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So we have Art Bell and Hoagie during the week, but nothing on the weekends. We've tossed around the idea of starting an /x/ show before in the MITD and OSM threads before so let's make it happen.
Looking for any info on starting an internet based radio show. Used to work as an audio engineer a while back so i'm familiar with audio equipment and some software.
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No experience with radio or podcast experience here, but happy to support this effort in any way, shape, or form.

Have a degree in history, personal background in paranormal studies (UFO & ghosts specifically) and I work in I/T (system administrator); credentials can be provided if necessary. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. At least I can listen to the show when it's up and going if nothing else.

Good luck, anons.
seems like it would extremely difficult to get something that requires some organization off the ground using the standard, anonymous image board model

so why not go ahead and create an /x/ radio group on some kind of social media (whichever flavor has the most ease of use or whatever) and then any anons interested in, or experienced in production apply to the created /x/ radio group and then begin organizing from that point

at least then you've got a quorum from which to begin

for instance, i belong to a history podcast group on FB and theyre all amateurs but its fun to listen to and they all help one another out with which software to use and what mics are better than others etc

wouldnt something like be beneficial to get the ball rolling?
Sounds like you would be a big help, especially with the IT and knowledge department. Thanks for your support, anon! I'd like to make this a group effort to provide /x/ with some quality entertainment.
That's a good idea. This is just the beginning so I'm starting it here to get /x/ involved but if it gains enough steam to really happen, i think you're right. Open to any suggestions about where to get this kind of discussion happening. I dont think facebook would be a good choice but I'm sure there's other places on the internet. Just not a huge fan of social media other than being an anon on 4chan and one chat site that I dont even visit anymore.
i just remember that old axiom about a group of people try to build a horse by committee, and they end up with a camel.

i'd be concerned that trying to do everything anonymously we'll end up with a camel than a stallion. also, FB (again this is just "for instance" has secret groups" etc. so there's still some level of privacy, etc.

just throwing some thoughts out there. really excited to hear from some anons with more experience doing this kind of thing.

hey man, even just listening is a good thing.

i think you're going to get a lot more responses to your thread if say tomorrow night you link this thread in the MITD and Hoagie threads. those are the anons that are going to make it happen and support it
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Sometimes a camel would actually turn out to be more useful. I see what you mean though, I just think that since this is for /x/, it should get a good start on /x/. Good idea to link it to the thread tomorrow. I'll do it after work if someone else doesn't. If someone is willing to at the start of the show, I'd appreciate that.
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>no X tan qt3.14 in my life
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I've been told I have a voice for radio
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more like a "face for radio"

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Both actually
I have audio skills and can contribute creepy bumper music and sound effects. Would love to create radio plays and creepy sound collages pieces.
>not listening to the horror or strange tales on relic radio
its as if you guys dont like spooky spooks
Are you still alive, OP? I desperately want to be a part of something like this.
Just got here. Been at work all day.
Anyone else have any suggestions? I've been researching how to get something like this hosted or whatever. Since it'll be over the Internet, it'll be different than a traditional radio show where you broadcast a long range signal that people pick up.
Also, does anyone have any web design skills? A dedicated website might be cool to announce news and host pictures.
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lol at all of you faggots trying to make your very own bellgab

>lol you are such faggots
Is there any way I can get in contact with you outside of /x/?
Yes, meet me downtown, in the public restrooms. Wear a yellow hankie in your left rear pocket.

>I'll be waiting in the second stall from the end... naked.
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You pathetic nerds.
>/x/ radio
Gee I wonder what that would be like. Succubus tulpa roleplay all night long.
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circle jerk.png
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>You pathetic nerds.

I think you'll find that the proper term of venery for such a gathering is, a 'circle-jerk' of nerds
We tried this before years ago, it was called X19 Radio, it failed hard
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