talking about the actual autism, and not the 4chan meme autism.

If you're a fucking spazz due to fucked up parenting, that doesn't mean you actually have autism. Even though you're constantly told that you do.

All part of the plan, boys, pic related.

>Then you shifted into maximum over-tard

Everything he said is true, doe, Mr. John Q. Skeptic.

inb4 you post WHO-published papers with claims to the contrary, that are written up by retired big pharma officers.
Things don't exist when we don't look at them.
The world isn't however many years old, we don't know the true beginning. An author doesn't start from the first page and write straight to the end. Who knows where the beginning is?
canned tune in the sky just a fucking dumb cunts
So was Vader desu lad.
Oh noes, you got us!!

Now you'll move on to fuck all those chicks banging at your door
I wonder how that looks outside of America where money isn't a factor in healthcare.
wtf are you even claiming? The action potential is propagated by a sodium potassium ion pump. The electricity you are talking about here is just a polarization based on different ion concentrations through the cells membrane.
This image means absolutely nothing. Besides, if you are claiming that these aluminum and mercury 'electrical conductors' are located in the extracellular space between neurons guess what else is located there: electrolytes. Electrolytes are also able to conduct electricity. Why aren't they causing these 'short circuits'?
tldr; it's slightly more complicated than the brain works on electricity
"The actual autism" It's a neurodevelopmental disorder, it's not the same as getting hit by a car and losing a chunk of your brain.
Car parts are causing autism?
I'm not entirely sure! But autism isn't just in America, and even if classism isn't an issue- racism still is.
Oh wow thanks for disproving the skeptics with "It's true."
It's a neurodevelopmental disorder.
>actual autism
Oh yeah the fake autism. That's a thing.
>a spazz due to fucked up parenting
Do you know what autism even is??
I think autism is the result of people who shouldn't wouldn't couldn't breed in a darwinian sense being able to.
oh wow, eugenics. thats original and totally not an oversimplication of evolution
>People with autism are super smart

My kid nephew has a "very slight form of autism". It's barely noticeable apart from he's a bit socially awkward and gets fixated on things, then flips out if you deny him of it. Like a game. Most of his symptoms are actually a result of him being spoiled rotten, imo. I'd argue he doesn't even have autism, though I am no doctor.

He was building minecraft worlds at 3, when the rest of the class couldn't hold a joypad. When talking to him about the game it was clear he knew every inch of it, and had worked out dimensions, geometry, cause and effect, etc. He's now 5, probably 5 years ahead of kids his age and can hold a conversation better than most adults I've met. If that's "autism" then fuck me can I have it.

It scares me to think how smart this kid could be, yet I fear he will be held back by an education system not supportive of kids that are "different"
Yes that's autism. He might be held back by shitty education, but hopefully he's not- and if he is hopefully he figures out how to go forward on his own. I wish your nephew good luck.
Also, I'd say eh- probably not being spoiled rotten. That sounds a lot like autism to me, especially the minecraft thing- I just hope he gets the support he needs.
One thing though: Keep him away from ABA. I'm not saying therapy wouldn't be good/helpful for him just, if you can make sure his parents/guardians don't send him to ABA. (A lot of things now-a-days are called ABA that aren't, by don't send him to ABA I mean don't send a 5 year old to behavioral modification therapy for 40 hours a week that's designed to make him 'indistinguishable from his peers' as opposed to therapy that's designed to make him do the best he can do.)
I guess I never responded to this earlier (I made the post this was replying to) but yes! A lot of brilliant people are believed to have been autistic, ranging from Stanley Kubrick to Mozart to Thomas Jefferson to Newton to Einstein.
I don't think evolution can be oversimplified. Imo it's a pretty straightforward and almost predictable path. I mean no insult. Darwinian evolution dictates survival of the fittest. Therefore there are people surviving in today's comfortable working who are unfit to breed but are doing so. This is inevitably leading to problems. Autism and adhd being but a few
>as if autism is worse than death.
it is.
I don't wanna take care of a potato for the rest of my life.
>reminder that most autists are retarded or semi-retarded
>be me
>be canadian kid
>parents got me all sorts of medical bullshit like that
>taught me how to act in front of the doctors to prove it
>make mad "welfare"
for real?
is the diagnosis still on your record? what way did they get you to act?
fuck man, who would do that to their child
File: Fluoride.jpg (1 MB, 2892x1272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>You'll never remember being smart
yooo hahaha

Can't even spell vaccination correctly. Wii should I think that you're information is credible?
I am autism
well i dont blame them, i mean my parents worked shit jobs and i had to sell dope for food and rob people during high school. like the diagnosis is on my record and shit, but i dont really care, i mean you talk to me in real life and its obvious that im not autistic or have any of these disability's.
anyway, for how they got me to act they would read up on the disease and get me to practice acting a certain way, and they told me to act that way infront of any medical personel like docs and nurses and shit, but being young at the time i dont think i understood not to act like that infront of everyone haha. anyway, when i was 13, my parents told me about how i wasnt actually autistic, or retarded or any of that shit, but that it was for government money. All in all i cant complain, being "labeled" has put food on my plate a few times.
well that doesn't sound as bad as I thought. were't you put into special school though
As if evolution still applies to humans, humans have overcome it through technological means. And it's not "unfit to breed" those less fit still bred, they just bred less because they were dying.
Survival of the fittest means, those best fit for their environment will survive more often than those less fit, not "kill all those that are less fit to survive in this ONE environment so we SUPERIOR MORE FIT people will live." You're defending eugenics, and frankly that's disgusting.
I don't think you know what autism is or what "retarded" actually entails.
>acting as if IQ test actually measure intelligence as opposed to taught skills like pattern recognition
I'd just like to point out that I wasn't wholly denying that faking autism/misdiagnosis is a thing, I meant it was for the most part uncommon, but it does happen. My apologies if it seemed like I was outright denying it!
>>16921912 cont
If you're going to bring up the fucking "Hunters and Farmers" analogy about ADHD to support eugenics, I'm going to stop you before you start. The person who came up with that analogy (Thom Hartmann) deeply regrets it because people took that and twisted it into acting like people with ADHD were "less evolved" and I'm assuming that mindset spread over to other things like autism. That's not what he meant, at all. He just came up with it as a way to explain the difference between people with ADHD and neurotypicals, he in now way meant for it to encourage eugenic beliefs. He believes taking this as evidence for ADHD being an indicator of evolutionary failure, is ridiculously arrogant. To quote "Such a hypothesis assumes that the narrowly defined criteria for success or failure in our particular culture at this particular point in time are identical to those of all cultures, all humans, and for all of history, both past and future." He goes on to explain how idiotic it is to believe this and to disguise eugenics with "well science and evolution..." and that this implies that "nature is king, nurture is dead, and culture is irrelevant." It also assumes that our culture and society are the pinnacle of an evolutionary process,and completely discredits other cultures and societies (many of which still exist today) and ignores various important aspects of anthropology.
The entire belief is based on eugenics and warping words and science to justify the belief that those "less fit" should be culled for not fitting in as well in a society and culture not built for them.
autism is actually a way for the spirit to force itself into an existence where it has to relearn compassion and the ability to respect the will of others, or order to purge the pride it gains in lives of strength.
No idea what this means or if it's meant to be positive or negative, but thanks for the input buddy.
Dear Mr. Hill,

