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It's time to discuss the less known...
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It's time to discuss the less known theories of Isaac Newton.

This is the man who discovered gravity, and invented entire mathematical methods which we still use today in order to prove his theory.

He stuck a needle in his eye all because he wanted to prove something about how light works to himself.

and he was incredibly obsessed with Biblical Prophecy, and believed the Book of Daniel was the key to understanding the Book of Revelation by St John.

Some believe that he was very Christian because he had no choice. Yet many of his peers were deists, and he had no qualms about challenging the church when it came to theological ideas, and theologians at the time considered him to be heretical at the least.

I say this as a prefix because it amazes me how many people will turn on Isaac Newton all because they want to tip their fedoras.
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Isaac Newton.jpg
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Isaac Newton specifically focused on Daniel because he believed that it was the key to everything, and he saw the prophetic language as a sort of code, which had a definite consistency.

He also noted that the prophets who received the visions wrote them down, but often did not understand the visions themselves.

One of the simplest ones is the case of the 4 metals.

When Nebuchadnezzar had a dream about the statue with a Head of Gold, Breast of Silver, Belly of Bronze and Legs of Iron, with Feet of Iron and Clay.

>Golden Head

Represents Babylon

>Silver Breast

Represents Medes and Persians

>Bronze Belly

Represents the Greek Empire

>Iron Legs

Represents Roman Empire

I will elaborate on what Isaac Newton thought of this.

The Prophecy of the Four Empires was told again to Daniel

>First Beast

Described as a Lion with Wings, the feathers were plucked,this was representative of Babylon, which after it was destroyed would never be rebuilt.

and it never has and never will, since it is located in modern day Iraq

>2nd Beast

Described as a Bear with 3 ribs in its mouth, this is the Persian Empire, which conquered Sardes, Egypt and Babylon, which is what the 3 ribs represent.

>3rd Beast

Representative of Greece, it has 4 heads and 4 wings.

This represents the 4 kingdoms which Greece separates into after its fall.

Cassander who controled Macedon, Greece and Epirus,

Lysimachus over Thrace and Bithnyia.

Ptolemy had control over Egypt, Lybia, Arabia, Ccelosyria, and Palestine, and

Seleucus ruled over Syria
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>4th Beast

Described as exceedingly dreadful and fierce. More formidable and longer lasting than all of the previous Empires combined. The Roman Empire very much lives up to its prophecy.

The beast also has 10 horns, which represent the 10 Kingdoms which it separates into after its fall.

I will name the 10 Kingdoms as Isaac Newton did.

Pic related, it's how he organized it


Take delight in knowing that you are actually indeed seeing Isaac Newtons writings on Biblical Prophecy.

Isaac Newton goes into detail which I will not, this is basically a TLDR.

But concerning any questions about translations, and dates. He takes the time to explain all of these issues in entire chapters in his book concerning the Prophecies of Daniel and St Johns Apocalypse.

It's also worth noting that his prediction of 2060 being the year of the second coming of Christ was something that he didn't want anyone to know, and he would likely freak the fuck out if he knew his theories on that were being shared on the internet

As it is written "He is coming like a thief in the night and no one may know the day or the hour"

He considered his math on that to be experiments for himself, private thoughts of his own, and he thought if he started giving theories on exact dates when the Lord would return it would bring discredit to theology as a whole, and would contribute to the madness of people who go around saying "The world is ending next year" and shit like that.

Pic related.

He was also convinced that before these events, the Jews would return to Israel. This had not happened yet in his time, and the Temple of Solomon would be rebuilt, which has not yet happened.

Now concerning the Beasts.

We see that the Beasts of Daniel relate directly to the Beast mentioned in Revelations 13.

>Revelations 13:1-2

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.
Let's take a look at this passage and maybe you can see the similarities after examining what Isaac Newton revealed concerning the Beasts of Daniel

>The beast which I saw was like unto a leopard

Much like the beast of the Greek Empire

>Feet of a bear

Much like the Persian Empire

>Mouth of a Lion

Much like Babylon

>10 horns

Much like the Roman Beasts 10 kingdoms.

>7 heads

This is what is different. So we need to look at the last beasts.

We see that the Leopard had 4 heads and 4 wings, which represented the 4 kingdoms of the Greek Empire.

If we then add the heads of the other beasts

>4 headed Greek beast + Roman beast + Babylon beast + Persian beast

7 heads.

Therefore, the Beast of Revelations 13 is a combination of all the beasts from the past empires.

But it has even more power, it gains formations and then it proceeds to gain power through the Dragon over every tribe, nation and tongue in the world.

It's region is that of the beast of the empires, and the whole world worships it.

That is all I have to say about the matter so far.

Please feel free to discuss.
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>The beast which I saw was like unto a leopard
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found that pic while i was scour google for data from inca legends

ended here:
bLue mexican dieties
reptillian sword
draids / dreads

hindu bitch is blue with dreads also
File: whoblue.jpg (1 MB, 889x2600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 889x2600
also large skulls

Very interesting indeed. Good find OP and God bless
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Did he have anything to say about the mark? I'm finding that concept troubling, considering the talk about moving towards a cashless economy. This will probably happen in our lifetime. We will reach a point where you will need to be locked into a database to make purchases and partake in society at all, which is what Revelations said the mark of the beast is.

Yes he did. But he also noted that much of his lack of knowledge was due to the time he lived in

and perhaps some people can help with what he knew.

He also noted that some of his lack of knowledge was due to the time he was living in, and that he would probably be able to understand more if he lived in, for example, the time we do now.

