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Welcome to Divination General!

Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice.

If you're new, please read the STICKY first!

Remember, each reader requires different information to read you. Look for their posts in the thread to determine what's needed.
Some readers will refuse to do certain readings-- respect that choice.

>Querents: Always respect your readers and your fellow querents
>Readers: Always respect your querents and your fellow readers

IRC channel for discussion:

Previous thread >>16921673

Oopsy new thread..
22, Aries, male
Sad and kinda lost.
What do you see about romance?
can anyone tell me what my just previous past life was like?
23, Virgo, female
What can i do to improve myself?
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You enter a smoky tavern, a welcome break from your long journey. A group of mysterious wizards sits huddle in a corner by the bar.
You approach them hesitantly, asking if they can read your fortune, as the road ahead is uncertain and treacherous, and you have heard much of the wisdom of wizards. One stirs, lifting his head slightly. Through the ghostly white curls of hair and darkness of his cloak, you see you the reddish glint of foreboding eyes.
"Speak, child. Tell me your query, and provide the following information:"

°Appearance (and gender)


°A pic of a (preferably) drawn fictional character you admire, identify with & would enjoy being


The wizard sits back in his chair expectantly, then seems to change his mind.
"Hold on a sec," he mumbles. "Gotta take care of some biz right quick. Just post your query and I'll get to it for sure. L8r."
The wizard gets up and goes outside. You look around nervously at the other wizards. A couple chuckle, but none says anything. You sit there in awkward silence with them as the minutes pass by...

I should be back in like a half hour or so, and ill do lotsa readings then; don't trip

Scorpio born on 11/21/1993

Just want to know if I should take a gamble tomorrow or play it safe?
18 Virgo
When will I get into an emotionally fulfilling relationship?
23, cancer, male
Things aren't going bad, but can be confusing.

Music has going well so far. Will it get even better? Is it worth pursuing more?

What kind of mindset should I maintain? What should be a mantra going forward for myself?

Do I have everyone I need to have a happy life?
So if the original guy doesn't come back I'm moving on. I just like to make sure I can answer questions or whatever.
25, Male, Taurus
My ex-girlfriend (Japanese)... is it completely over between us?
File: samus.jpg (162 KB, 900x747) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Way taller than average female height, red long hair, green eyes and a little freckles. A bit on the skinny side due to height. A little mole on the right ring-finger and usually a ring on pinky.
It depends on my mood, one moment i can be friendly and warm or cold and distant in communicating with others. I'm one of those examples when one has a lot of acquaintances but few to none friends. I can be a bit too much competitive and cocky when situation calls. It's a mess between not caring or caring too much.
My query is how can find a balance between those sides without feeling fake to myself? I'd prefer scrying but tarot is also good.
Samus is a character i can relate to.
Thanks in advance
Egg Readings

type down 67 random words. These words put together should be invested with the energy of what you are feeling about the situation you're in. Ask the questions in your head over and over while you write this. Also, listen to this youtube video as you write down your 50 words.


Please give me feedback when I reply to your post.
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Neat method bro! I like it, its fresh
No query, but I look forward to seeing your style
File: shy_guy.jpg (64 KB, 479x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>to catch sight of
>"I descried a man running down the alleyway!"

>to foretell the future using a crystal ball or other reflective object or surface


Types of scrying:
>crystallomancy - aka crystal gazing
>hyrdromancy - with water
>captotromancy - with a mirror(s)
>astral scrying
>lecanomancy - using a reflective dish usually with water; but not always
>macharomancy - with knifes, daggers, swords, and various other sharp/reflective surfaces
>scyphomancy - with a drinking cup or goblet

There are many ways to induce visions:
>drugs/alcohol/hallucinogens etc.
>rituals (typically evocation/invocation)
>trance-like, meditative states
>sensory deprivation/Gansfeld experiment
>the "dark retreat"
>the Årsgång
>spiritual walks
>awakening the third eye

To quote occultist Aleister Crowley
>“No recorded vision is perfect, of high visions, for the seer must keep either his physical organs or his memory in working order. And neither is capable. There is no bridge. One can only be conscious of one thing at a time, and as the consciousness moves nearer to the vision, it loses control of the physical and mental.”

Basically, according to Crowley, scrying is neither physical sight or mental sight (imagination) - it is simply put - a vision. It comes from an outside source, not you. It's in this diviner's humble opinion that the reside from elsewhere - they come from supernatural origins or the divine.

So? How does one go about getting into scrying? There are many ways to do it and many ways to go about it. Some methods may be quick, others might take months/years to practice and hone.

I'll point to some sources for beginners - Frater Achad's "Crystal Gazing" and Benjamin Rowe's "A Short Course in Scrying"

Also, PRACTICE! You are literally surrounded by reflective surfaces!
>your fingernails
>your monitor/TV/smartphone screen (black mirrors)
>bodies of water
>the oomancer

Do you really practice oomancy? Also, do you go through a lot of eggs in your practice? Serious questions, I assure you. Details on to how specifically you do it? I know of some.
Thank you! I want to give back to the community here and that means I have to perfect the craft with fresh experiments. Thank you, again!

Thanks Hijinks will definitely look for those sources! Also will probably ask you for tips when I am more informed :P

By the way, what is the Dark Retreat?
So, i write the words and give them to you?
You lost me, are they 50 or 67?
67, I'm glad you asked, so you can go ahead and start writing. Thank you!
Essentially, you lock yourself away from all light.
>hence the name
>no electronics
>no visits from the outside world

Typically, people fast - but can have little food/water to sustain themselves. Bathroom breaks are done in complete darkness.

After a time, the person maintaining the dark retreat has reported to have visions.

Here, i wrote the 67 words.
File: Wonder Woman.jpg (117 KB, 900x1165) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Wonder Woman.jpg
117 KB, 900x1165
Italian-American female with light skin, blue eyes and blonde hair in a shoulder-length bob. Also I wear glasses.
I'm an extrovert, can strike up conversation with anybody and try to remain positive and complimentary to others.
If you could give me a general reading, I'd be stoked! If you require a more specific query, however, I'd like to know what the near future has in store for me.
Thanks for taking the time to do this, and have an awesome day/night!
What i can do to reach my utmost well being?

Ok thanks again!

Well for now I just bought "Crystal Gazing" however it is from a different author. (Theodore Besterman)

It is an old book. for now most chapters talk only about the History of Scrying but I'm sure I'll find some info about how to actually do it.... And if not, we'll at least I'll know some history hehe.

It will have to do untill I get the other books :P

Again Thanks!
My pleasure. If you have more questions, I'm here to discuss divination practice and theory.
I'm still here from the last thread if anyone wants to give it a go >>16921800
File: 1441248347057.gif (51 KB, 500x376) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 500x376
I will try to cover my bases here.
I have been told I look like a Italian NY, I am small with dark coloring and glasses and I am a girl.
I tend to be quiet with a quick wit. I am good with people and I am often misunderstood.
Taurus, 32
What does my crush think of me? Do I have a chance?

Thank you in advance
File: luna_color_web1.jpg (818 KB, 1293x1650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
818 KB, 1293x1650
Dark brown hair w/grey, dark brown eyes with light gold rings, 5'6, little on the fluffy side but losing it, 3 tattoos.
I'm a pretty bubbly person, charismatic, empathetic, great listener, friendly, tired, moody, chaotic, dreamer, patient.

Curious if you can tell me anything about my spiritual self?
Thank you :D
Situation: The Chariot
You: Prince of Wands

Geez, man.
You're supposed to never play it safe. Just be smart, be crafty, make shit work out for you more
Other people are you as pretty confident, which you don't think yourself. Your self-perception is actually lower than the average perception of yu in the world. I don't see why you don't realize that. Maybe you feel is all a front, and because it partially is, you believe there is no real, true confidence to be channeling, but that's where you'd be wrong...
The prince of wands is powerful and charismatic. You have received potential, but yure still not realizing it much. That will all change starting tomorrow. Whether you succeed or fail, the result will galvanize you into further action in future....

The chariot shows me that immediacy of the situation. Is is in fact a very near future in which the node of interesting events and possibilities lies, and I'm bad at the estimates, but I'd say that following several weeks will be an instrumental time for you, and if you can work towards yu dreams an goals at all during this time period, you'll see much success later that you'll be able to trace back to this time, right now, and the following days.

If you don feel as badass as you want to be, just act like you are until you are. This means being at least moderately badass all of the time, even when you are alone, and especially so in interactions with others which I see you being naturally gifted at.

Your deeper/higher self is already the cool guy you want to be, and if you just let it have the reigns more, things will be objectively better for the both of you
Trust in yourself. It will help propel you forward....

Can anyone read me?

First of all, I'm totally down to read you again. I apologize if I fucked up your query the first time, but love readings are always fucked up no matter who does them, due to the fact that we always bring our own personal biases into it. Most here are focused on just how2gf or getting laid because the population here is mostly early 20s, but I'm focused on permanency so I, for some fucked up reason, thought it best to use a long-term potential spread. I don't know what was up with my head, but ya...The Magician means you can make shit happen and you can get the girl if you want to, but it's just not LTR shit. If you're cool with that, more power to you. I was all negative and shit about it because I was thinking about long-term things because I'm in the long-term place myself.
>and I was rekt, I won't lie
I'll do a better job next time.


>Is this a person you have known before which may coming back?
This line...this one fucking line is going to haunt my fucking mind

The rest of your reading...even though I can't contextualize it yet, it just feels right, like you got that right on, even if I don't know how exactly it fits. It just /feels/ right; I'm trusting you tonight.

Now I just have to figure out the context...

>The outcome part is definitelt a branching of path

Thanks, lads.
Why are all 3 in pastebin?

Meh, they'll take me some time
Eh, don't really do dream interpretations much anymore, but reader told me to do this so whatever, I'll check it out


Hmm, yeah. Well, it's the type/pattern I call 'horror story dreams / creepypasta dreams'
This is a subtype where the horror focuses on children who move out to the countryside with a parent or parents, and dark things begin to happen.
The only thing that strikes my jaded fancy is the roundabout way the story is presented.
You have to piece it together wit logic which you can't do in the dream where logic is impeded and emotions are heightened (to enhance immersion)

OK, so its like this. The girl is, well... The abuse she's suffered has really warped and darkened her mind, and she attracts the attentions of some darkling creature, who takes advantage of her desire for company and builds her trust
The more she sees this thing, the worse things get. She is somehow manipulated to give her brother to it. The mother is also infected by darkness, maybe the thing goes and lives in her, which would make sense given a police presence. I mean if you fucked with some family, and the police showed up, who would you possess a kid or an adult?
The screams are because a lot of darkness is very painful to humans, and no doubt they saw and felt things that were excruciating.

The interpretation part is why they had this dream. Perhaps some darkness the suppressed came back in the less guarded state of dreams, as is often the case
Maybe they were simply watching too much scary stuff around Halloween haha
Maybe they have some feelings about their family in the mix - seeing the mother as potentially possessed or whatever points to the feeling you get when you realize your parents aren't perfect or necessarily have your best interests at heart, maybe a feelin that they don't understand or care, a distantness
Eh there's lots of reasons for why they dreamed it. It upset them because not only was it so intense, it was clear and they remembered most of it
I too wish to achieve Chim
Would you rather have the 67 words here?
bv are you reading tonight?

I pulled a card of the day for myself today, and it was the Queen of Cups.

In my particular context, I'm going to call this getting comfy with some vodka. Cheers.
I am the first guy. Thought it would be easier to read on pastebin. You preferred another way?
Thanks for the time.
>doing readings
>get hammered with vodka
easy to choose
Yo, sorry, small delay, making myself a grilled cheese sandwich really quick, I'll get to you soon, OK?

Many ways yeah, looks like I've done all those wait wtf is the Årsgang?

