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ITT: Let's talk people.
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Dear /x/:

How about we take a step back from shamanism, tulpas, aliums, and whatnot, and, in all seriousness, talk about one of the scariest things on this planet: us?

I just finished watching Se7en, and, god damn, what a hell of a movie.
>dat ending

Do you guys know any other stories, films, books, pics -- whatever -- that are related to people being... sick, and evil?

My contribution to the thread?
"Final Photos of Murder Victims Taken by Their Killers"
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Just no.gif
2 MB, 294x232

>After repeated rape, Stoops developed a rectal rupture and was bleeding profusely.
>Berdella treated him with animal antibiotics and injected Drano into his eyes.
I dreamed about that movie tonight. The box scene i think.

Actually the dream i remember best from tonight is related to this topic aswell.
I was in this world, where everyone was free, no one was compelled to do something against their will, like even if you commited a crime, they would tell you to come to jail but you would only go if you wanted to.
But no one killed anyone, everyone was fine and happy. So basically i start killing people in this movie theater, and then a cop asks me to come with him and I say "No man, I'm going this way if you wanna come fine, if not leave me be", then outside I talk to some men, that are saying that such a thing didn't happen in their world for such a long time, and that it was a horrible thing (the killings), and then I start talking about my world, where most people are lost and don't know what to do, and still they are made do things they don't want and lose their lifes like this, without even knowing who they are. I say "I showed you my world." Now let me see yours. Then I go for a walk and meet some ladies and have sexy times.
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This, I think would be a great topic. Not really "paranormal", but interesting and would be great to talk about.
The scariest thing ever, would be feeling reality slipping away slowly
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This fucking thread needs to be bumped but it'll probably die because people need >>>/adv/ on why their tulpa won't jerk them off instead of discussing fascinating things like this.

Luka Magnotta was a desperately sick individual, especially if you learn about how badly he wanted to be famous. There's an episode of a podcast called Sword and Scale all about him. Interesting shit.
you should make it a movie
I like this topic. The first thing that comes to mind is the Toybox Killers. I think that's what they were called. The couple would abduct women and sexually torture them for long periods of time until they found a new woman. They would play tapes explaining the situation to the new woman (they had a lot of victims) and the tapes even mentioned that their neighbors didn't give a shit. That's some real evil
Oh, and regarding normal people's capacity for evil, there's that old psych experiment where people were told to electrically shock the other participant if he gave a wrong answer. The other participant was actually a recording, and he would voice increasing pain and concerns about his heart. The guy in charge would just tell the real participant to keep going, and a lot of them did, to the point on the tape where the guy either passed out or died
>Oh, and regarding normal people's capacity for evil
It was actually about people's response to authority originally, a bit wondering about the nazi officers that worked in the camps during the holocaust, and yeah if a guy dressed like a scientist tells someone to fuck your shit up, most people will fuck you shit up, even after hearing you scream

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bitch please, trying being a young white boy living in the ghetto for your first apartment.
Youre way more likely to run into some average thug with the IQ of a shovel, the weapons of a small time hitman and the sensitivity of a 13 year old girl before you run into some sophisticated and carefully calculated mass murderer with a diabolical plan. And guess which one is more likely to take a shot at your "for kicks"?
the book "Programmed to kill" is mentioned a lot. Ive been meaning to pic it up
also the book "evidence" by luc sante has crime scenes photos from NYC and LA dating back from the 20s, which is cool
Bump for thread with potential
>How about we take a step back from shamanism
Do you wanna get bone pointed? Because thats how you get bone pointed. ;)
I am fascinated by people who are mentally healthy but kill others anyway (if there's such a person). Like reading about some outwardly normal, fully functioning member of society who turns out to be a sadistic bastard.
like, real or not? Because they are literally thousands of true crime docs to watch on famous and lesser known murderers and other crimes
Real, unreal -- it doesn't matter, as long as it's good.
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An American Crime is a movie based on the true story of a young girl being kept in a basement for weeks being subjected to various psychological and physical tortures. It really goes to show the evil human beings are capable of.
I also heard about an interactive art piece of a woman in a room sitting perfectly still in a chair for 24 hours. In the room where various objects like knives and even a loaded handgun. People were welcome to come and do anything really. Some people pointed the gun in her face threatening her, others cut her clothes off, and some wrote some pretty fucked up shit all over the girl. Some people were asked why they did the fucked up shit that they did and a majority of them replied with: "I don't know".
sauce on pic? any story?
that knife is uncomfortably close to his eye
I think it's scary how Brad Pitt and his wife can look so pretty meanwhile I look like... me
How are we even the same species
It honestly breaks my heart to imagine all the pain some people have had to go through in this earth
Brad Pitt is a Lord.
>Some people were asked why they did the fucked up shit that they did and a majority of them replied with: "I don't know".