Are you prepared for you examination?

this is why they can easily grasp large quantities of information that they care about, because they previously learned how to work towards their goals and have since forgotten the compassion necessary to ensure their goals are beneficial.
and those super compassionate people that think they cant do anything?
the ball wants to roll.
but its hard because its so bouncy.
are you talking about reincarnation or...
its not supposed to be positive or negative, its just the most likely case given my understanding of the karmic cycle.
the purpose of enlightenment is to become able to appreciate and help move this cycle in the direction we deem fit, and we know the cycle deems the direction fit as well, because we were able to attain enlightenment in order to do it.
dont bother arguing my point just help autistic people understand the feelings of people around them.
That's multiple sclerosis you ass hat.
i have awakened my buddha spirit in order to help the world, because everyone is kinda doing a shit job i guess, or what it actually means is that i have a goal that the force of the cycle deems valuable, so it will let me do it, because nobody else is aiming for my specific goal.
Oh I see what you mean.. Kind of. I don't know/care much for the karmic cycle or anything but hey, believe what you want.
That's a good suggestion.
the brain works on electricity, but it also works the electricity.
i am always prepared, machine king.
it is suffering to do so.
the few of us who do so, do so so that the many do not have to, to spread joy.
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Autism is caused by people who wear fedoras
you're welcome.
You have no counter argument, so you focus on an obvious, harmless typo and roll into ad hominem attacks.

I win.
Autism isn't caused by tap water, its congenital and lifelong. I'm pretty sure there's no evidence of autism Suddenly Happening Because Tap Water. Tap water is contaminated, that's not news to anyone, but it doesn't cause autism.
There's a decent amount of diagnosis, but remember that what you described at the end is essentially autism- logical thinking and lack of ease with social intuition and tend to stick to science (obviously its a spectrum, but those are common autistic traits.)
Lmao bicycles cause autism
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Jesus Christ this thread. Shit is 3spooky

I guess we should rename /x/ to /au/ for the apparent praise of Autism. Or maybe we should rename it to /rx/ since everyone on this board is a god damn medical expert.
Those sausages cause autism (GMO)

>people drink water
>produce progeny with various defects

>I'm pretty sure there's no evidence of autism Suddenly Happening Because Tap Water.

being ubtuse on purpose sure is fun

or maybe you're one of those autists that take everything literally

hasidics don't get vaccinations and those assholes are breeding like rabits in NY
Does anybody remember the episode of The Ricky Gervais Show when Karl says autism is a superpower? That's what I think it is. Next step of evolution.

When you here about ayyy lmao and shit, abductees say that they communicate telepathically. These autist mutes are on to something me thinks.
Everyone drinks water, including people with 'defected' children. Same goes for the original study that 'proved' vaccines cause autism, most people take vaccines so obviously most people that are autistic are going to also have taken vaccines. Correlation =/= causation.
>being Obtuse on purpose sure is fun or maybe you're one of those autists that take everything literally
It's not the next step of evolution, because it's been around for a long time, long before it was discovered.
I'm not sure what you're trying to say with the second sentence but... nonverbal autistic people don't communicate telepathically, they either use writing/sign language/text to speech/other aides, they aren't like the greys.
Babies on the other hand.... that's something that needs some looking into.
I should have expanded on that idea more. The way I see it, maybe grays, thousands of years ago, started becoming increasingly autistic. They became non-verbal and started communicating exclusively through writing. That then turned into communication through feeling, which then turned into telepathy. Maybe in thousands of years from now, humans will all be what we now call autistic and will communicate telepathically.
Eh I doubt it. I think (unless Those Greys come from earth) it'd have to be longer than thousands. It's possible maybe? But I think telepathy would have to arise from technology- not evolution or anything. Although I doubt humans will become autistic, or evolve. The only thing that would allow human evolution would be mass death, and nobody wants that.
correlation vs causation
protip: everyone in NY are breeding like rabbits, its NY.
>shaken baby syndrome
>caused by vaccines

jesus fuck

Anecdotal, of course, but during the time my daughter was recieving formula made with tap water (3 months) she showed signs of autism (such as not speaking, no eye contact, phobias/sensory processing issues)

And it was only about 12oz/24hrs. I feel fucking BAD for kids raised from birth on tap water formula, Gerber's baby food and McDonalds.

This experience is what has finally turned me to The Dark Side.