From Wikipedia:
>the year walker was supposed to lock himself up in a dark room, without speaking to anyone nor taste food or drink. At midnight, he (or she) walked to the parish church – or a cluster of different churches – and circled it three times (or more), then he (or she) blew into the church’s key hole. With this the year walker temporarily lost his (or her) Christianity. When this happened, supernatural beings appeared and challenged the year walker. If the walker managed these tests, glimpses of the future could appear; either in vision or by sounds. These could be interpreted as glimpses of what would happen the following year

What?! That's fucking awesome and bizzare!

haha, magician card guy here, you fucked my shit up real good yesterday BV. I actually used that same spread today, after a good rest... and for LTR got the knight of wands (burst of fire that burns out quickly, but hey, I may get laid), and in the outcome page of cups...which is some sort of highschool crush, or just a romantic proposal who ends up being good news.

Got justice for energies working at my favour...so I thought hey, this might be some karmic lesson...see how develops!

And please dont feel fucked for that 6 of cups, it may either represent a person or just a feeling, and your outcome...well...I felt strong energies on both interpretations....weird...I usually just make one...take my advice in consideration, maybe dont scry in this particular topic so much, and live today like it was no tomorrow...who knows?

which can open our discussion to...is fate real? everything is written? Or you write it with your hands?

One thing I have understood after a year of reading the Tarot, is that, events are almost never predicted...just our emotions, thoughts, and actions of the possible future, aplied to the question itself...which itself proves true that our thoughts and emotions go beyond space and time...well...at least in my case.

So...if you lay back and never propose to someone, well, just as with my reading, of course that 10 of swords (or your hermit, in the worst case) will be the answer!...( in my case, mainly because Im too pasive and lay back, expecting everything comes to me without struggling and working for it...)

However, if changing the outcome of something is possible, I have never experienced it, at least yet...but Im sure it can be done...thats why I want you to read me again in future weeks to come...yes! thank you (about changing fate---have you? please talk to me about this! whats your take on this...do you believe in the multiverse theory?)

Will things between me and my girlfriend be fixed?
>Perhaps some darkness the suppressed came back in the less guarded state of dreams, as is often the case
I think that this would be my best guess.
>Maybe they were simply watching too much scary stuff around Halloween haha
Nah he gets scared easily, hasn't seen one in a year or so actually.
>realize your parents aren't perfect or necessarily have your best interests at heart, maybe a feelin that they don't understand or care, a distantness
I guess that this could be the case too, although he does have a good relationship with his mother from what I understand so who knows really.

I think it's just the vividness that really freaked him out a lot.. I'm not quite sure what to make of it myself. Well anyways thanks for the insight you provided, I hope he doesn't continue having dreams like this, it would scare him so much.
Meant to reply to you Reader
Hit up Kether then. Honestly lots of religions have stuff like what is described in elder scrolls as chim
Personally I think qabblah has the closest analog but is whatever. If you reach the slightly curved space of the Jains, you've gone too far, good luck getting back to a place where you can even interact with the same kind of universe. Careful going too high in the afterlife, as you can end yup at rhe very top and go in the portal and be sublimated into Naamu/Oangkaar/Samadhi/Ain Soph
Talk about becoming one with God, yeesh.

Gonna give this a shot and open-minded.

Just recently got in contact with the ex, want to start things over as friends. What time fame am I looking at to get back to where we can start seen each other and going from there?
bretty easy desu senpai
>I hope 4chan isn't still fucking up my memes

Crazy shit, yo. Crazy ass shit. Enjoy the fucked up visions and the voices screaming in your head.

>you fucked my shit up real good yesterday BV

>dont feel fucked for that 6 of cups
I went mostly off your interpretation; I can tell you're way better at tarot than me.

>which can open our discussion to...is fate real?
Oh shit...I'm right now about 13 shots in and still drinking...do you really want me to have this conversation with you tonight?
Don't worry about it, everything's went great. I do expect your feedback, though. I hope it goes well!

I feel like there is a specific girl on your mind. She's american, and I have a feeling she smokes either weed or cigarettes. Obviously you do, too. There's some dark feelings, though, mostly about yourself. Was there some sort of betrayal... no that's not the word, did something not go the way you wanted it to with her? I'm sure you still want her, somehow some sexual feelings got into the text. She doesn't live nearby, though, or there's some distance between you two. Why don't you try to go visit her, and change your destiny by risking little for a lot of love? Go for her, anon, and if you know it wont work out, accept it and move on to someone better. I'm sorry but I'm sensing you'll move on. I have a feeling your love isn't specifically for her, as much as it is to just have someone to share your love with. Don't worry, though, anon, everything will go exactly as planned, you'll be thanking the universe when you find out why you weren't meant to be. There's someone else waiting for you.
File: 1438473996686.jpg (70 KB, 446x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 446x550
13 shots
post ends in 25
Christmas confirmed
>drunken philosophy conversation
Pls do

>post ends in 25
The packs I buy (portashots) come in sets of 25

y tho

I'll probably do it right this year instead of accidentally'ing into it like last year
I think vodka spirit will talk russian to you.
God damit, if only i had a place of my own i would do this

You could just do it the way I did it: still live with your ex and have the place to yourself while she goes off to hook up with some other dude :^)
>it's super effective
You are mostly right. There is a girl that lives far from me but she isn't american tho and neither of us smoke.
Things between us didnt end well, mostly for my fault, but it wasnt like betrayal or aything of the sort.
I still like her a lot and it's hard to know what to do now. This situation and other things are kinda dragging the life away from me.
Thank you very much for your reading, it gave me a lot to think about, even if it was somehow not what i was hoping for.
I hope this feedback helps you.
Thanks for reading and for you time. Have a good night.

Nah man, sober up and we´ll talk about it later...

Since I can only read Tarot I would like to know your opinion on what you have seen scrying...and what I wrote about our thoughts and feelings trascending space and time and shaping our future...enjoy the drinking lolol
Eh sorry some times I sit down to read and I just don't get anything. I'm gonna go walk to the store and get something to drink, hopefully clear my mind a bit. I'll have my hands full doing the readinga already linked to me, so it'd probably be best to ask other readers for stuff if you're just joining the thread...

Hey I think it's neat as well
I assume you really enjoy pink floyd, because likely you're listening to the same song each time you read because so is the querent? A way to connect? It's good. So is the words thing. Tells you a lot in subtle and not as subtle ways, and it's probably pretty interesting to see what people come up with...

Whoa have you guys ever had two of the same picture in a captcha? I've seen thousands now and this is the first one I got a double. Double luck bonus?
sober up
Nice dubs, hit me up in like a week :^)
You're not as focused on love as the first anon. You have a spiritual growth feeling to you. You feel connected to the flow of duality and change in the universe, also sort of a gnostic feel. However, being with someone is a part of your life plan, someone to try and feel real love for. Then again, you seem quite contradictory because of your belief in objective reality, and you know that out there there are no emotions, there isn't any "thing" really. Only a constant change of information. There is something else, though. By thinking you're ahead in the game, you hold yourself back. You need to know that you know nothing, in order to keep advancing in your quest of secrets. It's time to look at the human condition, see what glasses you're using to see the world. Know yourself and know the world, and that takes time but it's much more valuable than anything in any book. Start thinking of associations, why you did what you did. Why he said what he said. What purpose a specific belief of yours would have. That is all I can help you with, because I am still on my own quest of knowing more.
Thanks for the feedback. I should try to be less technical and literal in my readings, but I'm glad I helped with what I could. Have a good night, too.

You're next.
> You have a spiritual growth feeling to you. You feel connected to the flow of duality and change in the universe, also sort of a gnostic feel.
Altough i agree with the spiritual growth thing i dont really feel connected with the duality or anything.
I just cant "feel" it and that bothers me.
> However, being with someone is a part of your life plan, someone to try and feel real love for.
> Then again, you seem quite contradictory because of your belief in objective reality, and you know that out there there are no emotions, there isn't any "thing" really. Only a constant change of information.
Thats what i think about the meatspace, altough there are things we cannot detect with our machines.
> There is something else, though. By thinking you're ahead in the game, you hold yourself back.
intredasting, i do think im ahead of the average normie.
>You need to know that you know nothing, in order to keep advancing in your quest of secrets.
I dont really know much about all this secrets stuff, i dont presume to know about it.
You're distanced from people, even reality. I feel like your extreme calculated bluntness distances you from people. You have a lot more "scientific" intelligence than emotional intelligence. I don't mean disrespect, I just mean you should start being more open with the way you talk to people. I now understand why you hadn't felt connected with the reading. Again, my advice stays true, though. Realize that you can only fathom as much intelligence as you yourself have. Focus on your emotions more in order to feel more intact with the world.
> I feel like your extreme calculated bluntness distances you from people.
I dislike this train of tought, as long as what i say is true or well intentioned why do i have ot be in the wrong side?
But yes, im not good with emotions at all
File: greedling.jpg (113 KB, 900x1163) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113 KB, 900x1163
feel free to skim if i get to wordy.

Male, 6'3, 247lbs, born 10/29/1991. scorpio via western astrology and a fire metal goat via eastern astrology.

i am tall, pale blue eyes, with curly/wavy hair that i have always though of as brown, but which everyone around me has consistently called dirty blond. i am overweight but i am working on it, and i am proud to say that i have lost 20 pounds this last month.

as far as my personality goes, i really don't know how best to describe myself. i am fairly intelligent, and i can be quite passionate about things i care about. i am friendly and loving to a fault, like, literally, it almost kind of suck and i am trying to learn to be at least a little bit more selfish. i am fairly empathic and intuitive. i have ocd which makes me worry a lot. i have a very strong sense of ethics. as far as motivation goes, i am very much a momentum person, if i am doing things, i am a fucking juggernaut and nothing seems impossible, but if i let myself slow down i can easily fall into really bad ruts.

as for my picture, i choose greedling because he was selfless towards his friends, like i am now, but his still embodied a selfishness that i really feel like i need a bit more of. also, he just generally had a lust for life that really resonated with me.
brown hair, brown eyes
gemini 5'5 240lbs

will I find a better job soon and finally move out?
Awesome, can't wait to see what you've got for me, sss
File: giphy.gif (804 KB, 500x490) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
804 KB, 500x490
Alright I can do a few of these maybe....

Your strong, aggressive personality: Princess of Wands
You're into competition, but you don't get regular places for this, so when the opportunity does arise, usually in a casual thing, you get too into it
Your strong feelings can cause awkwardness / problems, yes but they also are responsible for most of the biggest successes and best times

Don't be embarrassed about this side of you. It's a big part of yourself, your personality
Don't be ashamed or apologize for yourself, that's mean

You friendly, mostly non-aggressive and optimistic personality: Prince of Swords

This one is always trying to support you in tough times and help you to grow, but its maybe a pbit frustrating, because you (the ego, and the first personality, the princess of wands) don't listen to I sometimes. But you're still much nicer to it than most humans are to theirs. At least the still wanna be your friend and are still helping you.
I'm not talking about someone else here. This is uh, your inner voice/subconscious/animus/a 'tulpa' ...
Something like that. It's what holds you back from doing things you'd regret.
You could say the first personality is the id, and the second is the superego, but that makes it sound not unique to you. Whatever I can't tell perfectly, bu you seem to give both sides about equal consideration, so it is already balanced in that regard. These two sides have an OK relationship, but not great. This is what is not in balance I think
Thanks for reading reader! So i should trust my inner voice or my emotions more? It's kind of a problem being myself as i tend to be angry with closest friends but maybe too nice with strangers.
Oh about mirrors I'm thinking of doing that some more
I like the surfaces of phone, tablet and laptop screens when theyre off.
There's this one thing where you stare at the pupil of your right eye I think? Pretty sure right... For idk like 5-20 minutes
Pretty crazy
Has to do with the sun or something

Oh what about stuff like marbles?
A translucent big one would be ideal, I think...

Too bad I no longer have the small marble collection I had as a child. I didn't lose them, tough; I gave them away...

