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Lucid Dreams/Meaningfull Dreams
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I am Awakend again. My third eye has seen through the flaws of others and i have learned how to read in between the lines of what people really mean or are intending
I can dream worlds that no man has set foot in
Please Earth Childern. Tell me youre dreams. The ones you can't make out meaning to and i will help decode them.
I am only here to help so please.
Ask a very spiritual man any question you desire.
I can start by telling the Earth Childern dreams of my own and what they mean.

My firt time flying through my dreams i was in a small town i grew up in. I could not control the movements i had in my dream as i was flying id be falling or even gliding sideways through the air. This is to mean i wasnt in control, not just the dream but of my realality which was true. Then months later when my life had straightend out and i had good influences arround me that i choose i had a dream. A dream where i coud fly freely throughout the world and control my actions in the dream.
Control. Not letting other things influenece you in life. That is a major step towards lucid dreaming, And a start to a good mind set.
Why do I hear music in my dreams? The songs are unknown to me.
How did the music make you feel? What is the mood/setting its being played in? It could mean there is something you yet to discover
maybe you're supposed to write them?
I was observing the universe, then i was in a pool with a shark in. Someone fall inside, i jump in for save, the guy disappear the shark too. I think about i will die inside, I'm floating so i dont care of die, watch this blue woman sleeping, i keep observing her face. She open the eyes.
>wtf! Get scared
Think to myself i shouldn't be scared, she keep looking me deeply into my eyes. I wake up. What was that anon?
Also in the universe i was moving into portals and i watch a bunch of binary numbers around
last night I dreamed my closest friends couldn't remember who I was properly and I also drowned at the end of it while trying to find a way to look at myself, essentially means I lost who I was, my identity, I feel this way in waking life as well what do?
It plays when something happens that 'must happen' I felt powerless in one occasion and in the other I felt like a puzzle was solved. In both cases time seems to slow down when the music play's.
Do you value the life of youre fellow man more than your own? I have this problem.
Life is a string of numbers and digits waying odds and factors that decide the future and the universe is where it all collides and shapes what we know as reallity.
As for the woman i am not sure. Did you recongnize her? maybe youve yet to meet

Is reincarnation real?
How does it work?
Is there an easy way to find out about previous lives?
Youve changed. Youre friend remembers the old you and now is not sure who you are. Its killing you inside or prehaps killling the old you, Hence drowning. Just let life take its course but make sure to stay in a place that makes you happy and allows you to be who are without having to change for others.
A few weeks ago I had a dream where myself and about 20 other people were under missile attack. Some how I ended up in a house in the countryside with these people, they were my own people (nationality) but I hadn't met them before. We watched barrage after barrage of missiles being launched and coming towards us but nobody flinched. The shells rained down all around us wave after wave and destroyed a lot of buildings. Luckily no one was hurt. It was strange though. Any thoughts on this?
You need to figure something out? maybe you are missing something that is no longer there. If it happens again try to make out if there are any words within the songs
Reincarnation is a touchy subject because it borders on religon. But i believe that animals humans and plants all share the same life force that connects us together.
Other than that id say go try sleep hypnosis with a trained professional. Maybe you can find answers there
yeah for real lifes did a number on me and I have changed cause it went totally out of control, I wish I could have the person I was back cause I don't feel like i really know who I am or what my purpose here is anymore and I hide things from ppl which would totally warp how they view me
I don't think I'm missing anything but thanks for your time and thoughts.
Never before I've been see her, but she looks like a "ninfa" (no idea in English) to me
Most of the times i had that problem.
Thanks by the way Op
Also I've been having this other dream about trying to get to others universes and having this tools like from the future (i can fix things broke with thus kind of gun). Hope you enjoy your day Op
since it all went to shit ive also been constantly looked down on by everyone I valued despite what I do for them, which while that isn't new its just worse I feel trapped
Prehaps a veiw at the next world war. It seems like good sign. People survive through destruction to live.
Everyone deserves a fresh start. Try to meet people who you can be you arround and that make you happy. You dont always have to dwell in the shadow of past friend, trust i have and it lead me nowhere
How do I become comfortable & confident around women? I don't even wanna be a player who pumps and dumps women. I just wanna have the social skills to be able to get a long term girlfriend. I don't know why I'm so afraid of the opposite sex.
Dont be indimindated. Its not like anything you do now will mater in a 100 years. If it doesnt work out just let the girl have her room and wait for the next person who suits you well. Once you find that person just stay loyal. Seriously why is it so hard for people to not be a douche these days
Plus this was off topic lel
>Ask a very spiritual man any question you desire.
>out of context
yo senpai what it mean when i can remember my dreams from last night.. am i enlightened?
It means little unless the dreams actually meant something or if it was just a random dream. And i dont know, Did it enlighten you?
How do I get better at retaining my dreams? Some mornings I literally can't remember a thing...