Light it up black. Autism is not something to be embraced, autistic people are. And they need HELP.
That's the esoteric approach to it. It's said that a damaged body is given, because of karmic influences in past lives. That there are wanderers incarnating also.
It is a struggle, but karmically it pays off.
There are celebrities with ADD, There was Zooey Deschanel on that list.
I think it's the processed food. People who are poor often buy ready made meals. They shop at frozen food stores, they're more likely to get diabetes, suffer from obesity/ and from heart disease.
you can't embrace autistic people without embracing autism. you cant say "i dont hate you i just hate your autism" because autism is part of who autistic people are
also, can you explain how she is now? how she was beforehand? it could have been an adverse reaction not autism. again, reactions to things with autism like symptoms aren't the same as autism. Autism like symptoms =/= autism, autism is specifically autism symptoms experienced throughout life and causing significant impairment.
Ignoring that this is a baseless claim, Processed food doesn't cause autism, autism isn't caused later on in life, Though i suppose it is maybe possible for the mother eating processed food while pregnant to cause autism maybe possibly? But autism is congenital, so for processed food to have caused autism it would have to been from the mother eating it (which I doubt, but I don't think there have been any studies into it.)
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stop debunking other posters please
you are just as ignorant
the thunder god (dragons) and the god of mercury, cause autism. brain works on electricty [1930, 1960], they added mercury to vaccines in the 20s because of seances with dragon people.

science = saence = seance..

mercury is a radio/electric conductor

theres not actually any books that state "how to use mercury as a preservative" because its from egyptian religious practices.

and you were not taught how to use mercury as a preservative in school because its really an electric semi conductor.

real preservatives are oil honey salt and butter dipshit
you sound way cheeky debunking everyone based on christian saence school books, when you forgot about <the devil>.

further mercury was known to cause only mental illness, since ===500 BC=== in Rome, Greece, according to dartmouth.edu [dartmouth tox history mercury] and later London [wikipedia mad_as_a_hatter] and Japan [minimata disease / minimata outbreak]

preservative in the mirror is
ɘviƚ avɘrƨɘry .. i took out pixels of the p (EVIL AVERSERY, or EVIL AVERSERP)
im not sure who this evil adverSERP is. but i bet your dumb christian text book as should know about the "evil adverSERP."

on top of that its MERCURY/MARKURY, you can probably guess what a electric radio super conductor in the bloodstream/brain called MARK- ury is.
File: watdo.jpg (48 KB, 499x248) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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tldr autism is possession
File: deathmetal.jpg (150 KB, 851x315) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150 KB, 851x315
This doesn't even deserve a response.
File: newwtf.png (604 KB, 999x999) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
604 KB, 999x999
yea fuck u
File: sci.jpg (2 KB, 112x58) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 112x58
File: a7bPZwm_700b.jpg (43 KB, 500x421) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 500x421

"tomb lights have been found burning 225+ years"
"Egyptian tomb's lights burning for 1500 years."
>opening a tomb and finding strange “liquid silver drops” on the floor. It had an ever-burning lamp in it, but somehow it had broken
> http://www.trinfinity8.com/mystery-solved-ancient-tomb-lamps-still-found-burning/

2012 mercury found under mexico's pyramid of the feathered serpent
also mercury found in Xian china and other places
> http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/apr/24/liquid-mercury-mexican-pyramid-teotihuacan

google: what textbooks show how to use mercury as a preservative

200 year old mercury mummy from italy
> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2103841/The-Italian-mummies-preserved-mercury-200-years.html

Mercury known Toxic since 500BC

- 500 BC : [Dartmouth.edu](http://www.dartmouth.edu/~toxmetal/mercury/history.html)
- 1800: [Wikipedia: Mad as a hatter disease](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mad_as_a_hatter)
- 1908: [Wikipedia: Minimata Disease](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minamata_diseaser)
- some of the key points:
- specifically it was known to cause mental illness!
- The romans used to use slaves to mine the stuff because it caused mental illness
- It was known in even roman/greek ages by people who used it to purify gold to cause mental illness
- 1900s minimata disease aka dancing cat disease, watch the video its really good (2minutes): [Youtube Link](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihFkyPv1jtU)

They say its a preservative:

- But real preservatives are Oil Honey Salt and Butter
- preservative in the mirror is: ɘviƚ avɘɿƨɘɿy (i took 2 pixels out of the p)
- ThimeroSal in the mirror is: lasore miht (might) (wtf)

There are good videos on youtube about mercury stopping nerve growth however :/
File: 1418670333564.png (22 KB, 300x100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 300x100
does thimerosal contain mercury:
first link on google: yes (fda.gov or some shit)

brain works on electricity 1930
>mercury was added in 1920s
>brain works on electricity (brain axons) discovered in 1930 (and later in 1960)
>Some of the first intracellular recordings in a nervous system were made in the late 1930s by Kenneth S. Cole and Howard J. Curtis
>innoculation without mercury was used since 1700s to cure disease

how it creates a short circuit >>16914565

science = seance >>16925155

mercury and aluminum are elctrical conductors
>both conduct radio/electricity
>how does an antenna work: radio excites the electrons of metal

is mercury a superconductor
>google says yes
>why is this bad? superconductors are used for making CPUs

Theres more bad peices to this puzzle:
>mercury eats other metals
>chemtrails aluminum/barium
>aluminum in baking soder
>aluminum waste (Fluoride) in drinking powder
>coil array matress, google coil array it says [coil arrays... for MRI via only RF] >>16925128

Mercury expands at 98degrees to a shape of a wire?
>Mercury is given in vaccine form refrigerated. Mercury is used in thermometers, this means when its stored at 0 degrees it shrinks, when its injected into your blood at 98 degrees it expands violently
>(if it expands in the vein its going to be vein shaped. what else is vein shaped? an electrical wire)

Let's say you have a mercury mine, and you want to increase profit.
How can you do that?
1) Sell gov required vaccines with mercury as a "preservative" (preservatives are oil honey salt butter)
2) mercury actually causes mental illness, so invest or build Rx companies
3) sell lifelong treatments, often paid by the gov, for retards/mental illness *that cannot be cured*
4) go to bank every day and withraw $1,000,000, infinite profit achieved
Literally more profitable than a gold mine
thimerasol isnt used anymore lmao
File: 4Untitled.jpg (41 KB, 661x329) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 661x329
sry hard to follow but i just wanted to post a few data points.

links, friendly version: V&O&A&T&.co /v/politics/comments/171588 (remove the &)
File: image032.jpg (151 KB, 545x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151 KB, 545x363
shit i guess im debunked then

except to the first page of google says it is
and so does fda.gov and cpc.gov
File: mshit.jpg (714 KB, 800x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
714 KB, 800x2000
they key point is the
>AM (radio) = Amplitude modulation