Pic related, it's what he had to say about the mark.
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the yeast steals letters
its angles not angels [pic]
its mərkury aka mercury for radio
baited neway
microscopic to her, but 7'+ to us
bacteria millions of year old evolved killer bot.jpg

I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean.
File: miss-piggy.jpg (142 KB, 1600x1065) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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porky the piggy ork

Oh shit, a butthurt sperglord is spamming this thread.
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λ = frequency. play half life

mərkur λ
>mercury (+aluminum Vaccines)
>radio antennas
>its a schwa

>she has a yeast infection/mosquito bite
>it has too much dna, it evolved REALLY fast
not my fault

What about this thread triggered you?
now that i found the mark i was looking for the beast...

the other poster asked about the markury so i mentioned what i found.

jordan maxwell is really good occult if u wanna data.

:D GL.
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write bible diaries from men fighting lizard soldiers without me excited? plz
I honestly think it's more likely that he was just messing around and his status has elevated almost anything he ever wrote down to serious thought


He wrote the following.

>and thence I seem to gather than God is about opening these mysteries. The success of others put me upon considering it; and if I have done any thing which may be useful to following writers, I have my design.

He also did mathematical experiments, including the one that came up with 2060 on his own, and he never intended for it to be seen by the public. The only reason we know about it is because he is dead and we were allowed to rummage through his writings.

Only a man who truly believes can have this much dedication to prophecy.
It is possible to be extremely right about some things while being extremely wrong about other things.
I'm having a little trouble following these extracts. Is he basically saying that most of the signs of the Apocalypse had already occurred? Where was the cut off point between what was predicted and what had already happened?

He's talking about the Beasts.

Each beast represents an Empire.

The Final Beast, or Empire, is a combination of all the beasts.

Many pre-requisites for the apocalypse have been fulfilled. But many have not been. Read the posts.

It's worth considering at least is it not? Especially if one of his genius saw it to be probable.
Sort of fits in with something I read a while ago claiming that a more intelligent species of human existed in our prehistory which engineered homo sapiens as slaves for labour, and to assist in the genocide of other hominids occupying desired territory. But we bred out of control and started crossbreeding with Neanderthals captured in war (thus gaining intelligence beyond our former capacity), and eventually our overbearing nature caused their united empire to crumble.

The writer held that all major civilisations come to be run by the degenerate remnants of these people, as they are genetically accustomed to assuming positions of power through manipulation. The part significant to this is that he also claimed that the NWO was an attempt amongst them to eventually reunite their empire and cull the rest of us to a manageable level so we can resume the role of slave that was intended for us.

I can't remember where this is from, though. I might be able to find it again with some Googling, but maybe not.
No, it's not.

Newton was (generally) right about motion, but the Philosopher's Stone is total nonsense.

You will find all sorts of examples in history of smart people believing dumb things.
/x/ is for discussing paranormal stuff. I know sometimes it looks like it's for copypasting creepypasta and pretending you have sex with demons, but discussing stuff like this is actually more relevant and interesting than any of that.

>No it's not

Not for you I guess. Just because you refuse to believe it doesn't mean it's not a possibility.

Welcome to /x/
Statistically geniuses are more likely to believe crazy bullshit for the same reason that they are geniuses: they excel at finding patterns. Then, before you know it, you find a link between your neighbor mowing his lawn and unrest in the Middle East and you're wearing tissue boxes for shoes.

Is this even /x/?

Is there an atheist fedora tipping board here?

Shouldn't we be discussing what Isaac Newton actually theorized about the Prophecies themselves?

>For example?

Newton was convinced the Jews would return and the Temple of Solomon would be rebuilt.

The Jews have actually returned.

Also, we should look at the beasts and determine if and how it could be possible for certain regions to become joined into a single "beast" or nation.
Maximum autism the post.
Wow a displaced and hated peoples found a way to get back to their homeland.
What an amazing thing.
Must be prophecy.
Look, man, prophecy is lowest-tier /x/ above RP and creepy pasta.
It's throwing shit at a wall and when one fecal bit sticks you can say "A-ha! He was right all along!"
See you in 2060. If you're right, I'll eat as many fedoras as you like.

Why are you so bitter.

I am not even proposing this.

You need to contend with Isaac Newton, perhaps examine what he said and show the fallacies.

Do you even believe in the paranormal? Why are you here.
>It's also worth noting that his prediction of 2060 being the year of the second coming of Christ was something that he didn't want anyone to know, and he would likely freak the fuck out if he knew his theories on that were being shared on the internet
I imagine the reason would be that since time is speeding up combined with foreknowledge would only speed it up

so i'd venture to say we don't have the comfort to wait until 2060 and whatever he predicted is bound to happen a lot earlier

I hope that's not true.

I'd like to get married and have kids at least before things go to absolute shit.

But then again I might have that chance in the millenial kingdom.

wow this thread derailed. but Nice try op, twas interesting whilst it lasted
Lambda is wavelength you fucking pleb.

Nah people always derail and get butthurt when it comes to anything that suggests smart people follow God.

But the discussion isn't over.
Or never happen at all.
Newton believed that if you through a fish in the air a elelphant would come down
who doesn't?
Wasn't Newton obsessed with hermetics? He translated Hermes Trismegistus writtings to English.

I didn't know about that. I might need to look into it.
This fag just stole from hindu books.
Underrated post.
but. but. but... muh demonic anal rape experience!
I stuck my dick through a fish... but it was out in my shed, not in the air.

>schoolboy error! no elephant penis for me tonight. :(
That pic is a fucking riot. People are so creative.
I used to get so scared about that blue bitch when I was a kid.
I used to think she was gonna walk in my room at night and consume me.
this is LITERALLY the plot of Assassin's Creed. To the letter.

It's funny isn't it.

Although AC does base some of it's occult stuff on reality.
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