it was just a series of random dreams featuring a few people I know, however does the fact that I remember them mean i'm more awake than the average person? Most people don't remember shit when I ask about it. I'm just wondering why I tend to be better at remembering details of my dreams almost every night
There are foods that help people lucid dream or help remember your dreams. As there are things that make it hard to remember them.
It takes practice. Try to differ realilty from the dream. Like if a setting was off or youre in a place youve never been. Then try to commit it to memory. It works for me usually.
Some people find it easier naturaly to remember their dreams. My family for example we can usually recount them from start to finish. Other than that anyone can really, It takes practice.
Medititaion can help before you sleep. Also after a certain number of hours under sleep you enter REM Sleep which is when you dream the most and can remember them the most.
I will be back on later to answer anyother questions but please feel free Earth Childern, To share your dreams wether bad or good.
Dream log 1:
>in a mall but about to close
>ask the staff where the exit is
>go to the exit, got lead inside a church, exit the church
>be in a vast green plane
>really beautiful, lots of patches of flowers
>there's a huge stone castle in the distance

Dream log 2:
>gross looking earthworm on my palm
>about to get inside my skin
>grab it but snaps into two
>other small half managed to get in
>I'm like 'nah nevermind'

Dream log 3:
>can't really remember anything except for a phrase some person said to me
>'ni phong ang yi' (or 'ni phong ay yi'? it's not my language)
>upon hearing this, a thought comes to mind "everything will be ok"
not one specific dream, but i do dream about distinct houses (either old and partially decrepit or brand new crazy custom mansions) almost every night i haven't figured that part out yet, all other dream signals make sense
>dream of being in a video game
>know that it's a video game but don't realize i'm dreaming
>want to quit playing
>only way i'm aware of is dying
>it's a kinda portal-like platformer without fall damage
>i repeatedly try to climb higher and higher, and jumping to the ground
>get annoyed
>wake up after a while

Make what you want of this, had this dream last night.

I also dreamed of licking the asshole of my underage cousin once. Are dream-crimes a thing yet?
You got some trippy dreams man
First one may be a reconciliation of your ancetors
As for the other two i think they may just be random dreams. ive had a lot of them that were just random trippy events
>I also dreamed of licking the asshole of my underage cousin once.
i kek'd

The first one i dont know. Maybe youre suicidal? Are you depressed and really just want to jump off cliff?
In lieu of reality- things are starting to blend for me, between past and future- things I've been thinking about or decisions I've made have caused those things to show up later on, for example I've been considering joining the military only just today and I've been noticing more and more military related things that have shown up for no reason- a truck on the road, a billboard that wasn't there before, etc... My question would be this- what is the difference between creation and recognition? Am I accidentally manifesting things, am I choosing to take part in a universe that manifests those things, or is it something along the lines of precognition? Thank you.
I think maybe you feel as though its the right choice for you. If you really feel as though it is. But the more you think about it the more it will keep poping up. Little ads, sticks, media anything, it will trigger the same thought you had on it before.
Its a verry good question,the difference between creation and recognition, its hard really to tell the difference. I think it would have been something youve always notice or has always been present.
What to do when the fire burns out?
What to do to gain Angels favor?
What to do to have more vivid dreams besides calea zattecchi + l-huperzine a?
What to do to have more control over my environment?
What to do when weak?

I am weak. But I know I must be strong. God says I am His child.

Can you hand me a dense gemstone OP? I would love to hear a vision you recently had, to see if it connects with my Higher Purpose. Please, tell a seasonal, a recent story!

