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What is your scariest nightmare when you...
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Mine was creepy at a time when i was really young
>be me
>normal dream, was spending time with my family
>went to bed
>big room, some fake-ass superheroes as walllpaper
>mom gives me a kiss and leaves room
>sleep in dream
>had nightmare in my nightmare
>everyone went crazy there
>woke up in night
> came to window as i heard screams
>my house was in the middle of street (even in the middle of huge city)
>everyone went crazy looking up at the back of my house
>hid in bed
>heard steps out of my room
>looked at the door
>someone opens door
>suddenly there's woman in door with blue skin and white hair
>ugly and scary af
>she said
Don't worry, you won't be in danger.
>i screamed as my bed and everything disappeared and i was falling into deep hole
>woke up in rl very quickly
>deep breathly
>go to mamma and tell her about what nightmare u had

This happened 3 times to me, when I was 5, 8 and 12 yo. What does it mean?
(Imma retarded 15 yo Polish newfag)
>Im 15 what is this?!?!?!
>be me
>around 3 to 5 yo
>be in a room
>very dark, but can still see a few things
>shadows in humanoid figures around me
>whispers and banging sounds everywhere
>suddenly, something like an ape appears and stares at me
>remember the green glowing eyes
>that thing starts screaming out loud
>starts to cut me, with claws
>can't move, or yell, nothing. but still can feel every slice
>wake up covered up in sweat
That happened many times with me.
When I was 4 or 5 I had a nightmare where I was in a forest at night. Its pitch fucking black, but there's little spots where moonlight breaks through the canopy. Then wolves show up and start coming over to me. I run and they chase me. The tree line ends but up ahead there's a cliff so I stop. Then the wolves slow down, surround the area and close in slowly. Suddenly they all charge fast. I run towards the cliff and feel a wolf jump on me from behind. That causes me to completely fall off the cliff and then the dream ends.
>green and yellow light are fighting
>one of the lights get stabbed by the other
>feel like I just was stabbed and died
>oldest dream, happened a few times

>something used to lift me up over my body
>would slam me back into body and I would wake up
>face looked like a glow in the dark clown doll I used to have

>sleep paralysis
>something would be sitting on me, can't move
>can hear myself wimpering as I try to scream

>half asleep
>feel something in front of my face
>start to wake up and it screams and I feel the breathe
>wake up completely scared as shit

>cool reoccurring dream, not scary
>dead grandmother would teach me how to fly
>would fly around and woke up knowing how to hover and fly
>of course it never worked outside of dreams, but the knowledge and ability always felt real
>she believed in multiple levels of consciousness after death and continuous improvement throughout each level
From a few nights ago:
>at my brothers house
>some kind of BBQ/birthday party
>he walks out of bathroom with straight razor
>proceeds to cut all the way around his face and peel it off
>me and wife leave because this shit is getting weird
>halfway home and brother's wife calls
>'it's alright he put it back on'
>turn around and go back
>he's playing x box and his face is back on
>he just slapped it on there all sloppy
>looks like leatherface or some shit
>he tells me this was a bad idea
>wake up
I've had a reoccurring nightmare probably about 50 or 60 times now
>always starts with me driving my grandmothers old Lincoln
>driving down narrow dirt road and a red pick-up comes speeding up behind me
>shortly after the road always comes to a dead end at a river
>I stop and the pick-up blocks me in
>the driver gets out with a gun
>the gun varies but it's usually a handgun
>he walks to my window and puts the gun to my head
>I wake up as soon as he pulls the trigger
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>he tells me this was a bad idea

I've also had another variation of this nightmare about a dozen times
>driving down the highway in my truck
>look in my rear view mirror and see the same guy
>he's in the bed of my truck sitting up with a huge metal chain in his hands
>he smashes out the back window and I wake up immediately
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I don't remember exactly, so let's say around 7, more or less. At that time I'd always wake up and get up during the night to sleep in my mother's bed, but I never realized it, it was just automatic. I'd only realize this in the morning when my mother would gently complain to me.

While sleeping, almost every night I would see myself and my mother from the ceiling asleep, as if I was floating in the air. There was a structure near me, also floating away. I cannot describe the structure very well, it felt like some kind of weird tool or satellite, rotating, moving slightly, but the weird thing is that it did not feel strictly mechanical either. I don't know. It was all very clear. It was also a really unique feeling, something "different". I was always in the same position, would always see us from theh same angle. Sometimes this would scare me to death, I would wake up terrified hugging my mother while trembling. The problem is I was never able to explain "why" I was scared. When you have a nightmare, the source of you worries is often obvious (i.e. monsters or whatever), but back then I would simply feel threatened without knowing why. However some other times I would feel very peaceful about this, as if it was "normal" or "familiar" to me, and would simply look at the structure moving and doing weird things.

Typing these things is giving me really bad goosebumps. For those wondering these things stopped happening with time, sadly I can't exactly tell how and when.

I'll greentext my post as a tl;dr :
>be 7
>always wake up at night to hop into mom's bed
>never realized it, it was automatic
>same "dream" every night
>see myself floating on top of the bed, seeing myself and my mother sleeping as well as weird "structure" unlike anything I've seen also floating next to me
>wake up terrified at times without understanding why
>sometimes didn't mind it
>almost 20 years later still have no explanation of what happened to me
I would constantly have dreams about being unable to run from things. I would just go all limp and heavy and literally be pulled to whatever scary thing was after me. Common dream type, I know, but it got to me man. I remember one in particular there was like this weird zombie arm coming out from under my house and it was reaching and pawing around for something to grab. I was trying to stay away from it, but I was literally being pulled towards it.
This happened several times even into adulthood
>learn about the onryo
>watch juon and the grudge
>scares the ever loving shit outta me
>nightmares start happening
>sometimes she just grabbed me and I'd wake up
>sometimes just simply molests me
>into teen years it tapped into deeper torments
>heights,car crashes, cannibalism
>have a night terror at 22
>still haven't felt safe even after therapy
It's been a few years now, but I no longer dabble in lucid dreaming or psychosis. Even now I still see her on that road... Staring at me, waiting for the time to come back. It haunts me so much
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