If you favor anything, that's not balance. Whenever you agree more with is good, don't have a bias and things will even out through probability
Eh a lot of people have the thing where they are too nice to strangers and a bit angry or whatever to people they know, because they don't have enough of an outlet for this stuff
You need to be ambitious, and believe in yourself

Working on this one, give me a little while, I gotta find something to eat first.
I'll take this as an advice to refine myself more. Thanks again!
I felt that you need to have more belief in that this will work when you do readings, it's actually important. I coud also feel how you forced good feelings into the words when you were already doing it. You met a girl at a party and you have a dilemna revolving around texting with her. You know you're smart enough to handle everything well with her, the only thing you need is that little gear in your head to turn on that tells you to just do it when you think of it. Don't doubt yourself in a love situation, always follow your heart.
Thanks for your reading, sss. I fully believe in it, otherwise I wouldn't ask for one. The situation I was thinking of when I wrote the words is that for the past few years, I have been stuck in this negative path, and I want to change it. I'm straddling a border between fucking my life up permanently or giving up negative habits so that I can actually accomplish something in my life before I die.
I feel ambivalent in that I have great hope that I can change things but I'm also scared that I don't have what it takes and will fail if I try to change.
I haven't been to any parties lately and haven't met any girls. However, my ex has been texting me lately and I'm not sure if it's even a good idea to continue talking to her, so that may be what you're seeing. I still have feelings for her, but I also know I don't want her back. I don't even know what to say to her. This may be what you're seeing.
What I'm getting from your feedback is that maybe I'm not ready to attempt this change I want in my life, or I'm not 100% into it and I need to think harder about it. This is very helpful to me because I realize I must commit fully to see any results.
I appreciate the time and effort you gave me; thanks a lot! I'm thinking about what you've said and I hope that my feedback to you helps as much as your feedback to me has. Take care!

i'm just kind of done with life. i have no ambition to do anything and i'm living on autopilot filling my time with distractions. i don't feel depressed, i've already done so much that i don't care about doing anything more, it would all be the same. fuck i don't even have a question. i don't know, whatever.
Male, 27 Sagittarius
File: 05n8Qiy.gif (3 MB, 347x244) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 347x244
That ass is flatter than the Earth.
8 of Cups --> The Sun

You gave up on some things you shouldn't have, and this still disappoint you. You fell bad sometimes and it hurt but the past is the past and a different past wouldn't be the same you
Find a point of view where your pain becomes motovation
You just need to find a way to keep yourself climbing up into the light, despite anything that happens from now on...

5 of Disks because 4 of Cups

Worry and anxiousness come from the way you've been thinking for years about your mistakes and stuff, but that's not real. You can get rid of unnecessary stress with happiness and confidence, and especially with doing new things
This is important. The doing new things part, I mean. I think you've got confidence on lock and you've definitely got happiness in spades...
Reader, thank you so much. This is so accurate I don't even have words. This rings so true, especially what you said about how I've been thinking for years about my mistakes and how it's not real. I'm very, very impressed with the accuracy of your reading.

Keep up the good work because you have a very clear talent. I can't thank you enough for this! Peace to you and thanks so, so much!
reader, I would really appreciate if you'd please take the time to help me with a reading.

I am a Scoropio, brown eyed and haired, big lips and my voice changes a lot, depending on my attitude and situation. I can also can be both really handsome and really ugly. All depends on how much I prepare for something. I've always felt above others because of how much I focus on my qualities. Recently, I've been focusing on improving my weaknesses, and it has backfired. I recently got back on my path, and am back to my "arbitrary" or relevant issues. I'd really like if you could give me a reading on my near future, preferably about my family and friends.

Reader, if you could give me a general reading, I would be very appreciative.

I am a Cancer, black hair and brown skin, I shift between extroversion and introversion quite frequently, am generally a 'cute' looking person, and am heavily involved in a few musical projects. They are starting to do pretty well, but I find myself feeling very restless most of the time. I always feel as though music should be going better, and that I should, in general, be doing better with everything. I get very competitive (unfortunately) about these, and if I know that I'm doing better in terms of fans and views, that ends up making me feel better. Not a good trait, I know.

I've gone through some trauma in terms of anxiety and depression, and am trying to be as productive as I can, which I think plays a part in me always worrying about doing better in most aspects of my life. I feel as though I've changed for the better, but I'm sure there is room for improvement.

A general reading would be very helpful. Thank you!
File: 1367599741358.gif (474 KB, 376x376) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
474 KB, 376x376
come here for a reading
those who want a reading come here

i shall give but one
no more and no less than that
just one simple yet allegorical reading
a query and the gender is all i need
Do you do generals? If not, how's my spiritual progress coming along?
What is my situation with my dad and stepmom at the moment going to plan out?

Damn... by 13 seconds.

male, where/how should i look for it? am i on the right track?
File: 1370807525571.gif (649 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
649 KB, 500x500
a general is more confusing
and i have a preference to do something more specific
generals are simply too confusing
therefore i shall do the latter part of your query

a card of the emperor sitting upon a throne
white majestic beard
the crown of one that seems to be wise but yet subject to madness
a trident in left and a hound on the right

all seems to be well and clear
someone wise and someone knowledgeable
they seem to be in rule of their emotions and urges
but yet what happens once the king stands up

the throne seems so small once he gets up
the trident - the sign of rule - is just a mere stick
the hound is hard to control and keep a track of
and the darkness below does not bode well

the king does down and down
the endless flight of stairs - there is darkness ahead
but a few flashes on the left and the right
however they do not mean anything in truth

down the endless flight of stairs
road ahead shrouded by dark fog
he looks back and sees that there is seemingly no progress done
all is the same and all blurs into one - no progress seen

keep going down
keep breaching through the dark fog
the image of no progress is but an illusion
a play upon and by your perception alone

nothing in truth stands still
it can only move slower and slower
keep going down the flight of stairs
and you shall find what you seek there

keep a watch on that hound though
all too wild and all too bestial it is
with eyes burning and glowing with flaming red
i am unsure myself as to what it means

hope this has struck true
and was not but a mere wisp of my imagination
albeit at times it does feel like it
some feedback would be nice
Thanks, this does make sense.
I have a few guesses on what each symbol might mean, but it'd be just that - guesses.

Overall... This seems to mirror some feelings I've had recently. What leaves me a little confused is the hound - gotta understand whether that is a part of myself or something else.
Aw hey thanks, appreciate it

Hm similar I wonder whether there is a connection between these???
Anyways I'll get to you
I got 4 readings to do b4 you guys
Also,pls put a pic of a character like I said up at >>16926037
File: 1372143952568.gif (632 KB, 384x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
632 KB, 384x500
good enough then
your guesses would be better than mine
there is still a need for me to improve upon my own interpretation
perhaps it will be more clear later on

however one thing is certain
just keep going
just keep going
don't go back to the small throne of yours

either walk with control
or roll with instability
either way the road is down
it is up to you to figure out how you will move

i am the person who posted the picture of greedling. first off, thank you for taking the time to give people readins.

i am kind of a noob to this thread, and i realise now that i forgot to name a specific query. so, if you decide to give me a reading, a general reading is what i had initially wanted, but if you prefer a specific query, i was granted an opportunity a while back ago, and to collect on that opportunity i had to complete a task. i was wondering whether i should still seek it? and if so, if i was on the right tack.

general reading is completely fine though, what ever suits your fancy.
The throne is my past wish for dominance and authority.
It's fake comforts that give a sense of security but don't really make me feel better, nor help me progress. I need none of that.
File: 1372144041444.gif (961 KB, 737x785) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
961 KB, 737x785

it would explain why the throne shrank after you stood up
it cannot contain the king any longer for it requires more
good luck on your journey downwards

>on the right *track
Thank you, and thanks again for the reading.
I really love those. Thank you for posting them.^^
File: 1372143980335.gif (425 KB, 500x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
425 KB, 500x398
no problem
glad to be of help
more shall be found at a later time
it seems that i shall not read for longer

they are nice to look at indeed
i wish i had more but it does not seem like there is too many
what a shame indeed
have another one to look at and enjoy
Hi, I'm the scorpio. More about my personality would be that I love with a passion. My OCD doesn't help, though, I guess I obsess over everything. Also, I connect dots EVERYWHERE. I also think I think too fast when speaking to people. I overestimate their ability to grasp the semantics of the conversation, and end up looking crazy thinking they're 'understanding' what I am.
File: images (21).jpg (8 KB, 339x149) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (21).jpg
8 KB, 339x149
8 of Swords, The Devil
Yeah you definitely need darkness to advance. You mentioned that once you get going, your unstoppable, and that you can slow down, but what you aren't saying explicitly is how difficult *starting* is. You're going o need more than just a passive, friendly attitude. People will like you wih that, but you won't get as much done, and if you get stuff done people will like you.
Ethics are good considering your life paths

So you get a sense of what people are feelin or thinking or whatever? Hey, you know if feeling of what people are thinking gets too strong, turn it down or off. Nothing wrong with that, especially given that most people always have it turned off
It doesn't always have to be on

9 of Swords, 6 of Wands
You'll get what you think you want, but it may not be great, or yull get bored of it, and then you'll find that most things you attempt you succeed more easy than usual, but you don't care as much.
The coming time will be weird, with periods of introversion and extrovertion. Your ideas of how to live how you want, who you are, and what things mean, will continue to be challenged and changed
By this time next year, you will be much different. Whether that's good is mostly up to you, but you're going to have good luck this winter, so don't sit around doing nothing. At least sit around doing something productive a lot of the time

Sry 4 tha wait
I was busy. now I'm working on these readings again...
You and how you feel: 6 of cups
Youre not happy with life right now
You are melancholy
Perhaps you believe that they are the answer to this, but of course that's a bad way of thinking about it...
One person making another whole actually takes energy out of them idk how to asay it by its best if both people are good in themselves

Difficulty/Problem: 10 of Wands
Bad feelings from your self talk an from seeing how people react to you and caring to much about it. Just don't do that, problem solved. Stopping doing something is the same as kicking a habit, use your qwillpower to stop blocking yourself

Him: The Chariot
Gonna cause lots of change in your life
I think good
All of the best for you to at least try to see if they're interested
Be cool

Trust me, things will be looking up for you within a year or so
black hair, dark brown eyes, average looks, tall, skinny

Im extremely introverted and reserved. I only feel comfortable around a few people and I tend to do the right things. I have a strong sense of responsibility and I sacrifice my needs so others may enjoy their time.

How is my love life and when can i expect to meet my soulmate
Sweet roleplay guys
There seem to be around a hundred done by the artist, though.
File: 1374155857168.gif (621 KB, 440x247) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
621 KB, 440x247
i am grateful for this
incredibly so
i wish i could offer something in return
but sadly my hands are empty right now
nigga did you really just take a screen cap of the worst matrix movie and put comic sans over it? Reconsider living
No worries.
I'm the grateful one because you introduced me to the artist.^^
File: asgard_thor2.jpg (151 KB, 1023x791) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151 KB, 1023x791
10 of Wands, 6 of Cups

Eh in giving you 50/50 odds. There's no telling it will work this time. Don't try to make something last that belongs in the past hahah
If you really think you should be seeing each other again, go for it, but maybe you should just be friends...
Can you see yourself dating someone else? That would be best according to these two.

If not, like I said, 50/50 and maybe not the right thing but its you call.

Examine you own actions, goals and motives extensively before you get much further on or you likely will mess up in an avoidable way. Basically, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Right on

Ahahahah nah just searched for the quote on googe. I'd do better if I made it myself, but I don't really do that shit much I'm too lazy...