I recently had a dream I kept shouting Property is theft in a restaurant and I kept getting laughed at. I am not a communist, but I used to be. I find this strange.
A favorite of mine.
>Be lucid dreaming in a war torn time
>People scrambling, yelling, lots of noise, but all telepathic, no auditory screams
>Realize I'm in another realm, begin to manipulate fabric of reality
>Make myself enlarged, bigger than the castle walls, my sword, larger than the people running around.
>Dream is like gravity, and forces me small again, with my sword
>Dream soldiers take notice, and rush to me, as I'm oscillating big and small from dream fighting my will power to grow
>Dream soldiers pin me to wall to help the dream fabric
>I question harming them, as they aren't attacking me, only restraining me.. they don't let me go, despite me trying to rationalize them away as my dream persons, and *poof* them away..
>They stay
>Try to stab one in the eye with sword out of frustration, making it grow..
>Dream makes it oscillate against my will, small and large, very rapidly..
>I am *POOFED* out of my own dream, into a separate dream unrelated where I can not access the castle again, still lucid.
>Wake up wondering wtf kind of dream kicks me out of my own dream..
The question is indeed becoming more and more this: What is the difference between creation and recognition? And in comparison, logically, the "recognizer" is also known as "creation," and therefore the question: What is the difference between creation and creator? And the answer is none but ignorance.
I dont belive in religon. There are no angels.
There is no god.
Just life meaningless and infinite. Random and pure. Youre pygmy religon doesnt mater
Your subconsious kicked you out. I usually play it cool arround the dream folk. They dont need to know if youre dreaming.
Gulliver's Travels and Alice in Wonderland don't seem so far off now, do they?
That's what I was thinking actually.. I've had other dreams that I've thought were sub conscious regions I was tapping into, again, a castle, but instead of flats, it was more of a mountain, with a waterfall, and a fuck huge spire, with a fear demon, a minotaur, and a crystal orb that teleported me somewhere idk.

Actually no they don't, very well conceivably possible and easily perceivable. Now how do we bring about the manipulation of matter/ atoms/ quarks/ particle forces/ wave forces with our minds, in this waking world?
That's the trick, ain't it? Theoretically, by chaining your subconscious to your conscious- the best way is by learning how to control your dreams- Hindus have long taught that dream control helps in achieving enlightenment, if I remember correctly. And then gradually realizing how your dreams affect reality- I have a friend who can reliably change the weather in dreams. You'll know you're there when you achieve a sort of half-drunk, half-high state, your eyes usually dilated- it's like being high all the time, except you're completely sober. If you've ever been in love, it's sort of like that, except it's a total love for all of humanity, completely selfless. In that state you have a more direct access to God/subconscious, and can manipulate things better. The goal, I'd imagine, would be to keep that state of mind permanently and so effectively play a limited version of God, like a co-creator.
I dreamt I was in some kind of city center in a country far away, I then saw a girl I know, she was going to help me find a girl I don't know yet. We end up searching but finding nothing, I then "wake up" again at the city center, but it got a little darker and it's almost nighttime. I went to on to continue searching and after a while I met that other girl again, until I woke up at the city center again, this happens one more time and it's midnight and I have to search alone. I saw a car speeding away and suddenly I get launched into the air, normally I always have control over flying in my dreams but this time something else was also trying to control me, I basically get launched all over the place in the sky, overlooking the island I was on this whole time. The island however, was beginning to sink into the ocean, a little sandbank was left in its place, revealing the number "42". After searching in some other random places like some kind of house, I jump out of the window to see a rainbow, I follow the rainbow and at the end of the rainbow I see my best friend with a family and kids.