>the CIA tried to duplicate the alien mind control tech
>you know it as MK ultra, MK beta, mk alpha, mk delta, etc

>mercury aka markury
>conducts radio

File: earth2015_the_rpg.jpg (55 KB, 320x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 320x320
ugh forgot to say mkultra is modulation mind control

tl:dr; thunder god. (lightning god)
File: 42.png (31 KB, 300x100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>thimerasol isnt used anymore lmao

this is fucked. they used mercury, known toxic from 500BC, for 90 years for vaccines.
they say its preservative, but why not use oil, honey, salt or butter?

very similar to how the gov scientists preferred pesticide not lemon juice as a pesticide, for 100 years.
why? to save a few pennies or to kill millions or to make billions off the cancer treatments?

you decide.
File: hg-warning.jpg (80 KB, 776x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 776x600
File: I4315.png (7 KB, 466x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 466x336
theres also a group of dentists now called "dentists against mercury", forgot to mention that.
i made this data pic too

sry its low quality laptop shit :/
its not enough mercury to do anything
stop acting like you know chemistry and vaccines

Thanks for the kind regards, man. I do my best to be the crazy uncle and bring him out of his shell a bit. Break the rules, get him involved socially, laugh when he falls over etc I don't think social awkwardness will be much of a problem for him desu. He's dying to interact with people, he just doesn't find kids his age interesting.

My biggest fear is doctors prescribing him drugs and his parents accepting it.

Dunno how the fuck that got there kek

File: autism_.jpg (523 B, 400x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
523 B, 400x232

also this >>16914569
File: antpeoplesir .jpg (106 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
antpeoplesir .jpg
106 KB, 800x600
mercury eats other metals
aluminum in vaxx also

theres aluminum in baking powder
theres aluminum in anti-perspirant (to rub electrical conductors on both sides of ur heart?)
theres aluminum waste (fluroide, comes from filters/scrubbers in aluminum smoke stacks) in water
and more i forget,

theres aluminum in chemtrails

Im sorry but:
How an antenna works: Radio excites the electrons of METAL

MK ULTRA = Modulation
AM (Radio) = Amplitude Modulation

its pretty fuckin clear bro

Mercury caused a tragic incident in Hanover, New Hampshire, in 1997. The story of Dartmouth College Chemistry professor Karen E. Wetterhahn made national headlines when mercury poisoning claimed her life at the age of 48. Wetterhahn, a specialist in toxic metals, was poisoned in her lab by a few drops of the rare, extremely toxic compound dimethylmercury which accidentally penetrated her protective glove.
its "death metal"
>A few drops
Well, sometimes meds can be helpful, but he probably shouldn't be taking them if he's only 5 or something. Maybe when he gets older if he needs them to do well in school, but not in kindergarten.
File: autismk.jpg (44 KB, 640x371) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 640x371

also this >>16914569
File: dopium.jpg (147 KB, 480x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147 KB, 480x720
someone said yesterday agenda 2030 calls for 100 vaccines per kid by the year 2030

its fucking Equillibrium

agenda 2030 calls for 100 vaccines per kid by the year 2030
Mecury / aluminum = radio electric conductors
i data dumped in the autism thread
sry its kind of hard to read :/

your wrong poorer kids get diagnosed with asthma and get an inhaler. this is because their parents receive a tax deduction if any dependent has asthma or allergies or more welfare money for minorities.
Try studying some actual evolutionary biology that isn't pop-pseudosci trash, you ignorant tard.

A highschooler who has payed attention in class has a better understanding of evolution than you do.

"Survival of the Fittest" came from Herbert Spencer, a crackpot that nobody in academia pays any attention to.
Fucking love that movie

Over the summer, I dropped psychedelics and contemplated the world around me alot. Right before I slipped into a tortured, schizoid state I saw the truth about it all. Including the causes of autism and how/why it effected so many people.

Thankfully, I have no further interest in losing my mind. The truth will always be there, I had to help myself before I became a useless martyr.
Isn't mercury contained inside amalgam fillings or was up until more recently?
Hey this graph doesn't mean anything, see Exhibit A >>16915313

Also, to anyone that's even thinking about bringing up evolution in this thread see exhibit B >>16921963
File: amalgams.png (69 KB, 425x210) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 425x210
this is a pic from the study they used for the fda
the contamination of mercury after 30 days (or 60?) of the lamb they used for test.

they approved it even with this
it seems to be a rushed through approval process

mercury of course known toxic since 500bc [dartmouth.edu]

theres now dentists against mercury, but they still used it for everyone for ~50? years
File: shortcircuit.png (58 KB, 773x581) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 773x581
innoculation used since 1700s to prevent disease
but mercury added as a preservative in 1920
real preservatives are oil honey salt butter [and mercury]

discovered in 1930s the brain works on electrical signals, "axons" send an electrical impulse, and further re-discovered or finished in the 60s how axons/nerves work (on electricity)
but mercury also conducts radio and electricity
able to short circuit the brain by connecting two axons
or supercharge the brain by connecting two hemispheres

so does aluminum, sodium aluminum is in the vaccine
im not sure about Sodium aluminum's properties, but adding sodium or sugar to water increases the conductive properties of water

>one radio to rule them all

pic is a classic electrical short circuit
they approved it (whatever it is) because chances are it had so little mercury it was insignificant
>or supercharge the brain by connecting two areas that were not touching before
>fixed mistake sry
i dont think it is

agenda 2030 calls for 100 vaccines by 2030
and the autism rates are alleged to be 1/10

whatevs tho i cant debate you
the dartmouth page i linked says their own researched died from a few drops of diethylmercury [the nice new organic kind of mercury they use for vaccine] BULLSHIT.
Seeing as both Autism spectrum and ADHD are both relatively common in the population and have genetic factors, I'd assume there's some kind of benefit.

Why the fuck do so many people have genes these inheritable "disorders" if they negatively affect them?