Yeah the 2nd one is the worst of them, but I still liked it. Honestly I've always watched the second movie and the third together since the second one ends with to be continued so its kinda just one movie and the first part isn't so great, but whatever...
File: Kuroki_Tomoko.png (191 KB, 400x842) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
191 KB, 400x842
sorry for bad english in advance
Male, thin, medium hair, glasses, brown/black hair with some blond part failures, barely no beard.
Silent with strangers, but very loyal to long time friends. Depressive humour. Depressed. Confused. Talk with myself. Introvert-extrovert. Not many friends.
I don't draw well(sorry) so here is an internet picture of Tomoko, a character i identify with.
Oh yea, by the way Pisces Asc Cancer Moon Aquarius 20 years old. I don't know if that helps.
Are readers still here?
I'm lurking but hung over. If you really want, I can pull cards for you, and you can interpret them yourself.
>why the fuck am I responding to an airquerent?
File: pK1Gn.gif (826 KB, 480x247) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
826 KB, 480x247
Shiiit idk how much I can keep doing its almost dawn an I'm pretty sleep

Aw look at that lil guy he's tripping out pretty hard, looks like...
Life as a cat is much like a shroom trip a lot of the time or so cats have informed me
I will abuse your kindness another day, i dont want to give myself some misinterpretation
File: Boondocks-huey.png (101 KB, 333x362) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101 KB, 333x362
A general reading please, I'm interested in my romantic future but also very, interested in my career and well being.

Male, normal length, blue eyes, brown hair, my appearance doesn't define me.
Very determined, even if I know my odds of succeeding at something are almost nonexistent, I still give everything to achieve it. I have no sympathy for people that whine about little things like inequality issues and such, as I had to pave my own road with sweat and blood. I feel like I don't get to reap what I've sown, I'm tired and I just want things to go my way again without having to do all these tremendous amounts of work, I'm a university student by the way.

I'd like to be Huey Freeman from the Boondocks.
File: 1426766611448.jpg (62 KB, 960x955) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 960x955
In Soviet Russia vodka drinks you.
It would be cool if you finish off with me.

I have a good feeling about this one being loud and clear.

I forgot to mention im the bojack scorpio guy.

Yeah, thanks.
File: 1444855812899.jpg (24 KB, 294x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 294x300

Is this legit?
>> >>16926252
Haha I like that we have both penthos and eris
I mean sorrow and discord

Dark self parts: 9 of Wands and Justice

Style [styles are reactionary to life's challenges; you gotta a develop a style and a sort of character people can see you as]: Queen of Cups, 5 of Swords

Your ego: The Lovers

Dark parts not of you: 4 of Cups, Queen of Disks

I'm tired an going fast so I'll just give you that for now and next time I'll do better. Besides, you read, you can figure out meanings from what I said; good practice

youu're in luck I'm going to keep doing this before I go to bed
Don't worry about sourcing the character if that's why you linked that I know most all animated shows haha

Aight lets go

Ugh I got a lot of cards, that happens when is not simple, and idk if I feel like getting into it much

Where you're at: 9 of Swords
You're stuck completely, you feel paralyzed and unsure of what to do, things not seeming to be possible due to your repeated failure

Admonishment from your subconscious mind: 2 and 4 of Cups
You haven't been doing right by yourself. Treat yourself better. Eh... there's obviously stuff to deal with there, and you only got one life, don't hate yourself or life, that's a waste because for you, anger and frustration doesn't fuel you, but gets in your way
The right way to determination comes from you emotions

Future patterns: The Fool, 10 of Disks, 6 of Swords, Knight of Disks

Your future paths are frustratingly complex >:/
You know what I'm not even going to tell you shit about it I don't have time lemme just say its good, stay focused on what the next thing is, study what you're going to be pursuing and keep everything fresh
Don't fuck up. Don't take the easy way out when its presented to you, multiple times....
Are you still up reader?
File: eris.jpg (81 KB, 471x487) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 471x487
Penthos is quite lame in comparison with Eris.
Thanks for the reading! Summed me up perfectly. I don't hate life that much, though, but literally everything else is spot on. Not a bad thing either, new exciting things are in my future. So yeah, thanks again!
Yah sorta maybe, wassup
You need help reading something? XD
For serious though waddup

Eh idk I your around so I'm gonna skip yours this time sorry, I don't wanna do a reading too fast and screw it up, either

you're welcome

I think theyre gross bu I've seen them posted consistently on /x/ through the years so they're kinda cool with me for that reason idk. The best is the one with the girl sitting in front of a cube in a room with these windows and ufh wahtevr

I think I can do these before bed. Well, we'll see
Psh, she's overrated
Just a chaos goddess with an inflated opinion of herself who fucked everything up out of her own petty vindictiveness
Whptf am I even talking about I don't give a fuck about some Greek gods

Ah, well, there's something you feel bitter and combative towards, maybe? I felt like maybe you had a bad view on life, but I not, eh I'm not right about everything, that'd be dangerous

Ya know what, I don't think I can get to you last three guys actually; Im too tired to do a good job.

I'm just going to go to bed and if you want a reading from me later I'll be back here in a dozen hours or so, probably around whn the next thread would be started.
Oh I do have a horrible view on life, and most things in general, but I don't feel sad or angry about it. Life's too weird to get serious about it. It's better to laugh.
Thanks Reader! When you said that I read and can figure it out, did you mean I read as in tarot/div stuff or just literally read? Lol
Thank you so much have a good day! You are truly gifted.
I reached out a while back to him and I did not hear back. Should I reach out again?
File: NoFace.jpg (27 KB, 300x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 300x200
I'm not sure if it's the same person
21, female, capricorn
I'm bit shy and really nervous, I have mdeium brown hair, brown eyes and wear glasses, I'm short [160 cm] and I'm bit curvy.
Will I have that trip tomorrow? It's a really short question but I'm dying to get the answers
Traveler, good traveler, clueless and cold,
sitting so sadly with sundered soul,
if I may offer a prospect quite bold,
walk woeless with me into this hole.

Come hither, good traveler, if boldly you dare.
Whither, you ask, so plainly I'll tell:
Into the hole, then boldly we'll fare
dauntlessly down to the depths of hell.

I hope you're courageous, for you'll see soon enough
the horrors within are nightmares made real
and, though you may think yourself to be tough,
these horrors could break the strongest of steel.

And break, you shall, I'll warn you right now,
for your fears are made flesh in the depths of this hell.
And, though you may think these horrors enow,
your failures you'll face right after as well.

Undaunted, you seem, by such tidings to be;
good trait, good traveler, when you travel with me
A seeker, you seem, of wisdom to be;
come with a question, good querent, to me.

So hither, come hither, good querent, and ask
for what wisdom you need to aid in your task.
But first, good querent, take off that mask;
it won't help at all; in madness you'll bask.

For wisdom you seek, and wisdom you'll find:
Wisdom, by madness, shall enter your mind.
And madness, such madness you'll get from me.
The wisdom is costly; the madness is free.

But now quite fearful you seem to me,
though this hole is where you want to be.
Don't cry of madness you'll find in this hell,
for you know quite well you sought it as well.

Follow the cat, perchance he'll lead well;
it's said he knows every pathway in hell.
Remember he means well with his vicious verse:
"It's going to get better, but first so much worse."
Does anyone here use oracle cards? Any opinions on them? I have a tarot deck but I'm new to it and suck at interpreting them. I feel like oracle cards might be easier to start off with, and then once I get a handle on it, I could progress more comfortably into tarot cards. What do you guys think?

BV , probably
I also wnt to go down the rabbit hole
File: 191.jpg (213 KB, 500x577) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
213 KB, 500x577
Going down the rabbit hole will cost you 50 dollars, Anon.
File: 1440588986833.gif (1 MB, 765x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 765x540
This evening is rather quiet.
File: lsd21.jpg (644 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
644 KB, 1024x768
It seems like this thread nis help....NewHelp

Lol jk I can't do readings until like to hours ;^(


Darn I can't listen to audio right now (I'm at the job). Will do later for sure
Will I be successful in politics?
Gonna air post cause I just need something.

I'm a 22 year old male.
I have a excitable temperament
Lucky numbers 33 and 52

I tested for a job today, rather than a piss test which I was prepared for with some QuickFix it was a swab.

Do I have a chance or should I try my luck elsewhere?

Sorry if this is shit but I don't know where else to go. I ain't goin on Add-strology that's for fuckin sure.
A male western slav of a slightly dim and odd skin tone approaches eagerly, yet hesitately. With dark, brown, beer-like eyes accompanied by short and black hair, usually a bit brushed and kept to the right, back side with simple water. An avarge height if not a bit taller, as well as of a somewhat slim posture. Perhaps a big Adam's apple, exceptionally and naturally long eyelashes and kinda thick eyebrows are characteristic.

As for the seemingly chaotic spirit, one can sense a melancholic nature. Eerie, he appears stubborn just as much as lost and confused. Same goes for charms paired with hopelesness.
Be it the voice or kindness that tend to appear cold. Manifesting in the heart itself unsettled between the clouds and earth.

At last what the man asks for is insight, uncertain, regarding near paths that await the soul and it's nature, perhaps to meet the significant other or coherent peace that they long for. Awkwardly the folk adds up that their sign is of an early taurus and a late aries. And as for the character presumeably Geralt of Rivia, if not Ciri from the same tales. Worth mentioning I'd say is Artem of the Metro.
Aw, that sucks Anon. Perhaps another year?

>Is this legit?
It's a legit ritual/tradition. Practiced all over Sweden. Thinking of becoming a walker in a couple of months?

Now, seeing spirits and/or visions of the future... That remains yet to be seen. Even if you don't experience anything paranormal, what can you gain from the ritual? Is it worth the off chance that you DO experience something otherworldly?

Oh I don't think I have the guts for that kind of experiences.... Not yet.

Is it worth it? Sure, the prize way bigger than the risk. Assuming is safe for the walker though.
By the way Hijinks yesterday I tried Scrying... I'll have to admit my method was probably wrong, I tried with little info.

I used the screen of a tabletlike device. I stare at it for I think something between 10-15 minutes and well... I didn't really see anything, but interestingly enough everything in the screen looked like what I am going to call foggy. I say foggy but it wasn't fog per say, not the usual one.... More like a creamy fog if that makes sense.

Was it an advance or was it just caused by lazy eyes/imagination?

I know it might silly/stupid since I didn't knew what was I doing. Just pasting time and curious I guess...
Hi New Help

Is anyone reading?

Hi Anon kun

I'll probably do a few in like an hour or so. If you want one tag your query to this post and I'll do it as soon as I can.

No promises though.

Also I need.
>A word that describes how you feel right now.

Hope I can help!
> I used the screen of a tabletlike device.
If the screen was off and you were just using the black reflective surface, good.

> everything in the screen looked like what I am going to call foggy
Excellent, you're making progress. The first few times, you only see fog. After that, you start seeing some trash from your unconscious as initial images. Once those are cleared out, the proper images start coming through.


Why did A have such a severe turn around in her feelings and started hating me from nowhere?

>Male Virgo
Hahahaha, seems like someone is a fan of Virgos :P

Yes the screen was off and I was using the black surface.

Also I did it with little light. I readed that it shouldn't be done in a room neither too bright or too dark.

What is your opinion on this?
File: virgo.jpg (149 KB, 650x921) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 650x921
Well i'm one, so i can relate to the problem ^^
Hahahahahahahahahaha why thank you, these damn feelings are so annoying sometimes.
Do you know her sign?
She's a cancer and emotional rollercoaster actually shouldnt be a big surprise for you (unless you're dating her for a short time). The worst thing is to let her be on her own while you slowly retreat from drama. I know, i know that for you action speaks louder than showing affection by being touch-feely. If you want a temporary distance to gather thoughts just tell her in the same way parents explain to kids about their favorite pets death (apply a mix of feelings and rationality).
Yeah there's no chance of recovering anything we had, it ended really fucking ugly unfortunately. She exploited my feelings for her to do some fucked up shit the last time we talked.