What the hell does this mean? I can full in the blanks here and there but what the fuck, 42? I have never even heard of the hitchhiker's guide before.
I want to share with you 2 dreams that really got my attention. In the first one I found myself in a rubble inside a destroyed city. There was trash everywhere and it was really disgusting and scary at the same time. The sky was red to orange and instead of ocean there was lava. There weren't humans but some kind of human like creatures with skinny bodies and they looked a lot like zombies. After I got chased by this monster I imagined myself closing my eyes and I thought to myself that I needed to leave. After that I was swimming in the sea, it was warm and I remember watching some kind of cyborg-fish with whiskers coming close to me and they were really warm and friendly. When I ascended I saw an island. There was a sunset and the island was so beautiful and it looked like it had some kind of futuristic buildings with the architecture of the greek classical age. It almost reminded me of heaven. I began swimming towards it... then I don't remember much what happened, it got cold and I woke up
In the second dream I was climbing some kind of mountain. While I was climbing this mountain I entered some kind of cave that lead me to a ladder, while I climbed I began to notice that I was inside some kind of ruins, there were destroyed wooden walls and rocks. I finally got up and I saw a huge grassland/landscape that was filled with destroyed temples and churches. Then I looked up a hill and there was a huge temple that was facing towards me. I climbed up and there was an altar in the front at its highest point. I stood on it and I gazed upon the magnificence of the sun. As I watched I imagined myself wearing some kind of armor , a crown and a cape with a symbol that resembled the sun. As I gazed everything turned white and I woke up
Sup /x/, I feel like dumping content, so I'll drop some of my wierdest dreams.
My best friend died the first of August and since then he has started popping up in my dreams.

3 days after he passed I dreamt that I was a Sith lord.
I remember having a red lightsaber in one hand and a huge SACK of Thermal Granades in the other.
In front of me is a huge, red laser wall and on the other side I can see a Jedi Councilor with a funny hat and that Kyle-guy from those old videogames.
Suddenly, to my right, my dead best friend pops up and asks me what I'm doing.
I immediately broke character and started asking him questions.
"Dude, quick! Tell me! What does the afterlife look like!? Spoil everything!"
[spoiler]"Oh, it looks like... Ancient China, but it kinda like... changes whenever it wants back and forth..."[/spoiler]
I remember killing the councilor, but the Jedi Knight got away.
I dreamt that the local supermarket sold goldbars.
My natural response to this situation is to steal these goldbars and ship them with a minecart to the car mechanic next door.
When I completed the heist, my mother came up to me and told me she "finally bought an ostrich".
Out of a van behind her steps this... abomination... imagine if you will a "Monster Girl"-ostrich, cute? NOPE!
>The monster girl isn't animated as if it was an anime, it has an Ostrich head on top of a normal human body with feathers everywhere.
>In it's ostrich eyesockets is human eyes.
>It looks like an abomination muppet!
>I woke up, and I can't forget the ostrich face-with human eyes combo.
I dreamt that I was selected as one of the few to visit a space station.
However, I wasn't choosen by the space program in my homeland, but a poor, third world country.
I started to freak out when I saw the space shuttle, it looked like it was built out of garbage.
>Fast forward to space station, I'm eating icecream with some woman.
Suddenly, this semi-fat guy shows up and starts yelling about aliens.
I wasn't going to die by some alien for another country, so "we voted the fat guy got to stay on the station and sacrifice himself by blowing it up while we left to tell his wife and children of his sacrifice."
We had to hit him in the head with a fire extinguisher, but after awhile he decided to stay outside of the shuttle while we left for earth.
>o7 that one white fat guy from Uganda.
Hey /x/, I have a weird dream and I don't know what it means. Sorry for my horrible english.

Me and my friend was stationed to mine for ore and shit on another planet.
After a few hours my friend found somekind of egg.
I'm not fucking stupid, alien eggs spells for bad time, so we ran the fuck out of there and boarded a train back to the colony.
I tell my friend “What if it's Xenomorphs? What if Xenomorphs are fucking real, bro!?”
>My friend looks at me and tells me I'm retarded.
Just as he tells me this, three xenomorphs starts climbing on the train outside our window.
>My friend tells me he's obviously retarded too and we're just hallucinating.
“Fine, we're retarded, what would 'retarded people' do if they started hallucinating xenomorphs?”
>”They'd probably start barricading all the doors and ventilation shafts when they got back to their rooms.”
Fast forward, we're at our rooms and we start to barricade the outside corridor, “like retarded people”.

Out from one of the rooms comes a rich looking guy with 5 really hot women, blasting music like a fucking concert.
We tell him to “turn off the music, he's attracting aliens.”
Naturally, he tells us to “fuck off with our weird shit and clear the corridor.”
The electricity goes out and we hear shit moving in the vents.
My friend pulls a fucking shotgun and tells me to stay back.
The roof colapses and xenomorphs starts swarming towards us, in a state of panic I remember I'm a virgin and I don't want to die like that.
“I'll have sex with anyone at this point, I'm not dying with a rejection!”
One of the women decides that she just wants to think of something else during this and accepts.

