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Super intense memories
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Super intense memories

ITT: memories that seem to real and intense but can't be true

>standing in kitchen playing with cats
>music starts to play in my head very loud and intense
>doesn't sound familiar but I may have heard it before
>classy instrumental with violins
>remember being on stage in front of hundreds in a dark theatre
>only light is on me
>start to dance in real life to this music and memory
>never have I danced ballroom/interpretive style danced before
>feels so natural
>sister witnesses whole thing
>"holy fuck when did you learn to dance like that?"
>apparently it looked like I trained to do the complicated dance routine that I never done before
>I just felt like I knew exactly what I was doing and remembered it
>the only time I've been in front of an audience was in elementary school during the Christmas program
Ooh. I remember one. Except, I wasn't the only one seeing it.

It was a shared impossible memory.

My cousin and I were 5-7 ish.

Also, on mobile so no green text.

It was night time. Around the side of the house my dad and such were talking about cars. Like literally 20 feet away.

We were running around in the house, and we went out the back door. Then we saw a shadow of a man holding a beer in the back yard. Like five feet away. We stopped dead.
It was like 7-8 pm.
Even if it was pitch black, the back door was open. We should have seen the guy clearly, but nope. Silhouette. Barely visible.

We just continued staring. It's all we could really do, we were little. We stared for what seemed like forever when suddenly the shadow twitched slightly.
And his head burst in half. And out of it came a bunch of more silhouettes. About 30-40 of them. They just stared back at us. I have no idea to this day for how long we stared. All I know is we ran away to where my dad was. We told him what we collectively saw, and dragged to the EMPTY backyard.

I asked my cousin, in private about it years later. She remembers everything.
We both do.

Also, I was shaking while typing this so typos. This room's cold as hell.
There is an 8 second snippet of a song by Swim Deep that gave me an intense memory of a completely different life
I remember being on top of a skyscraper, staring down off the edge, and then jumping, the rush of nerves and wind as I plummeted to my death.

I, of course, have only been in a bigger city a handful of times, all during my adult years.

If I had to "order" memories in terms of when in my life it happened, I would say this is my "earliest memory". And I can remember random stuff from when I was 4 at the earliest.

Maybe avoid tall buildings then
You're either
aren't you?
>going through McDonalds drive through with mom, my neighbor and my neighbors daughters, who's almost the exact same age as me

>Was extremely young, one of my earliest memories, not sure how old but I remember being in a car seat not even sure if I could talk in full sentences

>Neighbors daughter in a car seat next to me, won't stop crying
>Very annoyed by her crying, just won't fucking stop crying
>get happy meal, mom hands me the toy from the happy meal I'm guessing
>Toy is a yellow rectangle that's made of some translucent thick plastic, you could almost see through it
>soothed annoyance from the crying
It was about mid day, the sun was going down so the light from the sun was that really comforting shade of yellow, I remember holding the toy up to my eye, it filtered the sunlight through and the resulting color/image was very pleasing to me.

The way sunlight looks coming through a window when the sun is rising or falling has always been weirdly extremely peaceful to me, that's the first memory I have of noticing. Almost all of my earliest memories have to do with sunlight at that time of day, sort of strange.
I remember dying.
>be like 4
>i'm inside a car, the car is on fire
>see my mother screaming, reaching for the car but people are holding her back
>my hand is on the window, i can see the flesh burning, turning black, falling off
>the pain was so intense for the first twenty seconds
>then nothing, nerves were too damaged to feel anything
>Vision starts to fade,
>last thing i hear is "my child is still in there"
>20 years lateer, ask my mother about it
>she goes pale, dodges the question like it's a plague


Wow, you and the skyscraper guy have recollections of a past death. That's incredible. Peace and love, friends.
>be me, 4 years old or something like that
>i lived in a house by the country
>i remember going everyday to a place behind my mom's plants, in the garden, just to see something like a dead seahorse, covered in dust

the memories about this are so vivid, and from what i remember, one day it just disappeared.
Sounds to me like an ancestral memory, or something similar.
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