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So my Native acquaintance of mine from MN told me some spoopy stories on halloween and one was decent, dunno if they were true but he says they were.
>be native friend few years back
>mid november light snow on the ground
>Lives in the Red Lake res northern MN in a trailer with mom, drunk stepdad and a few sisters
>fenced in with backyard leading to tree area with a lab and a pitbull
>out of nowhere dogs start going haywire
>anons playing games in his room
>"anon come out here" stepdad yells
>goes to living room where drunk stepdads watching tv on his recliner
>"anon go see wahts fukin with my muts"
>alcoholic stepdad has him go check whatsup
>prolly just a stray fucking with his dog (most reservations have a stray dog problem hard as fuck)
>takes a shitty 20 guage
>outside dogs are barking and growling at the trees but no dog outside of the fence visible
>calms down dogs but they were still in fight or flight mode
>meh. Starts heading back to the trailer
>"anon go see wahts fukin with our muts" same way drunk step dad said it down to the slurr comes from behind him, not from the trailer.
>"anon come out here" again same way
>Shouts back that it was nothing before walking in
>stepdads passed out in recliner
>meh, goes to bed
>dogs kept barking til he fell asleep
>wakes up to a livid stepdad
>ranting about his pitbull slick and how anon said he checked what they were barking at
>"OBVIOUSLY YOU DIDN'T" and gestures to the window facing the backyard
>blood on the snow looking like one of the dogs was dragged to the woods
>lab has a broken leg and a big 3 clawed scratch down its side cut deep
>pitbull nowhere to be found even in the woods outside the house.
>no tracks but they figure it's a bear or wolves
>gets grounded and the lab was so injured it had to be put down.
He has a few more spoopy stories those woods but nothing this freakydeaky. They put out bear traps but never got anything.