And sure, severe autism will probably ruin your chances passing your genes on.

But so does the Sickle cell. You get one copy of the fucked allele, and you're resistant to Malaria, get two and it's Shitville, population you.

This has the ultimate effect of increasing the frequency of these genes in the population in places where Malaria is endemic.

I'm guessing something similar is going on with Autism and ADHD.
File: blehx.jpg (24 KB, 440x314) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 440x314

its a fucking money scam
how can we make more money than a gold mine? sell pills for mental illness that cannot be cured. how do we do that? WE ARE CHEMISTS, ill put mercury in there.

oh mercury has a tox history? i can invent a compound that has the same effect as mercury and we call it something else, thimerosal. (A compound that has the same effect) WE ARE CHEMISTS, thats all we do!

literally more profitable than mining gold sir

100,000,000million+ mental patients in USA alone.
meds mostly paid for with your taxes (x400$/mo)
= 40,000,000,000 a MONTH

google [tox history mercury]
and wonder why u get 64 shots as a kid today
and by 2030 100 shots for kids.

then tell me those graphs dont mean anything.

did u check the SSI claims when the vaxx rate went up? >>16925312
also this >>16925351
japan noticed a link >>16914569
>. (A compound that has the same effect) WE ARE CHEMISTS, thats all we do!
they even put mercury in thimersol

all chemists do is study the effects of compounds and recreate compounds (the point)
autism rates aren't going up, they never have been. they've been constant. the amount of diagnosis has gone up, but the amount of actual autistic people hasn't.
when i say so little mercury i dont mean drops, i mean 25 MICROGRAMS per .05mL dose, meaning .01% of .05mL, that's barely any.
Ehh, autism isn't really increasing- but it is common (if ~1.5% of the population is common.) It's both positive and negative, but the most negative aspect isn't the disorder themselves but the stigma towards them.
what about the ahmish
0 vaccination
0 autism cases

try drinking 25micrograms of mercury x64 shots and then let us know how u feel?
>implying autism is a mental illness
>implying pills are sold to cure autism
>implying mercury poisoning is caused by micrograms of thimerosol
>implying thimerosol is used in vaccines for infants
>implying meds are primarily paid by taxes
>implying correlation/causation are the same thing
File: kkkreallythokkk.jpg (72 KB, 500x780) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 500x780
i mean it does practically nothing?

and aliums dont real

and your 1970s text book from a 600$ class says its ok

and other preservatives that dont conduct radio/electricity doesnt real [oil honey salt butter]
File: implier.jpg (9 KB, 188x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 188x200
>0 vacc, 0 autism
June 2005, Dan Olmstead found 3 autistic people, 2 were vaccinated.
Another study found a total of 9, 3 times as the original estimate (in one specific community.)
>0 vaccination
~85% of Amish people have their children vaccinated

One of the main theories on why autism isn't common in amish communities is genetics.
im not implying anything

mercury is a super conductor [electricity]
innoculations were used since 1700 without mercury, mercury added in 1920
brain axons (impulse carriers) discovered in 1930s and again in 1960s state the nerves of the brain are actually electrical impulses

could it could create a short circuit of the brain axons [question, no implying]

im saying its a for-profit money scam
because mercury known to cause mental illness [[[ONLY, it has no other effect]]] since 500BC, and i gave you a source,
(there are 3 srcs in one of my posts for this)

when i post this, it is instantly downvoted, and people troll "n00b my shitty community college class says its good! it must be true", the same /x/ troll shit. the same reason nothing ever gets fixed, trolls :/
sry many typos :X

Correlation =/= causation

There's literally no other peer-reviewed evidence that vaccination causes or increases the incidence of Autism.

And like I said here


Carrying genes for Autism may have benefits only in certain scenarios, kinda' like Sickle Cell.

Urban and/or modern environments which are highly individualistic might favor neurotypes that focus on memory, math ability etc. over sociality.

While rural, old-school societies like the Amish, where everybody works together, and the whole community must come together for harvests, barn raisings etc. will favor genes for sociality. Where being a socially retarded autistic fuck will hinder you.
just read what >>16921088 said oh my god
what mental illness does mercury cause?
if mercury and vaccines really caused autism how come 90% of america isn't autistic? If vaccination rates are at 90%, how come only %1.5 of people are autistic?
depends if you breathe it or eat it
something like dancing cat disease / schizophrenia

youtube dancing cat disease
or google [dartmouth tox history metal]
Dancing cat disease was caused by severe mercury poisoning, not 25 micrograms of thimerosol.
Schizophrenia isn't caused by mercury and it's not a mental illness, it's a neurodevelopmental disorder.

to prove they committed a crime, did they lie about why they chose mercury? Googling there are no literature on "how to use mercury as a preservative". I asked on /sci/ if anyone was tought in biology/chem how to use mercury as a preservative. 0 said yes. There was no literature in the 1920s on using mercury as a preservative [that i can find]. There was text about mummies in mercury though!

Did they lie about its use? If they chose mercury as a preservative, why not chose oil, honey, salt, or butter. These are preservatives without a history of causing mental illness.

Why choose a preservative that has a history of causing mental illness

Why choose a preservative that conducts radio/electric?

If it isnt toxic [it is], why did they remove it from vaccines and dental fillings?

If thimersol isnt toxic why does it also contain mercury.