I don't give much thought into astrology and this was technically my 2nd relationship ever, so I didn't know that's what I should have expected with this girl, everything was so damn great in the beginning too..............................
I just wanted to try to understand why such a severe change took place, if I could have done anything to prevent it.............yeah I know it's not healthy to think like that.
Tell me about your first relationship

dr.sorrow is here to make us feel better
>I know what it means, just dropping some feels
Aint this is the idea behind /div/? To receive guidance?

nothing wrong with it, just saying man
Eh it was whatever honestly, never talked to the girl again. It was obvious she was only attracted to me because of being on the football team. Once the season was over she broke up with me for no real apparent reason.
Can you tell me something about my love life?

If you were used to times in the row maybe you were holding some sort of fantasies towards relationships? Like if i have one i dont have to do anything? Desire of unconditional love? Looking to woman as a rational agents who are capable of ration expression?

Fuck when you put it that way I just come off like a fucking retard. The fantasy I held onto was finding someone who liked me for who I truly am. Not having to put on a mask in order to get the girl, because at the end of the day that was not "me" getting the girl, resulting in just having me feel empty inside.

i know these feels anon

but i have hope that you'll find someone who can like you for who you trly are someday, don't give up just yet.
Did I handle the situation correctly today or was I being told what I wanted to hear?
>I just come off like a fucking retard
Dont take this too deep. It happens even best of us.
I could talk about this for hours but what i'm trying to say is kill that fantasy as soon as possible. Imagine if you'd be divorced and that bitch takes half your stuff? Ultimately there's no soulmate for us - there girls with whom you'll connect better or worse. Why are saying about "not having to put on the mask"?
File: 1442132077961s.jpg (5 KB, 200x169) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 200x169

Sorry anons this might take longer than expected.
File: 1410298189061.jpg (45 KB, 350x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 350x420
Eh, take your time

>Why are saying about "not having to put on the mask"?

The moment I have to purposely act different, or say things out of character in order to get a girl, I consider that putting on a mask/facade.

>I could talk about this for hours but what i'm trying to say is kill that fantasy as soon as possible

Yeah I know I need to kill the fantasy, but I can't at the same time because I know I'm not the one in the wrong at all. Society is so fucked that it has completely warped love and marriage.

It's now normal to have to play pathetic mind games to get a person interested in you, being real with someone gets you shit on a majority of the time.

Consider me weak for thinking this way, but who I am is what has given me the strength to constantly overcome obstacles and persevere. Why should I have to throw away my way of living just because the world is fucked?

Oiii those are the thoughts I've been struggling with the past few days. :/
Harley <3
I can do a reading or two.
Thank you, I'm a dumbass and haven't given up hope yet that's why I feel content after everything happened, I just want to know why....
>The moment I have to purposely act different, or say things out of character in order to get a girl, I consider that putting on a mask/facade.
That actually makes me ask a question why do pursue and change yourself to be more familiar with the girl if you despise doing it? Social pressure?
>I'm not the one in the wrong at all. Society is so fucked that it has completely warped love and marriage.
You cant be wrong or right 100% all the time. She is as much guilty as you are for not being able to identify her intentions. Society isnt fucked up it just shifted. You try to apply prior 1950's relationship rules in 2015 - it's just outdated. It's like you're trying to say Earth is flat when everything points towards Earth being round.
>Why should I have to throw away my way of living?
I didnt say that you should abandon yourself and create a new persona. You just lack adaptability, some sort of update on gender interaction. Instead of bashing yourself for past mistakes, learn from them, make a list of errors and run a screening test before next relationship. If your happiness is so dependable on other person, you'll become devastated when she will go away.
Can I get a reading?


How's it going to go for me in the next year or so?
How do I unfuck my head? I'm a guy, if you need that.
>That actually makes me ask a question why do pursue and change yourself to be more familiar with the girl if you despise doing it? Social pressure?

Because at times I waver and become pathetic, wanting any sort of intimate interaction with a female. I guess you can call it social pressure, since acting like a douchebag is what leads me to succeed with girls in the end.

>Society isnt fucked up it just shifted. You try to apply prior 1950's relationship rules in 2015 - it's just outdated.

I didn't realize the basic concept of love, which is loving someone and who they are, can be changed with time. My understanding of true love is that it transcends time, what 2015 thinks of love in my opinion is nothing but a joke, only something to help you feel temporarily "loved and wanted" until the next one.

who needs love anyway, right anon? ;_;
Yeah I've made it through life without it coming from a female that isn't a friend/family member, but it still doesn't mean I don't crave it or for this feeling of loneliness to go away.

i understand what you mean. a lot of people say humans are hardwired to want to be around other people sometimes, idk if you believe that or not though.
I really really hope that you will learn from your mistakes but now i'm seeing that you'll go through the same relationship problems again and again. When you'll hit the rock bottom then you'll start to accept that's something is wrong with me - asking unconditional love from girls and dont realizing that only mother is capable doing so.
ITT: Everyone is fucking sad
Heh, guess so.

>asking unconditional love from girls and dont realizing that only mother is capable doing so

Never thought what I was looking for was unconditional love, just for someone to love me for who I am. Doesn't mean I won't be doing acts to show I love her or to keep her interested.

and it's not even friday or saturday night
Man I ain't sad I'm rad

There are a few people I didn't do readings for
Say something if you still still there and I'll get you up with readings when I get back from the store.
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147 KB, 1117x1118
Say no to drugs!
Any readers left??
could really use a reading
Hells yeah, just link to me all up at the top, to.

I'll be reading in a few once I can get the sense for it...
File: 1445466982178.jpg (56 KB, 480x322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 480x322
>signs of drunkeness
>alcohol bottles in the background
Every negative claim about weed is just alcoholics projecting.
File: download.jpg (10 KB, 211x239) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 211x239
>°Appearance (and gender)
Tall, caucasian, skinny, Male
Submissive in social situations, dominant in relationships
File: 1438003771816.jpg (71 KB, 460x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 460x650
Pls no conspiracy weed anon.

if this picture doesn't convince you to give me a reading, i don't know what will
female, pale, glasses, long messy straight hair, sweatpants and hoodies, thin, 7/10, green/blue eyes, young, tall

unmotivated, perfectionist, obsessive, disorganized, critical thinker, logical, good memory (I know 266 digits of pi for some reason..), reclusive, mellow, shy, observant, introvert, strong willed, few friends, kind, caring, prone to depression

I have no direction in my life, I've never found something that I truly love to do.. I still have hope though. Will I find something out there for me eventually or be disappointed?
Any sort of insight would be really great because I'm at a bit of a low point, mentally speaking.
Hey Reader, I was curious about if you meant that I'm a reader as in tarot or that I could just read about Tue cards in general? Thanks :)
File: 1444586392716.jpg (78 KB, 900x601) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 900x601
I'd do a reading for if i'd have cards near me.

well that's okay, at least you thought about it
Oh I was implying the former, but I'd highly suggest the latter.
I'm still learning all the time and I'm pretty knowledgeable...
I've done hundreds of thousands of readings and I still look up meanings in new places most days for new perspectives, plus I skim through the 2 physical textbooks, notebook and like half a dozen booklets.
Try getting as into it as that

Also i just assumed it would be good practice to do your own reading with cards and significators chosen by someone else...

I'd smack that fool for not cooking the pizza how do fools get so helpless just off weed, pisses me off desu. I get the part where you aren't so picky about food but cmon man
That's just
Pizza goes in oven bro how fucking hard is that

7 of Disks
Time to reflect on you motives regarding on all things social, work, financial, etc.
Don't doubt your decisions, just because they might be hard to achieve. Better to try and fail than settle for lesser dreams.
This is really all about the practicality of implementation when it comes to your dreams and real life
The medium is your mind and the impetus is your willpower

2 of Swords
You will start to share you thoughts and ideas with others more. Most likely outside your normal friend groups, possibly online or clubs/groups of some kind. This *will* happen, and if you wait for it to happen until later you'll regret it later.
OK that was supposed to be the reading for >>16929799, forgot to link whoops

And I didn't believe about the desu thing until now, desu
Wow... I have been contemplating on buying a deck and to start learning to read. I think you may have just helped me in my decision. I really do need to start meditating as well lol. Did you read at all my potential, spiritually, or is that answer in the cards you drew as well?
Uh give me a while, I'm not in the zone enough right now
That's ok, take your time.
Dang no deck huh? Well, if its a money issue, I know tarot decks usually go for like 20-40 in stores, but I'm sure slightly used ones on amazon or something could be cheap, the thing is you really don't want marks on the back of your cards :/

Here's a cheap thing you could do though before then
Get two playing card decks
I believe they're sold at big and small convenience stores, for a few bucks

You'll take out 26 cards from one deck and mark them with major arcana. Then add these to the other deck.
The normal cards all have corresponding things
A 9 of spades is a 9 of swords
A jack of diamonds is a prince of disks, etc

And voila now you can do tarot readings. Boom!
can you do a reading for me?
P, sagittarius, female, scorpio rising

when will i see this girl named Y again? If i meet her, what will happen?
Yes there are only 22 majors
You need four extra because jack queen king is only three; its missing the princesses, you see
le tiny bump for me
That is fantastic! Thanks a bunch Reader. Maybe if I start practicing with readings, I could do one for you. :P
Mhm, im working on the one before you, just link to my post at the top and put a picture of a character like it said
so like a pic of a character i relate to or?

Three readings. As usual, I need relevant genders and a query; a song helps me if it makes me feel four feels too. I'll choose the method I think most appropriate, unless you're particularly drawn to one or another. Otherwise, I'll choose the one I think most wise to the query you give me.

I'll read for three.
File: latest[1].jpg (105 KB, 700x1100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 KB, 700x1100
alright, heres mine.

Also for more info, long brown highlighted hair, short, tan, brown eyes.
Straight Male
Will i be able to find love?
Lad, anyone can find love. Do you want me to scry your next opportunity or read cards for advice?
I would prefer advice on how to get love
any method
How do I get my life back on track/realize my destiny?
I would prefer the runes, unless you feel otherwise.

Do you give general type readings? I've never asked for one but curious.


Hey BV how is your night?

By the way i have a question men, wich method of Scrying do you normally use? Cups with water? Mirrors? Steel objects?

Wich one do you recommend for starters?

I have tried Tarot using my imagination (imagining random cards) with relatively good results before. Does imagination count as Scrying too?
Would you look at that...there's actually spread for that, lad

>Wheel of Fortune (reversed), Queen of Cups (reversed), 4 of Swords, The Hanged Man, 3 of Wands, 7 of Wands (reversed), Temperence (reversed)

Short answer: yes, but not in the way you imagine it. Long answer: LET'S READ THIS SHIT

Good anon, I must first start of by making it clear to you that the manner in which you construe love isn't quite in line with reality, or with your individual fate, at least. No matter, that doesn't necessary mean that love won't come to you. Really, love shall come to you in the form of a woman with whom you least expect it to. You won't feel it right away, but you'll somehow be inclined to stay, and I think it will creep up on you some day.

Now, good anon, I think you won't be feeling it in the beginning, because she might seemd disposed to be a bit unwilling to put as much effort as you'd like her to. And, for this one matter, I think you'll rue the meeting and relationship in much a wise, but she's actually sorting out her mind when you meet her, and sticking with her might surprise you in some way.
Inside, she's a goddamn saint. Ah, the lass who volunteers for every charity known to man, and who does everything she can to help the world...who would give the shirt off her back for any boy or girl. But, you won't see that right away, because she seems distance and inclined to stay away.

Now, my boy, the main impediment seems that you struggle to employ the right perspective here: whether it is far or near, you need to readjust your sight appropriately, and don't judge the book by the first word you see. Now, my friend, the most difficult issue with which you must contend is the fact that you feel like giving up now! Remember: to quitters rarely comes about good result, you know.

And, finally, the card of time or place...well, I'll admit I can't trace such specifics too well, but it seems to me to spell something of...well...