Spoopy, thanks OP
>How can I check for treed coons?
>Why do I yell to treed stepdad?
Also, aren't all injuns alcoholics?
Shit I know I am and I'm only 1/456 Cherokee
I'm from MN, it's fucking weird here sometimes, got some shit for you guys, more of a personal story not so much with the fact that I live in MN. Lel.
>skinwalkers fucking with a pitbull
topkek the blood was probably his
Lets keep this going
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OP here I have another story connected to Natives in MN. So backstory Cheyenne got a long running beef with the Sioux (im 1/4 sioux) of the great planes due to wars a long time ago(Sioux were pretty brutal they were the ones scalping and such and always portrayed as dicks like in dances with wolves) , this happened on a Cheyenne res
>family of 3 a cheyenne mother, a sioux stepdad, and the 4 year old Cheyenne daughter
>stepdads a outsider who just moved but at this point nobody really cares about the whole sioux beefs
>daughter keeps having vivid nightmares and screaming about some old woman with braids
>one day mother leaves daughter in the tub while she goes to answer a phone call
>kids playing with toys and is fine
>the door suddenly slams and locks somehow
>child starts screaming like one of her night terrors about the old braided woman
>mother starts slamming on the door to no avail
>Childs still screaming and she hears thrashing in the tub
>Gets down on her stomach to see through the bottom of the door whats happening
>she sees a large pair of feet covered in mud and leaves to big to be her daughters
>screaming suddenly stops
>stepdad comes and breaks the door and the child's just sitting in the tub with a blank stare
>they travel to the local witchdoctor of sorts to see wassup
>after a while with the child he thinks he might know whats going on
>talks about how it seems one of her ancestor spirits is very angry with one of their decisions
>says the spirit is rambling about sioux if that means anything
>Stepdad and mother go pale
>take the child back home and the explainable events continue with a shed catching fire and the childs night terrors
>child keeps getting paler and more silent by the day going without food and not speaking
>eventually the stepfather decides to move on in hopes this will help the family
>goes back to SE south dakota after saying his goodbyes
>after he leaves the night terrors stop and the child goes back to her happy self
>unexplainable events
on my phone lol
shoulda shot the pit n replaced it with a wendigo
bump more spoop pls
That's bullshit fucking racist ancestors
I'm originally from the White Earth Indian Reservation in Minnesota I have a few spoopy stories. People see ghost all the time where I'm from
Share em MN people always got the best shit
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Ill join the spoop story train
>be me visiting montana
>goto a turnoff for a wooded area that locals know is good for fishing and woods fuckery
>innawoods with cousin his friend bill, bill's girl shelby and bill's younger brother noah
>they have cabin and cousins 19 so we all chill their for fishing n such
>October so its priddy cold we get the fireplace going and tell stories
>right before bed we hear something slam on the door of the cabin
>go out to see what hit it and its a dead squirrel with no head
>figure wild animals so we lock everything up and zip up all our food so no bears smell anything
> middle of the night another slam
>only me and older cousin are up
>slowly check out what it is and it's a dead possum this time cut in half
>spooped by now so he gets a 30-06 hunting rifle and stays up while I goto bed
>hear a shrill scream from the woods inhuman
>turn to cousin but he says its a rabbits death scream and to just goto bed
>wake up early still freaked out
>we open the door to go outside and 2 dead rabbits torn up and a fox with a deer antler shoved in its abdomen
>decide this is our last day out here and cousin checks tracks but it just seems to be live circular hooves prints
>cousins friend bill lets call him is more curious than scared
>has a .22 ruger pistol he brought to plink and decides to go scope around with Noah
>I fish some with Cousin and Shelby but we decide we're just going to pack shit up and get ready to go so we don't have to walk the path to the jeep at night
>get back and Bill's still gone but Thomas is back
>says Bill ran off after he saw some horned thing and sent him back to camp
>Cousin and Shelby go off to find Bill becuase we have 3 hours of day left and me and Noah chill in the cabin
>they come back with Bill like a hour later and he looks dazed or like in a trance
>only wearing his vest missing his shirt no gun to be found or his backpack
>"we found him walking near the river like this missing all his stuff"
>it's getting dark now and the forest is dead silent
>Bill keeps saying "my pack" and pointing to the woods but we all keep telling him theirs no way to go find it in the dark
>"my pack lets go"
>"No way bill why'd you leave it in the first place"
>blank stare
>Shelby cuddles up to him and we all grub on some food
>goto bed no thumps that night on the door
>wake up early to everyone up
>Cousin says he's leaving and Bills still on that "my pack" shit
>"well I'm going to finish packing don't be to long"
>me and noah head out with them to go look for the pistol and his pack (I wanted to shoot it before we went back home)
>we get to where they found Bill and he sorta just looks at me and noah for a while
>"uh Bill where'd you leave it last"
>blank stare
>he sorta just gestures further at the woods offtrail
>"uh you boys go back I guess I'll help him find it" shelby says annoyed
>me and thomas start heading back when we see my cousin on the trail
>he shouts to Bill "I got our stuff all packed up we're going to head back. I'll take Noah back home if you want"
>Bill sorta just holds his hand up with a cracked smile. Didn't wave just held his hand weird
>Shelby shouts back that they'll search for like another hour then take their car back.
>Get home and play some games and chill
>Bill doesn't answer and neither does shelby
>cousin starts getting worried now that it's dark again and heads back alone
>after awhile he comes back with no bill or shelby
>says their car's still their and the cabin's empty
>After another day of no reply from Bill Game wardens are contacted and begin a search
>A week goes by no shelby no bill
>They find Bill's shirt he left the first day torn along with his backpack with all its stuff spilt all over an area a half mile from the path
>nothing of Shelbys is found
I went back home to Colorado but from what I've heard from talking with my Cousin awhile after they found Shelbys hat a week later with a little blood in it sitting on a tree stump next to a dead possum
>Bill and Shelby are assumed to be dead after the search went cold and the Montana mountains get pretty harsh in the fall months
Was bill native merican cause if not get dat shit out dis thread
Bump. This thread has somethin nice in it.DONT LET IT DIE!

