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Occulted power of the blood and spiritual...
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Hey /x/ so since you guys have decided to actually not sick and be a good board again, I propose an exchange: please tell me about why bloodlines and the occult or spooky powers matters so much, and in return I give you Succubus, illumination, and aliums (or rather a representation of what these so called "aliums" actually are on the astral plane or things that attach to you during channeling/mediumship)

I ask because it is so frequently occuring in Judaism, the occult, Nazis, conspiracy theories or what have you and to me at least, Rudolf Steiner's essay on blood and the occult, Speingmeiers 13 "Satanic" bloodlines, Ixaxaar and 13 Qayanite bloodlines or 13 vampire bloodlines in VtM, medieval history, the concept of witches blood or born witches, GoT and blood magics, well all of stuff is thematic but unsatisfying to me in shedding light on the subject.
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In return, Succubus
Also aliums
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Nope nope nope, obviously not those sorts of astronaut aliens. Remember the infamous Art Bell Area 51 call?
Or how about all that New Age woo about federations of light, lightworkers, soul contracts, Walkins, channeled beings etc?
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Welp now you know

This is actually what the much speculated reason is for that prank caller inadvertently exposing the actual truth of the matter and cutting way too close for comfort. Most of Art Bell's listeners speculated on little grain men while dismissing the spiritual component of "transdimensional beings" he hit way too close for comfort for some
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Cannot guys I am still waiting and I wish to know what is this business about supposed Satanic or spiritually receptive or gifted bloodlines? And just how the bloody hell does this ACTUALLY tie into royalty?
Bear in mind I've also read Holy Blood, Holy Graal
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I'm still waiting...

...on the occult power of blood...
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..and bloodlines...
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...and such
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Desire to know more
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Intensifies but apparently I have no teacher here

What is this royal secret?

Why did the ant tell Solomon I know about your tainted drop of blood?
Um okay perhaps I shall rephrase this in order to get response and hope I don't misdirect

Just what the hell is the deal with the story of the Grigori and Nephilim??
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The Mormons appear to care a whole hell of a lot too; why?
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That feel when no answer, when want answer
RAW wasn't in the A.'.A,'. far as I know. If I can read correctly, the Oath of Probation is that of C.S.Jones.

As for the question, what is an succubus?
Blood is the rose of mysterious union.
Now figure that one out you could ask Jim if you ever meet in the astral, physically he's somewhere in a shitty Parisien Cemetery, but kinda busy being dead and all.

In truth, I do not know. I'd figured it to be more a type of errant servitor or somesuch either personally created or errant that fed off of sexual energy as opposed to a literal entity like Lilitu or Ereshligal or something or any actual demon (which is funny on /x/ because you wouldn't really want one hence the joke)

I guess I also meant specifically the bloodlines thing, like the "blood of kings" or "Qayinite bloodlines" or "witch bloodline" sort of stuff, the idea that such "powers" or sensitivities can be inherited.

Thank you both very much for responding btw and also the song
A succubus, actually, is simply a way of the body to cope with it's needs. So no, succubi don't real.
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I'd assumed it was psychologically based
Psychology is mostly wrong. Think more along the lines of neurosci. The brain having to cope with a need, comes up with an imaginary solution, dreaming whilst awake, as it's a familiar state, and gets it done.

There are ways of inducing this willingly.
That somehow seems more implausible to me than ghost blowjob but I can't quite put into words why. Maybe because it just seems so entirely unnecessary and usually you'll wind up with nocturnal emissions at that point. But then again, I also see frequent sex as being an entirely bullshit idea that's a modernist construct as people attempt to adapt psychosocial and cultural paradigms to advances in technology.

And yes I am also aware of the rapey islander wildwomen whose diets contain contraceptive bearing tubers
Consider this: you can make yourself hallucinate at will, with proper training and a bit of practice. Do you really think it's hard to focus on an imaginary redhead giving you head, and then immerse yourself in that?
I thought you meant occuring naturally, and how is that not psychological?
It can occur naturally, as it can be also caused voluntarily.

And no, it's not psychological, as psychology abstracts far too far from the actual physiological functions of the body. See: Jung.

Spirits doesn't real. Trust me, I'm an adept at teh majix. Majix doesn't real either but I keep doing it anyway cuz da feels.
Jesus. Not even I sound that bad.
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