They did it to test her commitment to her piece and did it because they could
If knives and handguns weren't available I think for sure they would do like tourists do to those british guard guys who spend the whole time immobile, just be goofy and try to distract her
I've seen that piece a long time ago, it really didn't leave an impression on me
Who do I sell my soul to to look as attractive as him?
I don't remember many details, and hell I may get details wrong, but there was this one crime where a group of guys broke into some store and decided to torture the people who were there. One of the things they did was they took this tied up guy, stuck a pen in his ear, and fucking stomped it in.
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I agree, wholeheartedly. While here we are, shitposting on the internet. Fuck.
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Dean (4).png
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Those were the "Hi-Fi murders".
> Five people had been held hostage and tortured, but two survived with severe injuries.
>All were bound and forced to drink Drano.
>One victim had an inkpen stomped into his ear, and a teenage girl was repeatedly raped before being flung face-down on the floor and shot in the head.
Thanks for the info! And goddamn is that fucked up.
that movie made me fucking nervous
Read 'brave new world.'
People being sick and evil.
Anything about serial killers. Hostel. Criminal Minds. The Silence of the Lambs franchise. The Saw franchise.
Fight Club is sick on several levels, but I'm not sure I'd say evil. Some people might.
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How can we "fix" humanity?

I was playing around with the idea with a friend that we somehow genetically engineer a deeper innate ability to empathize with one another. If people fully understood and were capable of sympathizing with the perspective, thought, and feelings behind others, they probably wouldn't do shit like this as much.
I don't think we can fix it
Humans are pretty amazing in which we have the capacity for empathy and logic inside of us, but having this capacity doesn't make it the default thing that makes us operate
Behind the brainy flourish we're still animals, and some people are too enslaved to the monkey brains that is full of impulses, and there's not a lot you can do to change a brain
Yup- great film
Yes, we are the scariest things. We have created some of the most unnatural and horrific ideas. The entire horror genre plays off of our fears and psyche.

>fear of losing our life
>fear of losing sanity
>fear of losing everyone you know/love - being alone
>fear of the unknown
>fear of killers/aliens/monsters/cosmic horrors/etc.
>fear of [insert fear here]
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Edgy af bro. Grow up, high school is only 4 years and not that bad, kiddo. You're going to be embarrassed when you look back at your edgelord 16 year old days. I'm cringing thinking about you desu lad.
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its simple.jpg
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ego is the root of all physical reality based problems

it's simple, we kill the ego
This kills the soul

>soul is ego

nice delusions supported by the intrinsic illusion of ego, break the ego, and realize any hold over you bound by ego is a self-perpetuated illusion.
AH thats not so bad.
Good thread.

My contribution is this website. It hosts streams to all documentaries of this sort.


My recommendation is to watch the (relatively) new Carl Panzram "the spirit of hatred and vengeance" documentary.
that's actually really fun, been there done that

Now, what I can say is the scariest experience, is the forced reliving of an infinite series of eternities of sufferings; while being mocked by the laughter of those who came before you, as this is a lesson we all live in the dissolution of self to enter the next evolution of existence (u can imagine it like the ouroboros).
Now that is pretty scary, but it's worth it.
>le kill the ego

You people are aware that ego, super ego and id are just names that classify certain aspects of human behaviour? When ever i read this "hurr ego duurr" shit I just know that the one posting it has read zero (0) psychoanalysis/epistemology/gnoseology books. Read some Lacan you dimwit.
wew lad, you seem quite triggered.

