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>be me, 18
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>be me, 18
>in basement with gf
>tv on, lights out, laying together after banging
>start to feel insanely paranoid
>feel like I’m being watched from every angle of my basement
>temperature rising, cold sweat, extremities tingling like they’re falling asleep, both arms and both legs
>start describing feelings to gf
>she’s just like “idk, I’ve been with you all day and you’re stone cold sober for sure”
>decide to just drive her home
>have to pull over once on the twenty minute drive because I can’t focus on driving, too paranoid
>turn on her street, hyperventilating really bad, body still insanely hot
>she asks if I want to come in and get some water or something
>say ya, get out of car, puke on her lawn like 8 times
>feel a little better, drive home

This has happened to me multiple times since then, generally when I’m starting to drink or smoke but not when I’m fucked up, has happened multiple times when I’m sober. Unlikely to be drug related. Is not beetus or hypoglycemia, talked to doctor about it and he just told me to get more potassium. I started taking supplements (can’t fucking stand bananas) and it hasn’t helped. I’m 24 now, this has been happening for six years and lately things have been getting interesting. More to follow.
It's called you got schizophrenia
>op pukes
>its schizophrenia
Nope, been to shrinks


>get job at storage facility
>basically alone in facility 7.5 hours a day, most human interaction is over phone
>small things happen often, like pens or contracts not being where I thought I left them, drawers I don’t remember touching being opened, etc.
>always figured I was just being forgetful, being alone basically all day takes its toll
>one day, eating in break room, divided from office by a closed door
>hear loud bang, figure someone wants help with something but the office is locked cuz I’m on break, happens once in a while
>finish food, go back in office
>digital thermostat is ripped off the wall, hanging by wires
>try to stick it back on, can’t, the plastic is broken
>figure its just old, try not to think about it
>hear banging noise from supply closet, look in direction, lights are on
>haven’t been in there all day, no reason for that
>go in closet, check lightswitch, it is flipped to on, not an electrical problem
>tell myself I must have turned it on and not remembered
>start feeling dizzy
>cold sweat, extremities falling asleep, body starts overheating again
>pile of boxes right in front of me moves half a foot on its own
>bag of packing peanuts lifts up and falls back into its place

I called a coworker of mine and told her all this. She says I should tell another coworker of ours, “Trish”, for some reason. I do, and Trish turns out to believe she can see ghosts and stuff. Claims her whole family can. Says she’s talked to spirits and they’ve never lied to her, all kinds of stuff you’d expect someone like that to say I guess. Asks me if I’ve noticed certain things, like have I seen one door in particular open slightly when I know it should be closed. Tell her ya, she says she sees “them” walking in and out of that door all the time. More to come.
You don't need a shrink, you need some brain scans. And get a different doctor, that one needs his practicing abilities pulled.
It almost sounds like a seizure. On the paranormal side of things, it could either be causing you to hallucinate or in the case it's real, it could be your brain and body becoming overloaded giving you a temporary uncontrolled telekinesis.

>part of job is to walk around and just check everything every day
>take elevator from second to first floor cuz I’m fat and lazy
>step out of elevator and hear weird sound behind me, like someone trying to suck a really this milkshake through a straw
>turn around, if something’s wrong with the elevator it’s my job to figure it out
>see in elevator a figure that looks like a black robe floating in the air
>head looks like a balloon shape colored like a red/orange marble with one giant black eye and no other features
>like pic related but head was colored
>just fucking staring at me with that one eye while I stare back
>elevator closes, I run back to office and check security cameras
>nothing in the fucking elevator on the film

Called Trish, she starts telling me something about spirits and their world or something, as she’s talking I start feeling like I’m going to pass out. She uses the phrase “angel of death” and all the sudden I get tunnel vision, like peripheral just disappearing. Eventually, blind. Total blackness and I can’t hear her anymore even though I can still feel the phone against my ear. Eventually come back to, she’s asking if I’m still there. Phone says I’ve been talking to her for forty minutes. Tell her I have to go, customer in office. I never showed up to work again, never saw anything like that again. One more…

Maybe I should go see a different dr, haven't been to one in like two or three years in general so seizures actually good be a reasonable explanation
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Forgot pic last time

Trish friend requested me on facebook and had one of her friends, a wiccan priestess allegedly, starts messaging me stuff about talismans and items of protection and stuff. I started carrying around a cross I have that was blessed by a priest when I was a kid (was a thing we had to wear when singing in choir at church, raised in super religious family and went to Christian school where choir was not optional). Whenever I have it on me I don’t experience any of the weird paranoid feelings and don’t see anything weird. Talk to priestess girl about how it could work even though neither of us believe in Christian God and it was a Christian Priest who blessed it. She says the higher being that created us doesn’t care what we call it, only that we trust in it enough to call upon it in times of need.

>carrying cross in back pocket like all the time now
>go to friend’s party after work, pass out on his couch
>wake up, drive home, get undressed to get in shower, realize cross is gone
>call friend, ask him if he’s seen it, he hasn’t
>a few weeks later, alone in apartment
>drink a beer watching tv, get up for another
>feeling really hot all the sudden, everything looks like it’s spinning as if I’m wasted
>hear heavy breathing coming from my kitchen, feel fucking terrified
>start praying, asking God to guide me away from evil or accept my spirit
>instantly episode ends
>don’t know what to do, so drink more beer
>wake up next day, put on work pants, cross in back pocket

Idk /x/, I just don’t know. I guess it could be seizures, I actually am more on the side of something is probably medically wrong with me than I’m seeing ghosts or whatever. Probably should go see a doctor, just fucking hate doing that.
If you're also having tunnel vision, they need to do an ekg too. This is pretty important to have checked anon. It could be a cardiac event that triggers a panic attack as another thought to >>16936396
. Schedule an appointment with a new primary care doctor in the mean time and go to the emergency room immediately if it happens again.
You're having health problems. Take some responsibility you fat delusional fuck.
Well, fuck. It's not like he didn't go to the doctor for it anon. The doctor seemingly just dismissed the shit out of it.
>take some responsibility
Meh, kind of weighing whether id rather put all my time and money into worrying about something that could kill me or just letting it kill me. Not like anyone relies on me, no reason to be so hostile.
yeah that's some serious, pet scan, mri, ekg, blood work, whatever the one where they look at your heart, doctor shit.
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