Once you deal with that, you'll be alright, lad...oh, I got it! You're in balance, but you have things balanced all wrong for that. Move one thing to the left and one thing to the right, and thereafter you'll be alright. What I mean is that you are too conservative with a few things, and bit too liberal with others, if you know what I mean. Examine that balance a bit.

Best of luck to you in finding love and shit.
That link had no audio...

I do, but I do better with a topic. Otherwise, I'll just do a card spread and do my best. (I honestly suck at generals, though.)

>quick break while I reply to NewHelp
>you need to readjust your sight appropriately
>you feel like giving up now
With what? I dont seem to have met her.
>Once you deal with that, you'll be alright, lad...oh, I got it! You're in balance, but you have things balanced all wrong for that.
This only leaves me confused i have no idea what to change.

Im sorry BV i just find it hard to take advice from the reading everything seems to be all over and im left confused.

I seemed to have something like that for a girl, one day i just fell in ove with her, but shit does not seem that is going to work out.
We are to different, i have no idea how to woo her and she doesn't seems interested (you even gave me a reading on it and it was pretty grim)
any readers on?
Hello, This is kind of an open question to whomever feels compelled to respond.

How long will it take for business to take off for my brother and I in our new joint business venture? And are there any potential obstructions or dangers ahead on our road we ought to beware of? Thank you in advance for any invaluable advice or insight you can lend me. Pic related.
I think you're doing it right and making progress; keep going.

Hope you're doing well, friend.

>wich method of Scrying do you normally use?
My go-to is trance-scrying if I'm going deep. I ask for the song as an anchor so I can go somewhere else and just let the visions come to me. If I'm out and about or don't have the chance to do a full trance, I use an app that generates static on my phone, and I use that to get a silhouette, then I close my eyes and take it from there with the visions.

>Wich one do you recommend for starters?
Ah, that's tricky. I've heard some people say they do well with clear mirrors, others with black mirrors, and some need their crystal ball. Nostradamus, one of the most famous scryers in history, used a bowl of water. I would say you should try out different surfaces and see what works for you. But Hijinks is much more experienced than me, so take my advice with a grain of salt in comparison.
Prince of Swords

You're a little reactive
The world's people other than certain peers make you uneasy and or annoyed
There is a desire for conflict, for more intense interaction, more cool stuff, a more exciting life, that isn't being met
You feel a bit overwhelmed by life and feel like things tend to not go your way, but this is mostly because you think it is so.
Change you mindstate and your mindset will change as well
If you can actually channel this energy, desire for new things, a but of a high strung feeling, it will propel you forward, but be careful, it can cut both ways, the risk taking can obviously turn out bad. You just have to keep taking risks, and putting yourself out there, and do it smarter next time.
The balance is that you're on point (+) but also on edge (-)
Get it sword puns wordplay swordplay
When your sword gets knocked out of your hands, go pick it up and keep fighting
Remain unfazed; keep you cool to maximize chances of success.
>I seemed to have something like that for a girl, one day i just fell in ove with her
Probably not her, I don't think. I see some work and reexamining to be important in terms of the one you seek.

>you even gave me a reading on it and it was pretty grim

Your concept of love is off. You want to find true love, but you'll need to reexamine what you think true love is.

>With what? I dont seem to have met her.
I meant as far as disillusionment with the whole love concept in general, like you you'll become frustrated because it hasn't happened yet, and it might cause you to stop trying.

Shake it up

That initial Wheel of Fortune reversed tells me “yes, but not how you think it will be,” and I think it colors the whole reading. It's a girl you would never imagine yourself falling for because she might hit a few of your red flags, or maybe she's just not your type or whatnot, but she's actually got a heart of gold, but you won't see it right away because she's initially a bit cold.

>This only leaves me confused i have no idea what to change.
This ties in with the initial observation that you have your concept of love a bit out of whack.

>everything seems to be all over
Not really. Overall, I got the feeling from this reading that you might consider certain things important that aren't and certain things unimportant that are. And, the overall message seems to be that you'll find love where you won't expect to see. So, if you're looking for a cute girl, give the ugly girl a chance. If you're looking for the girl who reads a lot, maybe give the illiterate girl with a nice heart a chance. I got that you're inclined to judge a book by its cover, and that's what's holding you back.
OK. Then I will ask about my health. I am currently struggling with a couple issues but have been working on them. Is there a way to tell if I am on the path of getting better or will they get worse?
Here, try this one.


Also some background info that might help, I seem to be having some abysmal luck as of late. I've missed a lot of opportunities over the past year or so mainly because of health and psychological problems that fuck up my sleep patterns and otherwise make it difficult to function to the point I feel like I'm out of sync with everything and everyone around me. It's really beginning to make me question why everything seems to be going wrong in my life.
It would be funnier if you had 314 digits of π memorized XD

Anima (your more feminine side): 7 of Disks, and The High Priestess

Animus (your more masculine side): Ace of Swords, The Lovers

Oh fuck I'm getting a strong feel great like STRONG
You really need to do... Drawing? Animation? Fuck idk you need to show the things you see in your dreams
Start a dream journal and don't be lazy with it
If you wake up and don't remember the dream, just write down the feeling, or if not that just say you didn't remember anything that day.

You think your imagination shriveled up or faded away, but it was just covered over by the clouds of negative mental energy concerning mundane things

You have two really good spirits and I think they work terrifically together. The feminine one which you live as mostly is really depressed, but not the other...
Be kind to yourself. I don't usually recommend people get into spirituality or anything because I makes me uncomfortable, but I feel you could use something like that. If you don't have the capacity for belief in more paranormal and spiritual stuff, yu need some sort of code, something to drive you to action.
Think about this
Everyone dies, and most people do some main thing in the lives. Some people are in management, some in science, some are labor of various skills, some are fighters, etc etc and some are artists.
When it comes to art, its harder to say how well someone does. Even if you go from a strictly monetary rubric for determining value, the price of art pieces will change depending on the mood of the public, and many failed artists become highly appreciated after death, and their pieces go up in value
I forget where I was going with this, never mind...
File: Kamina_with_sword.jpg (57 KB, 500x372) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 500x372
male, skinny, pale, unshaven, short blond brown hair.
loner, contemplative, funny, reserved

what's my best quality?
could i get a reading on the woman i'm supposed to be with?

Reader! Hi! You did a reading for me yesterday that blew my mind with its accuracy. I have a tarot deck and you inspired me to get back into it. When/if you have the time, could I ask you a question about readings?
Ah hell, I can't read that at all; I'll do a straight general unless you give me another topic on which to call.

Doing the next one while I wait
File: latest.png (2 MB, 1149x1770) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1149x1770
hello reader,
male, broad shoulders, brown hair, buzz cut, green eyes, moody, funny, charming, caring, loyal

i've had a really difficult year family bullshit, a tough breakup, unemployment

could i get a romance reading and career reading?
you mean to tell me she is going to be a normie?
File: Gl2.gif (34 KB, 250x324) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 250x324

Hey there. Average height, thin-but-not-scrawny dude with black hair parted to the left, glasse, currently wearing a red t-shirt and sweatpants.

I'm lazy, intelligent, somewhat nervous and perhaps too focused on my inner workings. I have an interest for the occult, music, the visual arts, and, uhh... I'm right handed. I'm kind of selfish too, but can be pretty altruistic if needed. I'm riddled with flaws, sprinkled by the occasional virtue here and there.

Lately, I have been feeling very strange. I have very little interest in things, and my lazines is starting to spiral out of control. I feel some sort of tugging inside, like life wants to redirect me or challenge me in some way. Could you please provide insight into this? Thanks.
How to turn it all around...

Well, I'll begin with the sound of three notes that play, and they form a perfect triad now.
>that means you need to get things in your life to harmonize, because they're in opposition now

Let's pull some runes and see just how

> (Hidden) Gebo
> (Hidden) Kaunaz
> (Hidden) Eiwaz, (Hidden) Jera
> (Hidden) Othala

Every last one is hidden...whoa...

Anyway, based on what these runes show, I'd say that your concern is over that repayment for the efforts that you've put forth. Yep, that hidden Gebo represents a reciprocal gift for your efforts that you don't seem to get. Well, you mentioned as much when you mentioned your bad luck, so...
The overall theme here is that you're acting a bit too angrily to the negative things that come to you. Yes, I get it, it seems like bullshit, and your opinion on the matter is likely true. However, the runes recommend that you dissever yourself from the more firey thoughts that come into your mind. I feel like you're inclined to punch the wall on some nights in frustration over how it hasn't yet worked out, but you'll find that it works better if you learn to quell those angry thoughts a bit.

Your perception actually seems clouded by it, mostly by virtue of how you rage at times, and that hidden yew rune to me does advise that you embrace the hard bark and endeavor to toughen up a bit.

Calm your shit!

The result of being just a bit more stoic is that you'll manage to contextualize all the mad shit that's running around in your mind, and it seems that, if you accomplish this well, a good result you'll find. The result position speaks of a good home inside, and it is a place where everything is ordered and in its place: if you successfully defeat the trials you face with a clear mind and the utmost grace, you'll find that everything is fine in your place inside.

However! You still need to quell those more passionate and firey thoughts inside. The overall theme is represented by the inner torch, and I think that it represents those knee-jerk thoughts that seem to scorch your logic at many a time. And, the advice comes in the form of that hard bark: be hard is the recommendation that offers this bard.

Also, they were all hidden, so this means your problems are actually all internal. So, you're actually raging over everything that's happening outside, but the real issue is how you are disposed inside.

So, you know, don't take it all too seriously, bro; you've got this one, though.
Thanks for the insight and advice, I'll look into the things you're recommending :)
File: large_main.jpg (490 KB, 900x393) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
490 KB, 900x393
8 of Wands, Strength

It may fail if you don't put all your efforts and belief into it, but i think you've got to do very well, and this potential is clearly very high

You are currently in too passive a state
You want people to call you or message/email you for their parties and events, but you're an unknown, and right now are likely relying on word of mouth

Maybe thinking of networking online, which would be good, but networking in person is key. If you really have that good mood you project, it should be easy for you to go and talk to anyone.
Plus your image and personality create a big that most types of people will at least be OK with, and makes many types of people be friendly toward you. Exploit this without the urgency that gives the sense of one doing so. I'm assuming you have a permit for just that park, maybe just that specific area, which would be unfortunate, but you'll get better at the paperwork and get permits for other places, which will be good when this location dries up for a while

I have one word for you
Festivals and concerts.
At more casual things, you won't need a permit, just find whoever's in charge there, the restraint manager, the caterer or whatever, lay on the charm, hook them up with some free samples, be cool.
If they're smart they should realize that you being our front will make it classier and people will think better of the place, and they'll be cool and if police bother you, they will likely vouch for you.

Big festivals and concerts though. Work your way up to that. Imagine being one of the stands in the food area at an outdoors concert. You'd make not only lots of money, but network with other people in catering who will likely then give you a heads up on some other event they're going to set up at
Not sure what the feastval scene is like there over
across the pond, but if its anythingit is here, there's lots of 'hipster' music, honestly its most concerts and they all like this sort of thing
Pic related
File: 3660264_orig.jpg (30 KB, 890x382) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 890x382

>I have one word for you
>have one word for you
>one word for you
>one word

Festivals and concerts

Hello? I think you may have skipped mine, still here btw
Thanks for the reading. I totally agree with the harmony part. The Othala and Gebo reminded me of some opportunities I could pursue but I have to restructure my life a little bit (which I hate doing). As for the internal anger part, you're right there. My coping skills have become very poor recently and probably are causing mor problems than I realize. I'll have to get to work on that. Thanks again for the reading.
Oh snap you answered my quads with double dubs huh

OK I'm working on it
Well, you said you would do 3 and you got three.
But ,well, if you still feel like reading later today, I'd be thankful to receive a reading from you .

