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I'll start. I was in a small, long room with several small hallways and nooks. It was torchlit and everything was made from wet grey clay. It was entirely self contained and no entrance or exit existed in the small area. The clay itself was full of ink deposits that mimicked metal deposits. It was not claustrophobic, it was very cozy and I was not upset about being there. I went around carving bricks out of the clay walls with my fingers and then taking them to the main room, and then I'd rub away the clay around the ink deposits, trying to extract the deposits themselves, but they'd only smear away and mix in with the clay. It didn't disappoint me, it was almost therapeutic, and I was amused at the way the colors mixed with the wet clay. The instances of ink were mostly either red, blue, or yellow. I did this for some time and then I felt a feeling of urgency. I started to panic, not because of my confinement to the clay room, but for some other unknown reason. As I ran down the halls, I started to notice blood mixed in with the clay all around me. I finally got to some room that I identified as my "supply room" and I produced several handfuls of bloody money from a box embedded in the wall and put them into my pockets. Suddenly I was outside of the clay complex and was in a large city in the process of being destroyed by fire. The entirety of the ground as far as I could see was metal mesh, and below the mesh was a deep dark pit, and in some places fire would breach the darkness and shoot upward. The mesh broke beneath me before I could get my bearings and I fell into the pit and I eventually lost track of myself, like I couldn't follow myself down that deep, so I just sort of floated at one point in the darkness, even though my body itself was effectively still falling, and I was removed for it. I found myself back on the grating and this happened several more times, I'd fall and lose track of myself and then fall again.

Possible Context: I went on an unplanned and totally impromptu date with a random girl for the first time in three years that same day, she is TOTALLY batshit insane but she's very attractive and I haven't had a close intimate relationship in so long so I'm going for it anyway.

I can't see any relation between the two but that's literally the only remarkable thing that's happened to me in months.
I have an issue with two conflicting dreams, please interpret

>be me
>having sex with my best friends girlfriend
>its super hot, but for some reason all these dreams take place in my parents house and I keep almost getting caught by them (mind you im 23 and live in a seperate state. though the first dream happened while i was visiting my parents).

so then this happened later
>be me
>instead of sleeping with my best friends gf, im having sex dreams about my best friend
>In them I can't maintain an erection
>they are usually in public places, such as lockerrooms, or in a house where other young people might catch us
>in one dream he leaves me to have sex with other men
>in others i just cant get hard so we stop

da fuq?

The idea that you got busted by your parents means that you aren't fully comfortable with your independence, and if that isn't the case then it could mean that you at least long for the days that you were under their express protection. Sex is an adult thing, and the fact that your parents interrupted an adult activity must mean that their is some conflict between your perceived adulthood and some unresolved feeling toward your old life at home.

The erection dream makes me think that there is some feeling of sexual inadequacy, but paired with the first dream, I'd say that this may indicate some perceived inability on your behalf to successfully act independently as an adult. You did not engage in a mature activity because you were unable, this fact that you lost your erection may be a manifestation of not some sexual inadequacy, but some self-aimed inadequacy regarding adulthood and maturity at large.

I might be wrong though because I have no idea what I'm talking about.
I had a dream last night that I was gifted from either my sisters or my girlfriend a deep deep purple sphere that was the same size as a hematite sphere that ive got

It had no reflection and looked like a hole in space with the edges gradually turning purple but the black core was evenly black.

Was really smooth and cool but weighed about the same as well.

Dunno what it could mean.
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pretty old one that still baffles me to this day

>in our country we have a holiday where people wear customs like Halloween
>go outside to take a walk
>its afternoon
>literally no one on the streets,not a single person
>suddenly group of boys and girls comes from the corner of the street
>they look happy as fuck,going in leaps
>they have animal customs like bird,tiger etc
>they are 4 or 5
>3 of them are girls 2 are guys i think
>they start dancing around me
>the chicks are pretty hot i think
>the guys are tall and weird look, almost 2 meters tall with strange facial structure,nothing too out of the ordinary tho
>weird dark skinned guy with weird face rushes towards me and pats me on the back
>he slapped my back pretty hard
>get put off by them and go home
>tying to tell my dad about this shit
>suddenly a knock on the door
>its the guy that patted on my back
>suddenly he starts fucking with me,touching me all over
>i call dad but he just smiles and says its nothing
>dream ends with a weird burning sensation in the left nut
I have about 2-4 full story length dreams every night and sometimes theyre continuations of dreams from previous nights. usually im a secret agent type dude and i have lots of dreams of being a solider at war but theres a video game twist (weapon wheel etc) i dont even play games much, maybe an hour a week, then other times ill dream of mediocre stuff like hanging out with my bros in weird malls and festivals and stuff
ok so running from something, maybe an angry mob. climb on top of abandon house. I've got 5 minutes. pull out toy helicoptor(which I brought in real life a while ago) cool it ended up in my dreams. But play with it why I'm waiting for the mob to catch up. Then Some guy is shouting at me from the ground, jump on him. Nuclear bomb goes off, hide behind wall. little crispy but ok. and the dream ends. The fact that the helicoptor ended up as kinda my dream totem is pretty cool.

smooth, cool and with weight?
sounds like the universe is telling you to listen to Deep Purple.
Pic related is the sphere your sister gifted to you. The gift of their holy immaculated music
second dream.

I'm on the beach, a hurricane is coming, drive to new york to get away from hurricane. End up on beach with girl I had a crush on long ago. And the dream ends.

looking for thrills but afraid of the consequences

storm/rain is associated with emotions
thanks, that helps. It is very boring around here.
I dreamt that my old friend had some sort of paper that when put through a printer would make cocaine. I helped him make it and for some reason I was responsible for holding it. At some point a soccer team scored a goal and I "respawned" to put it best, and when I went back to the place where i Was holding the coke it was gone. It was in a mall for some reason. He was pissed that I lost it and said it would only be fair to hit me in the face 3 times. He did and it didn't hurt since I don't tend to feel pain in dreams. Me and this friend have never touched coke and never plan to either, nor is he violent.

Later on I was driving somewhere at night. The road was narrow, steep and windey. Everntually it got so steep that I was going vertical and all of a sudden everything turned 2D and the sky turned white. Before I knew it I was sitting on a couch with the friend from earlier looking at a broken TV. The friend proceeded to show me a video of myself stumbling around and knocking over the TV and breaking it. I figured I must have been drugged or something and didn't once consider I was dreaming.
>start dreaming
>dream consists of the Holy War starting
>Christians vs Muslims
>big battles all over
>get 23 and 27 branded into my dream wtf
>wake up
>feel like I got a call from God to do something about the world
>don't know what to do

Idk man that melatonin is hard as fuck nigga
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