> be me
> be 15
> at home playing vidya with lil bro n cousin
> mom and dad are staying a few nights at the casino
> no one else is there but us
> bout 2 in the morning were all up still playing ps3
> out of no where we hear 3 louds thumps
> sounding like someone pounding on the wall with a fist
> we get up walk around
> here a sound coming out of the down stairs bathroom
> go down there
> its pitch black down stairs
>turn on all the lights
> get near the bathroom
> hear water running
> open the door
> its pitch black
> the sink in the bathroom is going full blast
> turn on the lights
> no one there
> get a chill down my spine
> feel like I'm being watched
> we run around the house making sure all the doors were locked
> they were
> we turn all the lights on
> then we stayed up till sunrise
> my parents came back a day later
> told them what happened
> they don't believe us
> this was one of many spoopy things to happen in that house

Haha my mom now after I moved out said she can here footsteps at night sometimes when they're in bed. She asked me to sage the house a few times
me and sister home alone with babysitter one day, our parents were out gathering sage, cedar and whatnot. playing with toys, suddenly we felt scared for no reason. we look in the hallway suddenly a man in a trench coat and top hat came rising up through the floor. we froze and just stared, one side of his skin, and clothing was black the other half white. after he disappears we run downstairs and tell the sitter what we saw. she freaks out and gets us ready to leave the house, on our way out we saw the same thing at the front door smiling and waving. sitter saw it too, it disappeared and she threw us in the car and left the house in a panic. she told my parents what happened, then my dad and his friends did some native cleansing and whatnot. never saw it again, or the sitter. she says the house is too creepy for her. theres some other stuff involved with the house but i could only think of this off the top of my head.
This thread is dope
Story from the reservation in MN
> be my friend
> be little kid
> my friend is outside playing with other kids
> they play tag n hide n go seek
> they run all around the neighborhood
> they get near the edge of the neighborhood
> there's a big hill covered in trees n shrubs on the edge of the woods
> there's a faint overgrown path in the grass leading up it
> the kids head up the trail
> they get to the top
> there is a clearing between the trees
> looks like a old camp ground
> they look around
> there's skeltons of dead deer and other animals everywhere
> they hear a faint sound
> sounds like drums in the distance
> like a ceremonial drum our people use
> they get a weird feeling
> they notice there's things hanging in the trees
> looks like some shit out of the Blair witch project he said but there was feathers and deer skulls
> they hear twigs breaking in the woods
> sounds big
> sounds like its coming right for them
> they run and scream out of there
> they run down the hill
> across the street to a friend's house
> his little sister is crying because she's so scared
> the friends mom asked what's wrong
> they told them what happened
> the mom said
>"When I was little all the elders would say not to go on that hill"
> the elders said there was a man living up there
> this man was a witch
> he practiced "bad medicine"
> he would place curses on people
> he even was suspected for multiple murders
> at night if you were near the hill
> you could hear growls and loud shrieks
> some times you could see red eyes looking at you from the woods
> some people report seeing a monster
> it looks like a deer at first
> then it stands up on its hind legs
> it has the body of a woman
> with long black hair
> red eyes
> fangs
> and claws
> it then growls at you
> then it starts to chase you
> they said its sounds like its right behind you
> you could feel its breath on your neck
> the people would scream and cry
> eventually they'd not hear it
Dark injun wizard
> they'd look back at it would be gone
> eventually the local medicine man investigated the area
> he said there is strong evil presence on the hill
> he said there's nothing he can do about it
> said the evil has seeped into the earth there
> its part of the ground
> its a unholy sanctuary for bad spirits
> he said during the day it loses some power
> but at night he said you must never go up there
> especially all by yourself
> he said he put tobacco out at the site
> he said the only thing he can do is sage our homes
> and use tobacco and pray for our health and safety
> any way after that it was well known never to go up on that hill
> the stupid tribal government built a house with the hill in the back yard
> the house was notoriously haunted
> people would move out right away
> anyway eventually the house was abandoned
> a spiritual adviser
> investigated the house
> she took pictures everywhere
> there was a small crawl space in the basement under the stairs
> she took a picture there
> in the picture is what appears to be a creature with a small human body
> a dog head instead of a human head
> and deer horns on top
> the picture is floating around the rez
> eventually the house burns down
> no one knows why
> they condemn the site
> the hill is still there

I've seen the picture. You can barely see it its so transparent. But you can see it. It sends shivers down your spine. I'll look for the photo and upload it for you guys
The photo would be much appreciated
i concur
>yay multiculturalism

> it has the body of a woman
> with long black hair
> red eyes
> fangs
> and claws