Is it the perfect crime? The "perfect crime" usually has no witness. For a witness to be "credible" for court, the witness must be intelligent and over age 13 or so.
- Theres no "Credible" witness, a babies testimony will never be "credible" they are too young.
- Nobody remembers how they felt before a vaccines because they are given at birth
i had a bunch more typed up but it got deleted :/
bro the leading researcher on mercury toxicity died at dartmouth.edu from a few drops of mercury passed through her glove

its hazmat shit
its the 2nd most toxic shit on earth

heavy metal toxicity is real too

but this thing has a history of causing mental illness, breathing disorder, minimata disease, mad hatter disease, etc.
Thiomersal/Thimerosol is an antiseptic/antifungal. The literal definition of a preservative is something that preserves things by killing/preventing bacteria growth, so hey! Thimerosol fits the definition!
Why "kek," dear retard?
Weren't most epidemics in the middle ages caused by ignorance of basic hygiene?
do it for /x/

get some rats or some cats
feed thimerosal to test group
keep control group
see if they crazy or they die
also blast with radio since its radio conductive

cost ~$100...

post on /x/

my generation got ~16 shots of the shit, i feel fine
now its ~64 shots, so adjust your micrograms
2030 supposedly its 100 vaccines

post on /x/
you can be a legend
I'm not saying it's not toxic as shit- but it's not a danger in doses of micrograms (1 microgram being .001 milligrams) and she was exposed to enough mercury to kill her so a lot more than a thousandth of a milligram...
Another thing to remember- thimerosol is barely used in vaccines (in USA at least.) Yes, it is still used and sometimes in very very trace amounts, but it is rarely used, especially in vaccines given to infants/children.
bro they used straight raw mercury for 80+ years on people

its very similar to the pesticide
>lost the src on this story but
1915s or so USA:
Sci Lobbyists actually argued with the government
they convinced the government to regulate madate pesticide use
AND chose chem pesticide over Lemon Juice+Water dilluted solution
to save a few fucking pennies (lemon juice is to expensive, eat pesticide)
the people wrote their newspapers/congressmen for ~20 years
the newspapers did nothing, called everyone "Whacky" "Conspiracy theorists"

and we ate pesticide for 100 years

the pesticide foods probably made the Rx/cancer industry $100,000,000,000

anyway i think its suspicous. especially since mercury has a toxic history, and theres no witnesses to how you feel before vaccines.

there was also the times the gov tested syphalis and chem weapons on people

probably another for profit money scam. eating mercury (not sure what amount) would cause a mental illness in X% of the population, and they would go to Rx for the cure.
>the pesticide foods probably made the Rx/cancer industry $100,000,000,000
>cancer rate is 70-80+% of populous
File: fell.jpg (842 KB, 1318x1562) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
842 KB, 1318x1562
>you cant say "i dont hate you i just hate your autism" because autism is part of who autistic people are

Can you please stop being completely fucking retarded, thank you?

Autism is a disorder. It's not right and people SHOULD hate autism because it's something very wrong with someone.
the government is shit, and so is the pharmacy industry (see: martin shkreli) but
you're just pulling unconnected things out of your ass and making up numbers. the amount in (modern day vaccines) is .001 milligrams, it's such a miniscule amount. It's not dangerous at all.
the problem with bringing up gov testing of syphalis/chem weapons is, eugenics was also a thing the government did and a lot of antivaxxers low key support it (see: autism speaks)
File: allianse.jpg (82 KB, 555x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82 KB, 555x360
you dog i heard u like micrograms so i put micrograms with your micrograms to put in your gmo micrograms
Do you even know what autism is, holy shit.
>hate autistic people because theyre wrong and disordered
>A few drops

Yeah, and how many mercury parts per million do you think is in a vaccine shot?

Goddamn retard.

>this just in, water causes death in those who drink it
>holy shit really?
>well, if you drink a few gallons of it really fast

hurrrrr durrrrrr
New study shows that 100% of autistic people drink water. Stop drinking water! It causes autism!
Correlation and causation are the same thing!
Gillian Anderson? sauce?
>hate autistic people because theyre wrong and disordered

You're still being a fucking retard.

Autism is bad, mmmkay?

Autistic people have something fucking wrong with them.

How fucking stupid do you have to be to not get this?

I don't hate autistic people. I hate autism. Y'know, the thing that's wrong with them?
File: ra.jpg (21 KB, 488x189) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 488x189
of course they are unconnected
they are parallels

pa ra lololololololols
aliens nigga
You can't hate autism without hating autistic people.
Autistic people, have autism. It is a central part of who they are and how they act, it shapes every aspect of their personality and experience.
How fucking stupid do you have to be to not get that you cannot take a central aspect of who someone is and how they think and them still be the same person?
And, how is autism bad? How do autistic people have something wrong with them? And why do you hate it? And no, "uh it's different and not normal" isn't a valid answer, because that doesn't explain anything negative or positive.
By your logic, autistic people saying there's something wrong with you because you're not autistic also makes sense.
parallels so, correlation not causation (meaning irrelevant)
don't you know that the products of combustion of jet fuel contain HARMFUL DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE???? still don't believe in chemtrails? /s
nice debunking
very thorough




RECOUNTED SINCE 500BC BY Japanese, English, Greek, Roman


eat 12 vaccines and make video
and make 2nd video two weeks later
post video so we can discuss
or stfu. micrograms.
>You can't hate autism without hating autistic people.

Wrong, you stupid fucking nigger. Failed at premise fucking 1.

Prove this.
mental illness*

500 BC: www.dartmouth.edu/~toxmetal/mercury/history.html
1908: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihFkyPv1jtU
1800: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mad_as_a_hatter
radio (a form of radiation) excites the electrons of metal
the earth puts of radiation. ALL THE TIME. ITS RADIOACTIVE.

1930s and 1960s PDF DOWNLOADASHIT

stfu nerd


"Its not that I want to destroy the world, I have to. I just work for the boss" - Silver Surfer
There's nothing to prove? You can't hate someones autism without hating them as a person- its part of who they are.
How do I know this? It's common fucking sense. You can't hate a central aspect of who someone is without hating them too. Are you actually going to answer anything I asked or just go "ohh you're stupid because I'm an idiot who doesn't know anything"
yes everyone knows severe mercury poisoning causes illness, but a fraction of a milligram doesn't cause mercury poisoning.
Again, all caused by extreme amounts of mercury, not .025 milligrams
eat some post video
or stfu

ur debunking 20 posts of my research with
"its a small amount"

Mercury is the 2nd most toxic substance on earth
and they add aluminum! so it conducts more radio
and theres aluminum in baking powder/doderant/water

>There's nothing to prove? You can't hate someones autism without hating them as a person

Asserting your conclusion is not the same as supporting it. Learn basic reasoning, please.