We literally get down on the floor and start sexing.
My friend somehow manage to kill so many aliens that the floor floods with acid blood and the woman I'm sexing drowns in said acid blood and is now acting as my raft while everyone looses their feet.
My friend tells me to stop mourning my newfound raft and haul ass to the command center.

I run for the stairs but I'm ambushed by one of the aliens and faint.
When I wake up there's fucking Doom monster-demons roaming the halls, I stay low for awhile until the coast is clear and I continue to the command center.
I'm met with a female receptionist who asks me “if I've booked a meeting with Dracula?”
I tell her that the station is filled with aliens and I don't have fucking time for... Dracula?
She gets all giddy and tells me “You must've missed your father so!”
I look over my shoulder, hallucinating shadows in every corner. Wait, did she say “Father?”
“I know he's been missing his daughter soooooo muuuuuch!”
“Look, do you work here?” I ask her, I'm starting to suspect that she might've escaped the lunatic factory.
She opens a locker and starts pulling out something that I can best describe as a sexy nurse version of Crisis Nano Suit, a Jetpack and Buster Sword.
At this point I have no clue what the fuck she is up to, maybe she's planning on... no, what? She's going to battle the Xenomorphs with that?
She looks like the happiest woman in the world when she walks over to me and starts to force dressing me this “Nano-Nurse-Suit.”

She shows me to a mirror and I... wait... shit, this ain't me?
In the mirror is a vampire chick with a Nano-Nurse-Suit, a Space Marine Jetpack and a Buster Sword.
It's like someone made a Mary Sue-waifu-fetish-woman and decided “Fuck it, let's see how far we can go.”
I just now realized that my voice sound very pitched, did I always talk like this?
I stutter “But... But the aliens...”
She fucking bitch slaps me and opens the airlock to FUCKING SPACE.

You know that fear when you see a spider? You're not actually afraid of spiders, but it's like something primal way-back evolution-shit lights up in the back of your head and tells you that the spider is dangerous?

That instinctual fear lights up my spine when the receptionist starts yelling at me in german.
I fucking run and jump out into space and see a whole armada of space ships.
And that's when I realize that I'm Draculas lost daughter in a sexy Nano-Suit, and I need to save the station from this armada.
The dream suddenly becomes third person and I'm flying through space, cleaving space ships like piles of butter with a shit-long fucking sword while a woman commands me through german words I don't understand.

Can someone tell me what this dream means?
If you're so awakened maybe you can find me while I dream. If not, well, I guess you're just another lost pawn in the game.
Last night i dreamed I dug up the stones I buried in my yard and used them in a shamanic laying on stones healing.
Eat 1TBSP of organic rosemary (16dollars for a 45 day supply, Frontier brand) in 4-6 you will remember your dreams well and the effects will increase. Take vitamin K, D, and A to remove calciums from your soft tissues like your brain arteries (plaque buildup is the cause of alzheimers and vitamin k is part or the whole cure). Take borax to decalcify your pineal gland.
Ive seen dreams of ufos flying in the sky in a circular formation twice lately. Last night and a few nights before that. In both dreams i pointed out to the sky saying "look!" but in the first dream they went behind some clouds just as everyone was looking.

In the second dream (last night) however i was accompanied by a boy of maybe 10 years old and he saw them too.
We were in this half life 2-esque outside environment with headcrabs and stuff but soon left and came to a cliff overlooking a lake or a bay. The boy was gone at this point. There was a bunker or a shed on top of the hill that had a scoped rifle inside.
I looked trough the scope to the other side of the water and saw some animals (wolves, boars, dogs and deer maybe) calmly chilling together. I had a feeling that i was supposed to be hunting at this moment but couldn't shoot the animals. I remember that my fater was next to the bunker telling me something about the rifle but i cant remember what exactly anymore.
I went on foot and by boar to the other side were i saw the animals and came across a wooden cottage that was used by hunting parties as a shelter but was empty when i got there.
Soom after i found myself next to a farmhouse in the woods. It was "the new house" according to someone i was with. The old house was next to it on the other side of the yard. It was covered in moss and trees and grass and was creepy.
The dream soon ended after that

Picture is the stuff ive been drawing lately
File: witch stuff.jpg (98 KB, 736x466) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
witch stuff.jpg
98 KB, 736x466
Mirrors can show the truth, the shadow, or entrance and hold unrelated spirits.