That reminds me somehow to an old thread of this guy who found a weird "thing" on a hill, with deer fur and black long hair. Do you know what happened to that OP?
The head looked similar accept the horns were smaller, and it looked like a ghost
I remember that, didn't we tell OP to make it a hat?
I asked my friend for the photo. He's looking for it. Im using FB to find it
This is slightly off topic, but do you guys think eliquid for electronic cigarettes would work as a substitute for tobacco for rituals/offerings?
Naw. Thats nicotine in the vape bro. Not tobacco. Tobacco is a plant from the earth. Its one of four sacred plants in my tribe
Another story from the res

> be me
> be 16
> be at cousins house
> its a 2 bedroom cabin on the lake in the middle of no where
> its the middle of summer
> a rainy and cloudy day
> my auntie and her BF leave
> they usually go to the bar and are gone all night
> its just me my older cousin and my younger cousin
> youngest one is like 14
> we sit in my cousins room
> We play video games and smoke pot
> its starts to get dark
> its starts to thunder storm
> the fucking power goes out
> were just sitting in the dark
> go find some flashlights
> the storm gets worse
> we just sit there forever talking and laughing
> out of boredom we decide to tell scary stories
> spend what seems like forever telling scary stories to each other
> storm dies down
> still no power thou
> start to hear noises in the house
> meh, its a old cabin
> out of no where we hear what sounds like a dog growling in the kitchen
> we don't own a dog
> my cousins start freaking out
> my lil cousin starts tearing up
> my older cousin stands up
> he yells "Get out of my house!"
> "your not welcome here! "
> we hear a howling wind
> sounds like the wind crashed into the bedroom door
> I'm frozen with fear
> me and my lil cousin are hundled together on the bed
> the lights turn on
> power is back on
> we all walk into the kitchen/living room
> nothing is there
> all the doors and windows are locked
> get freaked out
> we start blowing up my aunt's cell phone
> she doesn't answer
> we stay up all night
> we keep all the lights on
> my older cousin says
> "I didn't want to scare you guys earlier, but I've seen a massive shadow at the end of my bed one night."
> "I was frozen with fear. But I started screaming in my head then eventually out loud. I said get out! Leave me alone! And it did."
> next day my auntie comes home
> my cousin bitches at her for not answering
> tell her what happened
> she believes us
> says "I'm sorry son. I'll get us some sage today."
> she didn't have cell service

> she really didn't have cell service
> no one gets cell service on the res
> anyway
> I go back to my cozy safe home that day
> my cousin and auntie sage their house down
> our local medicine man tells them to hang ceder above the doors
> he'll smoke the pipe later and pray for them
> they never had a spooky problem in that house again
> they move a couple years later because the cabin is falling apart
> I've seen a big shadow a couple years later in my room
> random spooky things keep happening to me every few years
> meh thus is life

My whole family believes in ghosts and spirits

Any other stories?
RIP Bill & Shelby
the experience you and your cousin had while sleeping was sleep paralysis...not ghosts...
>page 10

Oh no you don't
>Be me staying at old grandpas rural farm near Beresford South Dakota
>grows corn and has a big ol piece of land
>great for pheasant hunting so we come visit
>Small trailer style house me and young brother
>Grams leaves me and brother alone while he goes to the nearest bar at night
>He's a drunk so we know he's going to come back late
>Fuck around in the house and watch TV for a few hours
>start hearing cracking like someones driving their car thru the corn field
>the family lab is going ridiculous howling
>Sit at window in fear because no car lights and it really sounds like something big is smashing thru the 6 feet corn
>brothers trying to get ahold of grams through the local bar's since he doesnt have a cell
>Im looking out the window and the sound has stopped
>in the moonlight I clearly see two all white figures crawl out of the corn field
>These things looked like fucking gollum
>All white no clothes with really long arms on all fours
>At this point I got my brother to get me my hunting 12 gauge waaay 2 spooped
>they're like sniffing the air or something
>I open our front door slowly and instantly they fucking turn and stare with these huge black eyes ill never forget.
>Let off a 3 1/2 inch shell at them and one lets out this inhuman "SCREEEEETCHHHH"
>I fired from our doorway to the field at like 30 yards or so
>Both run back into the corn crazy fast making like hyena sounds
>about 2 hours later drunk gramps shows up drunk as shit
>slurring and damn near incoherent
>Ask him about what I just saw and he instantly sobers up
>insists we must be imagining shit and cuts our hunting trip short sending us back.

What did I fucking shoot
>What did I fucking shoot

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