>relabeling something means it doesn't have similar implications

k buddy, keep up with that
I am triggered. You are no better than the detox smoothie people.

Get educated. The problems are in your "ego" its in your character. In other words, the problem is you, its always been just (You).
>The problems are in your "ego" its in your character. In other words, the problem is you, its always been just (You).

That's my exact point.

Thanks for confirming I'm right >>16925245
You're an idiot.
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>reduced to an ad hominem, admitting loss
You've got a case of confirmation bias, good luck with that buddy.

You should get that ego under control, or as you said, get control of your character.

Had the messenger not brought shit to the table, maybe he wouldn't have been asked to leave.

Or in other words, you're still an idiot.

And the fact that you can help but reply again is just proof of you "huur le ego kill" bullshit.
>more ad hominems

kek'd m8

it's k, don't feel bad. Just move on, don't take it seriously.

If you're so triggered, write it on your blog. I'm sure a community of people who accept your preconceptions as truth will comfort you.
Knew it. Thanks for proving me right on, you know, you being an imbecile.

if it makes you feel better, legit.

Good for you, ego
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Empathy is the way, if not the method.

here's a transcript of the recording they played for the victims. imagine knowing all that horrible shit is going to be happening to you for a long period of time. thats horrifying
re: Milgram's experiment. if I remember right, ethical rules regarding human volunteers changed after this study, because of how much it bothered some folks after the fact. and it's certainly not the most egregious human experimenting that's happened (Tuskegee, for one example). If I'm wrong in remembering that regulations regarding informing and consent for volunteers weren't changed as a result, I'm pretty sure that, at least, this experiment would be considered illegal/unethical and so not repeatable today due to changes since then.

human experimentation is a good example of sick and evil. Mengele? and Unit 571? horrifying lack of humanity, there.
didn't Shia Labeouf hold a similar art instilation during his "i'm not a plagarist" plagarizing people act?
anyway, do you remember the artist you're describing, anon? reminds me of Marina Abramovic - she's somewhat famous for her recent "The Artist is Present" installation/exhibit - but I think the majority of people who sat and looked at her were simply moved to tears.
there has been study in this area. just read an article about children with reactive detachment disorder, and those that show sociopathic and psychotic behaviors very young. I think they have a general idea of the parts of the brain that "light up" or are involved in feeling empathy for others - though we may be a long way yet on how to "fix" this part of the brain if it doesn't work.

found the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/13/magazine/can-you-call-a-9-year-old-a-psychopath.html?_r=0
>fear of our bodies failing/body horror

see Cronenberg movies if that's spooky to you, he almost always has some element of that going on
more cringy? you talking like this and (supposedly) over the age of 16. upset because you don't like the topic of this thread? or because you'd rather talk about your tulpa?

jesus h. get a grip, anon.
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Luka Magnotta started a thread about himself right here on /x/ while he was on the run.
These posts kept popping up with crap like -That Luka sure is a hottie, i would totally let him fuck me.
It sounded like a narcissist of low intelligence trying to attention whore.
Couple days later he was caught in an internet cafe googling himself.
He was common or garden variety narcissist who unfortunately fell hard for this killers as stars bullshit. I watched his stupid video, it's him trying way too hard to be...heh heh....uh...weird.
He had no ideas and was a waste.
Now Jeff Dahmer, here was a guy who was emotionally bombed from early childhood, burdened with thoughts and feelings that he could not express, he was actually some sort of artist. His positioning of torsos in photos, reducing the victim to just that part of the body he was obsessed with, in a completely surrendered, submissive position...yeah he was something else.
Who desires without action breeds pestilence - Blake
>horrifying lack of humanity, there.
that word, i think we understand it as different things, you and i
heh, I guess as humans are the ones doing these horrid things (like Carlin says here >>16920528) "humanity" really isn't the right word. thanks for pointing that out.
Regardless of what people are actually like, the word in that sense is understood to mean having the quality of being humane.