Sounds to me like the music was supposed to bring your attention to something. Sounds like you may have missed it though, what was solved? What made you feel powerless?
I think that you went searching for the person you didnt know with the girl you did know, Then you ended up looking for her.
42 is the meaning of life.
You followed the rainbow to your family, Are you close to them? Maybe them being at the end of it means they make you happy.
Thats a wicked dream man. A glimpse at destruction and perill? Prehaps the end even, of what the world has become and at the end to look back at the marvels at which we constructed. The monsters humans create yet the loyality of animals. And nature setting a sweet sky the melts in the background. Trippy dream man.
Prehaps a glimpse through the eyes of ancetors. Maybe they were explorers of the new world in mezo america. In the begining you could have been a archaeologist in the future then it seemed like you were really there when it was made.
I had one where i was walking down a dark wooded path in the middle of the night until i got found by a whole bunch of people with flashlights and guns. One of them shot me in the chest so i ran away to find some friends who asked what was wrong. I said nothing so went we to watch a movie and after i notced i was bleeding in my chest, they noticed and asked about it. "Are you dead?". I said i wasnt then i woke up. Kinda odd.
>delusions of grandeur
>bitterness and boredom

BS how can mirrors show us the truth if they are not even REAL, as Jaden showed us all so wisely

Psh what do you even know about any game; you're a pawn too, right?

Vex I am very glad to see someone picking this up.
You want a challenge?
Run with it longer than I did
I doubt you will, but if you do, I'll be pleasantly surprised!

Let me find my record right quick...

There you go. Doing better than that should be a decent challenge, and if you want to read dreams of /x/ most of those threads got pretty full with cool dreams. Well, good luck
Hopefully you stick around for a while...
So there was this maze in the ocean, with glass-like translucent walls, and I was riding this badass boat made entirely out of iron, pulled by two car-sized shrimp things like a cart. It was cool as hell.
I've got one you can try to decode.
In my dream I began working at a grocery store. Everything was going okay, but then my sister and her friends came in one day. One of her friends started hitting on me, and my sister and her other friend started making really offensive jokes. My boss understood though, and didn't fire me, or even get mad. Later, I'm hanging out with my sister and her friends in some derelict building. The one still keeps flirting, and I'm flirting back. There are two cats there as well. One is this orange and white cat, that's nice as hell, and the other is black, and a mean little bastard. Every time the orange cat wanted to be pet, the black cat would run up and scare it away. So, whatever. Apparently, this place is where I lived, because I go to my room to go to bed. I then realize that the orange cat is nowhere to be found. I become worried, and they help me look for it. It's nowhere to be found. My mom lived nearby, so I called her, and she says that she saw them fighting but never intervened. I run to her house and find the orange one dead and half decayed in the yard. Even as a man I collapse and begin sobbing hysterically. Later on, my mom is driving me, my sister, and the friend who I was flirting with. Everyone is completely fine, but my mom is driving erratically. We're on like a winding on ramp that's going up towards the sky, and she's going like 80. She scrapes the side of the car against the railing and yells angrily. The last thing I remember is looking at a tall, glass skyscraper in awe.
One time I was playing a guitar riff in my dream, when I woke up I immediately played it . I can't remember it for the life of me now . but I know it was catchy sounding and was really really good.
What does it say about a person to never have nightmares, /x/?
I'd say good for you. I don't really have nightmares, but I have unsettling dreams. I have dreams that are mostly fine, except for one bad thing that happens usually.

Got one for you!

I have had this dream for the past 3 years every time I sleep: I'm sitting next to a dead tree crying. Everything around me is dead no sign of life.