"It's common sense" = "I can't prove it but believe me anyway".
eat some lead plz
only a small amount

seriously why wont u eat mercury and post video? its a small amount?
File: foru.jpg (15 KB, 199x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 199x232
can i interest you in a small amount?
Yes I am because there's a massive difference between the amount of mercury needed to cause mercury poisoning and the amount in vaccines.
No, not like pesticide or plutonium. Like "hey believe it or not there's a certain threshold of mercury the body can handle and the amount needed to cause even minor mercury poisoning is much larger than .025 milligrams"
"mercury + aluminum conducts radio..... aluminum in our waters.... justin beiber on the radio is causing autism because there are metals inside me which means i am a radio antenna"
File: data-saved.jpg (41 KB, 650x488) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 650x488
these tracker devices are only a small amount

>its probably safe to eat aluminum
>unless they use radar or microwave tracking
They still use it in some vaccines not routinely recommended for young children, but usually only in trace amounts (~1 microgram per dose)

Not that it matters Thiomersal is not mercury, it is a mercury compound. That's actually a world of difference in chemistry terms. It is a very effective antiseptic and antifungal agent that does not reduce the potency of the vaccines it is used in, unlike some of the other preservative agents that could be used.

Most importantly, it prevents situations like the 1928 event where a staph infection killed 12 of the 21 children given a diphtheria vaccination which lacked a preservative.
i only ran through a small amount of a toxic puddle

only a small amount of people live next to the fertilizer plant, and it only makes a small amount of ammonia wind

i only drank a small amount of bleach in the tap water
>eat some lead plz
>only a small amount

OK. I literally will. Because small amounts of lead, just like small amounts of mercury, are not going to fuck you up.
File: 143413.jpg (71 KB, 1170x810) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 1170x810
i only ate a small amount of sweet and low when pregnant
anyone ever heard of the sweet n low conspiracy?
really good read
>for a small amount
because I don't have mercury just laying around, let alone anything capable of measuring it down to micrograms
You're not answering any of my questions which leads me to believe you don't even know what autism is.
Define proof and how that claim would be proved, if you mean anecdotal evidence or an explanation of what autism is, sure I'll give you that.
Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder, from birth it influences how autistic people develop. Autism leads to different ways of experiencing things, different ways of speaking and acting and interpreting the world and interacting with others. Because of the way autism works, it affects every single aspect of the autistic person's existence. You cannot separate autistic people from autism because how they act and think and are as a person is defined and influence by autism. Telling an autistic person "I don't hate you, I hate your autism." is just a way of sugarcoating "I hate that you're different and weird." It doesn't change that you are essentially hating every aspect of how they are and how they act and how they think.
Do you guys think John Titor was/is real? I've been obsessed with his posts for years and I think it could happen. The civil war he talks about could start over all this racial animosity that's going on right now. Plus that Fax he sent to Coast To Coast back then is crazy.
ITT: fucking retard equivocates "small amount" with "large enough of an amount to cause serious health problems" because he doesn't understand that different doses of something do different things.
i just realized this earlier today, autistic people are just people who think their important rational thoughts with their subconscious to a debilitating degree.
debilitating because you don't get the knowledge yourself if the thoughts aren't in the conscious mind
File: article-6066-hero.jpg (65 KB, 544x456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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he dont get it but
even if a small amount
it took 100 years to get the pesticide removed from food
now we have organic food
gmo comes out in every cheap ass product [candy, anything with cornsyrup, soda, cereal]
and the gov says u cannot label GMO
The subconscious doesn't exist.
Doesn't the government just say that you don't HAVE to label GMOs not that they cannot be labeled?
yea, my bad
this is a silly thought to even have.
my concious mind does not involve itself in the goings on of every iterative action involved in controlling my body.
it can, but that would be dumb.
also do you really have to focus on monotonous tasks after you already learned how to do them? must be awful.
im glad i can store physical movements as sets of motion that i can reproduce when required, it makes life so much easier.
you only have to focus completely the first time you do a thing.
You're equating consciousness with attentiveness.
consciousness is the minds ability to remain aware of the things around it and have thoughts associated with it clearly for whatever is piloting the body (also called conciousness)
yes, we are our own ability to remain focused, yes.
some people forget that.
some people are autistic.
not that that's a terrible thing, the subconscious is hyper efficient and can be used in a variety of ways if properly trained.
Nope. You've been steeped too long in half-assed mystical psychology invented from whole cloth by cigar-sucking overthinkers. There is no subconscious, no hidden basement to the mind. There is only the mind.

Your ability to remain focused is not your consciousness. The fact that you even equate this leads me to question both your ability to understand English and your ability to think rationally.
File: paristonandcheadle.jpg (176 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
176 KB, 1280x720
im talking in literal psychological definitions, i dont know what you're on about.
your insistance on denying any possible attribute of your mind that you may not how control over lends me to believe that you have an enlightened ego.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subconscious read the first line if you don't believe me.
the subconscious is where your ideas come from unless you are modifying ideas actively with the conscious, its also the kind of thing that takes control if you get woken up without really waking up and just crawl back into bed because it runs on instinct and desire.
OK, so you're going by the soft Wikipedia definition. Good to know.
Theres another theory I have, I call it the Big Filter theory.

Assume for the length of this text, the earth is a drop of gods blood.
>Theres some proof to this
>The temp of the core 10,500 F / size of galaxy 998,000 lightyears is =~ 101 F
>If you set 9 pics of the planets on top of each other and set them all to 13% (100/9) opacity you get a medium brown color, like a dark californian or american indian
>Cells are similar to galaxies with a small thin cell wall on the outside and a big orange nucleus in the middle [vs a chicken egg]

Our items has been questionable at times, pesticides have been sprayed, mercury in vaccines, etc.

If the earth was a drop of gods blood. If there was no such thing as metal, metal was all just gods blood.
If one company just manufactured a shitload of poison, say pesticide. What would he do with it?
He might say "get rid of it". Well, they're definitely not gonna burn it. They'd be burning their profits.

Or say a Rx company manufactuared a flu virus for vaccine. Thered be barrels and barrels of a virii. Thousands of tons of a virus in warehouse somewhere. Maybe even worse these metals are from gods blood, so hes literally touching a virus.