I'm a straight male
A love reading, please

I have a huge connection with this song, The friends of mr. Cairo by Jon and vangelis is another one ,But I'm on my mobile and couldn't
find it ;( If you check it anyway, skip to 7 minutes in


Thank you regardless, Bv ,wish you all the best
Nothing other than health, eh? Well, I tried to pull a Celtic Cross, but I got some wacky-ass and incomprehensible spreads. So let's rock a wacky method!
>btw this probably straight general, but idk

>“Ridete puellae.”

I saw the 3 of Wands

The voices said “see the light.”

I pulled the 9 of Wands reversed


Okay, let's try to make sense of this one. The situation is overall that you're not really taking things as seriously as you should. Well, you have it understood that things are as they are, and you're somehwat satisfied in terms of how that start shines. But really, it doesn't seem too lustrous to me at this time...I see something about your husband unsatisfied...tend to him, lass; that should be your next task.

Dat perspective, tho. You're looking forward and missing a few things on the floor right in front of you, it seems. You're looking out into the world, but something closer seems not yet unfurled in the way that it should. I would say that it should be understood that you are looking too far and missing a few things that you should call a bit closer to you. Nevertheless, I would say you should rue thoughts of the past that leave you a bit lax in terms of how you handle your present dealings now. Are you still hung up on that one time he fucked up? Well, it's best to let it go, lass, because it's hurting him and, by subsequent virtue, you as well.
That's some priceless insight for me at this stage, I think you're absolutely right about festivals and concerts, too. Also about networking, I've taken our friendly, pretty charismatic image and personalities for granted, I think it'd be crucial to exploit that for practical networking, but as you said, I'll be sure to keep it sincere. Thanks again for taking the time to lend me some great advice.
Now, let's read for this spell! I see the light in a lonesome blight. Just stop worrying so goddamn much upon the negative aspects now. I'd call it enow if you take a deep breath and spread joy wherever you may spread it.

Think about every last thing that is going wrong: now, turn your thoughts about around, anon. Think of every whip and pain as a blessing in disguise, and look upon positive aspects for just how you should surmise and walk and such and I ween that better thoughts are by better minds seen.

Though you should know, it doesn't seem as clear to me, you know. I see a globe, and I see you staring forth. Just be more positive. And, you're now you're thinking “dat BV is full of shit, I'm positive af,” but you're not actually suffuciently so in order to promote some good luck.

And, the end of this is you learning from all of this shit. You're tired and burned out, but...somehow, just somehow, you'll find the cruel lessons enow. I'm feeling massve disconnect somehwere at home, by the way, but that's just my own intuition called into play. Fixyourshitlass. You're coming here and asking us how you can be up to the task, and you're asking about everything except that of which you should, but that's because you're smart woman, and you've well understood that some things can't be solved, except by your own resolve. A flower is grown by how much love is shown. Feel me, love? Ah, love...go tell that man of yours tonight something romantic that you've not in some time. Trust me, it will help clear a few other unrelated things in your mind.

And...well, this was the first time I've done a reading of this kind.

So, grain of salt, oh anon-who-doesn't-provide-a-more-specific-context. But, I still wish you the best.
Wonderful, I hope that it helps you. I'll look forward to hearing about how you have conquered that anger that stands in your way. Best of luck to you, at any rate.

Sorry, mate, but you're a bit too late; I'm all done for tonight, I'm afraid.
No problem, Thank you anyway

Good luck
Sorry feeling a little burn out give me a lil while
Please no new queries
take your time senpai

The first post was double dubs, too?

Them: 9 of Cups, 10 of Swords

They're cool and well adjusted, friendly, playful, but I feel thy might be a little distant from you? Ugh I don't like saying such specific stuff cause I'll probably be wrong. I can't really understand them much, but they're a good person, and they're cool

You: 7 of Disks, Prince of Cups

Practical on the surface but secretly very emotional
Idk why should I tell you about you you know you very well, better than most people know themselves. Maybe you ignore your own advice, but you at least know what it is. Easy fix, just respect your wants and needs more and be practical about the future

Queen of Wands, Princess of Wands

Dang and from the same deck too
I was gonna say you darkness gives you depth which gives reach to you drive - long term ambition, but the cards say to be more specific, how you tend to not get stuff done because you don't believe in yourself and shit, but I'd you really don't believe then it will actually be easier to do to stuff


Yeah you guys will do good. your best quality is that when you're truly excited about things and into them, that rubs off onto other people
Plus you appeal to several different large demographics/types of places to sell at

Hey, if you get enough reputation points in the Merceyside Hipster Guilds, you can get the sweet sweet gig of selling to fancy, small, hip resteraunts. That's that dream of the ice cream purveyor, or it should be. Really, you should look into that quite a bit later on on, you've gained a bit of a reputation...

You're welcome

Whatever; you say potato, I say potato

I might get to these in a while but I am most likely done for the night
ok, no problem at all. just wanted you to know that i'm still here.
thank you reader
For the saddest fags of all the sadfags here:

Very accurate, currently we're separated from each other because I had to move to a different city. I really want to see her again i just don't know how it will end up? Thanks for you reading btw
Very accurate, currently we're separated from each other because I had to move to a different city. I really want to see her again, i just don't know how it will end up? I'm kind of confused by you saying I know what it is and I'm ignoring my advice. Currently, I feel like she has feelings for me. Are you saying this is true? Thanks for your reading btw really appreciate it.
>Queen of Wands, Princess of Wands
that's me. sorry, could you elaborate a little bit more?
File: Sketch432215.png (614 KB, 800x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
614 KB, 800x1280
You're welcome, I'll see you some other time maybe...

Surprisingly high odds for such a long distance relationship, but only if you encourage each other to branch out and meet new people, support each other in your lives and I think that may be the most rewarding relationship you can have with them now
Yeah, you've gotta encourage each other to meet new people, and share in the progress, your success and failure. It's easier o help when you have the perspective distance brings
Yea you both have feelings romantically, but they aren't the intense passion of love really, and there is camaraderie there as well.
Basically pic related, very strong support and synergy of personalities. Especially emotional and moiral support...

You can get with them, but if you get too attached you will sour one of the best relationships you will ever have...
So I feel it is best if you have others in your life, and just flirt sometimes, but mostly just be friends. Eh I'm not sure that's a thing people even do in this time period, but whatever, it would be moir for the best that way for you two

Pic rel8d

Your strength is your strong desire for change, you will not be complacent in things very often, yu want to keep moving forward
That's good
Your strong creative drive and willpower are like really cool swords gathering dust on a rack because you gave up on fighting after several bitter defeats.
It's time to get back into battle.

L8r /x/
Interesting.. Thanks man. Take care.

Do we still get a reading?
For you senpai
Very interesting to read. I guess I passed out while I was going to ask you to do another spiritual reading, just not path related because I'm waiting for Thoth and his new cards whenever those come in. Stupid sleep :D. Thanks Bv and hope that reading didn't eff you up.
File: image.jpg (101 KB, 800x786) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101 KB, 800x786
Here to chat divination practice/theory. Sorry, I don't have time to divine.

Glad to see new readers and glad to read that some are experimenting with new methods.

Methods I'm familiar with/know well:
>Tarot (cartomancy/cards)
>astrology (Western)
>bibliomancy (books)
>pallomancy (pendulums)
>chiromancy/palmistry (hands)
>aichmomancy (muh needles)
>capnomancy (smoke)
And various other forms. I did a little chresomancy this Halloween
>divination by lunatic rantings

Methods I'd love to learn/practice or just know more about:
>Norse runes
>iChing (Yìjīng)

If you'd like to pick my brain, ask away. If you'd allow me to do the same, I'd love to.
Do you think the divine sometimes deliberately lies to us (eathier to the querent or the diviner) in order for the querent to experience something ?

Thanks BV! Will continue practicing :P


Howdy Hijinks! How is your day going?

Also, same question I did to BV

File: 1371178081438.jpg (43 KB, 542x659) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 542x659
I could just go to sleep but alas, I need to do a reading or two before I shall take a nap. Besides that, hello to everyone in the thread! I hope you all are holding up well.

Two readings for now - give me only your query and your gender. I'd prefer to not have financial/career readings if possible, but everything else goes. I'm still relatively shaky with my interpretation, so do excuse me if I'm unable to explain everything properly.

... and of course, if one wants a mindscape reading then so be it, I can give one. Just give me your permission to enter and your gender.
Hi! Spirit reading OR mindscape reading (you have my permission to enter). The pick is yours.

yalda! how are you? i would like a love reading if that's okay. things aren't looking too great, and like a lot of people i'm tired of being alone. etc etc. i'm the cat lady as you can probably guess.
Can you do a reading for a tulpa

Hey Yalda! Time no see you around, I hope it's because you are having fun with your friend :P

By the way I am learning (or trying to learn) how to Scry. Is that what you do right?

Also of you have energy to do another reading after the ones you have pending I would love it.

Nothing urgent though so I wouldn't mind if you deny it :)

I could do Tarot if you are OK.

Wonder what kind of reading would you like though.
Ha, don't take that reading seriously. Maybe none of my querents from last night should, honestly. My card of the day was The Fool yesterday, so I was just being silly, I guess; please pardon the mess. If you take it seriously, than you're an even bigger fool than me.

> Do you think the divine sometimes deliberately lies to us
Absofuckinglutely; I have been /massively/ trolled by the divine quite a few times.

(I had some edgy things written out, but I decided against it; tldr: read Camus)
I actually proposed this question to the irc once - there being malevolent, deceitful, and/or mischievous divine entities out there.

My opinion this that it is entirely possible. There actually is a divination method in which lying or telling a lie IS the divination.

Doing well. How about yourself?
File: 1371177864902.jpg (34 KB, 537x638) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 537x638
While I would be all too tempted to go with a spirit reading, I think I'm going to pass on it for now. I'll go with a mindscape. Enjoy the possible allegory and stuff.

Well, finding a card for you was a bit of a challenge really. I had to go through every one of them before one actually stood out to me and actually showed me something. The imagery itself was like a brown, dark brown mess. Metallic, almost. Two words, meshing between one another - hopelessness and will. Listen to the very first song of this link for I found it quite fitting. http://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=K6EJ2iPWfCA

Then I was just falling down and down... An almost endless city that stretched downwards, rooms and buildings layered upon one another, all blurring into one massive mess of brown, dark grey and rust. It almost felt like it too, rusty. A lot of rustiness. Or just something that is quite dark in nature. Metallic. Isn't metal supposed to be shiny and not dark and rusty?

I kept falling and I could almost see flashes of life in the different buildings. People running around, living in their small, little blocks, doing their own thing, living their lives... But they were just that, flashes. The place was long deserted by now, almost seemingly explaining all the rust and emptiness that permeated the entire scenery of this place. Lots of thin, long pipes connected the different parts, forcing me to dodge a few while I was slowly falling down and down. There was no darkness at the bottom though, which is a good sign all in all.

I mean in a normal reading
Also, think about the scenario when the divine lies to set the querent on a path good for him
I was not reffering to an evil situation
File: 1371177305780.jpg (214 KB, 1624x1325) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214 KB, 1624x1325
At some point, I found myself hanging on one of the pipes and looking upon a strange scene. An elderly woman, rather plump, no real strangeness about her. She seemed to be doing laundry, folding some clothes, not really caring about her own surroundings. It made me think that she is the only person left in this entire place, but what keeps her in here? My thoughts went for - a caring person, but it seems all too strange really. For what would she take care of, when she is seemingly all alone?

More falling down... then I just decide to cut myself out and look in the Void to see if I find anything interesting. Strangely enough, there was this huge...fish of some sorts, just floating through the eternal and all-encompassing void. Looking around with it's little light hanging in front, not really using it for the purpose of luring things into it. It's too obvious. It stands out too much in the void.