I come here for the amusement factor, but given that ghosts, succubus and lizard people get old fast, it's actually nice to see this thread, for once I can relate, because being a trucker for 2 years, I've been to every backwards shithole in this country and seen my share of stuff that makes you question human nature.

Here is something I had happened to me

> Be driving near Paint Lick, Kentucky
> Started my shift at 14:00, it's nearly 01:00 and thus I have to find somewhere for my mandatory break
> Empty road, can't find anywhere to park in, usually I'd pull-over in a ramp or even at the side of the road and go to sleep, but I had never been to Kentucky and I have a rule to never stop on an empty road in a place I don't know.
> A half an hour down the road, find this mobile home park.
> Looks ok, a few lights on, a decent number of RVs there.
> Pull over by the entrance and luckly the owner/administrator is still there. Ask him if I can park for the night by the fence.
> He says yes right out the bat, seems like a nice man.
> Lock up the cab for the night, pull-off my shoes and go to sleep.
> 3AM
> Wake up to the sound of screaming and angry yelling.
> I get up to see what's going on,
> A blonde girl runs out the trailer park, by the fence, into the road, a few feet away from my bumpers
> She was about 19 or 20. Medium stature, white skin. She was wearing a nothing but a white, stained and torn nightgown.
> Her nightgown was turn to pieces, her breast was clearly visible.
> The moment her feet reaches the asphalt she falls down on something. Might've stepped on something.
> Getting ready to get out the cab and go to her when I see this weird ass redneck looking guy coming over from the trailer park with a belt on his hand
> Starts belting the girl full force right there in the middle of the road
> Another guy shows up
> Rifle or shotgun in hand
> Thinking they are gonna kill this girl

File: Glasses.gif (994 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> Both men are now belting/slapping the crap out of the girl
> Guy with the shotgun is roaring with laughter
> Decided I need to do something
> Wipe out the phone, call 911
> Tell the police what's happening, give the name of the trailer park
> Officers are dispatched
> Meanwhile I look at the trailer park and there are a bunch of people there, standing with their lights on, at their windows, staring all this
> They look as if they are used to this and are enjoying the spectacle.
> Nobody moves a finger
> Open my window
> Guy with the shotgun/rifle is still laughing
> They drag the girl into a trailer and shut the door
> Everyone watches, then turn off their lights like nothing happened
> Police arrive.
> I tell then what went down.
> They do their thing, drag the two guys out, shove them in a cruiser, get the girl in an ambulance.
> I get into my truck after all this and leave. Don't feel like hanging around the trailer park anymore.
> Drive for half an hour until I find a truck stop.
> The other day, getting some coffee when I see the local news talk about the arrest
> Guy had been pimping the girl, she was his younger sister, for drug money.
> Guy with the shotgun was probably the one "getting dirty" that night.
> To this day I think back to the number of people there on the trailer park just watching it all go down.
> Kept thinking back of Kitty Genovese and how fucked up all this was.
> Fuck Kentucky.

Still wonder who is worse, the ones who beat her, or the ones who just watched.
well male specimens in the most species for example lions will kill the leader of a group to gain leadership isnt that personal gain?
Hey, late reply - but, yes, Cronenburg is body horror for sure. Very much guts and blood.

I love his rendition of The Fly (& Fly ii)
Google los ZETAS or the gulf cartel, op. Or type zetas into LiveLeak. Your faith in humanity will be irrevocably squashed.
So thats where Shia Labeuf got his art idea from? Then a woman raped him during the project and he let her. Dumb shithead had the gall to cry rape afterwards. Couldve stopped her at any point.
Gaunter O'dimm, at your service!
Ok Gaunter, let's talk business
How would it work? Do I just wake up looking beautiful? Do I go into a caterpillar kind of deal?
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