He wants it gone, they wont burn it, so what do they do? They sell it. And they have to sell all of it.

By giving it to people, its like filtering it through us, before it goes back to him. (and if he really doesnt want it, wed keep all of it)

So theory, If they just keep making barrells of poison: pesticide, mercury, bleach, virii. And keeping in a warehouse somewhere, he might just get rid of it. Would he filter it first? Through us? We have liver and kidney filters after all...

Somehow it keeps happening.
>Bleach companies make thousands of barrels of bleach, it dissolves in water of course, so into the water it goes (of drinking water)
>Pesticide companies only make pesticide, there is no other use. It goes onto food and cigarettes.
>Mercury mines dig up mercury, known toxic since 500BC, it goes in vaccines
>Fluoride is collected from the smoke stacks/filters of aluminum manufacturing, it ends up in the water

There is powerful magick at work here.
The more poison you make the more you have to get rid of. And every last drop of it is sold somewhere.

If true, theres a couple reasons this could happen:
We are a filter for gods blood, the more poison they make the more were gonna eat.
Its a simulation: This is happening on another planet, and we have to find the cure, to show them how to do it
God has this shit (vaccine or poison) and is giving it to us so we can show him how to fix it.
Evil aliens and their micrograms are poisoning everything "Just a small amount" so its harder to prove

Either way its the perfect crime (specifically vaccines/pesticide):
>no credible witness if given to a baby
>nobody remembers how they felt or a big change because its always been this way
>it took 100 years to get an alternative to pesticide foods, 50 years for mercury fillings
>scientists are actually for it, and it makes millions for the companies involved

And either way we have to get this to stop.
not all people with autism are super smart.

Generally, people of mild intelligence conflate the ability of a person to provide information with actual intelligence.
or it could be a sacrifice for money/magickal powers i suppose. ive never tried sacrifice so i dont know if it works, but ive heard from credible sources it does. not to mention poison producing companies [plastic/pesticide/etc are rich as fuck]

another example also is when those lead paint toys from china landed in USA. and lead or whatever it was in cat food from china.

this is non stop.
intelligence measurement isn't even a very fleshed out concept, I've taken IQ test before (although they were online and free so maybe thats why) but they were primarily based on pattern recognition and sequencing, which is something that is learned/taught.
no, im going by the hard psychological definition, which is sumarized in brief by wikipedia, so i gave that to you because i may be underestimating your ability to comprehend any serious material because of your insistance on being negative in this argument without bringing in any of your own outside information, and also because i base most of my information on direct personal experience and not things i read on the internet.
although my direct personal experience does deal a large amount with things i read on the internet.
slight mistake :/
when did I bring up the IQ test?

also.. that is not what is tests.

Your inability to follow what I say is proof of mild intelligence or severe ADD.
specific patterns can be learned and taught, the ability to see the larger pattern for yourself can only be trained.
Mercury is found in everything on Earth. There is more of it found in one tuna then there is in any vaccine.
another good example is the live virii of vaccines they mfg by the barrel
and another one is asbestos.
you didn't at all! and I figured online IQ test are greatly different from the real deal, I was simply mentioning that intelligence is usually defined by IQ, and although some autistic people have high IQ's, some have low IQ's but that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't smart it just means they're not good at taking IQ test.
I do however have ADD but I am still following what you're saying.
no shit sherlock. but i find it suspicious it conducts radio/electricity, is labeled a preservative (kin to oil honey salt and butter), and is found in: pyramids, lightbubls, mummies, every class room in USA (thermometer), and my brain.
(and every cat,dog,fish,human, and zoo animal)

also two of the main ingredients in projectors are mercury vapors and lightbulbs.

+ we sleep of a fucking radio dish [ coil array ]
Oh yeah, it sure is spooky that an element is found in multiple places.

God damn, I left /x/ for a while hoping it would get better. Still a bunch of vocal retards here.
shutup nerd
we know ur scared to fight the purple people eaters

mercury known toxic since 500BC, specifically mental illness causation: www.dartmouth.edu/~toxmetal/mercury/history.html

its a money scam or at worst aliens or god
If god was not only real, but wanted to do something to us, why wouldn't he just make it that way instead of putting mercury in a bunch of shit?
File: fuckshit.jpg (146 KB, 800x558) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146 KB, 800x558
tell me who put the Rə in Rətard?
why would he suck the mercury in his blood instead of giving it to ur ass?

that shit is toxic, causes mental illness, breathing problems, minimata disease, and more.
rə saerch thraed

lets dance $600 biology class guy
File: sci2.jpg (2 KB, 96x43) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 96x43
E before A except after C or when aliens took over the world and its really 500,000AD

warning the government scientists are entirely controlled by an advanced alien species
they are all in səence (trance)
File: newwtf.jpg (348 KB, 999x999) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
348 KB, 999x999
and they cant be argued with or denied or talked to
like this guy >>16925713

shit or even emailed

tried to email my congress men and his email form was not working, wants my contact data, said it would take 3 weeks to even read. and even if they did they wouldnt res
( i was trying to let him know the mercury aluminum is clearly a radio wire, its not a preservative [like salt oil honey butter] )
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we borg now son!

This thread is literally so retarded at this point that I can't even.

Thanks, Mercury Shitposter.
Your attitude is a heavy reason why this board doesn't yield much useful info.
>you can't embrace autistic people without embracing autism

You can't embrace cancer patients without embracing cancer.

Are you really THAT fucking stupid?! In fact, it's rather common to hate a disease that affects someone you love. Their identity isn't defined by their disease. Idiot.
Except, cancer and autism are very very different. Cancer is a potentially deadly disease, autism is a lifelong neurological disorder (NOT a disease) that affects every single aspect of who they are and how they act, it contributes in defining their identity. Want to know how I know? Because I'm fucking autistic. If someone told me "I don't hate you.... I just hate your autism!" I'd be pissed because that doesn't make sense, at all. Autism is part of me, you can't separate me from my autism, I am an autistic person.
I can't believe you're seriously trying to compare a lifelong congenital neurological disorder to fucking cancer, they're nothing alike.
>at this point

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