I decide to do something else entirely - looking for something that you may need to know. Something that you would actually be interested in. After some floating, I was drawn towards this particular...bubble. I open it and there is...a night's sky. A dark blue sky, not entirely black or anything. A cat that had a shade that was just a little bit brighter than the sky behind her. Big glowing eyes, like almost, comically big. A symbol of the moon on her forehead. Luna. Like the cat from Sailor Moon.

This is where I got pushed out. Sorry for the wait and I hope this made some sense to you. I suggest looking up a few things or perhaps thinking over them - then again, I could have been wrong and gotten some shit wrong, I don't know...

Ah, hello catlady! I'm doing...reasonably fine, at least I'd like to think so. Mentally very out of it, but I think it's the most perfect time for a reading.

Damn, it's a shame that things aren't going so well. I'll give you a reading in a minute or so.
I was having a hard time relating lol. I do have a question prepared, if I remember lol, when you do readings again lol.
> scenario when the divine lies to set the querent on a path good for him
Oh, most definitely. I also think it's entirely possible for the divine to, essentially, laugh at a querent and say "You already know the answer! Figure it out yourself."

Can't complain I guess. A lot of work at my job... Gets me too tierd to practice Scrying for long periods of time.

Maybe today will be the day though.

By the way, wich tool do you use for Scrying Hijinks? Water? Steel?
File: 1371177114430.jpg (147 KB, 750x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147 KB, 750x750
Oh, you're not going to like this one. I simply cannot wrap my head around it in any way, shape or form. First off, I got some warm, warm feelings when I shuffled the deck. I kept shuffling and shuffling and finally found the card that I was looking for - what a strange, lumbering beast I saw.

Three faces, with a size that was all too inhumane. Massive arms, massive legs. Strong, this beast is. The mouth was wide and large, and it kept stretching downwards. Peculiar indeed. It seemed to have been carrying this large cauldron of sorts, at first seemingly full of liquid gold, but then dirt and flowers. Flowers that were blooming.

Just as it trekked along the simple and rather clear path, surrounded by some slight fog, I could see that the lumbering image was...flickering. Instead of it, I only saw an old, shriveled man with rags for clothing. He carried the same cauldron, albeit smaller in size. Something has changed. Or perhaps it was the man all along, seemingly bearing a powerful looking image but yet it was growing old and weary on the inside.

It was slowing moving, but the man was obviously getting tired of his burden. Soon, it seems as if he...overstepped something. Overstretched itself. And the clay cauldron ended up shattering upon the path, spilling dirt and the flowers everyone. He was surprisingly agile and quick, backing off from the scene with a shocked surprise. He hid his face behind his palms, almost...tearing up? It was strange, strange indeed...

File: 1371177156455.jpg (421 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
421 KB, 1000x1000
This grandpa is running back, making no progress but running backwards. It seems that i can yet again see the lumbering beast, at least the flickers of it, while the man is running back on his path. There is something up ahead, something blinding. The Sun. Knowledge of something. There is something to be learned from before, from a long time ago, to help you out. Or perhaps it is something that you need to back off from for a while... I've heard that the Sun can also represent one's self, - perhaps this is also something that you have to look into.

He breached through the light and saw a floating orb. A white, floating orb that was seemingly...helpful. It almost reminds me of Io itself. There was something that would help him. Help him to clean up the mess that he made. Not too long later, I see them, all three of them - the beast, the man and the divine, working on patching up the cauldron and collecting the dirt and the flowers that were spilled. Akin to a blockage of sorts.

Soon, the man heads off on his merry way, happy. The burden is still there, but he is more happy, more content. I think I see somebody up ahead, but that is perhaps for much, much later.

I'm sorry if this made ABSOLUTELY no sense to you, cat lady. Terribly, terribly sorry.

Hello hello NewHelp! And no, I'm just busy with some other stuff to actually do more readings. Perhaps I'll show up again later and do more, who knows really?

And yes, I scry. It's essentially the same thing as BV does, - trance scrying or astral scrying or whatever the heck it is. He knows this stuff better than I do; ask him instead.

Nope, all out of steam already. I'm already tethering on very little energy as it is, as much as I hate to say this but I don't want to put any more to it for readings. I'm simply too tired and too exhausted for that.

I'm sorry for that, New. Very sorry. Perhaps next time, -sigh-.
aww shit nigga, bring dem benjies my way!

ey gurl don't be sad, one of these days you'll find a man who'll tap that ass and call you back

Oh it's ok no need to apologise I understand.

Thanks anyways and I hope you feel better soon :P

Hey Gettho! How are you?

Doing readings by any chance?
File: 1371410180548.png (24 KB, 345x369) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 345x369
Oh bless you, I was dearly hoping you will understand that. Good luck to you and best wishes, - and I know damn well I'm not going to feel any better any time soon! Yay!~

dem trips too

fuck the bitches and screw the money

ps: hope you're doing well, saying that because why in the heck not.

Fingernails, smartphone screen, crystal Quartz, etc. whatever is available really.
For you, Yaldabaoth. See it!

Whoops forgot the trip :O

Ok I guess everything goes.

dis girl clever, dis girl real clever

DL tho aight

maybe maybe, that be depending on what you be needing. maybe I can do a reading
Doing a couple of tarot readings, get em while they are hot, please include sign, age and gender
Gonna do some bibliomancy until I don't wanna. I have low stamina so first come first serve. No guarantees.
Will I find love?
Who or what am I?

I want to know my future in divination, specifically Scrying.

Just to give me a general idea.. I am not worried or anything. Just curious.
File: 1370845020613.png (330 KB, 425x704) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
330 KB, 425x704
I... think I may just be a little bit too tired to see anything from the image right now. It's a nice one though - the artstyle is pretty nifty.

Albeit...Hmm... Don't tell me it's something obvious that I can't see or it's just something else entirely, because I'm not too tempted to make a fool out of myself for myself.

Thank you for the image nonetheless, Adonis.

A funny choice of an image there,
And I could say that I agree with you here.

... naw, fuck this, not the time and the place for lines like these. But I hope and *will* that you're going to do well.
Three verses for you and seven words.

Emotional Healing
so the body
the Greek
could be completely

A venetian plague doctor, Peter Pan, and Napoleon in the sitting room.

"Oh, wouldn't that be nice? By the way, it's "you owe me five farthings, Say the bells of Saint Marin's' The answer to 'Oranges and lemons, i mean."

"Rememberance is for the living, Lieutenant, not the dead"
Rusty uh. Did you get to see the sky? If so, what was it like? I think I might know the place.

I'm not sure of what the cat might mean, or what the fish light's purpose could be.
I just wanted you to see it :) it's Adonisgi. It means androgynous shaman/two-spirit
Hello there

Would you kindly care to pull the words that need to heard in order to guide this bellicose seer towards victory? I would be rather grateful, quite certainly.
Continue, i'm interested
Could you please elaborate at all?
Male 25

What does my health look like in a near future (0-1 years) I might have caught a nasty virus but the situation i'm in doesn't allow me to see a doctor for the next months.
Yes. Three and seven I will give you.

Sharp pants and he begins
heard and obeyed
services to me
someone else
by the way
first came
he came

He looked back, saw the skeletons and graves scattered around the well.

Steam rose from the water and enveloped her face.

While Jay Harper didn't even know the name of the game.
Okay, what have you got for me?
Do the cards thinks the surgery will be sucessful? My life will begin from that right?
When will I get qt?

Hey Newhelp, asking you too if you dont mind, you were accurate in the past and I trust you know your shit
No more readings. Sorry. That includes anyone who asked. I did not expect so many replies. I expected to do 1-2.

I will.
File: 1372205043266.jpg (410 KB, 1920x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
410 KB, 1920x1200
I could not see the sky, sorry 'bout that. I just kept falling down and down and down, really no time to turn around and look up. I tend to play along with what the vision puts me into, so it's hard to break out and look around for something more. I can just describe the lighting, that's all - not too dark and not too bright. All seemed to blur into one mass of colors, which like I said were dark brown and grey and stuff... mostly dark brown, actually.

The cat, well... Like I said, it looked an awful lot like the cat from Sailor Moon, Luna. Luna is another word for Moon. Look into what the moon means; the symbolism regarding it and what not, perhaps it'll give you a clue as to what's up with that. I do not believe it's anything literal - a literal cat and what not, but it's more metaphorical.

The fish, well... almost seemed like a guardian of some sorts. It's an angler fish, technically. I forgot the term itself while I was typing out the reading for you. It was really strange to find something like that just floating about and well... floating about. It wasn't doing anything much.

Sorry if it made no sense or something, I'm rather rusty with my mindscapes and all and usually meanings like these make more sense to the querent than to me.

Ooh, well thank you then. It's a nice picture! And I just went with Adonis, since Adonisgi sounded a bit strange to me. But if it does mean something to you in full, then I shall call you in such a manner.

Your readings seem interesting and I'm all too tempted to ask for one myself, but eh. I'll pass. Other people need them more than I do - even if I would understand the reading and if it would contain some grain of truth and advice, I would not follow it.

Sucks to be a stubborn shit, but what will you do?~
The OMG thread told me if I was looking to understand tarot then read:

Would the divinatory practitioners agree?
If not what did you use to find understanding in tarot.
Mercury - You are becoming this and that but your identity is in being. This is why you do not know who you are. You are still exploring and growing spiritually.

Caveat - You will be grow spiritually in the blink of god's eye.

Emotional Healing - You will be guided from beyond the body for good.

so the body - Your health will improve

the Greek - This is for you to come to understand

could be completely illusion - beware. If it sounds to good to be true, it is.

The three verses are for you to contemplate.
Also what would you say on automatic writing? Subconscious thought forms?
Possible connections with sentient entities?
Interesting. I like good news too. Thanks for your time, reader.
If anyone wants me to send them a spirit animal I will be in the Paranormal healing thread. That is more my forte.
you know how we do

for those dubs, dawg, I gotcho back

Aight so first I see this hardworking nigga like a carpenter or something and he surrounded by these coins...Aww shit is that some tarot thing? Then I see this joker nigga and he laffin, dawg.

Brotha, you gon have to work hard, but yo hard work will pay off. You'll get all discouraged and shit when you scry some bullshit, but dats natural tho. Like, when I first started, I saw nothing but dollaz and hos. One scryer to another, dawg, you gon see some bullshit come up in the beginning, but that's just how dem mirrors and shit fuck around at first. You'll be cool if you just keep working at it and not give up when bullshit comes up.

that's some thug shit right there yo

Ahhh I could try but I don't really feel comfortable with health readings.

Because I am not entirely sure I know my shit...

I could still try if you want but again I wouldn take what I say too seriously.
No worries at all, I understand - might just take some time to crunch the symbols and find their meaning.
Thanks a lot for the reading!
Thank you, good reader; I think I know how to make sense of this, given my particular context.

Yes, it's rather thuggish, alright

Thanks bro apriciated!
File: large.jpg (69 KB, 376x228) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 376x228

cat lady here; thank you for the reading, you don't have to apologize! somehow i'm not too surprised, my love life is extremely frustrating. thank you again :3
aye bv you want dat read hopinto the irc
Wut? I asked for a reading?

Well, I'm not home right now, but maybe I'll hop on later. Maybe...my card of the day today was 8 of Pentacles, so maybe I should get my ass to work.
Ohhh you didn't ask. I offered. o:
i'll take a shot
Oh...okay, thanks; maybe when I get home

Yo dawg, you missed a perfect opportunity to meme:
>"Yo dawg, I heard you like scrying, so I scried about your future with scrying to see how you'll be scrying"
It's my way of giving you hugs.

It doesn't look that bad to be honest. I'll save the reading and explain it when I get more time.

However there were a lot of Pentacles in the reading... Don't know what to say abou that.

Well give me an hour or two and I'll post the reading in the new thread.
Thank you, just refer me as ''Q''
She wants...a pleasure reading...?

She says it's a form of crystal divination that uses tarot and crystals to determine how good your next round of intercourse will be. I don't know.
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