Thats pretty much everything..
In the dream I was driving in a car with my family on some side road at night and there was woods on either side of the road. There were no lamp posts on the side of the road so it was pretty dark except for the car lights. The car had a big glass window over the entire roof and I was watching the stars thru it because the night sky was beautiful. All of the sudden, I see this one star just explode and pieces of it going everywhere. I told my parents to look up and see it for themselves and my dad was like: " Wow, take a look at that, that's something you see maybe once in a lifetime if you are lucky". So I'm fascinated and I keep looking at the sky and then I notice another star right next to it explode as well. Then the one next to that explodes and the one next to that and the next thing I know all the stars that I can see explode and there are pieces of them burning in the universe until they disappear and the sky is just pitch black.Me and my family are just speechless and keep looking up. We were just looking up for a few more second until this thought hit me: What if we are next? What if our planet is going to explode next? This horrible feeling got over me like I was seriously just seconds from dying. Then I woke up because it got too real for me.

I hope you can get something out of this because it kind of freaked me out. It was so realistic for me that I could go back to sleep that night. And yea tell me what you think.
>Meming at me
spit in your face
I had a dream last night that I lived on a house on top of a pretty tall mountain/hill it was quite strange in design and it was massive. I had acquired this house from becoming a famous musician, though in real life I have no aspirations to be one. I remember my whole family being with me and we were happy and having fun, we also owned a golden retriever whose name I can't remember. It seemed to be a pretty remote area. Later in the dream I started working for Hillary Clinton I'm not sure why, but i was important to her, so she Payed me well. Later on my family and I took a trip to the forest surrounding my house and in that forest was a stream running down the hill, as I got closer to the stream I heard music, it sounded like johnny cash, but the lyrics were unfamiliar and so was the guitar riff being played. At that point my old band appeared in front of me and then I woke up. When i woke up I started playing the riff I heard and wrote a song using the lyrics in the dream. The words would just come to me as I wrote them. What does this mean??? I haven't wrote a song or played my guitar in ages.
This is the same person who posted this
When the music plays this exact thing happens
I had a dream that an angel (perhaps my guardian angel? The being's nature was a bit unclear) kidnapped me. I knew some piece of information that he wanted/needed but I refused to tell. Upon my death the information would be "visible" to him.

He says, "if you want to leave here alive, you'll tell me." I ask if he's going to kill me. He laughs, and says that he would never hurt me. Turns out he was infatuated with me or something? He kept sniffing my hair and doing very strange, creepy but not necessarily threatening things. His intention was to keep me captive for the remainder of my natural life unless I shared the secret. Being immortal, he had no problem waiting 50 (pessimistic guess there) or however many years for the information to become "visible" after I passed on of old age. He seemed a bit tickled at the idea of having me around for the duration of my life as well, but just kept smiling and saying it was up to me, that he would get what he needed in the end either way. "You are free to go any time you wish to tell me," he said.

But I knew I couldn't, that there would be global catastrophic consequences for giving this secret up. All I could do was stall.
i dont dream often, but when i do they are either crazy or full or meaning or both.
-fallout4 collectors edition(tin case) arrived to my address.
-i accepted it seeing my address
-also in package: one orange mug filled with dog food
-timeskip/cantremember gave the disk to some guy in a trailer to make a torrent/copy whatever, he said soemthing about being more used to phones
-timeskip/cantremember, in car with family, had weed grinder though.
-cop stopped us (was on other side of road, going other direction, i think it skipped to us already stopped or we started stopped and i just didnt notice the cop until a while)
-some bullshit, asked about whatever, fallout 4.
-ended up back at house
-explained situation to officer.
=it all seemed a little excessive given that it was only a game, only 2 days before release, and was delivered to the address marked.
i dont think i looked at the name though.
im pretty sure it was a giant metaphor for my concious/unconcious(both) fear that seeking my own gratification will lead to me causing harm to others and therefor punishment being blown out of proportion.
today was full of shit like that, where i noticed i had a hard time realizing when i should be helping myself or helping others.
i realise i just need to do both all the time always, right?
i think thats what it means for me.
also i think i can psychically sooth my dogs, and thats what the mug full of dog food was, because i tried putting my hand on them, closing my eyes, and just focusing on my breath while giving them calmness, and both of them layed down for me.
normally both hate me.

also i only bought fallout 4 today, since i realised i wanted it so badly i guess?
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